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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  December 3, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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with this whopper. >> acknowledged i'm not become a governor, that he had won the election i did not challenge the outcome of the election unlike some recent folks did. laura: we have the videotape, get your freedom matters herein free ornament on [b] carley: shocking video of another mass looting breaking out in california overnight. todd: one of the latest incidents where mobs ransack stores in coordinated attacks
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was the white house press secretary gave this explanation for mass robberies in democrat run cities. >> a huge group of criminals, organizers themselves, went to the store. >> a root cause and a lot of communities is the pandemic. todd: you are watching "fox and friends first" this friday morning. carley: more on the top story, president biden is set to speak this morning following the release of the november jobs report. todd: the omicron very inference the economy with half of all americans admitting they are struggling with inflation. griff jenkins joins us with the latest. >> reporter: as we head into the peak of holiday shopping and travel, driving up heating cost of gas prices continuing to rise a new gallup poll confirms what many of us are feeling. 45% of american struggling the financial hardship triggered by
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spiking inflation, 10% described it as severe after jerome powell testified inflation is here to stay and time to stop calling it transitory with the president pushing the build back better bill as the way to solve the problem but a solution republicans are blasting. >> if you are worried about inflation the last thing, for the federal deficit. with inflation. >> this is a big concerns of the new omicron ferry and, with worker shortages. to combat the covid crisis with mandates on americans. >> it pulls no punches in the fight against covid 19. a plan that should unite us. covid 19 has been very divisive in this country. it has become a political issue which is a sad commentary.
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>> reporter: the plan includes boosters, vaccines for kids 5 and under, strict national guidelines, free testing of the new 24 hour testing requirement. it begins on monday, industry analysts concerned about holiday travel. we will see where things stand and what the president has to say. todd: jesse one is reacting to the mass exodus from vice president kamala harris's staff as her chief spokesperson heads for the door. >> trying to get out before the kamala stench 6 and too deeply. a lot of them are about resume building. who you work for in the campaign, the title in the dc office.
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they are out. the bench is so thin with mayor pete and pamela it will be like a bloodbath in a couple years because you can't have a gay white male intellectual versus a woman of color. neither of them can win the white working-class, neither of them - this is going to be the most delicious, divisive drama you could ever imagine. >> alec baldwin describing the moment his gunfire killing cinematographer hutchins -- halyna hutchins, watch this. >> i take the gun and start to caulk the gun, i'm not going to pull the trigger. just tilt it down a little bit. i cocked it and then let go of the hammer of the gun and the gun goes off. i let go of the hammer and the
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gun goes off. the notion that there was a live round in that gun did not gone on me until 45 minutes to an hour. >> guns don't go off so whatever needs to happen to manipulate firearms he did that and it was in his hands. actor dean cain gives his take on baldwin's claims. todd: jussie smollett's legal team begins its defense as he is accused of faking hate crime against himself the two brothers who jussie smollett are accused of attacking him and yelling racist anti-gay slurs. the defense said the brothers planned the attack and the tweet shows one of them is homophobic for the brothers and sister was staged and they even conducted a dry run with jussie smollett the day before. the jury taking the day off for next and weekend. the trial will resume monday.
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>> tucker carlson reacting to how the media democrats embraced jussie smollett's story before the facts came to light. >> jussie smollett fake the hate crime. the question is how did anyone anywhere ever fall for this story even for a moment? it is another lie engineered by the biden administration carried for this fact by the media. they've done it for so long they started to believe it was true, and that is why they took jussie smollett seriously when no normal person would. >> >> working at the palm beach home, he regularly cleaned up seen's massage from fighting of those items. he testified he would be asked to pick up young girls from assizes and i was told by maxwell to never look up seen in
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the eye. >> swarms of brazen robbers in california grabbing armloads of merchandise and running off of what appears to be a coordinated attack. todd: the white house is being called tone deaf for its response. >> reporter: a search in smash and grab robberies have enforcement on high alert and retailers entered the biggest shopping period of the year. police in los angeles say there have been a dozen of these robberies in two weeks. the white house is shifting blame to covid, not soft on crime policies in democrat run cities. >> a huge group of criminals organized themselves as they want to lose the store, until the shelves were clean. >> the root cause and a lot of communities is the pandemic.
