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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 30, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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will >> it is november 30th, crickets from chris cuomo after damning evidence shows the unprecedented role in helping a scandal plagued brother. >> not hearing from the white house or the mainstream media about this. >> he didn't know anything about hunter biden's business dealings is farcical when you know what is on the left. carley: this advocates the first family. todd: the elayne maxwell try resuming hours from now as the prosecutor argues maxwell and jeffrey epstein, partners in crime. carley: you are watching "fox and friends first". todd: president biden postponing a week aimed at european americans on the supply-chain crisis.
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carley: the federal reserve, the omicron variant. griff jenkins has more on this important front. >> trying to resolve the mystery of the no show, strengthening the supply chain, they cancel the remarks explaining biden wanted more time to meet with visiting business leaders, it address the emerging of a variant in fears that more lockdowns were coming. >> if people were vaccinated there is no need for lockdowns. >> reassuring americans the supply-chain crisis and spiking inflation.
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>> inventory levels are at 10% so while we are concerned about supply chains, the delays are improving. >> reporter: republicans paint a less optimistic picture. >> paying $4 a gallon for gasoline, can't find the kids christmas present, the president biden put in charge of supply-chain people to judge if that is the best the democrats can do it is going to be very bad election for the next year. >> the federal reserve chairman warned in prepared testimony out of today's senate hearing, quote, the recent rise in covid 19 cases and the emergence of the a crime variant posed downside risks in employment and economic activity, increased uncertainty for inflation. greater concerns could increase people's willingness to work in person which would slow progress in the labor market, and intensify supply-chain disruptions. powell will appear alongside janet yellen, as for the
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canceled presidential remarks, scheduled for tomorrow. carley: >> thanks very much. >> chris cuomo is accused of using his position about detailed accusers among sexual misconduct allegations. todd: jackie ibanez joins us with details on the newly released documents. >> reporter: the new york attorney general's office releasing new details on the efforts chris cuomo 4 andrew cuomo resigned from office. and pursuing intel. the wedding girl he refers to, attempted to kiss her in 2019. and getting out of damaging
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media reports, including a piece, this includes reports by ronan farrow. and everett has nothing better than boiling that's a great sign. and accuses him of forcibly kissing her in his office. and he spoke about the piece, implying business as usual. and cnn deemed those calls and appropriate. >> i'm not an advisor. i a brother. i wasn't in control of anything. i was there to listen and offer my take. my advice to my brother was simple and consistent. bone what you did.
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>> cnn releasing a statement, quote, we will be having conversations and seeking additional clarity about their significance as they relate to cnn over the next several days. andrew cuomo at spokesperson putting out a statement after the new documents were released of hand-picked witness testimony. the his critics governor denies sexual misconduct allegations. todd: a lot more on this coming up with joe concha. jillian: miranda devine if new book on hunter biden's chinese business dealings cast doubt on the president's claim that he was never involved in his son's work. >> during the two years joe biden was vice president hunter expected them to pay him $20 million for the work his family had done while joe biden was vice president. after biden stepped down as vice president he was going into formal business with cfc in america. hunter biden had the system set up with the nameplate for joe
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biden and jill biden and to share this office with their chinese partners. carley: he accused them of knowing about the shady relationship. the biden family has not responded to any of the allegations. ghislaine maxwell's high profile trial kicking off as prosecutors called a socialite essential to jeffrey epstein's scheme to pray on underage girls. todd: good morning. >> reporter: ghislaine maxwell's defense attorneys portray the 59-year-old as jeffrey epstein's scapegoat, the disgraced financier at shadow looms over the trial. maxwell's attorney telling the jury of 7 women and 5 men ever since evil is accused of tempting adam for the apple women have been blamed for the bad behavior of men. they say maxwell is not like jeffrey epstein and not like any of the other men. powerful men, moguls, media giants who abuse women but
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prosecutors sketching a different version of maxwell who was accused of recruiting and grooming underage girls for epstein from 1994 to 2004. they say maxwell participated in abuse of the girls. the assistant us attorney saying in her opening statement, quote, maxwell was epstein's best friend and right hands. she knew exactly what she was doing. the lawyer representing eight of epstein's accusers, one of whom has an accusation against maxwell spoke to fox news about the trial. >> they were not able to seek jeffrey epstein, they are seeing it come down from ghislaine maxwell. we will find out more about jeffrey epstein and powerful people involved. >> reporter: maxwell faces 80 years in prison if found guilty. the trial is expected to last six weeks. carley: another high profile trial in chicago, jussie smollett. >> reporter: prosecutors accuse the 39-year-old of faking a hate crime the grab the nation's attention in 2019.
