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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  December 3, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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how your skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. ♪ ♪ >> harris: breaking news right now as we await a news conference this hour on tuesday's deadly high school shooting in oxford michigan. the oakland county prosecutor in a rare move is now expected to announce charges to be filed against the parents of the 15-year-old suspect. those charges would be for involuntary manslaughter, it is being reported. after their son, jason crumbley, pleaded not guilty to multiple
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counts including murder and terrorism. he is accused of killing four students. authorities charge them as an adult and they say his father bought the gun used in the shooting just days earlier on black friday. the victims ages range from 14-17 years old. three other students are still in the hospital just a couple of hours ago. listed, we are told, instable addition condition. it will bring out with my cohost here, emily compagno and kayleigh mcenany as we have await the law enforcement in oakland to step up to the lectern and announce the charges and give any details that they can. the parents we knew were being talked about, emily james and jennifer crumbley. even of hours he spoke this week that the 15-year-old is being charged as an adult, why now so expeditiously go after the parents legally?
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you have some thoughts. >> emily: number one, this sends a message to the culpability that they are michigan views parents as having a responsibility to secure firearms away from children. here's the thing, although we know there is not a specific law that commands or demands parents lock up or secure their weapons away from children, we know that in 2002 in flint, michigan, a man was prosecuted when his child got into his gun and murdered, unfortunately, was the result of such. we might see a similar pattern here. in the larger scale, it is message in, we are including and widening the net of culpability for these murders. secondly, there in michigan, for example, one of their charges includes if you omit an act, if you omit or decline to take an action that you had a duty for and it results in someone's death you can be on the hook for it. i foresee prosecutors drawing a parallel between the parents owning that firearm and the
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transmission of it somehow to their child, again, details are unknown, that they will be on the hook for his unlawful than use of it. the premeditated fashion. >> harris: kayleigh, a quick follow-up with emily, the images you see on the screen are the ones that we have shown said the horrific shooting in oxford michigan happened and students, four of them dead, three still hospitalized as a just detailed the moments ago. this was such a heartbreaking scene. reports that the students really felt like they were duped by someone trying to help them. i'm sure we will learn much more about this case. here's my point with you, emily. he is being tried as an adult. i'm reading 24 counts against him. how does network? a husband and wife can't testify against each other. what about a child? >> emily: they have marital privilege, it does not extend to the child, especially if he has tried as an adult.
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interestingly, harris, trials can be bifurcated or dependence entrance dead child together. i'm getting ahead of myself. to be what i'm curious, if they all walk in, we've seen trials with multiple people just recently. >> emily: you're exactly right. >> harris: kyle rittenhouse. >> emily: that was one defendant. we've seen other trials were defendants have been separated and it's interesting when we talk about the psyche of the jury, we talk about a jury of our peers in a levy and judgment of the situations, sometimes when you have defendant separated is more difficult for them to levy responsibility. whereas if you have them together it is easy for them to pick one and say someone will shoulder that responsibility appeared here, get it back to the case, michigan state is making a statement that this boy who is being tried as an adult, 15-year-old person being tried as an adult, is not alone in his culpability. he pulled the trigger, the sheriff and prosecutors said it
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was premeditated, he has been charged with 24 counts, including terrorism and murder in the first degree, and also his parents. who themselves lawfully purchased that gun. we know they had a criminal history. it was the extent to misdemeanors there in florida state, none of which precluded them from legally purchasing a firearm on black friday there in michigan as they did. they shoulders the responsibility, we will hear exactly how under michigan state law. again, viewers, we do not know exactly how yet they are being charged with holding that responsibility. but michigan state views them as equals and complicit in these homicides buries me what you know, kayleigh, it's interesting that the prosecutor camren mcdonald said, she described her interactions with the suspect parents as "discipline." >> kayleigh: that is interesting, there's a lot we don't know. facts we don't know. i hope this press conference elucidate some of these facts that undergird this charge of involuntary manslaughter that reports are suggesting.
