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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  December 3, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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♪ ♪ >> sean: that is all the time we have left this evening. as always, thank you for being with us. you make the show possible. in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled. laura ingraham is next. i'm dying to get your legal take either civilly or criminally on alec baldwin and do you believe he was coached tonight by his lawyers? >> laura: it seemed like -- well, it's unusual for alec baldwin to be a bad actor. it's actually a great themes like it is unusual for alec baldwin to be a bad actor. he's actually a great actor. the acting wasn't convincing to me so i think -- >> that he was coached and there was some acting involved in this? >> it just seemed like it to me but only the legal proceedings are going to follow will determine.
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he is going to be sued civilly and we will see what happens on the criminal front but civil lawsuits, lawyers are licking their chops over this case so absolutely. >> you have a great show as always, take it away. >> anthony fauci has now spent the better part of 18 months promising the american people the normality is right around the corner but something he said last night reveals that he doesn't want that, never did that. alec berenson band on twitter is not banned here. why he knew this all along but first the covid warriors might himself, that's the focus of tonight's angle. >> i'm not going to shut down the economy. i'm not going to shutdown the country. i'm going to shutdown the virus. >> of that going, shutting down
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the virus. despite three widely available and free vaccines along with employer and government mandates nearly 352,000 americans have died of covid thus far during biden's first year in office and while he didn't shutdown the economy, his reckless agenda has flattened the curve on wage and gdp growth. inflation soaring, eating up wages, the price of gas, food, housing climbing and millions of americans are out of the labor force because of vaccine mandates or unemployment checks. the only bright spot in biden's america are the bright red ones run by republican governors who knew early on that any response to covid had to be carefully balanced against other things like economic, educational and basic liberty interests. >> florida, we have the lowest
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covid rate in the country. a lot of those places that have high infections have mandates and passports and all these things, we should not be imposing any type of mandates or restrictions on the american people. >> it's clear what approach americans prefer. california and new york have lost them and no one will convince me youngkin's victory was not a rejection of school closures and mask mandates people are over both was the biden white house refuses to see they have a substantive problem at all. they think they can spin and spend their way out of bad poll numbers but even after he signed the infrastructure bill into law his polls sunk to another new
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low. a morning consult survey is biden added abysmal 45%. every time we report on another dismal biden benchmark the white house decides to send them to deliver remarks that are inconsequential. it was more testing sites, free at home testing kit and stricter testing of international travel so the most powerful man on the planet sounded like he was reading a press release by some intern. >> if you're wondering where to go visit i'm announcing the launch of hundreds of family vaccinations across the country. it will offer vaccinations for the whole family in 1-stop. get your booster shot. excuse me. we don't yet believe -- excuse me.
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laura: you are not excused. on the covid front of the constituency the white house is really trying to serve as the press corps. from day one of the pandemic the press is urgent lockdowns, school closures, mask mandate, any and all restrictions on our freedom and now even as most americans have moved on from covid they are still pushing biden for more isolation of the unvaccinated. >> why not go further in the direction of mandates given potential -- >> nothing is off the table, including domestic travel. >> why the hesitancy to require vaccination for domestic travel? >> we talk about those requirements on the international travel and look at all options and everything is on the table. >> all options are on the table. what the media really wants is
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for us to look like europe. but that's not all. europe is becoming its own covid police state just yesterday the austrian government approved at nationwide lockdown because they worked so well the first time. this comes after they announced paltry vaccinations for all. germany is imposing its own strict lockdowns for the unvaccinated and leadership there wants universal mandatory vaccination. germany's tactics would make the old fascists proud and don't think for a second that whoever is winding up biden every morning wouldn't do the same here with all these controls if they could but thankfully america has a constitution that protects individual liberty. states that value freedom over false promises of safety and federal judges who are one by
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one halting biden's vaccine mandate. another court challenge was announced today by oklahoma's governor on behalf of members of the national guard there who are objecting to the vaccine order for the us military. and in new jersey state legislators today did their own part in defining an order requiring they show proof of negative covid tests or proof of vaccination. a number of them ended up walking past state troopers into the house chamber. the officers eventually led them through although we hear the assembly democrats are still trying to figure out ways to physically remove these republicans, prevent them from voting but the gop is on a roll there. almost winning the governorship in new jersey and they flipped 7 seats in the new jersey legislature. it was their most successful state legislative election in three decades. new jersey republicans need to keep fighting.
