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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  January 2, 2022 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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thank you for spending part of your sunday with us, hope you have a great week ahead, until next week, you can find us on-line. or on the trey gowdy podcast, good night and happy new year in south carolina. ♪ ♪ ♪ mark: hello america i am mark levin this is "life, liberty and levin," here we are in original levin studio, we're pleased to be here, mostly pleased to have pete hegseth with me. >> what an honor. oking to claw ,
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we want this hour to talk with you about what we can do about it, where we are and how we got here. and so, rather than me, doing a one hour. monologue, i thought who best to discuss this with me, that is american marxism, than pete hegseth, thank you. >> i am beyond humbled. to be here. . >> it is my honor. >> what "american marxism" arrived in my mailbox, it was like christmas for me. >> thank you. >> phenomenal read. it could not be a more important moment for all reasons you stated, his that same feeling we're not looking at the abyss, we're in middle of it, you s use word marxism for first time in a title in your book, ill dive in to a portion on fox and friends, i talked about how i would
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like to ask you a thousand page 251, a washington reading payne's word at battle of trenton, you say our challenge day is justs crucial and urgent and many ways more complicated. we do not ask for this confrontation it is here, and in truth. like thehe early day of revolutionary war we're losing. most of the country has been caught flat footed and remained unengaged. this seems to be your attempt to get people unflat footed and leaning forward. >> i sound self serving when i tell people, please read the book. if you buy the book, just pass it to someone else, have them pass it to someone else or gold to the library. there is a lot in the book.
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it is to explain we need to know who our enemy is. these are people who want to take down this country, they are well along the way. we see this, not just critical race theory, it is so many other aspects of our institutions and traditions are under attack, things that would never believed in your lifetime you would hear or see for executive orders and pushes to the massive omnibus bills that congress is pushing, you turn on television, hear the propaganda the media. i have to look into this, i have written a lot of books, this does not smell right. i p called it statism, the
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truth is it is marxism. americanized forms of marxism tailored to our system, not pure marxism in every technical sense but it . is. black lives matter is a perfect example. the original statement, they are filled with marxism arguments, anti-american, and. >> they found a phrase they could use. >> this is an ain't capitalist degree movement which is why first act that president biden took was to the shut down an oil pipeline, it was not causing
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pollution. they will attack energy, energy provides and serves the t engine of our economic system. you e control energy you control the environment the budget, andhi everything. what, i have a chapter on what -- i love to about the bill,ha first 6 chapters to every move am. where do they come from, what do they stand for, i think it is bullet proof, if you are attack me for calling that marxism, you need to attack the scholars, i site them, i quote them, i comment on what they are doing we need to know what they are and what they are doing to deal with them. >> i started with what do we did about it, i think that start of what makes this book so special and
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different. it is here how we need can do something about it. kudos for that next step, that is another reason to get it, you could be engaged. if could be the beginning of a reckoning. there is something well reading it about marx, what is it about that is enduring, it promises heaven delivers hell. >> at, very good question. so many books written about marx. i think as a general matter. there are twowo groups that are attracted to marx, people who do not take responsibility for their lives they blame society and
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can be viewed as victims. they project that on to us. people whoho are successful. need to beuc dragged down. people who are happy, need to be sad. people who are productive need to be less productive. and that d is what marxism is about, destroy what is, destroy what was. reject pastry, it is all anti-humanism. the world begins today. then the other group of use liberty to destroy liberty, they are diabolical people, many are tenured
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professors, they think they know how a country should work despite all of the examples of how inhumane, marxism and its off chute been. >> they just didn't get it right? we'll get it right this time. >> i i think it is fanatic. weic talked about how it is anti-god, anti-faith, they don't believe in the higher power. government is their power. it about power, they don't want to change the voting laws, because they are concerned that black people can't vote, i don't know where all these people are who could not vote, where are they. what are their names, and where are the lawsuit, there
