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tv   Unfiltered with Dan Bongino  FOX News  December 5, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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dan: crime surging nationwide but don't worry about it biden says just blame covid or something. ufc president dana white on front lien of this fight and join me and every american about the new covid variant plus, the jobs numbers are in and while they suck i'll take on a democrat who defends joe's big job flop in the fire rerebuttal and remember the justice for jesse juicy and turning into a mecca disappointment for
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democrats that's coming up too and when mirrors reality it is hard to tell the difference. founder of the fantastic site of babylon bee is here with some of his biggest media predictions. hey of all of the troubling and fix this administration has done and believe me they are. putting me and your families lives and livelihood at risk that's got to be a new low biden administration is giving crime a pass and on top of that blaming nationwide crime surge on what -- of course on covid. >> what a huge group of criminals organizes themselves and they want to go loot a store, cvs and home depot and until shelfs are clean do you think that's because of the pandemic? >> age root cause in a lot of communities is the pandemic, yes. >> we know they lie, they know we know they lie, and they don't care they just continue to lie. covid erupted all over the globe folks but crime sprees coming up
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were strangely limited to where? to liberal cities. so what rational person would correlate crime with covid, knowing full well the only appropriate comparison is exploding crime with liberalism. it is near 100% corallation. and counting on liberal activist groups by the way who were supposedly in it for the little guy to try to right this crime ship is a fools they don't care. if they really cared about black lives they would be calling for more police not less. but instead what are they calling for? they're humiliating embarrassing thelses again calling for boy cots what have they call -- white companies. how they measure that? who knows folks i stopped asking questions of stupid people long time ago. while criminals giving a pass for rioting left wants to take away by the way your sovereignty and over your own body and medical freedom too why not they don't believe in any of that
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stuff. did you ever notice how small parts of your personal freedom are evaporating and disappearing every single time there's a new variant? government starts to riddle away our ability to make decisions about our own body. take look. >> in a world fatigued by waves of covid-19, now renewed fear. we have the immune know compromised people incubators to those walking around unvaccinated that's psychotic. >> it is frightening because it feels like it is the next wave of the pandemic, and it feels kind of unstoppable. people who aren't afraid don't give up their freedom voluntarily. people who were born free jealously guard their freedom and liberty. but don't confuse values of actual freedom loving people. patriots, with what joe biden mistakenly calls your patriotic duty. >> this is when dwoak what we haven't been able to do notch of there this whole pandemic.
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gets get the nation to come together and to think of it in terms of literally patriotic responsibility rather than somehow you're denying people their basic rights. it is not patriotism folks. i don't know what his definition of patriotism you could have figured it out by now an why all of the panic why the panic all of the timing? it is almost look we're trained to automatically submit to government rules. glenn summed it up perfectly. >> if you have a negative test, if you're vaccinated, what conceivable justification is there for considering such a grave deprivation of liberty as forcing you for seven days to lose the core freedom of movement over a virus that we're told there's an effective vaccine for? i feel like we're being trained to simply accept assertion of any authority in the name of safety without questioning it any longer. dan: because we are trained
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here's joe biden insisting lockdowns aren't needed you, you know, comply with mandates get it folks? sit down, shut up and listen to big daddy biden and don't ask any questions. >> off the time -- if people are vaccinated and wear their mask there's no need to. dan: didn't candidate joe biden promise no lockdowns if i remember correctly call me crazy. conveniently before people voted for him by the way in the election remember when he tweeted this. shut down the country and shut down not going to shut down economy and virus that didn't work out for you did it? >> someone who has been on frontline of the fight against covid since start is dana white thanks a lot for taking time. i really appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. dan: dana you run a multibillion dollar business a huge success and early on, you didn't close down you pay -- you kept your fighters paid you kept your business running you
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took a lot of flak for it now with this latest fear campaign over latest variant you feel a sense of vindication here that you saved your business and employees as well? >> yeah. obviously, you know, television one of the hardest things i've ever done, in my career, if you look at, you know, i brought cage fighting back to free tv so yeah -- it was tough. but worth it, i mean, our business is on fire right now. so the fight and all of the criticism and all of the, you know, hardwork was worth it. dan: dana, you know, the politicization of this virus that is really getting disgusing you were public. you can now with covid i came down with covid two weeks ago and it is almost as if people celebrate this elness you don't toast a company line you mentioned you spoken to joe rogen who had it as well this is
