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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 31, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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we will see you back here on monday. happy new year. >> bill: happy new year! ♪ ♪ ♪ >> mike: good evening, welcome to washington i'm mike emanuel in for bret baier. breaking tonight as we come on air this evening it's now midnight in paris and berlin people in paris are wishing good riddance to 2021. a live report from new york's times square in what promises to be a toned down ball drop. health officials warning the new spike in daily covid cases is also fueling a surge in hospitalizations in some cities across the nation. the vast majority of those hospitalizations among the unvaccinated and as many americans look forward to the new year, they find themselves
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having a hard time finding covid tests. a problem that could last into 2022 and now many public school districts say they will require covid testing for students and staff. let's go to our experts that we have with us this evening dr. nicole saphier, fox news contributor and former assistant health secretary admiral brett giroir. welcome to both of you. >> thank you for having us. >> mike: from the "new york times" the u.s. breaks single day record hospitalizations and deaths however have not followed the same dramatic increase in the last two weeks. deaths are down by 5% with the daily average of 1221. while hospitalizations increased by just 15% to an average of 78,781 per day. while you obviously want to track cases, dr. saphier, are hospitalizations and fatalities really more meaningful metrics? >> well, absolutely. as of right now, as you can see,
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we really need to change our mindset and stop focusing on daily new case counts. as we know the virus is everywhere. it is impressive how highly transmissible and contagious this is. what is more important at this point is how many people are being hospitalized and how many people are dying from this virus. and while there is still a very high number, unfortunately what we haven't been able to do throughout the entire course of this pandemic is have true figures a good idea of which people are in the hospital because of covid and be which people are in the hospital for various other reasons who are just testing positive for covid? we still don't even have that. that's been something that's been skirted around a lot. right now with omicron highly contagious variant the good news is it does still be having mild effects on people that should be the messaging going forward as we head into 2022. >> mike: here is a glip dr. rochelle walensky. let's play it? >> we know prc test not viable stay positive up to 12 weeks.
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we don't know how antigen performs with regard to predicting transmissibility towards the end of your period of infection. so, with a negative antigen test, we still ask you to wear a mask, positive antigen test we say still wear a mask. since it wasn't going to make a difference in our recommendations we did not recommend a antigen at that period of time. >> mike: admiral, did the cdc just confuse everyone with updated guidelines. >> they certainly confused me and they themselves confused with the whole testing situation. look, i think it's very appropriate that they finally are balancing just pure infection control with the needs of other public health mental illness, kids getting back to school, cancer screenings and keeping the economy and society intact. i'm fully supportive of decreasing the amount of isolation time. what i'm not supportive of is they are trying to finesse their lack of testing, their lack of preparation for testing by saying the tests really don't predict.
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that's entirely wrong. and i think that's part of the argument is that if you have covid, after five days, if your antigen test is positive. you are fully transmissible to other people. that's what they are trying not to tell you but that is the facts and i think it just belies the whole underlying problem with testing is that they let for 8 months before they restarted the machine. >> mike: dr. saphier there is obviously an abundance of case. what's the responsible thing to do if somebody you know has had covid in terms of family and friends? >> well, you know, as the admiral was saying with those rapid antigen test at home they are negative and you have symptoms and you have been around people with dove, can you certainly have covid. a negative rapid test doesn't mean being sick you should just go out and be with other people. if you are sick, stay home. we had that mantra precovid we certainly need it now with covid. if you have symptoms and close contact with others. make sure you either get tested, stay home and do not go around others when you are having symptoms, whether you have a
