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tv   Unfiltered with Dan Bongino  FOX News  December 18, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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gobbing out this week so you get them by christmas. thanks for watching god bless merry christmas happy holidays, you're the greatest, thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ dan: easy to get caught looking at everything that biden administration is doing wrong. but today i've got some silver lining you may not have known former nfl star walker joins me with his take why tide is hopefully turning plus bubba wall son taking a lead from yous jussie smul et case pete hegseth with here with his stake and offering text messaging from jim jordan for january 6th witch hunt and congressman will join
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us to set the record straight and climate alarmist never stop. climate change really behind all of the extreme weather? we've got a fiery rebuttal with a democrat you won't want to miss. folks, it is the holidays -- christmas is just a short time away. it really is genuinely exhausting pointing out all of the joe biden calls bad news all of the time and there's a lot of it. rather with christmas around corner we're going take a little bit of a different path tonight. i'm gong to show you the silver lining that could come out of this biden cause nonsense. reminds me of a famous, quote, sometimes attributed to great winston churchill quote is this you can always count on america to do the right thing after they've exhausted all the other possibilities. listen whether church hill said it or not sentiment is valid okay. the left is overplaying their hand. they have been for a long time. they're forcing their ridiculously destructive agenda down all of our throats and
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we're not just tired of it and we're tired of being tired of it if you think being change course aver georgia election after a wakeup call paul should have been running down democrat street no, no, no. no -- no -- no none of this stuff is going to change at all. so enough of the bad stuff. t.o. in there let's go to good stuff. there's silver lining number one from all of this chaos. listen, border crisis it keeps setting records for crossings and apprehensions with no end in sight. massive illegal immigration it can drive down wages and can put communities at risk. but minority voters -- love this country as of as we do catching on to this scam realizing this uncontrolled illegal immigration isn't good for anyone. you don't believe me. fact check everything folks i encourage you check the this wall street journal poll from
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this hispanic voters and no, no not latin x voters that's teching off left even more and hispanic voters they want to be called latin x something they made up look it is even 37.split by party vote. you know just one year ago -- the same poll gave democrats 60% listen, the left is losing their grip and slipping away that's a very silver, silver lining. silver lining number two -- it has been nearly two years of unscientific mask mandates, vaccine mandates lockdown in our public school where our children are being fed a steady diet of crt should stand for critical racism training but it is not just hispanic voters wake pg to be talked down to it is parents too. last year in the pandemic homeschooling exploded across the country. more than doubling in less than a year. and support for school choice is polling at an all time high.
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that's a good thing. that's a great thing. here's silver lining number three surge in crime is wakeup call to democrat run cities vote reverse pressuring to pivot with a from destructive antipolice procriminal policies and that's exactly what they are. remember this promise -- incoming new york city mayor -- although a liberal, he's at least promising small change in direction. away from these procriminal policies. well change see how it works out and just this week, just this week san francisco's mayor london bre is doing a big 180 about fashion on crime herself promising more police. >> the time that the reign of criminals for destroying our city it is time for it to come to an end and less tolerant of all of the bull [bleep] that has destroyed our city. >> let me be clear.
