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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 30, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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>> it sounds better that way. we should call omicron. i mispronounced a few things earlier. freedom matters, great gear in time for christmas, unconventional to the rescue by the end of this month. lots of great stuff made in the usa and for charity, america now and forever. greg gutfeld takes it from here. >> at the table, why is that? >> president biden: if people are vaccinated and to wear their masks there is no need for that. >> we need as i said so often to prepare for the worst. >> it is tuesday november 30th, more mixed messages and confusion of the biden white house. what should americans believe as a new highly contentious variant of covid 19 spread across the world?
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>> crickets coming from cnn anchor chris cuomo after damning evidence shows the unprecedented role he played in helping his brother. will the network finally kick him off the air? >> the jury found kyle rittenhouse not guilty but arizona state university, a raised violent bloodthirsty murderer and they are demanding the school publicly part ways with him. >> a lot more coming up through the course of the morning and you're watching "fox and friends first" this tuesday. president biden abruptly postponing a >> it reassuring americans on the supply chain crisis. >> federal reserve sounding the alarm on the economic implications of a highly transmissible a con variant. >> according to the white house schedule the president was supposed to speak about strengthening the supply chain and stocking shelves ahead of the holiday season but with little notice the white house abruptly canceled the remarks later explaining the president
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wanted more time to meet with visiting business leaders. earlier in the day the president did address the emerging a cron variant and fears the more lockdowns could becoming. >> are locked out of the table? >> president biden: yes, for now. because we if people are vaccinated and wearing masks there is no need for lockdowns. >> this as the president hosted a roundtable of ceos addressing the supply chain crisis and spiking inflation. >> what we are all concerned about his supply chains that are improving. >> republicans paint a less optimistic picture suggesting it could cost democrat in the midterms. >> people paying $4 a gallon for gasoline, can't buy the kids christmas presents, they look to the person biden put in charge of supply chain, pete buttigieg. if that is the best the democrats can do then it is
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going to be a very bad election for the next year. >> reporter: is the federal reserve chairman, at of the senate banking hearing, quote, the recent rise in covid 19 case and emergence of the oma cron variant close downside risks to employment and economic activity and increased concerns about inflation. greater concern could reduce people's willingness to work in person which would slow progress in the labor market and intensify supply-chain disruptions. powell will appear alongside janet yellen. as for the president's remarks, those of been rescheduled for tomorrow, we will see if that holds.
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todd: the white house defending president biden against calls of hypocrisy after an acting a traveled and on several nations in africa. >> before president biden's presidency you had covid travel restrictions were hysterical, xenophobia and fear mongering. what changed? >> what the president was could love was the way the former president put out a xenophobic tweet, what he called the coronavirus and who he directed it at. the president has not been critical of travel restrictions. >> biden's accusations of xenophobia against the former president began only moments after trump enacted a travel ban in january of 2020. >> this no time for donald trump's record of hysteria and xenophobia and fear mongering to lead the way instead of science. >> doctor anthony fauci claims he represents science but senator and paul says fauci often rejects real science in favor of government mandates. >> really aimed bullet that tony
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fauci, criticizing science because i represents science. >> what a government bureaucrat has the audacity, the arrogance to say they represent all of science conjures up images of the medieval church. science has nothing to do with having obedience to any government dogma. >> paul and fauci often clash on questions about government overreach on lockdowns, masking and vaccines and i think the whole i represents science income he was going to get negative reaction from conservatives on that one of the criticism is valid when you think about when you go to the doctor and find out something is wrong with you usually you seek a second opinion. no one person represents all of science and senator paul is a medical professional himself and they clash at the senate hearings because of gain of
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function research, senator paul said fauci is lying about taxpayer money going to fund this and all the while senator -- doctor fauci has become this godlike figure too many people on the left. >> you know it is an outlandish statement when you go the entire day saying i am science and that is what i was doing but there's a serious component to this, for somebody who espouses i am science, follow the science, he does get political a lot these days and the latest example is probably the greatest one i have seen especially when in the january 6th, what does that have to do with science and president biden and doctor fauci have different takes how we should approach this new variant raises questions which one will the american people follow. >> people warship this guy. >> behind-the-scenes doctor fauci could influence the president but you are right about that sort of divide.