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are not any. in u.s. it is easiest place to vote. they will race, what is the democrat party trying to do? trying to have permanent control. wants too turn red -- red states to blue states, does democrat party care about the country, no. why do i say that? it attacks economic system, the was in independence of judiciary it want to pack the supreme court. open borders. to import democrats, we know two thirds of people who come over border, if they pe become citizens they vote democrats. joe biden does not care what is happening at the border, he doesn't
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even take the time to go down. to see if his policies are working. you look at attack on our economic and energy system. what is that about? because clean air, clean water? we have the clean estimate this is not about polar bears, this is about restructuring our society, so the centralize government bureaucracy and democrat party are in control. if this is not an american form of marxism, then what the hell is it? >> how did it -- seems that it cascaded so rapidly, there were patriotic democrats at forefront. decades ago, making you know bill clinton making argument that era of big government is over, he was no conservative but he was not a marxist. has there been an absolute --
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acceleration? >> they are cleansing their party, they are purifying the party. unlike other regimes where they go outki and kill people who disagree with them in the party, stalin was good at that. and mao, and castio, they castro, pol pot, i am not comparing us to that. they arele cleansing the party, they have moderates, they don't have moderates they don't know what they are, they have manchin and kyrsten sinema. i can't think of time when all democrat members were not marching in the same direction. you had peoplee run for the house to claim to be moderates they all vote forward pelosi and impeach
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donald trump twice. to answer the question, it is been building for decades but come to a head now. and one reasons i think is because year after year, the indoctrination in colleges and universities, you see what happened in journalism, it las changed. it has always been liberal but now it is out of the closet. you would have had responsibilityty executive who say cut it out. li know this is how you feel but we're destroying our brand as a free press, we don't have a free press, we have a free opinion if you are a leftist. but we don't have a press we have propaganda mills. i spend a lot of time in the book talking about new york times. >> maybe we could dig into
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the problem we have in the country, and having the guts and willingness to call it what it is, explain it, and defend our liberty, we have reached a point we can live in a free society or not. i want to thank pete for being here, pete hegseth. pete: thank you. >> you do call it what it is, you name names as well, chapter three, hate america inc. it is about the classroom, makes i am familiar with dewey, but you >> they infiltrated america's classrooms, it has been central to what the left and marxists have been -- how they have been able to takeover our institutions.
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mark: john dewey was one of the original cabals of original progressives, as they named themselves, he destroyed public education. he went to moscow. in 1928, when stalin was in full form. he observed the classrooms and observed what was go on, he liked it. he said this is good, we're teaching children to not be individuals or individualist but to support a common interest. and stalin was doing a fantastic job of this he cams back to united states, he brags about it writes a piece in the new republic. interestingly enough, one of the people who -- well several who liked what john dewey of writing were the school administrators.
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his impact affects our schools today and journalism today. he rejected the declaration of independence, he rejected the constitution. pete: founder of america's public school system. mark: right. >> rejecting the declaration of independences. mark: i tell you why, it makes it clear that nation was founded on a belief of god and faith. you cannot be a marxist or marxist -- progressive and believe in faith or god, because your faith is in government, it is in man. only certain men, only yourself. and people who agree with you. that is one of the reasons why the first amendment is under attack, marxists don't want debate or ideas, they are self
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righteous. they wish to impose their attitude on people, it is the same with education, talk about academic freedom, there is no academic freedom it is more indoctrining today, and people, thanks to the virus, people watching the kid, they were introduced to critical race theory, they saw what they were teaching, and transgenderism became a movement, teaching my 8-year-old, and my 9-year-old if they are black they have no hope, and racism, you are teaching a white kid they have no hope because of all of that occurred in the past, and their fault and so forth. this is the sort of thing that john dewey would be proud of. let me ask you, do you know a
