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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 30, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PST

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oh, great song. we see our newest guest here on "outnumbered" has just moved to america. >> douglas: great tv here. it is great to have been on "outnumbered." i love that show can vary great to meet you all. and i have to be "outnumbered" with you again. >> harris: oh, yes, and he recently had your first thanksgiving. it looked delicious. >> douglas: hopefully i will be able to eat again in time for christmas. >> harris: "america reports" now. >> john: harris, thank you so much. the dow tumbling amid concerns of the very end. jerome powell testifies before senate committee, telling lawmakers it is time to retire the transitory label for inflation. >> sandra: stocks were already under pressure after moderna ceo predicted current vaccines will be less effective against the new covid strain. we are going to have much more
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on that. charlie gasparino will be coming up a bit later in the show. >> john: buffers, president biden's visit to minnesota where he plans to tell the single legislative accomplishments on infrastructure today. economic concerns and countless other crises. we will have john roberts in washington. sandra, good to be spending tuesday with you. to be too great to be with you, john. his infrastructure plan again later today after abruptly canceling plans yesterday to address the nation about the ongoing supply chain and inflation crises. >> john: a new fox news poll shows a dramatic swing and support for the president on his handling of the pandemic with only 40% of voters approving of the job he's doing, compared to 64% just six months ago. >> sandra: peter doocy, he just ran out there.
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peter, you're take away. >> sandra, the president hosted a series of bill signings. they were about a dozen democratic senators in attendance, and covid never came up even while they were doing that, at the same time, jerome powell was up on capitol hill, telling lawmakers that no matter what you have heard from folks, here, inflation is not going to be transitory. >> i think it is probably a good time to retire that word and try to explain more clearly what we mean. >> officials are undeterred. the president is selling his trillion dollar infrastructure bill that already passed in minnesota today. the vice president is here pitching the next several trillion, the social spending plan. >> at the same time, a significant added dominic as it is, as historic as it is, our bipartisan infrastructure law is part one of two.
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we must lower the cost of living for working people in america, and to do that, congress must pass our tax. >> a lot of uncertainty for markets and job creation. vaccines and masks are a way to keep in check, even though the president was maskless in massachusetts, shopping in a store that requires them. >> please wear your mask and doors in public settings around other people, and he doesn't do that, that is going to make it harder to get other people too? >> i think you see him wearing a mask every time he comes up to an event, when he is sitting in meetings, and certainly he will continue. not for his benefit but to save their own lives and the lives of their friends and neighbors. >> so covid and the economy are all tied together, and the president very abruptly canceled remarks about the supply chain last night, but we do expect
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them to address that at some point here tomorrow. sandra. >> sandra: okay. it is shaping up to be a very busy week. >> john: the cancellation yesterday, rather odd. federal court in missouri dealing a huge blow to biden administration plans to enforce a vaccine mandate for health care workers at federally funded facilities. the court blocking the mandate after ten states challenge the order, calling to have the first dose by december 6th. critics calling it an egregious overreach by the government. no telling federal agencies to delay suspending or firing unvaccinated workers until after the holidays. we will see if they even get a chance to do that because so many people are lining up against these mandates. and making the point that being anti-mandate is not anti-vaccine. >> sandra: correct. serious questions these people are asking, and it is happening all over the country. dr. siegel is going to be coming
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up on that as we dig into that side of the covid equation, and now the new variant and whether the current vaccine that many of us have, whether these are going to be effective in finding this off. he had sort of mixed messaging, john, that we are getting from the pfizer cla and the moderna ceo. a lot of predictions of doom and gloom, yet pfizer is a ceo does believe that the current vaccine will sign off his new variant. >> john: lots to talk about in the next two hours. >> sandra: stay with us. fox news alert, meanwhile. appearing on a previous charge that he ran over the mother of his child just weeks before that parade tragedy. griff jenkins is live with more if you'd >> he was in court today on charges unrelated to last sunday's attack. the 39-year-old face is 5 pounds and two felonies of bail jumping and secondary recklessly endangering savior after allegedly running over the mother of his child in the same
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suv he used to plow through the christmas parade. some breaking news, his attorney, joe, withdrew from the case after filing a motion, riding this. "relationships and familiarity is between attorneys and the communities affected by this in the waukesha county holiday parade have created a current conflict of interest." the judge granted the motion. now a public defender will be appointed. we are also learning more in that case. according to records obtained by fox's milwaukee affiliate, he was a high risk yet given low bail which he posted days later. he faces life in prison if convicted and not christmas. attack. a six count of first-degree intentional homicide following eight year old jackson's death last week. meanwhile, the president has
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made plans to visit waukesha anytime soon. watch. >> any present going to visit a community, taking their resources, and it is not something that we have planned at this point in time. >> brooks is being held on a $5 million bail. his next court appearance comes after the new year. speed to live in washington for us, thank you. john. >> john: new bombshell book detailing hunter biden's efforts to expand business dealings in china. uncovering emails from hunter's laptop/for the president son was lavished with gifts from chinese officials while his father was serving as vice president and that biden was involved in a deal between hunter and a chinese energy giant. hunter biden, big tech, and the dirty secrets the president try to hide. miranda devine, also i fox news
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contributor. we have seen a lot of emails over the past couple of years from hunter biden's laptop. but you bring them together in this new book in a way that we have not seen before. give us the cliffsnotes versions of that, if you would. $30 million to a 3-carat diamond. >> thanks, robert. i think that top line is that joe biden lied to the american people during the campaign when he said that he knew nothing about his son's overseas business dealings. there is evidence galore on his lap top of multiple meetings that he had when he was vice president with hunter biden's business partners from overseas. from mexico, china, russia, kazakhstan. he met them in washington, d.c.. he met them in his own residence, the vice presidential residence. he met tony twice in california.
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he met them in beijing. so, he was intimately involved in hunter biden's business dealings. this was of course and influence peddling operation that had been internationalized. joe biden had been doing this in delaware for many decades, but when he became the vice president and was in charge of american policy around the world, particularly in china, he internationalized that operation, and he was involved in hunter biden -- they were making millions of dollars from overseas business partners. based solely on the fact that they had access to joe biden. and what's more, we also have evidence from the laptop that joe biden benefited financially from these deals. >> john: you mentioned this dinner at cafe milano.
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this is something that was arranged by hunter biden and his compatriots. we have an email that details a suggested guest list. you say that this flies in the face of claims by joe biden during the campaign that he knew nothing about hunter's business dealings and never spoke to him about it. >> asked, and what's more, his campaign said that this meetingn washington, d.c., at the time that we wrote about this last october, we only knew about a meeting with the ukrainian benefactor, the corrupt energy partner from the ukraine. but joe biden's campaign said that never happened. they said there was nothing in joe biden's official calendar for that day. then they briefed usa today. they said that meeting never happened.
