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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 30, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PST

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everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. [narrator] learn more about weight bias and how to help end it. visit be a part of the solution. let's stop weight bias. let's work together to stop weight bias today. ♪ >> emily: we begin with a fox news alert on a damning new report linked to the cuomo sex scandal. and it paints a troubling picture of cnn anchor chris cuomo highlighting his unprecedented involvement with a then governor's inner circle as they tried to combat the growing sexual misconduct allegations. newly revealed texts even show the cuomo prime time host used his own us sos to dig up information on his brother's accusers. this is outnumbered, i'm emily compagno. i'm joined by co-host harris faulkner and kayleigh mcenany, host of kennedy on fox business
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kennedy and in the center seat joining us for the very first time on outnumbered bestselling author and journalist douglas murray. author of the magness of crowd, gender, race and identity. welcome to you, sir. >> thank you. >> emily: we are learning from documents just released from the new york attorney general's office that chris cuomo acted as one of his brother's top advisers helping to craft strategy, including critiquing the governor's response to accuser charlotte bennett. here is what he should have said. i have carefully considered ms. bennett's statement and my own conduct. i don't dispute that our conversation was, as she reports, and then ending with i also apologize to the people of new york state who have a right to better conduct for their governor. this will not happen again. and the younger cuomo certainly didn't seem to treat his brother's accusers as crime victims. cnn host working to dig up information on them like anna who claimed the governor grabbed and kissed her at a wedding as
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he texted top cuomo aid melissa darosa i have lead with wedding girl. this is far cry from what he told few months back where he went out of his way to minimize any role he played. >> i tried to be there for my brother. i'm not an adviser. i'm a brother. i wasn't in control of anything. my position has never changed. i never mislead anyone about the information i was delivering or not delivering on this program. i never attacked nor encouraged anyone to attack any woman who came forward. i never made calls to the press about my brother's situation. >> emily: douglas murray, welcome to the show. what are your thoughts on this? >> it's shocking in some ways but not surprising. the thing that surprises me the most that chris cuomo even wanted to stand up for his brother. anyone that ever watched their
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weird on air relationship would easily come away with the impression they absolutely loathed each other. do you remember that time when they were on air on cnn talking about who their mother loved the most. it was such a bizarre, uncomfortable relationship. it was just horrible viewing whenever the brothers were on air together. they clearly loathe each other. the beardsest brotherly relationship since hussein. so i'm rather surprised in a way definitely scandalous to have a -- cuomo failed for completely the wrong reasons it seems to me. it's the care home crisis that should have got cuomo out of office. i'm glad he's gone but, you know, but it took this scandal says something in itself. >> emily: kennedy, many journalists are calling for
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chris cuomo to be fired including a lot from the liberal media, rolling stone was among the publication that led that charge yesterday. the headline of their article read chris cuomo caught doing something that would get any other journalist fired. journalist from npr the "l.a. times" and independent and other outlets shared their shock and disbelief that this journalist is still employed. >> yes. because it's bad for the entire profession. and a lot of people have woken up to the notion that they have to go back and they have to get back to journalistic basics. now that they have a democrat in office in the presidency just attacking president trump for his tweets made a lot of journalists very, very lazy. but here you have some incredible, ethical lapses in judgment, and i'm not surprised by push back. we have been hearing the rumors and seeing evidence from this a.g. investigation here in new york state about chris cuomo's involvement. but now that we have more
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specifics, you are going to hear the chorus of women at cnn demanding his termination. you are going to hear that grow louder because it's very hard to have someone anchoring your evening news coverage who is going after women, doing opposition research which he claimed he wasn't. so he may have perjured himself in some of his statements. and also, someone who is going after the past private lives and telling his brother his big take away was don't resign. blame it on cancel culture. so maybe that's what he is telling his bosses at cnn. don't cancel me and they have listened so far. but at some point they are going to have to take their own further examination of his employment. >> emily: to that end, kennedy, the brass at cnn released this statement, quote: we will be having conversations and seeking additional priority significance meaning the texts relating to
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cnn over the next several days. it appears a lukewarm response at best. and certainly no way meeting with the commensurate, decisive action that they have extended to other journalists and certainly that we have seen in other outlets in other industries. harris, something that i found particularly egregious was what kennedy mentioned, the opposition research into the alleged victims, and we spend a lot of time in this couch and ongoing conversation about getting investigation, the room to breathe and to play out. and that certainly doesn't jive well with jumping to victim shaming. and one exchange between chris cuomo and melissa der rosa was him asking to check sources about more women coming forward. der rosa a rumor going around politico one or two coming out meaning with allegations can you check your sources cuomo has said i'm on it no one has heard that yet.
