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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  December 22, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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at 5:00 and saturdays for waters world and if you want more of me which i know you do watch tucker tomorrow night at 8:00 and if you need another christmas gift for someone you love or even someone you hate, a copy of my book how i saved the world. tune into the ingray when raymond arroyo sits in the chair and greg gutfeld takes it from here. todd: wednesday december 2, '02, president biden unveiling his plan as americans head into the holidays with covid cases rising interest in short supply. will be able to get when if they need them right now. todd: many questioning biden's ability to lead america through the omicron surge. live with more on the nation's response.
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jillian: is across the country were handed get out of jail free cards. the latest move from the biden doj that made the crime crisis worse. todd: bittman this is she sorry for calling west virginia's poor and strung out. a west virginia coal miner, what he thinks about her apology. >> we will get right to this, facing criticism for surging omicron cases amid lack of available covid tests at of the holidays. todd: the president places blame on the unvaccinated. >> reporter: good morning good. several cities and states back to strict pandemic measures. president biden said this is not march of 2020 but that came with a warning to the unvaccinated. >> president biden: vaccination
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requirements are not popular with many or even for those who are anxious to get them. my administration put them in place not to control your life but to save your life. and the lives of others. it is legal and effective amble save thousands of american lives. >> reporter: steps in the plan to combat the omicron variant including creasing supportive hospitals, speeding access to free testing, to get shots in arms including stepping up and standing up clinics and deploying federal measures was a key part of the plan is 500 billion free at home tests available starting in january, not in time for millions of americans, head of the holidays and travel, the administrative being hammered for not making rapid testing a priority which the white house shutdown previously. >> why not have them available everywhere?
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>> every american? >> what happens, every american has one test. and what happens after that. >> others are making them available in greater quantities for less money. >> reporter: the white house admits they should have taken action earlier. >> i would say there is not a day that goes by that i don't leave this podium and wish i said something with greater context or more precision or additional information. >> reporter: credits last the administration for not seeing this coming despite their insistence that they are on top of it. >> the speed by which omicron has been transmitting has been seen and mirrored in many countries. we anticipated this, this is what we are preparing for. this is exactly what we anticipated. >> reporter: the president revealed in his remarks he is
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not considering reversing the travel ban on the southern african countries. ashley: thanks. congressman dan crenshaw says she may be unvaccinated won't convince them to roll up their sleeves. >> this demonization of the unvaccinated. this is counterproductive. they have been firing people who don't want to get the vaccine. if these aren't completely irrational people, they are living with this risk for a long time, treating patients and whatever personal reason they didn't want to do it the way to get people to comply is not forced mandates, he also celebrated the sixth circuit win for the vaccine mandate. this goes to the supreme court and gets shotgun.
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but they can't keep pushing this. it is detrimental to our society and economy and clearly detrimental to our hospital workforce. >> reporter: couple things about what crenshaw said, they can't keep pushing mandates. as he said the more you push something on somebody especially americans. we live in every country. a knee-jerk reaction is to say no, we are going to make a wrong decision. something griff was saying, soundbites from jen psaki, she wishes she left the podium and said things with more heartfelt response. i thought that was horrible the way she said that. the testing is the issue, the testing is going to help us get through this. vaccinated or not vaccinated. >> a great point. look at where we are. going on two years, this testing
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should have been figured out much sooner than it is. to the crenshaw point you elaborated on breaking news people don't like to be told what to do yet democrats turn this entire covid experience into a political football. let's remember the individual who created the vaccine was donald trump through his operation warp speed get the democrats have politicized it turning into an us versus them mentality, your vaccinated or unvaccinated, two americas fighting against each other. that is not the way we battle this virus. we were promised by the biden administration the adults were going to take over when they took over the white house and everything was going to be fine and they were going to eradicate the virus but we have more death under the biden administration than we did under the trump administration. they need to get their house in order immediately going into
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2022, don't know how much longer people in america are going to deal with what is coming out of this white house with the restrictions with everything involving covid. >> reporter: we spoke earlier back to march and april of 2020, everything going on right now and can't say this is a democrat versus republican thing. if you look at the numbers of those who are vaccinated it is not even split, we are on the higher side of vaccination rates. todd: vaccinated individuals are not only coming down with breakthrough cases but also spreading it to the unvaccinated. we will see. this will be a tough next couple weeks. hopefully we come out of it well on the other side. means, fox news alert multiple police officers shot in the line of duty in philadelphia. and officer hit in the shoulder
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when report bonding -- responding to a robbery call, and shot before being arrested, two or officers heard in the crash while rushing the suspect to the hospital. police say everyone is expected to survive. in michigan a police officer ingested beauty shot while chasing the suspect, police returning fire killing the suspect, the officer and the beauty are expected to survive. the doj announcing it will not make federal inmates return. >> reporter: thousands of federal inmates on house arrest could be getting an expected gift from the government was a potential get out of jail free card compliments of the department of justice announced some federal inmates who were previously released on home confinement do to covid may not go back to prison when the pandemic ends.
