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tv   Who Can Forget  FOX News  December 31, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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♪ white with foam ♪ ♪ god bless america ♪ ♪ my home ♪ ♪ sweet home ♪ ♪ ♪ >> god bless america. >> [cheers and applause]. >> ♪ ♪ >> you guys look incredible. stick with fox channel all night. we you have covered starting at 10 p.m. eastern here in times square with the fox news all-american live from nashville new year's strav ganza. we will take you through an exciting scavenger hunt through times square and live to
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nashville for stand up comedy. you will get new year's resolutions and so much more. who is ready for the new year? >> [cheers and applause]. >> 4, 3, 2, 1, we are so done with 2021. we are so ready for the new near guys. >> it was the year a barge was too large and a bunch of billionaires went to infinity and beyond. here are the 10 most dynamic, outrageous, tragic and frustrating and fascinating stories of the year. who can forget 2021? the sequel to 2020. it's 2021. >> ♪ ♪
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>> 2021 was the year of the space race. it wasn't your traditional space race like the u.s. versus russia. it's the battle of the billionaire entrepreneurs. richard branson and elon musk and jeff bezos. let's get ready to rumble. >> elon musk was the first out of the gate. launched with space-x. >> the guy even launched a car. the tesla roadster into orbit. >> the aliens arrive. a man gwen in a convertible? they will think we were awesome. >> elon musk's lead evaporated when richard branson and jeff
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bezos joined manned missions to space. >> it looked like bezos would be the first into space. branson was like good for you. but i will go 9 days earlier: if you listen closely you can hear bezos breaking everything in his billion dollars office. >> [screaming]. >> branson space ship 2 rockets to the stars. branson the first billionaire in space. >> [inaudible]. >> not quite one small step, but it will do. you would think a billionaire could hire better writers. 9 days later bezos the second
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billionaire in space. the choices that bezos made to go with him on his main voyage in space a little odd. an 18-year-old physics student from the netherlands. 82-year-old female astronaut who was never in space and his brother. >> i could see the mother being involved. >> if you going to space bring your brother. where is elon musk? in september they shot 4 civilians in a rocket into space. they orbited the earth. in scientific terms elon musk far exceeded the other guys. elon musk was not on board. maybe he is not as crazy as you think. you go first. let me know how it goes. bezos knows he is third place. in a marketing coup, he gets captain kirk on his ship.
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i loved the fact that william shatner 90 years old went up into space. >> these are the voyages of jeff bezos and myself. >> i think the thing that warmed everyone's heart was seeing william shatner afterward. >> what you have given me is the most profound experience i can imagine. [sobbing]. >> it was so sincere and a great endorsement and encouragement for people to it back space endeavors in the future. >> the question is: who really won the billionaire space race? it's got to be captain kirk. >> one of my favorite phrases of 2021 is former governor andrew cuomo. back in march of 2020 he signed an order saying that covid patients had to be sent back to nursing homes. in other words, you could not
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refuse them. >> this story is important and personal. both of my husband's parents died of covid in their elder care facilities. >> in january his own attorney general james revealed andrew cuomo covered up the number of deaths in nursing homes. when you understate the amount of deaths in nursing home by 50%, oh, we forgot 1 or 2. >> the thing that made me speak out is seeing him on his brother's show on cnn joking every day about who their mom's favorite son was the meatballs and the love gov. >> if there were on cnn this would be where chris cuomo would disappear. >> cuomo's troubles don't end with covid.
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governor cuomo has been a little handsy for years. on february 28th the attorney general james opened an investigation into these act. >> he said it was misinterpreted. then tried to explain it away by saying he is italian. >> that offended the mario brothers. >> nobody is making that olive garden commercial. i will kiss you on the mouth. >> the new york attorney general said there were 11 women sexually harassed. >> nobody saw that coming. andrew cuomo hand picked james
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for. >> cuomo held a press conference. to everyone's surprise the best way i can help now is if i step aside and let government get back to government. >> the talking points exploded because no one had him resigning that day in vegas. wait a minute, a guilty guy is stepping down? this doesn't happen in politics. >> it's time for a who can forget 2021 pop quiz: which tv series that became a phenomenon in 2021 was made in korea? the answer and more from the year 2021 when we return.