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legal case trying to thwart. she is asking with someone with special sources, a journalist, to help her against the witnesses. i think that if there is any connection between her and the witnesses, that is tampering. i believe that that's true. and while she may already have faced her legal come upens, he hasn't. what are the conversations legitimately going to be like between jeff zurich at cnn and the higher ups at cnn and the guy who really doesn't care what they think? how do we know? he put their whole network in peril. kennedy, i hope there is a chorus of women over there and i hope that there is a chorus of men joining them because if we have learned anything in this very building where we all had, already dealt with a situation that we're not proud of.
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let's not gloss it over nbc and cbs too. when you have someone in your midst and creates unsafe working environment whether it's discrimination or hostile or sexual or whatever it is, you have to have a chorus of voices. what i hear from cnn right now is silence. it doesn't just have to be the women speaking up. i'm wondering where those people, those woke folk over there and that liberal bastion are defending the women who were gone after by one of the employees there. now, last hour, joe concha and i said could it have been a contract why they won't touch him? what in your contract says that it's okay to do immoral things? in fact, you have a morality clause in most talent contracts. i don't want to speak out of school. i don't know what's in chris cuomo, maybe they gave him an exemption because they didn't think he would be moral, i don't know. buff the fact of the matter is, he was still on the air last night. there's no mention that he won't
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be on the air tonight. i mean, i don't know. this is proof to me when you look at their numbers, maybe you have to handle your scandal before you anchor a show. because cnn viewers aren't hopping to see it. >> kayleigh: so true. chris cuomo not only was he not on the air last night he didn't mention, this surprise, surprise. what do we expect from cnn's, quote, thorough review? cnn is the same network that retained jeffrey tuben. we all know what happened there. this is the same network. >> harris: ewe. >> kayleigh: bring andrew cuomo on air lavishing praise on cuomo response when we know andrew cuomo. this is the same network oh we have the picture, look at that, chris cuomo was advising his brother, they gave him a little slap on the wrist with a statement we have talked to him. so i don't know in this thorough
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review. and i do agree that the troubles for chris cuomo could be far deeper during this investigation under oath he said he had a regular contact with melissa derosa. guess what melissa derosa said under oath: we had pretty regular contact. chris sends me a lot of the things a lot of the time. and there are pages and pages of text messages. chris has a lot to answer for, maybe more than -- >> harris: maybe ms. cuomo should be asking questions. i'm not kidding. >> emily: allegations what we know so far observation results not withstanding it's unethical, unprofessional at a minimum and goes up to potentially criminal. because you are exactly right. that's witness intimidation and a lot more unprofessional. >> harris: if you are a a woman in that environment and you have to work with chris cuomo what do you say? >> emily: former executive producer said it best when she wrote an op-ed detailing the assault she had been subjected to in front of her husband
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apologize for in writing. why wasn't he terminated then. it's against state and federal law workplace sexual harassment conduct and that includes activities outside of the workplace where work people are present, a sanctioned event. all of this is absolutely aberrant that he is still on the air, that he is still employed, and we still have to be talking about it like we are back in the 1700s back 20 years ago. no movement at cnn and he has a lot to be held accountable for. all right, just ahead, barely 24 hours and twitter's ceo is already under fire how some past comments show he could be an even bigger threat to free speech than his predecessor. panel weighs in next. ♪ it's my woke-up-like-this migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within 2 hours. don't take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine.