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positive rapid antigen test or not, i agree with the admiral while the rapid antigen test has had a varying positive predictive value the ability whether or not it's positive or not with is someone positive by the nih saying it's not going to be as sensitive or not be able to predict a positive, i do think that's backtracking because of their lack of available tested i think rapid antigen tests are a way of coming out of this pandemic and allowing this virus be enitem enendemic. we need them now. >> a lot of schools are saying they want kids to get tested. probably their staff, too. are they going to be able to get those tests. >> so, i don't think they are going to be able to get the tests but, of course, we have no transparency from the administration. when are the tests going to be here? how many, where they are going to go. secondly, i think it would be a poor prioritization not that i don't care about school children but if you are only talking about 500 million rapid tests over a few weeks, or maybe a few
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months, we really have to make sure that the people who are at high risk, those who could benefit from the pfizer and merck drug have tests available to them so they could tests and actually get on therapy. remember, one test going into school it only tells you you're negative that one day. you could be positive the next day or the next day. i don't think entry testing for school is a wise strategy where we are right now. >> mike: dr. saphier we are up against the clock. they're talking about boosters 12 to 15-year-olds. to be honest i have two of them. is the science there for that? >> no the science is not there in fact, that's why the expert panel decided against, they voted against generalized boosting for the population. unfortunately the fda went forward with it without the approval of their expert economy. they reconvened and said we are just going to boost the people despite the fact that the external review committee voted against it and now they are doing it again. it sounds like they are going going to be looking at expert economy and looking at boosting
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younger population. they need to change mindset and start focusing on the high risk and vulnerable. negligible positive clinical effect by boosting this younger, healthier individuals. we should be sending those vaccine doses to other parts of the country and world that are racking the vaccines because that is how as a global society we're going to move forward. it is a detriment to continue to focus on the lowest risk, start targeting with high quality masks, with testing and boosting and vaccines those that are high risk. >> mike: thank you so much. happy new year. >> happy new year. >> happy new year. ♪ >> mike: breaking tonight the death of an icon actress betty white a beloved fixture on movies and tv shows for more than 60 years is dead at the age of 99. white was just weeks away from celebrating her 100th birthday. today president biden sent his condolences calling white a cultural icon who will be sorely
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missed. national correspondent joins us with more. good evening, william. >> hey, mike. white passed away overnight at her home in los angeles. longest running woman on television jumping from "the mary tyler moore show" in the $1,970 to the golden girls in the 1980s and '90s receiving emmy awards in both. >> i'm sorry, billy, but i can do not a chocolate souffle. >> go ahead. press your advantage. >> white began her career in 1939. first big break came a decade later variety show and sitcom and a job changed everything for her on the game show password she met the love of her life allen passionate about animal welfare winning lifetime achievement award from the jane good all institute. >> my life is divided in 4568. half show business and half
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animal business. i will do anything i can to make life better for these guys. >> even as she aged, white stayed young, appearing in super bowl commercial and later hosting "saturday night live." >> when i first heard about the campaign to get me to host "saturday night live," i didn't know what facebook was. [laughter] and now that i do know what it is, i have to say, it sounds like a huge waste of time. [laughter] >> this is the latest issue of people magazine which obviously went to press before her death as to upbeat nature she said i got it from my mom and that never changed. i always find the positive. she also said the key to happiness is a sense of humor, quoting you better realize how good life is while it's happening because before you know it, it will be gone. betty white passed away at 99. mike? >> mike: a cultural icon, william la jeunesse, thanks very much. the season colorado looked like something out of a movie just north of denver fast movie flames engulfed entire
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neighborhoods as tens of thousands of people flee their homes in less than 24 hours. the fire has already consumed thousands of acres, burning hundreds of homes to the ground. correspondent jeff paul has the very latest on the ground in boulder, colorado, good evening, jeff. >> yeah, mike. just a day before this entire area was on fire, now is essentially freezing over with the first major snow fall of the season. it's a welcomed sign for this devastated community that right now can use its help more than ever. >> go, go, go, go. >> unbelievable. >> running for their lives, thousands in the cities of superior and louisville, colorado had mere moments to get out before the fast-moving wildfire swept through. >> this is the first time i have really been involved in anything like this, i will tell you, it is really scary. >> the largest fires are now smouldering and snow is helping calm the flames but the damage is enormous. more than 500 homes destroyed
