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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  December 2, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> it is thursday december 2nd, the doj had a lot to say about parent protesters at local school board meetings across the country but nothing on the deadly waukesha tragedy where violent criminal was let out on bail. >> executive that one bank begging their bosses to cancel a conference in san francisco after watching kebabs carry out mass meeting which shocked the nation. >> we begin with a fox news alert.
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this advertisement others are paid in vice president kamala harris is leaving, reports of dysfunction of the west wing. >> simone sanders is set to leave at the end of the year. brooke sigmund is live with more on this story. good morning. >> simone sanders who led communications for president biden's campaign is expected to leave the vice president's office at the end of the year. sanders is the second high-ranking advisor to leave the vice president's staff in less than a month following communications director ashley indian. two of the communication staffers, peter felts and vince evans are also reportedly leaving. reports of disorder and friction from the vice president's office have squirrel even before the high profile exit. a cnn report from two weeks ago saying sources told them harris's staff repeatedly failed her and left her exposed. cnn also reporting the president's staff has had an offender worn out by what they see as entrenched dysfunction
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and lack of focusing key west wing aids largely thrown up their hands and vice president harris and her staff. at the time harris left off reports she felt ms. use or underused by the white house. this all comes as harris's approval rating cratered in november with just 28% of americans approving of her performance. harris is also battling reports of conflict between herself and transportation secretary pete buttigieg who is a potential rival to top the presidential ticket in 2024 should president biden not run for reelection. after president biden defended buttigieg for taking two months of paternity leave amid the supply chain crisis a former harris aide told cnn that is hard to miss the specific energy the white house brings to defend the white man. they said knowing kamala harris has spent almost a year taking a lot of the hits the west wing did not want to take on themselves.
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pete buttigieg and harris will attempt to smooth over reports of a rift today making a joints trip to north carolina to promote the recently passed infrastructure package. >> that is democrat is retiring amid sweeping republican victories in the 202010 elections, peter defazio morgan, the nineteenth democrat to announce retirement as the gop creates the next list of open seats to target next year in the closely divided house. defazio who has been in office for 35 years because republican challenger by 6 points, tightest victory since his -- and his congressional history. >> democrat stacy abrams launching a campaign for georgia governor in 2022. governor brian campanelli defeating abrams in 2018, former trump advisor kellyanne conway warns abrams could win if republicans do not go out and vote.
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>> she's a formidable candidate because she's got the celebrity treatment candidates like that do, she's been on the cover of fashion magazine, vista millions and millions and millions from the likes of george soros and the soros family members, tom steyer, this is a woman who everybody should pay attention to. stacy abrams's group, basically registered 800,000 new voters in the last several years and that's a big deal. >> conway predicts david perdue could throw his hat in the ring to challenge abrams and she said she wouldn't be surprised if trump steps in. ultimately the republican is nominated in the primary to win. >> the clock is running out for us to reach a deal to keep the government open. todd: congress's bars over the extension with gop holdouts using vaccine mandates as
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leverage. the only job this guy doesn't have or maybe he does is griff jenkins joining us with more. >> reporter: could be an interesting weekend because the deadline is midnight tomorrow in a shutdown could trigger everything from national park closures to delays in social security checks. at issue a group of gop senators holding up a funding bill in an effort to defund the vaccine mandates. >> the democrats should at least allow us to have a vote on whether these vaccine mandates should be imposed by federal agencies, that is beyond their statutory authority, be on the constitutional authority of the federal government. >> not all republicans are on board. summer downplaying the likelihood the lights will get shut out tomorrow. >> a continuing resolution government funding expires friday evening. do you believe there will be a government shutdown? >> know. there is no appetite nor should
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there be on either side of the aisle. >> this is senate majority leader chuck schumer blasts republicans for playing politics with the government's funding. >> our republican colleagues can either work with us to move the process quickly through the chamber or they can engage in obstructive tactics that will make government shutdown almost a certainty. >> the house freedom caucus throwing fuel on the fire urging minority leader mitch mcconnell to block funding saying we therefore right to request that you use all procedural tools at your disposal to deny timely passage of the cr unless it prohibits funding in all respects for the vaccine mandates and enforcement thereof. where do things stand? the only think the right now is there is no deal and it could go any number of ways and note whatever the senate might pass must then go to the house so tick-tock tick-tock, we will see what happens.
