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tv   Sunday Morning Futures With Maria Bartiromo  FOX News  December 12, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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go beyond politics to all the things i'm interested in. i'm ready for a new adventure and i hope you'll check it out. so, for the last time dear friends, that's it for today, have a great week and i hope you will keep watching "fox news sunday". ♪ to go with will -- rachel: will! ♪♪ maria: good sunday morning, everyone, welcome to "sunday morning futures," i'm maria bartiromo. america on her back with misinformation and lies from the white house about the true state of affairs. the year ending the opposite of what joe biden was selling earlier this year. >> america's back. i speak today as president of the united states at the very start of my administration, and i'm sending a clear message to the world, america is back. the transatlantic alliance is
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back, and we are not looking backward. we are looking forward together. maria: and together we watched bad policy create bad outcomes. record high inflation, record crimes, record low approval for president biden. how much more damage can they do? coming up, wyoming senator john brass e sew on what gets done during the countdown to year end. plus, our adversaries on the move. tens of thousands of russian troops at the ukraine border right now, a record number of chinese military gents entering taiwan's air defense zone. coming up, former secretary of state mike mike pompei on why the u.s.' -- mike pompeo on why the u.s.' adversaries are getting aggressive right now. and why is china pushing fentanyl onto to american shores after 700,000 have already died from covid-19? the realities of the wide open southern border with enough
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fentanyl to kill 200 million americans. stephen miller on the bad policies putting americans in dire straits. then georgia peach herschel walker's touchdown in politics as the former georgia state braces for a senate campaign. herschel walker is here on moving the ball forward after a year that saw americans lose so much. then after trying to steal an election with i lies and corrupting the fbi and the doj, the creator of the big russia collusion lie weeps while reading her victory speech she never got to deliver. >> i'm going to share with you what i intended to say if i had been elected in 2016. my fellow americans, today you sent a message to the whole world.
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maria: yes, this is really happening. why does hillary clinton think anyone cares after her dirty tricks and lies were exposed? all that right here, right now on "sunday morning futures." ♪ ♪ maria: and first this morn, inflation worsens, rising almost 7% year-over-year in the month of november. new data out on friday shows inflation now at the highest level in almost 40 years due to bad economic policy. but the democrats are still trying to push through more, hoping to bring a vote on their massive spending and tax plan by year end with joe biden once again misleading the american people this weekend on its impacts. >> there's been a whole range of things that are in there that are really going to reduce, essentially, the cost of living for people in a reasonable, rational way. and, by the way, every single bit of that bill is paid for. no one making less than $400,000
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a year will pay an additional cent in taxes as well as it will not increase the deficit one penny. maria: joining me right now with more on what to expect this week and by year end is wyoming senator john barrasso, a member of gop if senate leadership. senator, it's great to see you this morning, thanks so much for being here. >> thank you, maria. maria: your reaction to what you just heard from the president, it doesn't cost anything, it's already paid for, and it will actually lower inflation, this massive spending plan. >> the president is wrong on all of these things. remember, he started the year by saying america is back, and he's been back pedaling ever since. you know, you look at these new inflation numbers, and our economy is on its back. you look at what happened after the disaster of afghanistan, and our back is against the wall in international areas. and now he is pushing this so-called build back better bill. i mean, to me, i look at this, this will break the back of the
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american people with taxes, with spending, with all of the mandates. people will end up paying more for just about everything. it will make inflation worse, taxes will go up. all the tax experts will tell us that at least a thursday of middle america will -- third of middle america will pay a lot more in taxes, and the impact of inflation on people's lives whether you want to call it a hidden tax or not, people's paychecks are not keeping up. people are hurting, and it's the biden policies that have made it worse. maria: well, that's right. i almost feel like you're colleagues on the left are living in another alternative universe because we see these numbers every day, senator. i agree we saw the cpi out, the consumer price index, on friday which showed us that everything is up in price from gasoline and food to furniture, etc., and yet chuck schumer wants a vote on this spending package perhaps this week. what can dems get done in the senate legislatively before year end? >> there are a number of things
