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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  November 30, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>> bill: before we go. i don't know if i ever put my foot on the desk. here we go. >> dana: these videos upset me. oh, yeah, people's pain. i know they are crowd favorites. >> bill: do you follow jerry of the day? >> dana: yes, it is pretty funny, i have to say. "the faulkner focus" is up next. here is harris. >> harris: begin with a fox news alert. the biden presidency is in full damage control mode. how do we know? for months on the campaign trail we watched biden verbally attacking president trump all over coronavirus and how it was being handled and travel bans and all of it. and now that very topic, covid, has biden in a world of hurt with some alarming numbers among americans. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". the president says he doesn't see new lockdowns on the horizon but he won't take it
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off the table. he is doubling down on vaccine and mask mandates to stop the spread. on thursday president biden is expected to lay out a detailed strategy to tackle the new variant, omicron. with a heavy focus on vaccines. now, though, another legal blow to his vaccine mandate on private businesses. president trump's former coronavirus testing czar says fresh lockdowns would be awful for americans. >> we need to stop keeping our kids out of school. we need to get people back to work, get people out of depression and all the things they've gone through. we can live with this and we will have to. it will be here as part of our existence at a much lower level because of the tools, but don't expect it to go to zero. if we think it will go to zero, it will cause disappointment and disruption in our society. >> harris: he is so right about that. nothing goes to zero, not the
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flu, nothing goes to zero. but these poll numbers may be headed there. fox news poll taken earlier this month shows the public losing faith in the president on what used to be his winning issue, covid. in june the president was at plus 30% on handling the coronavirus pandemic. but that number has taken a nose-dive and he is now under water by 1%, a complete flip and losing. here is tucker carlson. >> more americans have died from covid in 2021 than died in 2020 before there was a shot. how is this working? on the basis of the most simple numbers, it's not. in fact, it looks like the greatest public policy failure of all time. how does joe biden explain that? nothing, not a word. no one in charge is even acknowledged the magnitude of the failure. >> harris: alexandria hos is
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live at the white house. i mentioned full damage control today. >> you can get the sense of panic mode. we go back to what president biden and his administration said issuing the travel ban. it gives them time. they want to see more people vaccinated and want to come up with a strategy. today president biden is spending some of his time pushing his agenda in the midwest. he will head to minnesota this afternoon to shine a light on his trillion dollar infrastructure deal and tout the need for a $2 trillion spending bill which republicans fear will exacerbate inflation and supply chain issues. according to federal chairman powell. >> concerns with the virus could slow progress in the labor market and intensify supply chain disruptions. >> president biden says lockdowns are off the table for now. same goes for the vaccine
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mandate not by choice for the biden administration, fighting to reinstate it after the requirement was put on pause by a federal court. >> president biden: i expect this not to be the new normal. i expect the new normal to be everyone ends up getting vaccinated with the booster shots. >> over the summer the president said that america was close to declaring independence from the virus. on thursday he will travel to the national health institute and there he will detail his plans on how to fight the new variant. >> harris: thank you very much. we have something to add there. can we pop up the breaking news on the screen, please? we're watching the dow jones today and have seen the market omicron being first talked about. now another dive. it is earlier in the trading day and this easily can turn around. investors can make a lot of money buying stuff that's getting cheaper ba us we're
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selling out. i wanted to point it out. the day the president is traveling talking about spending trillions of dollars and the impact that that can have on an economy and on the markets, our markets and the markets across the world, people who do business with the united states, when you put volatility in the water it is harder to swim especially if your goal is to swim upstream because that's what printing cash will make you do. we're going to keep our eyes on the dow right now and it is in very red territory. if and when that changes this hour we'll bring it to you either way. keep your eyes on fox news today. think positively. fox news senior political analyst brit hume taking on some of washington's solutions to the pandemic. >> it looks to me like we're freaking out again and making the same kinds of mistakes that we made the first and second and third time around. this has been the issue from the very beginning of the pandemic. that is that in our efforts to stamp it out, to stop it in its
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tracks, which was probably never going to be possible we undertook all sorts of efforts without ever seriously considering the side effects of those efforts. you don't want a situation where the cure is worse than the disease. >> harris: joe concha, fox news contributor, media and politics columnist for the hill. i've been reading a lot about biden's movements up and down the poll in the hill. a lot of coverage from you guys. what are you kind of watching more than anything else? >> i always watch independents on those polls. republicans, democrats the end to cancel each other out. where is the president on independents. those are the people that decide elections in georgia, arizona, wisconsin, pennsylvania, michigan and he is in the low to mid 30s there. you can't win elections whether mid-term or presidential when you are at that number with that voting block. what all this shows, harris, by the way, no president, no administration should ever promise to stop a virus, to control a virus.
