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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  January 2, 2022 10:00am-11:00am PST

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lion cubs these are normal african lions for the unusual color as a result of a recessive gene they made their debut on new year's eve and five little guys at the south korean zoo just perfect and the zodiac calendar is the year of the tiger. kevin: well done we will see you at 4:00 o'clock. ♪ >> president biden staring down multiple spiraling crises as the new year kicks off the omicron cases are spiky nationwide right now and compounded the problem a test shortage crisis in vaccine mandate forcing healthcare workers and millions of employees out of business. welcome to "fox news live" i am gillian turner and washington we go first to reach edson in wilmington, delaware. good afternoon.
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>> good afternoon this is president biden's last full day in delaware for the holiday week, tomorrow he returns to the white house and a host of challenges many of them are focused on testing coming off the holiday week couple of weeks of long lines americans waiting hours to get covid test. the administration is trying to buy 500 million of them to send out for free though it's unclear when adobe available doctor anthony fauci said the at-home antigen test are accurate especially more americans use them. >> the very good when they're given sequentially if you do them two or three times over a today. at the end of the day there is good as the pcr. >> president biden faces a series of covid related court challenges the supreme court friday will hear cases involving the administration mandate for employees at larger companies or healthcare workers to be vaccinated or tested.
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the federal judge also blocked a federal vaccine mandate for those involved in the headstart program in 24 states, argus of republican governor says he opposes federal mandates because he says they do not have popular support. >> we don't know what the future holds and if it gets worse we have to look at solutions that are consistent with science and what the public can accept. >> foreign-policy challenges, russia has massed tens of thousands of troops along the border with ukraine the president says he's warned russian president vladimir putin that the west would enact unprecedented tensions against russia if it invades ukraine again russia has responded that it would cut ties with countries that put the sanctions on president biden is scheduled to speak with ukrainian president zelensky about all of this and show of american support for ukraine. gillian: reach edson in wilmington, thank you.
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>> new york state reported 85000 new covid cases on the final day of 2021 case numbers are peaking in the city which is the epicenter of the pandemic in the u.s. charles watson joins us with the latest data. >> the omicron variant is causing a ways wave of infection across the country were not only seen record numbers in new york but florida as well reporting over 75000 new cases on friday breaking the previous record for the fourth time in seven days the surgeon cases increasing the demand for testing forcing some counties to move to appointment only to avoid long lines some people so desperate to get a test they're turning to local emergency rooms officials are warning against it. >> one of the hospitals this weekend had 50 people in the emergency room all for a covid
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test, 50 people. there are other people there as well heart attack patients, strokes, cancer patients all kinds of other patients are there as well. if you're going for a covid test it's best to go to a covid test facility. >> anthony fauci says the u.s. is averaging 400,000 new cases a day not a possible wave of infections from holiday travel and family gatherings is comes after the cdc released new guidelines that allow people to return to work five days after positive test that reflects research as few as 72 hours for the omicron variant, the agency has come under fire for failing to condition a proof of vaccination with a proof of a negative test, anthony fauci says he expects the cdc to address the issue. >> you are right people are getting concerned into one test people at that time. i feel that the reasonable thing
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to do i believe the cdc soon will come out with more clarification since it's obviously generated a number of questions at the five day period should you or should you not be testing people. >> that contradicts with what dr. fauci said on the today show where he says the reason people are able to leave the isolation. without proof of a negative test is because people can test positive for up to 12 weeks well past the. whether transmitting the virus to others. a bit of confusion. gillian: a bit, charles watson joining us from atlantic, thank you. >> 2000 domestic this week in the long and thousands more delayed according to flight aware traveler frustration is boiling over we have laura ingle contact the joins us from new york on the latest with the
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travel. >> the predictions of travel nightmare are coming from and it is holiday weekend who are trying to get home before they go back to work in home tomorrow it's been a mess out there traveling over the last few weeks has looked a lot different than 2020 when more people were staying home many are spending the holiday week and on airports trying to get on flights or scheduling new ones after thousands were canceled or delayed several airlines blame it on crew shortages blaming on covid-19 on top of severe weather conditions "coast to coast". according to flight there are over 2000 cancellations within or out of the united states this sunday and over 3000 delays. new years day with more than 7000 delays nationwide. this traveler has been spending more time at the airport then she planned this weekend.