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we need to do. one is the national defense authorization act which should have been done months ago, but that's a very low priority for president biden. we've seen that in the past. exhibit a is when he came out with his own budget. it had limited dollars, it didn't. even keep up with inflation for defense and for homeland security. so we need to do that this week. the democrats are going to, all on their own, raise the debt ceiling in the united states. we don't default on the debt. what is happening is they don't want to have a discussion about the importance of getting spending under control. they want to do massive spending. and you're right, chuck schumer is still saying he wants to bring to the floor of the senate this massive tax and spending bill which is, i believe, going to make inflation worse, increase taxes on all americans and hurt our economy even further. maria: well, you've said a lot of things there, and i want to go back to a few of them. on the debt ceiling vote, you voted to raise the debt ceiling. you know, i was surprised
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because there was so much conversation about the debt ceiling in the weeks prior with, you know, mitch mcconnell saying we're not going to help the democrats spend more money, we're not going to be there to participate in raising the debt ceiling. but you did, and my question to you is was there a discussion at all with your colleagues on the left to say, okay, we will be there and we are vote for -- we will vote for raising the debt ceiling if you put a cap on spend anything 2022? was that even discussed, a cap on spending? >> every time the debt ceiling debate comes up, the goal is to get spending under control. democrats just want to raise spending. the debt ceiling hasn't been raised yet. that vote is going to be next week. no republican is going to vote for that, every democrat is going to vote for that, the vice president is going to have to break the tie. they wanted a blank check, they're not getting it. they're going to have to come up with a number. i hear the treasury department is saying the number is $2 trillion, and the democrats are
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going to be held accountable for all of this spending come next year's election. maria: well, you know, you also look at the money allocated for defense, senator, and it's really, it's laughable to see our adversaries like china and russia getting more aggressive, and yet we are actually looking at a decline in defense spending in bernie sanders' budget, joe biden's budget. look, you just came back from the middle east. you were great to go to visit our troops over thanksgiving. we have pictures here to show you with the troops. you were in bahrain. you know what they're up against, and yet this defense budget is actually a decline in defense spending? how can he justify that? >> well, you're right, i go every year for thanksgiving to be with the wyoming soldiers, this time was in the persian gulf right across, they are eyeball to eyeball with iran, and what we're seeing is after afghanistan and the disastrous biden response there, our enemies are emboldened and are being more aggressive.
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iran is, russia is, china is, you're seeing it also in north korea. this should have been passed months ago because it also includes the raise for our troops. you want to make sure they have the equipment they need, the firepower. we never want to send american troops into a fair fight. we want them to be strong and be able to project strength. but when the president puts his massive budget forward as he did, supersizing all parts of government and the only parts that don't keep up with even inflation were defense and homeland security, you realize this president does not have those as priorities. so we now have -- we'll go to him, we'll be a new national defense authorization act where we plussed it up in terms of deterrence against china which is our long-term adversary, the biggest threat long term. also plussing up against russia which is vladimir putin is today's clear and present danger. and a lot more effort in our
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defense in terms of cyber. maria: yeah. i wish -- i think our viewers would like to see some honesty. i mean, we heard from the cbo this week that this spending and tax plan will cost $4.7 trillion. they continue to have these gimmicks that say the child tax credit goes away after one year, the parental credit goes away after one year, but the cbo has told us the cost of this, and yet they're not admitting it. do you think we will get a vote on this bill by year end? >> schumer has said on thursday he plans to bring it to the senate this year. you would think the two things that came out on friday would have been the one-two punch, each of which could have been a knockout for this; one, the inflation numbers. we're now at a 40-year high on inflation. and the other is the true cost, when you get rid of the accounting gimmick, we're talking close to $5 trillion, $3 trillion added to the debt.
