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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 31, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> liquidated to markets today. they are calling it the adele rally. maybe they are not, but i am. captivating lyrics that adele brings to a world that needs a welcome distraction. that's why this was so big! >> that is a wrap on your world for 2021, wishing you and your loved ones a happy new year. "the five" starts now. >> jesse: hello, i'm jesse watters with dagen mcdowell, geraldo rivera, dana perino, and bill hemmer. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ welcome to our new year's special. what a wild 12 months it has been, from covid to the crime crisis, the major bite and missteps, high-profile tribes, celebrity news, and everything else in between. discovered a lot, and we are
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ready to have some fun. we have a great show i had to, including our resolutions and predictions for 2022. we are also going to see who is paying attention this year. not me. a very special trivia battle. don't miss our top videos from 2021. plus, we are answering some of your fan mail questions. but, first, let's do this. it is our big five stories of 2021. we are taking a look at the top headlines from this past year. my biggest story, and i know what yours might be and what yours might be. >> how what? >> jesse: i have someone in my ear. mine was the kyle rittenhouse trial. we had cameras in the courtroom for this trial. if there had not been cameras, this country would have perceived what happened that's carried a very, very different. it was all most a formal education in prosecutorial
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misconduct, constitutional law, and everything that the media tried to spin one way ended up being a complete disaster. we saw the trial in real time. we saw a jury deliberate methodically, and people at this table believe that was pretty cut and dry self-defense. it opened people's eyes. dagen, i think you would agree that it opened the country's eyes to a lot of factors that have plagued heavily. >> liberal friends of mine following people on instagram and twitter were shocked at what they saw, because it was completely the opposite story of the lies that were peddled by everybody, from joe biden on down, as soon as it happened. i mean as soon as it happened, like in "the new york times" right after the shooting, they were talking about kyle rittenhouse's race, but not the
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race of the two people he killed. >> jesse: it is still reverberating. you could have lawsuits slapped against some of these big media corporations for defamation, slander, libel, what have you. >> i don't think that's going to be the aftermath. i think the take away will be how the country was divided, and people were rooting for a finale, rooting for how it was going to turn out. some people wanted him to be acquitted, others wanted him to be convicted. people chose decides based on ideology, not the evidence. it was very distressed to see infected something as basic as this. i hated that there were cheerleaders and jeering, depending on your point of view. >> jesse: i was running for self defense. that should be noted. dana, what was your biggest story of the year, donna? besides how i saved the world.
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[laughter] 's before my first one got the number one. [laughter] >> dana: will always be number one. >> geraldo: so nice! [laughter] 's before i have to be nice. [laughter] a whole bunch of stories, but i chose one that i think will have an impact for many decades. this was the year that new space travel took place. galactic and blue origin getting up there and taking civilians into space. it might have only been an 11 minute ride, but so many ambitious goals that are coming out of these programs. "time" magazine named elon musk the man of the year. it's not just because of his electric vehicles. i think it's much more about the vision and the pioneer spirit and the next frontier: space. >> jesse: my runner-up for main of the year was bill hemmer. [laughter] >> almost made the cover. [laughter] >> 2022, you've got this.