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>> after an hour of sitting at the delta counter we were able to find an alternative flight which has a connecting flight so it will take six hours to get home instead of three. >> at this point if he could just get home that's a win. as far as the roadway years highways are still a mess aaa and estimated 109 million people traveled with road travel being the number one choice over 100 million people hitting the road and 6 million took to the skies, 3 million booking buses, trains and cruises. at this point most airlines that we checked in with today have said the trying their best to alert people before they head to the airport with all of the covid callouts that they have been having in warning people not to come to the airport if they don't have a flight. >> laura ingle from new york, thank you very much.
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>> border officials are certainly not catching any braces holiday border crossings are in the rise and migrants are coming from an expanding array of different countries adding to the nation security concerns former acting homeland security secretary under president trump and chairman of the america first policy institute center for homeland security and immigration, chad wolf joins me now, happy new year thank you for joining us. according to cbcs numbers we've seen for nine months encounters at the southern border with migrants trying to cross into the united states this top 160,000 this was last month with a total of 175,000 encounters, tell us what that means to you? >> what we see month after month since abided a ministry should cover january 201 in historic number each month they get worse and worse of illegal apprehensions across the border
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what that means both their messaging and the policies they're putting in place to address the crisis is not working dating to do strategy and approach and continue to see the record high numbers because what the cartel and illegal migrants no if they cross the border odds are they will remain in the united states for years as the court proceedings continue. that is the issue and that's with abided administration needs to address the trying to do it with the remaining mexico even though toledo agree and are going to the supreme court to get overturned messaging is a problem in their policies are problem. gillian: cbp tells us it's not only the challenge of dealing with record numbers of migrants coming across the border is a record amount of fat no raking through certain sectors of the u.s. southern border. that is almost equally as dangerous. >> absolutely the two go hand-in-hand what we see the cartels are making the numbers of $14 million a day smuggling
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and trafficking human beings and record numbers across the border what they're doing with the proceeds putting it back into the enterprise so you see record numbers of narcotics that not opioid in the likes coming across the border in numbers we've never seen before were only apprehended a small percentage usually at ports of entry and we don't know what's coming between the ports of entry in the middle of the desert and elsewhere because our border patrol agents are no longer on the border doing the national security mission there back in border patrol facilities processing the large numbers of migrants and we need them on the line and we need them apprehending individuals in illegal narcotics coming across the border. gillian: a lot of the border hawks you listen to them and they list over and over again the multitude of threats, drug traffickers, human traffickers, would be terrorist apprehended at the border like the saudi
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gentlemen ties to terrorist we heard about last week. i don't hear a lot of people really doing the hard work of prioritizing those threads so was ordinary americans can understand what we need to be concerned about, what do you see as a top trip. >> the threat is what we see the record numbers of individuals coming across the border a lot of them are families and minors but not all so what we saw during the trump administration embedded in the flow or your public security concerns ms 13 gang members and other committal's you national security threats and the like those numbers are not huge but they don't need to be huge you don't mean hundreds of thousands of ms 13 members and other national security and will be terrorist coming across you will need a small handful coming across the border and border patrol that's their job day and a day out patrol the border make sure they don't come into the
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country and if they do make sugar apprehended but what we see month after month because of the historic numbers were seen upwards of 50 to 60000 got a ways either individuals never apprehended by border patrol because you don't have enough agents and resources because the system is overwhelmed by the number of folks coming across the border. that is a concern having the criminals and other national security threats get by the border patrol not apprehended and not interviewed and not coming into contact with it all. gillian: the state of texas is making moves on its own they broken ground on the border wall that they are planning to move forward with completely on their own. they're doing it without funding from the fed but also without any authorization from the fed, is this something you are supportive of his is something that can be replicated in other states and is this okay?