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>> we certainly will. thank you. >> the first confirmed omicron variant reaches the united states, a patient in california testing positive for the new variant wednesday through san francisco testing program, doctors say the person traveled from south africa before a travel ban on the region went into effect on monday. the warehouse reporting wednesday the person is fully vaccinated and experiencing mild symptoms was that individual also quarantining. >> the border crisis, doctor fauci about why illegal immigrants are not subject to covid testing after crossing the southern border. take a listen to this. >> what about people who don't
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take a plane, border crosses coming in in huge numbers? >> that's a different issue. >> to getting on a plane, getting checks, looking at a passport, we don't have that there. this testing at the border under certain circumstances. >> that answer is important because the biden administration is considering requiring all travelers entering the us including citizens to provide a negative test regardless of vaccine status within 30 days of their flight, even one day. >> the women's tennis association suspending tournaments in china as a star remains public from the public eye deep superior from the public after accusing a former member of the chinese communist party of sexual assault. the wta, the only major sports organizations a push back on creasingly authoritarian moves is putting resurfacing in a series of videos with chinese officials but the wta saying, quote, we know where she is but i have serious doubts she's free, safe and not subject to censorship, coercion and intimidation and i have your sentiments from earlier. gonna wta to be the only one to step up. >> different from the nba's handling. >> 8 minutes after the hour americans across the country left speechless when videos
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>>, rittenhouse is not just any random killer, he is a white supremacist killer. he's a descendent of white americans who killed black and brown people. >> student it is an estate university doubled on their efforts to cancel kyle rittenhouse, doesn't gathering wednesday to demand the school band kyle from campus but some supporters showing up for nelson was acquitted last month following the deadly shooting in kenosha, wisconsin. >> that somebody claimed at all. a new survey revealing the majority of voters actually prefer companies focused on business rather going woke and speaking out on social issues. >> david webb, reality check with david webb.
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i thought this poll was so interesting. it asks should companies speak out on social issues and 63% of effective so they should. but look at the voters, the people who are buying the products, only 36 say companies should speak on social issues, does this surprise you? >> know, it really doesn't because what do people want the companies they use as a service or that makes a product to do, they want them to make a good product, provide a good service. these woke corporations ceos, senior management people, however it is, hr departments are pushing an agenda and that agenda doesn't match with what the american people want, make a good product, so is a good product or provide a good service so no shock to the average american. what may be a shocker is these corporations have been funding these leftist group like black
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lives matter and other groups and the shareholder money going out to fund these groups, those are questions we should ask, those are shocking questions. >> facebook will no longer ban users from searching for kyle rittenhouse. it basically the just of it is we are not going to censor you looking for anything regarding kyle rittenhouse anymore. the question i have to ask, why so little so late from facebook/mehta, whatever you want to call it? >> you can take this facebook state then throw it away. it is pointless which i check my facebook, my facebook has been suppressed for years. the reasons why, i don't even try to figure out. the same people writing the algorithms, they really face more of a backlash now from people who may leave facebook and when they leave,
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profitability goes away, maybe then won't leave in enough droves for facebook but the fact is the same people writing these algorithms, algorithms don't write themselves that's a certain terms and conservatives are views they don't agree with, for instance vaccine information, information about doctor fauci or the hunter biden story, now that the facts are out there more, what is facebook going to do about those, those are important stories. >> facebook clearly political, has a massive left lean to it and we read the poll that said people don't like when companies get political but it is not affecting major corporations bottom line. when you think about facebook everybody is on facebook. a company like nike, they are thriving. >> i would separate the technology company like facebook to what nike does because nike
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products i can understand people by the sneakers and are ignorant of the child labor, slave labor, various issues in china when it comes to nike but when it comes to facebook they are not that profitable on the platform. most people use business pages, advertising dollars, advertising is down. twitter was not profitable. had not met its benchmarks for a year or two. another device created by jack dorsey that was profitable for the company the people had to use. >> a new op-ed is chilling called afghanistan, the starving time. how dire is the humanitarian crisis following our botched withdrawal? >> i will give you the top line but i urge people to read this, 1700 words total in this article
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which appeared in the hill, you have 18.4 million afghans who will need aid this year. women and children most at risk. 3 million children in the case of acute malnutrition. people have to give up the things they need just to survive and it will get worse going into the winter but it won't's end when the fighting season begins because civil war is expected to. one is already underway between three groups, isis k, the taliban, resistance going on in the north, so what we see developing is ethiopia in the 1980s plus winter, people have to make dire decisions and on this one i encourage people there's a lot of detail, i source the people in kabul and neighboring countries that have escaped afghanistan. overseas, people that are working every day to save as many lives, to get our sids out
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of there and that's another problem. the 80,000 plus the came to the united states, they were screens, not that it. that is a key point but we left people behind who were working with us. we brought people over who were not working with the us which many of them if not most of them. >> any further evidence your vote his life or death consequences read david webb's op-ed. >> the biden administration doesn't want people to remember this happened if you want to go but because of articles like yours the interview you did with the afghan soccer player we are not going to forget, thank you for joining us. time now 19 after the hour. things going bad to worse for house democrats as a number member of the party announces their retiring. congressman pat allen here to tell us what republicans are doing to make the red wave a reality. ♪♪ was super excited about it.