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joe manchin and kyrsten sinema are going to have a lot to say about this. you talked about these temporary programs. you remember milton friedman said there is nothing so permanent as a temporary government program. once they get in there, they stay forever. plus, maria, what i hear about are just the terrible things in this bill. that's what i hear about in wyoming, and they're not on anybody in wyoming's shopping list for christmas. maria: well, and then, senator, there's this vaccine mandate. are we going backwards here as well? the senate just voted to repeal biden's federal vax mandate for businesses with the help of two democrats. you've got more democrats, increasingly seeing, that what is coming out of this white house is not in step with what the american people want. your reaction to what kathy hochul in new york has done now. she has a statewide mandate requiring masks indoors unless businesses or vendors implemented a vax requirement. >> you know, i'm a doctor. i am pro-vaccines and
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anti-mandates. i'm vaccinated, all my family is vaccinated, but this mandate is a massive government mistake and a government overreach. and the courts are agreeing with us. we had this vote, you're right, every republican voted against the mandate to repeal what the president has done. we've had a couple of democrats as well join us. but -- and i think when they put the mandate in certainly here in wyoming, it actually hardened people against it. but the president's position seems to be, you know, to bosses is vaccinate or terminate. maria, there are help wanted signs everywhere. there are 11 million job openings in the united states. our interstates in wyoming are closed right now due to snow, we can't find people to hire to drive the snowplows. and yet you have people that have been working full time through the entire pandemic who don't want to get vaccinated, but they've been there on the front lines. and the irony of all of this is under joe biden's economy, if you don't want to get
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vaccinated, you can still collect a welfare check, but you're not allowed to earn a paycheck. maria: unbelievable. you know, senator, real quick before you go, i find it really odd that this vaccine mandate -- which we knew was unconstitutional from day one -- came out right in the middle of joe biden's botched afghanistan withdrawal. was this a look over here, not over here situation? >> well, i have great concerns. i agree with you, maria, it came out september 9th at a time that our nation was reeling over the collapse in afghanistan, the loss of 13 of our soldiers at the airport. one, riley mccollum, a marine from wyoming, who was a high school wrestling champion. the people of our country absolutely in despair over what happened under president biden's leadership -- maria: right. >> -- lack of leadership in afghanistan. and for them to come up with this mandate after joe biden said we're not going to do it, the white house spokesman, oh, we don't have the legal authority to do it.
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i'll tell you, you look at the timing on this, it's very, very questionable. maria: well, the truth is, is the american people are seeing through all of this, senator. we appreciate your leadership are. thanks very much for being here this morning. >> well, and you know, maria, after this christmas and the high inflation, joe biden is going to go into his second year with record high inflation numbers and record low approval numbers, and he has earned them. maria: yes. senator john barrasso is, good to see you this morning, sir. thanks very much. merry christmas to you and your family. quick break and then russia threatens ukraine, china taunts taiwan, iran makes the united states beg for a deal as they develop nuclear weapons. joe biden's economic crisis is outdone by his foreign policy blunders. former secretary of state mike pompeo is here to react when we >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl?
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was tough on russian president vladimir putin during a virtual meeting on tuesday. >> hello. [laughter] good to see you again. i, unfortunately, the last time we didn't get to see one another at the g20. i hope next time we meet, we do it in person. maria: well, this week china communist party mouthpiece the global times vowed that china plans to open fire on u.s. troops if they try to aid taiwan. joining me right now to discuss the foreign policy blunders of this add information from afghanistan, china, russia and iran is former secretary of state, mike pompeo. he is also a fox news contributor. thanks so much for being here. >> it's great to be with you this morning. maria: so we are approaching one year as joe biden as the commander in chief.