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attorney general merrick garland saying, quote, we will exercise our of authority so those who complied with conditions of confinement and in the interests of justice should be given an opportunity to transition back to society. murder and gun violence, in chicago there were 767 homicides this year, 4% since 2020, and 3400 shootings in the windy city up 9% over the past year and 60 convicted felons facing murder, or shooting charges arrested involving trial. lori lightfoot begging for federal help, the highest murder rate, one year after she proposed 80 million from the police budget. >> i asked the attorney general, merrick garland, with all
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deliberate haste to chicago for six months with a large number of gun investigations and seizures in chicago. the federal government remains uniquely qualified to help cities like chicago address the scourge of gun violence. >> reporter: quite the plea. back to you. ashley: pressure to recall the district attorney in wisconsin filing a petition accusing the da of their religion of duty. they say john chisholm must go from releasing the man charged in the deadly waukesha christmas parade tragedy on an appropriate low bail. he could face a recall election if enough signatures are collected. he is taking the complaint seriously. todd: larry elder says the
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people taking, off the streets are making crime worse with their bad policies. take a listen. >> people who are out, who want to be in prison, das not imposing what are called crime enhancements so bad guys go to prison for the fullest extent of their time and this is another continuation of this and people are mostly affected by this won't be heard on the black and brown people living in the inner-city. neil: elder says the problem is particularly bad in california where he really ran for governor and gavin newsom is overseen the early release of tens of thousands of convicted felons. ashley: a group of patient migrants suing the biden administration alleging mistreatment by immigration authorities, the lawsuit says the white house a liberally withheld humanitarian aid to thousands of migrants hoping to deter them from entering the country. many of the migrants were sent back to haiti and asked to be granted asylum in the us and
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money for expenses. tensions along the ukrainian border are growing as the us calls on russia to remove its forces. todd: vladimir putin playing the blame game. alex hogan live with more. >> reporter: good morning ashley and todd. when report and spoke yesterday placing blame on the west saying it is the reason for ongoing tensions and escalation. he had a list of demands asking for the us guarantees on security for the united states as well as nato. promising the escalation continues russia would retaliate to any foreign aggression, the president adding armed conflict and bloodshed are not something we would choose, we do not wish such a scenario. russia has tens of thousands of troops near the border with ukraine. secretary of state anthony
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blinken addressing the ongoing conflicts urging moscow to get back. >> we want to see russia de-escalate, to move forces back from the border with ukraine, to take down the tension. it is much more appropriate to have a conversation in those circumstances than it is when escalation is happening. >> reporter: ukraine's president zielinski laid out demands including to return crimea to gain membership in the european union in upcoming years and to get a clear and specific timeframe from nato in 2022. in order to defuse the situation even more the us says it will hold talks with russia in the new year. the conversation with the poetic talks include nato and the
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organization of security and cooperation in europe. todd: thank you very much. president biden confident he will reach an agreement with joe manchin who don't his signature legislation a fatal blow over the weekend. >> did senator manchin break his commitment to you? >> president biden: we will get something done. todd: senator manchin announcing he will not vote for the build back better plan. the president also insisting he doesn't hold a grudge against him for this. manchin says he would not be will to expand himself to the people of west virginia if he voted for the bill. charlie: president biden will be briefed on the supply chain crisis, and other private-sector ceos will give biden the latest update from the crisis which is hurting many american's holiday plans. christmas is one of the busiest times for shipping companies and
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the crisis has caused delays for countless americans. time is 4:14 on the east coast, part of the president's pandemic plan involves resources for understaffed and overwhelmed hospitals but was it the best idea to fire thousands of front-line workers over vaccine mandates? we will ask a nurse who lost her job what she think of the president's plan. todd: expert analysis from doctor marty martincarry joining us live, don't miss a moment. "fox and friends first" rolling along on wednesday morning. ♪♪
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ashley: louisiana and 24 other states suing the biden administration for requiring children over 2 years old in 5-star programs to wear masks, the used to permit of health and human services is requiring staff, contractors and volunteers in the program to be vaccinated by the end of next month. the head start program helps prepare children for school while also providing support to low-income families with kids. todd: the biden administration think it's up after being slow to the draw in the face of the