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[laughter] >> bill: happy new year. [laughter] >> dana: anybody like my -- >> love it. >> bill: dana and i talked about this. i loved a choice. it was a good one. i've been at fox news for 16 years, and for 8 of them i have been in times square freezing. [laughter] dana, they send the crew down to nashville, tennessee! someone doesn't like me. [laughter] >> jesse: why don't you go ahead to? i think we are done with space. >> wow. >> bill: i think you are right. it's the vision of the future. we want to be those astronauts. the only downside is so few people can reasonably participate. >> for now. >> elon musk told jeff bezos to spend less time in the hot tub. i don't know what that means. >> bill: i think, without a doubt, this is the imminent come up with due respect to my
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partners, colleagues, and coanchor's, of what happened on that monday morning, august 16th in cabo. you cannot erase this memory, it is an international embarrassment. the u.s. military deserved better than this after 20 years serving in that war. this was a c17 u.s. air force rolling down the tarmac in kabul with 20-year-old young men bouncing off the side. i don't know where the scene leads or what happens as a consequent. dan hoffman was with us on "america's newsroom" early in the month. he talked about dictatorships being on the march in 2021 into 2022. what he talked about was perhaps at a rate we have not seen since world war ii. i don't know if he is right about that. between putin, xi, and iran -- it has been since the 1980s since we had a president with a bully pulpit like ronald reagan. we are a long way from that in this current white house. we had a democracy summit earlier in december. there are fledgling democracies
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in place like ukraine, taiwan, that we hope will hold on into the new year. we will see what comes as a result of this. as i said, though scene was bad. i don't know where it leads. i just hope it leads to a good place. >> interesting that that was the mark where president biden's poll numbers started to go down. >> jesse: that was my pick for the year, but a little birdie told me it was yours, so i went with kyle rittenhouse. i think you are right. no disrespect to space. >> dana: i wanted more of an optimistic story. [laughter] trying to find good news. >> jesse: we were here in the newsroom during the afghanistan situation in august. i think everybody understood how serious of an event that was. story of the year, dagen mcdowell, the floor is yours. >> dagen: a huge hardship for many americans, inflation. the fastest pace in almost 40
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years. wages are falling for many americans. they are just in for inflation, there's price increases, the federal reserve and democrats screwed up in unison, in both monetary and fiscal policy, respectively. jay powell and his cronies at the fed, they were way too cavalier starting in 2020, letting prices get hot, deciding to let it run, ignoring the signs even in the spring that the prices were getting out of hand. they kept buying $120 billion worth of securities every month, government securities, and have kept interest rates at 0 all year. then, the liberal spend thrifts in washington are loving him, because the fed was stocking up more than half of their spending. the central bank bought more than half of the treasury debt issued this year, and now, the white house is trying to push this giant new welfare monstrosity, making matters worse.
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they don't even know what to say about it. when -- which asked about it, she blamed grady big meat, the meat industry, the greed -- the federal reserve has no good options left. whatever they do is going to be a huge policy mistake. look out below. >> bill: i think they are all excellent stories and choices. there's a lot of places where we don't know what's going to happen next. i would be a fan of the fed being more hawkish than dovish. i don't know what that does to the market in the meantime, but we have taken our economic weapons out of our own hands. it is like what japan did in the 1990s: taking interest rates down to 0. you can't. when you are at 0, you have a few places to go. unfortunately, that is where we are. >> jesse: geraldo rivera? >> geraldo: the biggest story i think of the year, may be of lifetime, is covid. as much as we want to ignore it, as much as we want to make it go
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away, it's here, we are on the verge of another surge with this variant. we have 50 million americans infected, 799,000 dead americans. california has the most dead: 75,600, texas 75,000, florida 62,000. tom hanks, rita wilson, tom brady, luke bryan, sarah palin, michael strahan, larry king passed away, nancy grace. the list goes on. >> jesse: yes, they celebrate affected with covid. [laughter] almost everybody is going to get this. it's very serious. >> geraldo: i think the municipalities and mask mandates and travel mandates and vaccine mandates, all the rest of it, i think that it will be a part of our life for another year. >> used the word "ignored." >> we try our best.
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>> i want to say about the trial with kyle rittenhouse. you are right about the cameras in the courtroom, but that trial would not have turned out the way it did without the visual medium of the videotapes present in the streets. together, it made for a potent argument. >> jesse: it did. i think i should change mind to inflation. if that sticks around, that's going to be very powerful politically. >> dagen: the new york fed did a public survey about inflation ex-vexations for the next year among individuals: record high. >> jesse: bill hemmer could have done that. coming up, our resolutions and productions for 2022. what will dana predict this year customer she's always right. first, we are facing off with a 2021 trivia showdown. next on our new year's special. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> happy new year, america. get ready for the ultimate pop quiz. i will ask my cohost about fun facts from this year, to see who will be crowned the trivia champion for 2021. full disclosure, i am hosting this, but i don't know the answers. i might know the answers, but i don't know the questions. we all have these little white boards, like karl rove
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miniature. i have the questions right here. this is what it says for the b block trivia. "do not open before the segment starts." i have not done that. here we go appear [laughter] this is really good! this will test your news -- who won the world series this year? that's not that hard. who won the world series this year? >> don't cheat, jesse. it >> dagen: i hate baseball. i hate baseball. >> bill: hang on, jesse. >> dagen: i got this wrong. i said the astros. [laughter] >> jesse: baseball. [laughs] >> bill: okay. geraldo, you are all winter. jesse, you are a winner. >> dagen: i am a loser. at least i knew i was wrong. [laughter] dana, you're always a winner. who's keeping score? >> dagen: i hate baseball. >> dana: i should have remembered that.