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>> i of those people. and you can do such a disservice when you lie about things like this. >> lease jussie smollett i two brothers to attack him for $3,500 to further his career. and web telling the jury when he reported the fake hate crime, that was a real crime. his defense team claimed the two men attacked jussie smollett because they did not like it and it was for training and actor for an upcoming music video. this. will take the witness stand during the trial. jussie smollett's attorney says they are going to live your face. jussie smollett is a real victim. jussie smollett faces three years in prison if guilty. the trial is expected to last a week and it is not clear if jussie smollett will take the stand in his own defense. remember kim fox dropped the initial charges and is facing 50 years behind bars.
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todd: senator rand paul's feud with anthony fauci going full steam ahead amid concerns over new lockdowns. >> i represent science was when a government bureaucrat has the audacity, the arrogance to say they represent all of science conjures up images of the medieval church. carley: president biden says lockdowns are not needed to contain he will work on variance but can we take him at his word. congressman buddy carter of the gop doctors caucus is on deck to discuss. ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th
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>> >> i don't think it should be mandatory. i wouldn't demand it be mandatory. i don't think masks should be mandatory nationwide. >> >> there is no need for lockdown. >> president biden says there is no need for an around-the-clock down the field on variance spread around the world. >> buddy carter sits on the gop doctors caucus was one of the questions is as president biden says no new lockdowns, as it pertains to a cron. >>
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>> is not an authority on this. >> >> tony fauci should be fire given up, just ridiculous. >> they need to step down. tony fauci as a politician, no one trusts him now. he's the one who lied to us about gain of function research. they have politicized a virus, politicized covid 19 and this is not good for the american people. they don't know who to trust anymore. we shouldn't be putting our trust in science, on politicians. it should be with your doctors, pharmacists and healthcare professionals. not with the government. lisa biden says we should not panic. to the actions of us white house signify a group of leaders that
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is not panicking? >> certainly they look like they are panicking to me and are using this as leverage to get people to take the vaccine. i'm an advocate for the vaccine. i went through clinical trials, i got my booster, i to set a good example and i believe it is safe and effective. however it should not be mandated. i was in the office in the district yesterday, had four phone calls from certain groups that were concerned about having to take the vaccine. they don't want to. i was at a function sitting next to an ent, ear, nose and throat physician telling me after 25 years i'm going to lose privileges next monday at the hospital i have been operating at because i'm not going to get the vaccine.
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this is a physician trained and made the decision to himself not to get it. 6 months ago he was one of our heroes because he was treating covid 19 patients, now he is going to be fire to lose his privileges at the hospital. carley: another doctor coming up later on the show lost her job because she refused to get the vaccine as well as on the vaccine front pfizer says they think their vaccine will protect against a cron but it may not be as much protection as other variants. they are working on another vaccine. is that what is going to happen here. they are looking at two, three, and four. >> absolutely. it is crazy that this is happening. it very well maybe it requires another vaccine. we don't know yet. we need to take the time to study it and understand it. then we can make the decision on what should be done exactly. todd: buddy carter, appreciate you being on the program.
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carley: some people are so outraged over the kyle rittenhouse verdict that they need counseling and two companies are facing a boycott offering it. todd: twitter's ceo stepping down but project or cs replacement be worse? comments from the past causing alarm. ♪♪
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not only do centrum multigummies taste great. they help support your immune defenses, too. because a healthy life. starts with a healthy immune system. with vitamins c and d, and zinc. getting out there has never tasted so good. try centrum multigummies. todd: jack dorsey announcing his resignation as ceo but conservatives were his replacement could be more dangerous for free speech. here is by replacement on the first amendment in his own words. are always not to be bound by the first amendment.
