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tv   The Next Revolution With Steve Hilton  FOX News  January 3, 2022 12:00am-1:00am PST

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newsroom" 9:00 a.m. eastern on fox news channel. we will cover all the news from across the country. happy new year everyone, bret baier in the chair next week and he will see you next "fox news sunday". ♪ see next time on life liberty and within. steve. >> happy new year welcome to a special edition of "the next revolution". i am lisa the within for steve hilton. as we as human new year only to when it came to covid remember when biden said all we need is to shots and that will end the pandemic? if we just took the vaccine me when i get infected and definitely would not pass it on. now we know that the vaccines
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work well in the virus stops at every vaccinated person if they are exposed the virus does not infect them and it cannot then use that person to go your else. it cannot use the vaccinated person as a host to go get more people that means the vaccines will get us to the end of this. >> you will not get covid if you have the vaccinations. >> he will not get covid with the vaccinations so now even three shots and the mask is simply not enough. >> imf out she grew be an mask adherence i where the n-95 mask by that caseload in every pocket i wear them everywhere except on a sitdown and i am certain that this is not a variant i cannot out run.
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lisa: isn't that nauseating they are identifying themselves as a fauci groupie? it is disgusting what about fear mongering? you cannot go online without seeing news of record numbers of children being hospitalized but now even if lg groupies are confronted with reality. >> many are hospitalized with covid as opposed to because of covid. if a child goes into the hospital they automatically are tested for covid and they are counted as a covid hospitalized individual when in fact they may going with a broken leg work and decided or something like that. it is over counting the number of children who are "hospitalized with covid as opposed to because of covid.
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lisa: that was a conspiracy theory not too long ago so now many people who get the virus have mild or no symptoms. what a difference a year makes a what about the mask mandate across the country no mask or no injury were democrats are in charge even cna in —- cnn is starting to change their to don't wear cloth mask that is more than a facial decoration there is no place in light of omicron. lisa: the left has finally realize no amount of shots or masks or lockdowns will ever eradicate completely then why are they still destroying americans lives over it? >> you to give the answer is attorney general t five. thank you for joining michelle. as we look back why did we ever think the government could stop infectious virus to begin with?
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>> recently a face challenges in the past and one thing we've always none is have risen to the challenge and the constitution cannot be mask or distance that's why i filed the first lawsuit with the entire country challenging the unconstitutional mandate initiate the biden administration has talked about more tests or even more masks but the reality is we need more of the truth. this year we should all resolve instead of giving up junk food we should give up junk science. we should focus on the constitution. we can never let any crisis or pandemic and fringe on our individual liberties. at the end of the day the federal government does not get to be your doctor or your nanny. shirley we can all agree that these unconstitutional mandates are the first this —- the furthest thing.
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lisa: i agree with everything that you just sad. so why is the federal government shielding the vaccine manufacturers from liability? >> and 100 percent agree with you. one of the only consistencies we have seen is drug companies making record profits. if you have a heart attack you can save your life. aspirin has side effects. every medication dies. but yet we cannot talk about the risk or the pro or the client or the analysis but the vaccine. we were told at one time it would stop the sign of those who don't wear a mask.
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lisa: especially with fauci there is other stuff going on in the state of new york so right now they are prioritizing non- life-saving covid treatment by saying there is an additional risk factor. non- white race should be considered as a risk factor a long-standing systemic social inequities with the increase of severe illness from covid-19 so basically they are discriminating against white people so why should that be taken into account quick. >> it should and it goes to the very point to that this virus and the pandemic becomes so highly politicized i am not a scientist or a doctor but we know that diseases don't decide i will affect this group because of their ethnic identity. it does break my heart that the biden administration that
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they are shredding the constitution in the process of what they are trying to accomplish. so clearly this is all about woke culture whether it is a socializing the economy and now using the pandemic is how the federal government can control her daily lives. it is unconstitutional so with the biden administration is doing is endangering all of the liberties where all these groups that are so concerned with medical privacy with government overreach? lisa: you might not be a doctor or scientist that something that biden lacks but then you tweeted this yesterday victory a federal judge with the overreaching covid-19 mandate that requires
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masks for staff and volunteers with headstart programs and we will continue to fight all of the covid-19 vaccine mandates will we be hearing oral arguments this week as well as health officials or employees? what do you expect to hear from the supreme court? we see some of these mandates in the local mandates. what do you expect to see from the supreme court? >> i the supreme court recognizes that nowhere in the constitution that what they gifted to us the republican and democrat and independent have the authority to deal with the biden administration is trying to do. they are using the pandemic
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for powers that are not only in the constitution but quite frankly are unprecedented. and with that rationale does that mean that there is a crisis the biden administration can ban contractors from eating mexican food? think about those ludicrous results if we have the unconstitutional president to stand by then involved in every major lawsuit those of the tools in my toolbox and sometimes the moral arc of the universe is long but then towards justice in the constitution. i fully expect the supreme court to strike down the various unconstitutional mandates they are trying to implement it is nonsensical.