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initial deposition. so, as this story unfolds, we will continue to bring you the details of it that u.s. house of representatives committee has been subpoenaing many people, mark meadows apparently has reached a deal and an agreement for this to happen. records provided and then soon he will appear for that initial deposition. stay tuned to fox. ♪ >> harris: the brand new boss at twitter is already drawing criticism. former chief technology officer parag agrawal will replace founder jack dorsey as head of
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the social media company. dorsey has been slammed forrable twitter into the center of multiple partisan feuds. looks like his replacement shares the same controversial views cut from the same cloth these say saying in an interview last year our role is not to be ban bound by the first amendment our role is to serve a healthy public conversation and our moves are reflective of things we believe leads to a healthier public conversation. the kinds of things that we do about this is focus less on thinking about free speech but thinking about how the times have changed. one of the changes today that we see is speech is easy on the internet. most people can speak where our role is particularly emphasizeside who can be heard. so, as i understand this, douglas, they now really don't want to be a platform. they want to be a bull horn. >> that's always been the case. of all the social media
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companies, twitter is, by so many far and away the worst. the most reprehensible and the most sinister. it has for years censored conservative voices and conservative voices regarded of right of center long before president trump was kicked off the platform. his platform thinks it can decide better than anyone else hot american president is allowed to speak to and they think they have a better right than the american president. long before that they were up to the same game. the last decade, remember, there was that moment about 10 years ago when they started kicking people off the platform who were sort of conservative fire brands you might say, people who kind of did a little bit of loose talk and loose jokes here and there. twitter got rid of these people. at the same time, for the rest of the decade they allowed groups like the carried out the mumbai massacre carrying out hundreds of people. they allowed him to keep their official account. don't do off colored joke they go to mumbai and massacre
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hundreds of people and go to the synagogue and slaughter the local rabbi. that was fine with twitter. but they went always for right of center voices. this isn't news. we all knew this we all knew that jack dorsey even as he more and more resembles somebody hold up in bora bora. [laughter] >> was somebody who didn't believe in the first amendment at all. they don't believe in the first amendment. they have no interest in the first amendment. what they have got an interest in is this. >> we have simple. people correcting other people's behavior for free and making twitter rich in the process. >> harris: the way you said that conjured the image of tom hanks on that island castaways, a ball that was falling apart wilson old friend. so, kennedy, you know, what's interesting about this is conservatives have yet figured out another place to go. and so twitter can't get people
9:20 am
off the tweet, if you will, because there is no other platform like it or is there? are they missing something? >> no. if you try and create another platform, apple and amazon and google will make sure that no one can subscribe to your platform. they will implement all these arbitrary rules that you can never abide by to make sure that nothing like that ever gains purchase. so it isn't just about healthy conversations. it's about right conversations. conversations that they deem right. and it. >> harris: or left. >> kennedy: conversations in the "new york post" when they were publishing contents of hunter biden's laptop before the election in 2020, their twitter account was halted so people couldn't retweet that content and they couldn't post anything new until they posted an apology for doing actual journalism.
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and, you know, all of that has been proven correct and they have been justified in their reporting. jack dorsey was very, very annoying. i knew so much about him. he walked to work. he meditated two hours a day. he drank lemon salt water, blah, blah, blah. i think what the new c.e.o. is doing is more dangerous. >> harris: kayleigh your thoughts on this. >> kayleigh: healthy conversation. i was reading interview new ceo a healthy conversation. what does that mean? a new sense of reality. it's a reality that kennedy's point hunter is under federal investigation. it's a reality that he said the laptop could be, probably is his. these are realities. but that was censored out of the conversation. he also said diverse perspectives to kennedy's point. bun of the largest newspapers in the country was taken off their platform. so, the healthy conversation means censoring out antiprogressive commentary or reporting. >> harris: you know you and i
9:22 am