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most americans need to be conscientious objectors and just say no. we need more and congressional republicans right now need to make it crystal clear that they will use every legal means at their disposal to stop any future domestic controls on the unvaccinated, no travel bans, no vaccine passports, no more mask mandates. any such executive orders coming out of the white house are illegal and unconstitutional and we believe the court will as such. they should fight these mandates for masks on planes as well forcing toddlers to wear masks, total child-abuse, the order is always and was always ineffective and idiotic so biden extended it until the spring. but as i have said since spring of 2020 if left up to the democrats and the media, we are never going to be free of masks and rolling lockdowns no matter how many americans are
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vaccinated or already had covid. >> my the only one who's going to wear a mask now even after the pandemic? i'm just going to do it. it protects you from the flu and stuff. >> it's been really nice not having the flu for a couple years. if i can go another year and a half or two without a flu i will put the mask on whether i like it or not. >> there you go. >> like these people don't come sless when they think the cameras aren't rolling. real america has gone on with life. whatever covid variants pop up next they have moved on. at the sec college football championship in atlanta on saturday 85,000 people will be cheering and yelling maskless for alabama and georgia, having
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a great time and thousands of churches across the united states, believers will be singing their hearts out without masks because most of them know the truth, the red states got covid right and biden not really running the covid response anyway. affect the president let slip today in a lame attempt at humor. >> i've seen more of doctor fauci than my wife. who is president? fauci. all kidding aside i sincerely made it. >> he sincerely means that fauci is really president and that is the angle. joining is utah senator mike lee. tonight your efforts to defund the government if they didn't recent these mandates fail but i think this vote is really significant for this reason. all 50 democrats including manchin and christensen above-noted to essentially fire military personnel etc. so how can they look at their
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constituents after this given what it does to the regular working-class people in military folks that we need so desperately? >> you are exactly right, it is imperative, we have a federal government whose tentacles reach into every aspect of human existence and threatening to fire 45 million american workers. we needed to have a vote on whether to fund that feature of government that will enforce this mandate. every senator need to put his or her name on the line and tonight they have the opportunity to do so. i'm glad i stood with the workers of utah and of america. it is sad and disgraceful that senator schumer resisted this long even allowing us to cast a vote on whether to defund those mandates. >> jason: biden's covens are was on tv today lying about the effectiveness of the vaccination mandates. >> vaccine mandates or
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requirements work, really important that we of them in the existing mandates. the best tool we have is vaccination and for those were fully vaccinated to get boosted, take their protection level to the highest level yet. >> vaccine mandates for thousands of americans out of their jobs in a down economy so how is this a success and is it a success, why in places like michigan where they push these vaccines on their people have had some of the biggest upticks in infections and hospitalizations? >> not only have they seen upticks but you also see in many instances the same people who might otherwise be persuadable to get the vaccine at some.reluctance to get them then ever.