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i will say this, there is reporting on ethan social media accounts that have studs been taken down. reportedly one of those social media post included a video where he flaunted this newly purchased weapon that we know was purchased on black friday. i would like to learn if that is the case here. the prosecutor in line with that reported has said that there seems to have been just freely available access to the weapon for this individual. to emily's point, there is no law in michigan about having to secure the weapon away from a minor, about half of states have those laws, they are rarely prosecuted under these laws. michigan is not one of those states. that being said, we know from the prosecutor she said there are other individuals who need to be held accountable because of just how negligent the access to this weapon was. she called it beyond negligent. raising too involuntary manslaughter. we want to have a lot of questions about that though,
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emily. >> harris: i realized the unfortunate circumstances with columbine were such that may be all was known previous to the crimes that were carried out. but i always hear police say, you know there were some red flags. generally, that happens with the people closest to these young children. now tried as an adult, this 15-year-old. i'm wondering, how do you get to accountability though for parents in any of these types of cases? >> emily: great question. going back to the flint, michigan, case, that was in the year 2,000, a flint man pleaded no contest to involuntary manslaughter after a 6-year-old boy he lived with used a handgun to kill a classmate at school. also when michigan, more recently, some detroit parents have faced child abuse charges after nonfatal shootings by their kids. there was a history there in that state of prosecutors holding the culpable the parents in both homicides and nonfatal shootings when children have
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gotten a hold of the weapons that were lawfully owned. that is one aspect, harris. the other, to your point about the red flags, we discussed before about the negligent standard which you knew or should have known. as we know, when you get to a certain standard the level of intensity of that standard can become criminal. we talked about civil liability as well, and that parents can be held criminally liable for negligent standard and also civilly liable for that standard, to your point of whether you knew or should have known. did you fail to report that is, did you fail to secure the weapon after your child posted videos with that? we've seen a pattern of involuntary manslaughter in michigan as well as child abuse charges, we've seen a really interesting or jurisprudence use of the laws there. >> harris: i go back to columbine because that was the one that shocked our hearts and psyche, that was the beginning, if you will of the most horrible
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tragic, historical unfolding that we have watched limit young people. i do realize that one of the shooters was 18. the other was a minor. the other thing, too, is that as we saw with sandy hook is that if the person in the end is deceased, then what happens with the parents? i feel like we almost touched on this with the brian laundry, gabby potato case when they look at the parents. i don't know if what we are watching this and that you are used to seeing in the courtroom with parents being brought in or if this is a shift of some kind? that is the core of my question. >> emily: interestingly, another michigan case, we delve into it further. the judge has been informed of all these subs would prosecutions, he said that involuntary manslaughter is the killing of another without malice, unintentionally, but in doing some unlawful act amounted to a felony. it is considered, if we parse
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the end, that could be the parents that are committing an act. not a felony but leading to the death of another unintentionally, or as the judge mentioned by negligence or omission to perform a legal duty. to our point here, it remains to be seen if the and prosecutor announces the charges, but it is perhaps that the parents negligently omitted to fulfill their legal duty of securing that weapon away from a child they knew to be potentially dangerous. they knew had violent thoughts. >> harris: does this somehow motivate a lot to be on the books in michigan customer i don't know. this could have wider implications depending on how this goes. a couple of things. all right, if you are just tuning in to "outnumbered," i want to fill you in. this is breaking news this hour. we are anticipating a news conference that is going to actually announce charges we are told which they say have already
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been filed of involuntary manslaughter. 15-year-old ethan crumley, who you see in the bottom right-hand box on your screen will face after he allegedly shot and killed 14 teenagers in michigan this week. i were affiliate in detroit has confirmed that james and jennifer crumbley, the parents, will face charges. kayleigh, we talked about the fact that those parents had a criminal background. but i'm curious, let's just talk about what they were. if those crimes included driving under the influence, driving with a suspended license, writing phony checks, all misdemeanors that they received while in florida, the crimes would not have stopped the parents from passing a background check when purchasing a firearm on black friday. >> kayleigh: they would not impede to that. there are some questions these parents will have the answer. the defense attorney, william sore laid out some questions. what did they know and when did
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they know it? we know about this video that was recorded, articulated the intent of ethan to go about and commit these atrocities. we know about the journal. had they seen those, were they aware of these intense? what advanced information did they have? did they know anything about his attitude, things of that nature? you were talking about a very heavy burden to bring on the parents. again, half of the states in this country have these access laws to keep the weapons away from a child, michigan is not one of them. but some of the other cases we have seen, in indiana for instance in 2,000, there was a mother who got probation in that case are mentally ill son started to kill students, fired the weapon, -- >> harris: let's pause and watch the news conference unfolding. the prosecutor expected to announce charges against the parents of crumbley. we already know that there were 24 counts against the 15-year-old being tried as an adult, including murder and terrorism.
