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tv   Hannity  FOX News  December 16, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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tracking because i think it is really important.l he sounds like an amazing man. thank you. >> thank you mr. carlson. >> tucker: we are out of time. "the trial of kyle" is out today on fox nation. hope you watch it. we will see you tomorrow. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." a busy breaking news night tonight. a warrant has been issued for alec baldwin's phone in connection with the horrific fatal shooting on the movie set back in october. we have a lot more coming up on the shocking development. that is straight ahead. but first, our account. sadly, there is no more of us. it continues. >> americans held hostage behind enemy lines. day 124. >> sean: 124. 137 days since joe biden promised he wouldn't abandon any
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americans. tonight, now admitting they have no idea whatsoever how many people are still trapped. and now the official number does appear to be going way up, not down. according to a big new report in "the wall street journal," around 60,000 interpreters, visa applicants, and others who helped the u.s. are still trapped in afghanistan. we have hundreds of americans, we have military families, we have thousands of green card holders also trapped. yesterday, the pentagon spokesperson john kirby said more people there, that's a good thing. what world is he living in? >> the issue is that as we have proven successful at getting more out, more and more are now becoming comfortable in saying we want to go too. again, we don't think it's a bad
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thing for the number to have increased. we think it's a good thing, and we are going to continue at this even though the military mission is over, they should help americans leave afghanistan. >> sean: we learned that this week that they are not able to get any more people out. if they were willing and able to get americans, our allies, military families, green card holders out, what happened? joe biden said we have all the leverage. he said we have all that leverage. the snotty comment from jen psaki, oh, we don't keep trackers on people. jen, what if that was your family member? and the tragedy of the treadmill. according to reports, extraction efforts are now extremely limited, even for private groups because of the conditions on the ground in the islamic emirates of afghanistan. the taliban rule of afghanistan has gotten worse and worse and we have no leverage. joe's promise of leverage was a lie, and sadly, the administration's foreign policy around the world isn't any better. last night, iran launched a drone attack against u.s. base to kill u.s. soldiers peered locally, the drone was shut out
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of the sky, but biden is still moving full cement head with adverts to appease a rent and he is already ease sanctions. ending well, russia is now amassing over 175,000 troops at the border with ukraine. looks like an eminent attack they are. and we go to china, that looks poised to attack taiwan after the winter olympics. the situation now around the world is so dire that this week, biden chief propagandist, jen psaki, could not name a single foreign policy accomplishment, not one. take a look. >> year ending season, so i'd ask you, what does the administration consider your biggest achievement foreign policy in the first year and what lessons have you learned from what is arguably the biggest failure which is afghanistan? >> this is a great question. i want to be thoughtful and talk to the president about it and i'm happy to do that. go ahead. >> sean: after thinking hard and getting really creative, she circled back on twitter, touting the president's "global leadership on climate change."
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wow. and the nuclear submarine deal with australia, the one that caused america's oldest ally, france, to pull their ambassador from washington, d.c. they were cut out of the deal. and were the last to know about the deal. and as it turns out, foreign policy is really hard when you have a commander in chief you can even remember who is serving as his own secretary of defense. that's a problem here. take a look. >> i want to thank all of our distinguished guests that are here today. chairman of the joint chiefs, secretary of the -- secretary austin. >> sean: yeah, really with it. on this program, will continue to point out the obvious. joe biden, sadly, is a cognitive mess. it is dangerous for the country, it's dangerous for our allies. it's dangerous for the world.
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tonight, whoever is in charge at 1600 pennsylvania avenue, i don't know who it is, they are doing a terrible job. remember when joe biden promised to get the covid virus under control? remember he said he had a plan? we are still waiting for the plan, joe. we have many blue states who are in full panic mode because of the omicron variant. and by the way, it seems to be blowing up big time, adding fuel to the fire, joe biden is now warning about a winter of death. i'm not making it up. take a look. >> the unvaccinated, we are looking at the winter of death for the unvaccinated. themselves, their families, and the hospitals will be overwhelmed. but the good news, if you are vaccinated and have your booster shot, you are protected from severe illness and death. period. >> sean: i know people fully vaccinated with boosters and they are still testing positive, joe. you might want to mention more than the one time you mentioned monoclonal antibodies.
