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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  November 29, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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better. we should just call it that. i mispronounced a few things earlier. all right, freedom matters. great gear in time for christmas offer unconditional pet love rescue until the end of the month, go to lots of great stuff. made in the usa and for charity. it's america now and forever. greg gutfeld takes it all from here. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> greg: happy, happy monday, everyone. we are back. we ate like fiends and drink like ghouls and then we're back at work asking the makeup people to hide our neck fat. except for kat. for her, four-day thanksgiving benders just three days shy of
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her normal week. tyrus is back and this is how he coaches thanksgiving turkey. there we go. joe mackey is here. good to see you, joe. he gets applause? he was just on tour, he got back. here's one audience reaction to his stand-up. [screaming] >> greg: it was that good. sometimes in the media you end up in dangerous places. there were a thing is often the dangerous places the media goes to were mainly created by the media themselves. it's like someone having a bad acid trip. it's totally self-induced. kat understands. take last year's riots.
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the media bravely covered it calling it mostly peaceful because nothing's has peaceful like a man shocked at protecting his business. that giant lie handicap the police or they couldn't do the damn thing to stop the riots without being accused of attacking mostly peaceful protesters. the media protected the mob so the cities burned and people died. in this move beyond the rights o a nationwide crime way. because as long as you dismiss the crime you create more crime, you can do it with words. here's a recent meet by cnn. waukesha will hold a moment of silence today marking one week since a car, a car drove through a city christmas parade killing six people and injuring scores of others. so a car drove through a parade. not a racist madman but a car. thank god he didn't have a driver. could have been worse. this from a network that takes pains to uncover any human responsible for a silly meme that hurts their feelings but here massacres caused by an
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inanimate object. they blame it on a curling iron if they thought they could get away with it. and suddenly the media is no longer interested in domestic terrorism. they will also label a black politician a white supremacist but when the suspect has more recent social media than we very can it's a car at fault. you get it. when you're in the media, identifying who is responsible must be avoided if it makes you seem racist to the activists class so focus on the object and hope the public is as stupid as you think it is. you can run over a christmas parade and killed twice as many people as the boston marathon bombers, they will call it an accident. the soft bigotry of low expectations turns into crime and murder because they believe minorities are responsible for themselves. now we have organized looting, the question is and why it's happening. it's why the hell not. if you're a criminal it's like stealing stevie wonder's french fries. this risk is tiny compared to mugging or drug dealing. here you can easily overrunning business and still 900 bucks
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worth of stuff per person. that's the law in california. so forget robbing a guy coming off a shift at arby's. all you get is 50 bucks and you end up smelling like a roast beef sandwich. they now have drink and crime and the risk is male. they might as well advertise it on tv. it's black friday every day and everything is marked on 100%. verse 100 customers bust into a storefront window gets a flatscreen and victim status. the media will say don't call it looting because that's racist. perhaps even covering these crimes at all is racist too. criminals understand this as they see democrats are more worried about protecting people from old statues then active crime scenes. as retail dies, amazon must be grinning until the next wave goes after their drivers. they will be the new stagecoaches. instead of guns their drivers will defend themselves with bottles of. now if you're in the media chances are you protected, as i tape the show, we have security. they make sure the fans in this audience don't attack me, which happens when you are this sexy.
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some nights i feel like tom jones trying to get to his dressing room. you 80-year-olds know what i mean. but we have security, especially when we go outside, like when jesse gets his hair cut. supercuts can get chaotic, especially since jesse never tips. but what happens to those who try to protect the media from the stories that they try to cover? kevin nishita, security guard, shot and killed in the bay area. he tried to stop thugs. he was murdered. he was a former cop who had just retired. he had a wife and kids. unlike aoc's criminals, he was actually trying to feed his family. will this week the media up that crime is out of control and those helping you cover and lose their lives? with his death reminded me again that there's a cost in redefining crime as a form of protest? will his death have any effect on those who see crime as a joke? like seth rogen.
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when a guy on twitter claimed he was robbed in l.a., rogen blamed the victim saying don't leave anything valuable in the car. it's called living in a big city. he added he had been robbed before and that "once the guy accident left cool knife in my car so if it keeps happening, you might get a little treat." the guy is so out of touch he pretends being a crime victim is delightful. no wonder he is typecast as an idiot. what if the next time that knife isn't left not in your car but in your back. seth hasn't had to think about that. he's rich. it's easy for him to rebound from victimization. plus he's always armed with box office poison. just imagine if our detectives ignored victims when they report crimes. ♪ ♪ >> i hear you're the best detective in town and i want to hire you. >> 14? >> my story. 15 people robbed it yesterday. >> this is a big city. that's a misdemeanor. get used to it. >> but i am ruined.