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the prosecutor is looking for after the oxford high school shooting in the parents of crumbley, ethan crumbley, is those involuntary manslaughter charges. we just saw with someone walk up to the lectern and before he handed off, emily, i want to get your topline thoughts about what we are about to see. >> emily: for viewers, a 1994 michigan law does establish criminal liability for a parent who knowingly allows her child to commit a gun crime at school. note, it is a misdemeanor, punishable by probation, community service or a fine of up to $2,000. as we've discussed this morning, case law and prior prosecution sort of creates a precedent here for involuntary manslaughter, potentially child abuse. but that 1994 michigan law certainly is on the books and sets a tone here at michigan, despite that law, the absence of which the care in the firearm, certainly has legislation and case law that demands and expect
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to cut ability from parents for crimes their child commits. >> harris: all right, let's watch. >> good afternoon, i'm camren mcdonald. thank you for joining me this morning. it is but a devastating week for all of us. we continue to mourn the loss of the four children who were shot and killed in the week at oxford high school. we have heard some news that some of those injured in tuesday shooting had made some progress recovering from their injuries. while the physical wounds of the victims are starting to heal, the emotional wounds to the victims, students, and the entire community, will last for years. i continue to work with oakland county sheriff mike broussard to stay close to the facts and evidence of the case as it evolves. my role as the oakland county
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prosecutor is to see justice for the victims of this tragedy. the family, friends, and loved ones of hannah, madison baldwin, kate, and justin schilling, and the other victims have had their lives shattered. as i mentioned a few days ago, i had the opportunity to speak with the parents of the children who were killed. additionally, my office has reached out this morning to all of the victims who were injured. we continue to be dedicated to offering them services and support during this time. while the shooter was the one who entered the high school and pulled the trigger, there are other individuals who contributed to this, to the events on november 30th and it is my intention to hold them accountable. it is imperative that we prevent this from happening again. no other parent, or community, should have the lives of this nightmare. i have shared previously, and i
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will reiterate today, that gun ownership is a right and with that right comes great responsibility. based on the information and evidence i have received, today i am announcing charges against the shooter's parents, jennifer and james crumbley. the charges are as follows: james crumbley will be charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. jennifer crumbley is also charged with four counts of involuntary manslaughter. i will now publish the details that lead to that decision and have already previously been made public, which allows me to comment on them and swear to them as just taken place in a district court. by detective tim willis. the investigation into the school shooting incident at oxford high school, which occurred on november 30th 2021 has revealed that james crumbley purchased a 9-millimeter model
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sp 2022 from acme shooting guards in oxford michigan on november 26, 2021. a store employee confirmed that ethan crumbley was present with james at the time of the purchase. for a statue, crumbley created the 5309 a form. on or about november 262021, ethan crumbley's social media post revealed photos of a handgun, along with the caption "just got my new beauty today" along with a heart mot. any questions i will answer. subsequent to the purchase of that weapon, one of jennifer crumbley social media post at about 11:27 read that "mom and sunday, testing out his new christmas present." a teacher at the oxford
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high school observed ethan crumbley search and ammunition on his cell phone during class and reported that to school officials. jennifer crumbley was contacted by a voice mail by school personnel regarding that something inappropriate had happened. school personnel indicated that they followed up with an email but received no response from either parent. thereafter, jennifer crumbley exchanged text messages about the incident with her son on that day, stating, "lol, i'm not mad at you. you have to learn not to get caught." on november 30th '21, in the morning of the shooting on the next day, ethan crumbley came upon a note on ethan's desk which alarmed her to the point that she took a picture of it on her cell phone. the note contain the following, the drawing of a semiautomatic handgun pointing at the words, "the thoughts won't stop, help