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>> let's pray that happens out of the supreme court. thank you for what you do. we appreciate it. our next guest fox news contributor sarah carter and joe concha. biden recently said there is no federal solution to covid so why is he still pursuing the vaccine mandates quick. >> it is pretty incredible how biden flip-flops and continues to confuse the american public. the administration is failing on all levels. if you think about what you were just discussing with the attorney general, the court basically stated with hhs as an agency you cannot create these mandates, and push them on small children to require them to wear a mask or the vaccinations without
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congressional authorization it is unconstitutional. it will be a big fight. and i think the biden administration president biden should just go back to say we cannot federalize or have federal mandates. a viruses a virus. you cannot control the virus and with omicron it is becoming less susceptible it is becoming weaker less death , and less severity. hopefully we will see a revolution. lisa: let's listen to the sound from doctor fauci talking about spending time indoors with the age of omicron. >> how should vaccinated people behave? do they go into a restaurant and eat safely indoors? >> when you are having such a
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tsunami of infections, we are seeing people who are vaccinated and boosted who are getting breakthrough infections so you better do them in a setting where the people around you are vaccinated. >> but we are seeing now that vaccinated and boosted people are still getting covid. >> it is so confusing. when you hear doctor fauci or the president, you see him while he is on vacation in delaware, on a beach, alone, playing with his dog wearing a mask but he is triple vaccinated so why would you even wear a mask if there is no one around you over 200 yards?
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that is what is confusing. with doctor fauci, maybe few go to a restaurant you probably should wear a mask but it's hard to do that. i was in nantucket right before labor day. i was admonished for walking up to another restaurant. the host was not the most pleasant person said excuse me, put your mask on please. i said i have a reservation i'm waiting outdoors. he said you have to wear your mask until you get to your table then you can take it off. think of the logic. and i get to the table then i am talking and i can take my mask off? than three weeks later i am at the outdoor stadium in new jersey at net life stadium with 80000 people screaming around me without a mask outdoors then another next game indoors madison square garden you can scream but then
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i go to museum of natural history a couple weeks later after that and i have to wear a mask all the time when no one is talking. everybody is so frustrating because they don't understand the messaging because it is so inconsistent at this point. lisa: it sound like you are doing a lot of fun things. [laughter] why are we calling them breakthrough infections? it implies they are rare on a daily basis. sarah, joe, you will both be back later. we will be right
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really? yep! so while you handle that, you can keep your internet and all those shows you love, and save money while you're at it with special offers just for movers at lisa: over the last decade we have five says big tech is grown bigger and bigger. amazon facebook have all become unimaginably powerful not just in the united states but around the world. from what we buy to where we get our news that narrative on social media all this being controlled and manipulated over a few oligarchs with unchecked power to must be confronted and defeated. now more than ever it was
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reported amazon has been openly partnering with the propaganda arm the chinese communist party demanded that amazon stop allow interviews on the chinese website after president xi's speeches were receiving ratings less than five stars so where does their allegiance like? is it with the united states the country that has given them the tools they needed for the largest corporate leviathan on ever to exist? know. it is to win the favor of beijing. my constitution and says power be separated not big business and certainly not big tech so protect the american dream and
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here to discuss how we do that is colorado congressman, i can back. what i really want to know is how does the communist party of china have this much control over amazon quick. >> amazon is trying to make a profit enable do anything they have to. this is the major tech companies right now and apple similarly took an apt off of the apple iphone because hong kong protesters were using it to try to avoid the military police that were stopping the protest these companies will bend over backwards for the totalitarian regime and at the same time they employ the same techniques here in america. from those that they find offensive and apple discriminates amazon and took parlor off of the web services
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because they disagreed. these companies are work and discriminating against conservatives but yet when it comes to their activities in foreign countries, they are just happy if they can make a profit but the foreign government tells them to do. lisa: how do we hold china accountable at american companies are in bed with them? >> they shouldn't be acting the way they are here in the united states but they should hold a certain standard in china they don't want american company to operate because of that then that is their loss we need to make sure that we don't allow slave labor to produce products that are sold in the united states we need to make sure we don't lower our standards because of totalitarian regimes in foreign countries.