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they took everything. >> what you dames don't understand is when you move out, you've got to take the wood with the bad. the banister constantly being robbed, you being overtaxed, and homeless people poop in your yard. if you'll excuse me, i'm moving to texas. i have to help beto o'rourke get a personality. >> greg: i have no idea what accent that was but i like it. maybe the media should consider the sacrifice made by people like mr. nishita. he was shot dead by a thug. a cnn might describe it, bullet drove through the air and struck a man. let's welcome tonight's guests. he's the talking head who looks like he has a race car bed. "the guy benson show" host and fox news contributor guy benson.
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when he goes christmas caroling, listeners convert to judaism. comedian joe machi. this is the only meeting where she gives her last name. fox news contributor kat timpf. and he knows it's snowing three hours before anyone else. my massive sidekick and the nwa's world television champion, tyrus. joe, what with that accent? >> a combination of a number of characters i'm developing. none of them are good at accents. speak >> greg: you play someone who can't do an accent. it saves a lot of time in learning and accent. >> we were trying to get seth rogen to play the part. >> greg: speaking a broken, why would he bother commenting? obviously it's twitter. people comment on stupid [bleep]. what was his point? >> i have a rule of thumb with social media posting.
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imagine saying that to your imaginary girlfriend. how would she react? someone just broke into my car. you live in the city. she's not going to make out with you. i thought the most interesting part about seth rogen was he said people are criticizing my tweet because they want me to interact with them and get attention. i am like no, you wanted attention. >> greg: [laughs] >> that was the end. >> greg: beautiful ending, joe. guy, i saw this headline. i think it was cnn. i took a picture of it. it's with the nypd's investigating a crime after an asian woman was attacked with a large rock. she was attacked with a large rock. they never say anything. is this the thing today? you don't mention there was a person driving the car.
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whoever held the rock, who knows? we are being attacked by inanimate objects. speak in such a cheerful and hilarious story. thanks for the asian woman attacked with rock handoff. what strikes me about the story that you just talked about in the monologue with this poor man who was murdered, and he's a grandfather. he's a father. he's a husband. normally the media loves talking about nothing more than the media. they gave each other awards for their courage and their bravery. here's a guy whose job was to protect the media and he was killed in line of duty. you would think this would be the amazing opportunity for everyone to speak up in solidarity, how brave this man was and how important journalism is. and yet strangely, this is not a national news story. just like waukesha disappeared out of nowhere. into thin air for very similar reasons. there are larger truth to
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protect. if the media needs to even avoid talking about themselves to protect the narrative which is very hard for them to do, obviously they're willing to do it for the cost. >> greg: what do you think that truth is they are so worried about? >> the truth is that you have narratives that are inconvenient to their worldview which is there are bad people and good people. much of it is racial. and if you tell a story too loudly that vindicates bad people like you and other people of this network, that is more harmful than just telling the truth and even what happened, sort of like an unfortunate casualty in the truth war because the larger truth and are more important to them. that's not journalism. that's ideology but that's what much of the media is engaged in. >> greg: i thought it was interesting there was a huge rash of the sophisticated looting while you are away, kat. i know you went on vacation. i was waiting to see any blonde hair underneath the ski masks at
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the stores. >> extensions. >> greg: they found extensions. >> so now it's not drugs and alcohol. yes, i do it all. >> greg: what do you make of the incentives in today's society for theft? i hate to say it. why wouldn't you do this if you knew you could get away with it? walking into a store and taking [bleep]. >> kat: some people have morals. >> greg: i don't. >> kat: you don't. i don't know. people accept rogen going to actually say, there's a story where there should be pretty clear sign that you're o. like you're on the side of the car whose person got broken int. it is becoming more and more prevalent for different crimes and crimes -- different types of crimes being more prevalent. there's a lot of bad things we should show a little more compassion towards other people.