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todd: a record number of police officers shot and killed this year. national fraternal order of police over 114 officers of been shot this year. 58 of them were killed. 95 ambush style attacks on officers were reported as well, 126% increase from last year as violent crime rises in major cities across the country. carley: wall street executives begging jpmorgan chase to cancel its conference in san francisco over the city's out of control crime. several high-ranking financiers say they don't want to make the trip because they fear for their safety. smash and grab skyrocketed after progressives in the city effectively to criminalize thefts $950. larceny thefts are up 14% from last year but an article in the san francisco chronicle talked
2:25 am
about a business owner who has business in san francisco broken into, they tried to get this, couldn't find the company to do it because there's a backlog for companies that florida business in san francisco because there are so many businesses that have been broken into. todd: list you think this is the news making up a story i talked to many people, san francisco bay area residents who love the area and protects people, these are rich wealthy people who say they don't go anywhere near the city anymore. it is legitimately scared for their lives and property and staying out, so a few years ago. carley: the thing about these smash and grabs or whatever you want to call them, san francisco has had a crime problem for use with these are organized is a lot of people involved. another fact i thought was unbelievable.
2:26 am
around-the-clock, the train's and armed security for businesses cost 30,$000 a month and security guards, what are they going to do? it is a point to the it is going out the window but better to have somebody there is a no one at all. todd: to defend property if you are not arms makes no sense. this is the sad state of affairs to circle back to the story i read before you did. cops are being shot and killed in increasing numbers, put these stories together, what is happening in america. this is not the america you and i grew up in, a sea change, something needs to change immediately. it is not just san francisco, but it is happening in cities across the company. this is worst in the bay area.
2:27 am
and and and this is a scary place. carley: a lot of people are worried especially when you hear about random attacks happening and you learn you learn the person doing the attacking has a rap sheet, arrested 26 times and when you talk to police officers they all say the same thing, the other people on the ground doing it. it is bail reform and the fact that they go to jail and around on the streets the same day. heather: gloat they will be back on the street. carley: one more thing about san francisco is fascinating. a lot of people talk about crime, don't talk about the financial element when it comes to this because of crime and the city, hurting sales tax because people aren't shopping and when it comes to one specific district in san francisco, it fell from $26 million in 2019 to
2:28 am
12 million in 2020. what happens when there's no sales tax, less money in the city - it is all connected. todd: we need janice dean's fox weather forecast. think i got the words in there. >> janice: have you downloaded the apps yet? it is amazing. you plug in dates you have coming up so they forecast as you lead to a wedding day or a picnic. a picnic is like wearing winter white. the next couple days temperatures in some cases 10 to 30 degrees above average so maybe we can have a picnic, everybody. 51 in new york for december 2nd.