have the whole senator tim scott thing. that burned. you talked about diversity on the plat form. you have a black g.o.p. senator, right, leading on many issues, including police are reform, and they take a shot at him through a human curator. not some sort of digital algorithm to make a criticism, a racist criticism of him trend a #. >> kayleigh: horrible. >> harris: that's who this platform is. what you are saying now that continues just like it ever was. jack dorsey and his lonely little wilson ball won't matter. troubles. >> what parag said twitter's roll how they recommend conversations to people. how they, quote, direct people's attention to a public conversation. so the notion that this platform is somehow some type of equal playing field where you can choose what you see and can you see what you participate in is
9:23 am
absolutely false. they curate to your point, exactly what you see. that is why preteens almost 90% of them say that their self-esteem has been directly impacted by these online forms of conversation. so while i see that these dictators and horrible huges are allowed to tweet what actually bothers me more are the people at home, the average americans who are watching their children be bullied, harassed, trafficked, lured and more on this site. and i agree with douglas murray. i think it's an absolutely insidious cesspool. >> harris: major damage control at the white house and defends travel ban on several african nations the same travel ban biden went after when it was imposed against china by president trump. remember, that's where the virus actually came from. that's next. ♪ ♪
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>> kayleigh: the white house playing defense accusations of hypocrisy after president biden issued a travel ban over the omicron variant. in early 2020 when many americans were first hearing about the coronavirus then president trump imposed new travel restrictions and candidate biden had a whole lot to say about it but press secretary jen psaki does not seem to think so. >> before joe biden was president, he said that covid travel restrictions on foreign country were hysterical, xenophobia and fear-mongering, what changed. >> i would say first to put it in full context, peter, what the president was critical of was the way that the former president put out, i believe, a
9:29 am
xenophobic tweet on what he called the coronavirus. the president has not travel restrictions we but the them in place ourselves. we put them in place ourselves in the spring. >> kayleigh: here's the truth. just one day after the former president announced new travel restrictions then candidate biden treated this. trump further diminished the u.s. in the eyes of the world by expanding his travel ban. this new african ban is designed to make it harder for black and brown people to immigrate to the united states. it's a disgrace and we cannot let him succeed. harris, that seems like a pretty direct criticism of travel restrictions. >> harris: yeah. i don't know. i don't know where jen psaki is coming from there. it's like she is separated from ity or she is believing whatever it is he is misremembering and telling her. literally thought on the same page. she is in one of those. you know this job well.
9:30 am
she is in a really tough position. she has to defend something now that looks awfully close to what he called xenophobic. and she has to defend it two years into the process. so not only is he doing the same thing, he hasn't thought of anything new after two years with all of these people around him who are supposed to be the experts. like lockdowns and restrictions and travel bans are so 2019. we are 2021 now. have would learned nothing you? are raising children. you teach them to do things like potty train them. you bring them forward. they are not doing the same things they were doing when they were newborns. you are bringing them forward. so it's a hard job for jen psaki. i don't know where she is getting this material. but it's not based on fact. >> kayleigh: especially because biden told us from the basement he had a secret covid plan to stop the virus. appears not. number two proving what psaki said was not accurate then presidential candidate joe biden tweeting this, will not stop the coronavirus, banning all travel from europe or other parts of
9:31 am
the world will not stop it. that is a direct criticism of the travel restrictions, emily? >> emily: he says we need a plan to combat it what we are seeing here is par for the course and illustration of how this administration works which is that all of their quote activism and action is performative and also when it suits them they attack the prior administration lay bear at their feet. he was then candidate biden doing go back do ongoing conversation earlier about twitter. he was using that platform to lay a zinger. we are not going to let him do this and he is xenophobic and this doesn't work and this doesn't work and i have a plan. cut to whatever plan he has been executed has been stopped by the courts at every turn. only thing that has worked vaccine rollout in collaboration with the private and public sector and thanks to his predecessor where give thanks where it's due and that's across both administrations. what we are seeing is the same tired pattern we have seen since day one they can attack trump at every step because that's what scores them points with the
9:32 am
progressive left. but when you drill down on policy, the prior administration had it right. >> harris: kayleigh has a point check in on the basement maybe he left it there. >> kayleigh: maybe it's down there. per usual, douglas murray, they have the media covering for them. check out the difference in the headlines when trump imposed travel restrictions vs. biden this is after biden imposes the restrictions cnn writes u.s. imposes travel restriction us as new variant spreads but rewind a year when trump did it here's the headline. they call it an attack on africans. "new york times" same sort of thing. let's pull it up headline from november 26th. united states will bar countries from southern and south africa, pretty fair headline. rewind a year now. the racism at the heart of trump's travel ban. you can't make it up. >> quite crazy. i remember one other thing president biden said in his basement. do you remember that typically blow hard thing -- i think he