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that's what president biden as a candidate did. he used those exact words. stop and control as it pertains to covid. he have had a plan, trump did not. mr. biden's own words with coming back to haunt him. he declared that any president who presides over this many covid deaths shouldn't be president. joe biden has had more than covid deaths. effective therapeutics. vaccines. hospitals and why the president from being 30 to 35% points above water on handling of covid is underwater on the issue today. the messaging has been horrific and president's own messaging is all over the place. wore a mask on a zoom call and breaking indoor mask mandates in washington, d.c. when they existed ornan tuck et last weekend. now we've lost trust in leadership on covid in general. it starts at the top with the
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president and top covid general the increasingly political dr. anthony fauci. >> harris: president biden defending his travel ban on eight african countries in response to the omicron variant. let's watch. >> president biden: the reason for the immediate travel ban is there were significant number of cases, unlike any other country, around south africa in the world. we needed time to give people an opportunity to say get that vaccination now before it heads -- it will move around the world. it's almost inevitable there will be at some point that strain here in the united states. >> harris: i just want to hit that quickly and if we can. before we go to what everybody sees on the wall i want to go straight to joe. what is he talking about? he has taken a great deal of criticism for not sharing the unused portions, a lot of them, here in the united states we have a surplus and for places,
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leaders are saying why don't you help others out. i'm not saying he didn't help. we gave a tremendous amount. the question now becomes you want to give them more time to get something that many of them don't even have right now. i don't understand his strategy. >> it seems like we're always on the defense, right? that everything is reflexive instead of proactive when it comes to this administration whether you talk about inflation, supply chain, gas prices, you name it. it is always a reactive administration instead of we have a plan, this is what we'll do and get ahead of this. this is an issue of the president's own making. he declared after president trump's first travel ban that trump was engaging in xenophobe yeah and fear mongering. now joe biden's ban apparently comes from a good and decent place in an effort to save lives while trump did it to ban people from coming here. some of the arguments you see in media trying to apply motive. there are enough people out there willing to believe it,
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right? look, there is no vaccine, harris -- >> harris: trying to apply motive. how about trying to apply accountability and responsibility? it is hard. it is hard. okay. >> foreign concept. >> harris: critics are calling him a hypocrite. then candidate biden and senator kamala harris, candidates, heavily criticized former president trump on the travel bans and she said don't get the vaccine if it comes from the trump administration. okay, i digress. a "washington examiner" op-ed called out the president with this headline. look at your screen. candidate joe biden thinks president joe biden is a racist xenophobe. joe. >> yeah. again it's very easy. the president did an interview with a harris faulkner or decent good journalist -- i'm sure the answer has been crickets. not even an answer. you do what tim russert used to
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do. just play back the president's own words and sit back and let him try to explain it. probably wouldn't be able to and say motive, trump was just doing it as an excuse to people out of the country. i'm doing it to save lives. there is no vaccine for trump derangement syndrome. that's the bottom line. >> harris: quickly we'll hear from the president again today. we expect. we know he is going to minneapolis and at least we'll hear him there on the day telling people all about his spending plan. did you see the dow that we showed you moments ago? this is hitting us in a lot of different ways right now. yet he is still trying to spend trillions of dollars. how do you explain that? is he tone deaf? the liberal media are saying the reason the poll numbers are so low is people don't understand him. what are we supposed to get? >> wow. you see the dow there down more than 500 points and it shows you that messaging matters. the message from the white house and his lieutenants matter.