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i keep calling him senator fauci. >> fauci was on the sunday show saying lockdowns are off the table just yet and yesterday during the press conference president biden said no lockdowns and we will talk about the a cron variant and what we do know about it is it is highly transmissible but it could be a mild form of this virus which ultimately could be a good thing. >> do we trust the left especially president biden when he says no lockdowns? mixed messaging seems to be at the heart of this, between fauci and biden and in new york state, we have no cases yet but no elective surgeries but i think the word elective surgeries is a little bit misplaced. if you are getting surgery to have a colonoscopy you could delay that 6 months but should you? that's not -- cancer doesn't
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wait. >> no new lockdowns just yet but that change, president biden said vaccines shouldn't be mandated and where we are right now. laura: let's turn to shocking new developments involving chris cuomo's role in his brother at secularism saga. >> the cnn anchor abuses media status to play a huge role in aiding the former new york governor's sexual harassment defense. jackie ibanez here with the latest, good morning. >> right now the cnn anchor is not addressing the report, the new york attorney general's office releasing new details of the unparalleled effort chris, took to help his brother and sexual misconduct accusations before andrew, resigned from office. text messages in that report between cuomo and his brother's former 8 reveal the anger actively pursuing intel on the accusers, cuomo writing, quote,
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i have only on the wedding girl, the winning girl he refers to is anna rucker claims that are, attempted to kiss her, unwanted advance back in 2019. chris cuomo also using his elite media status to get ahead of damaging media reports, this includes a piece by ronan farrow, quote, if ronan is nothing better than boiling, that's a great sign, boiling was a former aide of the ex-governor and accuses him of forcibly kissing her in his office in 2018. over the summer, chris cuomo told investigators he spoke with another journalist about the new yorker piece insisting their conversation was, quote, business as usual. it was first revealed in may that chris cuomo had participated in a strategy to help advise his brother, cnn deemed those called inappropriate but did not discipline cuomo. >> i'm not an advisor. i a brother. i wasn't in control of anything. i was there to listen and offer
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my take and my advice to my brother was simple and consistent. own what you did. >> cnn releasing this statement after the new details were revealed saying, quote, we will be having conversations and seeking additional clarity about their significance as they relate to cnn over the next several days. andrew cuomo's spokesperson putting a statement after the new documents were released calling it a manipulated release of hand-picked witness testimony. the disgraced ex-governor denies any sexual misconduct allegations. todd: don't see how he survives this but we've been wrong before. >> reporter: prosecutors deliver opening remarks trial of ghislaine maxwell and jussie smollett. todd: good morning. >> reporter: maxwell's defense attorney, jeffrey epstein's scapegoat, the disgraced shadow looms over the trial.
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maxwell's attorney telling the jury of 7 women and 5 men ever since he was accused of testing adam for the apple women have been blamed for the bad behavior of men. she is not like jeffrey epstein or the other powerful moguls, media giant to abuse women but prosecutors getting a different version of maxwell who is accused of recruiting and grooming underage girls for epstein between 1994, and 2004. maxwell also participated in abuse of the girls. the assistant us attorney saying that her opening statement, quote, maxwell was epstein's best friend and right hand, she knew exactly what she was doing. the lawyer representing accusers, one of whom has an accusation against maxwell spoke to fox news about the trial. >> they were not able to see the state, for jeffrey epstein so they are coming for ghislaine maxwell. we will find out more about jeffrey epstein and other
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powerful people involved. >> maxwell faces 80 years in prison if found guilty. the trial is expected to last six weeks. todd: jussie smollett's trial beginning in chicago. >> prosecutors accused the 30 jillian: of faking a hate crime that got the nation's attention in 2019. >> reporter: i respect too much the people who, i'm not one of those people, who have been attacked, in any way. you do such a disservice when you lie about things like this. >> police face mullet high two brothers to pretend to attack them for $3,500 to further his career. special prosecutor dan webb telling the jury, quote, when he reported the fake hate crime that was a real crime but his defense team claims two men attacked jussie smollett because they did not like him and the check was for training the actor for an upcoming music video. the siblings will take the witness stand during the trial. jussie smollett's attorney saying, quote, going to lie to