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and officials say they wouldn't be surprised if that number reached 1,000. >> many families having minutes, minutes to get whatever they could, their pets, their kids into the car and leave. the last 24 hours have been devastating. >> god, help us. >> it's really hard to put the destruction into words. you have to see it there was a home here. behind that a home there. this was a massive neighborhood, home after home, a home there, a whole line of them right here. burned down to their bricks and you look up into the distance and you see burnt trees and, yet, more homes burned down to the ground and you have to think about the families, each one of these homes tells a unique story. >> i would imagine this is what a nuclear attack would look like. >> oh my god. >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation and while it will take some time to rebuild, there's thanks in all the lives that were saved. >> it's unbelievable when you look at the devastation that we don't have a list of 100 missing persons. that's a miracle because it
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would be, given the circumstances. >> now, there was some confusion surrounding the cause of this fire, officials originally thought maybe a downed power line caused a spark that caused this massive wildfire that turns out not to be the case. but they say still the dry conditions and strong wind gusts made this an extremely large and dangerous fire. mike? >> mike: devastating. jeff paul live in boulder, colorado, thanks very much. stocks slipped on the final trading day of the year on wall street. the dow lost 60. the 17500 fell 13. nasdaq dropped 97. for the week the dow was up one and a tenth. the s&p 500 gained nearly nine tenths and the nasdaq dropped a fraction. for the year, the dow and s&p had their largest one year point gain on record. the dow closed 2021 up 18 and three quarters%. the s&p 500 added nearly 27%. and the nasdaq gained 21 and two
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fifth percent. up next lines drawn by president biden and russian president vladimir putin's phone call and where things go from here. fox 29 in philadelphia has one woman and five men are wounded after more than 60 shots were fired during a shooting in german town thursday night. 20-year-old may have been the intended target of the shooting. she is currently in critical condition. fox 31 in denver as the truck driver sentenced to 110 years in prison for his role in a deadly crash that killed four people on interstate 70 receives clemency from the governor. governor jared polus announced the sentence has been reduced to 10 years. he will be eligible for parole on december 30th, 2026. and the big story in charlotte, north carolina tonight, south carolina coach shane beamer gets a mayonnaise bath capping the
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gamecocks win. the cooler was filled with four and a half gallons of mayo. no calories if you use the mayo that way, right? you are looking at the capitol dome in washington and we'll be right back. ♪ feet on the floor ♪ i wrapped a towel around me and i opened the door ♪ and then accomplish splash ♪ i jumped back in the bath ♪ how did i know there was a party going on ♪ there was as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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♪ >> mike: with the new year comes new laws for many states. notable ones include california becoming the first state to become a $15 an hour minimum wage for businesses with more than 25 employees. new hampshire will prohibit abortion after 24 weeks of gestation with exceptions for the mother's life or physical health. but democrats there have already drafted legislation seeking to repeal the new restrictions and montana will legalize recreational marijuana use after state voters approved the measure in november 2020. 17 states and the district of columbia have already legalized marijuana for recreational usage. we're getting a clearer picture
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on the substance of yesterday's phone call between president biden and russian president vladimir putin. the call coming amid escalating tension between the world powers and the russian military buildup near the border of ukraine. senior national correspondent rich edson is traveling with the president in wilmington, delaware, good evening, rich. >> good evening, mike. just a short while ago the united states, australia, canada and the eu, u.k. also released a statement condemning russia for closing human rights center and a human rights group this week. in that statement they say that russia has had a pattern of deepening and systemic repression in that country. just the latest point of contention between the west and the united states and putin's russia. >> following a late lunch on the wilmington delaware river front president biden says he is willing to address russian president vladimir putin's concern on one condition. >> i have made it clear that they only could work deescalate.