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me." on another section with a drawing of a bullet with the following words above, "blood everywhere." between the drying of the gun and the bullet and the drying of the person who has been shot twice and bleeding. below that figure is a drawing of a laughing mot. further down the drawing is the words "my life is useless." and also the quote the world is dead. as a result james and jennifer were immediately summoned to the school and the shooter was brought to the office with his backpack. the counselor obtained the grind but the shooter had already altered it. the drawings of the gun and the bloody figure were scratched out along with the words, "help me and my life is useless, the world is dead, and blood everywhere." those were all altered by him. at that meeting, james and jennifer crumbley were shown the drawings and were advised that they were required to get their
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son into counseling within 48 hours. both james and jennifer crumbley failed to ask their son if he had his gun with him, or where his gum was located, and failed to inspect his backpack for the presence of the dawn, which he had with him. james and jennifer crumbley resisted the idea of them leaving the school at that time, of their son leaving the school at that time. instead, james and jennifer crumbley left the high school without their son. he was returned to the classroom. when the news of the active shooter at oxford high school have been made public, jennifer crumbley texted to her son, at 1:22:00 p.m., "ethan, don't do it." at 1:37:00 p.m. james crumbley called 911 reported that a gum was missing from his house and he believed his son may be the
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shooter. further investigation revealed that the 9mm handgun purchase by james crumbley was stored unlocked, in a drawer, and james and jennifer's bedroom. the gun recovered from the shooter at the school after the shooting was the same gun that was purchased by his father james crumbley on november 26th 2021 in the presence of his son. the oakland county prosecutor's office requested and was given four counts of involuntary manslaughter against both james and jennifer crumbley.
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i want to be really clear. these charges are intended to hold the individuals who contributed to this tragedy accountable and also send a message. gun owners have a responsibility. when they fail to uphold that responsibility, there are serious and criminal consequences. as we work together to honor the lives lost and all of those impacted by the evil acts this week, just as for the and their families is at the forefront of today's announcement. we need to do better in this country. we need to say enough is enough. for our kids, our teachers, parents, for all of us in this community, and the communities across this nation. happy to take questions now. one moment. go ahead.
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>> the superintendent posted a video and suggested that as a result of that meeting they had no reason to contact law enforcement. have you seen this video posted last night and is there anything you can share based on that? >> i have you parts of it and was briefed on the contents of the video. >> did they report to law enforcement after seeing those images? >> any individual who had the opportunity to stop this tragedy should have done so. the question is, what did they know and when did they know it. i laid out the facts that are the basis for the charges here. do you have a question? >> you said we need to do better to prevent tragedies like this. it is rare for parents to be charged and school shootings, are you trying to set a new
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standard or is the evidence overwhelming? >> i had tremendous compassion and empathy for parents of children who are struggling and at risk. i am by no means say that an active shooter situation should always result in a criminal prosecution against parents. but the facts of this case are so egregious, reading this document, looking at it, reading the words help me with a gun, blood everywhere, this impacts me as a mother. the notion that a parent could read those words and also know that their son has access to a deadly weapon that they gave him is unconscionable and i think it is criminal. it is criminal. >> i believe that the facts
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probably indicate that that is the result, that would be a federal charge and if that is appropriate to make than i am confident they will. question. >> what type of responsibility can you expect from parents in this situation? >> again, i don't think this is a unique or unusual interpretation. when you give your child access to a deadly weapon, when you indicate that you are buying a weapon and use are that it is for yourself, guess, based on the statements of the shooter, the statements of mom, that was his gun. we had the searching opinion am. we have mom saying don't get caught. we have the drawing the next morning almost explicitly what he was about to do.