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your face. jussie smollett is a real victim. jussie smollett faces three years in prison if guilty, the trial is expected to last weekend it is not clear if jussie smollett will take the stand in his own defense. >> two major cases there. no cameras in the courtroom for either of them which is unfortunate. >> prosecutor positioning the supreme court to review a lower court's ruling and throw out bill cosby's conviction for sexual assault, he was released from prison in june after serving two years of a 10 year sentence. his conviction thrown out because a closed-door meeting with a former prosecutor that prevented cosby from being charged. >> testing done on the president's claim that he was never involved in his son's work. >> during two last year 2 years that president biden was vice president, hunter expected them to pay him $20 million for the work his family had done while
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president biden was vice president was when he stepped down as vice president he was going into business, hunter biden was set up with the nameplate for joe biden and jill biden to share the office with their chinese partners. >> divine goes on to accuse us intelligence of knowing about the shady relationship. the biden family has not responded to any of the allegations. >> the annual golf for cops event is taking place next monday december 6th at trump national golf club, jim mcdade starting this tournament, five police officers executed a job in dallas in 2016. since in the event has raised $2 million for families of fallen police officers. >> what i have learned is everybody in some fashion has
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something whether it is a family member, a friend we all are touched by the loss and we all understand the risk they take every day when they suit up and go to work. the least we can do is to help through this charity and other charities, raise money to support the families who have been left behind. todd: the guy on the left is going to be speaking sunday night along with the guy on the right. the guy on the right is the keynote speaker, eric trump, you know the guy left, 36 professional golfers will participate in the tournament, they get real golfers, it is tournament, they can win money, that's how they get so many good golfers to show up. the company that makes golf balls will donate a portion of sales of any of its balls because and get a great stocking
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carley: twitter's new ceo facing backlash for implying he would ignore freedom of speech, last year the company's chief officer said twitter's role is not to be bound by the first amendment and is taking heat for this controversial tweet from 2010,
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quote, if they are going to make a distinction between muslims and extremists, then why should i distinction between white people and racists? he claims he was quoting a comedian who appeared on an episode of the daily show, rubble, lawmakers fear there will be more censorship under the new ceo's leadership and i was on "outnumbered" shortly after this news came going to jack dorsey was stepping down and i said something will likely change given that we are pressuring in new leadership, either the new ceo will be more open to freedom of speech or less open depending on where he stands on the political spectrum and two hours later this news comes down about what he has said about freedom of speech and the company's role in it. >> is correct when it comes to a private company in the first amendment, that's the law. they are private company they can do what they want but it begs the question what does this mean for conservatives who are
1:22 am
silenced on the platform all the time for the most mundane things into this individual is publicly saying no first amendment, one of the unwritten rules you don't say, if this guy is saying it what does this mean for conservatives, does it mean there's going to be this push away from twitter to your parlors and other vehicles and taking a step back for a moment there are a lot of talented people in silicon valley. couldn't somebody also taken this role? i understand this guy worked at the company but twitter can find tweets like this on its own platform from its own employees, no one had a clean record. carley: the think about freedom of speech, i agree with you when he said he's right about the fact that it is a private company and they can make their
1:23 am
own rules but if you drill down on his quote he said twitter focuses less on thinking about free-speech but thinking about how times have changed. that's another way of saying you can only say things on twitter that i agree with. it will be more of the same. >> if you are twitter you are allowed to say, a new platform for this time to change the world where everybody gets an opinion but is really and toward to say we are going to regulate which opinion in this new world gets a voice because quite frankly like we said repeatedly on the show just because you are 18 to 22 years old doesn't mean you know a darn thing about the world in front of you. >> something social media platforms did in the past years regulate speech when it comes to the coronavirus and now there's this new variant causing a lot of anxiety about a possible resurgence with some doctors saying now is not the time to stress out. >> looking at the mildness of the symptoms we are seeing, there is no reason for panicking
1:24 am