3:20 pm
>> russia has masked tens of thousands of troops on its border with ukraine. if putin invades ukraine again, the biden administration has threatened unprecedented sanction. the kremlin response? >> that could lead to a complete breakdown in ties between our countries. >> many republicans say the administration needs to be more aggressive, providing weapons to ukraine. >> they got away with it, with the obama-biden team in 20-14. he thinks he can get away with it now. >> ukraine's foreign minister quote if the west falters and chooses appeasement we will still defend ourselves, our right to exist and choose our own future. russia, china, a global pandemic that won't quit and a series of domestic challenges face the president heading into 2022. 2021 closes with an omicron powered surge infecting more americans than ever. and long lines for covid tests. the president acknowledges his administration was slow on testing and says he has tried to secure 500 million kits to begin
3:21 pm
sending out next month the supreme court will also decide whether his administration may require vaccines or weekly covid tests for workers at larger companies. with republicans looking to make the biden-covid response an issue for the midterm elections. >> lockdowns, restrictions, vaccine mandates people are recognizing it and it's going to be a defining issue and why the republicans will take back the house at least. >> the white house says vaccine campaign will continue keeping americans out of the hospital and alive. democrats are also touting securing personal protective equipment and passing trillions in covid rescue and infrastructure spending. >> our country could not be more-could not be better served than with this most experienced, capable hands than yours president biden. >> democrats had hoped to close the year by passing their social spending plan one to address education healthcare and climate change so thinnest of majorities in the senate and the objection the of senator joe manchin say
3:22 pm
they have to try to kabul together less ambitious plan in the new year. >> chief justice john roberts year end report he just posted message. >> the message comes as there has been significant criticism of some of the court's decisions recently. he is asserting the chief justice the independence of the court. in this message he just posted he writes, quote: the judiciary's power to imagine internal affairs insulates court from political influence and crucial to preserving public trust at its work as a separate and co-equal branch of government. this also comes at a time that some democrats are pushing to add seats to the highest court. mike? >> mike: rich edson live in wilmington, delaware, rich, thanks very much. up next, the travel nightmare at airports across the nation continues. is there an end in sight? plus, times square's welcomes
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back patrons to celebrate new year's. it still won't look like years past. first beyond our borders tonight at least 12 yemeni troops were killed in airstrike in yemen. authorities say thursday's airstrike by saudi led coalition also injured 8 soldiers and burned three military vehicles. iran backed houthi rebels and yemeni government forces, armed attacks three warehouses in northern darfur have prompted the food room from suspend aid delivers across sudan. the theft of nearly 5,000 metric tons of food will endanger the nutritional needs of as many as 2 million people. easy come, easy go for 2,000 bank account holders in britain the bank is blaming a technical issue for the accidental deposit of $176 million across 75,000 transactions. the bank says duplicate deposit mistake was rectified but not
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let me be direct. why would you pay more than double for teeth straightening with invisalign? with smiledirectclub, you get a doctor-directed smile you love for sixty percent less. that's a lot less. like a lot. choose smile. choose direct. ♪ smiledirectclub ♪ >> mike: preparations are underway in new york city for tonight's scaled back ball glop times square. welcomed site after crowds were banned all together last year. the return of revelers means
3:28 pm
added safety measures. laura ingle joins us from times square. laura. >> those who want to ring in the new year here in times square have to follow some pretty strict rules if they want to be a part of the big countdown as you mentioned it was no crowds last year. this year we're finally seeing some numbers in this area. let's show you what is happening. this will be a scaled back celebration tonight with only 15,000 screened revelers allowed to take part in this historic event that number is down from the usual 58,000 head count that we have seen in years' past. in addition for being checked for weapons, new year's partiers will have to show proof of full vaccination, a photo i.d. and wear a mask to make it through that screening process. >> i have come here for the new year's eve. i'm so excited. >> i'm not worried at all. i'm vaccinated, right? i'm vaccinated so i'm ready to