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all day and all night.
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>> which tv series was made in korea. the answer is squid games a show with people participating in a life or death contest. you don't want to watch it with subtitles because you might miss some of the killings. >> ♪ ♪
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>> the ship that blocked the suez canal brought us together as a nation. >> it was a catastrophe but for and reason it was still funny. >> the container ship ever given was the largest in the world. >> it's the length of 4 football fields which makes it twice as long as the width of the suez canal. the winds started to pick up and blew the ever given off course. >> it is turned side ways in the canal. think of it like a chicken bone stuck in your throat. >> i made more mistakes than i would like to admit. the ship stuck in the suez canal, that's a beauty. >> this a huge news story. >> the blockage of the suez canal may have cost global trade
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billion dollars. >> the authorities defended their safety record. >> the news will only get you so far at telling your story. >> the internet will make you a winner. >> everybody is now a boat expert. >> they should put a rope on the back and pull it out. >> no, get a tug boat. my favorite moment was with the back hoe. talk about bringing a cup of water to a forest fire. >> this like the little engine that could. the little back hoe that could. >> 185 ships are now back logged waiting just to get through. eventually some of the boats, these inpatient captains were like my dad on a trip. forget it. i am going around the horn of africa. the numbers on this are mind blowing. this ship is preventing
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6.7-million dollars of cargo from moving. >> this is terrible! how do we fix this? mother nature fixed it. >> the moon i got your back. >> a super moon on march 28th. that will make the tides change and away goes the boat. >> the ship was freed and the boats were able to sail through the canal and we have to go back to talking about covid. >> it's the last view he will have his south tower terrace of rescuers below after a night of loss. >> on thursday june 24th at 1:25 a.m. a 12 story beach front condo in miami collapsed. >> we are waking up and you are seeing this video. looks out of a movie scene.
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>> there was only one confirmed dead but you knew there would be more. >> you might see building collapses like this in third world country but not in america. >> they could not bring in heavy equipment to move things because people may be trapped. >> the process is painstakingly show. >> to see the first responders moving a building to find people. >> oh, come on, find somebody! somebody has to number there. >> where tragedies like this offer you some hope is those moments where you see the human spirit on display. >> they the u.s. army corps of engineers and the local firefighters and emergency personnel. >> the american red cross. >> the miami heat tried to help out. >> it makes being an american so great. when the chips are down, we
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usually come together in amazing fashion. >> july 7, 14 days into this tragedy, we heard what we always hear in cases like this. they were changing from search and rescue to search and recovery. then the tough questions come up. what did the building know? >> there was a report back in 2018 when they looked at the structure of the complex and said areas need immediate attention. >> the concrete down there holding the building up was falling apart. >> around $2 million to fix the building. in dollars and cents, it was ignored and this happened. >> in the end 98 people died. making it it the third deadliest structural engineering disaster in american history.
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>> who can forget pop quiz? which of these senior athletes is the oldest. sue bird. tom brady. or phil mickelson. the answer when we return.
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>> so, who was the elder world champion? the answer is c phil mickelson who just weeks before turning 51 won the 2021 pga championship. >> phil mickelson in his 50s and winning pga golf tournaments. playing 18 holes they should give him trophies for not making bathroom breaking news. -- breaks. >> back in 2013 japan was spoked to get the bid for the 2020 olympics. you put all of this effort into the pitch and land the olympics. it's a big deal and then, because of covid the 2020 games are pushed a year to 2021. justice would be if there were a chinese hosted olympics. >> japan says they are 100%
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moving forward. >> with the delta variant, japan was forced to make it an athletes only olympics. >> when you hear what goes on in the olympic village among the athletes, covid is not the disease you have to worry about. finally the games kick off. it must be exciting. you are there and carrying the flag of your country and with your teammates. you look around and there is literally no one in the stands. >> you think after a year of pandemic sports you would be used to an empty olympics but it was weird. >> jarring to anyone watching at moment unless they are a mets fan. >> the olympics? not so much. >> viewer ship down 40%. because the olympic happened overnight i would wake up with spoilers on my phone.
