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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  December 14, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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i am hosting "fox news sunday" this weekend so check your local listings. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that is it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by will cain start right now early because i took time yesterday. >> will: you are paying me back. i will accept. i will assume it's a christmas gift. thanks, bret. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime," i'm will cain. bret just mentioned that his favorite christmas song was white christmas. i hate to break it to him if you are dreaming of a white christmas, you might be a racist. of course, i'm talking about snow. but america can't escape the framework of skin color because instead of spreading cheer and joy this holiday season, black lives matter is asks its followers to participate in segregation. they call their mission black xmas and it's goal is pretty
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simple fight white supremacist cyst capitalist. you are probably wondering what is white supremacist capitalism and that is also simple, it's any business owned by a white person if you want to celebrate black xmas stay away from white supremacist stores and shop exclusively at black-owned businesses. blm will call you a racist not shopping at stores from plaque people. they have no problem in accepting millions of dollars of donations from companies they consider white supremacists. cobleg, will google, they lined up to give black lives matter millions. blm happily accepted. raised more than $90 million where it went and what purpose that money went? not too sure. we know it didn't go to help any black people, unless you count the co-founder of blm bought
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four mansions after her nonprofit raked in all that cash. we have established that black lives matter is full of hypocrites who will take money from companies at the i consider to be white supremacists while telling coke, how do they feel about segregated shopping. well, they have been silent so far. and, look, i can be logical, i can follow the left's rules. silence? well, that's complicit, the truth is black lives matter and those that enable that radical group have more in common with eugene bull conner than they do martin luther king. you can never whip these birds if you don't keep you and them separate. i found that out in birmingham. you have got to keep your white and the black separate. >> you know, returning to the segregated lunch counter is ugly enough and every moral american should shout it down there is
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even more to this story because black xmas is part of something much larger and prance even more dangerous. democrats are now pushing something called racial equity audits coming soon to an employer near you. they are starting with america's tech companies. it proposes these audits of finding businesses $20,000 a day if they refuse to comply. comply with what? they say promoting racial justice. but it actually does the exact opposite. here's how. one popular part of this audit calls for abolishing the definition of merit so they can, quote attract black talent. now, how is that? as if black people can't meet current standards? i know that's racist. you know that's racist. why know that blatantly racist and so do they. why are they pushing thee audits to take control of corporate america. the audits are usually performed by outside groups with, get this: close ties to democrats
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and george soros. when they say they are looking to promote diversity equity and inclusion in reality they're using audits to move operatives into top positions in powerful tech companies in order to do their bidding. listen to the president of a left wing organization entitled color of change rashad robinson he testified in front of congress last week and he called for independent auditors to review new products from tech companies before they're release to the public. this gives auditors, of course, carte blanche, final say over technology we are allowed to use. so are tech companies open to taking orders from radical groups? it seems so. the washington free beacon reports in 2018 color of change successfully pushed facebook into completing an audit that called for more restrictions on trump's posts. after the audit was released facebook then hired an obama administration justice
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department official to lead the company's civil rights strategy. i just want to remind you this has nothing to do with helping black people or mow meeting racial equality. what is their goal? missouri senator josh hawley is here to help answer that question. senator, thanks for being on the show tonight. what is the goal? >> well, i think that the goal is in really is to distract attention on the part of these corporations to distract attention to what they're actually doing to american workers. when it comes to the democrats and these racial equity audits that you were just talking about, will, the goal there is to take over these tech companies and to use them as an arm of the democrat party. these are the most powerful companies in the history of this country, probably in the history of the world and the democrats want to make them arms of their left wing agenda. do you know what? they have already had a lot of success in doing that and now they want to double down. >> will: that actually is the point of my next question, senator. hasn't this already been
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accomplished in the word audit. the concept of an audit is something used to intimidate. it inspires fear. fear is the tactic through which most of these corporations are being manipulated as we speak. they are terrified of being canceled, of being called a racist. why do they need these audits? aren't they already accomplishing muscling into the agenda through the mechanism of fear? >> yeah, well apparently these companies, including the tech companies are not quite pliant enough to the democrat parties' wishes. the democrats have made their peace with the power of these big tech companies and the power of the big corporations. they divided that monopoly isn't such a bad thing after all if they, the dems can control it that's what they want to do. they want to leverage the power of big tech. they want to leverage the power of the woke corporations and use it to censor american speech, use it to punish political opponents. and you talk about unamerican. this is dangerous, it's a threat to our basic constitutional values, and we need to say no to it you know senator last night we talked about this here on