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lisa: you talk to talk and walk the walk so there is a piece written the other day that you don't search the web with google he directs his staff not to use google why do you abstain from these companies and should other members of congress do the same quick. >> i just don't think other members of congress but conservatives and republicans who have a conscience should refuse to deal with facebook. it is a company that has knowingly recognized the telefax of its product on young teenage girls and their self-image. seeing increased suicides with the body shaming that's going on they have recognized the social media app is used for bad purposes by human traffickers and drug dealers if we continue to use products
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like apple i want to be part of the problem there's times i don't have a choice if i do have a choice i try to make sure i act in a way that is clear that there have to be alternatives or competition in the marketplace. lisa: and i am myself and happier when i'm not on social media. so there is a report that says vice president harris calls the big tech titan to pick their brain. brad smith are among the leaders who are sought out in telephone conversation with videoconferences we are talking about companies that have been enormous impact on what we see and kamala harris is strategizing what does that mean for the political process
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if she is in bed with these people who controls at we read or see or hear? >> it's interesting we started to talk about china and then to make sure the people not risk the information that here we have a group of companies that make sure information isn't disseminated to individuals in this country. they do it for political purposes you have seen how these companies like facebook or twitter to consult with a doctor fauci and the administration and how they portray the vaccine mandate and different problems that arise as a result of covid. it is clear the idea of free speech in this country is being inhabited by these monopolies.
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>> yesterday's conspiracy theory is today's true three you cannot even talk about the origins of the coronavirus previously. any response? we just found out your colleague was banned from twitter. >> we have a long history in this country is some people believing and censorship and others leaving and free speech and this is the perfect example. if she is wrong then the answer is more correct speech not to censor her that makes people suspicious. lisa: you are right. thank you for your time much more a a
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lisa: welcome back. just last week vice president harris had an interesting answer when asked about the biggest threat her country is facing. it seems she misheard the question and answered what she thinks the biggest threat facing democrats. >> it is our democracy. lisa: that democracy is a big
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threat? because by a judging the mishandling of every crisis over the past year and her current polling numbers, it is set to deal the party of 11 november. which is why make complete sense after the build back better act failure to pass congress the white house has turned back to voting rights legislation. in the same interview saying the united states will not be a role model of democracy and tell legislation is passed. >> right now we are about to take ourselves off the map as a role model. oliver washington dc which is part of the john lewis voting rights act. >> can we just take a step back and how ridiculous that statement is? first of all we will not be a role model for democracy if it is not pass essentially saying
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we've never been a role model for democracy. we know that's not true. and there's not a single person over the age of 18 and passing the democrats voting rights is the exact opposite of strengthening the republic. >> it would forever tilt the election process on faith —- in favor perpetuity. what we need is election integrity legislation not the democrats voting rights bill. reaction to this is political commentator janelle king and also joe concha who is back with us. the freedom to vote act isn't this just a ploy by democrats to game the system? >> absolutely. most importantly this is the midterm strategy. this is a win-win for the
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democrats. if the bill passes everything will be fine. but if they lose this will be the talking point going forward they will energize their base. they are already not only trying to protect voting rights but abortion rights when those that come from republicans. this is the strategy that comes into the midterm. and to make sure everyone understands, this is very important. at a personal level clear in the cradle of the civil rights movement. and warnock considers himself to be the civil rights leader and is the most vulnerable senate candidate we have right now. it's most important to understand keeping this in