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i expect parents and everyone to have humanity and to step in, and to stop a potential tragedy. i'm not going to make a comment on that. >> there and they between the parents in the school that they were resistant to their son pulled out of class that day, and a few hours later he went to do the shooting, there was no communication from the parents that he may have access to a handgun, may be possession of a handgun after they have been publicly on social media -- >> i can confirm what i stated which is that they did not indicate to school officials or to their son and inquire about the whereabouts of the gun or the existence of the gun. to my knowledge >> to have him removed and they resisted, can you give us more detail on that? >> i cannot comment on that at this time.
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he was not removed from the school. he was returned to class with his backpack, where we have reason to believe the gun was stored. do you have a question? >> between the first incident in the second that teachers were aware of the had transpired? market teacher a number two, was that teacher aware of what happened on day one -- >> i don't know. >> have you told the family what your investigation has found? >> i have spoken to the parents and indicated the nature of the charges that might be coming. i have not spoken about the school. >> what was their reaction?
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>> these people are in incredibly, deep, horrific pain and grief. their reaction is as you would expect, they might want anyone who has the opportunity to stop this from happening to have done it. >> are you looking at anything else for the charges for school officials? >> the investigation is ongoing. >> do teachers have a reason to believe that he had a weapon on that day? >> i have stated what was known to the individual, what the search indicated, ammunition, what the document, i stated everything that was on the document. i suppose you should draw your own conclusion, this conclusion i draw is that there was absolutely reason to believe that this individual was
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dangerous and disturbed. i believe it at that. >> are the parents fully cooperated with the investigation at this point? >> i have not conducted the investigation so i can't say. >> prior to the shooting, did the district superintendent's office know about the issue that happened in the high school? did someone in the high school actually go to the superintendent's office or the administration and say this is what we have going on? >> i have no information about that at this time. >> how was this young man allowed to go back to class, given the circumstances you've described, the severity you are talking about, you mentioned it is still under investigation, there are victims too, i don't want to blame anyone, but they let him back in class with this kind of severity. how does that happen?
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>> i will not give you a political answer, and i will not cover for anybody, and i will say what i think. of course he should not have gone back to the classroom, of course he should not have. i do not have ill feelings or negative feelings about anyone, but of course he should have, he should not have been allowed to go to the class. i believe that is a universal position, and i will not chastise, but yeah, -- >> you have the task of reviewing whether or not there is criminal negligence. >> i do and the investigation is ongoing. >> for this involuntary manslaughter charges the strongest charges you considered? >> it is the strongest possible charge that we could prove that there is probable cause to
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charge for. >> , the question, we don't have a safe storage law, we are not legally required to store weapon in a safe manner, children can attend with their parents, so long as the parent is present. the answer that question is we don't have strong enough laws. >> have you uncovered evidence from before the gun purchase that shows what his state of mind was, were the parents aware what his state of mind was in the days before the shooting? >> there is evidence about state of mind prior to that day, i cannot comment on it. it is not related to the allegations that we are making at this time for >> one of the
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teachers was injured in the shooting. >> i can't say for certain. >> how long was the plot, it was premeditated, how long was it meditated? >> long enough. long enough. >> at what point -- >> one second. >> at one point the father was aware that the cow was missing, is there indication that he may have known the gum is missing before the shooting or during the meeting with the principal? >> upon hearing that there was an active shooter on that day, mr. crumbley drove straight to his home to look for his gun. i think that is all i need to say about that. >> will the gunshot be liable if the new that they were purchasing for the 15-year-old. >> based on our review of the gun shop owner is not under investigation. >> was there any talk to reach
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out to the on-site officer with these concerns? >> whether they did or not? >> if there was talk to and why they did not if there was concern enough to bring the parents in. >> i don't know. i don't think we have at this point full statements that i reviewed. >> we have been here now for a few days and talk to law enforcement, there was a lot of anger with the school. i know it may not be a responsibility to address that, what is your response to that? >> i would be angry too. and i am. but that does not mean that there is a criminal culpability. but, yes, i would be angry, i would be angry, i am angry, i'm
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angry as a mother, as a prosecutor, as a person that lives in this county. i'm angry. there were a lot of things that could have been so simple to prevent. yes, there was a perfectly executed response and he was apprehended immediately, and we have great law enforcement and good training. but as i said before, four kids were murdered. seven more were injured. so, yes, i think we should all be very angry and we should take a very hard look at what is in place in terms of criminal responsibility, what gout owners are required to do, and again, i will say this every hour on the hour, i am not here to say that people should not own guns. i know people who do, but they do sell responsibility. it is your responsibility, your duty, to make sure that you
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don't give access to this deadly weapon to somebody that you have reason to believe is going to harm someone. it is our position that on that morning, particularly that morning, but also the day before, but that morning looking at that drawing it is impossible to not conclude that there was a reason to believe that he was going to hurt somebody. >> is there any explanation as to why the school resources officer was not included in that meeting that morning? >> i have no information. one more question. >> can you confirm the date that ethan was searching ammunition on his phone? >> it was the day before the shooting. >> okay. can you confirm the name of the gun shop where he got it was to mark? >> acme.