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"fox news primetime," a host of these corporations have sent a letter to congress asking for help in the rise in crime. the rise in their products being stolen. many of the same companies who, as we mentioned, have been donating to black lives matter, in other words, they bought many of these policies that are resulting in this rise of crime. now it seems they want your protection from the implication of those policies. >> yeah. this is always the case. these are the same people who also want protection in the form of special tax breaks and loopholes and what they will do is they will ship our jobs overseas, they will go and give communist china whatever it wants. they will censor on behalf of communist china and then they will come to congress and come to republicans in congress and say hey, help us out with the tax break. help us out with special treatment. we need to make clear that that is not gonna happen. that these companies are trying to go woke because they have -- they have adopted a far left agenda. they have sold out american workers, many of them time and time again. and the bailouts for them and
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the special treatment for them has got to end. we need to say that there is nothing wrong with being pro-america and that's what we expect our companies to be. >> will: can you end these bailouts that's the question then what can you do about it? what can you do to push back on corporate takeover? >> well, i think number one is when it comes to the monopolies and the tech industry, the best solution to this is to break them up. i mean, the democrats want to turn them into a wing of the democrat party and to an arm of their liberal agenda. we need to break them up. restore real competition, break up their power, number one, number two, for the other woke corporations that want to shift our jobs overseas, they want to appease communist china while pushing awoke agenda on the united states, we need say to them we are not here to bail you out. we are not here to give you special treatment. we are not here to do this. we are going to hold you accountable and not going to allow you to adopt your anti-american policies without a fight. >> will: senator josh hawley, great to talk to you tonight. thank you. >> thank you.
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>> today in your city a much safer city than 10. >> do more. make it a priority for example we still have retailers that won't institute plans like having security officers in their stores. >> we don't have a crisis of
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lawlessness. we don't have a crisis of crime. we don't have a crisis of violence. >> will: wow, big city democrats are doing everything they can to just gaslight the public will the surging crime rates. all across america liberal leaders are refusing to accept responsibility for the blood on their streets and then will blame anything, including you for those failed policies and for this carnage. but, tell that to the family of jose telez. instead of enjoying the holidays together they will spend christmas burying their dad because their dad was beaten to death in chicago lori lightfoot's city, this weekend, while he was deck door rating his home with christmas lights. unfortunately, this chaos isn't exclusive to the windy city. just last night in indianapolis a 10-year-old boy was shot while asleep in his bed. and in los angeles, a california man was hit with gunfire during a home invasion and it's not
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just violent crime that is skyrocketing. as retail theft is also on the rise. new reports show that perps are using social media are organize large mobs of thieves. democrats had no problem policing twitter and facebook over covid information. but suddenly when it documents crime, they are quiet as a church mouse. but i guess this is what happens when you become the pro-crime anti-police party. you can't contain the chaos in your cities. here to respond louisiana senator john kennedy. senator, great to see you don't. i was writing this down. lori lightfoot said it's disappointing that stores aren't doing more. stores aren't hiring security officials. senator, i don't know what you hear, but i hear you were wearing a skirt that was too short. you were asking for it. this is your fault citizens and private businesses of chicago. >> well, i think the rise in
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crime began, will, with the defund and disrespect the police movement, which began with the will bolshevik weak left. disciples is mayor de blasio of new york who is, of course, entitled to his opinion but who also, not coincidentally, is u-haul's sales men of the year because of the knuckle of people moving outs of the city. mayor de blasio, mayor lightfoot, other of these mayors, they don't like cops very much. in fact, they think cops are guilty until proven innocent. they think when a cop shoots a criminal, it's the cop's fault. but when a criminal shoots a cop, it's the gun's fault.
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now, these mayors are entitled to the their opinion, but it's my opinion how can i put this? it's probably their age that tricks people into thinking they are adults. most americans understand and the fact is that without order, there can be no justice. the fact is that without order, there can be no civilization. the fact is that there are some people -- i wish it weren't so, but there are some people in our society who aren't sick, who aren't mixed up, who aren't confused, it's not that their momma or daddy didn't love them enough, they are just bad. or at least they do very bad things. and we need police to protect us from them. go ahead. i'm sorry. >> will: senator, i was just going to say, you know, i don't know how the viewer feels about
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this, i can tell you as someone who sits in this seat night after night, it feels repetitive, but that's because it is repetitive. these stories night after night keep coming out. and you have to ask, we have to turn to what can be done about it. you know, you sit in the federal government, jen psaki answers from a desk at the federal government. joe biden occupies an office in the federal government, what can you do? what county federal government do to change what's happening on america's streets? >> well, the president could start, i think many members of congress already have, by talking straight up to the american people and say stop disrespecting the police. and then say stop defunding the police. look, most americans understand that the vast majority of cops do not get up every day and go to work hoping for the opportunities to hurt someone.