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constitutional. >> we will talk about the constitutionality question but senator lee, you are an incredible lawyer and an amazing editor. what is your take on let's say they actually bow down to what the media wants and try to institute because of the laquan or some other variant of domestic travel ban for the unvaccinated? do you think the supreme court would uphold such a ban? >> know i don't, nor do i think
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they will uphold the employer mandate either. these are the most egregious acts of presidential overreach since april 12th of 1952, president harry truman seized every steel mill in america. the supreme court knocked down that presidential overreach and it will do the same thing here. it will take a few months which is why we need to defund this thing in the meantime. laura: thank you for pushing that vote and now we have everybody on the record. thank you. joining use jonathan turley, fox news contributor. a question i asked senator lee, let's start with the vaccine mandates that are in place now. we have the military vaccine mandate out of oklahoma tonight, the other vaccine mandates for healthcare workers, they will all end up at the supreme court. how do things look with the
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jacobson precedent from smallpox all those years ago? >> it has been a remarkable dad run for the white house. they racked up a number of losses in notably different areas, mandates related to federal contractors and the mandate with regard to medicare dealing with facilities and the big osha ruling and all those court said they don't see at the preliminary injunction states the clear authority for the government to do what it did and the fifth circuit signed biden's joseph -- chief of staff ron claim who really was really ill-advised when he cited or retweeted a statement that this was all a workaround, acknowledged that they didn't have the constitutional authority to do this directly so
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clean retweeted that we found a workaround. the fifth circuit cited that. courts don't take to work arounds in the constitution, they like to see direct authority and many problems they encountered is to avoid notice of comment they used an emergency provision under osha that allowed them to skip that. another court found it to be a problem in another mandate so there's a host of issues the courts are flagging and they are racking up a litany. laura: one of the issues much of this is being driven by things like tv doctors saying outrageous things like this. >> a major tool is vaccination. the biden administration is doing everything it can within the power of the federal government. the problem is by constitutional
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design like madison and jefferson, there are limits to the reach of the federal government. laura: they are really annoyed at the founders. they don't like that we have a constitutional republic. that annoys these people who want total medical control over individuals. >> it is rather ironic since the democrats really took donald trump to task when they believed he was acting unilaterally. this is an extraconstitutional move in some regards. keep in mind with the cdc and eviction moratorium the president acknowledged he was told by his own white house counsel the moratorium was likely unconstitutional. he acknowledged most legal experts said it was unconstitutional. they could only find one, laurence tribe, who gave a green light and he said we are going to go forward because the time it takes to strike this down, we
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will get a lot of money out the door. the courts made fast work of it but this reckless attitude of the administration toward some of this litigation, deep losses cost the executive branch for creating precedent not just against this president but future presidents. laura: on this domestic travel ban which they are itching to impose on the unvaccinated. in your estimation what is the likelihood that would survive constitutional scrutiny? >> they have considerable authority that area. it could end a close question. courts are showing greater and greater skepticism. you can make the case, not simply say we have a new variant. the courts are asking questions they didn't ask in the beginning pandemic, saying show me. laura: depriving individuals of their right to travel interstate is one of the more stunning
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things, we've never heard of that in the united states before i don't believe, thank you. now for 18 months anthony fauci has promised we will return to normal, right around the corner but we have new video that shows he never really wanted that. alex berenson is here with reaction in moments.
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♪ ♪ >> if you are fully vaccinated you can start doing the things that you have stopped doing because of the pandemic. accelerated you can start doing the things you had stopped doing because of the pandemic. >> if we succeed in this effort, americans will take a serious step toward return to normal. >> if people follow the recommendations, what to do in dribbling, and getting vaccinated, and getting boosted we could have a situation where you do get to a degree of normality. laura: some degree of normality. the truth is they never like to the old normal. they always wanted to use the pandemic to measure in a new normal and all of this was made clear in last night's covid townhall on cnn. >> everyone is talking about what to do if you are unvaccinated for without a booster or someone who has all
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three shots to protect themselves against the omicron variant. >> the question that was asked is very relevant was one of the thing that is very clear is if you have to be in an indoor congregant sitting in which you are unsure what the vaccination status is of the people around you, wear a mask. laura: does that include nancy pelosi or gavin newsom? here someone who hasn't been scared to tell the truth about this pandemic from the start, alex berenson, author of the new must-read book, i love this book, congratulations on the book. this fauci comment and the mindset from him, he is confirming what you and i have thought from the beginning that this is a way of life now. this is the american way of life, masks and mandates are never going away until we have a change in leadership. >> i think that might be true.