3:29 pm
go. >> and while the warmer temperatures and high rates of vaccinated people have made the mood pretty merry here, there is the uncomfortable news that new york city has just seen its highest number of covid cases recorded yesterday. 44,000 in just one day. >> and so just to remind new yorkers that rear not unique in this. we are being hit very hard without a doubt but this is also a national phenomena, global phenomenon, in fact. we are testing more. one of the reasons we are seeing high numbers. >> now, others are following new york's lead. the show will go on in hot spots like cities like las vegas and chicago. in fact, the las vegas strip is prepping its big fireworks show and estimates 300,000 people will be there to celebrate. still, many cities are pulling the plug on their plans, including san francisco, atlanta, and miami for the second year in a row where the big orange drop has been halted
3:30 pm
once again. and, of course, you don't want to miss a minute of all the ac just keep it on fox because at 10:00 p.m. eastern, we have got the all-american new year's eve show. we're going to be in nashville. we are going to be here in times square, tune in we have got you covered. be safe and have fun, happy new year. >> thank you, happy new year. >> well, another tough day for air streaferls this new year's eve, more than 1400 flights have been canceled as the covid surge and winter weather caused case oas nationwide, experts say trouble could continue into the new year. shows us reagan international airport in arlington, virginia. >> american airlines ending 2021 cancellations and confusion about what lies ahead. and for thousands of passengers, the friendly skies are becoming anything but. >> it's a panic and then did you
3:31 pm
go online and then they want you to reschedule and find a different airline. i'm like no i'm not going to try to wait. >> coming into the airport there has been a lot of shortage of staff. we stood in line for quite a bit. >> a surge in covid cases is adding to staffing shortages nationwide and there may be more turbulence ahead. new york based jetblue is scaling back its schedule through mid january, canceling nearly 1300 flights. an airline spokesperson telling fox business we expect the number of covid caves in the northeast where most of our crew members are based to continue to surge for the next week or two. the faa says it too expects staffing shortages due to covid and warning delays during the busiest travel times are possible. it's n. seattle, winter weather is wrecking travel plans for thousands. >> my plane was supposed to land in seattle at 6:00. it was canceled. we have been trying to get home since then. >> the largest carrier alaska airlines is now reducing its flights by 20%. alaska calling it the perfect
3:32 pm
storm of severe winter weather coupled withdrew members and aircraft being displaced around the country. meantime americans hoping to escape the cold on cruise ships told to stay home. avoid cruise travel regardless of vaccination status. health officials say ships are reporting a spike in covid cases, but the cruise industry is pushing back calling the warning, quote: particularly perplexing. the industry argues majority of people testing positive are either asymptomatic or have mild cases. for travelers, the federal mask mandate remains in effect until mid march it could always get extended past then. federal health officials are debating whether or not they will try to require people to prove their vaccination status in order to fly. mike, this is a debate only expected to take up even more veracity in the new year. mike? >> mike: no doubt about that. mark meredith live at reagan national. thanks loot. up next, a look back at the new stories that captivated the nation in 2021 and how those
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mike you are looking live at the wild horse saloon in nashville, tennessee whereas lauren engel mentioned earlier fox news channel is ringing in 2022 in an all-american way. fox news coverage continues at 10:00 p.m. eastern. throughout night will will be a line dancing competition, new year's resolutions from fox news personalities, and a comedy workshop with the gutfeld team, sounds like fun. before we look ahead to the new year, let's take a look back at the stories that dominated 2021 and how the news media portrayed them. here is fox news media analyst and host of fox news media buzz howard kurtz. >> the dominant story in american politics took place at the capitol 6th day of the year. rare degree of unanimity across the spectrum. >> pretty clearly president