12:19 pm
assess this administration's foreign policy. >> oh, goodness, more ya. i was on your -- maria. i was on your show at the gunning of the administration. we wanted to give them every opportunity to be successful, but after almost 11 months, we've seen debacle after debacle. don't forget the shutdown of the pipeline in the united states, and the biden administration did nothing. they gave russia a free pass, and now russia's mounting troops on the eye crash yard line -- ukrainian board, and the president has mere words for them. world leaders were gathered, i must say, they're all looking at america and are continuing to believe that they can't count on america as a friend, that they can't rely on a partner that are for four years in the trump administration while we didn't promise everything, everything we promised we delivered on. and that's what the world was looking for.
12:20 pm
whether it's the chinese communist party's move against taiwan or the iranians' efforts to continue to build out their nuclear enrichment and weapons program, this is what rogue nations, bad actors, kick -- dictators will do. when you show weakness, when you say we're back and you really go back to barack obama, these are the kinds of things you will see, and america will be less secure. our families will be less secure as a result of this. maria: well, i mean, what is the reason that russia is building up these troops now? what is the reason that china is flying these jets into taiwan now and the reason that iran is making the united states beg for a nuclear deal? they've all decided to get aggressive now. >> every action the biden administration has taken, all the evidence that any world leader can see, any dictator can see shows that america has no resolve, no credibility, no capacity to actually protect the things that matter to the united
12:21 pm
states and to our friends in asia or our friends in europe. i mean, the list is so long. the afghanistan debacle is first and foremost. the way we departed there with 13 americans killed, the world leaders said america won't protect anything. right out of the gaza strip they threw missiles into israel, and the united states took days and days. when the people rose up in cuba and wanted freedom for themselves, this administration took four days to say, oh, no, democracy's a good thing, and the president had to read it from a 3x5 card. this is not the deterrence model that president trump had. we were clear we were going to defend the things that mattered in a way that provided assistance to our friends and allies and kept the american people safe. maria: this is just extraordinary, and these are all national security risks. i want to drill down on all of this.
12:22 pm
let's slip in a short break, but i've got to ask you about this secret deal that apple did with china. what will it take for corporate america to realize that china is an adversary? we'll talk about that when we come right back. come right back. stay with us, witit i don't just play someone brainy on tv - i'm an actual neuroscientist. and i love the science behind neuriva plus. unlike ordinary memory supplements, neuriva plus fuels six key indicators of brain performance. more brain performance? yes, please! neuriva. think bigger.
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12:26 pm
what does that mean? >> maria, i think the fact that these olympics are going to take place in china is a devastating statement about the international olympic committee and, frankly, global businesses' unwillingness to present the challenges. you're going to have major american corporations sponsoring athletes and these games, supporting a regime that is holding a million people in internment camps in the western part of china. we teach our kids, our young people, these talented athletes to speak freely, they're going to go to china. and if one of them should say free tibet or good for the people of hong kong or i support taiwan, they may not get their exit visa granted. they may be stuck in china if they say something that the chinese communist party determines is inconsistent with their national security threat. these american companies need to understand that they are underwriting an adversary. they're providing resources and money to a corrupt regime that has the global intention of
12:27 pm
changing the way every american lives. we need to challenge the chinese communist party on every front. when you hear a chinese military leader say they're preparing and they'll fire on american ifs we do so much as help the democracy in taiwan be successful, these are the kinds of things that an administration must confront, our business leaders have to confront. this is a serious challenge that confronts the united states of america, and we all need to be serious. and the way the trump administration was serious, to confront china on every front, diplomatic, economic and military. maria: and yet joe biden had four calls with xi jinping this year. i mean, four calls that lasted hour, three hours long, and not once did joe biden raise the issue of the origins of can covid-19. we all know what has taken place here, that this virus that has killed 700,000 people in america, millions more across the world, originated in wuhan, china. we don't know the details, if it was intentional or wasn't
12:28 pm