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someone like seth, my grandma died. like, that happens all the time. that would not be appropriate. i don't understand what this compulsion is to take people side, i guess if you're super rich, it doesn't matter. i think stealing is bad. >> greg: there you go. a lot of grandmothers dying the big city. >> kat: that is also bad. >> greg: tyrus, you worked security. this story must kind of hit you. >> tyrus: before you start, first of all, joe, well done. i sent like a main accent. very well done. the question, this will get spun. we'll get spun. it's going to go into employment. you're going to have someone in the white house say we have added new jobs this christmas. professional looting is a new job and it's good for the economy because it leads to more internet sales. they're going to turn this around for a good thing. in general, when you push that
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these things don't matter because they're not affecting them, it continues to grow. it is an organized crime is back. it was pretty much gone but now it's back. it's not somebody who you go to for a loan or someone you seek out. now they are seeking you out. people like seth rogen who i think was trying to be, he was trying to be snooty to the guy. welcome to the big city, youtube her. i think that's what he was trying to do and he got backed into an elitist corner. fine, i'll take my ball and go home and i will dm you and tell you how much you suck. that's literally what he turned into. it's hard to believe that i like pineapple express after seeing, you never want to meet your heroes. you never want to meet actors who play cool characters because then you meet them and be like, wow. damn, steph, that's the best you can come up with? we are in this really weird time where nothing that's real is really real because it makes us look incompetent. they're just not going to do
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>> greg: there's a new variant in town. the new omicron variant discovered in south africa, birthplace of my ex, charlene theron. has been detected in other countries. contagious but fairly miles. that describes everything i brought back from spring break. people wondering if it is so mild, what's the big deal.
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his major solving this problem by creating milder viruses? as usual it's the government and the media reaction that's embarrassing. arabs already declared a state of emergency. please tell me when new york isn't in a state of emergency. then i'll be surprised. they are more emergencies than joe biden after eating chipotle. in the media is all in. >> breaking tonight has become in the air, concerning covert very triggering new travel restrictions. officials warn it's a matter of when, not of. >> countries racing to contain a new covid strain in the u.s. is on high alert as experts warn it's likely already here. >> the country in the world may be suffering from its own version of long covid. cases following spikes. now there's omicron. >> greg: [laughs] oh, my god. the concerned voice, the series music, it's amazing. excellent job. the bidens travel ban took
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effect monday and include south africa and seven other countries. of course how dare you assume this might be racist. even though biden is seeing a different tune when trumped in the same thing. according to joe when trump was in office and the africa band was designed to make it harder for black and brown people to emigrate to the united states. it's a disgrace. i would tell you to eat your words, joe, but we have to put them in a blender. and kamala harris tweeted saying trump's travel ban was driven by hate, not security. let's check in with my cat who is very nervous about the new variant. that scared me. all right, from that cat to the kat for your doctor. could this be good news. >> kat: a lot of people don't know that.
8:22 pm
a medical doctor. >> greg: you are a neurologist. >> kat: i do surgery soon as i get out of here. >> greg: it's amazing. you are a pediatric neurosurgeon for you operate on tiny little brains. >> kat: and i do it for free but i don't bring it up because i don't want the accolades. >> greg: it's weird because you hate children. you save their lives. >> kat: i don't hate children. agitate other people's children and i also have no children. >> greg: [laughs] that seems to work out. are you worried about this variant? >> kat: no. there's always going to be variants. i don't want to live like [bleep] anymore. you can't see people. go anywhere. you have to wear a mask all the time. i am getting older and i don't know how many more years i have left of my face being this attractive. i have to keep covering it up? >> greg: do you think that's why a lot of people wear masks? >> kat: i don't know.
8:23 pm
let them do it when it starts to fall, could be any day now really. >> greg: she's got a good point, tyrus. are you worried? >> tyrus: sure, terrified. i am not a rocket surgeon. he never claimed to be one but i do tend to remember things. i remember this little old man named fauci, i believe doctor. he came on and said typically science is ten weeks behind when things spread. so if they just found the variant last weekend, chances are for several months it's already been spreading around. the same doctor, typically with viruses, the ten to continue mutating to stay alive and they become less effective because they just want to keep moving. >> greg: exactly. they don't want to kill the host. unlike you. [laughter] >> tyrus: the little guy is clever, he's clever. doesn't fall for bear traps. got to work on it.
8:24 pm
when you take common sense and you apply it to a guy in the middle of giving us information about omicron which sounds like a bad guy in a transformers movie, i'm with it. ted cruz asked the question. i get it. it's ted cruz. his and answer was what january? he's not even trying to be the scientist anymore. somebody told him he was handsome as brad pitt and the fool believed him. why are we taking advice from him anymore? >> greg: who can forget that. guy, americans are not going to take anymore of this [bleep], no more lockdown. i don't see it happening. this is media fodder we can play the serious music and use the "it's no longer if, it's when," those cliches. >> guy: omicron is coming from inside the house. the media is very excited about this because they can play the scary music and they can get some of those eyeballs back that have wandered away since trump lost and everything.
