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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  December 10, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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todd: the verdict is in. jussie smollett found guilty of staging a hate crime in a city where real crime is out of control but his saga is not over yet. todd: the white house going head to head with america's sheriff's over laws in american cities but president biden appointed a new far left us attorney with a track record of nonprosecution policies. todd: carley shimkus, we will not let anyone steal our sign. the all-american christmas tree is back, brighter than ever on fox square. >> 3, 2, one, lights.
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♪♪ todd: it is friday, beautiful. carley: our new and improved fox square all-american christmas tree. if you want to take a picture in front of it is up and we love sharing this christmas tree with everybody who passed it by. todd: on awesome night last night, so beautiful, so uplifting. with that you are watching "fox and friends first". carley: let's get straight into this is a fox news alert. former empire actor jussie smollett found guilty on charges he staged a hate crime against himself and lied to chicago police about it. carley: at least are meyer with details as this trial comes to a close.
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>> reporter: the jury has spoken, the industry sector is found guilty on 5 counts of disorderly conduct for lying to police about an anti-game racist attack staged against himself. he was acquitted on the sixth count applying to a detective in the weeks after, the actor said he was attacked. smollett's attorney says they won't stop fighting. >> we feel 100% confident that this case will be won on appeal, that we will come back and be vindicated. >> reporter: dan webb said smollett higher two brothers to fake the attack applied about it under oath and wasted valuable city resources. >> 26 chicago police officers spent 3000 hours of time, costing the city well over 100,$000 for a fake crime and the work they did was extraordinary. what happened here was so wrong for the police department.
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>> reporter: constitutional law professor jonathan turley said democrats race to back smollett's falls narrative. >> use long and painful divisions over race for his own advancement. vice president harris came out and called this an attempted lynching and speaker pelosi and others rushed to fulfill this narrative despite the facts. >> reporter: smollett warming on bond, a date has not been set. he could face 3 years in prison on each count he was convicted of. todd: we need to stop in our country right now coming to conclusions on things before all the facts are laid out in front of us and in the case of a trial before a court determines what the verdict should be. you are seeing this over and over whether it was written house were smollett, the
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twitterati determined what the outcome should be and put you in a position if you don't agree with that no matter how factually right you maybe you are the one that is wrong and shamed in society and it has to stop. this is not how our justice system works. it based on the facts presented in a court of law. the outcomes we are seeing are the correct outcomes. we need to stop rushing to judgment especially in the liberal media. carley: most people believed him. nobody would have thought anybody would do something like this, stage a hate crime. who would do that? it could be easy for some people to believe. i also think this is an example how victimhood has become a popular thing in our country where jussie smollett knew that he was a victim of a hate crime it would advance his career. you see that on college campuses all the time where people need
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safe spaces and crave to be called because of what they say the deeply racist and sexist country we live in and it used to be nobody would share their feelings and now we have overcorrected and jussie smollett is an example of that and it is unfortunate. we need to get back to some sort of middle ground. todd: vice president kamala harris confirming rachel rawlins as us attorney from massachusetts. the partisan vote comes as video resurfaces on the far left former suffolk county da threatening a reporter. >> get out of here. i will call the police on you and make an allegation. i'm dead serious. i will find your name. i have you arrested i swear to god. todd: rawlins accusing the reporter endangering the lives of children even though they were in a public space. senator some cotton says rawlins is unfit for the new role. >> he doesn't evitable meant to be us attorney little owner terrible record as da in boston.