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they just don't. and, in fact, the truth is that most cops will lee you alone unless you do illegal stuff. so don't do illegal stuff. but, what you allow, will, is what will continue. if you don't arrest criminals, if you don't prosecute criminals, if you don't incarcerate criminals, when they deserve it, crime is going to go up. and most americans who don't identify as an idiot understand that i don't know why so many of our mayors don't. >> will: well, as you pointed out, the people, their citizens are moving out of their cities, they should be receiving the message. somebody has to do something, otherwise we will be here tomorrow night once again telling these same stories. new stories, actually. unfortunately, new stories. but of the same kind. senator john kennedy, great to talk to you tonight. thank you.
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>> will: so this week cnn anchor don lemon took a very brave stance in the name of journalism. >> why does jen psaki even continue to call on fox when they have been very courteous and i should say, you know, kind because if you your network is promoting b.s. and lies about what is actually happening in the country and helping to inspire and incite an jurisdiction why should they be able to take part in legitimate press briefing and. >> will: boot them out get rid of the one question. look at don holier than thou glass house on fire.
4:27 pm
look, cnn has been the center of a number of mounting sandals we can start with don lemon's own controversial text messages to jussie smollett during police investigation including his own sexual harassment allegations. cuomo's sexual harassment allegations. but that isn't even the worst of it we are not even counting jeffrey toobin and his pleasuring himself on work zoom calls. then there is this on friday, cnn senior producer john griffin was arrested and charged for child sex crimes. griffin is accused of coercing parents to allow their minor daughters to engage in sexual activity in his home. he was calling it sexual subserve yens training and the victims are as young as 7 years old. it's disgusting. he is disgusting. and thankfully, he has been fired today and hopefully that's
4:28 pm
not the end of this story. now, look, his alleged actions obviously do not reflect on his peers at cnn, but i will be honest, i'm getting really tired of being hollerrized to, lectured to about what is good and moral by people who don't seem to have a clue by an organization engulfed in scandal. joining me now to react buck sexton and clay travis the host of the clay travis and buck sexton show. guys, good to see you. i think i have to start with you, clay, because i believe you were banned from cnn for using the word booze. >> yeah. will, i said that i believed in the first amendment and boobs. and that was totally unacceptable to cnn. i believe i'm still banned for life for saying that. and meanwhile, look at all the things they got going on. they got don lemon accused of sexual harassment, they kept cuomo nor long they possibly
4:29 pm
okay i don't want to get what was going on with that producer what an awful, disgusting story that is i haven't heard all those details and you look at what's going on with jeffrey toobin. i guess, maybe, if i had made as george castanza said if i had treated my body like annual amusement park maybe i would have gotten a promotion. maybe i would be sitting around with my only cnn show but it's outlandish, ridiculous, absurd. why cnn is failing and fox news is kicking ass all around the dial. >> will: buck, you and i at one point in our careers received paychecks from cnn. we talked privately. it was a different world then. it was a different organization. it was always biased. it was always stlanted, but it wasn't always completely and utterly insane. >> cnn has completely lost its mind and lost its way, will, you and i both know that when you see what is it -- what does it really other network and opinion
4:30 pm
hosts and people that are presenting news. what you have at cnn pretense that the whole thing is a nonpartisan journalistic enterprise which is laughable to anybody that has the faintest coming up next to american politics. let's be honest about what happened. donald trump broke them. donald trump is what caused cnn to completely go off the deep end. he called them fake news and then a lot of people turned around and said hold on a second, they are acting like fake news. they are trying to stack the deck and pretend that they are not at the same time. and, look, i also wish that we had do d. have more platforms in places where we could air out our grievances. you won't see any of those anchors and talking heads go outside friendly territory. why? because they are engaged in propaganda and they will know they will get lit up if they have to actually defend their position. >> will: buck, truth is, i don't want to get caught up in focusing too much on a fairly insignificant network. i mean it is quantifiablably -- but it's quantifiablably
