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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 30, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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set your dvr every night so you never miss an episode. i'm emily compagno. i love you, america. good evening. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, officials are privately concerned. russia will make some move into ukraine's soon. o with tens of thousands of russian troops on the border with ukraine and more heading thatus way, president by and vladimir putin just wrapped up their second phone call this month. we don't have too many specifics about what happened on that called yet. the call requested by prudent. but white house officials say the conversation ran for about 50 minutes. it is a tenth talk.
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good evening, rich. >> following the call, senior administration officials say they are now watching the russian/ukrainian border toe. se what russia does from here. because heard from jen psaki on this 50 minute call. she says president biden urged russia to de-escalate tensions with ukraine and make u clear tt the united states and its allies and partners will respond decisively impression further invades reached frame. that decisive response according to senior administration officials have been sanctioned. in 2014 russia invaded part of ukraine and did the same to neighboring georgia in 2008. ahead of the skull it was unclear c why the kremlin requested this conversation between the two, chris evans. one abbasid are to russia says masco rushing -- asking for a call is pretty unusual. >> i thinken it is a good sign.
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presidentra. rarely asked for calls. i think the remember one time that he has for call. it's usually the other way around, so that means he has a message that he wants to send the president. >> republicans have put criticize the russian strategy for waiving sanctions against the russian gas pipeline project to germany. analysts say that pipeline would strengthen russia's position in russia at the expense of american allies. some republicans also say the white house should more aggressively arm ukraine. >> president biden is make clear that there will be cost and consequences to whatever putin does with ukraine. i've heard people commentating that these warmongers are just trying to get us into war. hold off a little bit. is lots of options in between doing nothing and war. >> the senior white house official said the us is prepared to provide ukraine further assistancece to defend's territy
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the specifics on that are unclear for the white house is also threatening unprecedented sanctions. this is all aheadth about the nt week and a half or so top american and russian officials will be meeting in geneva to discuss these issues. president biden and who will not be directly involved in those conversations. >> i'm just seeing some of these highlights from the senior administration. the conversation plays serious and substantive but not being clear why vladimir putin requested that call. it does that statement anything definitive was reach but the president said there were couple of paths that russia could go. >> exactly. what the president is saying according to senior administration officials, there's two pass where they figure this out and russia stays out of it.
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or there's the second path which involves sanctions and nato bolstering forces where they are and on top of that ukraine providing them more assistance. but many of the talking points and we heard from the administration on this conversation with senior officials are what we have been hearing in public about all of this. it is still unclear, plenty of speculation surrounding it n but still nothing definitive as to why the kremlin want that this called and wanted this today. >> and no sign that any troops are leaving that border area, russian troops that is. rich, thanks. the omicron search is pushing comes to highs not seen before during the pandemic. and tests are still in short supply, with little expectation from health experts of that situation changing soon. for hospitalization and deaths across the country are not spiking quite as fiercely, they are on the uptick.
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health experts say the vast majority of the hospitalizations are among the unvaccinated. among the travel nightmare at airports shows no signs of letting up as new year eve celebrations are scaled back or canceled across the country and businesses close because business are forced to quarantine. just one of many airports for cancellations are stranding travelers can we start our i respect coverage with steve harrigan in atlanta. >> good evening, brett. nearly half a million new cases in us wednesday. that's nearly double the previous record. >> 15 state setting records while the cdc says hospitalizations remain low, six atlanta hospital say they are experiencing a staggering surge of adults and children with covid in the past eight days. the vast majority unvaccinated. some doctors on the front lines, it's --
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>> many that are not vaccinated will have regrets. i will have to let them know it is too late. >> the surgeon general offering simple and directpl guidance. >> rmost important of all of vaccination is to keep you out of the hospital. >> the actual number of positive cases may be even larger than we know. reigns of americans taking rapid home tests and not reporting the results. tennessee said it now reports cases weekly instead of every day and michigan is refusing to follow federal guidance and cutting the covid isolation period from ten days to five days. michigan has been hit hard by buyers back with recent depth tolls almost double the national average. federal guidance for the upcoming holiday is grim. >> were talking about a new year's eve party where we have 30-40-50 people celebrating and do not know the status of their
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vaccination, i would recommend strongly stay away from that this year. >> the government of south africath now says that pass through the omicron peak without a spike in deaths. that gives a lot of hope to a number of countries struggling with the very end. bret. >> steve, the fda has not made decision on the boosters for kids but there seems to be a disagreement betweenag dr. fauci and the world health organization on this. >> the who is clearly taking a shot at the us. the director pretty much cannot ands, said that rich countries like the us should not be giving boosters two children while in much of the world there are older people dying have never gotten a single shot may say not only is it unfair, but it will prolong the pandemic. of course speaking is a strong advocate of vaccines for children and we could see booster approval for 12-15 -year-olds as early as next
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>> steve harrigan in atlanta, things. not a rough day, as we mentioned , for air travelers run the country as flight to wear reports more than 1200 cancellations of us flights so far today. experts say these disruptions could last well into the new year. dave of the miller is live at laguardia airport in queens, new york. >> good evening, bret. for the seventh straight day now airline passengers are coping with these flight disruptions from coast-to-coast. there now been more than 6,000 not these cancellations. today alone more than 1200.. cancellations are also seeing delays increased dramatically. 5,000, more than 5,000 actually today. it's not just by respect related staff shortages that are plaguing the airlines. now they must deal with severe weather i in the south. what are the hardest here airports seattle seatac.