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the left is not doing this because they suddenly support the constant with some road to damascus moment no, no, no, no -- no they're doing it because they're constituents are demanding you're demanding it, you and you're winning. the final and most important silver lining is this folks listen, the country the odds aren't we shouldn't be here we shouldn't have won revolutionary war odds against us sheengt have been made it through war of is 12 or survive silver warp and calamities that come our way but we did country about that touched by hand of god i'm convinced. and no that is not hyperbole i'm sure of it. we survived a lot. we'll survive joe biden too. that's the biggest silver lining of all. folks this is all result of failures of the biden administration remember one of joe lines remember that line promise is made. promises kept. well joe biden's line should be
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promises made promises ignore and flushed down the toilet. it was broken promise number one for biden remember when he promised to shut down the virus. >> what i would say itst is i'm gopg to shut down virus not the country. i'm going to shut down the virus. >> back before we shut it down. dan: tragically more died of 2021 of covid than when he was even president. broken promise number two remember when biden promise for mask scale loan forgiveness. >> that's why i'm gopg to eliminate all of your student debt and make sure that everybody in this generation gets 10,000 dollars knocked off of their student debt as we try to get out of this god awful pandemic. dan: which is a dumb idea i'm not paying your student loans you can pay your own thank you and biden aside mrgs announce sending poses on student loan
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payments and not swooping in to save them broken promise number three. joe biden promised to restore america on the world stage remember this -- >> we give donald trump four more years -- we'll have a great deal of difficulty of never being able to recover america standing world in our capacity to bring nations together. the world is not organize itself. and if we do not shape the norms and institutions that gorve relations among nation rest assured that some nation will step into the vacuum. >> how was joe biden masterful policy working out for america yeah not so much. keep in mind i'm on team america. this is not good for anyone. broken promise number four, joe biden said he was going to unite the country remember this? >> our country is crying out for leadership. leadership that can unite us to wriengt --
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to heal, to come together as a nation. >> my whole soul is in this -- bringing america together. uniting our people, uniting our nation. dan: we do pangts here. and polls show that more than half of americans say we're less united since biden took office. joining me now forminger nfl legend, and republican candidate for senate georgia herschel walker thank you for taking the time. >> hey thank you and thank you for having me on. dan: absolutely. it is an honor to herschel we all see it sadly patriots first country is headed in the wrong direction but i think there's a silver lining here herschel i would like see guys like you get elected. what's some of things you can do if you get in office to turn this around and i think we can turn it around quickly. >> no doubt.
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i know we can turn it around quickly because you've got to start putting adults in the room. right now the policies that they've been putting out do not fit this country conot fit state of georgia and those policies are -- totally out there and i think people are getting tired of it. >> yeah. herschel. the nfl you're being former nfl star yourself, it has to disappoint you their move towards this woke culture, they've really embraced it. i think at the expension of american who is want to watch football. one of the recent observations i saw is that they were funding a group sending the money that aligns with this defund the police movement. you know, i have to imagine yeah, you know, you being a patriot loving this country respecting police it has to disapongt you. >> totally disappoint me. first of all, you know, i haven't been to any football games where i didn't see police there. so the police got to know that we got their back. i think a lot of people can see
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now that defund police didn't work you can see a lot of elected officials that was coming without this defund the police now want to fund police and what they don't realize is they don't have confidence in them and police have to know we have their back and that's reason i'm going to run for office so i let them know i've got your back because you got to have police in this country. that's reason this country is what it is today. and we got to let the police know that hey guys we got you. dan: herschel you and your family have been targets of this woke culture. i see it. you know i see it happening on social media, it is really disgusting. you know, as a guy who has worked for everything he's gotten i watched you from nfl to mma even after 40 which i thought was spectacular i was in my 30s i couldn't do that. the guy worked for everything he got in life is beginning to have to work for senate office too. this woke culture victimhood thing, really has to get under your skin laingt.