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when you say pass this bill that adds trillions of new spending and floods the market with that money, and then make the same argument that no, actually that will lower inflation, no, that's not sanity and people understand that completely. so that's where we are at this point as far as that's concerned, as far as gas prices and the energy secretary laughing off questions saying i don't have a magic wand. people can go down the line. >> harris: food and everything. it is still early in the day. a lot of people money making money buying off for cheap. the gas prices, and inflation is a punch to the gut every hour of the day. we all need food. cnn in a world of hurt now. executives say the network will have conversations about its prime time anchor chris cuomo. newly released court documents show he was in close contact with a top aide to his brother, disgraced former new york
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governor andrew cuomo. text messages show the younger cuomo wrote defenses for his brother and also used his sources to try to dig up dirt on at least one of the accusers. in one exchange, chris cuomo flagged derosa about an accuser who claimed the governor tried to kiss her at a wedding. he texted i have a lead on the wedding girl. in another exchange derosa asked cuomo to find out if there would be more accusers. she wrote, rumor going around from "politico" one to two more people coming out tomorrow. can you check your sources? cuomo responded on it. no one has heard that yet. these text messages seem to contradict what chris cuomo was telling his viewers and probably his bosses in august. >> i'm a brother, i wasn't in control of anything. i was there to listen and offer my take. my advice to my brother was simple and consistent, own what you did.
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>> harris: chris cuomo avoided mentioning the scandal once during his show last night and facing a wave of backlash on twitter from other journalists. some calling it an embarrassment and incredibly unethical. it is obvious. what do you say? >> i wasn't in control of anything. that's what chris cuomo said. the text messages tell a much different story and quite telling that cnn said yesterday it was conducting a thorough investigation and on the same day they allowed cuomo to go back on the air while the investigation is happening. one has to wonder why the network isn't allowing an outside third party to look at the investigation. you are really going to trust this? this is the same people that also conducted an investigation that talked over what happened with jeffrey toob inand they concluded it was okay for him to go back to work.
8:15 am
it is all on paper supplied by the state attorney general. i have a lead on the wedding girl. what more do you need. digging up opposition research on women accusing a sitting governor of sexual misconduct. if that isn't a fireable offense i don't know what is? >> harris: what is at play here. is it the ratings? they aren't winning this way. is there money involved, are there contracts? i'm legitimately curious from a person like yourself who studies the media and what could be at play here. >> could be a contract. chris cuomo was the highest rated anchor on cnn in 2020, like being the tallest kid at short people camp. it doesn't mean a lot. relatively he rated well at cnn, a distant third in the time slot. maybe there is a big contract where you have to work out the stuff. maybe he is good friends with the right people at the top. we don't know. he should have been gone a long time ago. these text messages may have just come out. we knew very long ago that he
8:16 am
had been advising his brother in how to beat sexual harassment allegations and smearing those accusing him of that. now there is an investigation. >> harris: where are the people who say they care about the women who come forth with their stories? how can you have somebody on your staff working against the woman who came forth with their stories? how do you right the ship with that with other women in the building? i don't know. joe concha, always great to have you on "focus." we got to a lot. yet another charge of murder for the waukesha christmas parade attack suspect. six people are dead now. more than double the victims killed in the boston marathon attack. but the media pretty much ignoring the story. we'll dig into the reasons why that's the case. plus this. >> even if the facts show a rebounding economy. if people don't feel and see it themselves they don't give anybody credit for it.
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>> harris: wait a minute. americans are to blame? liberal media members with their own special take why the president's poll numbers are totally tanking. they have just think we don't understand him. we'll get into it. the power panel next.