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whites differ took off or. many of those that were delayed, passengers there are frustrated and angry. >> there's a mad -- to get new flight and there's no flights. this a panic and you go online and they want you to reschedule with a different airline and i'm not going to try to squeeze into a different flight. so we canceled it and then got a new flight. >> i was supposed to be home and sunday. it was canceled. we've been trying to get home since then. >> jetblue gets 70% of its flight. encouraging passengers to postpone travel come if they can cut 4% of its flights today say customers on canceled flights will be automatically rebook. less night the tse set they screened more than 2 million
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passengers. that's almost double than a year ago. the number would've been higher if so many flights were grounded . many carries are now saying they're trying to give as much advance notice as possible to passengers of cancellations. the airlines are saying before you go out the door, make sure you check your flight status online if at all possible. it underscores the importance of that tomorrow, new year's eve, already more than 600 flights canceled. >> ringing in the new year . dave revsine miller in laguardia the cdc is warning people to avoid crus is regardless of vaccination status because of onboard outbreaks fueled by the omicron variant. if you do take a cruise, the cdc is saying passengers should get tested 35 days after the trip. ninety cruise ships are under investigation or observation as aul result the spiking covid-19 cases. that politics, despite democrats
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holding the presidencyie in the majority is in the house and senate, 2021 group pretty disappointing politically for democrats. key pieces of legislation put on hold over disagreements within their own caucus. but with the new year comes new priorities. here is congressional correspondent. >> with razor thin majority in the house and senate this year and a lot of infighting -- >> i can't commit to passing something that i don't even know what is yet. we need a little bit more than an i/o you. >> congressional difference of wrapping up 2021 put just a handful of big legislative wins, including a $1.9 trillion american rescue plan they pass alone. and the bipartisan infrastructure bill along with the national defense funding bill, they got done with the help of republicans. the list of failed much like
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earth of the priorities from president biden price take agenda with this massive tax and spending program build that better which one of their own, senator joe mansion, blew up right before christmas. >> this is a no. this is a no one this legislation. >> for any negotiation rome police from her gun reform those failed and they have bigger to how to deliver on immigration so what is at the top 2022 to do list? change the filibuster and past voting rights legislation. another uphill battle. >> are working as a caucus to make sure that we get all members to find a path to getting this done and january will be the m make or break monh for doing that. mean pop republicans are feeling pretty good about their chances in the midterm. >> i feel pretty confident about
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it, especially now with the far icleft controlling a lot of the democratic agenda. >> and with rising inflation and the resurgence of by respect playing out outside the capital, getting along inside might be the resolution for a happy new year. but, bret, will they work together? that's the question. progressives don't seem to want to, calling the president go at it alone and take executive on parts of build that better while the president says he wants to keep working with senator manchin. >> another concern for lawmakers is the national debt. our lawmakers talking about it? >> they successfully c raise the debt ceiling by $2.5 trillion. so start the new year now with nearly 30 trillion in debt, along with more spending if they pass bill back better and progresses progressives talking about passing another covid
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relief package and our actions worried about inflation. >> thank you.. according to database by the labor department, joblessre clas drop by a thousand. those numbers suggest that fast spreading omicron variant triggers layups. that dow lost 91 and dropped 14. both slipping off record territory in a late they retreat . the nasdaq fell 25. up next the white house files a last-ditch effort to avoid enforcing one of president trump 's signature border policies. we will examine the possible impact on the southern border. first our fox affiliates around the country tonight. brc in birmingham, severe storms struck much of the northwest in central alabama wednesday night. serious damage in some areas. virtually no reports of injuries miamial, i'm talking about napl,
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where and 80-year-old tiger at naples zoo is dead after share step deep was forced to shoot it for grabbing the arm off a man who was he to try to pet or feed that big cat. the man was seriously injured wednesday evening when he entered an unauthorized area near the tigers enclosure and put his arm through the fence. and this is a live look from st. one of the big stories there tonight and across the country, the new year could get off to a hot start if anyone can pick the winning numbers in the first powerball drawing of 2022 saturday night. the powerball jackpot has now climbed to more than $483 million with an estimated cash value of 348 million. i'm going for the cash, three to 48. that's pretty good. that's a live look. good luck. we will be right back.odod
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this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10.