3:38 pm
trump encouraging a mob insurrection to storm the capitol. >> i don't think there is much doubt, bret, that the president's actions and his entire conduct post the election are what led us to this point. >> but that quickly faded as media partisans did battle over the importance of the capitol riot who was to blame for the violence. >> in contempt of congress. >> and the fairness of a democrat-led probe with mark mid doughs and other republicans defying subpoenas. >> many major news organizations down played or ignored the initial allegations of sexual assault by someone they lauded new york governor andrew cuomo. even when the "new york times" interviewed accuser charlotte bennett. >> do you believe that he was propositioning you. >> yes. >> for what? >> sex. >> the miscalculation seemed even worse when cuomo resigned. >> the best way i can help now is if i step aside. >> and cnn later fired his brother chris cuomo -- >> -- i'm truly sorry. >> for crossing ethical lines. president biden drew far more sympathetic coverage than his
3:39 pm
combative predecessor but took far fewer questions and sometimes bristled at routine inquires. >> why are you so confident he will change his behavior, mr. president. >> i'm not confident he will change his behavior what the hell -- if you don't understand it, you are in the wrong business. >> do you think that might incentivize more people to come over illegally. >> if you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah. >> a turning point came with the president's chaotic withdrawal from afghanistan with virtually all news outlets harshly criticized as a fiasco for biden. >> you could also look at this as a tremendously humiliating moment of american humiliation leaving -- forced to leave on the taliban's clock. >> while the press often hammered donald trump over his uneven handling of covid-19, biden drew largely positive coverage until the pandemic dragged on another 400,000 people died, and the record breaking omicron surgery veeld a severe shortage of tests. >> empty shelves, no test kits,
3:40 pm
is that a failure? >> no, i don't think it's a failure. >> on the criminal justice front, many pundits denounce kyle rittenhouse even after a kenosha jury acquitted him of homicide. >> the fact that white supremacists roam the halls freely and celebrate this will white supremacist. >> ignored actor jussie smollett whom they had embraced for fake ago hate crime. media credibility sunk even lower in 2021 fueled by bias, ethical lapses and for many a refusal to admit past mistakes as with the discredited steele dossier. ratings and online traffic also took a major hit as most news outlets struggled to move on from the trump era. mike? >> mike: howie, thanks a lot. join howie this sunday at 11:00 eastern in the morning on fox news channel for a 2021 year in review and a look ahead at 2022 plus are the media spreading alarm and confusion over the omicron surge? we will cover it all. up next, the panel with the
3:41 pm
friday lightning round on president biden's first year in office. winners and losers of 2021, plus a look ahead to 2022. ♪ ♪ with us, the more you could save on your auto insurance. (man) hey, hon! (wife) hi, honey! (man) like what? (burke) well, you'd get a discount for insuring your jet skis... and ...home and more. you could save up to forty-five percent. (man) that's a whole lot of discounts. (burke) well, we offer coverage for a whole lot of things, and you could save a whole lot of something with farmers policy perks. (kid) sup, dad! (burke) seventeen-car garage you got there? ♪we are farmers♪ ♪bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum♪
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do solemnly swear. >> we are closer than ever from declaring our independence from a deadly virus. >> a scene reminiscent of a third world country than the united states. >> is it a crisis. >> it is getten urgent action now. >> my fellow americans, the war in afghanistan is now over. >> while our economy is far from complete -- >> what is indisputable now is this: the biden plan is working. >> mike: illegal immigration, inflation, afghanistan and more all part of the first year of this biden administration. with that, let's bring in our panel bill mcgurn columnist for the "wall street journal," mollie hemingway senior editor at "the federalist." charles lane opinion writer for "the washington post." welcome to all of you. >> welcome. >> thank you. >> thank you, mike. >> mike: mollie, what stands out for you first year of the biden administration. >> the year began with so much promise for president biden. he had the full support of the media, which helped bring him across the finish line to