2:29 am
carley: i lost track of time and haven't done any christmas shopping. 49 chicago. >> janice: 198 million people, fox weather put these graphics together which is why are they are so awesome. 93% of the lower 48, 5 degrees above average, 286 million people, that is tomorrow. that could be picnic weather across the country for december. not much to report in terms of radar, precipitation, rain, snow. we have a clipper system, had several of them this week, fast-moving storms the dive across the upper midwest, great lakes and the northeast so potential for rain in the northeast and snow, not talking epic amount of snow but on top of what we have seen measurable snow for the great lakes, that is your forecast, 46 new york, sprinkler two dallas 58, 63 in
2:30 am
el paso, 68 in los angeles, you could picnic in that. todd: an idea. >> janice: hi to all the dads out there. todd: i see what you did. carley: the doj is called out for staying silent on the deadly waukesha tragedy while focusing on parents protesting at school board meetings. how one republican is demanding answers. heather: shocking new poll showing troubling stats about how young people feel about democracy in the us. ♪♪ emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms
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todd: senators from calling out the doj for staying silent following the waukesha tragedy and focusing on parents of school kids. >> reporter: senator tom can't and is demanding answers from eric garland regarding the doj plans to respond to the recent deadly parade tragedy in waukesha, wisconsin, cotton writing, quote, you should in a memorandum for the united states attorney and the fbi directing them to bring a federal law enforcement presence to local school board meetings across the country despite lack of any apparent federal crime or
2:35 am
national outbreak of violence yet while you seem to have no hesitation to prioritize chilling free-speech from concerned parents neither you nor the front of justice appeared to have issued a public statement about the mass murder in waukesha and he should know statements about the lenient policies that appear to have allowed this attack to take place. you remember garland released the controversial memo after the national school board association asked the biden administration for assistance suggesting concerned parents were similar to domestic terrorists. the suspect in the deadly parade incident, darrell brooks junior, speaking out for the first time in a fox digital exclusive saying, a monster demonized, dehumanized. and and blaming his behavior and a broken system. instead of offering help and resources to combat the problem
2:36 am
a jail cell was given over and over again. we was like a health and resources he needs. brooks is a registered sex offender in nevada and served time, along with fines, drugs and other convictions in wisconsin. a monstrous act that was completely irredeemable, devastated and have lost sleep for days over this. obviously i wish it did not happen. >> you losing faith in the us. a new poll shows majority of young people aged 18 to 29 say the nation's democracies in trouble or has failed completely. this comes as president biden's approval with young people is slipping. here to react is ophelia jacobson. this is absolutely alarming for an old guy like me to hear. why do so many young people feel this way? >> hard to pinpoint exactly why young americans believe democracy is failing or in
2:37 am
trouble. republicans and democrats can agree it is in trouble but the exact reason democracy is failing is where we disagree a little bit. this is an alarming statistic but shows students are paying attention to what is happening in this country because democracy is failing. look what happened in the past year with restrictive covid protocols put in place by the biden administration, free-speech and freedom of speech and expression under attack in nearly every corner of society especially big tech sector and americans losing trust in the integrity of elections, these are characteristic of authoritarianism, not democracy. todd: will his numbers reprove if republicans win back congress.
2:38 am
>> one thing is for sure. we really need to focus on the fundamentals of democracy starting on college campuses where many of these young americans get their education. the leadership institute campus reform reporting how the fundamental pillars of freedom of speech and expression have been under attack at higher education institutions for years. a few examples at the university of illinois, conservative students were tabling, they were told they couldn't speak freely. students were told they couldn't endorse glenn youngking in the gubernatorial race in virginia but these values are upheld on college campus, certainly not protected in modern society or so important that students start standing up for these fundamental pillars on campus today. todd: you saw what happened, what the left is doing with regard to free-speech is mind boggling. along those lines president biden's job approval rating plummeting with young people. april of this year 59%, down in a few months, 46%.