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>> we fail laws allow the media release of the only suspect arrested so far. >> all the suspects taken in custody are out of custody. a result of one juvenile or the others as a result of bailing out or 0 bail criteria. >> reporter: retailers asking for anyone to help them. >> the retail industry raising their hands to look for anyone and everyone who help us find solutions for end to the crime spree. >> reporter: 314 police shot in the line of duty so far this year. a new record, ambush style effect. the santa fe council allocated 250,$000 of unused covid relief funds for license plate readers to deter the robbers.
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todd: a suspect is arrested for the home shooting of jacqueline of want, the wife of clarence of aunt. >> the suspect is ariel mainer of los angeles, an extensive criminal record, he was on parole and that is all i will say on that. todd: they arrested the individual you see at the scene of a separate home robbery, responded to the home, maynard accidentally shot himself in the foot during the burglary and was taken to the hospital. >> his record includes a public intoxication arrest in 2011, second degree robbery and great bodily injury conviction in 2013. another second degree robbery conviction in 2014. the family saying our deepest gratitude to beverly hills police department, law enforcement, diligence on this matter, let justice be served.
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terrified neighbors in the community raise money to higher and armed security guards citing the shooting and a spike in home and car robberies. extensive, rap sheet. oxford michigan schools clarify the students charged firing 30 rounds, did not face disciplinary action. even crumley's parents were calls into the school to address his behavior just hours before the shooting. the family of two students at the time of the shooting joined the story. >> being caught that morning, i would - we don't put it on. as parents it is our responsibility to know our kids. >> reporter: the oakland county prosecutors said she's considering charging the
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shooter's parents. we look at that process. todd: 10 minutes after the hour, take a look at this terrifying video showing a semi trailer, at illinois highway with a person inside. >> a big lineup on busy friday morning. doctor janette nesheiwat, brian brandenberg, joe concha all live on "fox and friends first". ♪♪
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todd: look at this. incredible video capturing the moment the driver is trapped in their cars it is dragged down the highway by a semi. the driver was changing lanes when someone got stuck on the side of the semi. the drive can be seen waving from the car. you would waive too. the semi stopped, police say the driver, it is unclear the semi driver will face charges. >> bank of america executives warning young workers to dress down amid surging crime in new york city.
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bank leadership says dressing up for wearing a bank of america logo can make them a target as they commute to work. this as america's largest city see an increase in felony assaults over the past month. todd: businesses and shoppers on high alert as smash and grab robberies across california surge with this one breaking out overnight. rachel: the los angeles's apartment ramping up controls to prevent further highest, la assistant county sheriff bruce chase joins us now. the robbery unfolded just last night, two suspect in custody. how long will they remain in custody?
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>> likely not very long. a good chance they could be released this morning. todd: reported theft in los angeles as of november 13th, a little over 7000 robberies, a little under 11,000 burglaries, the la police department, la city, la county is broader, traffic will take you two hours to get across go a county. has you covered in light of this insanity we are seeing? >> the sheriff department has 23 patrol station spread throughout the county and we provide police services to 42 of the 88 independent cities the contract with us, 150 communities, it
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provides police services to 3 million of the 10 million folks in la county, and a lot of equipment. >> the smash and grab, polluting the took place, all of these seem so brazen. some are during the day and seem coordinated and this is a jewelry store. i'm sure they walked away with a ton of money. why would they then be released this morning? >> because of things like your earlier report, chief more, counterpart from the lapd talking about a policy that is currently in effect in los angeles county was initiated at the beginning of covid to create a little extra space in the jails and they still have it going on.