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omicron threat. >> president biden: the administration stockpiled millions of gowns and gloves, masks and ventilators. in addition i directed the pentagon to mobilize an additional 1000 troops to be deployed to staff local hospitals and expand capacity. todd: is it smart for hospitals across the country to fire thousands of front-line workers over vaccine mandates? joining me the former nursing assistant with northwell health. thank you for being here. looks like we can use those workers right now. >> we sure can. the industry was short staffed pre-pandemic, now it is even worse. all these people -- todd: finish your answer. we are having a bit of a delay here, please continue. >> it is very sad and everyone
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is affected by it. todd: look at these numbers. 1400 and vaccinated workers fired by northwell health as of october 4th look at the state of new york, 37,000. new york state healthcare workers lost due to various mandates. point blank hello people died because those healthcare workers are no longer helping patients? >> everyone is affected. patients will be affected. everyone at the workforce is affected. ultimately patients are suffering. if we see a surge in cases why wouldn't we need all the hands we can get? todd: how frustrating is it as someone who dedicated her life to helping the sick that our leaders prioritize the vaccine
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over the ramifications of their mandates? >> very upsetting. as someone who loves what she does it hurts me personally and i'm sure it hopes -- hurts everyone -- we needed the people, we need to the people before, we need them now in this mandate is very much of an overreach in our government. they are proving many are not working. we have outbreaks. it is still spreading even if you are vaccinated it is still spreading, you still have healthcare workers even if you test positive you have to come to work so we are trying to stop the spread, pushing a vaccine is not the way. neil: light of omicron and everything, could you see northwell another hospitals
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reversed their mandate of hospitals really begin to fill up? >> if they did reverse their mandate a lot of us, me personally, not only that, we are nervous because what was put out by political for year, the media outlets, that we are the problem, we the people are the problem because we won't comply with mandates so it is like i am scared. if you got my job back i would be scared of the environment because of the narrative pushed out that i am an issue. i would be afraid to go back to work. todd: that is a thought that hasn't been expressed a lot. interesting to hear you say that. i don't know from your end but in my experience i never heard of a patient who said i would rather have no cares and care
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from somebody who didn't get the vaccine. if my wife is on the line i will take any help i can get and we hope you get back into the healthcare game because you are somebody who cares and wants to help people and we appreciate that. thank you and merry christmas. ashley: elon musk is calling out california after moving to texas. the scathing takedown of the golden state's taxation. you can then list in an effort to help our heroes in uniform, the ceo of soldiers angels joins us next to discuss the adoptive family program. stick around for that. ♪♪
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neil: actress and singer bit miller apologizing to the people of west virginia for a twitter
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out presented senator joe manchin tweeting he wants the rest of us to be like west virginia, poor, illiterate and strong out. and her apology, she accuses manchin and his family of being a committal enterprise, still has not deleted the original tweet. manchin has not responded. quite an apology when you accuse somebody of being a criminal enterprise. elon musk slamming california for a tie tax rate saying california used to be the land of opportunity and now it is becoming the land of sort of overregulation, over litigation and over taxation. the ceo saying it is increasingly difficult to get things done in the golden state. earlier this year musk relocated tesla's headquarters from california to texas and a school
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district releasing a 21 day equity challenge for adults who want to learn to be allies. including a list of micro aggressions for allies to avoid including steering clear of calling america the land of opportunity. on the final day of the challenge a personal action plan to track progress that includes suggestions such as joining a black lives matter and affiliated protests. the calendar was modified to students participation was not required. ashley: a charity to help our heroes in uniform working overtime this season. the ceo of soldiers is here to discuss. >> reporter: thanks for having me. ashley: a nonprofit organization founded in 2003 of the sole mission is to help military, veterans and families and i want
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to mention this was started by the family of general george patton. the adopt a family program connects businesses, organizations and individuals for the military military and veterans families survive the holiday celebration and over 1290 families have been adopted so go into more detail about what exactly this program does and how it is benefiting the families right now. >> the program is open, families that injured ill and injured, we can register to be adopted and businesses or individuals can go to website, sort families by zip code, family size and read about the family and choose which
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family to adopt. whoever adopts the mayor responsibly is to provide a gift for each child of the house when the gift toward the holiday meal for the family. ashley: families being adopted don't know who the people are that are adopting them or is it almost like a secret santa situation? >> in most cases they do know. once they get adopted they can correspond with each other and in some cases if it is a business they meet in person and discuss items but a lot of times, to get more specific things, about family needs and the best thing for them for the holidays. ashley: are there other situations where they do adopt the same family year after year?