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it is certainly certainly no scientific rationale at this point even distinction between vaccinated and unvaccinated people in terms of their ability to transmit this, vaccinated people can walk around with very high loads of virus just like and vaccinated people and i got to see all the lies, all the misstatements from fauci and other public health people for the last two years and i understand better why everyone is so cynical, everyone who has been paying attention is so cynical about everything that comes out of this man's mouth, and everybody else who is telling us what to do. they have been wrong about practically everything from the beginning and it is increasingly clear that if we had done next to nothing we would be in the same place we are now, we might be in a better place, we might have reached herd immunity. laura: one of the experts -- >> natural immunity.
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>> msnbc, this guy, the chief medical analyst doesn't see covid going away for a long time. >> those who were wishing, myself included, for soon ending to this catastrophic pandemic, i'm afraid we just have to be waiting a while. i don't see where this is going to go away in the next 2 to 3 years. just prepare ourselves for the long haul. >> all the red states pretty much know it is endemic likely but they've learned to live with it and are moving on. they are not cowering in the corner. >> all these people were the same people tell you if you just roll up your sleeves and got two shots the data was great last year in november and december the vaccines were going to end this and you could do an hour of people saying the vaccines would end the. they are lying when they say they didn't.
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it is all on the record. it is astonishing to me. it was astonishing and remains astonishing about school closures, lockdowns. and vaccines. >> speaking about the school closure issue you might not have seen this but posted in the washington post if there was a section called the this is where it would be. in a san francisco high school the scars of remote schooling linger. the joy of being back in person, lives with the trauma and setbacks brought on by the pandemic and virtual schooling. you destroyed kids. we got totally hammered for it, we got hammered for it. >> we wanted to kill kids, killed teachers, it was all political to hurt donald trump and that story produces sent me the story and i was reading it a
12:29 am
few minutes ago. it is a tragic story, what we've done to our kids is tragic and it can never happen again. i wrote this book because i wanted people to have this down so we don't make these mistakes again. >> so many of those children are minorities or lower income kids who already have difficulty and now they have to deal with this, that is all on the democrats. congratulations on this book, everyone go out and get it. and the covid hysteria hit the gop too. earlier this week 80 house republicans voted with democrats to pass the immunization infrastructure modernization act. of this is signed into law this would help fund a federal vaccination database. does that level of intrusion sounds like something republicans should be
12:30 am
supporting? one of the republicans who did vote against this, byron donald, joined me now. proponents of this bill say all the info will be kept private so no worries there. >> i don't believe the federal government should have this kind of information at all and it is crystal clear throughout the years that there are leaks, they are hacks, this information gets out and the last thing we need is some administration like this ministration that doesn't even care about the constitution or the law targeting americans and leaking information about who is vaccinated and who is not. that is why i voted no the entire republican conference should voted no. >> what is this database going to be used for? >> what they are looking at, the democrats sponsored saying they can keep all the records together to get through future pandemics but that's not the
12:31 am
role of the federal government. they are ignoring the declaration, the constitution when it comes to the stuff. laura: couldn't it be a way to have a national database on the unvaccinated? where do they live and specifically if it gets into the wrong hands or the wrong party, surveillance, punish them, isolate them? >> that's my point. my hope is it goes nowhere in the senate mentioned they want to spend $400 million to create this thing and we are spending more money than we have, we should be spending more money to do something that goes against the health privacy of every american. it's not the business of congress who is vaccinated and who is not. laura: this is shocking that 80 republicans voted for this. sounds like there's going to be a lot of primary challenge is underway. thank you. a well-known la philanthropist was murdered in her beverly
12:32 am