12:35 am
mind they will use this as a talking point going forward and this is the game plan. we have to make sure we have the right messaging and candidates. and then go toe to toe to articulate the message and bring forward what is going on and that this is a huge strategy. but then we need to support policy. lisa: that's a good point they will say the system is unfair. that is a good point. joe, somehow it is okay to have to show a vaccine passport to eat at a restaurant. can you help me wrap my head? i don't understand. >> [laughter] in georgia, stacy abrams can
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see the election was stolen from her. she is hailed as a media darling. hillary clinton can say the russians helped donald trump steal the election from her that is okay but if the president doesn't it's a chilling threat to democracy. the biggest threat to this country is china or inflation or attacks on everybody. it is afghanistan which is a terrorist playground for the taliban and isis and al qaeda. violent crime affecting american cities and golfing them 16 cities have homicide rate that record numbers at this point. let's not talk about voting rights being the biggest threat. it's what they are failing at this point it is a will model for voting and democracy. and a federal takeover of elections from the states would be the very death of
12:37 am
democracy. three weeks before the election that is the threat apparently. asking a voter for identification before entering the ballot box? has to much to ask? the associated press 300 for approve of requiring a photo id to vote. like the border kamala harris is disconnected from the american people why she is not the plan b but no way can this person be president if joe biden does not run. lisa: they are both terrible. we would play a list of the failures but we did not have time. thank you for joining us. we will be right back after the short break.
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lisa: new data from the 2020 census reveals something that shouldn't be too much of a surprise, americans love freedom. nuisances numbers show americans from the shuttered economies, staggering ray according to statistics states with the hardest one —- harshest lockdown loss the greatest amount of residence. new york lost 300,000 residents in california not too far behind they lost 260,000 residents and to have seats for the first time in history. texas gain more than 300,000 residents within the same time period. here with reaction is new york post columnist.
12:44 am
i am just here you will be here so we can hang out. >> you are an earlier adapter i just followed your lead. lisa: just to wise people coming to a free state. so the newly minted mayors says he is keeping vaccine mandates. >> today the mandate goes into effect the private sector new york city all employers. this is how we get people vaccinated. we will keep that in place. we spoke with business leaders today to let them know we want to keep that in place. lisa: what do you think this means for what type of mayor he will be keeping the vaccine mandate in place? >> it's a +-plus-sign. i am encouraged with his comments on policing and crime that i think this is a big
12:45 am
mistake. it hasn't worked. it would be different story if new york had the lowest case rate in the country. i went think it was right from a freedom perspective but if we were winning or somehow beating covid to the mandates it would be a different conversation. but new york has astronomical numbers. everybody has it. everywhere you go everybody talks about how everyone they know has it. the mandate has not worked it is an undue burden on businesses. the vaccine mandates again at five years old. a lot of countries don't have vaccinations yet. they are discouraged from coming to visit new york. it will have an impact on tourism and the restaurant industry. these are important things for new york city to bounce back. maybe i am a floridian starting this week. but i do root for new york to come back but not with these ridiculous mandates.
12:46 am
lisa: they all hate on florida then aoc visits and then is criticized. >> we are having the best time. lisa: you will be very soon a floridian. also looking at the midterm elections. democrats are expected to take a hit. many saying it is all that imminent. so far there are 23 house democrats seeing the writing on the wall and have decided not to seek reelection. what is ahead for democrats headed into the midterms? how bad will it be quick. >> it looks pretty bad. the moment we are in right now is so many americans have had enough of the insanity around covid restrictions. right now in new york city schools return tomorrow.