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and may be tell people they should talk to their doctors about it if god forbid they have the breakthrough case or maybe they didn't get vaccinated and they get covid. you've only mentioned it once. biden's dark winter last year. this year's sequel, the winter of death. great progress as always under joe, and of course we have dead americans -- who inherited three vaccines and monoclonal antibodies and still more dead than we had in 2020. we do turn to some better news. the administration's build back better new green deal socialism, that spending spree is now stalled in congress, in large part thanks to joe manchin of virginia. they will continue in the $5 trillion bill after the holiday season. make no mistake. if that bill passes in any form, inflation will reach new heights. we right now are at a 39 year record high and the cbo says that the $1.75 trillion that won't cost us a penny is actually 5.1 trillion and will add $3 trillion to the deficit. already, this is costing the
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average american $3,500 per year because of joe biden's energy plans and his economic plan. now biden's christmas present to the poor middle class in this country is "pay more." and now not only will middle america income americans suffer from rising prices, they will also be the target of a massive tax increase. and add to that menace new irs audits built into the build back better new green deal socialism if they ever passive. and we have to give kudos tonight also to senator kyrsten sinema. she is putting the brakes on the democrat's fake voting rights bill. that is the piece of legislation that would federalize elections. by the way, it would be unconstitutional, but you can't count on john roberts court for anything. anyway, that would outlaw voter i.d. by the way, the state of delaware, which joe is
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representing for a thousand years, they have voter i.d. laws they are. he once challenge them. it would all but legalize ballot harvesting across the country. but make no mistake, this bill does not make it easier to vote. it only makes it easier to commit fraud. it's there corruption and swamping this at its worst. here with more former trump white house chief of staff, -- along with former massachusetts senator scott brown. good to see you both. senator, let me start with you. build back better new green deal socialism -- the senate parliamentarian ruled against the amnesty provisions that they were trying to sneak in the bill, and now this attempt to eliminate the filibuster seems to be dead also tonight. not a good day for chucky. >> well, that's true. if you remember when i was there, i was the deciding vote in every piece of legislation and motion and everything else for a year and a half. and now you have a 50/50 split. any senator can actually stand up and actually have some spine and backbone and they know
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joe manchin. i like joe manchin. spoke to him a couple of months ago and he was telling me the amazing amount of pressure that he was getting from chuck schumer. i think we should call him "leader manchin" or may be president manchin." and then kyrsten sinema obviously, she sees right through the fake voting bill. to think that we are not going to have the most basic thing. an i.d. at the voting booth, that is so bad. if you are not driving, will -- let's get with the program here. this is getting out of control. >> sean: as bad a day i think the democratic party can have. but that doesn't change their opinions. in other words, they are not going to stop pushing a new green deal socialism your not going to stop pushing their power grab ideas. they will continue, will they not? >> oh, they will continue, because with the democrat thinks is part of the reason that they are failing is that they are not
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doing a good enough sales job on their wish list in the build back better plan. otherwise, they are not selling the american people enough the great idea for tax credits for electric bikes or another billion dollars so that the doj can hunt down all of us on her tax returns. the biggest problem, though, for the democrats is even though they are going to keep going, this is a crushing defeat for them. because what the build back better plan really is, it is the wish list of everything progressives in the democrat party, everything they ever wished that they could have in their back pocket. and it turns out that there was a majority in both the house and the senate, they can to get it done. if you are a democrat in 2022, think about this, what are you going to run on? biden is at 38%. kamala is at 20%. more biden, more kamla, more crt, dreamers, masks, blm riots? more social justice banging up
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the streets in the united states? so they have a big problem because everything that they had decided that they are for as a party now iss g going down in flames. and part of it is because joe manchin is not an idiot. he sees that in west virginia, 64% of the people in west virginia said wait a minute, build back better is going to create more inflation in west virginia. reality is a good thing we live in a democracy and in the end, people have the power to look up with the real definition of democracy is and we matter. in the power of people and the weight of people end up doing a great job of stopping idiotic ideas like this. >> sean: let me go to senator brown. senator, if you look at 70% of the american people saying that joe's people have worsened the economy, even a cnn poll points out that 66% of americans doubt
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whether biden is a leader they can trust, only 30% of americans say that his policies have had a positive impact on the economy. 80% of americans consider inflation a major problem. 79% think the same about supply chain destructions. 77% think the same thing about rising home prices. and 70% think gas prices are also a major economic problem. you look at that on every measure, there is no confidence in the president. at 39 year inflation high, and on very specific issues, i've never seen the numbers this bad for a sitting president. >> listen, everyone knows the poll numbers. there is no lying. the president's administration to date has been catastrophic. as your referenced in your monologue, three vaccines and