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in the intelligence people, coming out and claiming that former intelligence and security people, claiming that the laptop had this information. their stories were basically based on russian disinformation. that was also untrue. in the evidence is there. the white house a few months a cow when ran another story about the cafe milano dinnerware was not just the ukrainians but also russians, people from kazakhstan. and they were also some mexicans -- we don't know their names. on the guest list. they were thinking emails afterwards. thinking hunter for allowing them to meet his father, joe biden. and so the white house did admit -- they said only very briefly and for religious purposes. >> john: miranda, we've got just about 30 seconds left. within the intentions ratcheting up in this tangled web involving
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the bidens, what effect could this have on national security? >> well, i think it's very serious because there is definitely the potential that the biden family is compromised. joe biden, the present, is compromised in the eyes of china. and if there is the appearance of that, it weakens america's position on the international stage. i do think that joe biden should come clean about what his relationship was with hunter biden and his business partners and what his involvement was. >> john: the book is called "laptop from hell." miranda devine puts it all together in one place. randy, thanks for being with us. >> thank you, john. >> john: sandra, when you look at the relationship between president xi jinping where he says we are not friends, and xi jinping says oh, my good friend, joe biden. you've got to wonder how all of this fits together and how it is going to play out in the future.
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again, as china really flexes its muscles on the world stage. >> sandra: congrats on the puck out today. obviously worth a read. and her reporting from the past year. it has been quietly accepted as accurate. even admitted by hunter in 2021 in his memoir. it is out there, but very little light is shed on it by the media. >> john: not a lot of people are touching this, so kudos to miranda devine for doing the research necessary to get this out there. >> sandra: el chapo sentenced in federal court moments ago. how long she will serve in prison for helping her husband drug trafficking and money laundering efforts. >> john: plus, rushing to test their formulas effectiveness against the new omicron coronavirus variant that has health experts concerned. what we know about the new strain and what americans can do
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>> john: a judge has sentenced drug kingpin el chapo's wife to three years in prison. she pled guilty to conspiracy to distribute illegal drugs and money laundering. mike emanuel here with the latest on this. i thought she would have, i feared >> no doubt about it. it is actually a full year left on what the government was requesting an well below the sentencing guidelines. emma coronel aispuro address the core during sentencing a short time ago. she asked for forgiveness and said she doesn't want her 9-year-old twin daughters to grow up without either of their parents. the government considers
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el chapo's wife a minimal participant, not a leader, boss, or manager. also working in her favor, she pleaded guilty right away and has no prior convictions or criminal history. she is 32 years old and a former teenage beauty queen. her husband was considered mexico's most wanted drug lord until he was sentenced to life in prison. so the cartel which he allowed imported more than 495 tons of cocaine, 99 tons of heroin, methamphetamines, and 99 tons of marijuana over 29 years. she is sentenced to four years of supervised release, and it was announced in court that she has already paid $1.5 million. the judge had the option to find her more, but the prosecution says she does not have the ability to pay my. she was arrested outside of washington, d.c., back in february, so that charges that were brought by the government
10:20 am
are significant. conspiracy to distribute, conspiracy to launder. violation of the kingpin act paired with noting she could have received life in prison on the distribution charge alone, so that suggest she has been cooperating with the third is, john. >> john: is she going to go into the witness protection program after this? you start cooperating, you've got some issues. >> it was noted that she may not be able to go back to mexico every because it leaks that she is probably helping him, so there you go. >> john: mike emanuel, thank you. >> sandra: johnson & johnson joining pfizer and moderna. right now health experts believes it to be more contagious than previous trains, but, but severity is still unclear. dr. marc siegel joins us now. author of the book, which is what we need you right now to dig through the theater.
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take through the panic, dr. siegel, and i really ask a two-part question, but i will. is the omicron variant -- is that more contagious, and if contracted, is that more severe than the current strain? >> so, sandra, good afternoon. that is a question on everybody's mind. they are starting to be signs that this might have been here for a while. it didn't originate in south africa. they got caught with holding it, and they are being punished right now. they are feeling spotlighted with all of these travel bands. but meanwhile, the question is if it has been around a long time, it is less worrisome. i want to reassure people that is probably the case. but one of the reasons we can't prove that yet is it doesn't have enough genetic variation. as a virus because around for a while, you start seeing variation within the variation. we are not there yet because we have not sampled enough of them. the other is how severe it is.
10:22 am
there is no sense that it is more severe than delta. there is some evidence earlier that it was less severe, that it is milder than delta, which is still the predominant strain. but that is mainly young people that have been coming up with that so far. what is going to happen once older people get it? i will tell you another bit of good news. it is looking from early studies like the vaccine is going to work against us variant. the question is how much? facts and knowledge us around the country i have talked to her studying this, and i talked to scott gottlieb today on the radio today, and he said pointblank it is going to cover the variant. the question is how much. it is going to make antibodies, cover it. you've got to be posted. you've got to be up-to-date. get that this or if you had it yet. we will see how many break their cases we have. but there is going to be a level of a man protection from the vaccine can't >> sandra: still
10:23 am
very serious, feels like some good news. "the wall street journal" editorial board really trying to dig through all lot of the hype over this or whatever you want to call it. panic of interest. seeing us being nine, the friday freak out over at the new variant. president biden is calming down, although other politicians continue to impose restrictions that will do more harm than good because that is the fear right now. that we will sort of overreact to what we have learned early on about this variant. senator rand paul is making a very interesting suggestion about the vaccines we are getting. someone going out to get their booster, why don't we look at the new variant and adapt like we do the flu shot? here is the senator appeared >> if he wants to talk about the science, the current vaccine is not working very well. that is what we should be
10:24 am
talking about. how come we don't get a new vaccine every year? how do we make it easier? >> sandra: by the way, we have calls out to pfizer and moderna. are they adapting right now for these new variants? >> let me answer both of those questions. i think this is likely milder than delta, and all the panic and fear is counterproductive. it is going to cause depression, delays and medical care for other diseases. hugely dangerous. dr. gottlieb, on the board of pfizer, answer that directly. he said in 90 days, they can gear up, get this out there, get millions of doses out. 90 days is the timeline he gave. which i found very encouraging. that is the answer to senator paul's question. >> sandra: should you wait
10:25 am
three months until they adopt a vaccine, or should you get it now? >> absolutely not. you want to get the supreme protection now. it is going to give you protection against this variant. maybe not as much as for delta, but you will get significant protection with this booster. we can always talk three months down the line. i'm really happy with that timeline, but they are in the process of working on it now. >> sandra: dr. siegel, thank you very much. i hope i asked a lot of the questions people have at home because i'm sure you get the questions on your end as well. by the way, we have got the pfizer ceo that i would love to join us sometime in the future. and moderna, no response yet. >> john: you know who will be joining us in the very near future? dr. nicole saphier. sharp rise in violent crime in oakland. convincing the mayor to reverse
10:26 am
plans for defunding the police. what do you know about that? the push for more police as crime skyrockets. >> sandra: plus, chris, facing new fire as details come out about his efforts to protect his brother, former governor of new york, andrew cuomo. can the cnn star survive the scandal? howie kurtz will way and in moments.