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the scarce commodity, content up there, tweets out there, not all of it gets attention and increasingly our always moving forward, how we recommend content. the first amendment law not binding a private company and what does it mean for conservatives, already censored in the platform. >> if you thought twitter was an enemy a free-speech it is about to get worse, those comments by the new ceo, more focused on less focused or more focused on the important issues of the day so he's going to be acting as an individual who wants a social platform to have an angle. as it comes to conservative ideas we can expect more censorship than we have already seen and a ripple effect in all of media. much of media these days does report on what prominent figures are saying on twitter.
2:24 am
this will have a big impact and this is bad news for free speech all the way around. todd: a frightening echo chamber could get more frightening. by the way, there's more on this tweet comparing all white people to racists, quote, if they are not going to make a decision between muslims and extremists why should i just wish between white people and racists, allegedly from a joke he was parodying but regardless, was it that hard for twitter to find somebody who didn't make comments like this to be the next ceo? >> you would think they would understand the importance of scrubbing past tweets that could be controversial even if said ingested. this points to twitter not being worried about those types of comments. they are worried about what conservatives say but not what liberals say it is you mentioned twitter has the right to say what they want and run the company the way they want but this is going to be a social media platform that is less and less favorable to diversity of
2:25 am
ideas and one angle of thought. todd: your thoughts on this. best buy and levi's are pretty big companies facing boycott after offering employee counseling over the kyle rittenhouse verdict by calling it, quote, another difficult moment for our nation and levi's saying it is a difficult day for many. how disconcerting is it major companies like best buy, like levi's are acting like they don't accept the verdict from a court of law, a jury of this individual's peers but are caving to a misinformed woke mob instead? >> they are looking to our political leaders who had negative things to say about the jury verdict. they are nearing what we are seeing in politics, that is the disturbing part that you have companies that are more focused on politics than they are in serving their own customer base. that is why it is encouraging to
2:26 am
see people stand up against these companies and say we are going to boycott you, we are not going to use your services because if you as a customer are frustrated with companies focused on things like diversity and inclusion training or providing emotional support to employees who are upset with the politics of the day. what you can do is take your money out there. todd: we need to stop cuddling these children masquerading as adults because if you don't you are forced to make decisions in your corporate world like levi's and best buy and that is why beverly hallberg breaks it all down. carley: good morning, little snowflakes. todd: i had snow. is coming. >> janice: not a lot of snow depending on where you live across the great lakes, a couple clipper systems, fast-moving stores across the great lakes and the northeast the current temperatures, if we have a little bit of refused rotation,
2:27 am
maybe some snow, the future cast, the system that moved through yesterday, one moving across the great lakes, the system with the greatest chance of southern snow like a few snowflakes in and around the new york area, long island towards new england and a couple storms after this will be mainly a rain event except if you live across the great lakes in the upper midwest you will see snow so these are fast-moving storms that don't have a lot of moisture but if you live around the great lakes that is where you will see measurable snow. across the northwest we still have more rain in the forecast and we will see things relax which is great news. they had the wettest on a record in snow so that is thinkable considering the timing of the rain that gets into this region this time of year. seattle usually gets rain in their forecast but to have a record-setting autumn for rain is impressive. here's your forecast was mild
2:28 am
temperatures for texas, the southeast, miami in the upper 70s. we are watching those clippers, the northwest and warm air moving into much of the country this week. 20 degrees above average for the northern points, toward the mid-atlantic and the northeast. if you like warm temperatures in december you will of his forecast. america has something for everybody. todd: j the help the door for me today. >> janice: hi to all the moms. todd: thanks for embarrassing me on national tv. we are seeing damning evidence that cnn's chris cuomo worked to protect his disgraced brother so will he finally lose his spot on the year. carley: making waves. >> people don't know what is going on even if the facts show
2:29 am
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>> is not as vocal. people don't know the rebounding economy.