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>> unfortunately it's something of an abbott has to do on his own. this is a national security issue. the federal government, dhs needs to be leading the charge but what we see from the abided administration is not building new border wall again withdrawing from the remaining mexico, canceling a number of policies that worked. governor abbott and governor ducey and others along the border are looking at the border seen its wide open and saying how do i protect my constituents and texans. the one thing that they do and listen the vertebral agents that say we need affective infrastructure we need the impedance and denial so someone trained across-the-board gives us time to get that that location apprehend them and that's what texas is doing as they build the border wall should extend state resources, no the federal government i don't know if it they have a choice at this point, the rio grande valley is grand central for the surge and he needs to
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protect texans and other communities along the border and he's doing everything that he can. gillian: governor abbott pledged $2 million to the project. we will be tracking that. thank you for joining us we appreciate it. >> thank you. gillian: we turn to the wildfires in boulder county colorado where authorities are reporting three people missing as of this hour. heavy snow and bad winter weather are compounding the problem there and hampering rescue and recovery teams. jeff paul is live in colorado. >> now that the snow has stopped falling investigators say they'll be looking for the three who are missing but as you can see the storm damage neighborhoods they are covered in snow several inches deep making the surge even more difficult we know three people unaccounted for, from homes that were destroyed in the wildfire. investigators say because so much time has passed it's likely going to be a recovery effort
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not to rescue. the using cadaver dogs and fear the three missing are likely dead. >> it's miraculous that is three and not a hundred or hundreds. i am grateful for that but i am extremely sorry for those families i spoke to a granddaughter this morning personally, a friend of a friend who are trying to find grandma and were trying to find grandma for her. >> were getting a better grasp of the widespread damage nearly 1000 homes destroyed and more than 100 are considered damaged by the fire. folks are being allowed to the impacted neighborhoods were summer finding they have very little left if anything at all we spoke with one family who became trapped and had to run to safety aside from a few jackets they were wearing in a 1999 honda civic they have lost everything. >> the foundation is all that's
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left and it kind of hurts but it's not the most important thing in life the most important things our family and our faith and i've got both of those. i got everything to smile about. >> the cause of the fire remains under investigation initially they thought downed power lines were the cause but the power company without to the ignition area and did not find downed power lines but the sheriff's office in boulder county said they received quite a few tips and because of information from one of them they've executed a search warrant and hopefully we will get were details about that with their next update. gillian: a lot of folks eager for an explanation. can you walk us to the devastation you're seeing on the ground where your reporting today? >> we have the one home which is tricky because the front is still standing in the back is gone and then you look over here this is a huge neighborhood
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imagine 10 - 12 homes lined up one after another after another and you can see the cars parked in the front of the driveways burned trees in their front yards and brick pillars left over this was a huge neighborhood and the houses aren't that spread apart 20 - 2. home after home probably about 15 homes that have been burned to the ground. gillian: is striking to see the burned-out shells of cars and holes from houses admitted the piled up snow, thank you so much for your reporting we appreciate it. american cities "coast to coast" are still being served violent crime in the city of chicago reported the deadliest year in a quarter of a century. will bring you those details next. when heartburn hits, fight back fast with tums chewy bites.
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gillian: from washington to chicago to portland, oregon american city seen record numbers of murder this year. it points to 30% rise in homicide rate in 30 major cities we are tracking all those numbers right here in the nation's capital. >> for many cities across the
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nation not share we remembered a violent one in 2020 when chicago saw more killings than anytime this past quarter-century. 16 cities stretching from portland, oregon to jackson mississippi to philadelphia all expressing a record number of homicides. the first interview since taking office new york's mayor outlined his plan to fight crime. >> were gonna take down some of the larger gangs inner-city. we will reinstitute an anti-gun unit and 0 in on those guns. >> the city of houston ended with the homicide rate 70% higher than previous years. this despite his stated 2020 voting to increase police funding the murder in the nation's capital sword to levels not seen a more than a decade reflecting the growing violent trend nationwide. homicides in washington, d.c. but for a fourth consecutive year surpassing 200 for the first time in nearly two decades.
10:23 am
maryland's county outside of d.c. more killings in the past 14 years. here is chicago's top cop his own officers face on the street every day. >> 76 police officers have been shot out or shot standing in the line of fire protecting the people chicago. >> some critics blamed defunding the police as the reason for the spike in murder and other violent crime others cite the pandemic blaming lockdowns for people not working or children not being in school. >> lucas tomlinson in washington, thank you. let's bring in our political panel to break it all down were joined by criminal defense attorney doug burns and constitutional law attorney william thank you for joining me. let's start with you you heard lucas is reporting the city of houston among others saw homicide rates up 17 you're on your 21 compared to 2020.