2:18 pm
the astros were cheating the other year. >> bill: you know how i remember that world series question meant that my -- >> dagen: i don't care. let's get off baseball. >> we had the virginia election results, and allison, our director was up until 1:30 in the morning peered she was a braves fan watching the game the whole time. question number two. where did president biden celebrate thanksgiving? >> dagen: do you have to know how to spell it? >> bill: ms. dana perino says nantucket. jesse says nantucket. dagen says nantucket. geraldo says delaware. [laughter] this is the airport code. [laughter] >> you know i am appear [laughter] >> dagen: which hotel did he stay in? >> dana: i know that one. >> bill: question number three -- how much time do we
2:19 pm
have a question mark i have no idea. what was the billboard best performing single of the year? >> oh, no. >> no idea. >> what if you know the artist and not the song? >> does that qualify, control room? that does not qualify. >> jesse: this is a long shot. >> bill: who was best performing -- who is cameras up? i have got no answer, sorry. dana says bad bonnie. megan thee stallion. geraldo says drake. dagen says a dell. >> dana: wasn't there the whole time levitating? not >> bill: the answer is "levitating."
2:20 pm
[laughter] >> dagen: i have seen bad bunny. >> dana: oh, reggae tone. >> bill: we've got more. question: what did meghan markle and prince harry named their daughter? >> jesse: oh, no. >> dana: i've got it i think this should be trivia about fox. that would be more fun. >> bill: i did not... >> dagen: i am guessing. >> dana: not chicken coop. >> bill: dagen went with alice. geraldo is still working. >> geraldo: not sure how to spell junior. [laughter] >> bill: elizabeth jr. jesse went with trixie. very good, dana. i went with elizabeth. which one was it?
2:21 pm
perino! winner. >> elizabeth is close enough. >> bill: how much money did the white house say americans would save on july 4th barbecues question mike that's a great question. a really good one! how much money did with the white house say americans would save? >> jesse: i missed it. >> bill: i will say $0.02, a gallon of gasoline, they said. dana says 16, jesse 13, geraldo says it $5 trade [laughter] the answer is $0.06. >> jesse: did anybody get that? speefour i said 16 >> geraldo: i want to challenge elizabeth. >> bill: can we do a quick google search customer >> geraldo: elizabeth qualifies. >> dagen: it doesn't. >> bill: i've got the braves. what's the score? >> dagen: i am losing. >> jesse: i think it is a tie.
2:22 pm
>> bill: right now, there is a three-way tie, and there is a tiebreaker question. how many episodes of "the five" has jesse shamelessly promoted himself? >> oh, my god, to. [laughter] >> jesse: i did it on this show, so add one. >> dagen: just "the five" right question mike >> bill: yes. >> geraldo: at least once a week. >> dagen: are you crazy? >> bill: 365. [laughter] dana says 113. jesse says "not enough. because what [laughter] geraldo, 25, dagen, 25. the answer is 32 counting today. >> jesse: that's it's? >> dana: there is no way. >> jesse: i can't believe they had to count that. >> bill: we have a three-way tie between jesse, dana, and hemmer. how many gold medals did the united states win at the tokyo olympics?
2:23 pm
there was a battle with china. i think it went down to the end. i think i'm going to say -- >> jesse: gold medals, hold on. >> bill: i say 35 gold medals. i've got to change my answer. dana question mike [laughter] hemmer is the closest without going over. 35. dana says 48. jesse says 40. geraldo matches jesse, because he looked at him. [laughter] >> geraldo: my way is better. >> dagen: i said 52, too high. >> bill: the answer is 39. without going over! [collective ooooooh's] >> jesse: you better have won that! >> bill: next, who would like to work with someone for one day to see how it's done customer got fan mail question and more when the "the five" new year's special returns.