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a tragic part we can't wish people well and move on and it has become politics before public health? >> 100%. so let me explain this to you. so first of all when the whole covid thing started -- you know everybody they said stay home. until we tell you to leave your house let your business dice and kids don't go to school et cetera, et cetera none of that stuff ever made sense to me as americans we go out, we find solutions to problems. and we can, you know, figure these type of thingings out. that's what i did. we went through covid. then, last sunday i -- i do a cold plunge in a steam every day. so i'm in the steam and i spray the you eucalyptus and didn't sl it and i know imheact this means i definitely have koafdz. i jump out of the steam room and i call joe rogen. joe rogen tells me exactly what to do right -- this is what you do monday i get up did what rogen said tuesday
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morning i wake up -- my taste and smell are back. today is day fiefs of testing positive with covid i tested negative today. >> same thing happened to me. i mean i got the antibodies within 36 hours i was fine you would think congratulation. you know what worked but that is not what happens they instantly go on attack. it is disturbing. but dana i want to just address the tremendous and credible growth ufc you've been a pioneer here i was first match between hoist and guy with the boxing glove i loved it. i fell in love with this early. you saw potential in this in early days before anybody did. i mean, just walks through the evolution where you are now to this multibillion dollar global operation now what you saw early on. >> yeah. well, obviously, it's an exciting sport. it is incredibly fun to watch on tv. and it is even more fun to watch
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live. i always believe that no matter what color you are, what language you speak or country you come from we're all human beings. fighting is in our dna we get it and like it so i believe that if pack the right way this thing could be a global sport and biemed love it everywhere and thank god i was right. >> last question you've been generous with your time these fear campaigns keep going and going and you know we're americans right we're res lute and going move on your message. are you staying resolute and stay open no matter what and not lock down and stwik scientific reason approach going forward? >> i'm never locking down. i'm never forcing people to be vaccinated. any of that stuff and it is not a political thing. it is the way it should be. this is a free country it is like when i was telling you about covid. so if you get covid and you have -- a certain amount of people that are telling you that they did
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this system. the monoclonal antibodies and testing in in five days why wouldn't you try it because here's the alternative if you call a regular doctor he says -- isolate yourself by yourself away from everybody else ten days, and if you're starting to get sick that you're dying go to the hospital. what? how about day one we throw the kitchen sink at this thing and try to beat it. >> yeah. seems to make sense to me dana thanks a lot for taking time glad to hear you're feeling better. thanks a lot. >> thanks i appreciate it. dan: you got it. folks up next unfiltered may be worst acting performance yet, jesse mega hoax a mega disappoint a take you can't miss plus confusion about president biden's covid travel ban. we'll sengsd out a crew to straighten things out.
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is it the attackers -- >> but also the attack. listen if i tell the truth, then that's it. because it is the truth. then it became a thing of like, oh -- how can you doubt that? like how do you not believe that? it is the truth. and then it became a thing of like oh -- it is not necessarily that you don't believe that this is the truth. you don't even want to see the truth. welcome back to unfiltered remember actor jesse smollett who fell for this his trial accused of lying to police isn't going well either. joining me for his reaction weekend co-host pete thanks for joining me. i appreciate it. >> absolutely dan, thank you. dan: so dave chappelle named it justice for juicy isn't turning out like juicy thought so justice may smack juicy right in
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the face here in this trial if he gets convicted of making this whole thing up. j i think that's exactly what we're seeing. only thing he's benefiting that we're not seeing cameras in the courtroom but off the readouts are every witness that's coming out so testifying that it was a complete fabrication from the beginning. that he wanted them to act as on basis and aggressive as possible to make it look like he was the victim of a hate crime. because his -- most powerful currency is victimology in order, he has to be a victim in order to be more relevant and we learn and know this he sent letter to himself that didn't get enough press so then he said i got to get beat up and make sure it is in a stairwell with a camera to get it recorded and found that it wasn't recorded he was devastated what's amazing he's sticking to this story dan he's sticking to it and trying -- brother pete, this is that --
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i can't get over this. this is like dude, you're caught. they have these guys on video. buying this stuff -- and the hatch you told him to buy you got the two brothers showing the text like hey, he texted me. hey it will be okay. but i mean what -- i don't get it like -- >> you go to trial. >> you go exactly you go to trial to prove your innocence based on what happened and he knows he's lying start to finish and they've got him right there. there's a narcissism thing right there that's got to be involved in this. dan: there's got to be. got to be. so from one hoax to the next pete joe biden has a problem with his own autobiography as i saw often only one in the fiction section. so he's done it again take a look at this he says he was there negotiating special negotiator during a six day war. check this out. >> i have known every, every prime minister well.