8:25 pm
there's also another weird subset of americans who are also extremely hyped about this moment. it is this neurotic group of people who almost fetishized fear about covid. you can imagine them getting the first tweets. it's go time. it's game day. they are trying to tell their fellow friends about it but they can't hear each other because they were all wearing eight masks. and they are very excited about this because they can dial up the self-aggrandizement and the sense of superiority that they almost universally have all the rest of us like okay, there's a new variant. we knew this was made to happen. is it more virulent or not? oh, it doesn't seem to be. okay, let's continue with our lives. that seems until we get better information or different information like the sensible thing to do and i suspect that's what most fatigued americans are going to do. >> greg: i like how you were able to pronounce the word virulent. it's a hard word. these are times when i wished
8:26 pm
tom brokaw was still around. >> [mumbling] >> greg: joe, you are scared of everything. i seem to remember that you were the terrified correspondent. >> joe: i was the frightened correspondent. i'm scared of a lot of things. i wear two shirts to the pool. i always made a script when calling ladies out for dates. you don't want to be stumped. >> greg: no. did it work? >> guy: he was talking about his imaginary girlfriend before. >> joe: well, i'm canadian. i will say this, greg. i am more scared of the cure than i am of covid at this point because more people have died hunter biden under the same amount of time as trump. these lockdowns and mandates don't seem to be that effective
8:27 pm
but they do bring riots and shortages and the dissolution of our rights. i am more worried that the government is here and that they are going to help. >> greg: that's funny. yes. it's this new kind of person that's out there. they are often flight. i'm sorry. you had it. >> kat: i was on a plane. i was asleep. she punched me physically to wake me up because my maskless right here. >> greg: this happened to me with delta. >> tyrus: stop talking about spirit airlines. >> kat: it was american airlines. she touches me and i don't even get paid and i get woken up. >> tyrus: i cannot impress upon the both of you how important it is for you not to shun airlines. i get here every week on airlines. they won't punish you. they'll punish me.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: china gave hunter a precious jewel get pointing it out makes you the full. the media doesn't seem to care when the grifter is biden's heir. which is why... >> we could all be hunter. >> greg: i think he'd like that. yes, we should all be hunter biden. why's that? he is living the life and the media lets him get away with it. even lindsay lohan is like get your [bleep] together, hunter. first it was his rampant drug abuse and kinky perverted sex
8:33 pm
with. nothing happened. at least those things should be legal but it was a sham of an art show. it's the only painting that comes with a shady government contract. the most serious stuff, the shady business dealings with china while pops was vp. the bidens or a family that make "the sopranos" look morally sound. the latest "new york post" piece describes a chinese businessman giving hunter a 3-carat diamond and a $30 million offer to help boost china's influence in europe. how is this not a story? when you are a democrat like hunter biden, nothing is a story. they will only care about hunter if he starts dating pete davidson. the left-wing media works overtime to norwood staring them right in the face. even when it's hunters bear ass. let's ask his dad why. >> hit, come on, i am sick and tired of this. if you want to come after someone, come after the big guy, all right? you you don't come after hunter.
8:34 pm
he's a kid, all right. he likes with other kids like. he likes three karat diamonds. kids love those. he things building things like multimillion dollar corporations with chinese money. come on, man. this is a kid. he paints pictures. and paints for sex. he is a kid. >> greg: guy, i know it's an obvious question we ask this question all the time. i don't even know i am asking that i'm going to ask because i'm going to ask you, why does he get a pass and why am i so jealous? >> guy: because hillary clinton lost the election and the media went into four years of self-flagellation because they covered the laptop story. the email account and all that. the server. they were furious at themselves that they help trump win even though it was a bona fide new story. they were very upset and they got a lot of heat from their
8:35 pm
left-wing friends. so this was going to be 2020s server story. now it's the laptop story. it happened to be hunter biden's. it might of certain joe biden so they all didn't make the same mistake twice and he's the beneficiary of the guilt of helping trump win four years prior. that's it. >> greg: i guess we can end the show there. on kind of hungry. get out early. tyrus. do you know what i'm talking about with the m&ms? >> tyrus: i do but i prepared myself so i'm okay mentally. >> greg: peanut butter m&ms. >> tyrus: that's not better. don't look it up. we have kind of given him this gullible pass. talk about his drug addictions and stuff. he is playing the american people, even the thing, and i really thought about this, why would anyone be okay with anonymous buyers? that takes away the transparency. if you don't think a lot of those buyers are from different
8:36 pm
places seeking favor, lobbyists, et cetera, and we have -- they are anonymous. but if they were in, you could connect the dots. he has done more things than any of the trump kids combined. and we still keep finding more and more things. and he's not only a danger to himself. he's a danger to the national security and we have two worry about some of the policies that dad is going to make or not make because it could affect his son and the things his son has done. this is the worst case of it was pushed so hard. this is an actual dossier. this is an actual thing where the american people need to know how much the president is connected to his sons dealings with china. look at the situation we are in with china. you don't think this is important? >> greg: good point. joe, something tells me you're a lot like hunter and your private life, the way you carry yourself. strong silent type in your kind of crazy once it gets dark. my right? >> joe: you are way off, greg.