4:31 pm
insignificant. we know how many people are watching. to me, buck, there is a larger story that i think this is -- i think america is infected with people moralizing to others while living in glass houses. cnn is representative. they're an illustration of people moralizing while that cnn producer by the way had tweets out talking about how bad child abuse is. he had that on his twitter feed. >> of course he did. of course he did. people are living in a fake world. >> will: hold on real quick, clay, i want to come back to you, what were you saying, buck, real quick? >> this is what you see with libs all the time where they accuse you of things that they are not just engaged in, i'm talking about now the propaganda journalistic practices we'll leave the other stuff toobin and the rest inside. engaged in fat stacking the deck. people go around jobs it seems at cnn is only to talk about fox
4:32 pm
news and talk radio which clay and i do and talk about other hosts how they are dishonest. i tell people i am a conservative. we do a conservative show. cnn has a nightly line up of people who use the j. word. journalists and it's laughable. we all know it. >> will: clay, i did want to come back with you and end with you because, again, you and i have had that conversation and it's emblematic. those who yell racist the loudest are the ones committing that exact sin. this seems to be the exact same case when it comes to cnn. there is no doubt. i think buck said it well. i think that's why our show has had a lot of success. will, i think that's why you are having a lot of success and why fox news continues to grow. look, there is a desperate demand for sanity in an insane world. there is we like to say that we are the head of the reality brigade. looking at facts, behaving in a rational fashion. not trying to pretend to be something that we are not
4:33 pm
authentic version of the world being told on a day-to-day basis. cnn sells its audience inauthentic artificial version of the world every single day and frankly, they do it with a lot of people who aren't even that smart and aren't even able to sell their artificial version of the world very good. if you want the truth. you come to fox news, you come to the clay travis and buck sexton show we guarantee we will give it to you good and bad every single day. >> will: americans should focus more on acting morally and less on preaching moralism. >> amen. >> will: always good to see you clay and buck. thank you. coming up play two videos one of them one of the most bizarre thing you will see tonight and the other one is a video of ufos. jeremy corewell and bret weinstein join us next but not in that order. ♪
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>> jesse: i'm jesse watters and i have been at fox for 18 years. i wanted to work at fox because i liked watching television. and i started in the basement of fox in the news room. i was working in intake so i was labeling tapes. i grew up on television. people come and see me on the street and say jesse, i remember you when you were a little guy and running around the streets. >> who was the first president? >> people don't usually go from a producer to on air. it's a unique journey. someone said no, you have to go and do another market and then come on air. i said to myself, no. i don't want to do it that way. one day i got a call, jesse, you are now going to be on "the five." i had to take a breath and think my gosh that's a lot of pressure. you are only as good as your last show. every single day there's pressure to be excellent and we take that pressure very seriously.
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4:40 pm
from other family members before the holidays. that's on top of the nationwide mask mandate and constant fear-mongering from the so-called experts. but don't worry fauci's ongoing boss francis collins outgoing, remember? outgoing boss he has a feel good swan song. >> this is really a song for you, a song for all of us who have been going through this pandemic ♪ somewhere past the pandemic ♪ masks will come off ♪ no more need for a nose swab ♪ every time we cough ♪ somewhere past the pandemic ♪ we'll hug our friends ♪ and thank the people in science ♪ that brought the pandemic end.
4:41 pm
>> will: when? when are they bringing the end? i think it's pretty clear by now that these people don't want this pandemic to end. that song is about as long as the pandemic i'm sure it will go platinum. it's beautiful. they want to keep you obviously boosted, masked up, no freedom for as long as possible. as long as serves them and according to the leftist journalists from the atlantic, if you don't comply hospitals should not serve you. look at that real quick triage the unvaccinated in other words let them die. host of the dark horse broadcast bret weinstein. great to see i. tonight, omicron by all accounts which i gets omicron is the reason everything is happening now returning to everything short of lock down and everything we know about omicron suggests there is nothing to fear. what's going on here?