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also you have many other types of measures to prohibit or stall or stop in some way, shape, or form the virus from moving forward in such a dramatic pace and we have more deaths now. you look at the economy, inflation. you can go on and on. he is wrong on everything. if president trump was here, respectfully, would have the border squared away. which they weren't going to think and they'll oh, my gosh, better take to approve the new go on when it comes to afghanistan. he wanted to withdraw, but he didn't want to leave. hundreds and hundreds of americans and other helpers they are to be basically tortured and killed in afghanistan and then
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you look at the debt deficit. he needed to be there as a safety net, now putting on this massive amount of debt to increase inflation to the highest it's ever been. what about the people -- listen, we are fortunate, as you know, what about the people who are living paycheck to paycheck and the go to the grocery store and they see bacon up about $6 per pack. they go to the station, at -- and more in california. we have to stop this train wreck, and that is why people are burning, and i think it's going to be a very, very powerful red wave coming up in the next election. >> sean: i look at the direction, and the only option that would solve the problems that were preventable but joe created is to go back to trump's policies on the border. that is not going to happen. trump setup on national security, that's not going to happen. bring back energy independence, that's not going to happen. lower taxes and the bureaucracy, that's not going to happen. so i don't any way that joe biden gets out of the moment that he dug for himself. do you? >> no, i don't see any way he gets out of this hole because what is going to happen is republicans will take control of the house.
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and factions is a good thing. factions are what our constitution is based on. stability, faction -- the media created such a fiasco for trump. the independents now tasted what biden has to offer. they don't like it and they going to reject everything that they decided they were going to bring to the table. it is going to be good for our country, but the crazy thing is is that what joe biden has been able to accomplish in a short period in time by these kinds of numbers is unheard of. it is unheard of in four years. but to do it in the first six months of your presidency, it takes an enormous effort. it sort of like getting all the questions right on the s.a.t. is really hard to do. but i have to tell you, trying to get them all wrong is actually hard to do to because you can get lucky and get something correct, but he has been able to take an sec and get every single question wrong. that is hard to do.
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>> sean -- sorry. if we don't take advantage -- and i apologize for interrupting -- but here's the problem. if we take over the house, we have to put our money where our mouth is. we can't be the lesser of the spenders. we are be fiscal conservatives get our budget and from inflation under control. we to promise the people that elect the people that are running that we are not going to be like we were in the past. we are going to get down to business and do the will of the voters. so critically important. >> sean: a contract with your signature on it would be a better way to go to hold politicians accountable then 65 show votes to repeal and replace obamacare and they weren't ready when the moment came. that was pathetic. thank you both. tonight, we are not even through the year. one of -- year one at joe biden's presidency. things have go to mike on so poorly that even his biggest offenders in the media mob -- biden should root not run again and should say he won't.
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columnist back begging him not to seek a second term, calling him "alarmingly incoherent." if you are a democrat and someone at "the new york times" calls you alarmingly incoherent, it is maybe time to pack it in. and meanwhile the media arm of biden's 2020 run, fake news cnn, they published this. 11 democrats that could replace joe biden in 2024. they don't even want him to run again. it suggests biden will not be capable of running for a second term. it lists 11 random democrats to take the lead on the ticket. notably missing from the list is someone who would no doubt love another opportunity to be called
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madam president. without a doubt, the one and only hillary clinton is ready and willing to answer that call. and according to my next guest, a medium: this joe concha, she might be their best hope. i don't think that is their best hope at all. joe concha along with fox news contributor as well miranda devine. joe, when you look at the list, kamla, pete buttigieg. amy klobuchar. not exactly a deep bench of democrats that you can look at at this moment that i see and i say i would be worried about that one. >> sure. and two polls show the story. 22%, basically one in five voters, say they want joe biden to run in 2024. could you imagine that number with donald trump? he was always up around 90% of loyalty within his party. and when you talk democrats, and i have, i am from jersey after all, only a smidge over one-third want joe biden to be president and a second term. he will be 86 at that point. so i wrote the hillary column. i'm not arguing that she is a great candidate or likable or
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authentic or has any ground in principle. i'm saying the democratic party, when you are talking about potential presidential candidates, it's like a conference in the nfl. if that conference is made up entirely of and i hate to say this, the new york jets and giants, because hillary sees these opponents and says well, wait a minute, what is going to stop me from getting the nomination? kamla? bp to judge? what is he going to run on? andrew cuomo? not available for comment. elizabeth warren? how did she do in 2020? bernie? he would be in his 90s at the end of his second term. also phil murphy, and the governor of my state here in new jersey, who barely won reelection. gretchen whitmer, stacey abrams who is hailed for proclaiming her election is stolen. funny how that works. giving all these versions of the new york jets and giants, why not hillary at the democratic nominee when you consider the competition? >> miranda.