8:37 pm
i am straight and narrow. but i'll tell you what, i love this story because the media, they said the story was fake and they can't tell their viewers that the story is real because like joe biden said, fool me once, you know the thing. [applause] >> greg: kat, i know you and i both find it despicable we also wish he was our best friend. >> kat: i am way more jealous of him than probably anybody. he has this drug addiction where he's doing all these drugs, crazy stuff, drugs, drugs, drugs. he has never -- he has no one giving him crap. i get it every day, i get all of this be 25 and of the fun parts of being a drug addict because i'm not.
8:38 pm
>> greg: coming out, jussie smollett's trial begins. will he answer for his sins? that's why, in difficult times, we provided one hundred and fifty million meals to feeding america. and now through the subaru share the love event, we're helping even more. by the end of this year, subaru will have donated over two hundred and twenty five million dollars to charity. this is what it means to be more than a car company. this is what it means to be subaru.
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♪didn't even notice,♪ ♪no punches left to roll with♪ ♪you got to keep me focused♪
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>> greg: what will be his excuse for lying about a noose? the trail of hate crime hoaxed her jussie smollett kicked off today. you'll recall three years ago he was alleged to have orchestrated and elaborate hate crime against himself. one in which he is accused of paying friends to stage a racist attack involving nooses, bleach, and maga hats, the cnn gift back. will he testify in his own defense? the attorney -- i can never say his name. told fox news. "he's an actor so he has an advantage over almost anyone who's going to take the witness stand." that's the best review he's ever gotten about his acting.
8:43 pm
let's not forget his democrat support as including our vp who tweeted in 2019 "jussie smollett is one of the kindest, most gentle human beings i know. praying for his quick recovery. this was an attempted modern-day lynching. no one should have to fear for their life because of their sexuality or color of their skin. you must confront this hate." so we're just going to leave that tweet there to remind you how stupid she really is. i think we have forgotten. the ad. for more, let's go to our legal correspondent. what's your prediction for the trial? >> [singing] guilty. >> greg: the number one cable network in the world, ladies and gentlemen. all right, tyrus. where do you see this going? >> tyrus: first of all, i
8:44 pm
think i'm surprise he's also not being charged with a hate crime as well because his use of nigerians, playing into that thing where they are all tricksters and try to get you out of money, that was not fair. those two innocent young -- >> greg: body builders too. >> tyrus: asking body builders to attack you in freezing cold weather. a lot of warm-ups involved. the fact that his lawyers same he's an actor, he's going to do fine, the jury knows that too. i am sure besides the overwhelming evidence against him, what could he possibly say on the stand that could sway anyone at this point? >> greg: he only needs one juror who was a fan of his, that's all he needs. he's got to have one fan somewhere. >> tyrus: he pretty much
8:45 pm
pissed off everyone who ran to his aid. he left every box checked in terms of who he has alienated. i won't watch any of this because it's a slam-dunk case. >> greg: it's on tv! >> tyrus: for him to try to somehow connected to poor parenting or pressure or the man or maybe there will be another attack right before he gets on the stand, who knows. two swedish in terms just jumped him >> greg: i can dream. kat, it's like two and a half years. if i were innocent for two and half years, and be screaming that i'm innocent, i'd be all over the place. >> tyrus: you would never be all over the place. you stay home. >> greg: that's true. >> tyrus: a lot of scathing emails. >> greg: i would send a lot of scathing emails. >> kat: i could lawyer him jail.