intentional. you've got companies like apple doing a $275 billion deal with the ccp where apple promises the ccp it's going to train its people to make iphones just so that apple can get a good deal and can get a regulatory framework. ray dalio comparing what happened in china where they disappeared jack ma, disappeared this tennis star, and he says, oh, that's like a strict parent. >> yes. this isn't like a strict parent, this is like communist leaders we know whether that's stalin or mao, we know these kinds of dictators and what they mean for freedom around the world and american prosperity, and we have to confront it. our business leaders can't engage in this kind of moral relativism. this is a government responsibility. the chinese communist party knew they had a dangerous virus on their hands, they allowed it to travel across the world, and the result has been millions of deaths. we need to, again, redouble our efforts to hold the chinese
12:29 pm
communist party accountable. i'm continuing to work on that. this is very important. this virus, to your point, it's killed hundreds of thousands of americans and millions of people and destroyed so many lives in the united states. and now we're permitting the chinese to bring fentanyl across our border, threaten the taiwanese democracy and hold an olympic games. this is something that the world's going to have to work on, and the american government, president biden and his team need to lead that. so far they have failed in that miserably. maria: i'm glad you brought up the fentanyl. we're going to talk with stephen miller about that. is the ccp just trying to kill us all off? look at the way they're taunting us. this week news of a new china-backed propaganda film depicting the ccp defeating the u.s. army. this is a movie right now in china. it's set to become the highest grossing film ever in china, and then this is just a few weeks after we learned that the ccp was using fake u.s. war planes as targets when they were doing
12:30 pm
target practice, target drills for the ccp military. i mean, clearly, they are taunting the united states. is it of your mind that you believe, do you believe that the ccp wants to overtake the united states, acquire america? >> maria, there's no tout about xi jinping -- no doubt about his intention. this is a one-party state documented by communist tyrants, and his objective is to achieve rejuvenation. he uses the term the china dream. they refer to their country as the middle kingdom. this is a power that wants dominate the world. they believe that china's rightful place in the world is to be the global hegemon, and they are intent on delivering that. we watched, frankly, republicans and democrats for two decades turned the other cheek, allowed them to steal millions of jobs from the united states of america by stealing our intellectual property, and we did nothing. this is going to require every skill set we have. we can push back against them when they're 10 feet tall,
12:31 pm
maria, we can detweet this threat in the same way we took down the soviet union, but we have to be resolved. american business has to participate in this, and is we need to respect the fact that xi jinping has this intention to be the global power. we need to make sure that the west's property rules, basic freedoms, rights respecting nations are the ones that dominate the next century in the way they did the last one. maria: and there they are calling each other old friend when they do their calls. secretary, this is all very dangerous, and we so appreciate your focus on it. we will continue to follow the developments. thank you, sir. secretary of tate mike pompeo. coming up, the man who who could decide which party will control congress in 2022. herschel walker is here on why he believes d.c. outsiders have the edge. then, case city abrams run -- stacey abrams running for governor again.
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>> what i can tell you for a fact is most of the people coming across the border, not all of them, are not being tested. the point is this, the president and the biden administration, they have two standards. if you're going to pay money to come into the united states of america lawfully, you have to be tested. however, if you come into the country illegally, you don't have to be tested. and as you know the numbers,
12:36 pm
there have been more than a million people who have come across the border illegally that we know of this year, most of whom have not been tested. maria: that was texas governor greg abbott on this program last weekend exposing president biden's hi hypocrisy over covid mandates at our our southern border. in addition to the nearly 2 million people apprehended so far this year, we're on track to have 600,000 gotaways, that's illegal migrants seen on surveillance cameras that escape into the country and are likely in the interior of the country right now. my next guest believes the white house wants open borders to achieve the exact results we are witnessing. joining me right now is steven miller, founder of american first legal and architect of president trump's immigration policy. stephen, it's good to see you this morning. thanks so much for being here. >> thank you. maria: so i want to start off with the border, steven, because we are seeing this border crisis expand way beyond texas.