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>> to be honest request you dan, it does get under my skin in a sense that they were letting to let people get away with it because i don't know it won't stop me from running or doing what i want to do because -- you know i've been very fortunate to have that america's dream. and right now because of this woke culture, a lot of kids can't have that america's dream. but that's reason i said elect herschel walker. because every kid in america deserve the right to have that america's dream. every citizen in the state of georgia in this country, deserve an opportunity to get out to work hard and they're going achieve that america dream. i think a lot of things happening is because people want to make you feel that -- they owe you something. you know we've got to get of this that the government won't take care of you because i need to give them a simple -- word the government and not going to take care of you. you've got to get out to work for what you get and that's reason they're not going to stop me. i love america. and i'm not going to stop what
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i'm doing so they can come with everything they have and i'll fight because that's what i've got to do. dan: herschel thanks a lot for taking some time with us we really appreciate it. good luck in the race. >> hey, thank you dan, and i'm a beg fan and got god bless. dan: thank you, sir, i appreciate that. have a great day. all right still ahead on unfiltered nascar driver bubba wallace taking acting lessons from jussie smollett and refusing to let go the hate crime what is beginning on here? pete hegseth joins me for hot takes next. >> i won't forget this moment was sell important. you know, you can let down your guard a little bit. but -- i don't forget ones that were silent. ♪
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dan: welcome black to unfiltered time now for hot takes, outrageous stories you may have missed this week but you need to hear about. joining me now for his reaction is "fox & friends" weekend co-host pete hegseth thanks for taking the seem so it is happening again pete first we have juicy smollett amazingly
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pushing bubba wallace hate crime special take a look. >> i won't forget but this moment was still important. you know, you can let down your guard laingt. but i don't forget ones that were silent. dan: pete, it was a garage poll. it was not a noose in the bubba wallace garage are they ever going to let this stuff go? >> they can't let it go dan i won't forget ones who stayed silent you mean one who is waited to see if it was actually true because maybe they've been around a garage once or twice and they think they exist in nascar graduation for drivers of all backgrounds and in all gee grafng locations. espn know this is story is fake. it doesn't matter that it is peak to them. because it serves overarching that are tv that's how they
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justify it may not have turned out to be exactly what we thought we ought to stay on our toes because stuff leak this is happening today xepght it is not and all a shame. dan: we have to stay on it right there's nothing to stay on it didn't happen. it is a garage poll. polls of the garage door closed. man, let it go. my gosh, all right joy reid this week -- you're right, they have nothing else. joy reid decide it will be a good idea to go after elon mufng long story short. fakened i can elon mufng, of course, clapped back called their senator karen so joy reid thought it would be a good idea to say about this elon musk. check this out. >> for so many reasons being a freeloader and selfish disrespectful one he's the worst. dan: kerne thing pete by the way
7:19 pm
is not, quote, black vernacular dane cook using it in twex and second if it were that's kind of vile right what is joy reid saying this is a racial incut we used towards white people and you shouldn't try to from us. this is the most disturbing logic. even for joy reid. >> first, she's most racist person on television that's easy. that's all she traffics in. you have to read it again misappropriated black vernacular for massage purposes that's grievance land if that's not it then i don't know what is. so elon mosque amazing entrepreneur, you know pocahontas comes back and what else exist on twitter and she says how dare you you ma sole -- but i get to say it is because i say it is. it is absolute nonsense.
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dan: you're rooght that was leak a wokism that would be great analogy you're right so pete tell me about turning point arizona you're going to be out there? >> i'll be out there i'm here right now actually. it is an amazing event "americafest" fox nation is airing it. so you can watch it all on fox nation great list of speakers what charlie kirk is doing with "americafest" is igniting young people to be proactive and unapologetic about our country and it is always heartening to watch. so fox nation will be there, and myself and kayleigh mcenany are hosting all-access live on fox nation. on sunday, and on monday to highlight the biggest hits of speeches that are happening. tucker gutfeld judge jeanine a slew of other folks check out at fox nation and happy to be a part of it thanks for giving me a second to talk about it. dan: the a team i appreciate it.
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thanks a lot. >> thanks brother you got it. dan: coming up on unfiltered cryptocraze it is real inflation surgeses so do investments in digital currency could it actually help our economy? we debate that, coming up next. such tree-mendous views. i'm at a moss for words. when a cough tries to steal dad's punchlines, he takes robitussin naturals powered by 100% drug-free ingredients. are you gonna leaf me hanging? soothe your cough naturally.