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10:32 am
real crime." he faces six counts of felony disorderly conduct. >> john: cnn now saying it will review newly released records that show anchors chris cuomo coaching his brother on possible responses to allegations of sexual harassment. howie kurtz hosts "media buzz." good to see you. he reached out to new sources for information about what was going on in terms of people coming forward accusing his brother. how much hot water do you think he is in? >> a lot more than he was in a few months ago when he said on the air that he was sorry for what he had done, but at the same time, he said i never did this on my brother's behalf. we now know that is not true. seeing his lame statements about we are going to have conversations, clarity, if any
10:33 am
other journalist had helped a political sibling so extensively, that person would be gone. >> john: it is interesting that the attorney general of new york state put out a lot of these details, including this transcript of the cuomo talking with the prosecutorial investigator. but i one point in this transcript, they include text that cuomo texted his brother saying "i have a lead on the wedding girl," a reference, touching her inappropriately at a wedding. and also this on march 14th, a response to an article in the new yorker by ronan farrow. "if he has nothing better, that is a great sign." so he was taking a pretty active role there. >> he was quite busy doing this, and ronan farrow, about to publish an investigation in the new yorker, simply that cuomo
10:34 am
was using his street cred as a cable news anchor to reach out to other journalists. he called a journalist friend to find out the pieces not coming out tomorrow, doesn't seem to have any new accusers. the wedding girl, that seems to suggest that at least in a couple of cases, chris cuomo was trying to gather intel on the background of the accusers. this is a whole series of sexual harassment allegations against his brother that go far beyond just privately providing advice to his brother. >> john: let's rewind the tape to august. here is what chris cuomo thought about what he was doing in terms of helping his brother out. >> i said pointblank i cannot be objective when it comes to my family. so i never reported on this, and when it happened, i try to be there for my brother. i am not an advisor. i am a brother. i was not in control of anything. i was there to listen and offer my take. >> john: my take is that my brother should on this.
10:35 am
that statement now in hindsight seems to be at the very least, incomplete. >> it is a question of what is your journalistic responsibility? no one is surprised that chris cuomo would privately advise andrew cuomo about what to do, but when you get into fitting information from your sources to the governor's top aide, that crosses so many bright red mind that some critics now, including some liberal journalist, they are saying it is time for cuomo to resign. >> john: let's put it up on the screen. "we will be having conversations and seeking additional clarity about the significance." you no, jeff zucker, who run cnn, is really an cuomo's court. he has been a loyal foot soldier for him. he stood by him so far. can he continue to? >> will cnn want to be in the business of appearing to condone conduct that would be seen as probably unprofessional?
10:36 am
there has been no disciplinary action taken toward chris cuomo and any others. the question is can jeff zucker withstand the pressure? and i think the temperature is getting higher. >> john: all right, we will see which way this goes. always great to see you. we will see you again on sunday. >> sandra: we will keep our eye on that story. dr. mehmet oz confirming to fox he is entering pennsylvania senate race as a republican. sean parnell suspended his campaign earlier this month after allegations of abuse against his wife and children. dr. oz still sounds his show, of course, and practice of medicine here in manhattan. he will be a guest tonight at 9:00 on "hannity." we will be watching that. very familiar to my audience, obviously. some digging up some things he said back in 2007 where he sort of mentioned there might be a political future for him.
10:37 am
there you go. >> john: when i first got to know him in 1997 when he was a cardiac thoracic surgeon, and i remember waiting to do an interview with him. calm down and set by the way, john roberts is up in your office, and all they heard from the operating room was yelling and screaming. so clearly, something wasn't going according to plan. it will be interesting to watch that. >> sandra: absolutely. watch them tonight on "hannity." bret baier will confirm the news at 4:00. joining us at the top of the highway. >> john: runaway inflation and a sluggish supply chain i think family is hired. so what are large manufacturers doing in response to these challenges? we will speak to the ceo of one of america's largest toy companies who met with the president. add speed to jerome powell with some dire warnings.
10:38 am
the potential impact of the omicron variant on the economy. but if powell is actually serious about addressing the issues, which he downplayed for months now. charlie gasparino will dig into that for us, next. ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners- you made a smart move when you bought your home. now make another one and turn your equity into cash. with the newday 100 va loan you can take out up to $60,000 or more.
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10:43 am
police department and hire more officers amid a spike in crime. it comes after a weekend in which three people were killed, bringing the total number to 127 this year. claudia cowan line with more. things do not look at there in the bay area. >> they really don't get such a crime wave happening here, john, and oakland was one of the first big u.s. cities to join the defund of the police movement last summer, but now, and a stunning reversal, the mayor is pitching a plan to hire more officers as soon as possible. the announcement comes after another weekend of fatal shootings, including a retired oakland police officer who was acting as a security guard for a tv news crew covering crime. the man who was gunned down in the middle of the day trying to stop a car robbery near a popular spot for families and tourists. it is up from last year and far
10:44 am
surpasses the 75 homicides oakland saw in 2019 before the pandemic. assault and burglary is also up. the mayor says it is the lowest it has been in a decade and has fallen below a 2014 voter approved mandate to have 670 officers on the forest. she says on friday she will propose a revised hiring plan to get the staffing levels up. and that's not all. >> presenting an analysis to make the case to reverse the cuts that are planned for just eight months from now. that analysis will make the case that additional police staffing is needed in the wake of this violence free. >> oakland voted to cut more than $18 million for the plan and redirect the funds toward social services and violence
10:45 am
prevention programs. on top of that, officers were leaving the city faster and new officers could be hired, and in just a few minutes, the police chief will be holding a conference to talk about this recent spike in gun violence that in many cases has seemed so random and brazen, it has left some residents afraid to leave their homes. back to you. >> john: i can't blame them for that. no question. claudia cowan for us, thank you. >> sandra: that's coming out of the oakland county sheriff's office at this time. the shooting has been confirmed, and we are also learning that the shooter is in custody along with the gun. an active shooter at oxford high school in oxford township. 12:55:00 p.m. today. we are being told it is still an active scene. they say they have multiple patrol units, multiple ems units on the scene along with swat and
10:46 am
aviation. they have one suspected shooter in custody along with a handgun, and they do not believe at this time there are any other active shooters. there are multiple victims, four to six, no confirmed fatal shooting victims at this time. they are going to bring us news from there as weak at that. we will bring it to you. there is a live helicopter look at the scene. an active shooter situation. they do have one shooter and a handgun in custody. we are going to continue to monitor this. we will bring you news as we get it. >> john: we should mention that is michigan. halfway between detroit and flint. president biden reportedly looking to open the lines of communication between china and the united states. how realistic is not planned? general jack keane here to weigh in. ♪ ♪ earn about covid-19,
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sexual fox news alert. now taking a look at the dow, showing a drop. just on friday, down 900 points.