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>> was thanksgiving related to the stress? >> i can't speak to that, thank you everyone. thank you. speak what i tell you, the details of all of this are actually studying. >> harris: that prosecutor is a mom, and i quote her there, we will talk about the legality and implications of all of it now. we do want to welcome to the show two of our guests were here today, cheryl casone and steve hilton because we've been talking about this with the three of us, emily and kayleigh. steve and cheryl, thank you very much. steve, i want to go to you first. to welcome you and with the breaking news get your thoughts on it. >> steve: first of all, i just want to say an instant reaction to the prosecutor there. i thought she gave an incredibly impressive performance they are, both professional in terms of
9:37 am
the way she laid out the facts, but also a lot of humanity there. that is something that was really striking. let's move to the details of this case and that i have a broader point i would like to make. first of all, as you just said, the facts that were laid out there were absolutely devastated in relation to the role of the parents here. i think anyone would look at that and say that this approach of the prosecutor is taking is completely justified in terms of the parents. but the thing that really leapt out at me and you saw question about that at the end, a couple of questions, and strong one of the end, was the role of the school. that phrase that we heard that the child was returned to the classroom and the prosecutor said that she doesn't want to chastise anybody. i think anyone listen to that was say yes, we do want to chastise the school that return to that kid to the classroom after the fact that were laid
9:38 am
out today. that is an astonishing revelation that i think needs further follow-up. but the broader point i want to end up is when you hear something like this, we have to think about what is going on in our society that you have families that have got to this point. where you had 15-year-olds that are thinking like this, behaving like this. parents that are thinking and behaving like this. i have said this before on this show and elsewhere, the way we raise our children, the way we think about family life in this country, is the single most important issue. it affects everything else. obviously, here today we are talking about that very, very extreme end of that. but right across the board when you see kids that are addicted to their phones, uc family breakdown, you see so much going wrong with the way we raise children in this country, the way we think about family. we have to prioritize it much more in our political arguments,
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because there are things that we can do. we don't just throw our hands up and say well, this is the way modern life is. we can do something about it and we should do something about it, as well as focus on the specifics of this case. >> harris: i have to say, from an honest place, i can't exhale when i hear you talking like that. i was holding my breath, as a parent, kayleigh you were too. we were gulping a little bit, and hearing you talk about it like that, steve, allows us to exhale. it is okay to care about every single person in this scenario and want better for every single person in this scenario, and not let anybody off the hook if there is one that is needed to be laid down. that is what you expressed and it is wrong, it is real, and it feels necessary. you know, cheryl, as we watch this we will learn more about this case, and then it becomes
9:40 am
more forensics going forward i feel like. there were certain things that prosecutor said, like i can't say this or say that, we get that. we watched enough cases and cover them to know that we cannot jump to conclusions about a case and the charges. your thoughts? >> cheryl: what was interesting was the role of technology and social media, should be speaking about the fact that the teacher saw the know on the desk and took a picture. that is evidence this prosecutor can use. we debate and analyze, we demonize a lot of time social media, we demonize technology, there's always privacy fights around the use of a phone, use of social media accounts, in this particular case social media is what will give that prosecutor the tools to go after not just of the sun, but also the parents. who, as she laid out a compelling case about why they are culpable as they, in her opinion, basically bought the
9:41 am
kid is gone. all of that will be used as evidence in the courtroom, that is something that if i had lost a child, one of those four children who passed away, i will be grateful to know that there is going to be a strong case built on technology. >> harris:vidence, yeah. kayleigh. >> kayleigh: listening, as a mom, my stomach was turning. you think about sending your child to school and you are entrusting their care to a principle to a teacher, to a school system. and losing your child. imagine watching this press conference after you just experienced the most grievous loss a person can feel on this earth, and you learn that this individual was one of the 44.3% who articulates their intense in advance and he did so on a drawing on his desk. it cannot be more clear than him drawing dead bodies on his desk. the note said, "thoughts will stop, help me, my life is useless, the world is dead."