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>> we actually had that, if the family has registered again and we reach out to the family to ask them if they are going to register again for the program because the company wanted to adopt the same family. sometimes it is great to get a different family to get a different perspective from a different market. sometimes people close to them in the same local community and sometimes don't get a family across the country so they were a little bit about another community. ashley: we have 30 seconds or so but this year alone the golden angels served 900,000 servicemembers, veterans and family members. if someone is watching and they want to get online, how would they go about that? >> the program is close for registration but taking monetary donations, we will have last-minute issues, sending e gift cards at the last minute to families to christmas eve like
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we've done in years past. if it is too late, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved whether you like volunteering locally at a hospital or do something virtually we have things for people who just want care packages anti-poor servicemembers, there's something for everybody. ashley: what a supercool organization you have here. thanks for being with us and merry christmas. >> merry christmas to you. ashley: todd. todd: time is 34 after the are. lori lightfoot begging the feds for help with chicago's record-setting murder rate. there is one area where she wanted to cut $80 million in the police budget. what is going on in the windy city? we are asking ray stevens next.
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todd: a moment, president biden praising donald trump in his covid speech applauding operation warps forgetting the vaccines out in record time. charlie: exclusive reaction from donald trump. >> reporter: rare moment at the white house when president biden complement did donald trump. listen to this. >> president biden: the other day donald trump announced he had gotten his booster shot. may be one of the few things he and i agree on.
1:39 am
thanks to the prior administration and our scientific community america is one of the first countries to get the vaccine. >> reporter: i spoke to the former president a little later to get his reaction to the praise. trump told me he was very appreciative of biden's comment and was surprised to hear it. he thinks it was a terrific thing and makes a lot of people happy. trump also told me he thinks biden, quote, did something very good adding it has to be a process of healing in the country and said that will help a lot but as trump returns the complement biden took heat from the press on covid testing shortages. >> a failure that you don't have adequate amount of tests for everyone to get what if they need one right now. >> president biden: it is not because covid is spreading so rapidly. it happened almost overnight.
1:40 am
>> reporter: biden vowing to increase testing sites and send out half 1 million free at home tests but a former member of trump's white house covid response team says biden's plan won't mitigate omicron. he says vaccines and boosters are the best protection at this point. >> everything else is really a drop in the bucket. 500 million tests over how many months. is that going to be done? the only reason we are in such a problem right now is the biden administration did not invest in testing between january and september. >> reporter: he called the testing shortage of failure and greeted the speech with a c-. ashley: thanks. democratic chicago mayor lori lightfoot wages war against the unvaccinated. and restaurants, bars and jim's.
1:41 am
>> as normally as possible, you must be vaccinated in the city of chicago. >> reporter: joins new york, san francisco, los angeles, boxed in and new orleans mandating vaccines for indoor activities. todd: there is more from mayor lori lightfoot, more than 60 felons on bond in chicago, committing violent crimes, the mayor who pushed to the front police as you recall is asking for help. >> the flow of illegal guns continues to be a problem. is an in the absence of federal movement, common sense gun control measures like universal background checks. the federal government remains uniquely qualified to help cities like chicago address the scourge of gun violence.
1:42 am
todd: ray stevens, great to have you here, so much to unpack, let's start with the overall. if i'm not mistaken mayor lori lightfoot wasn't a fan of having them come into the city to help with crime when trump was in office but now bring on the fed. how rich is that? >> it was a year ago, lori lightfoot said i'm troubled by donald trump bringing the feds into chicago. political bias against donald trump, let's bring in the feds, see if they can fix it. over 1000 murders, carjackings up 446%, nobody shopping, stores closing but you better bring the feds in quick because chicago is quickly turning into a third world city. >> it is an amazing city but it is happening all over.