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since golden war i had a opportunity to she invited me toll come over because i was going ton the liaison between xi and egyptians. >> that's crazy he wasn't a u.s. senator he can't get his back story right abouting in. >> she wasn't even prime minister during the 6-day war. here's what it is dan. you know what this is -- okay this is a president who is not proisrael what's happening here is like donald trump was. he's at the hanukkah event at the white house so what does he have to do is pander say i was there look bob gaetz said he's been wrong on 45 years he has to modify to 50 not only was he wrong on that but i think he confused with i don't mean kapoor war he did try to lecture that prime minister based on israeli reports of that meeting which they have -- basically pushed him out of her
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office said you're -- you're ignorant naive of the real dynamic sure enough six weeks later israel was invaded if you were -- dan: if they did confuse with the i don't mean war. you don't forget six day war it rewrote that map from the gaza to heights to judea and smair what a joke. >> a totally disaster now democrats are in full damage control mode as always one of those democrats is up next. with the rebuttal.
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>> incredible news that our unemployment rate has falsen to this point in the year, we're looking at the sharpest one-year decline in unemployment ever simply put america, america is back to work. and our jobs recovery is going very strong. >> welcome back to unfiltered joe biden doing his best to
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spend jobs report. u.s. adding only 210,000 jobs. how can democrats defend that they'll try. joining me now for rebuttal is democratic strait gist and ceo of rebel communications laura, thanks for coming back to the show. always appreciate it. so my -- question is -- thank you. if, you know, the biden economy is working, then why isn't bides economy working we have msnbc contradict tore say to hit 600,000 jobs that was a third of that. why isn't it working? j well we've got to have some, you know, we have to put the economist projections in. check here much like we put pollsters in check since 2016 now if you look at overall jobs yes. the november report wasn't great but last month everybody had pom-poms in the air because it exceeded a half a million jobs in the month of october. so it look at the averages is what we have to do dan, you've got to look more than 550,000 jobs on average created by, you
1:26 am
know, urntiond ten year of the biden administration. those are really solid numbers and unemployment rate is important. it is only 1 point higher than prepandemic level. that's pretty incredible and things are looking up for the american economy. you can't just pick one month numbers. you have to look at the broader picture. and i think you know your viewers are smart they know they want all of the information. and there's some really good they thinks in a number of different fronts. dan: sure listen i don't dispute that i'm all about averaging things out and not getting into, you know -- acute moment in time. but laura the trajectory is not good look at gdp numbers let's talk quarters not months i agree let's talk quarters when president biden is beginning of the year in office growth rate for 6% growth in the q3 in left quarter was 2.1%. so you know we can't have both ways we're going to look at patterns i'll look at patterns but you measure growth and it
1:27 am
has gone down dramatically since biden has been in office. >> yes but we're under a pandemic sometimes it is too steps forward one step back so again you cannot argue with 600 million jobs created since biden tenure that's a record-breaking for a new president and so yeah there's going to be spots that are not fantastic and spots that are soaring like those -- unemployment rate so i think you've got to look at the data. americans have money in their pockets. they are continuing to spend it. and people are feel good stock market is up. oil prices are starting to trickle down and looking ahead they look good. so there's a mix of news in the economy but overall you can't look at one single number and say, oh, now the economy is in -- you know -- dan: both ways you asked me to show your pattern i showed you pattern of growth going down now saying i can't look at that number either. by the way i want to change you on one workers don't have money in their pockets. look at the cnbc article real
1:28 am
wages are going down. so that's not accurate either when we average out numbers preem actually getting paid less it is right there. >> wages themselves are going up, and some moves to create additional jobs. with that -- bipartisan build that's forward. listen i'm not disputing your statistic i'm fine with facts you have stated some i think that's great. but look at that 800,000 jobs that's from fox news will be created with the bipartisan infrastructure bill over years. and 17 noble have said that bill that's currently in the senate is going to lower inflation over time that means americans are going keep their wage when is prices go down they'll have more money. all of these they thinks it is not -- you want to throw up your pom-poms and cheer for inflation you dwrowk that but in the economy give a full picture. inflation is going up and
1:29 am
quickly noble obama is own economic advisors and bill clinton treasury secretary have said inflation is exploding. so it is kind of -- silly to quote noble when democrats can't get their own democratic economists to agree. >> to quote noble laureates saying to lower inflation over time? i mean why is it silly to quotes them? dan: inflation is going through the roof with more money it is insane. all right fief to run. i'm sorry listen i preecialght you coming on we have to go back and forth thanks a lot hope to have you back on soon. still ahead it is the trial no one is talking about. why the maxwell trial could be tip of the iceburg when it comes to jeffrey epstein political connection.