10:51 am
cheers of the spreading omicron variant. possible shutdowns, although president biden wrote that out, saying it is not on the table right now, but you've got the news today that jerome powell on capitol hill, warns that the current inflationary situation we are all living in is not transitory as he has long said. let's bring in charlie gasparino. correct me if i am wrong. their interpretation of that is that the fed might have to change strategies, and if they are acknowledging inflation is not going to go away anytime soon. >> this is really not a good day for jerome powell. his policy has been totally wrong. and he probably created inflation by not moving fast enough. you can make the case that he didn't do it, didn't raise rates -- should have tapered sooner. i think he should have tapered a
10:52 am
lot sooner. we should move off of the 0% interest rates, particularly on the low end. >> sandra: described that to our audience. he has kept a very easy money, free-flowing environment. >> the fed is still printing money. you do that by bond purchases, refuse to market with liquidity. you do that by keeping interest rates are very low rates. he started way too late in the face of mounting inflation. >> sandra: but the point was he was still trying to respond to this emergency situation that was us trying to recover from a pandemic. and he didn't change strategy as i got better. >> or he just wanted to get reappointed by biden. and that's why this is a dark day for his fed chairmanship. he should not be reappointed. although the person they should probably put in instead of him
10:53 am
will probably be 15 times worse. >> sandra: a lot of market watchers were okay with jerome powell staying. >> so? wall street guys like him because he used to work on wall street. that doesn't mean he has very good. >> sandra: that's fair. >> part of the fed's mandate, keep inflation low. he has not done that. >> sandra: here is jerome powell in his own words. >> the recent rise in covid-19 cases and the emergence of the omicron variant poses downside risks to the economic activity and increased uncertainty for inflation. greater concerns about the virus could reduce people's willingness to work in person, which would slow progress in the labor market and intensify supply chain disruption. >> sandra: could markets be selling off on that too? >> actually, it does not echo 2020. it echoes 1978, '79.
10:54 am
what he is saying, we have to raise interest rates. we have to cut back. we have to taper. essentially printing less money. that is going to slow down the economy at a time when people are not going to stay home. >> sandra: but he is projecting 5% growth. >> the markets interpret that higher inflation to slow down the economy at the same time, which is what we had in the '70s. >> sandra: can't we say by definition that the inflation situation is not transitory? we have been living in it for months now. >> confirmation hearing is going to be interesting. i want to see joe manchin grill him on inflation and why he was so slow on this thing. >> sandra: by the way, as we do look at the dow, there was a bit of a recovery in the markets
10:55 am
yesterday. you are still talking about -- okay, but bigger picture, we are still in the middle of a bold market rally. still sitting near all-time highs. >> when you print money, you create bubbles. >> sandra: you but as far as him getting grilled on the inflation situation, we are all paying more for fuel, housing. >> i want to see joe manchin do it. >> sandra: listen. >> opening statement that you indicated that pressures will linger well into next year. do you stand by that? >> yes. i think we now see certainly through the middle of last year, it is an expectation. >> sandra: that is a long time for the average american family. >> that is not transitory. >> sandra: it is going to stay. like this will eventually go away, but that is not a quick release from the pressure. >> he gets his talking points
10:56 am
from jen psaki. >> sandra: charlie gasparino, always saying at -- >> do you doubt that? >> sandra: i don't want to get into it. >> john: still not knowing how big of a public health threat the omicron variant poses. and take out up to $60,000 or more. veteran homeowners- have you been spending more time at home? imagining the possibilities? like a bigger kitchen, a swimming pool for the grandkids, or a backyard deck. your va home loan benefit and the newday 100 va loan make it possible. by borrowing up to 100% of your home's value you can take out up to $60,000 or more. with home values at all time highs,
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as i got older, my hearing was not so good so i got hearing aids. my vision was not as good as it used to be, got a change in prescription. but the thing missing was my memory. i saw a prevagen commercial and i thought, "that makes sense." i just didn't have to work so hard to remember things. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> sandra: fox news alert as biden lands in minnesota, pitching his infrastructure bill that has already cleared and congress. >> john: but not in the senate, the bipartisan infrastructure bill to pass, but there is still one more to go. a far cry from the topics that had many americans talking. >> i probably saw 50 to 80 people in ski masks, crowbars.
11:01 am
>> they were going to hurt him. actually threatened a customer, but got away. >> angered, troubled by the callousness of the crime. >> i was trying to figure out what's going on? why are they all running, carrying tvs? >> sandra: year hearing it there. city after city, resident after resident, shaken from rising crimes. making it easier on the cracks. >> john: one liberal city making it even easier. they will commit the crime for you. just bring your own drugs. the new york city government will take care of the rest. >> sandra: the omicron variant top of mind. does that mean the push to wear masks is never going away? say it ain't so pure dr. nicole saphier will answer that question. >> john: the headlines take a page from the past. >> guns are more important than the health and welfare of the
11:02 am
average man. only the tyrants can enjoy. >> john: the nuclear threat as the united states considering move we have not seen since kennedy. is it time to make sure that you countries do not blow each other up? ominous thought. good afternoon. i am john roberts in washington. sandra, good to be with you. >> sandra: here we go into our . the top executive at mattel fresh from talking to the president yesterday about the supply chain. we will see if he has any tips or santa about the year's hottest toys. and if you can even get them. but we begin with the fox news alert. and president biden now in the air. he is on his way to minnesota in the twin cities. speaking about the bipartisan infrastructure bill that passed congress.