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>> "the five" continues in a moment, but first, special report news break. legendary tv actress betty white has died. she was 99 years old. she was a mainstay on television for more than six decades, making her the longest serving actress in tv history. her most notable roles include "the merry tyler moore show," and "the golden girls." cause of death has yet to be released. the fda's on the verge of approving a pfizer booster for 12-15-year-old, as covid cases spike over the omicron surge. hospitalizations are also rising, but at a slower rate. prep is underway in
2:29 pm
new york city and across the nation. the scaled-back calibrations are a welcome scene after many festivities were canceled last year. i will be back at 6:00 eastern for a live special report. back to "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: a comeback. we will answer fan mail, but first, a correction. it wasn't $0.16 that the white house said you could save on fourth of july. we got that right, which means i would have won before there was a tiebreaker. [laughter] then, i lost the tiebreaker. we will armor slide the end of this. [laughter] >> jesse: hemmer, gave the crown back. yield. [laughter] >> bill: thank you for having me. i yield the title to dana perino. [laughter] >> geraldo: bravo.
2:30 pm
[laughter] >> bill: love the tiebreaker. >> dagen: i sucked over all >> bill: dana defends her title. >> dana: i am not competitive, but i love to win. number one question from facebook: who what you like to go to work with for one day to see how it's all done? jesse. >> jesse: i want to see how greg gutfeld does it. [laughter] he's got that maniac staff. there's a lot of maniac activity. maybe i don't want to see that. [laughter] i am intrigued by it, then i would probably be revolted. >> geraldo: i would want something adventurous. it's a one time only, like jumping out of an airplane, the champion free-form skydiver. that would be a lot of fun. >> dagen: navy seal. a seal team, just on the job. not training, but on the job.
2:31 pm
just watch them in action. >> jesse: you want to hang out with a bunch of navy seals? >> dagen: i have, jesse. you talk to me as if i have never hung out with navy seals. you set up records on the job." i've hung out with them, just not on the job. [laughter] >> dana: that is the longest day ever. >> bill: he does radio for three hours, shows up on "the five" with you guys. >> jesse: then soccer coaching. >> then, i go straight to the emergency room to ask the doctor how he does it. >> i had an office for years doing of the morning show on the business network. i see him in the morning. he's not very hospitable. he's really busy and cranky. if he's busy, does not want to talk to you, you are like "what's going on?" >> dagen: i want to go to "the new york post" front cover headline meeting. i want to see how they come up
2:32 pm
with those. >> imagine how much fun they have coming up with the hilarious headlines could >> don't you have to be from australia? >> i thought the question was about fox news. >> come anyone? >> dana: if you could get rid of one genre of music and never have to listen to it again, which one has to go? >> jesse: gregg's music. any death metal. i'm sorry, dagen, i know you like that, but the death metal, the violent massacre of the guitar, then light it on fire in sweden with a bunch of people, law or people. >> geraldo: elevator music. i can't stand it. >> dagen: broke country, which would include any song talking about short shorts and tailgates. set them on fire.
2:33 pm
>> bill: dana got me into country music this year. i'm a big spotify fan. i liked all kinds of music. keep it going. >> dana: jazz. [laughter] >> bill: you want to get rid of jazz? >> dana: do we have time for one more? we do not. next, our annual tradition. we are reviewing our new year's resolutions. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health. what if you could see the details
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>> does anyone know what music that was? >> adele. [laughter] >> welcome back. the new year would not be the same without making resolutions. we will go around the table. dagen, what is your resolution? >> dagen: rest. i started eating snacks that i normally would not eat: doritos, chex mix, gummy's. i have gained a lot of weight. stop biting my fingernails, which i started during covid too, i will not show you what they look like. it's bad. [laughter] then, i want to see my dad more often and my family. my dad is cool. >> a car guy. >> that's one of my resolutions, to see my grandchildren, my lovely grandchildren, to watch
2:39 pm
them grow. there's a bunch of shots we have seen already. wonderful, wonderful. five of them. they have grown great. i want to get a new dog. my two dogs that i have are 12 years old. i want them to have a buddy, and i want to see the body before i follow the two old dogs. [laughter] i want to stay cute into my '80s. >> you are on your way. [laughter] i could resist getting a haircut until someone shaves off half of it when i am asleep. >> you look good. >> what is your resolution questioning >> three years ago, i started a resolution where i would do something to help my posture every day, stay with that. now, twice a day. it's a hard thing. i stand, watch exercise videos, lots of things. it doesn't have to take that long. sometimes, it's only a three