9:33 am
even prefaced it with that worst phrase of all i give you my word as a biden. like a well-known thing that we all say. oh, a biden, now i know what you are talking about. he said i give my word as a biden, i'm not going to shut down this country. i'm going to shut down the virus. that's what he said when he was a candidate. he hasn't shut counsel the virus. his blow hard talk like everything else. just trying to grab attention, try to pretend that this was a simple issue. it's the same with the media. most of the press didn't know what on earth to say when the coronavirus first came out. the one thing they did know what to say was trump bad, virus -- anything to do with trying to solve it must be used to demonstrate that trump is bad. so he puts in travel ban and it just -- trump is bad. trump is racist. same thing. they just said all the time about everything. of course it wasn't. and they knew at the time it wasn't. they knew it was about doing what every other country in the world did in that period and
9:34 am
trying restrict access in your country variant of the virus. they knew it was cynical then and just covering now. they're covering for biden just like they were then just trying to attack trump. >> kayleigh: kennedy, shutting down the virus but more fatalities this year than last. >> kennedy: lockdowns don't work. i don't understand how stopping people from visiting the united states from those 8 countries is going to have more of an impacted because you're letting american citizens and permanent legal residents come to the united states from those 8 southern african countries. so, if they have the virus, they are going to bring the virus. the u.s. citizen also still bring the virus. having is a u.s. passport, it will be great if it were the ultimate shield against covid. unfortunately, it's not. and lockdowns don't work. we have seen that time and time again and if you look at florida and the u.k., they have had it right so far. >> kayleigh: they certainly
9:35 am
have. coming up, taking the media to task over their coverage of anti-police protest and how it may relate to the christmas parade massacre. next, greg gutfeld's blistering monologue, you could not want to miss it. veteran homeowners- you made a smart move when you bought your home. now make another one and turn your equity into cash. with the newday 100 va loan you can take out up to $60,000 or more. veteran homeowners- with home values at all-time highs and rates at near all-time lows now's the time to do more with your home equity. veterans are calling newday at a record pace to take advantage of the newday 100 va loan. you can borrow up to 100% of your home's value to upgrade the kitchen, add a pool for the grandkids, or have the security of cash in the bank.
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>> kennedy: greg gutfeld igniting fierce debate crime wave sweeping the u.s. watch. >> greg: the media bravely covered it calling it mostly peaceful because nothing says mostly peaceful like a man shot dead protecting his business. that giant lie handicapped the police so they couldn't do a dam thing to stop the riots without being accused of attacking mostly peaceful protesters. the media, protected the mob so the cities burned and people died. and this moved beyond the riots
9:40 am
to a nationwide crime wave because as long as you dismiss the crime you create more crime. you could do it with words. here is a recent tweet by cnn. waukesha will hold a moment of silence today marking one week since a car, a car drove through a city christmas parade killing six people and injuring scores of others. so, a car throve through a parade not a racist mad man but a car. when you in the media identifying who is responsible must be avoided if it makes you seem racist to the activist class. focus on the object and hope the public is as stupid as you think it is. you can run over a christmas parade and kill twice as many people as the boston marathon bombers and they will call it an accident. the soft bigotry of low expectations turns into crime and murder because they believe minorities aren't responsible for themselves. now we have organized looting. the question isn't why it's happening it's why the hell not?
9:41 am
>> emily: douglas, the media protected the mob. >> doug: so true. i'm so glad he said that i happened to be driving between st. louis to ferguson, missouri and went down a stretch of road called the david dorn highway in memory of that extraordinarily brave retired police officer who went out during the riot and tried to protect businesses in the area and killed by the mob. these things are things we should not forget. we shouldn't forget people like david dorn. and, you know, the problem is that the media, that tries to cover over for this sort of thing. the political activists who cover it over. the media who say that mainly peaceful burnings and mainly peaceful looting, the thing is and you can see this yourself in a place like ferguson, these places don't move on. you still see the places where they burned the buildings in 2014 after one lie. they are still there burned. they are still burned down. the lots are still empty.