11:03 am
working to sell his separate social spending bill that stalled in the senate. critics say he is out of touch with the country dealing with the multiple crises, including rising crime and rising prices and rising fears of the new covid thread. when it comes to the pandemic, polls show americans had high hopes, and now as the threat of the omicron grows, that is gone. hello to you. >> hey, sandra. >> sandra: we have the president traveling today. got a lot to deal with. a lot of crazies on his plate. they are selling the infrastructure bill, taking a victory lap, if you will. amid very low approval ratings, they seem to be dipping further. >> now signed into law. they are trying to pitch it
11:04 am
afterwards. after it has been through congress to say here is what is coming your way. they have more pressing matters up on capitol hill. raise the debt ceiling sometime in december. and ideally, for democrats, the need to push back to you builds the reconciliation bill before christmas. seems like a tall order, considering how low his approval ratings are. and on specific issues, very low. i heard your conversation earlier with charlie, and i think that's right on. what he is saying on capitol hill is putting the markets with inflation. with the omicron virus. and with what is going to happen with interest rates. >> sandra: up on the screen there, a lot of the professional traders, they are spooked. dow jones industrial average after about a big hit that it took on friday seems to be dipping further today. a little bit of a recovery
11:05 am
yesterday. on the handling of the pandemic if we put it back up on the screen, the approval rating on his handling has dipped down to 48%. when you look back at me, there were high hopes for this president. he was sitting at 64%. he has dropped nearly 20-point since then, bret. this is not just a small blip. >> part of that is communication. part of it is how they dealt with the messaging around the coronavirus. what has been said about vaccine mandates and whether he was going to mandate or push forward. now there is this back and forth on the osha rule. businesses with 150 employees or more. you have a number of different communities around the country dealing with real issues of health care workers who decided not to get the vaccine or getting fired. at a time when they need more health care workers. you can go down the line. law enforcement, fire.
11:06 am
all of these different avenues of towns and cities dealing with these personnel issues. >> sandra: and then those questions over whether this administration is just completely out of touch with policies and what they are pushing on the american people, particularly when people are dealing with inflation, rising fuel prices. pete buttigieg had the suggestion for american families dealing with just that. >> there is more envisioned in the build back better law. it contains incentives to make it more affordable to buy and electric vehicle for families thinking about getting a new vehicle. they will never have to worry about gas prices again. >> sandra: you but you will have to worry about the tea thousand dollar price tag to buy one of those. last i checked, electricity prices are going up as well. the price of electricity is up over 6.5% over the last year as well. there is no room to hide.
11:07 am
>> when people are working in the middle of the country, all over the place, a lot of them check the check, trying to get by. thinking about buying the electric vehicle is not in the forefront of a lot of families. gas prices factor in the in a lot of different ways. not just in your personal family but how much things cost around the country. that seems a little disconnected. the transportation secretary as he is pitching this on the road. >> sandra: people want a solution. they want to get to where they need to go and get those items on store shelves. real quick, dr. mamet's, you are just able to confirm news about the doctor. >> dr. oz is getting in the u.s. senate race in pennsylvania, making that announcement. that is a big development. he is likely going to go into the lead. remember sean parnell, considered the favorite, had the
11:08 am
endorsement of former president trump. he has suspended his campaign, dropped out of that race after a bitter custody battle with his kids with his ex-wife. dr. oz takes the position. retiring in pennsylvania. >> sandra: running as a republican, moderate republican. >> we are going to hear a lot more about his thought process that is why he is doing it in the different aspects. he is going to be on sean hannity's show tonight. >> sandra: we will certainly be watching that. great to see you. >> john: sandra, the omicron variant, new york city may be seeing signs of a winter covid surge. holiday travel and gatherings are just getting started. cases that she month high there. dr. nicole saphier joins us. fox news medical contributor and
11:09 am
board certified radiologist. that's what the latest tracking on covid cases for the state of new york up on the screen. now at about 6200 cases per day on the seven day rolling average. you can see the spike there. is this another indication that, like the flu, covid may be here to stay? >> that's right, john. we did see cases come down from the delta waves. they did plateau at a relatively high number. unfortunately, while the northeast was not hit as high, we are seeing a rise in cases. and i can tell you throughout new york city and new jersey, we have been having snow flurries. what does that mean? people go inside. people start getting into small indoor spaces. because of boosters and masks, people are letting down their guard. even if you are vaccinated, even if you are boosted, you can still get covid-19 and transmit to others.
11:10 am
we have to do what we can to decrease cases. >> john: earlier today, president trump's point person on the vaccine suggested that we've got to start treating this like it is a seasonal or may be permanent fixture in society. let's go to what he said. >> we need to stop keeping our kids out of school. we need to get people back to work, get people out of depression and all the things they have gone through. we can live with us, and we are going to have to. it is going to be here at a much lower level because of the tools, but do not expect it to go to zero. if we think it is going to go to zero, it is going to cause disappointment and disruption in our society. >> john: is he right? >> well, absolutely, john. he is correct in this. i think a year ago i said we have all gotten to this point -- there is a flu season. it is going to be flu and covid
11:11 am
season for the majority of people. here is something to think about, john. you have to think about it now. we are a year out from those initial vaccine campaigns. he became eligible at the end of december. we are a year out. people need to change their way of thinking and wrath i had around okay, here we are again. we just hit that cycle. it is time to potentially go out and get your booster. the cdc has recommending them for adults 18 and older. just like with the flu shot, this may be an annual thing. we have to change our mind-set. >> john: we are still trying to figure out exactly what the threat from omicron's. the w.h.o. suggests that it could be significant. we've got the president out there saying everyone should put the mask back on when they are indoor, which would seem to fly in the face of cdc guidance.
11:12 am
washington, d.c., follows. just recently relaxed its mask mandate. jen psaki was asked about this yesterday. whether or not the president was in line with the cdc guidance. here is what she said. >> that guidance from the cdc has not changed. which d.c. is abiding by. our guidance continues to be to follow the advice and counsel of national public health experts from the cdc and others. >> john: she is saying follow the guidance of national public health experts and relaxing its mask mandate. then on the other hand, you've got the president saying everybody wear a mask indoors. who do we listen to? >> well, we can argue semantics all day long, but at the end of the day, not just people going to the grocery store, picking up their routine things. most often, it is occurring when you have people gathering
11:13 am
together. even in the comfort of their homes. we are not going to tell people to mask up in their homes, but there is no amount of masking and boosting that is going to get us out of this covid-19 pandemic. cases are rising. we do need to be limiting some of their indoor gatherings. keep you and your family healthy and safe. however, for the economic future, it is very important that we keep a pulse on the economic health of the nation. we do not shutdown international travel. we do not shut down from outside events. we need to move forward. we have vaccines. we have boosters. we have treatment. we have ways to boost our own immunity naturally. >> john: all right. i'll get advice on this. dr. nicole saphier, always appreciate that. >> thanks for having me. >> sandra: you an update on the situation we reported just moments ago. oxford township where someone
11:14 am
opened fire at a high school, shooting four to six people. none has been confirmed dead, thankfully. police responded just before 1:00 in the afternoon to their report of an active shooter inside of oxford high school in oxford township. the suspected shooter has been arrested. a handgun has been recovered. this is oakland county where you are seeing an aerial shot of the chopper taking a shot of another chopper. four to six people reported wounded. no fatalities. and we are not immediately made clear whether the wounded are students of that high school. our pictures were showing us where we saw members of the s.w.a.t. team entering the building. very orderly. but an active situation. again, the shooter is in custody. we believe there are no others.