4:42 pm
>> well, unfortunately, i don't think we know anything for sure about omicron, but what we do know is actually encouraging. if it is the variant that we think it is, it is capable of producing what appears to be lifelong immunity with mild disease for healthy people and that does potentially bring the pandemic at a medical level and epidemiological level to an end. the problem is that what we are seeing from our public health authorities is a mono maniacal obsession with mandates especially surrounding things like vaccines and masks which do not seem to work. >> will: i heard all the cav yoteds. i heard all potentially in your statement. they are all appropriate and all scientific. but it is very possible, in fact, it could be logical in what i'm hearing omicron could be our savior, it would be the end of the pandemic as your point, mild version of the virus that confers natural immunity on
4:43 pm
the population. that is the end. that's how this thing -- except it seems like the end according to our experts only comes via vaccine. this while dr. fauci, bret, is saying the following. listen: >> the vaccines that we use, the regular two dose mrna don't do very well against infection itself. but with hospitalization, particularly if you get the boost, it's pretty good. >> will: what do you make of that, bret? >> well, first of all, i have to say that the data environment is extremely polluted and there's a lot of what appears to be fraud within it. so figuring out exactly how effective the vaccines are even against hospitalization is not a simple matter. but i will say everything we see from our public health authorities suggests that the conclusion came first. they are going to require vaccines for everyone whether it makes medical sense or epidemiological sense and they are going to claim that victory
4:44 pm
when it comes is the result of those vaccines even if it's the result of natural immunity. >> will: if that's the case. if that is how they declare victory, when and how will that look like? what will victory -- what will compel them to declare victory? >> well, i don't know, i have to say i'm increasingly concerned that in some sense we have a wave of authoritarianism riding on covid. it is using covid as an excuse to begin demanding things of americans that we would never have put up with under normal circumstances. it is time that we stood up against these authoritarian mandates. >> will: no doubt it is time. it is time for civil disobedience. it is time for rationality and logic and freedom. bret weinstein, always good to see you. thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> will: we have seen a recent uptick in mysterious ufo sightings with the latest being out of chin know hills, california, where a swarm, look
4:45 pm
at this, of what looks to be ufos were caught darting across the sky in a video obtained by tmz. this isn't anything new. sightings like this are taking place all across the country. some recent ufo footage has even been confirmed by the u.s. government. so there is a lot of reason to believe that ufos may actually exist. and here now to make sense of all of this is investigative filmmaker jeremy corbell. jeremy, great to see you again. this latest footage it shows a group of ufos and we should clarify ufos are unidentified flying objects it doesn't mean flying saucer it means we don't know what it is. this right here, jeremy, looks like a squadron. >> well, here's the problem is that ufo sightings have increased both from our military is reporting them as well as civilians. i get videos every day since our government admitted that ufos are real and fly with impunity in our restricted airspace.
4:46 pm
as you remember this past last six months, i have been obtaining and releasing military foot tang of uf os that the pentagon has been confirming. when you get these videos like the one you showed earlier, it's one single source. a civilian single source. we need corroborative censored data in order to have a very robust case for a specific ufo event series. that's what i provided with the uss omaha and uss russell when the ufos were buzzing our warships. when i released all that footage. we have radar data flir data all sorts of data. we will see more and more of these our military has told us frequency of sightings and encounters. >> i'm sure everybody watch something wondering are we being invaded and do i need to get a booster if that's the case? that's a joke, jeremy. here's the -- go ahead. >> well, i'm just saying that the idea though it is that we
4:47 pm
don't know who is flying these craft. we don't know the intent of those operating these vehicles. and our government is taking it very seriously. right now there is legislation on the floor that is being debated to create a really profoundly robust ufo study group, something that is not in the shadows of secrecy, deep within the pentagon but something that is now more beholden to the public and having to be transparent. we are all looking for ufo transparency. one individual case of ufos is not something to hang your hat on. the general large topic when you have multiple sensor systems picking these up and, again, when these things are invading our restricted airspace that's when it becomes really important to the american and global public. >> will: that's exactly right. the point is we can make jokes whether or not it's aliens or flying saucers. our airspace. the united states government has acknowledged it what could it be seems to be a fairly operative question that we are not getting
4:48 pm
transparent or honest answers in and then the question becomes how do we do so? >> and every scientist on the planet is now opening their eyes and it's dawning on them there is data. we have evidence. we have great information that can be analyzed because these are craft. ufos are not just only unidentified. we can tell that some of them are transmedium craft. craft that penetrate the space between air and sea and space. without destruction. so they have propulsion systems that far outpace, outmaneuver and outperform anything, anything the hume has ever demonstrated in the theater of war or anywhere. so that is the real thing here. there is something going on. there is a technology whose is it? >> will: no doubt. whose is it? that's the question. jeremy corbell, always good to talk to you. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> will: i joke but you know that if dr. fauci was in charge his response from ufos probably
4:49 pm
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♪ ♪ >> will: okay. only a few minutes left in the show. so let's but my good friend pete on the clock. four stories tonight. 60 seconds. let the emotions be our guide.