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through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities. ♪ ♪ >> bret: entire towns entire towns near boulder, colorado, are under mandatory
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evacuation orders as grass fire spread in that area. down power lines and blown transformer -- transformers for blazes, leaving thousands without power. fox confirms wind gust of four forth 60-80 miles per hour and that's helping them the flames and unfortunately the fires are prompting road closures and flight delays, increasingd the delays at denver international airport. two federal judges are ordering the unsealing of jeffrey epstein 2009 settle settlement in a lawsuit against prince andrew. prince andrew is trying to avert the lawsuit by arguing us have jurisdiction in the case. you think you convicted of sexually abusing her at the age of 17. the judge present orders that the documents will be unsealed on or about january 3. investigating a capital pride in the justice department are urging the supreme court to reject former president trump's
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bit to shield the documents related to his efforts challenging the 2020 presidential election results. in the briefs filed today to committee and that by the ministration saype that the federal appeals court ruling earlier this month ordering the material to be turned over should stand. last week trump's lawyersus cure that justices to intervene and a block of a citing executive privilege. the by the ministration also ramping up its push to and president trump's remain in mexico policy tonight by asking the supreme court to weigh in. critics are warning that if the biden administration is successful with this plan to end of that policy, the effects of the southern border could be devastating. here is our west coast newsroom. >> my administration has ended catch and release. >> president trumpy admitted his program in 2019. >> if you come illegally, you
9:22 pm
will now be promptly removed from our country. the policy required migrants to remain in mexico until a judge heard their silent claim. that could take months and even years, which is one reason why president biden reversed it. >> we have to get to the root problem of why people are playing toutro our southern bor. >> border apprehensions of doubled since biden took office. i emigrated because i believed in his promises. >> after texas suit federal judge in august reinstated the policy. now five months is supreme court to overturn it saying mpp is not the best cool for deterring migration and it exposes migrants to an unacceptable risks. >> the biden ministration will try to make things safer.
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advocates call mmp inhumane. most former agents do not. everyone should be pierce about the actions this administration, trying to overturn a policy that has been proven to work. >> the fight this will be over asylum. biden believes that they're entitled to remain the us up to filing a claim. trump, after watching thousands ignored deportation orders data harder. >> that there no not going to embrace mpp and implement policy , then they need come up with another solution. >> 68,000 asylum-seekers enrolled in the program, only 723, silent. have lost their case are never showed and the other half pending claims when biden terminated the program. >> william, thank you. up next suspects charged with plotting to kidnap their state prosecutors say that were set up by the government. we will bring that story plus' social media app tiktok
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causing a youth mental health crisis. plus beyond our borders tonight, [indiscernible] after being charged with conspiring to publish materials. the day after police raided the probe markers a media organization forcing a shutdown of its operations. the patio was denied bail. western governments are criticizing that move as a sign of further erosion of press and freedoms in the o region. tens of thousands of protesters marching through sudan's capital as security forces confront that the crowd. the demonstrators are demanding that the military play no role in the government during a transitionsd to free elections. thursday was the 11th round of major demonstrations since october 252. iran -- bearing three devices in space. without specifying of any of the ever entered the orbit.