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>> yes, hillary so she can lose again spectacularly. that was a hilarious column, joe, and it certainly makes us interested ot think that hillary might come back. and you're right. the rest of the democrat field seems to be pretty lackluster and i think that's because they are not listening to the people. the only reason the joe biden won last time was because he was presented as a moderate, a unifier. people were crying out for some sort of unifying president without really realizing that as a mirage. so maybe the democrats repudiated their progressive, their radical stances. in the primaries. it was incredible. all the ideas like stacking the supreme court and abolishing the electoral college and someone, these are all mainstreamed by those candidates.
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the democratic party has been pulled so hard to the left that is has become unelectable. >> sean: donald trump just have to sit back and let them continue to fail and then make an announcement that is going to reinstate all the other policies that he had when he was president. i wouldn't do a single interview if i was him. he doesn't even have to do a debate. and just show up and pick up the keys from joe on his way out. it would be that easy. thank you both. when we come back, authorities have obtained the search warrant for alec baldwin's phone. why would they want that phone? greg will join us next with reaction. also congressman michael waltz, and pete will explain how vaccine mandates are making us less safe and secure. stay with us. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sean: some big breaking news and alec baldwin fatal for him site we are now learning that baldwin's cell phone is the focus of a new search warrant tonight. warrant obtained by fox news digital says pho that law enforcement believes "there may be evidence on the phone due
11:28 pm
to individuals using cellularla phones during and/or after the commission of crimes." here to break it all down, gregg jarrett. you have been saying from the beginning that this could turn into a legal issue for him. and he gives this interview that appeared to be coached by lawyers.ewoa i have to believe that is the now he is locked into a story that can be changed. what are your thoughts? >> well, this is the eight page warrant an affidavit in support of it. they're looking at text messages, emails, video files, as well as photographs. and i suspect they are looking for any statements against interest or inconsistent statements or any evidence that he knew or should have known that there were safety problems involving guns on the set. one of the things that struck me about this affidavit, page five, is that the story that baldwin tells abc news stands in contrast of what he told police in the televised interview he said i cocked the gun by pulling
11:29 pm
back the hammer, but the gun went off on its own. i never pulled the trigger. but he told police he pulled back the hammer and "shot the gun." so that just underscores how incredibly stupid it was to give a televisedt interview while you are still under investigation by police and prosecutors. you are just giving them ammunition that they can use, forgive the pun, against him if charges are brought. he could be charged with involuntary manslaughter for failing to exercise what the law calls due care. what is that? for an actor, it is following the union rose which date youdo -- rules which states you have to do two things. you have to watch some armorer inspect the gun, the cylinders, the barrel before it is handed to you, and then you have to repeat the procedure.
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there is no evidence thattou alec baldwin did either thing. so that could constitute gross negligence, recklessness, involuntary manslaughter. but he is also the on location producer, which carries with it an added duty to ensure the safety of others. he knew there were three other gun mishaps prior to the fatal shooting. a reasonably prudent producer would shutdown the production, conduct an investigation, and fix the problem. that didn't happen. it's about the other issue. >> sean: will that interview with stephanopoulos come back to hurt him? >> he runs a risk. may be like jussie smollett he could talk his way out of it. and maybe he did. maybe charges want to be filed against him. but if they are, you are right, that interview will come back to haunt him.
