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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 29, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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up to one million dollars. that's how much university of phoenix is committing to create 400 scholarships this month alone. because we believe everybody deserves a chance. see what scholarships you may qualify for at ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" be at hope you had a great thanksgiving. seems like a good time to reassess the holiday season, so let's think about covid and where we are. the first confirmed case of the coronavirus in the u.s. appeared in a blood test on january 18th 2020 in the state of washington almost two years ago. how have we done since? look at the numbers. compared to 2019, americas are more fearful and sadder than they have been in generations.
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depression has skyrocketed. church attendance has dropped in half. cancer deaths are up dramatically. obesity, suicide, you name it, it is up. these in addition to countless other serious social issues, people are not having children, for example. maybe most depressingly, a new study from brown to find children, kids born during the pandemic have a lowered overall cognizance. a entire generation slower. that is a legitimate public health crisis. you never hear about them because the attention of our leaders is focused on covid. and particularly on the covid vaccines. more vaccines, jill biden has told us repeatedly, are the answer. the only answer. if i am large, americans have followed biden's lead.
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they believe the president. as of tonight's come about 82% of the entire adult population of the united states has received a covid shot. in total, more than 232 million americans have been vaccinated. the largest inoculation campaign and our history. we hear a lot of people who have resisted the shot, but more people haven't. more have received the covid vaccine that have a job, or own a car, or speak english as a first language. effectively, pretty much everybody has had the shot. we achieved universal vaccination. so what are the results of this? let's see. more americans have died from covid in 2021 then died in 2020 before there was a shot. there were 362,000 deaths from covid last year. so far this year there have been 414,000 us. overall, the united states has the highest number of covid deaths of any country on the planet by far. so we gave up everything to fight covid, we gave up our economy, our culture, our
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health. we literally stopped educating our own children. we did all of this in order to lower covid deaths. although they went up anyway and they went up dramatically. so the obvious question is, how is this working? on the basis of the most simple numbers, it is not. in fact it looks like the greatest public policy failure of all time. how does joe biden explain that? what does tony fauci say about it? nothing. not a word. no one in charge has even acknowledged the magnitude of the failure. they haven't had to acknowledge it because they created a scapegoat to take the blame for it. the scapegoat is called the unvaccinated, a phrase that everybody understands is essentially political, it means working-class whites who
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probably voted for trump. this is all their fault. everything bad, they did. over the weekend, various white house officials blamed this group not simply for covid, but for virtually everything that has gone wrong since joe biden has become president and there's a lot. supply chain implosion, empty shelves and stores, labor shortages, even rising gas prices. watch the white house press secretary suggest the unvaccinated are somehow responsible for inflation. >> i would note that the way most americans understand and feel and experience inflation is by cost increases. and they've experienced that as it relates and we see what the largest impact is across the country, whether it's gas prices, or in some cases food prices, or a variety of issues. we know what the root causes of those are. global supply chain issues bear the best thing we can do is the government's get the pandemic under control. >> tucker: can't get the pandemic under control until you've been shot, despite the fact that 80% of adults got the
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shot. we printed too much money because we haven't been vaccinated. joe biden's campaign to lower covid does has been a failure, the numbers show that very clearly. the campaign to demonize a group of powerless americans to transform objects of state sponsored hate in their own country, that has worked amazingly well. these people are now so despised and it is considered respectable for politicians to try to kill him. in buffalo, pushing to deny people coverage to didn't get the injection could have fun dying of some preventable disease, you deserve it. this is not just an american phenomena, by the way peer that tells you the most. governments around the world have decided to transfer their failures onto the tiny percentage of their populations who for whatever reason don't
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want the injection. in germany they won't even help you die if you don't get the shot. euthanasia clinics are turning away the unvaccinated. you've got to get the covid vaccine before you commit suicide. for moral reasons. someday, when the fog lifts and art returns, somebody's going to write a hilarious novel about this moment. one of the stars of it will be a nearly 1-year-old bureaucrat who shouldn't be driving a car at this point but who somehow took control of the most powerful country on earth and then promptly went insane. if you haven't checked in on tony fauci lately, you might be a little surprised to discover what he has become. if you tune in a couple years ago you may recall dr. fauci has a public health official p had he wore button-down shirts, gave careful, precise answers. no more. after two years of being nonstop media action, tony fauci is morphed into a shorter version of benito mussolini.