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>> welcome to fox news live i'm ashley strohmier. hospitals and health care worgsers are brace for fallout from another covid wave the world health organization says omicron infections are now downing every one and a half to three days president biden now plans to speak on tuesday to outline these steps to combat the virus. and construction was on southern border wall in texas, contractors broke ground today on a new state if you funded lad biden administration canceled all federal contracts eight months ago and california governor gavin newsom splans to spend more than 300 million dollars to combat the ?iek smash-and-grab thefts in golden state republicans claimings liberal policies help spark rise in crime there. i'm ashley strohmier, now back to unfiltered with dan dan for all of your headlines log on to fox
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♪ ♪ dan: welcome back to unfiltered folks numbers don't lie cryptocurrency craze is real. but is it here to stay and help our economy get back on track? joining me for a deangt is chief economist at europacific peter and pat thanks for joining me peter i'll go to you first do you think cryptocurrency a possible hedge for people out there who are scared of inflation? is it the new gold? >> oh not even close to the new gold. you're right it is a craze. and all crazes come to an end bitcoin doesn't have value of and of itself backed up by anything that has any value. people buy these digital tokens because they think somebody else will pay a higher price than they did and people ho got in early and selling now they made a lot of money. but the people who are buying now or who are not selling
7:27 pm
they're going to lose a lot of money that's how pyramids work and that's what this is. dan: patrick your thoughts on this subject. is this a hedge is it worth it? is it craze, please. >> i would tell you gold to me is selling armageddon peter is sending end of the world gold go to 500 end of the world. engts they sell innovation thengs innovate that's good time to buy stock and go up. you know facebook will go up amazon will go up that's how stock broke rs sell out i've been a broker '37 but crypto silling disruption and what annoys people when you talk about cryptois yourcurrency some sold gold or bankers big banks they don't like young guys coming out saying hey we're going to do bitcoin or whatever and then other thing is average age of someone who owns
7:28 pm
cryptocoin is 38 and average of second 37 and somebody that ens gold is mid-50s to late 50s. anybody that is more afraid of what the future looks like typically is going to buy something more secure. and that's how gold is being sold but unfortunately to peter's argument crypto is here to stay. dan: i'll allow you to respond your thoughts on what patrick said. >> first of all, selling crypto selling fantasy a dream and fear all rolled into one and greed. you know, i've been in the investment business for my entire life. and i buy for my clients equities and gold we buy gold to be a small part of the portfolio it is alternative to holding cash a better long-term store of value. if other things are ebbs pensionive you can keep your poundser dry in gold, but bitcoin doesn't fall into any real category it is not an investment and that it doesn't have a yield like stocks or
7:29 pm
doesn't pay rent like real estate, or interest like a bond. it is not a commodity like gold you said only older people own gold people own gold in jewelry it is a real thing everybody that owns cell phone owns some gold because it is inside cell phone gold is an actual metal that is used. yeah. patrick but everybody responded. you're talking -- yeah. go ahead, go ahead. >> yeah. so -- patrick bitcoin borrow gold this is a borrow gold i own gold each kilo is roughly 6,000 the year i was born 78, 79, gone up since 1979 the year after i was born. that's 2.3, 40 something years. the way i would sell gold if i was peter suggestion is stop directly competing with crypto
7:30 pm
because you're going to lose this is a babe ruth card a babe ruth card i bought four years ago for $125,000 this is a 750,000 card to date. baseball cards collectible cards are crushing gold. gold should only compete directly for armageddon end the world or insurance policy. not -- dan: your final response. peter one final response from you i have 15 sendings left. go ahead. >> patrick got born at the end of a huge gold bowl market from $35 an ounce to $508 so you can't make particular point of time as your reference point and say gold is not a good store value when you measure it and over the long-term. it is -- dan: all right guys we have to do round two -- you guys are both great. we're going to have to do round two i'm fascinated by that, that
7:31 pm
was fantastic thanks a lot. we'll have you back. >> is that real? >> thanks -- coming up on unfiltered, democrats hit a new low -- again! adam schiff altering jim jordan text messaging yep he did that and then presenting it as evidence in latest witch hunt congressman jordan joins us next to set the record straight.