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entire categories of crimes. >> reporter: on her own website, several crimes she would not prosecute including breaking and entering and shoplifting. carley: the mayor of yuma, arizona declares a local emergency as rows of illegal migrants pastor his city. more than 6000 migrants have crossed through the area in the last week. republicans say biden's in action is causing the catastrophe. >> the cartels have more control over the border than the president is allowing border patrol agents to exercise. they need to look at finishing the wall and enforcing our nation's laws. carley: border apprehensions in october skyrocketed 2600% compared to last year. todd: the white house is disputing reports that president biden is asking ukraine to make a major concessions russia. carley: the president kicking off a summit on democracy is some wonder if he should be
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lecturing the world amid rising crime in the us. alex hogan is live with the story. >> reporter: the white house says this second annual summit will serve as a progress report to evaluate democracies around the world. more than 100 nations will be present for the 2-day event. it is a virtual global summit. president biden calling to double down on global efforts to support neighboring democracies. take a listen. >> president biden: not to assert that any one of our democracies is perfect or have all the answers but to lock arms and reaffirm our shared commitment to make our democracy better. >> reporter: critics argue the invite only event exacerbates current heightened ideological division. two key players not invited are russia and china. both countries issuing a joint status accusing biden is exhibiting a cold war mentality that will instigate
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confrontation and global divide. eight latin american countries and tribulations failed to make the list highlighting a backslide in potential democratic values and at the same time hinting changes on national security could have. critics on the other hand also questioning the inclusion of certain countries that were previously accused of human rights are in humane acts or corruption like pakistan, the philippines or nigeria. and psaki says an invitation does not equal a full stamp of approval of the country's democratic policies. yesterday president biden also met with ukraine's president zelinski talking about the us's stance to support ukraine. biden also said the us would slap russia with strong economic sanctions if russia decides to invade. todd: have a good weekend. let's bring in andrew out far
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as, how much of an indictment of biden's policies is it so many latin american and central american nations weren't there? >> thanks for having me on. i would like to start with biden's opening statement, specifically in the face of sustained and alarming challenges to democracy, universal human rights all around the world democracy needs champions. some of these countries he excluded out of the invite list, cuba, venezuela, they absolutely need champions for democracy. the riots going on in cuba because of lack of democracy, these are people that now live in the united states for the most part. we have cubans in florida, all over the country, people in el salvador that have migrated to
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texas excluding those countries is excluding people that have come to the united states. carley: the biden administration would say cuba and venezuela because they are not democratic nations should not have been invited to the summit but other countries like the more than triangle countries, guatemala, el salvador and honduras were not invited and tim kane, hillary clinton's old running mate said on this topic we have invested millions and millions of dollars in this region and none of the northern triangle nations have been invited to participate. why do you think that is? >> these are the same countries the just a few months ago were sitting at our borders trying to come over. it is an unproven theory. i can't say it is a fact but a lot of these people come over and it could be the
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administration is seeing people have migrated from these countries are not voting for them. last time i was on your show we talked about an identity crisis with latinos and i believe with my heart of hearts we are voting more conservative, escaping socialist countries for a reason. todd: the president of guatemala telling john roberts, hasn't heard from kamala harris since the summer. how can he solve the problem of root causes if you aren't having conversations with leaders of places like guatemala. >> we've got to do that. she made one trip there and it turns back on the people. the famous statement don't show up, don't come. that statement right there was the back turn to those countries. we need to communicate, have some representation.
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carley: you are right about hispanics voting republican. we will see if we see that trends continue in the midterm elections. todd: thank you for your time. did you see this? fox news all-american christmas tree shining bright once again. carley: it was with 24 hours after the original 3 was destroyed by an arsonist. >> 3, 2, one, light. [cheers and applause] carley: it was such a fun night. i loved how many people came to support the lighting of the fox news christmas tree. it was a feel-good all around, turning negative into a positive. todd: the concept of out of darkness comes light, the burning of the tree symbolic but also liberal, darkness and we rebuilt it, lit it up and we had a great ceremony.
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my favorite part is in the rundown which is how we do our show it's is full-screen good pick of carly and the other pick. the good pick. carley: there we go. todd: that picture highlighting peter hegseth and the nutcracker. that is security footage. carley: it was a fun night. by police officers as well. the time is 13 after the hour. a major new development in the delphi murder investigation. heather: into account linked to the depths of the two teen girls. we are waiting for answers and speaking with one of them. ders't have to be. we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to with age comes more...