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carley: when you say 0 bail there is no bail for any criminal? >> it is not everyone. there are certain crimes bail still applies. some of the suspect we arrested we have been able to get bail enhancements and if there is no record of a recent arrest, just a simple burglary charge generally someone will be released with a citation to appear at a later date. todd: we are seeing an amazing number of coordination among criminals. the formula you go how worried should every american be that what we saw on screen is coming to the community. >> we need to be aware. we have crimes of opportunity. we took calculated risks that is
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minimal, they are willing to take a chance and terrorizing, traumatizing, and communities, law enforcement working diligently to combat this. we want to get help from the justice system. carley: jen psaki was asked about smash and grab robberies because of the pandemic. anything to that? >> some issues with the pandemic. outdoor mask wearing those create an atmosphere, with can seal your identity, that is a hurdle to identify those. carley: don't think that is -
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will >> lloyd austin is souring to confront china on its driver hypersonic weapons as the us
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feel the whole becoming is country accountable for covid. todd: we have details on rising tensions. >> reporter: taking heat on a couple fronts this morning, growing military prowess have threats to the region getting a lot of attention especially recently tested hypersonic missile. it dodges defenses and could target the us. defense secretary austin discusses concerns about this. >> we have concerns about the military capabilities the prc continues to pursue and the pursuit of those capabilities increase tensions in the region. we will maintain the capabilities to defend and the detour against a range of potential threats from the prc to ourselves and our allies. >> prc the communist party of
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china and on human rights the pressure is on beijing to talk about the condition and whereabouts, she went low-profile about alleged sexual abuse by a chinese official. the international olympic committee claims she has no problem but the women's tennis association is not so sure and yanked its tournament out of the country and also the eventually worked $100 million. take a listen. >> when you watch that you can see it is very much orchestrated. it has been chosen that deal with the ioc, we've taken a firm stand and taken it for a reason. >> reporter: he went on to say
1:28 am
they know what is right and what is wrong, referring to what he thinks is a staged zoom call between the olympic committee and the tennis star. the wta move is getting a lot of kudos from fellow tennis stars and sports stars but so far other sports leagues have not gone along. there is a huge amount of money involving china and sports. carley: the world tennis association is doing with the nba didn't do, hundreds of millions of dollars on the line to prevent the nba literally apologizing to china after houston - the houston rockets hosted a sweet supporting hong kong and the nba calling his comments regrettable like supporting democracy and free
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speech is a regrettable thing to support and it is all because of money. todd: whether it is our government or private companies we spent decades chasing the chinese dollar and we have reached a point where that is coming back to bite us. we as americans whether in the government, democrat, republican, private-sector, sports league, regardless of what you are you need to make a choice now. what is more important to you? chasing the almighty dollar or your patriotic duty? we are in a situation where now we need americans to step up and say we can find money elsewhere, we need to embrace our patriotic duty and stop chasing the chinese dollar because they are playing hardball. carley: when you think of sports stars like lebron james and colin kaepernick they make money off of political statements that increase the likelihood they will keep making them and they
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stay away from the china issue because it hurts them financially. the world tennis association is the first body to stand up to china, when you think of the international olympic committee, world health organization this new variant of omicron should have been named given the greek letter xi but they didn't because it was the name of the chinese president. how pathetic is that came to a communist dictator and because of money. todd: you hope more people become tennis fans. the country has not focused on tennis the last few years and hope that changes because organizations like that -- carley: there are a lot of congressman, he wants the united states to boycott the lyrics in china, don't think it will happen but there is support for that. we will see how it unfolds. speaking of china hunter biden taking heat for his business dealings as new emails reveal
1:31 am
the president's son plotted an investment meeting with the serbian president. carley: hunter would like to get to serbia after going to madrid with his dad. once we assess the investors interest areas we can schedule a follow-up trip to talk about the specific investment opportunities. any scary is here, is the drip drip of hunter's questionable business ties continue? how damning is this? >> america's favorite son, the story has developed from being about hunter biden being this embarrassment to his family to his father, president biden with some pictures of the seedy hotels, drugs, hookers to be one about what does implicate his father in foreign interests and
1:32 am
what we see, to raise money for president biden but not for political purposes. you would then say in a nutshell this shows president biden to be the word globalist when we talk about what globalists are and their own power is seeking ahead of the country, had the interests of their fellow citizens, that is what the hunter biden story has developed. it went from being an embarrassment to exposing how his father operates and puts his own interests at of the country. carley: if you look at the email target readily intro, going to madrid with his dad, this was to drum up support for his investment company. president biden sat on the campaign trail he had no knowledge of hunter biden's foreign business dealings which is selling less likely. if that is a lie which one can assume it is, why would