11:15 am
>> john: just making sure there is nobody else that is involved with this. we should point out that oxford is 30 miles northwest of detroit. considered a suburb of detroit. halfway between detroit and flint. the wildcats are the sports team there. looks like a great high school from what we have seen in terms of fairly new. great facility there. this population itself is about 4,000 or so. i would imagine the student population they would probably be in the mid hundreds. we are not getting a whole lot of information yet, sandra, other than what the sheriff's office tweeted out, which was that four to six people were injured in the sand that the gunmen was in custody. >> sandra: and this chopper that just landed in the parking lot, the survival helicopter just ahead of that.
11:16 am
coming down. the conditions of those that were injured is not yet known. to be honest, john, in the reporting, we do not know if they have transported them to a local hospital or if they were waiting on this medevac. that could be taking place right now. these are live images. >> john: typically when a medevac is involved here, there are serious injuries. that is just sort of a matter of course. but we will keep on following this and see what kind of activity we get there. the oxford high school. oxford township, about 30 miles northwest of detroit. >> sandra: smash and grab robberies becoming a big problem in several cities. what are shopping centers doing to make sure crowds stay safe? >> john: president biden met with some of the top retail ceos at the white house, telling them he is addressing
11:17 am
the supply chain crisis. but do any of them have high hopes, following months of inaction? the ceo of mattel toys will tell us how that meeting went, coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th
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♪ ♪ >> john: the smash and grab the attacks, retailers are gearing up with more security. this has many are already struggling with labor shortages, shipping delays, and higher costs due to inflation. live on madison avenue in new york city at the site of one of these recent robberies. no place seems to be safe these days. >> no, unfortunately not, john. on madison avenue, this is an area with high-end retail.
11:23 am
predominately have been the victims of these smash and grab crimes. earlier this month, ten to 15 people broke into this story, and then a matter of minutes, stole up to $80,000 worth of goods. this is not just happening in new york. it is really happening across the u.s. this past weekend alone, hundreds of thousands of dollars of goods were stolen from stores in a coordinated and organized attack. the strategic approach is making stores rethink their strategy for safety. >> it is not new to the high-end stores, but now it has become a pandemic in the way it is happening. it is constant. it is a big fear fear they are hiring security, but you need to have an effective plan with the security companies. >> in terms of what goes into those hires, everything from cameras to gates that go behind glass doors and of course hiring security officers themselves.
11:24 am
today, walking up and down the street, and the store has one inside as well. unfortunately, they are not many signs that the problem is going away anytime soon. 69% of retailers say they have seen an increase in organized retail threats. now the issue, john, is that we are coming up on the holiday season. so the demand is still there. they will take that guts, then turn around and sell them on online marketplaces where there is not a lot of regulation. we are almost a month away from christmas, so there is still opportunity there. there is fear that we could be seeing more of the smash and grab crimes. >> john: it is the wild west these days. on madison avenue, thank you. >> sandra: president biden meeting to discuss the ongoing supply chain crisis. pledging to the executives in the room that he would do everything possible to untangle the supply chain and keep the
11:25 am
store shelves stocked for the holidays. so, did he assure those business leaders walking away from it? let's bring in the ceo for mattel, ynon kreiz. sir, great to have you here today. we want to know about the hottest toys, but mostly, we want to know what our holiday shopping season is going to look like. did the president give you any assurances that he's got this when it comes to the supply chain crisis? >> yes, hi, sandra. i was very encouraged by president biden's commitment to support the private sector, mitigating supply chain disruptions. mattel appreciates the leadership and the focused attention and resources in this important area. we are grateful for the invitation to the white house to share information about mattel's perspective on the supply chain.
11:26 am
>> sandra: . i get in there? with a limited time we have, what specifics did the president offer you and other business leaders that they are implementing decisions that will solve this crisis? >> the main focus was on relieving the congestion and putting more focus, more emphasis on all of the constituents to make sure that we pool our resources together to mitigate that disruption. and we are seeing improvement. we are seeing ports be more open and a better flow of goods and products into the country. >> sandra: it's been a rough ride. we have had other twice twice he has on as well. some big, some small. what has been like for your company trying to get things just right for the holidays? >> broadly speaking, the industry has faced disruption, but in the u.s., industry is
11:27 am
heading towards a second record here. 60% growth last year. and year to date so far by october. we do expect to have plenty of toys for children of all ages this holiday season. we work very closely with our partners to make sure that we have the right product in the right quantities at the right time on shelves to satisfy as many holiday consumers as possible. >> sandra: okay, so sounds like you have a pretty optimistic view of what is going to happen this holiday season. as far as those that rushed out to buy early because so many said it was necessary to get what you want. there were warnings that your kids favorite toy might not be available later on. do you expect the strong sales to continue all the way to christmas day? >> yeah, we are seeing incredible demand. our product is resonating at levels we have not seen in years. we are working through supply
11:28 am
chain challenges. we are not sure we will be able to meet all of the demand, that we are doing what we can to make sure we have as much product as possible on shelves. >> sandra: i promised i would ask about the hottest toys, but to dig into that last comment, what has been your biggest challenge? >> it is really about navigating the disruption, being able to cater to demand and at the same time navigate disruption across the board. we have very encouraged by the progress we have made, and we see the supply chain as a competitive advantage. >> sandra: the hottest why? what do you believe is going to be flying off the shelves? what is going to be at the top of many kids christmas list? >> well, barbie is always an incredible product. this christmas season, the new barbie dream house is going to be a big winner.