1:43 am
things like bail reform and the like. anyone with half a brain new putting criminals immediately or soon thereafter was going to lead to more crime. why didn't liberals push bail reform and alike in the first place. >> when kim foxx was elected she said the night of her election, she's going to go soft on crime because it was a vote for equality. over incarceration of african-americans. chicago has problems with every color race. however, you need to prosecute crime, tell me what a common sense gun law is, you need to put the bad guys that are using
1:44 am
the guns, we don't need, we need common sense reform and prosecution, they need to do jobs, the police department is down in numbers, they can't get people to show up, several feds. todd: the year-over-year numbers, this utility last year, i hate to see this. 10 more days left in 2021, shooting is up as well. any hope for 2022? >> i glass half full kind of guy, don't like it when president biden says we will have a winter full of death. chicago will be okay. there's an election coming up, looks like it will get more from
1:45 am
this, big conservative supporter with a lot of money and that is what it takes to win elections anywhere especially in illinois. chicago has better days ahead and the bears will do better next year. todd: my giants get an extra first round pick in the first 10. i look forward when we have you want to talk about football, looking forward to talking football but there are major problems in the windy city. ray stevens, appreciate your time. ashley: new york city has a new sheriff in town. >> one thing different from everyone who signed it, i wore a bulletproof vest for 22 years and protected the people of the city. ashley: he's not the sheriff,
1:46 am
he's the new mayor and making it clear to the liberal city council that he is nothing like bill deblasio and we told you about this good samaritan who helped a woman in need and took down a purse snatch her in a grocery store parking lot. the sheriff awarded him for his bravery, stick around for that. ♪♪
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heather: jury is in the kim potter will begin deliberations and a few hours into day 2 by asking the judge what they should do if they cannot reach a verdict indicating they may be in a deadlock. potter, former minnesota police officer says she mistook her firearm for her taser when she shot daunte wright in april. deliberations resuming the delay national trial. 6 women and 6 men requesting testimony from three of maxwell executors and asked permission to use one of those testimonies
1:51 am
when considering his masco -- maxwell was guilty of transporting a minor to engage in sex acts. ashley: the story of the day, a hero takes action after a thief snatches woman's purse outside in ohio grocery store. the local police honoring him for his bravery. the good samaritan along with the woman he held, butler county sheriff richard jones join me now. thank you for being with me this morning. >> thank you. ashley: i read that you were with your one-year-old daughter moments before the 7 and struck up a conversation with pat but for this thief snatched her purse. was there ever any hesitation? most of the video didn't look like any hesitation. >> definitely no hesitation. i knew i had to get her purse
1:52 am
back because of the yelling and screaming. i had to do what i had to do. the guy ran past me when he snatched her purse so i did get a look at it and had to do what i had to do. ashley: it looks like it in the video. you called him your hero. how good does it make you feel knowing there are people like this out there? you see people in situations like this on video that showed a videoing in but not stepping in to help but to sean stepped in to help. >> he definitely did and it is great on his part. ashley: how proud are you to know people like this are in your community to stop some like that, restrain them until you guys can get there and take care of the situation?
1:53 am
>> he not only stopped him, the guy that stole the purse, first time in his life he was ever anxious for the police to get there. he stopped him, that is what we call a citizens arrest, citizens take down. when people say all over the country different groups of people aren't getting along that is not the way it is in america. doesn't matter what color you are or how old you are, we are fighting for the same thing, to stay alive, groceries, she is just shopping at the grocery store with limited amount of money, he is doing what people think about doing all over the country. we are very proud he not only stopped him but made citizens arrest and is still in jail. he has been in our jail before. he is not a very good person. they prey on people like this.
1:54 am
this purse snatch her didn't jump on him to take his money or anything like that. stopped her and tried to take her purse, terrible mistake. the whole crowd was chasing him. ashley: everybody coming out. i know you have a dinner date scheduled. do you have, who is choosing where you're going and you know where you are going to go? is definitely. i just love her and want to eat wherever she wants to go. we decided to go to ihop. my daughter will be coming with us. ashley: good. she was there. ashley: i'm glad to know there are people like you in this world. a lot of people watching hope
1:55 am
and joy, have a few pancakes for me and thank you to everyone for being with us this morning, we appreciate it. >> very lucky, thank you. todd: that is the best story of the day. awesome awesome awesome. new york city mayor elect eric adams slamming critics who say he is pro-solitary confinement. >> we support solitary confinement, that is a lie. i support future segregation. i'm not going to be in a city where dangerous people assault innocent people, go to jail and assault more people. todd: will take office in january, he squared off with progressives over his tough on crime policies, and told criminals to be accountable.
1:56 am
in the next hour of "fox and friends first" president biden breaking the rules and taking questions from the press. >> president biden: bring down costs across the board from childcare to childcare tax credits. i'm not supposed to have this press conference today. todd: joe can't the react, sean duffy joining us live, don't miss a second of it, see you in a bit. w. make your nights anything but silent. and ride in a sleigh that really slays. because in a cadillac, tradition is yours to define. so visit a cadillac showroom, and start celebrating today. ♪ ♪ these folks don't have time to go to the post office
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get a 4-week trial plus postage and a digital scale go to and never go to the post office again. >> president biden unveiling his latest pandemic plan is americans head to the holidays with covid cases rising and covid tests in short supply. >> we don't have adequate tests for everyone to get one particularly you. wife that? >> president biden: know it is not. ashley: questioning biden's ability to lead america through the laquan search, l


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