1:33 am
president biden be lying about that? >> he doesn't want people to know what is going on. it is demonstrably a lie. president biden said in one interview during the campaign the only thing he ever said to his son was i hope to god you know what you are doing. doesn't sound like someone who isn't aware of the weird things his son is doing and at the very least, nervous about people finding out about what is going on and what people are finding out, president biden in many ways was putting his own interests, his own power seeking ahead of the interests of everyone else. carley: this is an important topic because it is unclear if this meeting in serbia ever took place but the emails show he wanted to take place and critics look at these emails whether hunter's business dealings with china, russia, serbia, any other country and it sounds like what
1:34 am
could be implied is hunter biden if you're meeting with the president of a foreign country and your dad is the vice president and you are doing business with the vice president's son could there be an exchange of favors and that's where it gets to the root of the concerning issue. >> we've seen other stories where president biden himself was in some ways involved and knew what his son was doing, was involved, probably gaining profit from his son's dealings on behalf of foreign adversaries on behalf of china. that's how he's lining his pockets, he doesn't want people to know it is very questionable and as the story moves on we will see more problems like that. todd: a lot of head scratchers in the news, this could be the head scratchery of the mall, jen psaki believing covid 19 is the root cause of looting. >> the president thing crime is
1:35 am
a because the pandemic? >> many people have conveyed that and one of the root reasons crime in communities is guns and gun violence. todd: how can she still say that? this is because of covid, this is because of guns when the overwhelming evidence shows this is because of liberal das and liberal policies like bail reform. >> right. this is because democrats all over the country have tried to legalize crime. like other things this administration and other democrats want to say everything is a problem other than their own policies was they invite everyone to the border, they come to the border and say that's natural, that just happens, we see hyperinflation, that's the natural course of things, they want to dump money into the economy, there wasn't needed, people not wanting to
1:36 am
work so the labor shortage and paying people for more than a year to stay home. that just happens and will sort itself out, another example, there is crime because democrats of tried legalizing crime. that the reason for this. >> it is the end of the world as we know it. it's almost hanukkah here in israel and across the former soviet union but we're fnding thousands of destitute, elderly jews who are alone and in need of basic food.
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todd: investigators looking at the sexual harassment claims that forced andrew cuomo to resign. they started a, investigation over the cover-up of covid nursing home death and expanded its probe to see if sexual harassment allegations violated civil statutes. the spokesman calling the probe, quote, politically motivated. carley: challenging a bill that would allow noncitizens to vote in municipal elections as mere deblasio signed into law. >> this bill is allowed to become law will allow foreign
1:41 am
powers having a strong presence here with a capital with the un. the ability to influence us elections. carley: the former chief of us border patrol, good morning to you. 800,000 green card holders and people with work visas would be allowed to vote if the bill passes. bill deblasio said he would sign it into law. what do you think of that? >> a terrible idea. the privilege to vote, the right to vote should be reserved for people who are here as citizens. anyone who is here, can participate in this culture, participate in politics. just like the border, just like drivers license for people here
1:42 am
illegally in-state tuition, these things are going in the wrong direction in places like new york where they are a sanctuary city and having immigration rules and enforcement around immigration protectors and adding benefits to people is a terrible idea. carley: not just new york took to way and the build back better bill, 6.5 million illegal immigrants, would allow them to get government benefits as well and the concern among some republicans, that would discourage legal immigration. >> congress has to act in a way to protect the border, resource it, add technology and infrastructure and secure the border and the rest of us most americans would agree there is reform needed, in a 1-way fashion, with amnesty without
1:43 am
debate and adding benefits. incentives are all wrong as relates to immigration enforcement and more giveaways will not help us secure the border. >> the biden administration said they are going to restart the remain in mexico policy next week following an agreement they came to mexican government. can you explain, remind our viewers what the remain in mexico policy is and how much will this impact the issue at the southern border? >> remain in mexico program, the migrant protection protocol allowed us to end the last surge in 2021. it allows people to come if they have an asylum claim, they get adjudicated and put in the system but have to remain in mexico to have -- they will later be called up in your case will be adjudicated by a judge in the state. if they get relief from the
1:44 am
immigration, they get sent home and when you have a closed loop like that with migrant protection protocols you get less traffic at the border. we ended the last surge in 2021 and when those policies were removed january 20th this year you see the largest surge in the history of this border and that happens when you open the gates, invite people in, when the rhetoric says that but the migrant protection protocols are important. i'm grateful to missouri and texas for taking the case on and forcing the government to do it in a legal way and i hope it provides relief to border communities, homeland security enterprise and agents and officers that work on the front line. carley: do you think the issue at the southern border will end once the remain in mexico policy is implemented next week? >> if they implement it correctly i did when i was still in government this will work. it will reduce traffic at the border because people will not be released in large numbers,