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>> harris: the waukesha christmas parade suspect is in court today on a previous charge of running over the mother of his child in the same red s.u.v. he allegedly used in the parade massacre. prosecutors have added a sixth homicide charge against him after the death of the youngest victim, 8-year-old jackson sparks. our own greg gutfeld in a new fox news op-ed called out the
8:23 am
media for down playing what happened in waukesha as some sort of accident or suggesting that a vehicle, not a person, is the guilty party. and we all know and love greg. he doesn't hold back. here he have is from his monologue last night. >> take last year's riots. the media called it mostly peaceful. nothing says that like a man shot dead protecting his business. that giant lie handicapped the police so they couldn't do a thing to stop the riots without being accused of attacking mostly peaceful protestors. the media protected the mob so the cities burned and people died. this moved beyond the riots to a nationwide crime wave. as long as you dismiss the crime you create more crime. you can do it with words. >> harris: power panel. matt schlapp and a professor at johns hopkins university. defense mode one has to be in.
8:24 am
that kind of posture when you look at the lack of coverage, wendy, and just reaction to what greg just said. what's on your mind? >> well, i hear what greg is saying and i'm always open to opposing opinions but i don't agree. last week so much happened, so much is going on. not only did we have thanksgiving we had the trial of arbery's killers. so many news breaking events happened last week and not because we were trying to ignore it because there was an underlying issue but because americans were drained and lives were lost and i think now attention should be focused on what happened. i think that no one regardless of their skin color, race, religion should be exempt from the scrutiny of individuals when they commit a crime. i don't agree with greg. i feel as though the timing was different. >> harris: i've never heard anybody call thanksgiving a breaking news story getting in the way of a holiday massacre at a parade.
8:25 am
but that's an interesting take on it. let me get your first thoughts, matt and i will move to this. >> i just think we've had -- what i will agree with wendy on, a lot of people are exhausted about this charge of racism that is thrown out constantly and regularly. think of me right now. a white guy appearing on your show with two accomplished black women. everybody would tell me don't talk about race because you will be called a white supremacist for even going there. i think we're all exhausted. thank you for giving me the respect for having me to come on and say the obvious what greg said which is what happened in wisconsin is an attempt to railroad a young guy by the name of kyle rittenhouse and make it seem like he was acting out against black people during the violence of black lives matter. a jury of his peers acquitted him on all the counts and now we have the new violence committed by a black man who i don't even think should have been left out on the street and
8:26 am
for whatever reason people are afraid to touch it. we just have to start talking about these things no matter what our skin color is and call out the violence whether it comes from the right, left, or randomized because we can't have this violence in our society and have any sense of peace for our kids. >> harris: on this program i don't call anybody names. but everybody is welcome to come and express themselves. we have honest conversations here i call balls and strikes and everybody is always welcome here. there was not a lot of coverage for the waukesha parade. >> you can run over a christmas parade and kill twice as many people as the boston marathon bombers and they'll call it an accident. the soft bigotry of low expectations gets into crime and murder.