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smash and grab robberies in one city after another. the sheriffs association called out the white house over claims new federal funding was being implemented to combat rising crime rates. we are unaware of new fund programs that put greater emphasis on prosecution, response or prevention and here is the response from the white house, quote, president biden agrees we need to crack down on the surge in crime we've seen the last two years which is why he is fighting for more federal support for community policing and the department of justice is working with state and local partners to address the disturbing spate of retail thefts we've seen in recent weeks but a group of retail leaders including ceos of big chains like cvs, target and best buy are pleading with congress to help and wants to go after online marketplaces that may target stolen goods and it is not just theft.
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a dozen major us cities are breaking a homicide records this year, crime is shaping up to be a political issue. >> we need to support police, support law enforcement and supported judicial system that gets to the crux of the matter about with your guilty or innocent regardless of the color of your skin or how much money you make. >> that the permit of justice has just announced grants talking about $17 million to help support project safe neighborhoods program. carley: thank you, new details emerging of the delphi murder case, police are looking into a fake male model instagram account. as part of their investigation into the murder of two, 14-year-old girls. lizzie german was one of the girls was tragically murdered. her mom joins us to react, good
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morning to you. thank you for joining us and sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter. as it relates to the latest developments from police, they say they found a fake online profile which uses photos of male models to communicate with underage girls. what you make of the latest development? >> in 2016, why now, what is happening, something big is happening at this point. carley: i found this interesting because this case is almost 5 years old. do you know if police searched your daughter's cell phone or social media? i'm wondering why now they are interested in this person's profile.
2:21 am
>> working on something all the time, information has come to light. whatever it is, advise them to break the silence. hopefully this is going to be the puzzle piece we need. carley: i hope so for your sake and everybody who loved your daughter and her friend abigail williams. there are reports of 27-year-old was arrested on child porn charges could be connected to this profile in some way. 's lawyer said he had nothing to do with the murder of your daughter and her friend. are you familiar with who he is or do you have any reaction at all?
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>> don't know who he is. i'm interested in finding out where this is going to go. carley: lastly, what would you like people watching to know about your daughter? >> reporter: would have been 19 this year. i wish she was still here. carley: from all accounts she was a beautiful girl, brave girl, we know she took a photo of the suspect and recorded audio and police are using that. she was so smart to do that. we are sorry for your loss and want to share this update to keep the story alive so hopefully the person who committed this atrocity will face justice. thank you for joining us this morning.
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todd: a decade of tradition of following america's heroes targeted by an atheist group. the executive director of reads across america joins us live to defend their tribute. ♪♪ the only thing a disaster can't destroy is hope. ♪♪ donate now at ♪ ♪ no two dreams are the same. but there is one van equipped to handle them all. for over 120 years, mercedes-benz vans have been built, upfitted and ready to go.
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todd: welcome back. every year, reads across america plays reese on graves but the decades long tradition sparking protests. a secular group calling the act and atrocity. here to respond to the criticism executive director every across america karen war stir, war chester. let's get to the fact. i can't think of anything that should be less contentious than this but welcome to 2021. what is your reaction when you learned about this?
2:28 am
>> thanks for having me on. i want to address policy and takes things off the table. since 1992 when the first wreaths were placed at arlington we were instructed and learned why to not place reefs on gravestones that carry the star of david. that has been the policy. it was the policy in the beginning and when reefs across america became 501 c-3 in 2007, we continue that policy out of respect for veterans of the jewish faith. our mission is to remember and it has always been an incredible opportunity for when you are walking down the road and see a star of david what better opportunity to teach about the holocaust and incredible stories of people who work with reefs across america to share stories about the holocaust, looking around at the cemeteries, 3000
2:29 am
cemeteries and talk about the greatest generation. it is about getting facts out and we honor those that serve and respect their traditions. todd: sometimes get ignored, the group that is targeting you has to say, quote, we have no problem with people reach out and once a brief on the graves but to put them everywhere, to blanket the without permission of surviving families is unconstitutional and then atrocity and a disgrace. unconstitutional is patently incorrect. atrocity and a disgrace? can you wrap your head around someone saying that about what you are doing which seems to be the most innocent, welcoming, and kind gesture that one can do? >> one of the things people need to understand, we are a national organization rooted in local communities.