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dan: this maxwell trial has gotten ugly here's a small part of one witness's testimony.
1:35 am
she's talking about being sexually abused by jeffrey epstein she said that they helped lure her into orbit when she was just 14. and described how the depraved duo were, quote, giggling and first molested her together just disgust. check out exclusive report from "daily mail" jeffrey epstein apparently spent thyme to clinton white house visitor reveal pedophile visited president at least 17 times including dozen in 1994 and twice in one day. on three separate occasions. folks it is where these meetings matter that happened listen i worked in the white house you know that did they happen on east wing side? jeffrey epstein up in residents i would like to know. they have those elevator logs someone should check that out where do you go in white house and released photos from inside the express party jet. and it turns out that were a lot more flights than previously known. faa accidentally just revealed
1:36 am
704 previously unknown epstein flights. but does jeffrey epstein case go deeper than just that this is from sub stack tech no fog sub stack. he asked a serious question apparently rolling stone reported about in arm world in 1980s led him to work for multiple government including israelis. and sources said that epstein was, quote, known in the intelligence world that hyperfixer. someone who can go between different cultures and networks. the reporting here is accurate folks that opens a lot more questions why this was allowed to continue for so long. switching gears here -- now another tragic incident the school shooting this week in michigan which left four students dead as you may know my entire learn of work in secret service we did a lot of extensive work over there and secret service did an exhaustive study on school shootings former secret service agent himself my
1:37 am
friend jeff james frequently discussing this topping thanks for taking too many. i really appreciate it. >> thanks for having me jeff. >> when we were in service and threat assessment center did this exhaustive school shootings and i know you lecture on this often. the first being that school shooting distinct shoot or had typically told someone about what was going to happen before him if you can discuss that. >> yeah, correct and what the study found was that -- in 81% of the too manies of the shootings at least one other person knew that the shooter was going commit this act and almost 60% of the too many more than one person knew. so it really goes back to building a culture of see something say then and not just among peers. but among parents too and i think we saw that in incident in oxford high school this week that the parents have a pretty good idea their son was heading down a bad path and never said anything. >> yeah warning signs clearly
1:38 am
missed jeff one of the other important points i know you discuss often that comes from the report is important of intraing how student in tragic distinct knew what tods and did not open door for shooter. you talk a lot protocol teacher and students, this stuff sadly in this time we live in needs to be practiced and gone over. >> i'll consult can school districts go from high school to middle school to find out they're using different terminology if for the same things. and what's really important are couple of things. one, is uniform system everybody calls everything the same thing. and other part is practicing. people don't magically wake and know what to do. and like i said -- leak you mention i'm sorry pangt that kids didn't open door when that bad guy said i'm a deputy open the door which was -- but follow-up has to be when do you open a door maybe you open when principal comes over loud speaker say it is i have a so come out so people could be in
1:39 am
there for hours and real police knocking on door and they'll never open it so training and prangt all that matters once you hit it once a quarter in your school so people have something in the back of their mind to pull on when that -- moments of high tension come along. dan: always good to see you thanks for spending some time with us that is important stuff. thanks a lot. >> thank you dan take care. dan: up next unfiltered insisted she won georgia gubernatorial election and reelection or what? wouldn't it be reelection we're all confused now. shane duffy and rachel will join me next to clear things up, after the break.