12:37 pm
when i came back to my second trip to the border -- i've been there three times -- the one issue i kept hearing so much was that it was going into arizona. the gotaways are in arizona. and now we're seeing the yuma, arizona, situation worsen. what can you tell us? >> yes. well, i'm in close touch with a number of my former colleagues in the department of homeland security who have been sounding the alarm for months now that the situation in yuma, arizona, is completely out of control. yuma, arizona, is under siege. remember, the population of arizona is a fraction of the population of texas, about 7 million in arizona compared to texas' 30 million. so this is bombarding an extremely small state compared to the size of texas. so they're totally, completely overwhelmed. and there's two people, two people in this country responsible for this crisis, and that's senator mark kelly and kyrsten sinema. let me tell you how washington works when you have a 50-50
12:38 pm
split senate. one phone call from either of those senators to the white house that simply says i'm a no on nominationings, i'm a no on legislation, and i'm a no on build back better until you end catch and release. the fact that they haven't made that phone call is monstrous. it is unforgivabling. so if you're a citizen of this country whether you live in arizona or not, understand either one of those two people has the power with one phone call to shut this down, and i pray, i pray that they will change their mind and do so. maria: yeah. i mean, to be fair, this morning, just this morning we have statements from kyrsten sinema and from mark kelly saying that they are going to be watching the developments, that they have asked the administration to get ahold and get some immigration policy in place. but you're right, i mean, now we're getting these statements from these two senators. we haven't heard anything about
12:39 pm
this before this -- >> yeah, these statements -- maria: yeah. >> look, i've been doing this for many years, and those statements mean literally nothing, zero. asking for more resources means send more people to release people more quickly into our communities. unless your elected official is saying end catch and release, restore the trump policy of detain and deport which worked like a miracle, it's meaningless. so again, does senator sinema support continuing or abolishing catch and release? does mark kelly support continuing or abolishing catch and release in because as long as catch and release persists, the whole world, hundreds and hundreds of cities, thousands and thousands of regions, the whole world is going to be defending on arizona's border over 100 countries from across planet earth. they have the power to stop it by saying no support for nominees, no support for legislation, no support for
12:40 pm
build back better unless catch and release ends, and they won't do it. maria: well, i just, i find that extraordinary. i think you make such an important point, and i'm going to focus on these two senators and what they're doing from here on out because we have seen nothing up until now. and texas, as you mentioned, doesn't even have that kind of leverage that you actually see the leverage that they have in arizona. >> right. maria: what do you make of where we are? we've got 600,000 gotaways this fiscal year, stephen. two million people haven't been apprehended and, by the way, it could be many more than 600,000. >> those are the known gotaways, right. maria: yeah. >> those are the known gotaways, the gotaways they can credibly predict got away. there's another population of unknown gotaways for whom we have no information x that number could be unimaginably large. and just to pick up on your point about texas, yes, texas has leverage because joe biden doesn't need the votes of tez
12:41 pm
cruz or john cornyn, right in that's just the bottom line. i salute and applaud texas for fighting so hard on this issue while arizona has two senators who has been mia. my organization, america first legal,, we're partnering with the great ken paxton to sue over these lawless, ruinous migration policies. how bad this is, if people didn't realize because president trump did an extraordinary job, because of the cheapness of modern travel, because of the ease of being able to get airfare from another continent, being able to come to the western hemisphere, this is a global phenomenon. president trump kept the whole world if coming to our borders illegally. now with the cancellation of those policies we have people from every region, every corner, every stretch of this everett coming into our communities, depleting our health care, depleting our public services, bringing narcotics, bringing weapons. this is a will public safety and public health and an economic
12:42 pm
disaster voluntarily inflicked. maria: well, did you see that they sent back two people for the remain in mexico program? i mean, ors this is just so outrageous -- >> my view, and i'm speaking only for myself, he's violating the court injunction. in my view, speak only for myself here, i believe if the house retakes the majority, that should be first up in the articles of impeachment. maria: well, how are the republicans doing? i mean, you and i spoke about the leadership in the senate and why you're seeing republicans vote with democrats on things like infrastructure, debt ceiling. >> and government funding bills. the -- i want to talk about senate leadership for a moment, senate leadership. because in the senate you need 60 votes, the house is a simple majority, and i give great credit to house leaders for fighting tooth and nail despite not having any procedural tools. the senate leadership has made a series of inexplicable decisions. i'll key in on one right now. not once, but twice, twice they