2:33 am
>> placing blame on americans instead of the president. brian seltzer making excuses for president biden's tanking favorability. >> is cnn that far removed from the news that they don't see what this has brought on the country over the last 10 months? >> i'm pretty sure the american people can see and feel this economy in terms of inflation but here actual numbers that you can't spin. core inflation at a 30 year high, people feel that, you can't spin the polls show 70% to 90% of the country are deeply concerned about inflation, can't
2:34 am
spin gas prices at its highest in a decade. it cost $30, more like 50, 55, you can't spin 2 million people crossing the border, and hundreds of americans left behind in afghanistan. and president biden is pulling a because of bad press. his decisions, spending and foreign-policy your immigration are profoundly out of touch with the american people and if you read poll after poll after poll. >> new york attorney general latisse a james released text messages yesterday that show chris cuomo, heavily involved in the response to andrew cuomo's sexual harassment allegations and looking good to intel, one of the accusers text that i have a lead on the wedding girl
2:35 am
accused andrew cuomo, and the statement in response. additional clarity about their significance as they relate to cnn over the next several days. they say you are looking into it. what your reaction to the situation? >> while they are looking into it this anchor should not sniff a microphone or studio until the investigation if it is an investigation, they turn on, chris cuomo on the air, didn't mention any of these text messages that will release it all and white with the top trending topic. the news story now, anybody else in the situation, this would result in the worst reprimands, and outright termination, the
2:36 am
news organization we are dealing with, and and that lone ranger, why shouldn't cuomo go on. this is the version of a political -- occupying the 9:00 spot over there. this guy sought to dig up dirt to discredit women credibly accused his brother governor who is now the ex-governor of sexual misconduct so cnn will do a thorough review. that may tell you how seriously they are taking this. >> reporter: about 30 seconds, can't believe the american people are so stupid they don't see first. >> friends and relatives watching cnn, a reflection on how the network is performing
2:37 am
when they allow a person like this back on the air. they see it in a sense they are not seeing it. 80% since the beginning of the year, 8 in 10 viewers are now gone because it's not a news network when you support somebody like this, you believe all women in turn into a guy to take out all women in terms of accusations. it is clear to the american people. >> great topic, appreciate it. >> president biden postponing his address to the nation 15 minutes before he was set to speak. carley: cheryl casone with more on why president biden hit the brakes on those remarks. >> reporter: the white house citing the delay with time to meet with business leaders, the announcement 15 minutes before his address to the nation about the new a cron variance which read in part the president will no longer deliver remarks
2:38 am
following his meeting with ceos, these remarkably delivered wednesday, ceos from best buy, food lion, walmart and cvs were among attendees at the meeting. this as the nation continues to grapple with inflation and supply-chain backlogs as we head into the holiday. the president's approval ratings as well as 36% due to his handling of the economy, all of this could spell more disaster for the economy. carley: the fed speaking out about the economy and this very in. >> jerome powell will tell congress the new a cron variance could pose downside risks to economic activity pictures for the united states. in his prepared remarks he said the recent rise in covid 19 cases, pose downside risks to employment and economic activity and uncertainty for inflation, greater concerns about the virus reduce willingness to work in
2:39 am
person which will slow progress in the labor market and intensify supply chain disruption. powerless testifying in front of the senate banking committee today. the markets did rebound after the big friday selloff which was the worst of the year we have seen. back to you, we remind everybody you can catch me on american's dream home at 8:00 pm eastern time. carley: what cities? >> we are going back to the capital market. carley: doctors across the country who refuse to get vaccinated are sitting at home without a job as the highly contagious variance of covid 19 could be in the us. we are talking to one of them coming up. todd: the white house rewriting history is president biden implements the same policies he once criticized donald trump for. >> what the president was critical of was the way the former president put out a xenophobic tweet, the president has not been critical of travel restrictions.