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sing prominent democrat who criticized this, joe biden has signed executive orders supporting critical race theory, why? why? because they are the american form of marxists. they are not progressives, quote, unquote, not democratic socialists, they are not all of these ambiguous terms they assign to themselves, they are not as aggressive and complete. i do not call the book marxism, i called it american. pete: other institutions are used on we'll that power -- wield that power. mark: if you look at democrat party, media today, you look at academia today, they are not promoting freedom, they are crush debate. they don't believe in the
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constitutional system, that i want to destroy the constitutional system. if you read what these people write and say, it is no surprise. my view is, i am trying to make the american people aware. everyone can't read -- all of these people. i had to read them. hundreds of others. pete: how many -- 1234. >> over 400. >> that book could have been 800 pages look, i said who the hell would read that. pete: as you mentioned things, it brings to mind other aspects of the book, the idea of who silences people, chapter two, repressive mobs, what is all their out there, you enforce it. you go back to all of these professors, always a new professor with a new theory, there are a number of them. and they throw whether critical
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theory, precursor to critical race theory, that a theory. never has to be proven it works. but to protect ourselves, are they held to account for whether or not their theories of effective. mark: no, look at the war on the cops. we heard about defunding police, then slashing budgets. we saw it. we saw when the dem -- democrat did in the city, and joe biden sitting on his hand, and kamala harris supporting it, the dome e democrat party and marxist wing of the democrat party, it happened, now they blame the republicans for not voting for spending because some of that money could have been used to help cop,s the issue is the cops is not whether or not there was enough money, they slashed the
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budget. in new york day took over a billion away from the cops, not as if republicans don't vote at federal level they won't have enough money, they took the budgets they already had for the cops they slashed them. you see the consequences of thee american marxist movement. blm pushed it, aoc pushed it. the democrat party embraced it. they have blood on their hands, they blame someone else, we need to confront it. and use proper words and start unraveling this piece by piece, that is the point of the book. this book is not just a book about me, nothing about me in the book. this is theory in here to break it down, this is, hey, folks, let me tell you what is going on, deeper than surface level, we walk away from this.
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and our country, our children and grandchildren. this is a call for action. this say cause for alarm. and i don't know how else to do it other than radio, tv and this book, we'll be right (kate) this holiday, verizon has the deal that gets better and better and better. get iphone 13 pro, on us, when you trade in your old or damaged phone. (kate) better? (guy) better. (kate) hey. (kate) and up to $1,000 when you switch. (carolers) ♪better♪ (kate) because everyone deserves better.
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>> good evening welcome to fox news live, tensions continue to simmer between washington and moscow over ukraine, following a
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conversation with ukrainian counterpart today, president biden is putting russia on notice, warning that u.s. will respond decisively if russia further invades ukraine. they will hold a series of diplomatic talks. russia president putin said he will stand down as long as ukraine does not become a part of nato. >> lloyd austin tested positive for covid-19. he will remain quarantined. >> now back to "life, liberty and levin." levin ." ." consider this a
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very important program, because it is about american marxism. we need to spread the word, each one of you need to be the paul reveres out there, that is our strength. in communities, neighborhoods, church groups temple groups, baseball fields, that is who we are, red-blooded hanks. thank you, peak speak of red blooded americans, pete hegseth. pete: thank you. first. critical race theory is everywhere. we hear about crt, you dissect where it comes from, why did the left field it needed to use race in america to pursue their goals. mark: because the marxist has decided to use what of are they can in ameri free country. and so they look for things to
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exploit. so race is beautiful. to exploit. given our history and the battles we had from civil war all the way up. they developed this theory, stanford law school, harvard law school, derrick bell, modified it from a marxist by the name of marcus . they developed critical theory, it started in law schools, says, all law is written by the dominant culture. victims, those who are pressed, minorities cannot get a fair break because the dominant culture writes law. pete: critical theory suggests that everything that exists need doing torn down. mark: that is right. bell, took this harvard law, apply it to race.