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>> you do the olympics live. curling on at 4 a.m. so be it. >> the olympics were not without their moments. surfing and skate boarding became olympic sports >> i am okay with that. those are skills. badmitten, hell to the no. >> the u.s. basketball team beaten by frank. -- france. dunk on you, you americans. >> the big story in america was simone biles withdrawing on her team with the condition that was described to us as the twisties. >> you lose your physical orientation. you can't tell what is up or down. it's terrifying for a jimanist. -- gymnast. like a race car driver not being able to see the track.
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>> it was like ali went into the ring and hit on the chin in the first 15 seconds and got knocked out. >> there was a rush to condemn her. she is bailing on her team. with her resume she can do what she wants. >> she knew the way she felt out there and came back anyway? >> it's a tough crowd. >> the whole thing felt wrong. we should get a do over. like 2020 we should get a do over. >> on july 2, two 20 somethings gabby petito and brian laundrie set off on an excellent adventure. >> the camper van life. >> documenting it on instagram. >> that story changed.
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>> gabby petito's family knew something had gone wrong on their daughter's road trip. >> the communication with gabby halted. the family filed a missing person report on september 11th. >> september 17th, 2 days after he is named as a person of interest brian laundrie's parents report him missing. >> brian laundrie are not talking to anybody. not talk to the police or gabby's parents. >> what blew up this story was the release of body cam video from police in utah. gabby was upset and hurt. and to watch the difference between the two of them. >> as the father of three daughters it resonates. >> she started to backpedal. saying it's my fault. i hit him first and shoved him.
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she didn't want to press charges. >> on the 19th her body was found. she was strangled. >> the story happens right as america's fascination with true crime shows is off the charts. here is a true crime mystery playing out in real time with different wrinkles and angles and developments. >> after weeks of searching people assumed we would never find brian laundrie. >> i figured that he was contemn plating how to end this drama. >> brian laundrie's remains around found in an environmental reserve. >> that's the greatest tragedy, there is no resolution. >> not finding him alive with disappointing. it undercuts justice for gabby petito's family and for gabby petito.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪
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>> i think the game stop phenomenon is the greatest story of the 2021. >> game stop was shocking for a variety of reasons. for one, i didn't realize they were still around. >> game stop is a brick and mortar retailer. >> the blockbuster of the day. >> the great place to get video games, used video games, and classic things like nintendo from the '90s. game stop would have. >> the flailing company attracts the attention of a special shadowy breed on wall street called short sell. >> it's taking a bet on the fact that the stock goes down in value. >> the short sellers did not count on the reddit rebels.
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>> they have a website for everything. one was people playing on wall treat and playing to win. >> everyone started buying up stock. >> january 12, the stock is trading at $19. this movement takes hold and by january 25th, it's at $500. >> imagine working at game stop corporate. you don't want to rock the boat. how much is it worth. >> this is a true david and goliath financial story. the little guys are teaming up and beating the big banks at their own game. >> they pulled the rug out from undermeeting the institutional
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>> they're beating the big hedge funds of wall street. you have to love that. >> it caused groups to suspend trading and made it look like they were protecting the overlords. >> it's like robin hood doing a deal with the sheriff of notingham. when they restricted trading on game stop, everyone condemned. >> when aoc and ted cruz agree on something it's the apocalypse. >> wall street is a necessary thing. i don't begrudge them having their game. but if people learn the game and play too, you can't penalize them for playing and for winning. >> the investor community understands online traders that care. they are paying attention and understand what a short squeeze is and nothing is safe.