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>> we can use the first graphic. this one reads, january 6th, 2021, vice president mike pence as president of the senate should call out all electoral votes that he believes are unconstitutional as no electoral votes at all. you can see why this is so critical to ask mr. meadows about -- about a lawmaker's suggesting that the former vice president simply throw out votes --
7:36 pm
dan: welcome back town filtered solution hoaxer adam schiff offering text messages written by jim jordan then presenting those text messages in the hearing about the january 6th incident. here to set the record straight, the congressman from ohio congressman jim jordan thanks for spending the team tonight and really appreciate it. listen, congressman i've had enough of this guy this is leak the fourth or fifth hoax this guy has been involved in doctors the transcript, from the ukraine thing telling everybody he never met the whistle-blower despite contacting hmm of it. now your text will show on screen him image of the doctor text bruce that's not the text from your phone. he added punkuation and deleted a bunch of stuff. >> right, exactly, and after this did a story on this they put out a statement they said select committee is responsible for and regrets the air.
7:37 pm
now that is a government way of saying a government speakway of saying we got caught lying. we got caught forwarded with case sites from a respected lawyer on this issue that was being debated and tossed around after two months from election i forwarded that on to chief of staff at the white house. but adam schiff takes it alters it and does what frankly that -- we've seen other democrats do. we saw the lawyer when they went to pfizer court and alter evidence there they took to get that warrant so this is nothing new with the left. but it is scary because it is weapon nation of government against plel enemies that is wrong as it gets. >> you know, congressman i get to that lawyer and fascinating how you can, you know, literally alter a document and plead guilty and you get that, i mean, he's got a license back and nothing adam she have has been caught multiple time doing this
7:38 pm
congressman and it appears now this january 6th committee you know, they're crossing redlines congressman that shouldn't be crossed. the purpose of congress is not to be a law enforcement entity. the purpose of the subpoena as you well know is leading member on the republican side is for some legislative intent what's the legislative intent here? it doesn't even seem like they're interested in the security situation. it is seem like they're interest master's degree talking about embarrassing republicans before 2022. >> that's exactly what it is about. there's no real legitimate purpose and oversight involved with this committee but going after your enemies and ultimately going after donald trump because they're concerned that he's gong to run again which i want hill to do because i think he's going run best president we've had i think he's going win that's what they're trying to stop and here's how bad it is. remember the underlying issue here is trying to put a good man mark meadows in prison and i thought about this other day. think about andy mccabe lied
7:39 pm
multiple times to the fbi. lied to the inspector general and what is andy mccabe get from attorney general of the united states he sues gets a settlement from garland says here's your back pay and pay all of your legal fees meanwhile didn't do a darn thing wrong and they're trying to put him in prison. it is sickening what they're doing. good news is i think american people in your monologue was great i think american people see it for what it is and they're going to make a change. rng thank you is this your quick thought with 15 sendings left fbi lawyer involved in spy gate case we know doctors e-mail indicating carter page was a spy when he wasn't. you know, your thoughtings on that ever go tong get justice in the spy gate case? >> no this guy gets -- fiend again it shows this crazy double standard. but underlying here is weaponization of government ten years ago it was irs going after conservative and where fbi went
7:40 pm
after trump and two months ago dan we learn what doj is targeting and terrorists now we find out days ago they're going put a good person in prison it is successening, wrong disgusting and it is unamerican. not part of our constitutional system. and it need to stop but again i think volt rs will attack care of that next year's midterm election. dan: congressman thanks for spending the time thanks for staying on top of that spy gate and school board case you're on top of it. thank you a lot. >> you got it. still ahead on unfiltered climate change alarmist never miss an opportunity to predict human globe. so actually seeing impact of climate change a rebuttal you don't want to miss. coming up. most. now subaru is the largest automotive donor to make-a-wish and meals on wheels.
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and the largest corporate donor to the aspca and national park foundation. get a new subaru during the share the love event and subaru will donate two hundred and fifty dollars to charity.