as we don't see severely ill patients. >> our next guest is the new variant could help end the pandemic. you to explain, human ahmadi, phd research scientist, great to have you back on the show. you say this variant could be a blessing in disguise, why? >> there is always that possibility, let's think about what vaccines are. the vaccine basically goes and is either a weakened version of virus or a piece of the virus and it tricks the immune system into developing an immune response. when the actual virus comes to infect you, more double your pathogenic form of the virus your body is ready to mount an
1:25 am
immune response. are vaccines at been directed against one protein called the spike protein on the surface of the virus and that's a protein that mutates extensively, the new variants are new because they have mutations in the spike proteins. on the flipside a lot of traditional vaccines before the mrna vaccines were designed to get the protein, traditional vaccines like measles, mumps, rubella, even the chickenpox vaccine are what we call live attenuated viruses, you're injecting a live virus into the body but it is a weakened form of the virus the cannot cause disease. this is why you don't see people walking around with measles and rubella after getting there m m are vaccine is children. what is interesting is mother nature can also create live attenuated vaccines or viruses that can in some way act as a vaccine unintentionally. >> to break it down into layman's terms, what you are saying is if this virus is
1:26 am
highly transmissible meaning a lot of people are going to get it but extremely mild, that means it acts as its own antidote where people are going to get covid but not get sick. is that what you are saying is a possibility that could happen? >> correct. that is a possibility. there is a lot of data that remains to be seen. there is a chance that this is much more deadly than we have heard about so far. so far we have a trickle of reports coming out of south africa but hypothetically, if this doesn't cause significant disease or any real major disease whatsoever and happens on the flipside to be highly infectious such that everybody gets it. imagine lots of people including currently vaccinated people get it and it is impossible to avoid all of a sudden you could have a scenario where you have a large subset of the population if not the entire population who has gotten a mild version or no version but developed antibodies
1:27 am
and his resistance such that if they are ever later on comes orderly varied your protected. >> in light of all this if you were in charge of the country's public health what would be your approach in the next couple weeks and months? >> with respect to the home on variant i would say let's have a wait and see attitude. let's monitor things. when we do testing test to see what variants people have. seconds, i would to a real thoughtful analysis of lockdowns, masking, vaccination mandates and decide from an evidence-based perspective do they work, lockdowns worked in the past probably not, not as well as they wanted them to. do we continue them? probably not. let's wait and see what the data show and if there are problems to selective measures, specifically for that variance, not massive measures that end up shutting down society once again in a way that may not do any
1:28 am
good and may do harm. carley: interesting that if we are looking at millions who test positive for covid looking at another global lockdown, treating it with a scalpel. appreciate it. todd: doctors across the country who refuse to get vaccinated now without a job as the new variant could be in the us but it is about to change for some states. carley: 5-year-olds kids next. ♪♪
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oakland's police department increasing its police presence as it struggles to contain a crime surge.
1:33 am
tactical teams will assist officers in responding to violent crimes as the city's liberal lawmaker reverse budget cuts that would hurt the the department. >> the interruption in our hiring processes and higher rates of attrition are things we have to plan for. can't keep our head in the sand. >> it comes days after kevin rashida was fatally shot when working security for a local television news crew who was covering and armed robbery. the waukesha christmas parade suspect charged with a 6 count first-degree intentional homicide after it sixth victim died from his injuries last week as the white house is president biden is still not planning to visit waukesha. >> any president planning to visit a community requires a lot of assets, taking their resources. it is not something i've reviewed at this time.
1:34 am
carley: darrell brooks is accused of crashing his car into last sunday's parade injuring 60 people. eight children are still hospitalized. neil: woke mob comes for kyle rittenhouse, some arizona state university students demanding the school, quote, protect them from a, quote, violent, bloodthirsty murderer even though he was acquitted by a court of law on all charges. grad student at asu arizona state university, thanks for being here. he's taking classes online. he's not physically on campus but regardless, why is this tiny group of very loud students feel emboldened to make an insane request like this? >> what we have a radical leftist students for socialism and students for justice in palestine unhappy with the ruling they got a court of law so they are turning to the court of public attention.