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>> ♪ ♪ . >> i will take how to ruin a beloved franchise for $400. daily double. alex trubecks died in 2020. >> the producer said there would be try out for his replacement. >> it was a weird cast of characters. >> george stephanopoulos. anderson cooper. >> katie couric. >> gupta. >> levar burton. >> i was entered to see aaron rodgers. he is a huge jeopardy nerd. >> he has that kind of free time? >> the actress who stars on big bang theory and
5:38 pm
a neuroscientist. >> and mike richardson the executive producer of jeopardy. he was inner circle. he wanted that gig. >> we have all of these different people trying out for the role. august 11th, richard is announced as the main host. >> he gave himself the job. i vote for myself. it's very dick cheney. i will help you find a vice-president. pick me. >> there were lawsuits of richards tweeting women unfairly. >> he apologizes but he loses his job. >> i will take cancel culture for 1,000. >> thank god they didn't find out about the dr. seuss books he
5:39 pm
wrote. >> this time cancel culture got it right. >> by the end of the year they are trading off but they don't have the full-blown replacement. >> it's the universe that jeopardy without trebek is not that fun anymore. >> who can forget pop quiz: when this man passed this 2021 vice-president pence said he gave voice to the ideals and values that made this country great. is it? the answer and more from 2021 after this. i'm greg, i'm 68 years old.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> so who was the man: rush limbaugh. >> he wanted to be the best broadcaster in the business and he was. rest in peace. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> man, i don't know where to begin with january 6th. >> people are still getting over
5:44 pm
their new year's hangover. we were happy to be done with 2020. we brought into the premise in our hearts we could never ever see anything as crazy as 2020. >> we had 4 good days. everyone was excited. >> on january 6th, the year 2021 said to the year 2020, hold my maga hat. >> using the pretext it of the china virus and the scam of mail-in ballots, democrats attempted the most brazen and outrageous election theft. there has never been anything like this. a pure theft in american history. everybody knows it. >> donald trump's speech was nothing out of the ordinary. i can't see anything in his speech that would have made these people more angry than they already were. >> they reach the gates and you think they will be stopped by the capitol police. you see fighting between the
5:45 pm
capitol police and protestors. you see the police being overwhelmed. >> some people appear to be getting let in and other people are just overrunning the place. >> people are frustrated. i won't go up against a capitol police officer. >> lawmakers are being taken away. the vice-president is taken away. they are not sure what is happening. >> when i went on the house floor i cried. i was so honored i got to go on the floor of this it great institution. to it see our great capitol was so disrespected was heart breaking. >> guys are bashing things and stealing things. it looked like we rented our capital out to led zeppelin. >> this guy dressed up with horns on his head and howling like a wolf at the moon.
5:46 pm
>> they call anymore the qanon shameon. >> a 35-year-old ashli babbitt from san diego lost her life. >> shots ring out at the capitol. >> ashli babbitt was part of the original group of protestors. she tried to go through a window and was shot by one of the law enforcement on the inside defending congress. it was ruled a justified homicide. >> a lot of the reporting on january 6th really depended on your personal views. fox news has always pointed out that everybody has an opinion. >> they were calling it an insurrection. they were calling it an armed conflict to overthrow the government. when in fact it was a riot. >> it happened a lot last year. insurrection was the wrong word.
5:47 pm
this was a bunch of knuckleheads running into the capitol and making us all look bad. >> people had different motivations. >> the fbi on twitter: have you seen this person? an old lady waving. the qanon sham an now? no, a little ball headed guy that wants to go home. he made a horrible mistake. ask him. he will tell you. >> you wanted to see some kind of unity come out the other side. that's not what happened. >> the house decided that this situation was all donald trump's fault. he had to be impeached per a second time. >> nancy pelosi has impeached on speed dial. >> the impeachment vote was 232 to 197. that included 10 republicans. it was going nowhere in the senate. impeachment doesn't mean what it used to. now it's just something you do
5:48 pm
when you don't like the president. >> how will the capitol riots and his second impeachment be looked upon years from now. we will find out. >> not the opener we hoped for when 2020 ended.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> let's say 2021 not joe biden's year. i am not sure what year was joe biden's year but this definitely not. >> i joe biden do solemnly swear. >> [gavel banging]. >> everything old is new again including inflation. >> sky rocketing numbers on people entering the southern border. >> he repealed what the trump administration had done. >> that's ringing the bell. come on, come on. >> biden would get on tv and say
5:54 pm
don't come. but my 50 buddies who snuck across the border called me up from florida and told me it's a great time. a caravan of 14,000 haitian migrants making their way across the river in del rio. >> the president puts kamala harris in charge. you have been to the border? i have not been to it europe. >> i have a bridge i want to sell you with 14,000 people living under it. >> joe manchin and krysten sinema balking at the price tag and speaker pelosi is trying to put a positive thing on change. >> the bidens have 2 dogs and one bit a white house guard. >> [gavel banging].