10:24 am
but this is all happening despite the fact the city is increased police funding, that counters the narrative. >> does counter the narrative. crime and law enforcement is always a hot button issue going to any election cycle obviously you have law and order rhetoric. again were seen desktops play out and the other side of it we have to solve other crimes and then the next statistic wait a minute it was up in the toxic dialogue symptoms are little bit tedious to follow along with. but having said that i do think that the republicans going into 2022 are going to make headway politically with the rising spike in crime. gillian: william what you pick is behind the surge and particularly violent crime in the major cities questioning.
10:25 am
>> the violence in this country there is one source of and we all know what the source of it is. it is guns there to any guns in this country. every year we have more and more gun deaths. incidentally what's rising is not crime is violent crime. ebony first world nation we had worn murders every year than any other first world nation we have 160 time murders then the united kingdom. it is insane. this goes on and on and nobody wants to control guns texas has the most liberal laws in the country you can bring a gun to church and a gun on a college campus. are we surprised this is happening in with all the stress related from the pandemic things are worse gun sales have soared since the pandemic began. the more guns the more murders you will have. until america addresses the problem we will never find a solution to the murder rate in this country.
10:26 am
gillian: doug, do you agree questioning. >> more guns less crime by an author who i met at fox one day. it is a very couple kitted issue i don't disagree that there are in fact way too many guns in the united states, over 300 million guns but at the same time it's a very couple kitted issue that they have to break out into the soundbites, gun ownership criminal gun ownership more guns, more crime. >> where is the statistical evidence preventing americans from carrying guns and using them in self-defense what it anyway lower the violent crime surge particularly the homicides in this country? >> in countries without gun control law car when 11000
10:27 am
homicides in england they had 33 that's 11000 versus 33. in japan getting shot by a gun is the same statistic by being struck by lightning that how insane the situation is. in 33 states you could ever murder conviction on your record and go to a gun show and purchase a weapon because they don't do background checks at gun shows in 33 states in this country. it is absolutely insane. gillian: gotta leave it there, thank you so much for joining us we appreciate it and will talk to on the other side of the break. the surgeon called cases is probably more vaccine requirements for the political panel will be back to weigh in on that. technology and service i can trust. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> getting concerned at why not test people at that time.
10:32 am
i myself feel that the reasonable thing to do i believe the cdc soon will be coming out with no clarification of that and obviously has generated a number of questions at the five day period should you or not be testing people. gillian: that was doctor anthony fauci early this morning on the cdc changing quarantine guidance. if you listen closely you heard him say he takes americans with covid coming out of printing should have to test negative the guidance does not require or recommend testing for those individuals. let's bring back the political panel, thank you so much a go to you first i am certainly no dr. fauci critic. emma humble journalist but that contradicts what the cdc has out there is official guidance. >> i think it's pretty clear dra
10:33 am
test, it is not policy for the cdc but he sees that as something the cdc will recommend in the future. i believe that's what he saying. the sounds reasonable. gillian: it sounds reasonable for dr. fauci to get ahead of the cdc on one of the most important issues were facing right now, mind you there is a nationwide testing shortage crisis, no guidance on how americans could overcome that should they want to follow his recommendation that is not the cdc's recommendation. >> we don't want americans to die from covid we want to minimize the number of deaths. one way to test people to make sure they don't have it, this is common sense. >> this is not about whether common sense is correct or incorrect this is about what our nation's top medical officials are telling us to do, if it is common sense then why is the cdc
10:34 am
not advocating it. >> this is an evolving situation once in a hundred year pandemic we are learning as we go in dr. fauci's and others in the u.s. government are doing their best to keep americans from dying. as the situation evolves their recommendations are involving. gillian: my 2 cents it seems obvious if the situation is evolving day by day, week by week then it's more important than ever for dr. fauci to stay hand in glove coordinated with the rest of the cdc. did we lose you? >> i'm here can hear me. >> the problem is the average person walking around is listening to heavily inconsistent messaging all day long paid one minute and the next minute you don't have to in then wear a mask at 9:00 a.m. but no you don't have to read to
10:35 am
his point average person can't process all this inconsistency. when the correct about something that is the science but the minute the wrong, it's evolving. gillian: today is sunday, dr. fauci think it's a good idea for americans to test negative before they leave isolation and reenter society. take a listen to what doctor walensky said wednesday. >> do you believe dr. walensky after the five days even with the mask the persian should tested negative before they head back into the world and a new year's party and before they go back to school on monday should they show a negative test as well as wearing the mask. >> really important question and this has been raised we have recommendation for isolation ended those recommendation days we do not recommend a test for several reasons.