3:46 pm
achieving the victory he promised to unify the country. he pledged defeat the coronavirus. he said that he would help the middle class out. and this year has had some success for biden. he passed his infrastructure bill and a few other things but it's really been marked by just massive amounts of failure whether it's the border, afghanistan, inflation, it really points to not any of those specific problems but failure of leadership and competence. >> mike: chuck, your thoughts on the first year of president biden and his administration? >> my impression is he came into office believing that they could make a plan and carry it out. and the plan had, i think, approximately four phases. one was the big $1.9 trillion bill, the american rescue plan. then that was going to be followed by an infrastructure bill and then build back better. and in between, because of the vaccines, the coronavirus by middle of july independence day
3:47 pm
would be behind us, and the plan didn't pan out, in part, because of some of the mistakes they made but, in part, because the delta variant came along and threw everything off course. and what has struck me is that they continue to stick to the plan, even after some other administrations might have tried to call an audible and they have not been able to finish the plan in the form of a build back better. >> mike: there were also some growing pains for vice president kamala harris when it came to answering some pretty straightforward questions. let's play it. >> what's your report back to americans? >> hold on, hold on. slow down, everybody. [laughter] >> we have been to the border. we have been to the border. >> you haven't been to the border. >> and i haven't been to europe. and. [laughter] i mean, i don't understand the point that you are making. >> mike: bill, the vice president was charged with addressing the crisis at the border. your thoughts on the first year of the biden white house and her performance? >> well, in her performance she
3:48 pm
is the border czar who tries to stay as far away from the border as she can. and in some sense i don't blame her. the vice president is supposed to be the chief salesman for the president's agenda. and the problem is that joe biden has not a good agenda. you know, when he came in, people were talking as though he would be the next fdr or lbj, but he didn't have fdr or lbj majorities. so now what's the most common met for used? jimmy carter. jimmy carter is synonym for haplessness you know with inflation. and i think afghanistan was particularly brutal because it's not a right or left thing. i think a lot of people just have the impression that the job is too big for joe biden. he is not up to it. >> mike: obviously the year ended on capitol hill not able to get the build back better act across the finish line. house speaker nancy pelosi says they are still going to try to get it done in 2022. let's play it. >> first and foremost, we
3:49 pm
will -- we will continue to fight to pass the legislation. this will happen, it must happen. we cannot walk away from this commitment. the build back better is about transforming our society. >> mike: mollie, do you sense they will get something done it will be drastically scaled back? >> there is always that risk they will pass something that they will be able to get joe manchin to sign on to something. but their best bet for their future political prospects is actually not to pass something given that we already have such high inflation, which is caused by flooding the zone with trillions of dollars. doing more of what has caused some of the problems is not going to help out the biden administration. but it's also a good reminder that nancy pelosi has been doing no favors for joe biden and the extreme way in which she isinging her caucus is not helping him at all. >> chuck, your thoughts as we look ahead to the agenda in 2022? >> i'm waiting to see how they
3:50 pm
manage to pivot the two issues that i think people feel they have neglected. inflation and crime. and get control over those as 2022 rolls on. because those, much more than the failure to pass build back better. those are the ones that first of all are on the minds of voters but threaten the democrats' prospects in the fall. >> yeah, i agree with charles. i would add though inflation, i think, is the big one. because people don't get their news about inflation from the president or the fed chairman. they get it when they go fill up their cars and it's an extra 20 bucks. i would add foreign affairs. we have xi jinping and vladimir putin really menacing and we have iran out there and i don't think if these men looked at afghanistan. they are going to take lessons gee, better not mess with joe biden he is going to be really tough. >> mike: let's do winners and losers at the end of 2021.