9:42 am
like missing teeth. this is the problem in this country. political activists and portions of the media lie and then they move on. but the places that are riddled by the lies that they have perpetrated do not move on. they don't get to move on. it's the lying parts of the media and the activists that do. and we should hold them responsible. they cannot just keep trying to wipe out our collective memories of things we have seen with our own eyes. >> emily: you are absolutely right, douglas. kennedy, included in that are the families shattered for life times and generations because of their lost loved ones that is frankly preventeddable as greg said when you 12k34eus crime more crime happens. >> kennedy: what you have to have is equal protection under the law and a uniform application of those laws. you know, that is how you maintain a civil society. and when you don't do that, you create an imbalance and then you have people who are no longer
9:43 am
accountable and responsible and the law and the application of law should absolutely be colorblind. a lot of ways it's not. that's why people have called for criminal justice reform there is a great imbalance. this is not how you right it. and, you know, the semantic games that people are playing like with the term looting. you are not allowed to use the term looting about, you know, people who go in 20 at a time, 80 at a time, into nordstrom and best buy and louis vitton and assault, security, officers, private security, and people who are working at these retail facilities when those people are hurt, because people are going in and taking stuff, that is looting. it's okay to call it that. but, you know, they are playing games because 70 particulars are not good. it's not the optics, it's the actions. that's where all of this has missed the mark. >> douglas: maybe instead of looting we should call it
9:44 am
shopping with violence. >> harris: that will work. >> emily: people have lost their lives in addition to the assault kennedy mentioned like former law enforcement officer who lost his life was a grandfather and now he will never be with them again because he was actually protecting the media. that's the irony. he was protecting news crews there in oakland, california and he surrendered. evidence gave up his life protectings media. >> kayleigh: leaving behind a wife and three grandchildren. will the media cover him will this stop comedians from joking about crime. the answer is no. so glad you brought up his name and so glad douglas murray you brought up the name of david dorn. when i stood at the white house podium we brought up the names of individuals whose names deserve to be brought up. one briefing we put up the name of george floyd and put up the name of david dorn. we don't pick loss of the life that fits our narrative. we acknowledge life when it's
9:45 am
lost be it george floyd, david dorn or those who died in the street. the media choose the it narrative and choose which victims mattered. >> harris: mentioned 8-year-old is he core i can't turner. such a punt to give the sixth homicide victim who died in the waukesha parade we will say his name his name is jackson sparks. that 8-year-old and say all their names because it's important. douglas hit on something. we would never tolerate a hole at ground zero, shanksville, pennsylvania or our pentagon. we would always rebuild back either with oh my gosh did i really say that out loud. we would rebuild a mother-in-law, we replace buildings, we do something there and douglas, when you talk about the sites of those riots and how nothing replaced them and how they remain. why do we tolerate that as a society? >> douglas: absolutely. >> harris: that is a scar on who
9:46 am
we are or rather who we cannot be. >> emily: and in addition to the scars remains businesses have pulled out. pharmacies pull out. so those underserved largely black and brown communities now don't have access to their healthcare and their vaccines and their medication because of this. we won't find that being covered anywhere else. all right, up next, the white house christmas decorations are up and surprise, surprise, they are getting a very different media reaction than they did during the trump years. ♪ jingle bell, jingle bell ♪ jingle bell rock ♪ jingle bell swing and jingle bell ring ♪ snowing and blowing are bushels of fun ♪ now the jingle hop has begun ♪
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>> growing concerns over the omicron variant. dr. marc siegel here. dr. saphier on deck as well. the supply chain crisis hitting american families in the pocketbook. how are businesses responding? the ceo of toy company mattel will join us live. also ask them about the season's hottest toys and miranda devine's new book is out today "lap laptop from hell, hunter biden, big tech, and the dirty secrets the president tried to hide." she will join us live in
9:51 am