9:25 pm
it's unclear when the launch happened over the plays as the carrier brought with it. the blast off comes on the backdrop of negotiations in vienna to restore the tattered nuclear the euro with world powers, just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. we will be right back. i absolutely have to be sharp. let me tell ya, i was struggling with my memory. it was going downhill. my friend recommended that i try prevagen and over time, it made a very significant difference in my memory and in my cognitive ability. i started to feel a much better sense of well-being. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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is. >> bret: suspects charged with plotting to suspects charged with plotting to kidnap the governor said not
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only did they do not commit a crime but the government set them up. we are following the case tonight. >> attorney for these men accused of helping a plot to kidnap michigan governor say not only are they innocent, but the fbi and justice department hatched a plotap to interrupt tm , one of the original defense plead guilty and is serving a six-year sentence in prison. federal prosecutors say the six were upset over covid-19 measures stake out her vacation home with hopes of taking her. >> there are some depraved things are happening in our society. i trust law enforcement and the judicial process to get justice. >> according to recent want keep each potion, defense attorneys wrote in part when the government was faced with evidence showing that the defendants have no interest in the kidnapping plot, it refused to accept failure andlu continue
9:30 pm
to push its plan. >> is a lot of room for missed it. do a lot of enticing in persuading to get people two a crime and it is upheld to even raise the issue of entrapment for jury. >> defense attorneys are expected in trump to raise questions about the credibility of the fbi itself, including police special agent in the case richard trask plead no contest to a domestic violence charge and was fired from the fbi. they admit that he also posted a tiebreak fall of obscenities about former president donaldeb trump on his facebook page. trask and two other fbi agents in the case will not be testifying at the kidnap plot trial. >> and part of the judge, the pre-tell a motion to vital think that dirt about agents of the undercover undercover or informants gets a whole lot of attraction but a to me you shouldn't underestimate that. >> the trap for the men is scheduled to begin march 8 at they could face up to life in
9:31 pm
prison. the fbi and justice department not commenting on the case as it is pending. bret. >> we will continue to follow it . thanks. popular social media app tikt ok is at the center of a new controversy tonight as parents and critics argue some treads on the platform are becoming detrimental to children 's physical and mental health. >> currently 36 degrees. >> amazon and smart speaker do a lot but she never thought would encourage her ten-year-old daughter to play with the electrical electrical outlets. >> it was a challenge and they said she needed to plug a cell phone charger partway you and then touch the prongs with -- evan i heard that i was like, no likely her daughter did not get hurt. amazon said it is since removed the challenge and is taking steps to help prevent something
9:32 pm
similar from happening again. >> the whole thing appears to go with the trend on tiktok. the social media app is owned by chinese -based -- the company is facing a barrage of bad headlines. lawmakers have called for the have to be banned while boarding about potential privacy problems . >> most americans have absolutely no idea that the chinese communist party is getting their information. >> this month the former tikt ok moderate fired a lawsuit against the company, alleging moderates are required to watch hours of animal abuse, violence, and sexual content without proper health safeguards in c place. tiktok is not commenting on this specific case but rates we continue to expand the range of services of the moderators feels support of mentally and emotionally. the controversy comes as the wall street journal purports a
9:33 pm
growing number of teenagers are self diagnosing consults with mental disorders because of videos on tiktok. child safety experts say it is a clear warning for parents. >> they should know what the kids are posting. they should have access to who was doing what the kids and also reacting to what the kids are posting. tiktokd announced to efforts to ensure that users don't seere too many videos that may reinforce negative personal experiences, things like extreme dieting or sadness. it is unclear if those changes are working. bret. >> a long time and tiktok for my kids. got to watch it. up next up panel on raising tension for china and president biden present second bow call called this month with vladimir putin. >> the stakes are pretty high here and it really comes down to white house president biden resolve and determination as well as elitists.