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give your business the gift of savings today. comcast business. powering possibilities. good morning, 17 minutes, president biden's task forces it will take two weeks for the latest covid varian known as omicron as he pledges no new
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lockdowns or shutdowns as long as we get boosters and shots and wear masks. we get perspective from mark siegel who is coming up in half an hour. rand paul is one of doctor fauci's toughest critics. we get his take on the game plan for the new covid variant. twitter founder jack dorsey stepping down as ceo of his own company. a new leader and controversial things. john rich, debut the new song called santa has a dirty job. it will be by the end of today the number one song in america. we have a busy 3 hours 15 minutes from now on the channel you trust for your morning news.
2:45 am
carley: santa has a dirty job. a to the song is good or the outfits they were wearing? >> one santa suit, on the bottom. carley: couldn't afford to. see you in 15 minutes. the white house defending president biden against calls of hypocrisy after enacting a travel ban on several nations in africa. >> before joe biden was president you had covid travel restrictions on foreign countries called hysterical the scene of ob and fear mongering. what changed? >> what the president was critical of is the way the former president put out a xenophobic tweet on how he called, what he called the coronavirus and who he directed it at. the president has not been critical of travel restrictions.
2:46 am
carley: biden's accusations of xenophobia began moments after trump enacted a travel ban in january of 2020. >> this is no time for donald trump's record of hysteria and xenophobia and fear mongering to lead the way instead of science. todd: senator rand paul taking issue with his comments about science. >> really aims bullets at tony fauci, really criticizing science because i represent science. >> when a government bureaucrat has the audacity, the arrogance to say they represent all of science conjures up images of the middle evil church. science is nothing to do with having obedience to any government dogma. >> they clashed on gain of function research funding and the origins of the pandemic.
2:47 am
carley: a federal judge halted the vaccine mandate for healthcare workers in 10 states. a questions on the new a cron variant, inspired for refusing to get vaccinated. the decision from the federal judge said that it is better to have an unvaccinated doctor than no doctor at all. what do you make of him halting this vaccine requirement. the 10 states that sued over it. >> for states and workers, with this potential variance, they need as many workers they have on hand. new york suffering a little bit because of the mandate here. >> the next topic in new york, governor kathy hogle issued a
2:48 am
state of emergency, the possibility of a cron extracting hospitals and losing the window open to limit elective procedures. staffing shortages, what is your reaction to that. >> in new york we find it very interesting and coincidental her emergency statement declared in four days, it went into effect here. thousands more healthcare workers, when the final vaccine mandate was carried out and workers lost their religious exemptions, the timing is interesting, may not have to do with this variance, has to do with the fact that the hospital does that. jillian: when i saw this number i could not believe it. the number of healthcare workers, fired or placed on leave due to the vaccine
2:49 am
mandate, 34,000 people and you say in the hospital and lost between one and 2000 employees. after losing that many people. >> repurpose thing people, the idea of declaring we need to discontinue elective surgery for a time, a possible way they can deal with staffing shortages -- >> emergency room forced to shut down, they don't have enough doctors and nurses, they get vaccinated, so unfortunate because the doctors but no longer can work, the other side of the argument that you have heard is people who are for the vaccine mandate say you guys
2:50 am
work with the most vulnerable population. what is your response to that? >> i definitely hear that argument. i think we've about this vaccine to understand it does not prevent transmission it doesn't prevent infection so to single out unvaccinated workers and say we are the only possibility of spreading to land is not true and we wear proper ppe, everyone is masked in the healthcare facility, constantly washing our hands, sanitizing. i don't think it is a real issue. jillian: the vaccine mandate has been positive, we will see if it has implications for the rest of the country moving forward. thank you for joining us. carley: the work mob coming for kyle rittenhouse, what students at arizona state university are demanding school do now even after he was acquitted on all charges. talking about it with tomi lahren next.