1:35 am
it is absolutely ridiculous that after kyle rittenhouse was acquitted of all charges they want to strip him of his right to an education. this is an american. the university has to step in because this is wrong. >> is the list of demands, withdraw kyle rittenhouse from asu. estimate against white supremacy and racist murderer keeping in mind he shot white people and was acquitted of murders calling a murderer is defamatory and redirect funding from asu police to support the multicultural center because no crime ever happens on college campuses. besides my snarky comments do you think any of those socialist students watched one second of that trial? >> i don't give much credit to them for following a line of reasoning, the same group of students who chased the united states senator and professor at arizona state university, christensen a into a restroom, the same students that we could
1:36 am
okay met with a list of -- to blackball at arizona state university, i am probably a member of three of those clubs. these students want nothing more than to remove any beliefs or ideas they disagree with from their campus. >> another statement from this group, quote, we as the asu community like fauci saying he signs, these folks saying they are the community but they don't feel safe knowing a mass shooting who express violent intentions about protecting property over people is so carelessly allowed to be admitted to the school at all. putting aside the factual inaccuracies right throughout the statement when the end? went is our country push back on this notion that i don't agree with something so you must lose everything in your life and i am canceling you? >> we are losing our campuses to mob rule at this moment. this isn't a model of hundreds,
1:37 am
it is a model of dozens and it is only possible because faculty allows this to happen. on campus from we reported our university of massachusetts is promoting processing spaces following the rittenhouse verdict. the universities are openly pushing the situation as a national tragedy and act surprised when this is the result. since this came out arizona state university's only response has been his enrollment status, not to condemn what they are calling for, not what they are asking of the university. quite frankly the university hasn't even objected the notion of denying a student who has done nothing wrong under a court of law the ability to attend our university. it is embarrassing as a student. >> if you have any question of how colleges and universities are woke, our leftist there's your answer. what would our country look like if people like this get their way not just at asu but i'm talking globally, not just
1:38 am
colleges and universities throughout society. to me it feels like they're getting their way more and more thanks to four people in congress but have a lot of outside influence. >> what the students are calling for and what the higher ideology they believe is complete and utter mob rule, the justice system might as will be thrown out with what they are calling for. a system of governance where is the saying goes, two wolves and a sheep deciding what to have for lunch. a complete court of public opinion trial. they want no basis for facts or reasoning, this is totally if you don't agree with me you need to go. when they chase kristen sinema into a bathroom, they have to go. that is where we are heading. we have gone from bastian to learning on college campuses to
1:39 am
indoctrination centers and people need to do something about it. todd: important to fight back a young people like yourself need to be the leaders in that, good to see folks like you doing that. thanks for being on the program. have a great day. todd: the time is 38 after the hour. nuclear negotiations back on but the united states delegation isn't even allowed in the room as tara calls the shots. what does this say about the us standing on the world stage?
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passes. will debate better bill will allow the massive group of migrants to obtain government benefits, that would make it the largest amnesty, adding to the federal deficit. if sentiment is the bill the house will vote on the exchanges. >> the nuclear deal resumed in the end. the biden administration has high hopes despite the fact that tehran's qb was officially out of the room during discussions with rich goldman from it defense of democracy is here with more. president biden pulled us out of the iran nuclear deal, donald trump did that, president biden wants us back in circuit is up
1:44 am
to speed. where do things stand right now? >> good morning. the united states is not allowed in the room, wall street journal headline, we've been assigned to the kiddie table down the hall in vienna. rather embarrassing diplomatically we have to pass notes to europeans to talk to the iranian swizzle reversal of fortune for terror on over the last we 10 months. coming into the year suffering from donald trump's maximum pressure campaign the most historic amount of sanctions ever imposed on a regime, the imf, international monetary fund toll is coming into this year they were down to $4 billion in accessible foreign-exchange reserves and we went for maximum pressure to maximum difference under the biden administration which, a very foolhardy policy of trying to induce the iranian's to come back to the old expiring flawed iran nuclear deal of 2015.