12:43 pm
gave the tranche of votes that biden needed to get funding for his open-ended afghan resettlement program. this is unthinkable. why wouldn't you say we're going to block any government funding bill that has open borders immigration riders on it? if the tables were turned -- maria: yeah. >> -- right, and it's a republican in the white house and you wanted a pro-security measure attached to a funding bill, democrats would block it. so why are open borders issues getting through? you can win this issue, i swear to you, you can. maria: joe biden has been able to beat somebody, the republicans. that's the only people joe biden can beat. real quick before you go, you saw hillary clinton and her master class, i mean, will you look at her crying initially thinking, okay, she's crying, i'm sorry about that. but then you remember how she was actually the creator of the russia hoax, this made-up collusion story that half of the country believed for three years. >> yes. and what she did to this country is criminal, it's shul criminal.
12:44 pm
absolutely criminal. it's hateful, it's outside yous, and there has to be accountability. when republicans take the majority, they need to have an agenda for accountability, they need to have an agenda for fighting crime, for fighting open borders, for fighting big tech, hay need to have an agenda for holding this administration accountable and for issuing subpoenas to insure that that happens. if they do, they will go down in history as the greatest republican majority we've ever had. maria: stephen miller, great to see you this morning. >> thank you. martha: thank you so much. stephen miller joining us this morning. quick break and then herschel quick break and then herschel walker is here on his run for no one can deliver your mom's homemade short ribs. that's why instacart helps deliver the ingredients. and you add the love. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do.
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♪ ♪ maria: welcome back. football legend herschel walker has racked up several endorsements in his 2022 bid to oust raphael warnock including from president trump and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. but his biggest show of support
12:48 pm
was actually right here on this program back in october. take a look. >> if he's already built this foundation of trust with fellow georgians, they've watched his work ethic, his attention to detail in and out of the state, so there's already a good rapport with them, and i think we're going to see a lot of people, even demographics that don't typically support him, come out in support of my father, herschel. maria: that was christian walker on why he's confident georgians will rally around his father. herschel, good morning. i know, i see the pride in your face when you see christian on tv. you are running in what could be the most important congressional race of 2022. tell us what that states. >> you know, it's going to be a tough race, but -- and i did, i love christian to death. the young man has done some incredible things. i love him, i love him, i love him. but this race coming up is going
12:49 pm
to be difficult. but it's going to bring some, i think, adults in the room. as people see what's going on in this country, i don't even have to talk about it. you see this inflation, you see how we've lost public faith. right now we've got national security at risk as well. well, why? it's because we put the wrong people in office. i'm boink to run a race to -- going to run a race to go out and one because we've got to bring some balance back. maria: tell me where your priorities are as we hoe this graphic of the four 2022 senate contests that could be real toss-ups right now. senator mark kelly in arizona who still today has not said a peep about the border crisis, senator raphael warnock of course, in georgia, senator maggie hassan of new hampshire and the race in nevada. >> i hate to say something like this, but i think you've got to bring some integrity back to washington. first of all, if people just look what happened in virginia, now, just think about this for a
12:50 pm
moment, you know, when you have our government trying to go in and tell the parents how they're going to raise your kid, you can't do that. you cannot do that. we're going to lose the freedom that we have fought and die for, so many people have fought and died for those freedoms we have. and right now we're going to lose it if we don't put the right people in office. right now we can't have government control, government mandate, government this, government that. we can't have that. this is not the country that our people died for, and i think we've got to have people that stand up and say, no more, the buck stops here. maria: and do you think that outsiders are resonating? president trump was an outsider, you're an outsider. dr. oz is running for u.s. senate in pennsylvania, blake masters in arizona. why do you think people are looking at outsiders right now? why? >> because they're not politicians. they're not just going to tell you things and go to washington and not do it. that's what i told people.