2:40 pm
minute thing. i am doing my posture exercises. [laughter] >> is that your basic fitness questioning >> bill: i do pilates and that the other one, i am going to do this in writing. i'm going to keep a daily gratitude journal. it's scientifically proven: every time you express gratitude, it's like a little shot of serotonin. why wouldn't you do that? every time i want to buy mike a book, i want to get it from a local bookstore before i tried to get it online. >> the gratitude is "i am thankful -- >> you write something down every day. >> my number one is to be nicer to jessica tarlov. >> are you mean to her? >> people say i am, lots of people. >> you have been mean to her when she is pregnant questioning >> yes, geraldo. [laughter]
2:41 pm
think i have to be a little more patient. i do it because i love her. number two is my posture. i only slouched because i sit next to short people. [laughter] very shorts. i just have to think -- also, waking up earlier. sometimes, when this is on at 5:00, you can get up at 7:30, 8:00. >> what time do you get up questioning >> you get up at 8:00? >> i have a baby, dagan. after mike 2:30 in the morning for 12 years! >> i did not always wake up at 8:00. for a long time i woke up at 445. >> you will make dagan cry. i'm going to go to the gym and work on my posture appeared [laughter] >> bill: jesse, take it for me, it won't happen. you are not getting up early. after mike my resolution is to have a resolution-free zone. if you guys are going to hate me, but i don't do resolutions.
2:42 pm
i think it's better to give back them to give up. >> i am adding things. >> your next great book will be 365 days of gratitude. >> like it could also do 365 days of posture. >> there's all in no way you only promoted a book 32 times. >> ten times per show. [laughter] >> did we come to that? of her show questioning >> it's interest income of these superstitions peered >> i don't think anything -- you give up weight or alcohol, want to lose weight or give up alcohol for the month of january. lots of people do that. that's fine. >> not me. [laughter] >> i'm just saying, getting up earlier is hard. >> i'm a hit snooze once or twice. [laughter] >> stay right there. our productions for the 2022 new year are up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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earn about covid-19,hands with allstate. the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today.
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>> welcome back to "the five." it is time to make our annual predictions for the new year. >> unlike in past years when i had a really good track record, i did not get any of my last year. i could still get this one correct into 22, which is that nancy pelosi will be reelected speaker, but will not serve a full term, and then take a job in the biden administration. i could still happen. this year -- might do the last one -- first one last. kate middleton will announce she is pregnant. that will be in the u.k. the rescue, which is a documentary, is going to win the oscar for best documentary. taylor swift will get engaged to joel baldwin, and -- what's the other one? president biden will have a new chief of staff before the end of
2:48 pm
2022. >> they told me i could do one, but i'm going to do them all. i predict china will not evade taiwan, putin will enter the ukraine but will not be able to call it an all-out invasion. i share these with dana. in business, i believe there will be fewer streaming services a year from now. can't keep track of them, and neither can you. hulu, amazon -- >> all of them have different passwords. [laughter] >> politics -- the most talked about politician in america. depending on what he does with liberal policies here in new york. crime, policing, bail issues, and sports. i predict tiger woods will not win make a tournament in 2022, as much as it pains me to say, and in celebrity news, dana knows i never pay attention. i predict kim and kanye west will remarry and 2022. >> jesse: that is the boldest one yet. >> bill: a great american ceremony. [laughter] >> dagen: i will take the other side of that care
2:49 pm
[laughter] >> bill: i am never right. [laughter] everything i say come and take the opposite. >> jesse: i predict there will be a big market correction in this coming year. i think the fed is going to have to raise rates and it will send the dow into a death spiral. geraldo, short equities. [laughter] pay attention. i am predicting that aaron rodgers is going to win a championship, though super bowl. he's going to have home field, and the buccaneers are going to lose at lambeau field. aaron rodgers will win the super bowl after having covid. i think that is perfect irony. last prediction, my consonants will grow to level no one thought would be possible. [laughter] >> along with your posture. [laughter] >> jesse: be prepared for me to be insufferable. >> if your posture improves, it helps your confidence. [laughter] >> in the general election, the republican party will sweep.