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the teacher called the no, took a picture of that because it was so alarming, sensitive the principal's office, but for which he can alter the quotes -- >> harris: who allow that to happen? you call parents and, you allow the child to sit there. the word help is so powerful, we need to have the heart to help other people who are being hurt in these instances. i know that is hard, that is what steve said so beautifully today, or at least my interpretation, steve, it was so healing to hear you say that. you need to care about everybody here, because they are all herded and but if there is culpability we need to lay that down too. emily, let's talk about that. we were talking while that played out with the charges against the parents. it went the way you set up ago previous to that, right? there needs to be something there. what did you see? >> emily: of this is my interpretation. first of all, in michigan it is not to give a gun to a minor, i want to be clear about that.
9:43 am
where the laws come into play our possession aspects which a minor cannot possess a gun without the direct supervision of an adult, which is why crumbley is being charged with weapons of offense. where the parents failed specifically, where the hook is, is that the involuntary manslaughter charge brings with a component that if they negligently meant to perform a legal duty, then they are on the hook, whether unintentional or not for manslaughter, a felony in the state of michigan. brings with it up to a 15 year jail sentence. i want to point out specifically by the prosecutor said that they failed. the parents failed and the fact that, first of all, when they were made aware that he was searching for ammunition to sheryl's point of the text messages, the mother made light of it. jennifer laughed, "lol, just okay caught." they failed to check the backpack of the sign when they were all in the meeting of the
9:44 am
teacher called after finding that egregious note, that laid out to your point a premeditated, the premeditated evidence, the evidence it was premeditated, in that meeting they failed to search the backpack when they knew that they had gifted their child a gun, that he had posed for media pictures with that, has searched for ammunition, and had drawn that horrifying image that included blood, "i am useless. blood everywhere, help me, the world is dead." they failed to act with the, they failed to look for the gun, and they resisted the idea of their son leave the school. instead they left their school with other sign, and he returned to the classroom. >> harris: two questions for you. i want to understand the different culpability is there for the school. the school is looking at this in two different ways per one is for protecting the school and the other is the mental health
9:45 am
of the student. when you bring the parents in and say how can you send them back to the classroom, how could they send them back to the classroom? >> emily: the prosecutor addressed that by saying criminally it has not risen to the level she feels of a criminal culpability by the school. we talked a moment ago about the difference between the mental health accountability the school has come of that responsibility, and also criminal accountability. let's take that off the table for now. they are the schools that you need to have your child in counseling within 48 hours, per their states regulations of having that alarming no. the teacher document today, immediately notify the principal, immediately notify the parents, took out the kit immediately. you could argue that from a mental health perspective they fulfilled their however, to steve's point, the prosecutor's point, as a resident, as a mom, it is still in egregious -- >> harris: did they ask of the family had a gun?