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watch dr. fauci on television the other day refer to himself, without even flinching, in the third person. >> there are a lot of republican senators taking aim. >> that's okay. i'm just going to do my job. and i'm going to be saving lives and they are going to be line. there's a distinct antiscience flavor to this. so if they get up and criticize science, nobody's going to know at what they are talking about. but if they get up and really aim their bullets at tony fauci, people can recognize there's a person there, so it's easy to criticize. but they are really criticizing science, because i represent science. >> and they criticize me, they are criticizing science. i am science, declares tony fauci. so clearly something deep inside tony fauci has changed. the men now believes he is a deity. watch him sweat aside criticism from a sitting u.s. senator who has been democratically elected
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by millions of people by invoking january 6th. watch this. >> senator cruz told the attorney general you should be prosecuted. >> yes. [laughs] i have to laugh at that. i should be prosecuted? what happened on january 6, senator. >> tucker: wait a second. this is the man in charge of our covid response. what does january 6th have to do with covid, u.s.? simple, anyone who questions tony fauci is by definition a dangerous insurrectionist. dr. fauci is not the only one who believes that. a few weeks ago, francis collins suggested that any american who doubts government covid policy is a criminal. he announced he would like to "identify those who are purposefully spreading false information online about covid and bring them to justice.
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public health officials didn't used to talk like this but they won't concern themselves with public health. this is how they talk now. and all might be easier to take if we were doing their core jobs effectively. for example, covid does under joe biden had dropped. you can't say it loudly or often enough, deaths have not dropped. covid deaths have risen. she's got to wonder how long the population is going to put up with this. unelected lunatics bringing the rest of us as they fail at their core job. the white house must be wondering very much the same thing, because all of a sudden there's a brand-new covid variant to be terrified of. this variant was discovered by the chair of the south african medical association. here's how she describes the threat. >> looking at the symptoms that we are seen, there is no reason for panicking as we don't see severely ill patients.
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>> there's no reason to panic, it's very mild, she tells us. very mild. we don't see very ill patients. normally that would be good news for everyone, but in this country it is cause for even deeper and profound alarm. in the state of new york, the elected governor has banned all elective surgeries at hospitals because of this new variant. keep in mind, they are precisely zero performed cases of this variant in the state of new york. that doesn't mean you shouldn't be afraid. you should definitely be afraid. thanks to this mild yet terrifying new variant, joe biden told us today you must get your third vaccine. >> you have to get your vaccine. you have to get the booster. sooner or later we are going see cases of this new variant here in the united states. we will have to face this new threat just as we face those who have come before it. >> a message? don't listen to the doctors.
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it is mild, it's not a problem. that doesn't mean you could even think about relaxing. there is plenty of fear head. you are going to need to listen very, very carefully to anthony fauci. dr. scott atlas has seen us up close. he is the author of "a plague upon our house" which is a fantastic account. he joins us tonight. dr. atlas, they do so much for coming on. i'm struck by how you almost never hear anybody take three steps back and say, wait a second pair look at the numbers bear this policy hasn't worked. it doesn't seem to be working, why does nobody say that? >> thanks for having me come at tucker. this is the point. the burks/fauci lockdowns failed to stop the election and failed to stop people from dying and destroyed millions of people, particularly lower income families and sacrificed our
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children, really breaking the moral contract between a society and its children. this is not a spoken about. the lockdowns were advised by dr. birgit dr. fauci for the entire year. these restrictions were widely implemented throughout the entire country and would you look at the data, they failed. the bus study to show that is not just that they failed, but they harmed people actively. at the study in june of 2021, i recommend people to look at this, from rams institute. the earlier the lockdowns were put on, the more deaths ensued. the stronger the dash that is what was coming down when lockdowns were implemented and then the death started going up. the lockdowns are complete disaster. it is truly the biggest health care policy failure in modern history.