3:51 pm
mollie, lead us off. >> so my winner for the year is ron desantis. he alone among most g.o.p. leaders don't want you to just fight policies but implement. done that brilliantly schools open. hatred of critical race theory and having florida be a thriving economy. my loser is really the american people but the prime cause of the wretched year that we have had has to lie joe biden so he is my loser for the year. >> mike: okay. chuck, you're up next. >> well, my winner is glenn youngkin who was elected governor of virginia as a republican, started out the year as a real long shot and pulled off the narrow victory in what had been a ballooning state. my loser of the year is a collective one, the women of afghanistan. again, whether you are on the left or the right, the withdrawal of u.s. and other western forces from afghanistan
3:52 pm
has left half that country in the sense at the mercy of the taliban. >> mike: chuck, a quick follow-up. do you think there be with a push for youngkin in 2024 or will republicans try to take his playbook for 2022 and beyond? >> well, i think he did provide a formula of how republicans can win. but there is this guy called trump i have heard might be interested in running himself. >> mike: fair enough. bill, your winners and losers for 2021. >> mike, my winner is very personal because this man is also my god son. his name is jimmy lye. he was a newspaper foundner hong kong. he has just marked a year in jail because he has been advocating for democracy. what makes his story so incredible is that he was a multimillionaire who could have fled and kept his comfortable life but he chose a jail cell of a chinese dissident. my loser is a double hitter here. the cuomo brothers. you know, just two years ago andrew cuomo and chris cuomo
3:53 pm
were at the top of the game. everyone was lauding them and so forth and both have now lost their jobs. both face accusations of, you know, sexual impropriety and so forth. it's been a sharp fall. >> mike: let's go around the horn and get a look at your predictions for next year, mollie? >> i'm going to take the really easy bet that republicans are going to do extremely well in november of next year. they are poised to take the house and take it strongly. they might even take the senate. and they're on good footing for retaking the presidency in a few years. >> mike: all right, chuck, your turn. >> there is tremendous concern in a number of big cities over crime. there's a growing political ferment around that issue. on june 7th chesa boudin the ultra progressive d.a. for san francisco is going to face a recall election based on people who feel he is too soft and i think he is going to lose. >> mike: we are up against the
3:54 pm
clock. bill, bring us home. >> very quickly, i think the supreme court is going to grant cert to the case of asian-american citizens suing harvard for discrimination and finally rule this kind of racial preferences is unwelcomed and unconstitutional. >> mike: panelists, thanks so much. happy new year. when we come back, "notable quotables." ♪ and mine's unlisted. try boost® high protein with 20 grams of protein for muscle health. versus 16 grams in ensure high protein. boost® high protein also has key nutrients for immune support. boost® high protein. superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance. ow! i'm ok! only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ only in theaters december 17th.
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indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit >> mike: finally tonight, it's friday, that means "notable quotables." >> i can't even go my neighborhood drugstore and coming here we just got shot down saying they are not going to take any more people. >> there is no federal solution this gets solved. [clearing throat] state level. >> there were no flights. >> it really had a lot to do with what we thought people would be able to tolerate. >> there are not enough adults in there you need to go remote. it is not safe in those buildings. >> there is embers throwing and coming over your car and i would imagine this is what a nuclear
3:59 pm
attack would look like. >> we are prepared to issue sanctions like you have not seen before. >> you have more words from the biden administration no actions no, demonstrated result. >> ghislaine maxwell facing 65 years in prison. >> today, justice has been done. >> john was a legend in his time. whenever he showed up on the field, it was obvious he was presence was there. >> tonight we remember former nevada senator and senate majority leader harry reid. >> he has not quite left us and yet he has left us. >> i really don't know anyone who didn't admire and love betty white. >> when you are talking about a new year's eve party, we have 30, 40, 50 people celebrating i would recommend strongly stay away from that this year. >> that's when the whole world comes together and we count down those 60 seconds to the new year filled with joy, filled with hope. >> mike: quite a week to end 2021. monday on "special report," the first day back to school for millions of children amid the omicron surge, please join trace gallagher sunday for "fox news sunday," his guest
4:00 pm
will be education searkd miguel cardona and arkansas republican governor asa hutchison. have a happy new year. thank you for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report" fair, balanced and unafraid. we will leave you with a live look from london as they get ready to ring in the new year at the top of the hour. >> lawrence: you are looking at the all-american celebration in nashville. i'm live in new york city where the crowd is going pretty wild already. they have mellowed out a little bit. everybody is excited and anticipating for some type of normalcy. we have folks all across the country from nashville, times square, to tampa, and charlotte.


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