2:30 am
to be placed at a grave, 90% of the sponsorship comes from individuals sponsoring our brief or loved one or somebody that they knew in the community. it is very much personal gift and just choose to honor and teach, we need to take every opportunity to let people speak their minds, the people we choose to honor died to have the opportunity to see things in their own life, and communities in every state imitate kids by the hand and pick up a veteran on the way to services on december 18th of this year and see what is going on because we are talking about history, heritage, let's teach them about
2:31 am
men and women who serve and love our country. todd: this will make more resolution in your mission, sounds like you are from massachusetts, appreciate it. carley: janice dean has a look at the fox weather forecasts. >> janice: a busy day and whether., download the apps, tornadoes later today into tomorrow, tornado outbreaks in the mississippi, tennessee and ohio river valley, perfect setup out of the rockies, strong cold front will plow across the central us and large hail, damaging winds and tornadoes. know what to do if there's a watch or warning. have a way to get those warnings overnight because we will see the risk tomorrow on saturday for these regions. on the cold side of the storm quite a bit of snow, up to a foot if you look from iowa to michigan and ahead of the front record temperatures. we had the 90s in parts of texas
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yesterday and that will happen as the cold front moves eastward ahead of it where we have a really warm air and that will come into the northeast, be aware of where to get your watches and warnings and we will help you out. todd: it will be mild for the army-navy game. i will keep you up-to-date. todd: 32 after the hour. jussie smollett found guilty of staging a hate crime after getting support from democrats and the media. todd: will cain will talk about the case. fellow attorney will cain. ♪♪
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todd: disgraced actor jussie smollett found guilty on 5 of 6 charges, the defense doesn't think the case is over yet. >> we feel 100% confident that this case will be won on appeal. that is not the root we wanted to but sometimes that is the root you have to take to win. carley: joining us is will cain guilty on 5 of 6 counts was one of the headlines that they are appealing, what is your reflection on the case? >> we had a big national conversation, house of cards
2:37 am
built on sand built on a lie, doesn't matter where the appeal goes, jussie smollett thought he could perform his way through this trial. i was shocked when he decided to take the stand. most committal defense, defendants don't take the stand. kyle rittenhouse felt he was standing on a solid foundation of truth and the jury agree. jussie smollett has been performing, he's an actor. user his appearance on gm a, he thought he could do that with the jury. todd: as a lawyer what do you think of the left's refusal to accept a verdict like this despite it being in a court of law? to me seems like indignation from the love the judicial system as a whole and we can't survive as a society like that. not just smollett's team but black lives matter and the entire intolerant left.