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and this was stemming from these bureaucrats, as you correctly called them, people have been a bureaucratic jobs for 40 years who said we are going to stop covid at all costs. they focus on stopping an infection, which they didn't stop. and instead of sacrificed the public health good of everybody else. the lockdowns have been a gross failure. i don't know if it will ever be acknowledged. the church took 359 years to admit that galileo was right and the earth moved. i'm going to take the over on how long it will take for these people to admit they were wrong. the second point i would like to talk about is the vaccines. the vaccines are a private protector. they are not a public protector. the data is income of the vaccines are good so far at protecting people from dying. when you look at the data from
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other countries, which i help at the now trust more than our own data, sadly, you look at sweden, the vaccine production for about nine months now which is as long as we've had the vaccine is very good. for people who are over 80, but for everybody else it doesn't wanes significantly from sweden just published a few days ago. the vaccine production does weighing against infection after 3-6 months. so when you take a vaccine, you are not really protecting after 3-6 months from getting an infection and spreading but you are protecting yourself from dying. it is a private protection, not a public protection. >> so if it's a private protection, then why wouldn't it be up to the individual about whether to take it or not? we've been told that you take the vaccine to protect others, but it sounds like after 3-6 months, you are not protecting others. >> that's exactly right if you believe in the facts. facts don't matter too many people, including our leaders in the united states. because what we know from the
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data from qatar, the u.k., israel, and sweden is that waning occurs -- but interestingly, we are but one of the only country is, if not the only one, that does not accept that natural immunity has durable protection. we don't recognize that. we keep mandated vaccines. >> really beyond belief. dr. scott atlas, thank you so much for that. >> thank you. >> tucker: so in case you are looking for yet another example of justice applied unequally, there are so many, here's one. the chewbacca guy, the qanon shaman, got more than three years in prison for walking and smiling around the capitol building on january 6. meanwhile, in the rest of the country, antifa and blm riots
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setting things on fire, the feds just went particularly easy on a vandal with an ax who smashed into a u.s. senator's office. a fascinating example. we have the story tonight. hey, bill. >> hi, tucker. this one right here is raising some eyebrows. it was some questioning the treatment of federal government reportedly given to a far left activist after he attacked a republican senator's office with an ax. take a look this video. december 2020 you are looking at a guy named thomas alexander starks who was filmed on see cctv using an ax to drive inside of senator's office in fargo. even though federal sentencing guidelines suggested maybe 10-16 months in prison, he was only given probation and a fine of about $2800. here's the kicker. take a look at this. the post-millennial reports the
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fbi even returned the acts back to him citing his alleged facebook post where he reportedly wrote "look what the fbi were kind enough to give back to me." then you can see is a picture of the acts he used in the attack. according to the post-millennial, he posted on social media he was a member of antifa and he "will always attack fascists." with constitutional law expert jonathan turley writing in part "putting aside a life sentence, the returning of the acts is rather curious. it would seem an instrument of the crime could be declared lost in any plea. instead, it was returned as if it was a form of political expression by the justice department." he went on to compare his blemish meant to the so-called qanon shaman.