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>> if, in >> if in fact they invade ukraine, there will be severe consequences. >> we must stand up and we are standing up for its territorial integrity and we are. to make sanctions sick with ever seen before. >> we've got the same problem with obama and biden. they make all these are pines and then do nothing about it. so what did these dictators think around the world? biden's week. >> vladimir put talking on the phone today in the white house putting out this photo of the conversation. were told by white house officials that the call lasted for 50 minutes,or serious and substantive tone. as you look at the map, this comes as tens of thousands of
9:39 pm
russian troops are positioned along that border andd they have the left. impact is evidence that they have been fortified in recent days and officials told fox that they are really concerned what they are seeing and hearing from the russians. we don't know the specifics of this call, but we know that the white house put out a statement president biden urged russia to de-escalatele tensions with ukraine a maker the united states and partners will respond decisively if russia further and bates ukraine that decisive action in the realm of sanctions according to the president and the vice president. that bring in our panel, how are kurds. mollie hemingway, senior editor and kevin walling, biden campaign surrogate. that start with you, molly. this is buried very tense and we don't have a lot of specifics on this call, but putin asked for the call.
9:40 pm
>> it was interesting that he asked the call i had of another discussion that they are planning here soon. putin is going to do what he determines is in his best interest,es the best interest of russia and also how he perceives the strength of the united states. so it is important that we are clear and our committee cases with russia about the seriousness of what they are threatening on the border. and it is why such a problem that we have mismanage so many of our foreign entanglements in recent years. the us has a volt play here. it has a fault to help ukraine and russia, which have to get along as they are neighbors and negotiate peacefully and because of our role in nato, we can also encourage temperance on the part of nato and how they engage with russiad in terms of whether to expand or enlarged nato or whether to keep peace in that region as well. so i know people are concerned and they should be on guard, but we are --
9:41 pm
this a lot of that the between the done by the biden administration here. >> there is this obsession, according to the former ambassador to ukraine of putin about ukraine and there are a number of different things that can happen. take a listen that this. >> i think that mr. putin understands the risks. on the other hand he has this obsession with ukraine and he doesn't want ukraine to go into europe as the ukrainians want to do. i think that he would love to have us give concessions right away without him having to invade, but i think that there is a real chance that he could invade. >> the possibilities are increasing and whether they go in full or they tried to get some kind of land and carpet out to crimea, which they already
9:42 pm
control. is only when the picturel are te hundred thousand troops on the border and that is why he manufactured this crisis, hoping to blackmail the us and providing the security guarantee that he wanted and this call is very rare, committee noted. he's looking for diplomatic offer to try to get the security guarantees that he wants without having to pay a price and without being able to avoid the european sanctions that can damage the russian economy. but the problem with the administration is that putin can't be trusted. we don't know if he's bluffing and he doesn't seem inclined to call upon with -- and military de-escalation. >> here's how foreign affairs magazine learned. moscow is managed to fortify
9:43 pm
itself or sustain competition with the united states rather than a a major weakness the economy represent the durable part of the strategy maintaining continuity and whether oppose sanctions. russian-made e buying that in spite of weak the economy it has siincreasing room to maneuver rather than declining influence on it global stage. is that really evidence of a foreign-policy win for the biden administration. >> they took it into 2022, born -- april fresh up with an iron fist of also seen made a lamarr stauffer three times. it's a redline for him and he has had some egg on his face with the expansion of nato across different borders close to russia so clearly this is of
9:44 pm
concern. i'm much more interested in having the dialogue and that is why it is so critical that we are going to pc in the first parts of january with our russian counterparts and hopefully the biden administration will takeke a toh stance because this administration disputes some wins the foreign-policy front to your point. >> nobody wants to see the us engaged in another militant activity but ukraine is trying to get in nato and that brings all kinds of questions. >> that is understandably viewed as hostile by russia. in the same with other countries would if alliances performing right upper border but at the same time russia is acting in a hostile manner. people in the us are concerned about appeasement. that is one of the lessons that we learn from world war two that appeasement does not work out well for the world. is also the lesson from world war i that undo entanglements can lead to global context.
9:45 pm
that's why it's important for nader to be strong and have an appropriate size so thatt it can be effective. remember we agreed that we will help or any other country that is invaded if it is the nato alliance. the larger that nato cats, the less that is a guarantee. this is one of the lessons that we learned that we have to make sure that our interventions make sense and they can be defended. >> and a lot of foreign-policy experts say 2020 will going to be talking a lot more about china then we talk about russia. we will see. confusionpa oprah plus the media covid coverage.