8:32 pm
everything in this society has to be seen through the lens of race. when you look through the lens of race, he says, what you see is white supremacy, and white dominant society from the very beginning. soure economic system, our legal system, culture, is built on this white dominant, supremacy model. so, either you reject it. or you acknowledge it. it has to be destroyed. so, these are what i call the american marxist movements that have been spawned from marxism, marcus was not understand how able -- hitler was able to rise, and communism did not. he was a communist, he was a tenured professor in three ivy
8:33 pm
league colleges, where he pushed this agenda, he trashed america every step of the way, his writings cause the eye of the new left, what we call the new left movement. he is considered the founding mother of the new left movement. he is also founding father of critical theory. kendy and others did not invent these ideologies, they are making millions off of promoting this ideology and pretending they don't know the history, i know what the history is. it like is patten in north africa, he said, ramma, i read your book. while i read marcus' book, and i read who bell wrote. and was on to bell, he had no
8:34 pm
respect for him, bell's ideology was considered fringe at the time, now it is taught to our elementary school students and others. in anti-american, anticapitalism, pro marxist ideology. if you don't believe it, read it. now they are playing games with propaganda in media. this is what republicans are doing, they don't' to teach slavery, the republicans eliminated slavery. pete: the names like marcus and bell, most never heard of them, myself included, you talk about how they are happy to be in the background. and they interthe classrooms, and -- enter the classrooms, do they just have an understanding threw in army we call it a train the trainer approach, but you train the next generation, they go further with it. you recede to the background, is
8:35 pm
their plan to go from university level down, and use your openness and tolerance as a society against us? >> for some of them. the faculty in these universities are insistious, i are responsible for hiring each other and a book i wrote, plungd plunder and deceit. they go back and hire people they know from the same universities, you get to the propaganda and indoctrination, there is a woman that i quote who is iconic in the neomarxist movement, she wrote a lot about how he teach marxism in the colleges, how we do this. pete: some were out in the open. mark: some are in the open, but some are not. every human being is imperfect. every society system perfect,. marxist creates a fantasy of a
8:36 pm
perfect world, where everyone is equal. after the russian revolution, lennon famous he said, okay, marxtells us how to take over are not how to rule. to get the workers parities, you need to -- paradise you need to kill people, you cannot have free speech and open debate. if you are going to compel people to live in a society, all kinds of individualality and thinking all that stuff has to go. we see it today in cuba. these are police states, a fancy ideology and name for tyrants. these are police states. that is what is being proposed in this country. the biden administration is going door-to-door frying to trying toforce people to get va.
8:37 pm
biden administration is working with a compliant facebook and big tech to do what? silent anyone who does not agree with government policy. it is happening, now, in fronts of us, we can talk about it, we can bang the pots and pans, but one of reasons i wrote this book, that is not enough, that is key. we need to know what is going on, put away the facade that is liberalism or leftism or social activism. make sure our fellow citizens with an opportunity to know what it is, then do something about it. this is where we >> woman: what's my safelite story? >> vo: my car is more than four wheels. it's my after-work decompression zone.
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country from american marxism. >> i'm on, journalism, you hit it head on, you talk 'two phrasing, public journalism and pseudoevents. >> right now, pseudoevents, 3 books that are hate trump books, they are filled with gossip, quotes, general millie, they are pseudoevents, why are news departments talking about 3 books. that are trashing a former president of the united states? we all fall into this, there is juicy stuff we want to talk about. what do we do about it? nothing, that is part of the problem. media. what are the media. we do not have a objective
8:43 pm
press. there is reason for that. this. i have a whole section in the book, called public journalism,. it is the same thing as progressivism and american marxism. a time ago where journalists sought to be objectives, to provide the news, you can't be perfectly objective. there some subjective views that comes. but that is different. at least you are trying to do the right thing, they have given that up, you watch chuck todd or george stephanopolous or who they hire as news people, mostly democrats but leftists it is clear, the last 5 years donald trump exposed it. they exposed themselves. they are still i doing it. the way they cover-up for biden,
8:44 pm
push the marxist or democrat party radical agenda. they never talk about what it is that democrats are proposing with the vote, that is destroying. there is a ideology that has been in work for decades. public journalism, it means we journalists are citizens too, we have to provide a contact -- context for it. remember dewey, there has to be a social agenda, they love dewey, they talk about dewey, he has a huge influence in journalism schools today and education schools, today, it iss an excuse for advancing the radical agenda. they try to destroy donald trump, they bad mouth his supporters, they tried to destroy ronald reagan, and bad mouthed his supporters, they
8:45 pm
promote aoc who is really a a nobody who knows nothing. pete: a perfect pseudocongresswoman. mark: she is really irrelevant. you will not find a penny worth of difference between mass media today and vary positions of policies of the spawned marxist movement in america. pete: because they teach public journalism at journalism schools, so what you come out you are trained to say we have to create the context. mark: that say big -- is a big part of it, newspaper business have embraced it. there are no conservative hosts on cnn or objective hosts, the point is they push an agenda,
8:46 pm
taught to push an agenda, they come out of the democrat party for the most part. we'll be right back. break.