8:46 pm
just ask him, why do you get at subway. >> greg: that's a great question. >> kat: that's what colombo would do. if you were leaving chicago it 2:00 a.m. in freezing temperatures to go to subway, you don't just like subway. you love subway more than anyone ever. you have an order. >> greg: it is so colombo of you. you almost have his voice. a few more vacations. >> kat: mine is a little deeper. >> greg: my wife is a big fan of yours, i wonder if i could get you to sign this picture of you. that is the same signature on the guy who bought the noose. that's how it would go. that's how it would go, joe. >> joe: this lawyer. >> greg: that was just a lawyer commenting. >> joe: overconfident because
8:47 pm
seth rogen just that actors when they write their own lines kind of screw up a lot. i think the jury has a chance to be impartial on this one. i think they are going to find him -- they're probably going to find him guilty because there's two things i worry about in a trial. whether or not the prosecution is going to play fair, which we find out in the rittenhouse case doesn't always happen and two, can the defendant afford a good lawyer and if he can write a $3500 check for people to beat him up, he's going to have a good lawyer. >> greg: i don't think he ever paid those guys. >> tyrus: he didn't pay them. subway was their bad too, you can get the protein meal without the thread. >> greg: can even probably go back to subway now those poor guys. i already sent it, i mad this isn't on tv, i would watch this. i would watch the hell out of it. >> he has the advantage of being an actor and has the disadvantage of being very dumb. it might balance out on a call
8:48 pm
and very dumb not because i've known him but i have seen the hate crime he try to write and it's hilarious. i hope you get what he deserves and the people of chicago get jobs. it was outrageous what happened here. i'm delighted that we give a talk about this more because one of my favorite new stories ever. this guy, everything he did was hilariously dumb and wrong. write a personal check. did he write hate crime on the memo? as for the hate crime. here you go. what was this man thinking. he kept a noose on him? >> greg: apparently the noose was underneath his collar. it was like a loosened tie. >> it is like chef's kiss, everything about it. >> joe: he could have just had this happen. up next, did china make a fuss to an obedient disney plus? what is this nightmare? it's how some people describe... shingles.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: when it comes to chinese propaganda, disney wants to lend a helping hand-uh. good censorship disney support leave bart yelling "eat my shorts." removing a 2005 episode of the simpsons. calling out a joke about the
8:53 pm
censorship of the tiananmen massacre. from its hong kong streaming service, they go to the site of the massacre and they see a sign that says on the site in 1989, nothing happened. censoring the massacre has been common practice in mainland china and the nba. beijing pushed hong kong's legislature to pass bills limiting free speech. media company decides to take up a -- they want to make sure scrooge mcduck can still swim in his giant balls of coins. kat. thoughts. >> kat: yeah. i've never been offered any of this chinese money everybody keeps talking about. i have never been faced with that choice. i don't even think, was there anybody in the communist chinese party going to the episodes of the simpsons on disney plus?
8:54 pm
>> guy: oh, yeah. >> greg: do you have inside knowledge? >> kat: do they sponsor the guy benson show? >> guy: i grew up in hong kong. it's personal to me and it angers me with happening. totalitarian regimes throughout history always censor their own misdeeds. this is what they do. what's different about this, it's an american company that pretends to be woke and they shovel money at colin kaepernick in this nonsense. when push comes to shove, they are actively complicit in the communist propaganda because they want to maintain access to the market. i don't how you defended. they don't really try. they put on one face here at home and they do their dirty work abroad and they feel like they can get away with it because i guess -- >> greg: they can. if you buy up they woke with pronouns and diversity, they will leave you alone on the really big leap like ignoring slave labor.
8:55 pm
>> joe: genocide. what they censored was exactly what china says. tiananmen square, nothing happened here. it's interesting, these companies, they'll go with whatever will help their bottom line. they'll support open borders but if they think it's going to cost them money, we need to build a wall, i will help get shovels. >> greg: last word, tyrese. >> tyrus: disney used to be about a magical place and kids and families. he will ignore anything that happens to you as long as it doesn't harm the bottom line. they hope china wouldn't say. protecting everything so we can get another bid. does disney need money? when are we going to see these corporations be held responsible? you are willing to fire an actress for having political beliefs, throw her out. how dare she? but china can do whatever. just have a tennis star go
8:56 pm
missing. look what they did. disney. >> greg: all right, don't go away. we'll be right back. you can always spot a first time gain flings user. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event. i'm here to present the facts. thousands of peopler and small businesses
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