1:45 am
that is what - carley: one of the things that raised concern about implementing it properly, they start one border location eventually involving 73 points but does that mean an illegal immigrant comes through another entry point they can stay in the country and don't have to wait in mexico? >> this will be a challenge for implementation. you have to do it across the board. how far they go and how quickly, won't work if they do it in 7. carley: thank you for joining us. todd: the biden white house has been all over the place with its messaging on how to stop the spread of covid 19 and now vaccinating your toddler's, doctor janette nesheiwat, and the mother of four break it down next and are ready to go. here they are. ♪♪
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5 gavin do some appears to slap covid restrictions during a trip to mexico. the california globe reporting new some and his family stayed after the extent of the state of
1:50 am
emergency. even more alarming daily reports the property is owned by russian oligarchs who pleaded guilty to tax fraud in california a few months ago. todd: president biden announcing new measures to fight the omicron variant pushing vaccines for children under 5. >> doesn't include shutdowns the lockdowns the widespread vaccinations, boosters, testing a lot more. i support the independent scientific review of vaccine usage for children under 5, i will do everything in my power to support the fda to do it as safely and quickly as possible. todd: doctor janette nesheiwat and her sister. the secret is out was a working mom of four. thanks to both of you for being here. you just heard biden. is his plan say for our kids? >> yes. it depends on the age group of kids. talking about vaccination,
1:51 am
teenagers, ice coolers, they are more likely to pick up coronavirus than a two or three-year-old. it depends on your age and also if you have underlying medical conditions, asthma, diabetes or underlying heart problems, take that into consideration. todd: the numbers, covid cases in kids under 5, 2.6% of all us cases, 298 deaths. any death of a child is too many but the percentage of the population, that is ridiculously low. whenever i'm with your sister or any other doctor this is my number one concern. do i get my little one who is under 5, she is only one, vaccinating? do you feel you should get the 4-year-old vaccinating? >> no secret there's a lot of hesitation, anxiety, uncertainty is apparent to vaccinate a
1:52 am
toddler. i am not comfortable. i to stick to my pediatrician and get more facts and no more data before i make that decision is right now i am not comfortable ready but i have a 14-year-old and 11-year-old as my 14-year-old is at a higher risk than a 4-year-old so that is something i would consider for her but i am not comfortable with a toddler and so many parents feel the same way. this is not the flu and i to wait for more data and i will make the decision for my child. todd: that is the problem. i talked to a number of doctors, not just the ones i've seen on air but in my personal capacity and they are all over the ideological political spectrum, some democrats and republicans but they all say it is okay to have hesitation if you have a child that is under 2 when it comes to this vaccine under 5 with this vaccine. why is the government trying to eliminate that parental ability to ask the question and have that? >> understand your frustration and agre jaclyn.
1:53 am
it is important to have the discussion with your pediatrician. parents should be involved in a health and safety of their children. do we have solid concrete date and evidence that vaccination is safe under 5 years old? know. you know who does? china, cuba, venezuela. we need to follow the science, follow the date and make sure benefits outweigh the risks when it comes to young children. todd: yes. >> the safety of our kids is so important, once to keep them in school but we need more information. todd: i was into that one, doctor fauci demanded americans who have received the booster shot mask up. >> if you have to be in an indoor congregant setting in which you are unsure the vaccination status of the people around you, where a mask. try to do things outdoors more
1:54 am
frequently than indoors. todd: is that science or virtues signaling? >> is both. if you have cancer, chemotherapy, autoimmune disorder, you are at higher risk. it is reasonable to take the precaution. if you are not knowing if so what is vaccinated and they could cough on you, talk on you, spread the terms of the virus to you even if you are vaccinated you could pick up the virus. the goal of the virus is to keep you out of the hospital, prevent severe disease and publication. todd: take us home. are you masking up this christmas? >> i'm not. in my home we take safety measures but not masking my children. we want to enjoy the holidays. we are very safe, we take precautions, wash our hands and careful during the holidays. we do will doctor fauci as request fly with the parents but you know? >> i don't know. i find it difficult to be in an indoor venue and have to wear a mask.
1:55 am
todd: do comments like that make people question the vaccine and the boosters and their efficacy, not to get them in the first place? >> pfizer is fully fda approved, met the gold standard and i recommend to anyone talk to your doctor. into the mask -- >> talk to your doctor, get the facts from your doctor. we to she laid on the line, talk to your doctor. we talk to our doctor and the sister and we love that connection. thank you so much. coming up in the next hour of "fox and friends first," brian brentberg and joe can't a kick your weekend off right.
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go to and get 2 months free. with you in case you heard that, that's not good. new shocking video from night of mass looting in california. carley: mob is ransacked stores in


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