2:38 am
>> what i began to allude to, the conversation at the core is a racist nation rife with racism and there are crimes taking place on a daily basis including unarmed killing of black men by police, takes us back to that narrative and it is not true. not to deny racism exists in the united states. there is racism clearly but to black lives matter's foundation or jussie smollett's very being it is a act of self validation. they have to believe these lies because it is their purpose in life. that is what black lives matter's purpose has turned into. jussie smollett has become the perfect symbol of this 2-year process. carley: why jussie smollett thinks he can use racial division to his advantage and it is for the first time in
2:39 am
american history table want to be victims. there is a victimhood culture that people strive and desire to fall into that category and you have to wonder what that will do to america going forward. >> i heard you say that earlier. it was really smart. that explains jussie smollett's motivations. he will only get so famous being the star of empire. i've never seen empire, to claim the mantle of victimhood, puts you at the top of the podium. he followed an incentive to fame, the more insidious indictment would be for president biden, kamala harris, the american media, they were not duped, they willingly bought into the lie. to cloak themselves in power by
2:40 am
saying i am the hero in this. todd: biden and harris, biden arguably, harris, ag, couched her language with some caveat. she never did this. this is absolute out of her tweets and that -- carley: you believe it initially but after it turned out, when the evidence started coming out clearly was a lie and you backtrack. todd: appreciate you getting up. you will be in for brian, big show ahead and this is your christmas morning so take a look. carley: a working christmas. todd: let's go to cheryl, ceo of an auto company blaming gas prices on president biden's shoulders. carley: he says far left policies are driving up the cost, cheryl casone joins us
2:41 am
with more. >> reporter: i am not working christmas day. dan eberhardt, ceo of coronary drilling services pointing to our dependence on oil from overseas. watch. >> on day one president biden canceled the keystone pipeline, stopped drilling on federal lands, stopped issuing permits on offshore in the gulf of mexico and on top of that we have an inflationary economic environment. i think oil is headed higher, biden has to worry about this a lot more. >> reporter: those policies include shutting, keystone pipeline, national average for a gallon of gas 334 yesterday, one dollar and $0.18 higher than a year ago and doesn't look like gas prices are going down anytime soon. carley: president biden's favorite mode of transportation. >> reporter: he loves the train, we know that but president biden praising amtrak. watch. >> president biden: i was
2:42 am
talking with members about improving cross state interstate passenger rail, something i know a little bit about, looking at mister amtrak here. carley: due to the administration's vaccine mandate, preparing for service cuts saying we anticipate we will not initially have enough to operate the trains when the federal mandate takes effect, determining what service reductions are necessary to communicate by next week, congressman sam graves noting the irony, amtrak has $60 billion in new funding but president biden's vaccine mandate, new worker shortages and services, morning recovery from historic amtrak, taxpayers are going to be paying more for less service. they are now vaccinated. todd: who knew golf balls could be woke? >> reporter: fox has been digging into this story.
2:43 am
blocking customers from personalizing golf falls with the phrase let's go brandon. when they tried to order a ball with the same phrase they got a message rejecting it, with terms and conditions, a parent company entitled they reserve the right to reject products that may in our sole discretion be inconsistent with company values or brand identity. what fox digital found out phrases like antifa, kill cops, impeach trump, kill trump were committed by the same team, they were accepted. we reached out but haven't heard back. i cannot say that name. we've seen this and other issues. there were reports that palatine is banning your users from using hashtag let's go brandon. that is a big thing.
2:44 am
carley: i didn't know that but if you ban one form of speech you on a slippery slope and ban it all. maybe ban none of it. carley: place in golf. 43 after the hour, the white house, planning to address the spike in crime in america's sheriffs i convinced. todd: what does lawrence jones think? we are talking to him next. what a tough thing. ♪♪ edicine. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere migraine strikes, without worrying if it's too late, or where i am. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within two hours. unlike older medicines, ubrelvy is a pill that directly blocks cgrp protein, believed to be a cause of migraine. do not take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. serena: ask about ubrelvy. the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine.
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carley: looking live at fox square. abby lit the tree yesterday, and now in nashville, tennessee. we will talk about that feeling with lawrence. todd: the national sheriffs association says otherwise. carley: lawrence jones joins us live.