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we remember he received a 41 month sentence for obstructing a federal proceeding. this guy with the axe only got probation and a fine. >> tucker: shows you so much. thank you so much. a black nationalist with an extensive history of race hate just ran over dozens of people in the state of wisconsin and killed six including an 8-year-old boy. the media are on to the real culprit, the actual killer, which was the car. candace owens joins a straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: darryl brooks is a blm supporter and a black nationalist with a history of expressing anti-race hate on social media. on november 21st, he ran over dozens of people who were participating in a christmas parade. this is what the attack looked like. [indistinct] >> oh, my god. >> tucker: how did this happen? we don't know yet. there has been no trial. there were enough available facts. but we do know that this columnist within the context of the car rittenhouse trial, which
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had nothing whatsoever to do with race, but for more than a year, our national media framed it as some sort of referendum oa american race relations. it's possible that darrell brooks bought into that propaganda. the media may be responsible for these murders having convinced this man and certainly a lot of other people in the country that the car rittenhouse case was about race.op they had a role in this, in other words. so it probably shouldn't surprise you that the national media has zero interest in explaining what exactly happened and waukesha. over on msnbc, they were saying that the attack was an accident. >> one thing i do worry -- one is the idea of whether it has anything to do with this accident last night and the killing of these people. others might be thinking of an attack like this. somewhere in the world.
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>> tucker: it was an accident? meanwhile, at cnn, they've identified a it wasn't darrell brooks, it wasn't the national media would be in the country into a frenzy of suspicion and racism. no, it was the car. "a car drove through a city christmas parade engineering c scores and killing others. here is what we know so far in this sequence of events that led to the tragedy caused by an suv. so which suv far less are the most dangerous? why are they still being sold? "the washington post" didn't explain pit candace owens may know the answer. she is the host of kansas. thank you so much for coming on. it is the car's fault, where are they us this? >> they are telling us this because it goes completely against their narrative. the facts of this case goes against their narrative. one thing i only say, tucker, is
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that the left can pull a racist narrative from thin air where it doesn't exist. when it's in their face, they try to avoid it at all costs. especially when the perpetrator is a black person againstex another white person which happens more often in this country given the fact that black americans are the most murderous group in america. what is interesting here is thaa the two biggest race cases of the last two years arguably george floyd and kyle rittenhouse never actually produced a single piece oflo evidence. derek show but never used racial language or racial slurs against george floyd. it became the biggest race case in america. car rittenhouse -- that had to do with three white people. y they extracted a racial narrative before that case. a here you have a man who was pointedly talking about white
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people all across social media, sometimes genocidal by the way. he was talking about the disappearance of white people in the country and the next five years -- as if it was a good thing. talking about how black people needed to raise up violently against black people. multiple pointing to the fact that he hated white people, he was antiwhite, he was a racist, he was a black nationalist beer that is exactly why they needed that. they also don't want to talk about this case, tucker, because it goes against the criminal justice reform. we're just going to let theseld criminals out over and over again. this man should've been in prison. for tons of reasons. he had a long rap sheet, but particularly because the week
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before he drove another accident -- into the mother of his child. he was a violent criminal was allowed onto the street because leftists and progressives keep wanting district attorneys to release brought del my black criminal it looks good. >> tucker: so they are implicated in this? basically if you examine this honestly, you would have to examine the things you are trying to impose on the country and admit may be they are not working and they are not willing to do that. >> beyond that, darrell e brooks was radicalized by the progressive agenda. he was radicalized by the black lives matter narrative. he believes that police are out to hunt black men and that we have to raise up a black -- he is learning not from the politicians, the left-wing politicians, the left-wing media sources that have been forcing his narrative down the throats of not just the adults, but the children in the school system. cs, he was radicalized by leftist propaganda. >> candace owens come i ve bs,s,he you coming on tookck today. so the maxwell trial has started. why is that and why is this -- will you ever hear about that? that straight ahead. >> tucker: the trial of -- the maxwell trial just began. you'd think it would be the trial of the century. but it is not. they are ignoring it. max was accused of providingta underage girls to jeffrey epstein as part of an international sex trafficking ring that likely involves world leaders beer that is pretty interesting. for example, bill clinton flew on his plane a total of 26