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>> let's be clear, this is not a speech of confession. because confession means to acknowledge an action is right, true, or proper. >> i acknowledge that very beginning that i -- brian kemp won under rules that were in place. i will continue to disagree with the system until it is fixed. dan: welcome back to unfiltered stacey abrams lost the
1:44 am
gubernatorial election in 2018 now running again. join me now for hot attacks congresswoman fox news contradict shawn stuffy and rachel campos flying off shelves all american christmas. guys, rachel, thanks for joining me so first hit you with the easy one shawn go to you first so run for reelection and doesn't this speak to larger narrative when you're on the left question elections all you want hillary clinton, stacey abrams and god forbid you say that on the right you're banned from public conversation forever. >> left wing be back you up and support you if you're a republic but if you can test it call you a radical but this stacey abrams getting this race is beautiful. she's a radical right and she talked about radical policies for a long time and now we've seen that theory come into -- you know be introduced and implemented look at the bill
1:45 am
reform she's supported. bill reform that violent criminals back on streets. we see what happens across america when you do that. we saw that it waukesha, wisconsin people die, we have policies like stacey abrams implemented across country i think voters in georgia will reject her because she's so radical and too crazy. dan: i hope so. rachel this clip i'll play for you now of joy reid you would think it was about body sovereignty and vaccine mandates check tout your thoughts on the other side. >> the supreme court is willing to reduce you to a secondary constitutional citizen, by dedleeg control over your very person, your physical body belong not to you, but to your state. dan: rachel this could be does she not? she missing is she that dense that she's missing irony here that that's the exact same argument people like you and i have used against vaccine mandates? >> yeah.
1:46 am
i believe is she on "fox & friends" what's going on? [laughter] exactly. and yet she wants to use this argument which could be very easily used as we said for vaccines. she's using against a child and innocent child that has its own should have its own rights in utero completely twisted but that's joy reid that's her stick. dan: yeah. it is so guys tell us first why am i not in your book american, that's a travesty i'm reading great stories charles payne everybody else they have cool stories. how come i'm not in a book i want to be in the sequel tell me about that and your special on fox nation. >> i sent you an e-mail and you didn't respond but i would be lying. in the paperback version. we want to celebrate christmas and we thought what a great way to tell our story of christmas but also bring in other fox family members and tell their christmas stories and when they were little and how they celebrate it and share pictures recipes and stories and we
1:47 am
learned a lot about our colleagues at fox. they're really shared with us things we never knew about them and so as you see like black lives matter, attacking christmas calling racist, we want to lean into it and celebrate it. and lean into the tradition of christmas and family that's what this book does. >> dan this past couple of years we've seen so many people's traditions disrupted because of the government and we've also seen many forces in the country try toking erase and take thanksgiving now christmas so i think exactly what shawn says it is all more reason why as conservatives and people of faith we have to lean into our traditions and make sure no one is taking it away. dan: next years i can tell the story how my dad used to walk down presents -- >> it is a "new york times" best seller going to be a part two and you are not the only one who has asked why we're not in the book so everybody else will be in the second book. keep it number one on new york too manies. dan: great job you're kicking
1:48 am
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dan: many of babylon bee's sterical news hls turned out to actually happen they write a fake headline and later a real headline proves them exactly right. so what's the secret to the predictions? joining me now is powngtder ceo of the babylon b set, seth thank you for taking the time. >> thanks for having me on. >> seth let's go through a gem you have one with bill nye the science guy scientists abandon search for bill nye's credibility. but just this week, bill nye posted a tiktok with president biden promoting build back better plan. let's take a listen to this. >> build back better. using my line here. >> literally i am a believe in this. i am old enough to remember when u.s. was the leader in innovation. that's what we're driving at, though, >> driving yeah we love driving. dan: a great satire life is more
1:54 am