2:49 am
why talk about the tree lighting in a little bit? this important story, the back and forth between the biden administration and national service administration, they are helping with this crime crisis on a federal level, a $17 million grant to help of the crime crisis, but the point of the stories the sheriffs association doesn't feel like the federal help being offered is enough and you see those crime numbers ticking up across the country. >> reporter: just like the federal government when there's a national crisis. there is a tone problem in the federal level leading to the local level. they are back on the streets, local sheriffs are seeing that,
2:50 am
the das believe criminals shouldn't be buying repeat offenders every single day being let out. the judges giving them bail in allowing them to be back on the street. we have a handoff approach, demonized for years, the federal government saying we decided to defend the police on the local level but just throw money at it won't solve the problem. todd: there was a point before the tree writing when i say we have a rundown for tomorrow's show, in nashville, you are here right now. it is 5:00, how are you getting to nashville? you are there, you did make it, the city and the country. >> reporter: i think for
2:51 am
america's tree, it was america's tree, we have the opportunity to light the tree. it is a symbol not just for persons across the world but to our audience. that is red white and blue, if free single year, it shows we don't allow criminals to get away with it and take -- when people say it is just a tree, it is bigger than a tree, crime is all across the country, arson and murders. we were not going to let criminal stop us. carley: to tie these topics together. when i was coming to work this morning i was talking to one of the security guards who said the arsonist, the suspect was sitting half a block away as we relating the christmas tree. he was there. he was in the area and it goes to show what we are talking about, the soft on crime bail
2:52 am
reform policies. you're having breakfast with friends all morning long at the pancake pantry in nashville. at least you get some breakfast. the hardest working guy in the building, thank you so much. >> reporter: thanks. todd: almost 52 after they are. jussie smollett found guilty. will democrats in the media correct the record after pushing the hoax? carley: joe concha will hold the media accountable, nobody does it better than joe. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world
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for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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nurse mariyam sabo knows a moment this pure... ...demands a lotion this pure. new gold bond pure moisture lotion. 24-hour hydration. no parabens, dyes, or fragrances. gold bond. champion your skin. todd: a jury in chicago proved democrats wrong after they backed his hate crime in 2019. carley: joey concha joins us live. one of the things we have been talking about all morning long is this overwhelming support for jussie smollett in 2019. and then nobody who initially supported him really corrected the record.
2:57 am
what are your thoughts on that front? >> kamala harris, for example, put up a tweet saying that this was a modern day lynching. that tweet is still up. the vice president doesn't speak to the press anyway so don't expect her to be answering any questions about this or issuing any apologies just as one of many examples. but, it's important to realize all the resources that were used to investigate this hoax from the get-go-because this is why this hoax is important. 2021 will go down as one of the deadliest years in chicago history. 2019 wasn't too great either when when this hoax was carried out. more than 1,000 homicides already recorded in cook county athis year alone. think about that police and investigators have more than enough on their plate. here is jussie smollett claiming two men yelled, what, this is maga country in chicago which is like yelling this is maga country on the set of "the view" carrying bleach and a noose and happened to find this gay black
2:58 am
hollywood actor 2:00 in the morning during a polar vortex in january? many in media pushed this tall tale because they wanted to believe it. it. todd: meantime joe biden reads end of message during tribute to bob dole. take a listen. >> at the end of the day we have always found ways to come together. we can find that unity again. and the message said end of message. todd: funny when ron burgundy does it. we shouldn't be laughing. isn't it concerning when the leader of the free world does this now repeatedly? >> react to piro and shimkus, yes. and it's happened many times before, right? so we have seen this movie, it's just so disconcerning that the president doesn't have any ability even during a funeral
2:59 am
like this to just know cues like that. the preview the speech in any way, shape or form. it's just sad, i'm sorry. no other word to describe it. carley: for me who has messed up the teleprompter cast the first stone. i do it all the time. the end of message thing was like instruction to stop and he read it. todd: this does call into question the cognitive capacity. carley: that is a good point. joe, it does prove why his handlers do get him list of reporters to go off of because he does need apparently a little bit of extra help to keep everything safe. >> to next topic, yeah, that's the thing, right? it's the scripted presidency. it's who he emergencyized. people at home see that and they know it not just gas prices and crime and afghanistan and the border. the president shouldn't be doing this job at this point in his
3:00 am
life. todd: joe concha does it every day for us, we are appreciative. go out there and have a great weekend thank you comma, joe. >> bring your own tree. byot. carley: "fox & friends" starts right now. glo a pointed a just attorney list of crimes one with could commit without any consequences. >> how is it that you managed to pick one of the most unhinged persons? >> jussie smollett has been found guilty on five of six charges. two years after staging a fake hate crime. >> do you know kamala harris, joe biden, black lives matter, they have played the race card to a point where it's sickening. >> democratic controlled new york city counsel style allow hundreds of thousands of non-sins to


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