12:51 pm
i'm not a politician. i don't look like one and don't about like one, because i care about people. i see what's going on. i'm in the business world. look at this economy. now, this economy happened with such a short time of this administration being in office, and people don't know what's going on. i think we have to wake up and vote for the right people and vote for -- maria: hold on. hold that thought, herschel. i want to get your take on i want to get your take on stst real cowboys get customized car insurance with liberty mutual, so we only pay for what we need. -hey tex, -wooo. can someone else get a turn? yeah, hang on, i'm about to break my own record. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! (sighs wearily) here i'll take that! (excited yell) woo-hoo! ensure max protein. with thirty grams of protein, one gram of sugar, and nutrients to support immune health.
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maria: welcome back. i am back with herschel walker running for the senate seat in georgia. herschel, what do you make of stacey abrams running for governor and brian kemp just got a real challenge from david perdue, former georgia senator, candidate for governor. daviddavid perdue said he wouldt
12:55 pm
have certified georgia's 2020 election results. >> you know what's so interesting is they're going to bring a lot of attention to this race. you what happened before, and so right now i've got to run my race, but this governor race gonna heat up. you know, we have two great guys running, but we have more people running for this governor's seat, and it's going to heat up. stacey abrams has done so much, so many things in the state of georgia, but there's going to be some celebrities coming in. but do she represent what georgia values are? because some of the things that happened in georgia, i'm not sure those are georgia values there. maria: yeah. i mean, i'm questioning if the media understands georgia values. i want to ask you about race and what role does race play in politics. last week politico does an entire expose on you entitled the origins of herschel walker's complicated view ises on race. this would never a have happened if you were a democrat. >> it's funny because someone
12:56 pm
told me about this article, and that is fine because i know they're going to come. the harder they come, the harder they'll see me fight. but one of the things it said at the end which is the total truth, there shouldn't be any color in right or wrong. there shouldn't be any color in law. that's the reason i want to go to washington, because i want to remove that. i want to remove this color because you're black, yellow, green, whatever color you are, there's no color in what's right and what's wrong. maria: okay. that's right. real quick before you go, president trump endorsed you, continues to support you. what is his role in the upcoming years? we're still waiting for confirmationen on whether or not he's running, and he will be my special guest next sunday. >> well, he plays a big role. president trump, he's done some incredible things for this country. people need to acknowledge that, you know? look at where we're at compared to when he was in office, and i don't care what people say, i
12:57 pm
thank all the people who have endorsed herschel walker because they know i'm the best man for this seat. i'm going to get to washington and try to change some things. maria: fantastic. herschel walker, thank you so much. we will talk soon. that'll do it for us on "sun morning futures." have a great morning, everybody. this show repeatsts once upon a time, at the magical everly estate, landscaper larry and his trusty crew... were delayed when the new kid totaled his truck. timber... fortunately, they were covered by progressive, so it was a happy ending... for almost everyone. >> man: what's my safelite story? so it was a happy ending... my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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with freestyle libre 2, now she knows what activity helps lower her glucose. and can see what works best for her. take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c. now you know. freestyle libre 2. now covered by medicare for those who qualify. eric: the death toll continues to rise of the monstrous tornadoes that ripped through the heartland of the southeastern part of our country. as you know is standing path of destruction across several states. kentucky governor is expected to speak this hour. we will bring you that live with the governor has his news conference. devastation and heartbreak on the sunday, hello everyone this is fox news live i am eric shawn. arthel: i am arthel neville. entire


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