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>> tucker: the trial of -- the
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maxwell trial just began. you'd think it would be the trial of the century. but it is not. they are ignoring it. max was accused of providing underage girls to jeffrey epstein as part of an international sex trafficking ring that likely involves world leaders beer that is prettyki interesting. for example, bill clinton flew on his plane a total of 26 times. meanwhile, one of the lead prosecutors in this case is the daughter of jim comey, the former fbi director with only t three under 50 million in the country, so of course that's true. what are we going to learn in this trial? lana goodman seemed like the perfect person to ask. she's the coauthor of "anis inconvenient outcome of the mystery's demise of jeffrey," joins us today. what is going to happen in this trial and thank you for covering it. >> they tell mike take you for
10:35 pm
having me.ap i'm excited to see the cross-examination of epstein's staff and pilots. after the opening arguments from both sides, we have the prosecution bring in epstein's pilot who was with him for 25 years. the defense side in their opening arguments indicated that one of their major narratives is going to be that ghislaine maxwell was a scapegoat, not just for jeffrey epstein, but also for the wealthy and powerful men who were in his inner they are going to argue -- these men who were also with up a student, possibly witnessing some of these things that were taking place. why are they not being prosecuted and yet ghislaine maxwell is. it will be interesting to see the defense when they question the pilot, when they questionn
10:36 pm
a -- what was his relationship with some of these politically powerful people. i think that is where we could really see some majo revelations in terms of high ranking, high-profile political figures. >> some of whom who may be on tape. there's thousands of hours of videotape. i can tell you firsthand -- and yet somehow we are not alloweded to know what's on thousands of hours of tapes that pertain to a criminal trial that may have the most famous people in the world on them. weren't we going to learn more about these tapes, do you know? >> i think it's very interesting, there's been a lack of transparency throughout and this and i know that there's been a lot of anger with the government on how they handled the epstein case in general, especially with his mysterious death back in 2019. and how they still unanswered questions about that.
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as we mentioned before the break, there's also an issuean m with the media coverage of this. there really has not been as intense of media focus on this case as we've seen on other cases recently like the kyle rittenhouse case. one of the reasons for that is there really isn't an easy political narrative that is palatable and you have jeffrey epstein and ghislaine maxwell who will come on the one hand, were friendly with donald trump but on the other hand were very close with the clintons. there is not really an easy slam-dunk for the left on that. you also have -- there is no allegation of racism in this case. for example, the rittenhouse case where he he was accused of being a white supremacist. obviously that did not match up. that did not match up with the actual facts of the matter at once we saw the trial began. even from a me to perspective, feel a lot of how profile trials
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of powerful men who were accused of sexual abuse. and yet in this case, you have a woman who is on trial, so that definitely complicates that narrative. >> yeah, the dorm room story lines don't apply. but it seems like the people who run the world are a lot creepier than they let us know. so that is kind of interesting. thank you for covering it. lana goodman, good to see. >> thanks, tucker. >> tucker: you've noticed a lot of people buying cryptocurrency. the reason is really simple. central banks have created soic much money that its value is plummeting. it is called inflation. so what is cryptocurrency? what is bitcoin, exactly. what we scoured the country for more than a year to find someone who could explain it to us, who really understood it.
10:39 pm
michael sailor as an entrepreneur, business executive, spent billions in bitcoin, and is worth listening to on the topic. his company just dropped more than $400 million on it this afternoon. we sat down for more than an hour with michael sailor for a genuinely fascinating "tucker carlson tonight." here's a small part of it. ♪ ♪ >> the currency is to the economy what your blood is to your body, and economic energy or money is to the currency what oxygen is to your blood. so common sense says if i keep sucking the oxygen out of the room, if i suck the oxygen out b of the room, you're going to either suffocate or freeze to death. and if i keep sucking the economic energy out of the currency, the economy collapses. in the extreme, you get ripped back to the stone age when the
10:40 pm
mind it doesn't work anymore. i have to trade you cigarettes for bullets. and the problem with that is the economy becomes a million times less efficient. t if you don't have money -- how many countries in the worldh to have a collapsed currency? 66 are dollarized. there's 180, about, 130 floating currencies, all of them are weaker than the dollar. the u.s. dollar is the world's reserved currency. the u.s. dollar is expanding, 10% a year for a decade and now expanding at 14% a year. expanded 44% over the last 12 months. the dollar is weakening. it's like the oxygen is good is sought out of the room. if i told you the oxygen is getting sucked out of the room and there is an oxygen mask that drops out of the ceiling over there, what would you do? >> run for it. >> bitcoin is the oxygen mask.