1:45 am
we didn't enforce our sanction, the economy expanded, stabilized, didn't push for accountability at the international atomic energy agency as iran ramped of the nuclear program to 20% enriched uranium to 60% enriched uranium, not giving access to the iaea inspectors and when us forces in iraq and syria were under attack the president didn't respond even when the contractor was killed earlier this year. that is all the fact that we lost this negotiation before it even started. before we entered that side room and unfortunately the iranian's have played this administration like a fiddle. >> how ran has responded since the trump administration pulled out of the deal, they may be in a weakened electronic state but they said it is almost double the stockpile of enriched
1:46 am
uranium in less then a month was the biden administration is a tough position. what happens here? do they go back into the iran nuclear deal, when they are closer than ever before to getting a nuclear weapon? what do they do? >> important to remember the criticism donald trump and the trump administration suffered from democrats, from candidate biden is a look at the expansion of the iran nuclear program, the truth iran's nuclear program is mostly expanded to the danger zone under president biden's maximum difference campaign. todd: what can the biden administration do? how to handle this? >> what they should do is re-create the pressure donald trump had, go back to enforcing our sanctions, push censure resolutions, go to the security council, not what they are doing. they have this false hope they
1:47 am
can go to the iran nuclear deal, and i fear that's not where we are heading. they concluded we are not even going to get there. no longer a longer and stronger deal or the flawed nuclear deal, now we are setting the table for new deal where iran gets more money for fewer concessions and restarts its baseline nuclear program that much closer to a nuclear weapon. >> thank you for breaking down this important topic, appreciate it. todd: time is 47 after the hour. parents nationwide scrambling for childcare solutions as schools abruptly cancel classes because teachers say they are burned out. we talk to a mother of 3 who is fed up and fighting back. don't miss it.
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todd: schools canceling class because of teacher burnout, parents scrambling, depending on education. 3300 schools disrupted this year because of mental health concerns.
1:52 am
rather cavalierly and little notice. >> this is a major problem. we are negotiating by unions and districts. a major problem here in a lot of cities these schools are closed most or all of last year. to hear about last-minute closures, listen to the reasoning being teacher burnout, it is a difficult time for teachers, but completely ignores what happens to parents and caregivers who don't get paid if they don't get to work, don't have benefits if they don't go
1:53 am
to work and are scrambling if they have young children at home. todd: whether it is crt or fights with school boards does this call into question taxpayer dollars with unbiased public education or public service is not available when the public needs it. >> i would think of it in terms of do we or do we not believe public schools are an essential service because right now if a building does not open its doors 5 days a week to students, it can't call it self an essential service and if that is what the public school establishment has decided they don't have an allegation to open 5 days a week, those taxpayer dollars need to make arrangements to
1:54 am
send children to a place that will open 5 days a week reliably. >> the pressure placed on parenting this day and age if it is the situation, whether it is crt or other issues. in new york city they are basically bribing/teasing 5-year-old kids with a $100 promise forgetting the vaccine. how insane is it for the government to be bribing kids to take the place of their own parents? >> i don't think it is right for the state to be incentivizing children to agitate against parents. parents are wrestling with decisions around vaccinations and making that decision, to
1:55 am
hear their child, at the toy store, begging for something they want, $100 gift card and other incentives. i don't think it is right, and as vaccinated as possible but having children agitate against the decision is what they don't understand, don't think it is the right thing to do. todd: i don't know how much more parents can take. appreciate it. carley: p. it has a solution for rising gas prices, buy an electric car the cost twice as much. >> an electric vehicle, never have to worry about gas prices again. carley: congressman buddy carter, joe concha, tomi lahren on deck, don't miss a minute of "fox and friends first". ♪♪
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will >> it is november 30th, crickets from chris cuomo after damning evidence shows the unprecedented role in helping a scandal plagued brother. >> not hearing from the white house or the mainstream media about this. >> he didn't know anything about hunter biden's business dealings is farcical when you know what is on the left. carley: this advocates the first family. todd: the elayne maxwell try resuming hours from now as the prosecutor argues maxwell and jeffrey epstein, partners in crime. carley: you are watching "fox and friends first". todd: president biden postponing a week aimed at european americans on the supply-chain crisis.


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