2:50 pm
i think there will be a seminal seat change in american politics, and the g.o.p. will be the dominant party. i think they will have both houses of congress, but i think, interestingly, liz cheney will survive the primary challenge in wyoming, despite the best efforts of donald trump, and i think that donald trump, as long as he does not deal with the fallout from the january 6th write ups the invasion of capital, when democracy teetered, but he will not be the candidate, certainly will not be president, but i don't think he will be the g.o.p. candidate for president. i wanted the browns to win come about them, they all got -- don't like -- >> the super bowl question at [laughter] >> -- they all got covid, including baker mayfield, noah carter back. i'm wavering on that. i believe that next year the
2:51 pm
pandemic will be defeated. >> so, the pandemic might not be completely defeated, but the liberals and democrats are going to ignore the zero covid nonsense as we get closer to the midterms, and they will drop restrictions, because they are worried about making people even more angry than they are. civil war in the democratic party, where maybe something in this welfare monstrosity, like a small version of it, gets passed, but joe manchin angers aoc and bernie, the wing list you've got there. maybe, joe manchin leaves the democratic party. >> wow, that's a bold prediction. >> then, i add to jesse's prediction. it is not just the stock market crash. it's going to be an asset bubble bursting. i mean stocks, crypto, real estate. the fed has had unprecedented stimulus pouring out since 2008,
2:52 pm
and they cannot land this plan. it will crash. >> scary. >> that's at! [laughter] >> call somebody. [laughter] >> i could be wrong. you know what -- up next, some of our top videos from 2021, and a special new year's addition of "the fastest." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ . . shine. now, she uses a capful of therabreath healthy smile oral rinse to give her the healthy, sparkly smile she always wanted.
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♪ ♪ ♪ just dance ♪ just dance >> jesse: welcome back, everybody. time for the fastest and we are just going to look back at some of the top videos of 2021.
2:57 pm
first up, we have tamara menchonstok gold medal winner making history becoming the first black u.s. women wrestler to win gold at the olympics. how many did we get again, hemmer? >> bill: 39. >> jesse: capturing hearts everywhere by putting her patriotism on display, watch. >> felt amazing. i just want to enlighten people of my feelings and spread positivity and shoot, it happened. >> jesse: you had her on, didn't you? >> dana: she was an amazing person. when she won. when she was given a chance to say something in the camera, she just said i love my country. i love america so much. she captured america's heart so we had the chance to have her on "newsroom" the. >> jesse: hammer thrower country. maybe you saw that shining light? >> bill: context she was so
2:58 pm
refreshing when she went before the camera and held the august in the middle of thee baits other critical race theory. taking abraham lincoln's names off of schools in america. running wild, you were told how bad you were because you liked our country and history. she comes along and says it's okay by me. i thought it was so refreshing for her to come and talk to dana and me was great. >> dagen: most valuable patriot. if you follow her on instagram so uplifting. she got a new car recently. she just. >> remember she wanted to buy her mom a food truck with her earnings. >> geraldo: we should hire her. >> dana: great idea. >> jesse: why not? we have another one here. we have cat in the courtroom finally everybody seems to have some difficulties with zoom this year, including me. this lawyer who went viral after accidently turning on the cat filter. >> i don't know how to remove it i have my assistant here.
2:59 pm
she is trying to. but i'm prepared to go forward with it. i'm here live. i'm not a cat. [laughter] >> jesse: classic. >> dana: we know you are not a cat. a lot of zoom bloopers this year. >> used in the secretary's computer. i don't buy it i smell a rat. >> at least he had his pants on. >> dana: putin might have said to joe biden at that zoom thing, mr. president, you are on mute. like the most used phrase of the year. switched places with the cat. >> dagen: thank you for burning that man's image in my head. happy new year, dagen. >> bill: going to be epic. >> jesse: geraldo? >> geraldo: the lawyer with the cat? >> jesse: yeah. >> geraldo: i already said at least he had his pants on. [laughter] >> jesse: you are familiar with that geraldo. all right.
3:00 pm
let's get out of here. we will see you back here on monday. happy new year. >> bill: happy new year! ♪ ♪ ♪ >> mike: good evening, welcome to washington i'm mike emanuel in for bret baier. breaking tonight as we come on air this evening it's now midnight in paris and berlin people in paris are wishing good riddance to 2021. a live report from new york's times square in what promises to be a toned down ball drop. health officials warning the new spike in daily covid cases is also fueling a surge in hospitalizations in some cities across the nation. the vast majority of those hospitalizations among the unvaccinated and as many americans look forward to the new year, they find


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