8:27 am
>> harris: matt. >> i think it's unbelievable. i listened to your conversation with joe concha and i almost feel like this whole desire by the left wing media epitomized by cnn to say it was a truck that hit the people. it wasn't a truck. that's an inanimate object. it is a person who acted in a violent and terrible way. i have family members who are there in that community and horrifying for the kids who were there and should be covered. not glorified. but we have to show these tragic circumstances with some kind of equity. the point on the boston bomber i hadn't thought about that. it's an amazing thing. everybody knows the names when it is perpetrated by certain types of people. somehow other names are lost to history because it's politically incorrect to talk about it. we have to stop that. >> harris: wendy, one of the things i looked at as it was unfolding and the haze of the
8:28 am
holidays and all going on. the american people can take in so much more than we ever give them credit for. look what happened in afghanistan. the white house seemed to act as though they thought coming up to the labor day weekend maybe people wouldn't catch all that. they caught every single heartbreaking moment of it. we can take it. what we can't take is being handled and a lack of transparency. in this it helps to call it what it is, whatever it is. >> it does help to call it what it is. i really find it heartbreaking the matt decided to bring up kyle rittenhouse and talk about self-defense when from my vantage point it wasn't the case. i don't know race needs to be part of this conversation and trying to politicize it. >> harris: you don't think race or religion is part of the conversation at all. over the christmas day parade massacre? >> i think it's only part of the conversation, harris, when it benefits con serves tifshs
8:29 am
and republicans. you like to bring up race and like to talk about people's skin color when it benefits you and like to bring up black on black crime when no such thing exists but we don't talk about white on white crime. it benefits you all, you often bring up race. you never bring it up when it is racism going on across the country. it doesn't make any sense. >> harris: not to mention that fact all the black on black crime in chicago. the riots were not. >> there is no such thing as black on black crime. >> i don't understand how someone can say there is no black on black crime. >> because you are -- >> let me try to talk here. crime is crime and what we have to do in this country is treat it in a way where it is equitable and people can get the facts. to say that kyle rittenhouse, right, was a victim of a ton of misreporting, to try to make it
8:30 am
seem like he was a white supremacists was simply unamerican. >> harris: it went all the way to the white house. the president put his thumb on the scale before the case was adjudicated. >> you can't deny racism exists as well. >> harris: we need longer than an hour with her. thank you. yet another democrat bailing out on the white house as the exodus grows, are we looking at a red wave coming in 2022? plus this. >> 2022 will be a dangerous year for america if something doesn't change. we have rampant inflation. we passed build back better it will pour gasoline on the inflation problem. >> harris: inflation, supply chain crisis, labor shortage. all of it hitting americans hard. the white house is down playing the problems while playing the blame game. who are they pointing the finger at now? florida senator rick scott is in "focus" to get into it.
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>> it now appears factors pushing inflation upward will linger well into next year. in addition, with the rapid improvement in the labor market wages are rising at a brisk pace. we understand that high inflation imposes significant burdens especially on those less able to meet the higher costs of essentials like food, housing and transportation. we are committed to our price stability goal. >> harris: federal reserve chairman jerome powell there telling congress today inflation could last longer than previously expected. he also warned that the new omicron variant could worsen labor shortages and supply chain issues raising prices even higher. but the white house has repeatedly down played those concerns and then decided to shift the blame.
8:37 am
>> we're out there, democrats in congress are out there, many of them. we welcome republican support i'll continue to say. taking steps to lower costs. what is the republican plan for lowering costs? for addressing inflation? something they're very concerned about but don't seem to have any solutions for. >> president biden: it is important to maintain perspective where our economy stands today. the fact is america has a lot to be proud of. we're experiencing the strongest economic recovery in the world. >> harris: rick scott, republican senator from florida, chairman of the national republican senatorial committee. lifetime of service. great to see you today. look, you have been leading so i have to ask this question. when you start to see the blame game being played, what does that signal to you? >> as a business person, you don't want to surround yourself with people who want to blame somebody else. as a parent you don't say to your kids blame somebody else. what the biden administration
8:38 am
has done they take no responsibility. if you have the job of president, secretary do your job, show up and say what are you going to do to fix it? here is what they ought to be doing. cut taxes, reduce regulation, make it easier for people to drill for oil safely and taking care of the environment. their attitude is we'll tax the living daylights out of everybody. scare every business person with more regulation and gosh, i wonder why things aren't going well? then if you look at all the spending you are causing inflation. it is unbelievable what inflation is. every business i talk to is seeing 10% plus inflation. >> harris: we heard months ago the dollar store and others that have that sort of behavior of giving you a really good deal under a buck 50 will have to sell stuff at a buck 50. that was perhaps one of our first indications that inflation was not going to be temporary. >> they aren't doing anything to fix it. we know what causes inflation.