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>> all that i don't know is that the intensity of the weather across the board has some impact as a consequence of the warming of the planet. the fact is that we all know everything is more intense when the climate is warming. everything -- and, obviously, it has some impact here. >> welcome back to unfiltered that was joe biden linking tragic tornado outbreak to climate change. but are we really seeing daily
7:45 pm
impacts of climate change joining me for rebuttal is host of the nomiki show thank you bril yangts question upfront is hurricanes are getting worse and storms are getting more extreme then why aren't hurricanes and storms getting more extreme there's hoda no data to back that up. >> there is over the last 1300 years louisiana 50 have been warmst on record every year being warmer than previous. so when the oceans get warmer you have more hurricanes which is also factual more hurricane this is year than ever before. and we've had stronger storms that are outside the normal path there's a consensus of scientists world leaders there's a consensus of corporate leaders, corporate leaders are now on the same paimg because they're realizing they're losing money so there's a global about climate change, and there's a local consensus. people know they know today was
7:46 pm
61 degrees hottest day ever recorded in history on this day in new york city alone. people understand how climate works now. we have to put past that because it is costing people lives, their home business about insurance costs are going up. it is hurting individuals across the board. dan: well, nomiki if what you said was accurate, which it isn't then why is national hurricane data indicating that hurricane impacts of the united states are at all time low? you know, we went more than a decade without a major hurricane. that was longest such period in record history you can see the quote right there. from the national hurricane center, so -- >> hurricane maria -- dan: you're talking about the nomiki consensus because that doesn't seem right. [laughter] >> i like branding on that one i might join scientists to join that blog but hurricane maria is a perfect example. four years ago hurricane maria hit puerto rico, and still still
7:47 pm
dealing with consequences of that hurricane and that there's stills homes without roofs and tarps -- sell covering it as they get storms constantly. dan: not answering question, though. i have to move on -- you're not going to answer it. no just saying that's not what data i showed it you but you don't have to be interested in data but climate change is making storms more severe. there's no evidence of that either. here's the international panel on climate change report. they say pretty clear as day trends in tornadoes associated with severe storms are not robustly detected so nomiki con sense us no getting worse because you said so? >> no i think like i said it is not about getting worse. it is that there are more of them, and they're getting worse. i didn't i'm wearing turtle neck diagnose of heat we understand it is not just about climate.
7:48 pm
and this is my question to you, and to those who are not understanding what is happening. it is hard to not understand that blizzards are worse tornadoes are worse. hurricanes are worse an fires -- there were over 100 fires not to mention them why are we fighting this it is a reality they're all stealing every day -- dan: five tornadoes struck eight years ago that's latest streak on its record. nothing you're saying here is true they're not more intense and there's not more of them. how do you answer that. keep deflecting that m >> amazon workers who died in that amazon facility tell that to people who lost their homes. but -- >> politicize your guest -- >> you're not acknowledging outside your door. why are you against science is there by any chance a technology reason or because oil and gas is funding airwaves i like to know why you are against what everybody else on this planet sees and trying to prepare for.
7:49 pm
i feel so bad for your children who have to live in this nature. it is -- well then i'll tell you a scientist if you're gong to have them bring on a ?ris to react that problem is no scientist will debate that. dan: yeah. okay. i notice -- you just produced a bunch of nonsense. all right, sir i have to go. but thank you for joining us again we appreciate it. thank you. yeah all right. coming up on unfiltered hero of the week is olympic gold medallest tamara stock. >> i love being there and i'm so happy, usa. ♪ (man) still asleep.