2:39 am
do the young people who voted for biden and likely pushed him over the top do they have buyers remorse as well as all the adults you hear buyers remorse? >> i talked to many college students on campuses across the country about biden's policies. i recently did a video where i told students the biden administration was discussing the paying 450,$000 per illegal immigrant the cross the border, students had no idea that was being discussed and when i told them about it they were able to recognize the shortcomings in this instance and there were multiple videos like we have on the youtube channel, importance of pride and patriotism in this country. the poll shows 31% of young americans believe america is the greatest country in the world. what does that say? the students are not proud live in the country. if they don't think the country is worth fighting for democracy is worth saving and how are we going to fix the problems in
2:40 am
this country for republicans and democrats. putting patriotism first is recognizing the country's worth fighting for is where -- neil: the segment scratching my head wondering what is being taught in colleges and universities. kids can talk and have no idea what is going on i digress. thank you so much for your insight this morning. appreciate it. todd: mass exodus a vice president's office continues. we will tell you is heading for the door now as reports of dysfunction plague the white house, joe concha next. what the he— henry? thanks! if it's “out decorating the neighbors” season, it's walgreens season. ♪♪ what a pain in the a— alice? if it's “let's wrap this up” season,
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>> coming up on "fox and friends". america's police under attack. and report from the national fraternal order of police as more officers have been shot and killed in the line of duty this year than any other and we still have a month to go. we will talk to a panel of officers seeing the violence firsthand. donald trump is joining us live to talk about a new book among other topics at 8:00 am eastern time. florida senator marco rubio and thomas matthew have the latest from capitol hill and doctor nicole saphier explains what you
2:45 am
need to know about omicron after the first case was confirmed in san francisco. what we know about the person, how are they and more in 15 minutes. the channel you trust for morning news, back to you for 15 minutes. carley: the omicron very transfer the distraction to the us economy. todd: cheryl casone, the president insists the embattled supply chain will hold up. crisis continues to threaten holiday plans for americans but president biden, someone else to give gifts to families on time. >> we are heading into a holiday season, ups and fedex, on track to deliver more packages together. every gift they want on time, only santa claus can keep that
2:46 am
promise. jillian: in october, in long beach, they went 24/7, manufacturing activity did improve in november, the omicron. could be to port closers and higher prices. i said to call but have not heard back from him. todd: when you blame santa claus you are blaming everybody else for your problems. carley: commuters should not get rid of their masks. they will extend a mask mandate through march 18th. the first was in the us. >> this was the first confirmed case of covid 19 caused by the omicron variant, the individuals
2:47 am
fully vaccinated and experience mild symptoms. >> trains, planes, buses, cruise ships and transportation hubs and airports. and and they get what they want, or pay for prices. looking at this s&p report, they expect it to be a strong holiday shopping season. so much pent-up demand across the country, they want to spend and are willing to pay higher prices. they will be willing to do that according to s&p. todd: simone sanders stepping down from her position. carley: joe concha, the white house released a statement saying she has served honorably for three years as a valuable
2:48 am
member of the president's presidential campaign and a member of his transition team and deputy assistant to the president and senior advisor to the vice president. she really has done so much for the biden administration. she without giving interviews on candidate biden during the campaign. people saw her as a possible white house spokesperson and she's leaving, why now? >> what your biceps approval rating is 48% in 11 months that like being on the new york jets. i suspect this will result in sanders going back to other cable news networks about how evil trump and republicans are on a daily basis. how often during the campaign we saw simone sanders, how often do we see in 2021 since kamala
2:49 am
harris, the vice president herself has been practically invisible save a friendly interview every. moon but when your boss is hidden there is not much of a spokesperson job to perform. resignations are all the rage on the democratic side in general so the choice appears to be for many in 2022, resign or lose. from 40 to 60 house seats. giving republicans a sizable majority. look like folks are jumping ship at this point and finding sunnier shores. todd: the harris approval rating, 20% approve, 51 disapprove. you heard it said vp is such an easy figurehead job, why is harris botching it so badly that her top people are jumping ship? >> look at the job she was given, the border crisis, us southern border, this is a vice president and paired ice to the kkk, said legal migrant crossings should be made legal.
2:50 am
this is the person you put in charge to tackle this problem. that's not doing well. the vice president polling in the 20s. anything of the vice president is in charge of, don't seem to hear from this vice president outside a tweet here and there or a speech at nasa or with child actors but otherwise just a job that doesn't seem to be satisfying to those working for ms. harris. as you said there's disarray, a political reporter couple weeks ago. carley: there was an nbc freelance producer who was pulled over during the kyle rittenhouse trial and we have audio of that, james morrison during interaction with nbc, with police, take a listen. >> were you following a vehicle?