10:36 am
gillian: do you want to defend that? >> i think it's evolving situation and as this process goes on they want to do whatever they can to preserve american life and keep people from dying so the situation is evolving if we had perfect answers there would be nobody did. this is a once in a 100 year pandemic. i think they're doing the best that they can. gillian: i get your point. >> is not just the united states every country in the world you have people dying unfortunately the u.s. had more people died than any other first world nation which is very sad and i think a lot because a distrust of the government by people for political reasons. gillian: i get your point about evolving situations requiring evolving information. in the situation there is an extra in fitness for the government to be well coordinated for the head of an agency to not get ahead of his own agency and give conflicting guidance four days apart.
10:37 am
that does nothing to solve the problem that you laid out very well which is americans are confused. >> the united states of america is the greatest country on earth we have the greatest doctors and scientist. the situation is a challenge an enormous challenge these people are doing the very best that they can dr. fauci is the best, recognize worldwide as being the best. it's a challenge for him the situation is evolving they want to do the best they can to preserve american life and they're doing that. we have to be flexible because the situation is changing. i think we have the best scientist doing the best that they can but one of the problems instead of looking at this negatively think of this as situation is changing and there changing the recommendation. what is wrong with. gillian: will says they're doing the best that they can, is it good enough that the next question, we just lost you. would have to leave it there thank you to both of you i don't know if you both can hear me.
10:38 am
working up to leave the segment and move on will bring the back the panel if we can trace gallagher will anchor "fox news sunday" he has an interview with secretary of education that is coming up after the show. stick with us for that. 2022 is already bringing severe weather to parts of the united states including record heavy snowfall. we have more from the fox weather team coming up next. as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual.
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gillian: kentucky's governor has declared a state of emergency after new year's day storm gutted parts of the state the area had been battered by tornadoes back in early december that resulted in 80 americans losing their lives fox weather as the details. - so no less than four counties with more storm damage estimate, the good news out of all of this there are no injuries from all of this. badgett could see there is still plenty of damage to be surveyed this is a city park and downtown kentucky, you see a marathon gas station the storm ripped the roof off also collapsing the canopy all carried across the street several blocks and in the distance the family dollar store roof coming off damaging the front there trying to keep an eye on that in the damage survey
10:44 am
is expected to be complete from the national weather service over the next day or so and they try to determine the force out of all of this just as cleanup is continuing down the road some of the same communities that have storm damage earlier are facing that again especially in kentucky several stores and businesses affected yesterday during the tornado as well another pitiful scene as cleanup continues for so many parts of kentucky in kentucky fox weather. gillian: you can download the weather out the fox weather app on fox is available for apple and google android services. you can stream live from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. with breaking news 24/7 as it happens through the app has new features including 3d radar and future view all of the studio host meteorologist. that is america's weather team
10:45 am
right at your mobile devices. turning to the weather forecast for the coming days meteorologist adam klotz has everything you need to know and everything you might not want to know. >> hello a little bit of a wild weather out there is were to get a look across the country, nearly 60 degrees in new york city falling back to dallas 32 degrees that's a big cold front stretching across the country with warm air and colder bump into each other that's where you see the most active weather pattern and that's the case today mostly clear towards the west the up and down the east coast stretching into the southeast these are the areas that were paying attention to everything in front this is reagan is he a chance with severe weather big thunderstorms and heavy rain possibly an isolated tornado and back behind we've been seen snowfall and snowfall as a should you temperatures around freezing
10:46 am
even as far south of portions of louisiana and wintry mix on the backend of the system as it drifts to the east it'll be a system we pay attention to but if you're in front of this this is the best chance for severe weather may be big thunderstorms and isolated tornadoes spots from the panhandle to south georgia in the carolinas those b areas this afternoon into the overnight hours and on the backside of the system it continues to progress and move the snowfall that we were talking about will keep moving we have winter weather advisories now stretching from as far south from georgia, mississippi getting back towards arkansas and alabama most of the state of tennessee we could see wintry weather getting into tomorrow morning in the higher elevations you see the pinks and purples five, six, 788 inches of
10:47 am
snow i wouldn't be surprised if some places got a foot of snow but definitely snow across the deep south where they don't typically see it northern alabama and georgia and for the forecast today outside of the system were tracking the country if you live to the west of that is called a lot of cold air but mostly clear 14 degrees and sunny and could the city and mostly clear skies in chicago and denver back down to el paso if you live on the west coast couple rounds of rain we will be watching it throughout the rest of the day talk to us what's happening out western colorado we heard a report from jeff paul talking about the devastation and destruction in the wake of the terrible wildfires that we've been seen strangely breaking out in winter feet of snow on the ground.