e from -- predictor of the fact than the actual media. >> i quote this all the time he said the world has become too absurd to be satirized that is what we're dealing with and trying to do when we do satire is exaggerate truth so project is to take a step in the direction of the truth is point and problem is that, reality just keeps catching up to us faster and faster we're trying to stay ahead of it as, you know -- it is to best of our ability. but sometimes within like that one was back in 2017 some of our headlines come true within 24 hour of publishing them. so it is become more challenging i'll tell you that. dan: here we go this one came true by the way legos are genderless this was a bee headline earlier read leg goes unveil new genderless brebs with no female or male connectors as you said you predigitted it again. it was washington post headline -- lego pledges to make toys where gender neutral eliminates
1:55 am
stereotypes after global serving. seth these media outlets they're fact checking this by the way. you're oven satire site. >> yeah. well, yeah i think reuters rated that false when we published that story but now it came true do they have to revise fact check say it was a true claim? this is happened a few times actually where we will write a story and get fact checked by snopes and then it does come true so they need a new rate category for our story where is they say it is false for now. because it may come true later down the road. it is just the nature of when you're doing satire in an insane world these things happen. and it is not that they're so predictable necessarily it is just that it is when you're trying stay a step ahead of reality and a rapid pace it catches up to you quickly. dan: here you go down the typeline years, months now weeks ago from the bee, surviving
1:56 am
inflation nine easy ways to save on thanksgiving buy spam instead and msnb had this graphic suggesting people not buy a turkey for thanksgiving, to help with inflation. it is right there -- just weeks as you just predigitted yet again. >> well that's insane. that's one of the silly ones that has like we make a stupid joke and comes true. i think we got lucky with that one but i do joke if you want to be a profit in today's age predict what could be the -- stupidest most insane thing that people could come up with next. predict that and then watch it come true. [laughter] dan: seth thank you so much for your site it is terrific babylon bee we really appreciate it. >> thank you. dan: you got it. folks, now it is time for my favorite part of the show. our lightning round, story number one. justice sotomayor compares fetus to clinicically dead person
1:57 am
during arguments during the supreme court. >> there's about 40.of dead people who if you touch their feet the foot will recoil. so i don't think that a response to by fetus necessarily proves that there's a sensation of pain or conscienceness. dan: there's a big difference there folks. one person happens to be dead. then the person in the womb isn't -- the liberals are not sending their best there to the supreme court. that's a real didn't make that up by the way that actually happened. story number two. biden says only santa can guarantee your christmas presents will arrive on time for holidays. take a look. nownchts, i can't promise that every person will get every gift they want on time.
1:58 am
only santa claus can keep that promise. some of you moms and dads may remember cabbage patch kids in 80s or beanie babies in the 90s. >> yeah maybe tooth fairly will jump in and provide dental services we have a health care crisis who knows maybe food crisis as well way to screw everything up joe. blame santa that's what he does. story number three joe biden travel ban looks a lot like president trump's. which is called racist typically by democrats which they always do. so we went to penn station in new york to get voters freax to biden's rule. take a look at this. >> i'm ordering additional air travel restrictions from south africa and seven other countries which president said that? >> trump. why? >> that's something he would say. >> why do you think it was trump? j i don't know he was trying to stop people from coming in. >> what you just said is one of
1:59 am
the most insanely idiotic things i've said. >> donald trump one of those to ban us from going our other countries from coming here. >> i will say barack obama because he likes safety to make sure everything goes down perfectly. >> abraham lincoln or nixon because of the slaves and because that's around era of i think -- i heard that quote before. >> at no point in your rambling incoherence response were you even close to anything -- that could be considered a rational thought. >> it was actually joe biden that said that. [laughter] >> joe biden -- he's -- joe biden okay. i think that was something trump would say sorry trump. >> i love that lady may be greatest woman on the street interview we need her on the show before we go you can stream dan bongino show week days from 12 to 3 p.m. eastern time don't
2:00 am
forget it and following unfiltered on facebook instagram at unfiltered on fox that does it for us tonight. on unfiltered we hope to see you here next saturday night 10 p.m. , america. jesse: welcome to "watters' world," i'm jesse watters. the annual white house christmas tree lighting is always such a special event. but joe biden, the president, seemingly forget to was supposed to light it. >> president joe biden and first lady dr. jill biden. jesse: this went


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