8:39 am
reckless government spending and what the federal reserve has been doing by having all this easy money, buying up all the treasurer east and government backed bonds. they cause inflation. they've always caused inflation. it is not like we're so surprised right now we have inflation. you can tell when you go spend 1.9 trillion to waste money earlier this year or my opinion infrastructure bill will cause inflation or next democrat bill will cause inflation. you get more inflation. >> harris: it is worse than saying they didn't see it coming. we know that's not true. we know there were supply chain issue forecasts back in february of this year shortly after the president got into office. it is worse than saying oh, we just didn't see it coming because they did and they didn't know what to do or refused to do it. that's really bad. the daily caller with this op-ed titled biden's disastrous polling numbers can be explained by one simple fact. it reads the president's
8:40 am
approval numbers will remain under water as long as his administration distort the reality what americans see every day. the problem is the credibility the loss of which will be difficult to regain. senator. >> once somebody lies to you you never trust them again. if you are the secretary of transportation what would you do? get on an airplane and go to the port long beach, the port in long beach and say how do we solve the problem? when i had hurricanes as governor we went and tried to solve the problem. nobody in the biden administration isn't solving anything. poor people, gas and food and rent prices. i grew up in a poor family and public housing. my mom would send me to the
8:41 am
grocery store. look at what everything costs. it keeps going up in price every week. we only have this much money. that's what's going on in this country. >> harris: i know a little bit about your personal story and thank you for sharing it there. that's where a lot of people are now and faced with a christmas and looking at little ones in the face and the great deals they thought they could get might not be delivered in time for christmas. what they saved all year for. it is heartbreaking. i want to get to this. another house democrat will not seek reelection. putting the party's narrow majority at further risk in the mid-term elections and that's at least the 18th democrat to retire or seek higher office. a spokesperson for the gop super pac, congressional leadership found says house dems are dropping like flies and adding the retirement crisis has reached a five-alarm emergency and only going to get worse. they know their days in the majority are numbered and are making the wise choice to quit rather than face defeat next november. what do you think about that?
8:42 am
>> absolutely true. if you look at what the biden agenda. it is unbelievably unpopular. open borders. i was down at the border in arizona last week. in one hour five families walked across. just walked across and they expected us to pick them up and fly them around the country. that makes people mad. the debacle of afghanistan. leaving americans stranded behind. never before in the history of this country have we done that. inflation, all these things. no way the democrats can win next year. we'll take back the house, senate and position ourselves to make sure we have a republican in the white house in 2024. >> harris: senator rick scott, the great state of florida. thank you for being here today. the white house christmas decorations are up. have you seen them? well, what do you know? media gave first lady jill biden very different reviews than her predecessor melania trump. jimmy failla in focus next.
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>> is there anything you can share more about the president's remarks later today on supply chain? >> he is really going to be provided an update after meeting -- in advance of meeting with ceos about the work that has been underway for some time to address the hold-ups in the supply chain. something we have made a great deal of progress on. people can be assured there are going to be toys on the shelves. there are going to be food in your grocery stores. >> harris: that was the white house press secretary jen psaki just a few hours ago. [audio problem]
8:49 am
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>> harris: i love when little snafu happens. they this to politic us up because we had a little tech difficulty but everybody's mic is working now. minutes before president biden was set to deliver remarks on the supply chain crisis, they were abruptly postponed until tomorrow. the white house says the president wanted more time to meet with business leaders who were visiting the white house. i wonder what they were telling him. some on social media aren't having it. one tweeted what a joke, biden even didn't care enough to speak to americans to offer encouragement or calm. another, this guy is a dumpster fire and did the teleprompter break down in the latest fox news poll shows americans are not impressed with biden's handling of the economy, just 36% say they approve of the job he is doing. jimmy fay loan radio host of fox across america. even though i could literally hit with you a spit ball. what's up? >> i want you to know biden was ready to go yesterday. the speech writers had sent him a speech but it stopped loading