10:48 am
search and recovery teams are on the ground do you think the weather is poised to help them out and help the families who are recovering belongings and pets and all kinds of things from their homes whatever is left of them? >> as we speak there is not a whole lot of moisture but what we do know the winds really drove the fires up to 100 miles per hour currently the wing conditions are very low there is more humidity in the atmosphere all of these things suppress wildfires. it was a unique situation with a massive fire to breakout and despite the fact it is clear out there right now the weather conditions aren't what they were and it doesn't look as low they will be adding to the risk anytime in the near future. gillian: let's hope that holds, happy new year end thank you so much. >> one of the best parts of the holiday season is welcoming family members. coming up will learn about an organization that welcomes heroes back home with their
10:49 am
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gillian: throughout the year dedicated operation volunteers are providing service members indeed it is known for spreading a lot of much needed cheer
10:53 am
particularly around the holiday season, joining us today the president who is the founder. thank you so much for both of you. love the fact that you guys are good friends hanging out doing this amazing work together, windy let's start with you some of your favorite operations that you are involved in. >> or biggest project is our operation rat pack it is the one that we take volunteers into the barracks and make sure one of the service members have a god that when they return they know that someone cares enough to come in, clean them up, toiletries, food, towel, wash class to let them know especially the posters and multiple groups at the country. letting them know someone cares and we appreciate their sacrifice and we know they have been god and were here to welcome them home. gillian: talk to me about your favorite programs one despite my interest with the baby shower
10:54 am
program i am a mom to a five -month-old it's so amazing that you broke down the need by particular family member. >> are baby showers are focused on diploid families so the new and expecting moms who have a spouse deployed in beside showering them with love and letting them know that we see them and the sacrifices that they make and we want them to work together so they can perform their own support system that people can relate to them in ways other people cannot. gillian: tell them how they can get involved if they're interested in already. >> we have multiple ways keep in contact and keep in touch all of our projects at the sonata instagram and facebook by social
10:55 am
media that's the best way, go on a website, you could go on a website that are volunteering and the upcoming project things coming up in the future and we serve across the entire united states especially for operation christmas spirit which cindy runs and it's one of the biggest projects nationwide and across to japan coming in their. gillian: we have your website www.operation help a, you can log on to check out some of the programs and see where you might want to get involved. while projects are you coming up next. >> we have a baby shower for two deployed units coming up in february and a camp joy which is a camp for kiddos with deployed parents they have a fun filled day with volunteers on the
10:56 am
homefront with a much needed break and that is going on followed by events of projects in the springs. gillian: it sounds amazing. wendy and cindy thank you so much for joining us. to our viewers who want to get involved and spend some time operation help the, thank you to both and happy new year. >> happy new year. gillian: that does it for fox news live, trace gallagher is anchoring "fox news sunday" coming up next. i'm gillian turner thank you for watching us and have a beautiful new year. ♪ i always dreamed of having kids of my own. ♪ ♪ now i'm ready for someone to call me mom.
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new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates, whose resumes on indeed match your job criteria. visit and get started today. preparing to return from winter break. >> we are scared to start on january 3. they are not enough adults and they are, you need to go remote. >> teachers unions going virtual if their demands are not met. as a nation students face testing and other hurdles to return to the classroom. >> making the effort to make sure that the kids are


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