10:41 pm
>> tucker: you've made the most compelling case i've ever heard for the need for something like bitcoin. just to make sure everyone is following -- you are saying the whole point of bitcoin is to escape the inflation vortex that is consumed all these previous umpires? because the point of bitcoin is to fix the money. and money is energy and energy is life and if i keep sucking the energy out of the economy, i'm sucking the oxygen out of your system. either under the best case, you perform poorly, under the worst case, i suffocate you to death or freeze you to death. that is the problem. that is why empires collapsed. that is why economy's collapse. >> tucker: you probably haven't seen a conversation about economics that interesting ever. we certainly haven't. if you are wondering what is
10:42 pm
bitcoin, what is crypto, or if you care about inflation, why are things suddenly more expensive, you need to watch that. so for an hour long, michael sailor is his name, an amazingyo person. that is on "tucker carlson tonight" at you notice a lot of professional athletes disparage the country they live in. one nba start in turkey is not one of them. he just became an american citizen a few hours ago. now we can legally change his name. he joins a straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: he grew up in turkey, came to this country, and wound up in the nba. just a few hours ago he became an american citizen. to mark the occasion, he has legally changed his name. canter freedom place for the boston celtics and he joins us tonight. mr. freedom, thank you so much for joining us but congratulations on becoming a citizen. tell us why you have done this while you've become a citizen and changed her name. >> thank you for having me. i can easily say this is the
10:48 pm
greatest day of my life. it was my dream the first day i stepped into america. i got my green card, obviously it's been a rough six years because the turkish government revoked my passport. but i wanted to do it because ii remember the first time i came to america a lot of my teammates -- it was back in 2009. one of my teammates could decide the president and i turned around and i told them, dude, what are you doing? they are going to throw you in jail.nd and he told me, he started laughing, he said this is in america. don't worry about it. you are not in turkey anymore. i was very shocked. but the reason i wanted to do it was because from day one, america gave me a home. american people opened their arms, gave me a warm welcome, and i wanted to do it because i wanted to be somewhere where i could feel like this is my home now. and it is the greatest feeling i've ever had.
10:49 pm
>> that is just wonderful. i wish we had more people liket you who are as grateful to be here as you currently are. however teammates responded? do you think they are as grateful to be americans as youu are? >> my teammates -- they were really happy for me, because they knew the struggle i have the last six years. it was a funny joke in the beginning because they were calling me mr. freedom and now it became a reality. i think my teammates were the ones -- my brothers. it was so amazing because their support gave me so much hope and motivation to fight and fight for what is right. i definitely give a lot of credit to my teammates. >> tucker: it seems like people who move here from countries that are not free appreciate the freedoms here much more than a lot of us who grew up with those freedoms. have you noticed that?
10:50 pm
>> i'm just going to say this and be honest, people should feel really blessed and lucky to be in america. they love to criticize it, but when you live in a country like turkey or china or somewhere else, you will appreciate the freedoms you have here. >> tucker: yes. >> i feel like they should just keep their mouth shut and stop criticizing the greatest nation in the world and they should focus on their freedoms and democracy. america gave me everything i had, so i definitely appreciate the united states of america. >> that is how i feel. >> tucker: tell us what this on is, what is on there? >> i cannot see the picture right now, but if you tell mehe what it is i will tell you the story about it. it says " -- one says "free something." >> yes, obviously -- someone had to do it.