11:29 am
very exciting products. but additionally, hot wheels, monster truck. masters of the universe. just a delight. and american girl. it is going to be a very hot seller. >> sandra: has someone who is christmas dreams were fulfilled by the barbie dream house when i was little, i hope every little girl who asked for one gets one. we thank you for coming on and talking about it, and we hope that you are able to overcome the obstacles. things were talking about it. we appreciate your time, sir. you heard it here. barbie, hot wheels, american girl. >> john: we have the giving tree at our church and a lot of tags have got written on the "barbie dream house." there may be a few on the way. >> sandra: absolutely. i hope so. >> john: russia's president issuing a stern warning about
11:30 am
crossing into ukraine. >> sandra: plus, the u.s. considers taking a page from the cold war as the china threat heats up. general jack keane is on deck. ♪ ♪ >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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>> john: vladimir putin draws the red lion with the nato, reassuring world powers he has no aggressive plans towards ukraine. however, he warned nato against it, saying that would trigger an aggressive response. putin also pointed out nato could use ukraine's land to launch missiles which could hit moscow in a few minutes. >> sandra: the biden administration reportedly working to get a first-ever nuclear hotline, discussing arms control somewhere down the line. admitting the u.s. is not as advanced as china and russia on
11:36 am
hypersonic technology. jennifer griffin live at the pentagon on that for us. >> what really worries the pentagon officials who i >> sandra: is the possibility for miscalculation. as you mention, no nuclear hotline between the u.s. and beijing, in the u.s. embassy in moscow has only a skeletal staff down from 1200 employees at the american embassy in moscow just four years ago. the satellite photos purport to show 300 new silos in china. beijing has never engaged in arms control talks with the u.s. or with russia. and they are not a signatory for any of the treaty signed by the u.s. and russia. in fact, china balks at such talk now because argie is the u.s. and russia have five times more nuclear warheads and beijing. the biden administration strategy is to begin talks on rules and norms with beijing regarding nuclear weapons, space
11:37 am
and cyber, to avoid an inadvertent war. there was this new warning from the space commander thought china's test. >> it is incumbent on space force in my mind to make sure that we are developing the capabilities to track these kinds of weapons before they are launched, ideally. and throughout their life cycle, and execution of their mission. and if we can try, we can attribute. and if we can attribute, i think we can determine if you'd >> the pentagon released monday, did not indicate any u.s. troops would be returning home from overseas. u.s. forces will remain to counter china. >> you will see improvement in guam, the commonwealth of the islands, and in australia. those will include things more broadly like logistics facilities, fuel storage,
11:38 am
munitions storage, air fuel upgrades. >> of the improvements at airfields where thousands of u.s. troops already live in guam will begin next year. u.s. marines will also begin deploying a rotational basis to australia. some. some military experts were not china -- and that the u.s. may be focused on the wrong battlefield by investing in upgrading bases for planes and ships. sandra. >> sandra: jennifer griffin live at the pentagon for us. >> john: let's bring in general jack keane, retired four-star general. chairman of the institute for the study of war. general, good to see you this afternoon. david sanger in "the new york times" reports that the biden administration is trying to open a dialogue with china about nuclear capabilities. they want to go slow approach, start with ways of de-escalating potential conflict. in arms control treaty. jennifer griffin pointed out
11:39 am
china is not a signatory to any arms control, yet rapidly developing nuclear forces. how urgent is it to get xi's signature on a piece of paper? >> i think we are a long way from a signature on a piece of paper, but this is a positive outcome that came from president xi and the biden discussions. the trump administration try to include china in nuclear discussions that we were about to have with russia. and they rejected that. what has been happening, china has been rapidly developing nuclear capabilities. they have considerably less than the united states and russia as jennifer pointed out. but nonetheless, it is all modernized. and it appears from the silos that have been built, that is a concern. they initially built the capability just to have deterrence. looks like they are getting full
11:40 am
throttle try capability which gives us concerns. let's start talking about something simple like reliable communications, avoiding mishaps, misinterpretations, accidents. that is something that we can get mutual agreement on. then get to the tougher subjects about arms-control. and possibly nuclear arms reduction. that would take us some time. >> john: given the fact that china has rapidly escalating nuclear capabilities, according to the pentagon, may have as many as 1,000 warheads, and the fact that china wants to be a global power in the fact that it believes that it is well behind the u.s. and russia right now, is there any compelling reason for china to want to get involved in an arms-control agreement? >> well, i think certainly they do because for obvious reasons that -- listen, the tension in the region is about as high as it has ever been. we can have accidental
11:41 am
conventional conflict take place which could lead to misinterpretation and nuclear exchange. that is something everybody wants to avoid. and certainly as we begin to move more into space, hypersonic weapons, the potential, again, for accidents to happen that could lead to significant escalation rises. so, yes, this is a good thing. it is in china's interest, they would not be doing it if it was not an international interest. >> john: general, one more quick question. you heard jennifer griffin talking about the upgrades to the infrastructure and bases in guam and australia. at the same time, china is eyeing our satellites. should we be looking to space, not to upgrading our facilities in guam and australia? what do you say? >> i'm a little surprised and disappointed by that report. the balance of power in the pacific region has moved to
11:42 am
china. we are outgunned and outmanned. more missiles then we have. we need to deploy more horses into the region to establish a deterrence. and i am surprised with just upgrading a couple of bases. i am not diminishing it. it is important, but the critical thing is for china to see our military comeback power capability staring right at it, and magnates to move as quickly as we possibly can, so i am surprised we are not doing that. >> john: certainly they are in our face about their capabilities. general jack keane, always good to get your expertise. thank you, sir. >> great talking to you, john. >> john: when you look towards the next decade, tensions are going to continue to escalate between the u.s. and china. at the same time, we continue to fuel their growth by buying most of our goods from them. >> sandra: yep, throwing more money at that problem. we are just getting word that there is going to be a briefing
11:43 am
on that shooting outside of the detroit area. we are going to be looking for the two and monitoring it for any news because we have not heard a whole lot more from the authorities on the ground there, so watch for that. >> john: and the medevac that we showed he was still on the ground. no progress. don't know how to interpret that. could be good. could be bad. hopefully the authorities will fill us in sometime soon. you can see them on the lower side of the screen. it seems it wasn't enough for new york city to tell police to stop hassling the drug addicts who were shooting up on city sidewalks. now the city going even further, offering junkies free help to get high. the new dosing centers, coming up. >> sandra: and new york's attorney general's office shows chris cuomo may have played a much larger role in helping his
11:44 am
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mattel in the update now and the fox news alert on the situation we have been reporting to you
11:49 am
for about an hour on what is still an active situation in oxford township, michigan. someone open fire in a michigan high school there. shot four to six people. none confirmed dead. police responded just before 1:00 to report of an active shooter in oxford township. a community of about 20,000 people roughly 30 miles north of detroit. this is our life picture that we have up there. the parking lot, we will see that there are choppers present. a medical helicopter from the university of michigan landed in the parking lot at 2:00 eastern time. we do not know the current condition of those that have been shot. or whether they were students. we do know that they also have a suspect and a gun in custody. we do not believe that there are any other active shooters, but we are told that there is a news conference imminent. would begin that 2:45:00 p.m.