8:55 am
offshore on a cargo ship couldn't get it onto the mainland. had you to give me one. harris, is there anything less reassuring than postponing a speech that was supposed to reassure the american people? and the president has a real problem here when it comes to his handling of the economy. as you said, the poll numbers are horrible. but bigger than the polls is the indifference they are showing to the plight of every day americans. if you remember back the fourth of july jen psaki said you are in luck. the barbecue is going to be 15 cents cheaper this year. thanksgiving blah blah blah inflation. the turkey is only going to cost a dollar more. do you know what else cost a dollar more, harris? every gallon of gas you can get in your car assuming can you get a car they are so scarcely in demand right now. >> harris: vice president kamala harris and transportation secretary pete buttigieg will make a joint trip to north carolina this week. it comes amid reports of growing rift between their camps. boy, who does she get along
8:56 am
with? in anticipation of a potential 2024 democratic primary faceoff. one political journalist on twitter said a white house response to beltway chatter about a pete vs. kamala dynamic. another tweeted ha, this is the white house version of play nice back there you two in the back of the car. >> you know what's funny when they say pete and kamala have presidential buzz, what they're really saying is anyone who thinks they have a shot is buzzed and you should take away their car keys. harris, these two people are two of the biggest symbols of the least popular presidential administration in recent history. if you look at politics like a restaurant. the polls are basically saying the food sucks and the democrats are saying i got it we will give them bigger portions. i know every republican in my circle would donate to make this ticket a reality because they terrible what is their signature accomplishment, harris, when you think about it, there is
8:57 am
nothing. they check boxes in identity politics. the problem is voter don't want to check boxes, they want a paycheck with a side of border security, hold the inflation. >> harris: there you go. >> thank you. >> harris: joe biden unveiling the white house christmas decorations and the media gushing all over them while taking another shot of melania trump and red trees. three years ago. jill biden unveils first white house christmas decorations not a blood red tree in site. vanity fair notably less bloodthirsty than years past. that is disgusting. and "the washington post" says the first lady brought back a warmer, simpler vibe adding gone on melania trump's imposing and some said scary blood red trees which last night tv host jimmy fallon likened to christmas in hell. >> oh my goodness gracious. the media's obsession with melania trump's' christmas
8:58 am
trees. have you ever had a friend that complained so much about the crazy co-worker that you eventually realized your friend was the crazy one? that's the media and melania trump. >> that's not rhetorical. [laughter] >> see we are talking faulkner that is the media when it came to melania trump no, ability to pick their battles, nobody felt threatened by christmas decorations, that's absurd. in this country i want to say this. we failed melania trump, she was the greatest first lady we ever had. she is a supermodel imgrant who speaks five languages if she was a liberal we would be naming buildings after her in washington. instead pretending that christmas is back because we don't have red trees. edge bare wassing, harris. all i want to say i know i'm rowdy because i thought you were going to bring me here for intervention the all food i had at thanksgiving. >> harris: you are so funny. you know what? we will get together again. i promise we will be seated together and boast of our
8:59 am
microphones will work at the same time. here is what matters. serious. that's important stuff. thank you everybody for watching the faulkner focus. i literally could just lean like this i'm on outnumbered. we will see you in like six seconds. ♪ ♪ [narrator] weight bias is harmful, not helpful. [background woman's voice] i see you haven't lost weight. you must not be trying hard enough. everyone keeps judging me. i'm eating right. i'm exercising. i'm trying to lose weight. but it's just too much.
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[narrator] our words and actions matter. everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. [narrator] learn more about weight bias and how to help end it. visit be a part of the solution. let's stop weight bias. let's work together to stop weight bias today. ♪ >> emily: we begin with a fox news alert on a damning new report linked to the cuomo sex scandal. and it paints a troubling picture of cnn anchor chris cuomo highlighting his unprecedented involvement with a then governor's inner circle as they tried to combat the growing sexual misconduct allegations. newly revealed texts even show the cuomo prime time host used his own us sos to dig up information on his brother's accusers. this is outnumbered, i'm emily compagno. i'm joined by co-host harris faulkner and kayleigh mcenany, host o


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