2:51 am
>> i was trying to see - maybe need to follow up but i don't know. >> trying to what? >> do what they told me to do? >> who is the they. the nbc booking producer. >> trying to get in contact with any of them? trying to see where he fares. todd: a quick answer. if they weren't trying to get in touch, why did this book or tell a freelancer to follow? >> that is the thing. we were trying to see if it was possible to find any leads in the case. that's not for a news organization to do during an
2:52 am
active trial. we were trying to see where key players in the trial may be asked the producer also said. what is nbc news have to say about this, that is on video, no comment yet about this revelation from the peacock. so much for transparency from a news organization that screams about the need for transparency from our leaders but doesn't apply to them apparently. carley: banned from the courtroom during the trial by the judge. president biden extending and even adding travel restrictions on the us but it is a free for all 4 illegal immigrants coming over the southern border. todd: congressman pat fallon calling over that double standard. ♪♪ come fly with me ♪♪ into the blue ♪♪ day after day. still came the belly pain, discomfort, and bloating, awful feelings he tried not showing. finally with the help of his doctor it came to be, that his symptoms were all signs of ibs-c. and that's why he said yess to adding linzess. linzess is not a laxative.
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♪ >> what about people who don't take a plane and just these border crossers coming n huge numbers. >> that's a different issue, somebody getting on a plane, getting checked. looking at a passport. we don't have that. there is testing on the border
2:57 am
under certain circumstances. carley: president biden getting called out for hypocrisy. this as stricter protocols on legal travelers today. todd: pat fallon joins us to react. it's absolute free for all on the border right now. that's uncontroverted. why do illegals have more freedoms than actual citizens now travelers that are citizens? >> todd, that's great question. that's the hypocrisy as you said of the biden administration. i mean, americans shouldn't be -- we shouldn't be worried more about government response than the actual virus itself. but we are. i mean, for the last 10 months, joe biden hasn't allowed legal travelers to come to this country. that has just been lifted recently. and yet 1.6 million have crossed the southern border from countries that don't have vaccinations really to speak of. then, when they get here, they test them sometimes, as tony fauci said, just sometimes. most of the time they are not tested. and then they are spread all over the country on the taxpayer
2:58 am
dime. that's not a way to fight a virus. that's actually a way to spread one. carley: there is so much going on in congress right now, having to do with, you know, anger and division on, that's always something that happens. but it's sort of next level right now. and to cap it all off. new york congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez posted a tweet saying people don't understand the scale, intis city and threats targeting congresswoman ilhan omar. kevin mccarthy is so desperate to be speaker that he is working with his ku klux klan caucus to look aside and allow violence targeting women of color members of congress. this cannot be ignored. what's your response to her words. >> there well ms. cortez, do we say that she using political hyperbole and pa jurorrives to fight political hyperbole and pa
2:59 am
jurorrives. it's not it says e pluribus for many one. what ms. cortez and her squad have done repeatedly very good at playing victim and guilty of divisive rhetoric themselves. todd: congressman peter defazio becoming the 19th house democrat to retire. you are in congress, you are with these folks, you feel the vibe of this place. do these folks want to get off the sinking ship or is there something more here? >> no, i think you are right. we have seen what happens under nancy pelosi' leadership. she was at the helm ganged 63 seats 10 years ago and it looks like we could -- we might not be seeing a tidal wave it might be a tsunami a red wave and we are hoping that's the case.
3:00 am
carley: less than a year away so we will continue to follow it congressman pat fallon thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> thanks todd and carley. god bless. todd: almost less than 11 months. pretty soon it will be here. carley: it's basically tomorrow. [laughter] all right, starting right now, "fox & friends." todd: have a great day, everybody. enjoy. ♪ ♪ >> testing requirements. does that include everybody? >> the answer is yes. >> what about these border crossers coming n huge numbers. >> that's a different issue. >> the hypocrisy from anthony fauci seems to know no limits. >> abortion rights in america is now in the hands ever the supreme court. >> this case could completely gut roe and casey. >> smollett. >> looking even more foolish. >> asked him and his brother fake beat him up. >> alec baldwin breaking his silence follow the fatal shooting on t


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