hills home showing even the most elite neighborhoods there are not safe from the ongoing crime wave, trace gallagher brings a report before the head of the la police union tells us why this is happening. you don't want to miss this. gi. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: police have arrested the suspect in a brazen murder of a prominent l.a. resident who peaches police arrested the suspect in the brazen murder of a prominent la resident who was shot and killed in the beverly hills home yesterday. trace gallagher live in our la newsroom with all the latest. >> reporter: the motive remains unknown. she was a well-known philanthropy for democratic activist and wife of music legend claris about. the circumstances behind her death are a bit vague better suspected killer has a long history of violent felony. at 2:30 wednesday morning police were called to her beverly hills neighborhood where they found her suffering a gunshot wound. she was later pronounced dead in the hospital. investigators say the killer got
12:38 am
into her home by sharing a sliding glass door and then shot her with an ar 15 rifle. here's the beverly hills police chief. >> the beverly hills community let me reassure you this is one of the most protected and patrolled cities in the world. crimes of any kind will not be tolerated here. let this be a message to anyone thinking of committing a crime in beverly hills, you will be caught and brought to justice. >> the family asked justice be served but in california that's a tall order and the suspect in the killing is a prime example, 29-year-old maynard has been a career criminal his entire adult life and yet he continues to walk free. in june of 2010 he was charged with robbery and struck a plea deal for a lesser offense, successfully he was arrested for assault. prosecutors dropped the case for insufficient evidence, two years later the da's office again declined to prosecute a burglary case, two years after that maynard was finally convicted of
12:39 am
felony robbery and sentenced to 5 years. he served four and when he got out he was immediately arrested for felony robbery and under the 3 strikes law he should have been sentenced to 9 years and would still be in prison. instead he got four years and ended up serving even less. laura: my next guest has seen the shocking crime wave sweeping la. jamie mcbride, a number of friends in la who knew jacqueline of aunt very well but in beverly hills, malibu, georgetown and washington people think because they are rich they are protected. but how safe are these people in any of these neighborhoods when we have district attorneys like george gascon in la who keep this revolving door of crime going?
12:40 am
>> criminals don't know where the city line stops and starts. i forgot all over the city in los angeles in law enforcement and seen firsthand, tracking criminals into these cities, beverly hills and all over the place as they try to commit their crimes people like george gascon are helping the criminals. no such thing as helping the victim, they want you to view it is your fault to be a victim. let's not forget the aclu, the goods they served with george gascon who wrote proposition 47 is made it sound like a good thing because all of a sudden what is happening is racist, sending people to jail, it was a bag of goods. the police protective leagues and san francisco police union created a national database tracking the aclu how they help
12:41 am
to violent criminals succeed in committing crimes and not going to jail and it is you can click on your state and real time information what the aclu is doing. nobody is going to jail. i heard about the chief of beverly hills saying they are safe and i know he wishes that but no one can guarantee your safety. in california it is so violent. let's not forget this year more police officers have been killed by gunfire than any other year. laura: they all went after the three strikes law. if you are convicted sweetie serious or violent felonies you go to jail 25 to life. they all came after that law in 1994 but the aclu, they trashed it as unfair and vicious and
12:42 am
un-american etc.. >> what they did, heard about the guy stealing a slice of pizza and going to jail for life, that was their poster child but what they didn't say was the violent history before he stole that pizza. to get to that point he had to have a series of violent felony convictions. always said was he stole a slice of pizza and went to jail for life. having people on board to not go for that. laura: i to play something that happened in the white house briefing room, peter doocy asking a question of jen psaki about why crime is exploding. >> a huge group of criminals organize themselves and go to cvs, nordstrom and home depot, in the pandemic. >> a root cause and a lot of
12:43 am
communities is the pandemic. laura: is the pandemic what is driving up crime? >> not at all. when they talk about a poverty thing that is unfair to people who are poor, i don't see people doing smash and grab plastic grocery stores, not getting meals, not getting britain. they are going to louis vuitton stores, high end stores, jewelry stores including. just recently in hayward, california, there were people doing a smash and grab. in the car they had fully loaded assault rifle with two drones fully loaded. these are violent criminals but nobody is allowed to take them to jail. if they go to jail they will get released. and mind you, jacqueline of
12:44 am