9:46 am
if you have a police officers to get in the room, that discussion is different. okay? that's a different discussion. >> emily: at 1:22:00 p.m., the mother texted her son, "ethan, don't do it." she knew he was a threat. and the father upon learning of the shooting and immediately drove home to look for his weapon. these parents had an inkling or an understanding of their son was a threat to someone. the fact that they did not take action, or even tell the school that there was a weapon involved in their household that was just purchased on black friday, it is beyond negligent, to quote the prosecutor, but that is an understatement. >> harris: it will be interested to see if there are call records to see if the parents reached out to anybody, to my mom on, 911. >> emily: was there a duty to notify law enforcement? the answer was no, they did not
9:47 am
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steve, listening to the president in addition to him sounded like he was having a rough go, he was tone-deaf, used words like incredible news, dramatic improvement, i think the rest of america is looking around and saying, really? >> steve: it is unbelievable. you say tone-deaf, i saw that and thought this guy literally looks and sounds like death. how long can we go on with this? with this person, this people, frail person who is clearly not in charge? look at the week he has had, stumbling and mumbling all over the place, making things up, his policy program is in total ruins. nothing is working, his pandemic response is totally incoherent, a complete mess, contradicting himself the whole time. the economic policy is failing. the idea that he will claim
9:53 am
credit for those jobs. why did we had that rebound, the v-shaped recovery at the beginning that was entirely because, as you know better than anyone, because president trump delivered the vaccines in record time so that people could start reopening the economy. what has biden done since he got in. same for the stay home, messing up the supply chain, making energy smaller so inflation goes out. the solution to this, the so-called solutions, every single one makes it worse. the port situation is worse than when he got involved to solve it. it is no wonder that everything is falling apart with the whole message that is coming from the administration. it is so confusing and chaotic. >> kayleigh: it is, cheryl talked about prepandemic, which is the hottest economy in modern history under president trump and gave it the trifecta of economic woes, the worker shortage, her terrific job reports, and inflation.
9:54 am
>> cheryl: that labor shortage that steve mentioned is continuing to be a part of these numbers. i want to point out something else though that is happening with american families. if you look at average weekly, hourly earnings, month over month, year over year, those were weaker than expected, on top of the fact that the unemployment rate still went down but they jobs number overall was weaker than expected. what does that tell you? things cost more, people are making less. that is the problem. unless you want to get a restaurant job, they are desperate right now. the small businesses out there are reporting that more than 50% of the cannot get people to show up and work at the restaurant. all this leading to higher prices, the earnings are lower, and they have the incredibly disappointed number. i've covered the jobs report this morning on fox business, i poured to the whole thing. i thought watching president biden, did he and i look at the same report? i'm not sure that he did. >> kayleigh: by the way, let's play this, peter doocy asking
9:55 am
the president a question. >> first of all, mr. president, your voice sounds a little different, are you okay? >> president biden: i'm okay, i have a test every day, a covid test, what i have is a one and one.5-year-old grandson who has a cold and ice to kiss his pot. pop. it is just a cold. >> harris: god bless them, i hope he feels better. when he says that trump was responsible for the research on the vaccine, the former president did not have the logistics to put out there. when president trump left, 700,000 plus people were getting shots in arms, as biden would call it. what is he talking about? >> kayleigh: what is he talking about? i feel for him, baby blake has a head cold. at least a mention president trump, we know the operation warp speed is why we
9:56 am
are here, why so many of us are protected from covid-19 and for that we do not think president biden, we thank president trump. the fastest vaccine for a novel pathogen in the history of our country. all right, thanks and american reports after this break. and take out up to $60,000 or more. give them a call. veteran homeowners- with home values at all-time highs and rates at near all-time lows now's the time to do more with your home equity. veterans are calling newday at a record pace to take advantage of the newday 100 va loan. you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value to upgrade the kitchen, add a pool for the grandkids, or have the security of cash in the bank. with an average cash out amount of $60,000, you can do more.
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a fox news report kickoff america reports a disappointing job report from president biden as the economic coverage continues to show signs of fragility. hello i am john roberts in washington peered santa good to be with you on friday. doesn't that sound good. >> sandra: we made it after very busy week. could be with you. i'm sandra smith in new york. could be with you during the holidays. expectations are high for job growth. higher and actually showed too slow dramatically across the board. the headline on employment rates, anticipate each month, did fall


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