10:51 pm
i will be honest with you. there are so many athletes, so many actors, so many celebrities out there who are scared because if they criticize china, obviously they will be affected. endorsement deals, contracts,to many would be a factor. they are scared to say anything. but to me, human rights, democracy, and freedom is way more important than anything. they can offer me. morals, values, principles are the most important thing in life. so i wanted to stand up for my mothers and brothers and sisters who are in concentration camps, getting tortured every day. and i don't care who ever said which organization or which company, i don't care about any of that.ti i care about all the people out there who don't have a voice. >> tucker: do you have any
10:52 pm
siblings, tell them to come, a please. great to see you tonight. amazing. >> thank you, i appreciate that. >> tucker: thank you. our friend matt walsh is not a children's book author strictly speaking, but he has a children's book out. it is called "johnny the walrus." he will explain what it is about and why you will want to buy six copies for christmas. we will be right back. ♪ ♪ stomach. vazalore... is the first liquid-filled aspirin capsule clinically shown to cause fewer ulcers than plain aspirin. try new vazalore. aspirin made amazing!
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>> tucker: matt walsh is an enormously smart and amusing person, one of our favorite guests. you think of him as a political guy, and yet matt walsh is out with the new children's book. the book is called "johnny the walrus." what is this about? a shameless money making scheme or maybe there's more to it. matt wells joins us tonight to explain. congrats on branching out. what is this for?
10:58 pm
>> this is johnny the walrus. i've embraced my to your calling as a children's author, hence the cardigan. it's a very real book on sale at johnny the it is all about a child who is very imaginative, he loves to proceed don't not pretend to be different things. and he pretends to be a walrus. unfortunately his mother is very progressive and thus confuse. so she's convinced by the internet and by society that if your child is identified as something that he really is that thing. so she tries to raise her child as a walrus, as atriums walrus respecting his self identity. it gets a little dark at one point he brings them to a doctor and they talk about transitioning -- a medical transition into a walrus. but throughout the story, she does eventually start to learn that just because your child is pretending to be something that
10:59 pm
doe marked doesn't mean he's actually that thing. >> tucker: it's so if you believe you are a walrus, that doesn't mean you actually are a walrus. that is kind of the point? >> if you believe your walrus, doesn't mean you're actually walrus. you might also draw other comparisons. maybe if a young boy says he's a girl, doesn't being he's actually a girl. the point is that biology is not malleable. it is not a relative, it is a subjective reality. that is what we have to understand. the children make many claims about themselves, they are imaginative people. but when we take that seriously, wind up wasting an identity crisis on them like johnny's mother does to him unfortunately and it can lead to terrible things. >> tucker: amazing. i've actually read the book. and it's hilarious. not only is it true, it is really, really funny. not surprisingly since you wrote it. matt wells, i hope that as a runaway best seller this christmas, it definitely deserves to be.t great to see you tonight, congrats. >> thank you, i appreciate it. >> tucker: it we are out off
11:00 pm
time. unfortunately. it's cyber monday, so if you shop tonight you can do it at tuckercarlson you can also watch the episode of "tucker carlson today" on the michael sailor cryptocurrency. he will tell you in a way no one else will. a truly fascinating. that's on fox nation. sean hannity takes over now. have a great night. >> sean: i follow him religiously. spew on totally fascinating. >> sean: tucker, thank you. welcome to "hannity." explosive new details surrounding zero experienced hunter biden's laptop from. public corruption >> sean: tucker, thank you. welcome to "hannity." explosive new details surrounding zero experienced hunter biden's laptop from. public corruption now in the plain sight between zero experience hunter, chinese communist officials, and yes, the big guy, joe biden himself. direct evidence that joe bidenn lied to the nation when he said he had never discussed his foreign business dealings. we have evidence he was in meetings on a huge deal with china.


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