11:31 pm
the gun is being examined and tested by experts right now to determine whether it could have happened the way baldwin claims to happened in the tv interview. experts of so far watch that and said it's either impossible or highly improbable. so we will wait and see what happens. >> sean: greg, thank you for that report. now we are learning more tonight about the fallout from the one-size-fits-all vaccine mandate policies and our military. get this, over 100 marines have reportedly been kicked out over the decision not to get the vaccine. red state governors continue to be a voice of reason against all of this medical coercion and texas governor greg abbott put the defense secretary on notice. he will not impose biden's vaccine mandate protected's national guard. here are the reaction, fox and
11:32 pm
friends weekend cohost pete along with mike wallace.n congressman, i really find it offensive that, for example, medical professionals, nurses, anybody working in a hospital, they were the heroes in march and april and may of 2020. every day they went to work in a covid petri dish knowing they might die and yet they dove on one covid grenade after another to save other people's lives. they are being fired. the same with our military. there are people are willing to put their lives on the line for us for the cause of freedom, which include medical freedom, medical privacy, doctor-patient confidentiality and the notion of the choice between getting a test or getting the vaccine, it is your choice. that is now been eliminated. >> yeah, sean. i want to be clear. i've taken the vaccine and we can have our military in the business of refusing orders they don't like.
11:33 pm
but the commander-in-chief's mission is to have a trained and ready military to defend the nation and fight our war pluralists. the part of the military i am most worried is the national guard, also on the frontline of covid for the last two years. there -- there vaccine rate is in the 60s. so we're going to let go and discharge one-third of our entire national guard, tens of thousands of soldiers, because they have less than a 1% chance of fatality?ar and particularly when the average age in the national guard and the army on average is 27 years old, that even lower chance. in the real irony of all of this is china is the big winner. the chinese communist party release this on the world, release this on the united states, are talking about
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marching on taiwan and replacing the united states is the global leader in the russia is massing on ukraine, and yet we are going to now got our military and our military readiness because of the very virus that they released. it makesy no sense. >> sean: to do this, pete, to american heroes, our military, nurses, doctors, medical professionals, all of whom risked their lives during this pandemic, is unconscionable to me. and not to give them a choice, an option, a very viable choice that should put everybody's mind at ease. if you want to test them, test them every day. but don't hire them, don't take away their pay and their benefits and the retirement. >> if there was one institution that could that testing, of t course it is the military. the colonel is right. the national guard is a place where a lot of these things will happen. it was 100 on the marine corps, going to be thousands and the army. these are young, healthy men and women, most of which were refusing the vaccine by the way are your more experienced troops, not your young privates that are doing this. it is your stop sergeants, were
11:35 pm
captains, those were looking at the information saying i don't need this. the colonel was right. the pentagon how the prerogative to push this if they want. i was a pincushion before i deployed and i didn't even know what they were putting in me. we know more with of they are putting in us now. right? i got the anthrax vaccine. didn't know what he was going to do to me but it is what it is. now it is experimental vaccines in a moment where we know a lot more about it. we should be giving this deference, and we are not, and we are not, and we're going to lose much experience in combat experience. >> sean: it looks like there are a lot of hot spots around the country right now, i'm talking to people every day, talking up people fully vaccinated, even boosterred, and they are still popping positive. why is in the warthog, congressman, about monoclonal antibodies, the one therapeutic every doctor says of the best.