aunt, with george gascon's los angeles district attorney when there's a crime like this, generally special circumstances and because of that, enhancements to life imprisonment series time or even the difficulty, george gascon made clear that nobody will get these enhancements. >> california voted for newsom, they voted against the recall and it will get a lot of bad things on the other side, thank you, glad to see. why doesn't anyone like kamala harris? adam corolla has some thoughtless details on a new comedy special, stay there.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: something interesting happened this morning >> something interesting happened in order for us to. 11 months into his first term president biden cabinet secretary was asked this. >> it is 2021. the whole point of campaigns is if you do well rob: giving, we are squarely focused on the job at hand. >> this is hilarious for a few reasons not least the dc press corps has already written his political obituary but also
12:50 am
because they are skipping over biden's current vp. what is wrong with kamala? for starters no one seems to like her. he has a 28% approval rating with the public and the people who work with her seem not to be able to stand rita. with the announcement simone sanders is leaving kamala has lost four senior aides in the last month. our next guest saw harris up close as a resident of california, she was ag there until last year. adam corolla is a comedian and host of the brand-new show truth yeller and podcast are extraordinary. i look at your special in a moment but what is up with kamala? >> if you are going to be a politician, to be good or likable, kamala is 0 for two. she's the least charismatic
12:51 am
person on the planet and i think she's very bright. this is biden's fault. he will do an affirmative action higher for the vice president of the united states, you get what you got. he said it. i want a woman of color. he got a women of color. he should have found a good woman of color. he didn't get that and now stuck with her. laura: you are a big fan of newsom especially when it comes to his handling of covid. the daily mail is reporting just days after a state of emergency in california, a mexican resort town for thanksgiving and stated at 29,$000 a night villa owned by russian oligarch. are you surprised? >> know. i have a saying, disappointed is never disappoint, that is all gavin newsom does is disappoint. he's very consistent in his
12:52 am
disappointments. the thing about newsom i don't know if you know this but thanksgiving day there was no power in my house for my sister's house for thanksgiving not because there was a fire but because the electrical grid is so weak they had to shut it down so it wouldn't cause a fire. so gavin newsom is hobnobbing in mexico and we're in a blackout in southern california and when larry elder ran against larry elder ran on getting the power grid backup and running and all gavin newsom did was focus on race and the people of california are so stupid they vote for the guy who never stops talking about racism and the power grid is falling apart. laura: smash and grab all over the state as well. i to show the debut of your new comedy series with daily wire, your first episode featured your old friend jay leno.
12:53 am
>> the biggest audience, you couldn't go to bars or restaurants yet he is 6 feet away from women. every guy looks like harvey weinstein. talk about it every night on the news, coronavirus is a war. fight like a war. when you think about it is the only war in history when the war is over all the soldiers are fatter. laura: i watched that and i thought not only do we miss jay leno every night on television but there's a reason he was the last one to get big late-night ratings on the major network. >> absolutely. it is great to do stand up special on a daily wire. hollywood is hollywood, netflix is netflix, hbo is hbo, they didn't count on other entities popping up and creating a home for voices like myself and god bless guys like jay leno, who are putting friendship over
12:54 am
partisan politics and coming on to the audience. there's two that are up now, four more to do. laura: at its best, he was never political. it was equal opportunity offenders, everyone was fair game. >> absolutely, these specials are not political at all. they are just funny but in a way maybe just being funny is being political in 2021 because somehow you have to denounce the right in order to get more applause than you do laughter. comedians are going for applause more than laughter now and that is a big mistake. laura: i cannot wait to watch. how many in the can already? >> two are in the can available >> they for coming on, can't wait was on another network stacy abrams told egregious live. we will tell you about it.
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>> laura: stacey abrams
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laura: stacy abrams let loose with this whopper. >> acknowledged i'm not become a governor, that he had won the election i did not challenge the outcome of the election unlike some recent folks did. laura: we have the videotape, get your freedom matters herein free ornament on [b] carley: shocking video of another mass looting breaking out in california overnight. todd: one of the latest incidents where mobs ransack
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