11:50 am
eastern time. the microphones are off. they have not begun, but when they do, we will go to a life in oxford, michigan. >> john: there has not been much movement on the ground there. there are a number of ambulances at the front of the school. there has not been any movement, but we did see what looked like one person on a gurney as well. the helicopter as you pointed out, about an hour ago. nothing has been happening with the helicopter. we don't want to make any kind of speculative assessments of what is going on there. only that there has been very little movement going on there. hopefully that sheriff's office, local officials will fill us in on some of those details coming up so that we get a better understanding. >> sandra: they are describing it as an active situation. no other outstanding suspects they believe at this time.
11:51 am
still describing it as an active situation. dozens of police officers appeared earlier, live shots to the school did show members of the s.w.a.t. team walking into the school. very few updates from there, but we will get one shortly and go to that live. >> john: monitoring social media. there has not been anything to push the story forward. one mother was interviewed by a local news outlet, talking about her daughter being okay but clearly being shaken out. the school was built in 2004. it's got a student population of about 1600 people, so a fairly large school there. >> sandra: some of the students sheltered and locked classrooms. they are stories emerging from the, barricading doors and beyond. they were later ushered out to the parking lot. some of our live pictures did pick up on that. and a nearby store took in some students as well as they took
11:52 am
that suspect in custody. cnn, speaking about the scandal around one of its star anchors. the provo former governor andrew cuomo showed the extraordinary extent that his brother went to you in helping the politician help to stop the sexual misconduct allegations. >> hey, sandra, it looks like we could get a decision on cnn anchor chris cuomo's fate in a few days. conducting a thorough review of those new documents released by the new york attorney general office as part of the investigation of the sexual misconduct of his brother, andrew cuomo. cuomo was using sources to dig
11:53 am
up dirt on the women accusing his brother. he texted about new potential accusers. one to two people coming out, can you check your sources? "on it." he reached out to derosa, "i have a lead with this wedding girl." in another exchange, cuomo texted "you need to trust me, not these other people. we are making mistakes we cannot afford." cuomo then said "delete thread now." the attorney general office also released the video they had with six of his accusers. also released the video deposition showing an agitated and combative governor cuomo denying the allegations. listen. >> did you date her? >> how do you want to define not? it doesn't matter how i define
11:54 am
"date," but how you do. it means different things to different people. >> they are now calling on cnn to immediately file your chris cuomo. they said "anything less is unacceptable and further harm survivors of sexual abuse." >> sandra: all right. thank you very much. >> john: here is something new. coming soon to major cities, bring your own drugs centers. officials in new york city opening places where you can bring your own drugs. they will administer them. a number of cities from following in the big apple's footsteps. alexis mcadams has got the details on this unusual program. alexis. >> thank you, john. they are called overdose prevention centers. new york is the first to open the centers. two of them will now be allowed to operate here in the manhattan
11:55 am
area. the goal is to help curb the ongoing issue with overdose deaths. especially here in new york city. starting today, though centers are open in manhattan. people can go to those locations to openly use drugs while workers will then be monitoring for signs of overdose and also providing clean needles. they will be staffing these sites. these centers, as new york is dealing with a drug overdose epidemic here. just last year, more than 2,000 people died of a drug overdose in new york city. 85% of those deaths involved opioids. the centers for disease control and prevention centers for disease control and prevention say overdoses are up nearly 30%. 93,000 overdose deaths across the country in 2020. bill de blasio saying it is a big step in the right direction, saying "i am proud to show cities in this country that
11:56 am
after decades of failure, a smarter approach as possible." they stem from the needle exchange program. we have seen those across the country especially in the last few years. critics say that they enable users and are magnets for drug abuse in communities. currently, federal law does been operating them, but the city's health commissioner telling "the new york times" he believes those facilities will be allowed because of a "shared sense of urgency to address the crisis." operating these centers which they believe have two open, and they are opening, but that they really need them because of those ongoing issues. they save more than 100 lives a year in new york alone. >> john: we will see if any other cities follow new york's lead. alexis mcadams. apparently local authorities are waiting for the fbi to get there to participate, so that's why there has been a delay of about
11:57 am
11 minutes now. the fbi, we are told, should be there soon. >> sandra: massive high school there. we will get you that as soon as it begins. meanwhile, the lead investigator of jussie smollett taking the stand today. the detective walking jurors through how he concluded the actor staged a hoax. we are on the ground there in chicago with more on that. hi, matt. >> four hours, he has been going through painstaking detail about the department's investigation into jussie smollett selected hate crime. they said ultimately they determined that his hate crime was staged. and they say that they did not rush to judgment as the defense alleges. rather, they assigned 24 officers and detectives to the case, spending more than 3,000 man hours pouring over video.
11:58 am
they concluded it was all a hoax. they laid out the extensive forensic investigation, showing a text message from jussie smollett to one of the brothers, reading "might need your help on the low. you are around to meet up and talk face to face?" they showed smollett pick up the brothers to go through a dry run. police say smollett paid the osundairo brothers to yell "this is make a country." they said it was an attempt to smear president trump supporters. smollett has his mother here, his brothers and sisters and other supporters. he gets up in court to wrap his arms around his mother. the jury is seven men and five women. it is majority white and middle-aged. there is one black man, one black woman who is an alternative. i just want to remind you that jussie smollett previously told
11:59 am
fox news that this trial is a "dog and pony show." >> john: we continue to stand by. more aerial photographs from the oxford high school there in central michigan. it actually looks like the helicopter is probably departing now, maybe getting low on fuel. it has been hanging over the scene for a while now. we are expecting a press conference sometime in the near future. they are, you see a gurney being wheeled out. doesn't look like there is anybody on it. she is a congresswoman from michigan. saying that across the street from the high school serving as the parent-student reunification site. it is about to >> that's the meijer there. with me is tim throne, the superintendent of oxford schools. john lyman is from the fire
12:00 pm
department here. we major curtis childs, we have tim waters from the detroit office in michigan. so i'll just give you a quick brief and i'll answer whatever questions i can answer. we'll ask for comments or anything the chief can fill us in about ems and all that. around 12:51 today, we received a 911 call of an active shooter at the high school. the deputies responded. we received over 100 911 calls. the deputies took a suspect in custody within five minutes of the original 911 call. they recovered a handgun from the suspect. the suspect fired multiple shots. there's multiple victims. it's unfortunate that we have three deceased victims right now that are all believed to be students. we have six others that were shot. one was a school teacher. all at local hospitals being treated for various injuries


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