4:55 pm
>> are they going to talk about aliens and ufos? is that what we are going to talk about? >> will: do you want to? we can if you want. i know you love them. how are you producing the show on the flyer? i can figure out what is going on right now. how many times have they reset the clock? one more time. first up, in case you missed it, elon musk was named times person of the year. in his interview, he revealed his plans to send futuristic noah's ark to mars. it didn't take long for science to trash his plan. dress in space. create a bio down. drafts and space, pete. elon musk. >> elon musk is shifty. i didn't realize that until i look at deputies only few years older than us and already sending about talking an arc to space. we are just trying to get up on time to make it for our morning show. this guy is way ahead of any of us. i love the idea. send it to kentucky which
4:56 pm
recreates what no actually did. big challenge, though. big challenge. i don't know how you're going to get the animals to breathe oxygen the way we want them to. but i love the ambition. >> will: i wonder if peter -- someone has to go up and risk it. the first draft. you are taking a risk there, and i don't know if peta is going to allow that. up next, another of no for andrew cuomo. he was sorted today to turn over all the proceeds from his covid memoir book, "american crisis." it raised in total $5.1 million. has to turn it over. >> i know you have $5.1 million laying around. can you imagine? he signs a book contract, thinks he's on top of the world, talks about his leadership, actually was a disaster. it turns out you can't use her own personal gubernatorial staff -- that be like us asking the wonderful producers on fox, the show was a success, would you
4:57 pm
help us write a book about how much love no mike we love working on the weekends? he can't do it. he knew he couldn't do it but he thought he was riding high. apparently it but $1 million of it in his trust fund and giving 5,000 already a way to charity. so where is he going to get the money? i don't know. >> will: yes to give back the book money. does he have to give back the enemy? the producers are upset you said the producers of fox & friends and not fox news by the time. >> we know where our bread is better. >> tucker: dominic >> will: is always debate where it dominic which christmas song is best. what about your dog's favorite christmas song. a new study of 1,000 dogs show that they strongly dislike the classic jingle bells. they don't like it. and we have proof. ♪ ♪ open it turns out they love
4:58 pm
upbeat christmas songs like mariah carey's all i want for christmas is you. ♪♪ all i want for christmas is you ♪♪ science. cute dogs. i wonder who they belong to. >> really scientific. if they are wagging their tails, appear calm, or fell asleep, those are all criteria for liking this on. we all know cats are smarter than dogs. my cats prefer ♪♪ baby it is cold out." >> will: what did they do? >> they sleep. >> will: they don't stare daggers at you when they play that. nobody cares about cats, pete. but they care about this. finally, huge announcement. pete, rancho campell, dusty, and i will be hosting the all american new countdown to 2022 friday december 31st slide from
4:59 pm
the wildhorse saloon and nashville, tennessee. we are taking down to clark. speech go we know you're taking down dick clark. anderson cooper. you name it we are doing it. i was like that is not good enough. and then i thought okay, we are going to nashville so i have my cowboy hats. i can pull this off. that's not good enough. so senses the all-american new year's, i dug into my closet and i found this had. i figured that one is just fine right there for the all-american new year's. the reality is, we are going to have a great time. it's going to be a party. i make psyched to be doing it with you with rachel and nashville not locked down by covert nonsense. >> will: it is going to be fun. you don't want to miss it. i promise. it is going to be the new year's show that he want to spend your time with. all right, see you. thank you. we cut off his goodbye. thank you for watching fox news prime time. don't forget to check out the
5:00 pm
will cain podcast, new episodes every monday and wednesday and friday. subscribe, download, rates, and review. i promise you won't forget it. you are about to have a good time because i will be back here tomorrow and tucker carlson takes over this network right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." if you live in manchester, new hampshire, congratulations for the thrilling displays. that second without we would give you an explanation for what you may have just seen. so if you live there and last month you thought you saw liz cheney wandering around downtown manchester, no, you are not hallucinating. liz cheney was there. and that is pretty weird if you think about it. not a lot of people go to manchester, new hampshire, in november her


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