2:51 am
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todd: transportation secretary pete buttigieg taking suggestion for americans paying sky high prices at the pump. >> families, once they own that electric vehicle will never have to worry about gas prices again. todd: many criticizing pete buttigieg for ignoring the high cost of electric cars. their average price over $55,000. even with a proposed tax rebate of about 13,000 bucks, electric cars are still about twice as much as a gas powered compact. there you have it. the woke coming from kyle rittenhouse. university students demanding the school quote protect them from a quote blood violent thirsty murderer even though he was acquitted on all charges. carley: joining us now is tomi lahren. asu group for socialism want him kicked out of school. todd spoke to an asu graduate
2:56 am
with perspective on this situation. prison to what he had to say? >> these students want nothing more than to remove any believes or ideas that they disagree with from their campus. this is unamerican. it's undemocratic and the university has to step in because this is wrong. >> i guess toirges the concern is just like every other ceo and college president that has caved before that these put enough pressure on the college campus and then kyle rittenhouse won't be able go. >> you are definitely right. this sad effort by a grouch misfit cry babies, the students for socialism will probably be taken seriously if not even followed by the university and why is that? two reasons. one, modern popular culture has shown these students as the cancel culture cries loudly enough they win. the fake news media students
2:57 am
justice department fails in every instance that b.s. race-baiting narrative isn't upheld. it's all a load of garbage. it's a load of garbage that we as a society have refused to take out for far tootoo long. these why students for socialism have r. so emboldened and empowered we v.a. pieced and placated them for years and reached a point their whining and wailing is taken as gospel that's why ignorant students get away with calling kyle rittenhouse a murderer or mass shooter. it's not right. todd: on north carolina on thursday as rumors swirl bin fighting about the potentially being brought together on the democratic ticket. take a look at these numbers. this is the favorability rating among joe biden's cabinet. i don't think janet yellen or merrick garland or antony blinken or lloyd austin that leaves buttigieg he is the big winner at quote 38%. how big a sign is this that the democrats are completely desperate when that comprises
2:58 am
their bench? >> oh, todd and carley, let's think about this, i'm glad you mentioned their bench. you have the current president who is obviously flipping a cog. then you have kamala harris the failed border czar and failed in every duty that she has been given and then you have the failed transportation secretary who is overseeing a disaster of a supply chain crisis. >> this is the democrat bench. this is the most that they have to offer. now, i know that they are going to be appearing together because they want the optical allusion everything that is right in paradise, the american people know it's not. democrats know they are in trouble and they better find someone come 2024. maybe it will be hillary clinton. i mean, at this point, why not? >> tomi, we have been talking about the omicron variant all morning long and yesterday the big news was that president biden enacted that travel ban from several african nations. the only problem with that though is that this southern border is wide open and there is a migrant caravan that is coming
2:59 am
through and could get to the u.s. southern border in several days. >> exactly. so all those folks that pretend to be so concerned about the variants and about covid itself, if they are not serious about protecting and securing our border, then they are not serious about the health and safety of americans or anybody else for that matter. but the american people have to ask themselves this. why does our government. why do our democrat leaders, why do they want to infringe upon us and our rights and our freedoms with more restrictions infringements and mandates? they don't seem to care about the people southern border coming in our country illegally. wife do they not care about restricting them? that's the question people it need to ask themself and which party is overseeing this? well the answer to that is the democrat party. let's wisen up and take american safety and security seriously and that includes our southern border. todd: midterms about 11 months away. i feel it's important to mention midterms at every single.
3:00 am
tomi tuesday is back. thank you. carley: thank you, tomi, appreciate it carley is a huge baseball fan if you didn't know. she based her outfit today the blue and orange barsd upon max going to the methods. wore methods color. carley: i thought about him exactly when i got dressed this morning. "fox & friends" right now. ♪ ♪ >> growing concerns about the new omicron variant. >> fierce more lock downs could be coming. >> lockdowns off the table. >> yes, for now. >> biden's supply chain speech more than joe could handle. >> charged with a sixth count first degree homicide. >> 8-year-old boy jackson sparks died of his injury. >> jury seated in the trial of jussie smollett. >> accused of orchestrating a hate crime for himself. >> the media carried


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