11:36 pm
but check with your doctor. >> importantly,, sean, we just got in the defense bill, real win. in directing the pentagon to take natural immunity into account when they are talking about their percentage in their mandates, we are going to watch very closely, but also the governor back to the national guard. in peacetime, the national guard works for the governors. the governor is the commander in chief of their national guard andd they need them for wildfires, hurricanes, obviously dealing still with all kinds of covid issues in any type of social unrest. so this is also a federalism issue that you can got a governor's guard with -- getting her military worried about a statistically less than 1% chance of a fatality. >> sean: pete, last word. >> last word is this has nothing to do with readiness and preparedness of our forces and everything to do with it top-down mandate. that is the only way they can do it, and i wish more states would stand up like texas. texas and florida are, we need more like that. >> sean: and i asked everybody, vaccinatedd or
11:37 pm
unvaccinated, breakthrough cases are happening left and right. everybody i know that is getting it now has been vaccinated. please talk to your doctor. please inform yourself. taken to account to your own medical condition. talk to your own doctors and also therapeutics. if you have a breakthrough case. what are monoclonal antibodies. ask your doctor. pete, thank you karen congressman, thank you. senator elizabeth warren lashing out at the world's richest man. a lot smarter than her,
11:38 pm
elon musk, after he called her, "senator karen" over a twitter rift over tax policy. it started after musk was named "time" magazine to person of the year. which far left senator warren tweeted let's change the rigged tax code so the person of the year will actually pay taxes and stop reloading off of avenue niles to which musk responded you remind me of when i was a kid and my friends angry mom would just randomly yell at everyone for no reason. please don't call the manager on me, senator karen. and adding if you open your eyes for two seconds he would realize that i will pay more taxes than any american history this year. checkmate, elon musk. after that response, warren couldn't let it go. appearing on msnbc with joy reid to lash out even more. take a look. >> the world's richest freeloader evidently has some very thinid tasta skin. >> they had to outer space and
11:39 pm
acquire how they did this all on their own. when they were subsidized by the federal government and subsidized by every waitress and by every public school teacher who paid their taxes. this is wrong, and elon musk needs to eat a big dish of that. >> sean: he wrote lack of -- here with a reaction author of now a "new york times" best seller, "for such a time as this," kayleigh mcenany along with clay. i find this interesting. i watch the series the men that built america. the forwards, the rockefellers, the carnegie's. all of them very interesting ane i kind of look at elon musk, kaylee, as a modern-day version of that. and i would think that someone like elizabeth warren, a new green deal cultist would like the fact that he is thinking box, getting new technology, i amam fascinated by what he does
11:40 pm
and want to see him be successful. >> would no doubt. elon musk is an american success story. came to this country, went to college, took a $100,000 studens loan, worked two jobs to pay down off, and now is a billionaire paying more taxes, as you noted, than anyone in history and this year alone he noted., i think when you look at woke is on, which is a very powerful drug, this is amanda i am not going to be a billionaire elites, not going to say what is woke, say wood is liberal, say what is expected of me. i am going to just be me and he is doing that's, cutting througt the noise, holding a powerful senator accountable.e. he has done the same with bernie sanders. i am so impressed by him. you take a look at the most interesting people in america come i couldn't agree more. he deserves that title at this
11:41 pm
>> sean: he is a fascinating guy, clay. i watch what he does. i'm amazed by it. right now the lifeblood of the world's economy is oil, gas, and coal. if there is new cheaper technology that comes along and he helps develop it, all the power to him. he is advancing the human condition. he iss gone for already. very interested to see what he does next. >> look, sean, if user freeloader, we need a lotste moe friendly owners. here's what he does. he immigrated from south africa as kayleigh said. m came to school here. made moneych with paypal. and then decided i think i can build rockets better than nasa. and he did it. and then he also thought you know what? this combustion anion in her overall reliance on oil doesn't make a lot of sense. i would like to develop a newer car and founded on electricity to help to create some energy independence, and he did that, and in the process, he has
11:42 pm
become the richest man in the world. and as he rightfully tweeted, is about to pay more taxes than anyone has ever paid in the history of the united states of america. elon musk represents everything that america should be about. he is dynamic, he is risk-taking. >> sean: he is not -- i love them. i am fascinated by the guy. he didn't lie about his nationality tom. get ahead in hs career. that's a plus in my book. >> elizabeth warren, the irony is joy reid defended elizabeth warren by saying that elon musk was appropriating. did you see this? the word to karen and his insula with senator karen. and she did that to defend elizabeth warren who lied about being a native american so she could get a law professor drop and then stole a recipe from a native american cookbook called pow wow chow.
11:43 pm
>> sean: kaylee, you get the last word. and congratulations on "the new york times" best seller. >> thank you. you were instrumental in that. i would say this. we need more nonpoliticians in thell swamp. i was in the swamp. happen to work for donald trump, the rate is president of our time. we need more people like elon musk getting in the game and he might be doing that. tweeting about build back better. he is very good at branding. elon musk may have a political future. we need more people like him in the swamp. takes a lot of courage to go there and break with what is comfortable. >> sean: i don't think elizabeth warrenou understands what's risk it takes to build a business. there's a lot of risk and a lot of people that try, fail. and those that are successful also be celebrated.