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there is so much in here, i want to go back to the solutions, we mentioned a couple example, people watching, what can they do. mark: 10,000 words on solutions. i am not the expert on solutions, the marx ideas, there are a lot people who are doing a lot of things, my goal is to galvanize us, rally us, network us to have a national move. as we do with tea party or trump revolution or whoever. the columnists early, they communicated in written word, thomas payne in his long pamphlets, it spread from dinner table to dinner table, pub to pub, school to school. that is what i hope will be
8:51 pm
done. let's look at our public schools. we own the schools, they are called public schools, they are government schools. we pay the salaries, medical care, pensions. we pay the dues for the unions, for the classrooms for the building and we have no say. we're not sure what is going on in the classrooms, they won't tell us, we have a teacher union clearly part of american marxist movement, they are pushing critical race theory no matter what the parents think. they push whatever the hell they want. i have argued, thanked to a radio caller, we need cameras in the classroom, we had cameras during the virus, that is when we'll saw what was -- people saw what they were teaching they were shocked.
8:52 pm
>> we paid for them. mark: the unions the -- fight it but to hell with the unions, do we know what is in teacher contract, no, why don't we. do we know how teachers are hired, no, do we know how teachers get promotions, no, do we know what kind of training our teachers get, it's time for us to put them on their heels, use freedom of information act, let's find out what is going on, push back against the union, what about the unions? when i was president of landmark legal foundation, we filed irs complaints against the ne--a . let's that will challenge them. let's challenge their tax stis
8:53 pm
us. we can take quotes. on the web site of the national education association, use their words make -- you can do this from your desk. i'm saying -- pete: show people how to do it. mark: i give links, i explain how to do it. that is last chapter. pete: you just mentioned education. you talk about corporations. climate, and antifa,bler black s matter. if education is not your thing, there will be an arena in which you can get involved. >> there is a lot we can do with corporations, they have shareholder meetings, we don't go to them, the other side does, what about sporting leagues there are things we can do. we still have the ability to exercise our freedom, speak to each other and network, there so
8:54 pm
many things we can do, i hope we will do many of them, we'll be will do many of them, we'll be right age is just a number. and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. ..
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need to know. here who is responsible. and then it is incredibly refreshing. because the camera and the circle is scary but it is here. we have to do something about it. with the book out and the wonderful reception, what are you hopingan for? t2 thank you i want to thank you for what you have done in the past and what you are doing now. you are a great royce for liberty. there are hundreds of thousands of you already who bought the book. wend need to parade the word. we need to explain what's going upon beyond the surface. we are smart, we are the american people. whether youma are an electricia, plummer or trucker. whether you build homes, you are a painter, a doctor or lawyer or anything in between, we are red-blooded americans. i don't care if you are
9:00 pm
republican, democrat, libertarian. if you move america and care about your kids and future generations, we must galvanize and rally. thank you, pete. pete: mark, thank you. . see next time liberty and within. steve. >> happy new year welcome to a special edition of "the next revolution". i am lisa the within for steve hilton. as we as human new year only to when it came to covid remember when biden said all we need is to shots and that will end the pandemic? if we just took the vaccine me when i get infected and definitely would not pass it on. now we know that the vaccines


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