12:47 am
some are already talking about not coming back. some have a sick out. where is the president he said he wants school to reopen? he's not saying a word. americans hear that silence and see the absence. he's constantly out of the office. he's back in delaware. he's on vacation. he leaves at the worst time and that comes into play. everything is expensive. it's hard to find it's one large issue emanating from the white house. in the border crisis administration is out to lunch and not speaking to the needs of everyday americans. if and when the democrats do take a drumming and is because of the administration and joe biden and kamala harris and their absence from the national stage. lisa: i'm glad you're coming here we know how we will be
12:48 am
voting that one concern i have is democrats and leftist leaving new york for florida or meeting california for texas having that ideology with them. so what do you think of that mass migration will be quick. >> . >> we have faith. and those that understand what went wrong with their city. and that gives them space to come over to the right. and how things would be different in the new location. i am not super worried about
12:49 am
that. that people learn their lesson and moving to another state and relocating is a big deal. i get what people have and those that they leaving behind.
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lisa: welcome back. fox news contributor sarah carter is back with us. this is an issue you have been following closely over the past year which is the humanitarian crisis unfolding on the southern border which is one of the worst policy failures. customs and border patrol already encountered roughly 172,000 migrants at the border the highest number in years and cap ballooning month over month and in total had more than 7 million encounters in fiscal year 2021 the highest ever on record. we saw president biden a point vice president harris to deal with the immigration crisis
12:55 am
what they wrote about with their own messaging. >> i would make sure that there is immediately a surge at the border. >> she took a trip to central america and accomplish nothing. she went down to the border at el paso more than 700 miles away from the real crisis and accomplish nothing. one month ago a federal judge ordered the biden administration to remain in mexico policy and trump and that it doesn't seem so bad. maybe that's a step in the right direction but never underestimate biden's ability to screw things up there now asking the supreme court to rule to and that remain in mexico policy once and for all. sarah you have been doing this closer. what you expect from here? >> i am concerned. i was in guatemala and
12:56 am
interviewed him all the vice president was there. it was a complete failure. her trip fell apart as the president of guatemala made that very clear. actually in dell rio in the rio grande valley and arizona. we keep saying the biden policy failure. it is a failure for the american people for national security and a humanitarian crisis and for those to be trafficked across the border. but based on what president biden and his administration is doing, this is what they want. this is part of their policy. it's to open the floodgates and allow people to come in. i spoke with immigration and customs enforcement officer i've talked to law enforcement officials along the borders. they are stunned. they cannot do their job whether title 42 to remain in mexico which they are not even
12:57 am
implementing now. they cannot even make the arrest. they are releasing people into the united states in droves. let's talk about covid. there is no policy. they are so concerned about all of the americans who have covid or spreading covid to create these mandates, they have a wide open border it's like a covid surge. they are not testing except when necessary. we have an issue here that is frankly at the highest level of national security and it is really concerning. so for the next year i think it will get far worse project a particularly if they get their way. >> we have the former acting director who said this. >> encountering from 150 county —- countries.
12:58 am
so the whole world knows the border is open and in the united states. and is countries either support or sponsors of terrorism. it sheds. >> it should scare people. >> he is 100 percent correct. we see people come across the border based on information that border patrol has released from yemen connected possibly to terror organizations. a gentle man from saudi arabia possibly connected to terror organizations go and all the people that have not been apprehended. all of the got away. that's important for the american people to understand. that the traffickers once the border patrol to take into custody. the young and undocumented children and the family unit. what about those we are pushing in one direction they
12:59 am
are sending people who don't want to be apprehended with criminal records or people that are on the interpol database. these are the issues the biden administration does not want to answer which is why they clam up every time they ask a question. many times the white house press conference they refused to answer these questions because they know what i am saying with the border patrol agents are saying in the i.c.e. officers are saying is 100 percent correct. they don't have an answer for gun afraid of something happens it will be a catastrophe for national security and the american people. lisa: and to have perspective look at the border encounter and look at 2020. 1777. the november 202,144,512 that somehow the biden administration says there is nothing to see here.
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>> the numbers are the facts. we know what is happening at the border there are still thousands more getting ready to head hear from central america and 150 countries ♪♪ >> grammar is a positive senior. a lot of songs are filled with hope and positivity. what a great way to begin 2022. you are watching fox and friends
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