11:44 pm
and guess what? that money is not hers, and the taxes that he is paying is enormous.nd and he if he did and another country he would save a lot more money. we should be glad we have them here. thank you both. coming up, the left's failed radical policies on full display in california. we have new numbers. people fleeing in waves. k ttions up next. with larry elder straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: more evidence of the far left failures in the state of california tonight.. new findings reveal a whopping 38% decrease in people moving to california at the end of september of 2021 compared to the end of march 2020. with that number spiking to 45% in the city of san francisco. so common sense americans are avoting with their feet and avoiding the golden state and made never ending, draconian covid restrictions, regulations, brutally high taxation, and out-of-control crime.,at crime surge is getting so bad that even extreme progressive san francisco merit london breed is now doing a complete 180 on her defund the police mantra from 2020. here is what she said earlier this week.
11:51 pm
>> it is time that the rain of criminals who are destroying the city, it is time for it to come to ann end. and it comes to an end when we take the steps to be more aggressive with law enforcement. more aggressive with the changes in our policies. and less tolerant of all the [bleep] that has destroyed our city. we are going to turn this around, and this is the most important thing for me and the leaders of public safety in the city at this time. >> sean: back in 2020, the mayor was singing a very different tune, tweeting "decades of this investment of racially disparate politiesio disproportionately hurt our african american community. the supervisor night will lead
11:52 pm
the effort to redirect funding from the san francisco police department." okay. a little different message today. he was a reaction, former gubernatorial candidates, radio talk show host, larry elder. one of the reasons that iorl thought question one, which would've recalled gavin newsom was not going to happen, larry come is because nobody people that would've voted for you left the state. they left in droves. the people that share your political philosophy won't go near the state of california as is evidenced by these new orders. >> a lot of my-footers have left for places like texas and florida. but regarding the mayor, you are quite right. just last year, she was talking about defunding the police to the tune of $120 million. now she sounds like dirty harry. the short-term reasons for the rise in crime are obvious. soft on crime governor and gavin newsom releasing 20,000 felons early. and based upon historical data, the more geordie ever likely to reoffend. soft on crime d.a.s believing in things like cash like bill and demoralized police department because of the false insertion
11:53 pm
there engaging in systemic racism. so i deeply decline in interest while other categories of crimee and going up. but that are short-term. the long-term is very simple. she is right about the racial disparity, but the racial disparity she ought to be talking about is the absence of fathers in the home. 70% ofof black kids enter the world without a father married to theirho mother and forget abt -- barack obama once said a child raised without a father is 20 times more likely to end up in prison. we had to be talking about the root causes of the proliferation in the west of intact families. 1965, 26% of black kids are entering the world without a father. i think everybody would agree that racism is greater in '65 than right now. the question is what is going on, and the answer is for it is the welfare state, incentivize women to marry the government and incentivize men to abandon their responsibilities. and then left or the rightnd is talking about that. a lot does not. the other day, kamala harris was talking about racial
11:54 pm
disparities. never said one word about the biggest racial d disparity, whih is a lack of fathers entering the home. i've been radio for 30 years, but as long as you have, and i try to get these so-called leaders to come on my show like sharpton or jesse jackson or louis farrakhan. one of the so-called black leaders t -- at the time e was president of the naacp. i said to him, is it the presence of white racism or the absence of black fathers, which poses a bigger threat to the black community? without missing a beat, he said the answer is black fathers. we aren't even talking about that. we ought to be talking about that. until we do, we won't get to the root cause of crime. >> sean: i would say this. if you are in any other state, you would win a high-ranking position anywhere. you might want to consider getting out of there. larry, we have to roll. thank you, my friend. more "hannity," next.
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>> sean: all the rights. that is that for mean today and for the rest of the year unless there is big breaking news. thank you for making the show possible and always being there with us. hope you have laura: does this mean tonight is your last show until the new year? the rest of us are going to be toiling away tomorrow night? >> there have been years i got called back from vacation that could happen. laura: 100,000 tiny violins are playing in the other room.


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