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♪ >> over the next three over the next three to four weeks we are going to seeer the number of cases in this country price so dramatically that were going to have a hard time keeping every day life operating . >> we want to make sure that our commitment to happen in person learning is honored and the way to do that is to ensure that every child in every adult that enters the building next week can produce a negative covid test within 24 hours. >> we have a scarcity of these tests. up with use them bute the school
9:50 pm
should have them. not a requirement command. >> a lot of mixed messages on the guidance from cdc and administration and what people are facing around the country. forgetting breaking news regarding fires that from the pentagon. for confirming that 2 206 us marines have been kicked out since late november over their refusal to get the covid vaccine officials confirming to fox news to it are six mystery -- marines got kicked out of the service. the pentagon requires all service members to get the vaccine. they did not require them to get a booster but highly recommend it. but to it are six ms. marines not serving. but about the coverage of covid as you look at it across the spectrum and specifically putin -- especially t omicron. sometimes it goes over any you don't look at the severity of
9:51 pm
the cases. >> the coverage has been downright confusing because there'six so many mixed messages and the fact that cases are searching but the depth rate has not gone up very much because it seems to be more mild. the media is struggling to cover a perverse shutdown, a bottom-up shut down. because they have all these infected wilkerson i've got easy on the biden administration and the cdc think we prevail in need of five day quarantine period it is not about science pittsburgh keep being places open. more experts, and this is getting a lot of media plays it even though cases assertion we should just stop county because the authorities can track at home test even though there's a shortage of those due to earlier calculations. that may well be true, but is in the politically convenient for joe biden with the accession of new cases and the drumbeat that we sought under donald trump earlier this year for certainly --
9:52 pm
>> understanding that you support the administration and the analysis here, the testing issue seems like it really has been a troubled some spot. >> it certainly has been in this frustrations around the country with regard to the long lines and i think it was build your to not anticipate the desire for testing to obviously protect yourself and others during the holiday season to have that make it a test for grappling home. i think you're seeing the administration refocusing on the testing issue coming out of winter break into january. .to have that negative tests, especially to solve that clip from washington dc. this could be critical and yet the five at a man test that up being produced right nowo that will be available to americans to request through the mail. that will help to identify where the hot spots are so the federal government can respond
9:53 pm
accordingly to where we see these kind of searches certainly . >> in the meantime this back-and-forth about kids getting boosters between fauci in the world health organization . >> younger individualse have muh more robust immune response than adults, particularly amongde elderly. >> this is something that we will continue to salmon as to the possibility or necessity of providing booster for young people.f >> the sts is looking at the issue of booster shots for those 12-15 and i know that the companies and manufacturers are working towards vaccines for children under 5. >> well there's no -- the division was against boosters and young healthy people. >> and that is part of the mixed messages that we are getting. >> it's been nothing but mixed
9:54 pm
messages for two your step and the by the ministration, it is worth remembering biden campaigned and was elected on a promise to shut down the fibrous . he inherited a professed vaccination program. multiple vaccines that were obtained through this operation warm speed, a tremendous accomplishment by the trumpet ministration and has done next to nothing when it comes to testing and this been pushing vaccines that for the vulnerable elderly who really have a strong case to be made for getting the backseat and getting boosted preferred younger and younger cohorts, even as regarde more about the backseat and how contrary to what was claimed by some of the bureaucratic elites at the onset v that the vaccine would prevent transmission and prevent people from getting fires back. we now know those things are not through and the brodrick has not changed. it is just a miss.
9:55 pm
>> okay. paddle, standby. when we come back, tomorrow's headlines.
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>> bret: finally tonight, a look at tomorrow's headlines with the a look at tomorrow's headlines with the panel. >> my panel -- my headline for tomorrow is 2021 , biden ready to reset in 2022.. >> there you go. molly? >> my headline is for the late edition of tomorrow's paper which would be that alabama is headed to the national championship after defeating cincinnati in the cotton bowl. >> all right, howardng, bring it home. >> all right, omicron shuts down world as healthy pendants shouted each other. everybody is sick except these two shouting heads. that's probably going to happen. thanks so much.
10:00 pm
the good and the bad and the ugly from 2021. this is my last show of 2021. i will see you in 2022. thanks for inviting us into your homes tonight and every night this year. we've got a lot of news to cover that fit for special report. balanced and still unafraid.pp >> \m \m >> sean: welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." tomorrow is the end of an era. an eve of new beginnings. at the ball drops in times square a new day begins. not new year's day but the end of mayor bill de blasio in new york city. the worst mayor in american history. tonight we say good-bye to bill de blasio.


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