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fasenra is designed to target and remove them. fasenra is not a rescue medication or for other eosinophilic conditions. fasenra may cause allergic reactions. get help right away if you have swelling of your face, mouth, and tongue, or trouble breathing. don't stop your asthma treatments unless your doctor tells you to. tell your doctor if you have a parasitic infection or your asthma worsens. headache and sore throat may occur. this is the sound of fasenra. ask your doctor about fasenra. dan: welcome back to unfiltered man am i looking forward to this interview it is time for our hero of the week from u.s. olympian to fox nation patriot
7:54 pm
award winner. gold medal wrestler, tamyra mensah-stock she knows what it means to be a proud american. and she joins me now -- i've been so looking forward to this. i've been dying to get use on my show so you win gold medal at the olympics for wrestling i wrestled my whole adult life. obviously, i'm awful at it nothing like you you're the best in the world. you win you have a viral moment talking about your faith in the country wrapped in the american flag. walks through it what does that feel? faith in country it was so great to hear. >> you know, it was a dream that came true honestly since like the beginning when i first started wrestling. i knew that i wanted to represent my country, and i felt that god was calling me to represent it in the wrestling aspect and so i set out towards this dream and a lot of people helped pave the way and when i
7:55 pm
finally made it, all i could do was honestly just cry and point up to god to my father in heaven who is like looking down on me going good job. look at you we knew that you could do it. there was a lot of people that i have lost, and i know that they're incredibly proud of mane as well as people that are around me currently. they're a little incredibly proud so i'm just happy that i got to represent america like i did. it was awesome. dan: you miss -- must have an amazing family and being frank and candid with you i was touched by it i said please whatever we have to do get her on the show your family must be amazing i heard you took care of your mom afterwards with proceeds from that. >> so -- get this -- oh, my gosh dan, i honestly didn't get the chance to help her out because somebody on
7:56 pm
improving kitchens cam davies said we're going quadruple and give her a food truck and i was spirals into tears and i told her both of us were crying ugly but yeah. dan: see you're going to get me choked up with your time such an honor to have you on you have an incredible personality i've watched before prepared for this interview so much of your content stuff you've done what's next for you? you've got a personality bigger than west texas what's coming up next? [laughter] >> bigger than west texas dish love it -- honestly i'm not entirely sure exactly what is next. but i can say i am praying about it and my husband is right next me as well as my family. and whatever i doened up doing i know they will support me 100%
7:57 pm
of the way. dan: well we will too such an honor to talk to you thank you for being a great part of this country and most importantly inspearing so many people me included you're terrific. you're so wonderful. >> thank you for getting me on this show i greatly appreciate your time as well. >> yes, ma'am, thanks a lot great seeing you. time now for our lightning round, where we like pack in as many stories as we can -- a new study did you see this from the new england journal of medicined a mets nothing is really working against the spread of the new covid variants. folks, you you've got to check s out it is out there take a look admit the entire time that a lot of stuff we've been doing has been theater it is gnome to move on here. common sense, you know, listen, we got to -- we have therapeutics we have to move on even jared democrat
7:58 pm
governor of colorado had to admit listen pandemic is over. common sense we have therapeutics this all makes sense given explosion you're seeing in covid cases in new york city, which are strangely doing same thing they did last time mandates all of the stuff that didn't work last time doing it again are they ever going learn? >> remember when cornell university bragged about their 97% vaccination rate sadly tragedy now they're here. it is seasonal and it is going to come back. it is time for us to learn we're going sadly we're going to have to live with this. we're stwuk it. better therapeutic better vaccination and just some common sense. we've done it before the human race will do it again. we've had to live with a lot of viruses -- remember when the biden administration by the way said they would pay families separated at the border almost half a million dollars -- well turns out that's another
7:59 pm
biden flop now. check this out remember we said earlier in this show you mean promise made promises egg mother well thankfully this promise was ignored. folks listen i'm sorry you enter country illegally you don't deserve a payout for those here legally working their butts off every day no that's not the way the country works i'm really sorry but we're not doing it and you spoke up about it. and they backed off. and lastly former hero of the week i hope you caught it remember this flame, owen cash. he was awarded medal of honor he deserves. stations in iraq when his vehicle hit by a road side boll while his own body burned cash went intak into the vehicle to pull 6 soldiers and the body of a translator out. tragically he later died in a medical hospital in texas. thank the lord for people like owen cash. god bless america. and all of those --
8:00 pm
before we go tonight remember you can stream the dan bongino show on fox nation week from 12 to 3 p.m. eastern and unfiltered instagram at unfiltered on fox that does it for us here tonight at unfiltered see you back here saturday night 10 p.m. time. i love you. [♪♪♪] jesse: welcome to "watters' world," i'm jesse watters. biden's luck ran out. that's the subject of tonight's watters words. obama plucked him out of a useless heap of senators to become vp. the field was so weak all he had to do to win the position


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