5:55 pm
>> breaking tonight the desperate rush to get americans out of kabul. >> throughout the summer you are watching the taliban taking village after village and small cities in afghanistan. >> you have the prime minister of afghanistan, i think we need help. and joe biden is you need to do a press conference. tell everybody is the situation is under control. >> all of the intelligence was wrong. everyone told us the afghan army would hold. it collapsed and the president skipped town. >> the outskirts of the kabul international airport looked like the fall of saigon. >> we could see the images on tv. moms handing their children over to u.s. marines. >> people holding to the wings of the airplane and falling to their death. >> they told us how successful
5:56 pm
tvs. nothing you do successful ends with an attack. >> an explosion took place at the airport in kabul. >> we aligned ourselves with the taliban to provide a check-point around the kabul airport. 13 american servicemen and women came back in a box. >> and then the drone strike. >> officials are about to announce that no isis-k fighters were killed in the august 29th u.s. drone strike in kabul. >> we killed a family and not terrorists. >> this went so badly for team biden that even cnn was piling on saying that this was a debacle. >> august 30th the last military pliance left the airport. -- planes left the airport. but we knew there were still some americans still there.
5:57 pm
>> we believe that about 100 to 200 americans remain in afghanistan. >> if jensen beach did press for the titanic she would tell you the evacuation was successful and the only people who didn't get off the boat didn't want to get off the boat. >> this is a blemish on america that will never go away. >> president biden is discussing industry labor leaders and said this is out of his hands. >> this is a new quinnipiac poll gives the president his lowest score since taking office. just 38%. >> "let's go brandon." >> the date was october 2nd. the raceway. >> oh my god. that's unbelievable. >> [bleep]. >> the nascar driver brandon brown is being interviewed and
5:58 pm
the crowd is chanting something. >> [bleep]. >> "let's go brandon." >> brandon? it takes a week for in slogan to go all over the internet. it's chanted at football games. people are saying it to each other on their twitter and facebook posts. it was an inside joke shared by millions of people. in joe biden appears in public you have people with "let's go brandon" signs in the background. in october there were 4 songs on the itunes chart about "let's go brandon." >> there is a dance. the "let's go brandon" slide. think about that next time you go to a bad wedding. >> sit back and enjoy the flight. "let's go brandon." >> democrats are saying how rude and crude right wingers are using this language on our president. i remember when robert said
5:59 pm
f-donald trump during an awards show and cathy griffin held up a severed head. >> i feel bad for all of the kids named brandon with his dad cheering him on. "let's go brandon." >> it's like having a kid name alexa. how does that work out? >> glenn youngkin will be the governor elect of virginia. >> [gavel banging]. >> there are a record number of covid cases in new york state since the pandemic began. >> the no has been heard and senator joe manchin won't support the build back better plan. >> i hope you have a wonderful christmas. "let's go brandon." >> "let's go brandon" i agree. >> let's face it. it's been a terrible first year for president biden. the only silver lining for you, joe, when you go so low, there is nowhere you can go but up. >> come on, man!
6:00 pm
>> from all of us at fox happy new year. >> happy new year, america! >> it's 2022. you can believe it? >> yay. >> shouldole old acquaintance be forgot? who can forget. >> [cheers and applause]. -- >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> greg: forget the party in new york city. the fox news channel has the all-american new year's live. pete hegseth one hour from now the party begins. we might be late because it already started. >> holy cow. we will be across the country in times square and new orleans and


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