moments. come join john and me as we kick off america reports top of the hour. see you then. ♪ ♪ deck the halls with boughs of holly ♪ fa la la la la la la ♪ tis the seasonal to be jolly >> i love christmas music. jill biden has unveiled the and many social media users were not kind. one twitter user slamming the tree where is the color? looks like a giant tree with night lights all over it they wrote. while the media no surprises gushes over biden's decor. the "u.s.a. today" with this headline joe and jill biden's christmas theme inspired by people they met across the u.s. the daily weist getting in a dig at former first lady melania trump holiday decor. jill biden unveils her first white house christmas decorations not a blood red tree
9:52 am
in sight. and "the washington post" jill biden's first white house christmas brings back a warmer, simpler vibe. we will put it up. i actually have to disagree with the twitter user. i think it's very pretty. look as lot with my tree at home all the white lights and gold. i think it's very pretty. also have a picture last year. i have gone to every white house christmas party the last four years my melania's tree quite beautiful. how you cannot like christmas decorations? >> i'm a total clark griswold. i think that tree is beautiful. all christmas trees are beautiful. all decorations are amazing when they come from the heart. and just in general they are amazing. that's what i find so problematic about the 180 the media has done. literally this white house did the same thing that melania did when they dedicated as well last year whole true tree to gold star families. but there it was essentially down played as npr, for example, listed it as one of the things that they were attempting to do. in fact, they began their assessment of the christmas
9:53 am
decorations by saying the white house has paired the unsupported supported claim by program of annual observances that follow past practices including the traditional turkey pardon as they went into the holiday season, exactly. as you pointed out npr called it blood red christmas tree. she was absolutely vilified. she could do no right. that also covered as well her fashion choices and everything. we saw when thee dawned ravel lauren called to boycott the label even though that house had clothed everyone from betty ford to nancy reagan and hillary clinton when she was first lady. even in her white house portrait. melania was absolutely ripped apart for wearing her 10 year engagement ring in the photo which people essentially just criticized and said shouldn't have been there no matter what she did she couldn't do it right. here doing it again the attempts by the trump administration to honor those and to have a if he has been wonderful observant merry christmas was unfortunately laid at the feet of the grinch media. >> yeah the treatment of first
9:54 am
lady melania trump was awful. she was amazing first lady. the best we had he told harris last hour. look at the christmas tree difference this year. east wing entry i'm not a huge fan of the gifts to the left the biden images to the left trump era images. >> harris: they are not experiencing a supply chain crisis. >> they are if you look at blue bubbles. maybe they're. >> that's all they could get? that's your point? >> i agree with you, i love christmas. and anything that you do that means that you got together and put something up, i think, is just a blessing. put up whatever you have. it is the judgment of some in other parts of media that really stinks because they don't focus on really what matters. we know that afghanistan. this most recent christmas parade massacre in waukesha. i find it hard to get up too much ire over their, you know, lack of fashion or whatever it is over the christmas trees or what somebody is wearing at christmas time. yeah, they can't get the big
9:55 am
stuff right, so i can't sweat over the little stuff with them. i'm not shocked. but, all of it should be deemed beautiful. it's a beautiful time of the year. maybe they can find there, their to quote obama better angels and that would be a huge gift for all of us. >> kayleigh: true they did not find better angels last year. >> harris: start there. i have a laundry list. with key scroll it. >> kayleigh: melania horror no joy in melania's bleep christmas decor disgraceful. her decorations were beautiful four years straight. beautiful job melania trump. more outnumbered in just a moment.
9:56 am
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9:59 am
10:00 am
>> harris: oh, great song. we see our newest guest here on "outnumbered" has just moved to america. >> douglas: great tv here. it is great to have been on "outnumbered." i love that show can vary great to meet you all. and i have to be "outnumbered" with you again. >> harris: oh, yes, and he recently had your first thanksgiving. it looked delicious. >> douglas: hopefully i will be able to eat again in time for christmas. >> harris: "america reports" now. >> john: harris, thank you so much. the dow tumbling amid concerns of the very end. jerome powell testifies before senate committee, telling lawmakers it is time to retire the transitory label for inflation. >> sandra: stocks were already under pressure after moderna ceo predicted current vaccines will be less effective against the new covid strain. we a


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