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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 29, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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♪ ♪ >> sean: before reiko, quick programming note for all of you. you're not going to want to mess tomorrow show. dr. oz will join us. he has a huge announcement. hint: think midterm election. all happening tomorrow night. in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled. laura ingraham, she crushes it. she kills it every day and every night. laura, i'm not going to tell the story about the stolen car or anything, nothing. i'm just going to say have a great show. >> let me just say. >> sean: just forget it. let it go. >> you better because it's coming the other way if you go in that direction. >> sean: i know when to tap out. i'm tapping out. >> laura: i'm going to announce that hannity is opening its own yoga studio in your single your single-handedly
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bringing back leg warmers and i think it's awesome. slow and you know it's funny. >> laura: krav maga or whatever you do. >> sean: you just make it up. >> laura: i think it's great, the krav maga, mma, it's been tough on your joints and now that you're moving into your senior years, you should have the relaxation so i think it's great. all right, hannity. i'm going to get you. see you tomorrow. all right, i'm laura ingraham laura ingraham... "the ingraham angle" from is "the ingraham angle" from washington. eight days ago and antiwhite blm supporter plows into a christmas parade killing six including a child. tonight, as many children remain in the hospital, why has the media suddenly gone silent of the motivations of the driver? we are going to examine it tonight. biden steps on his own covid message. what's up with the white house christmas decorations? raymond arroyo has it all. first, the biden booster club.
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that's the focused of tonight's angle. as americans were enjoying the holiday weekend with friends and family, anthony fauci emerged on television to haunt them like the ghost of christmas past. >> should we expect to be seeing more lockdowns again, new lockdown, more mandates? >> you know, i don't know, george. it's really too early to say. we just need to come as i've said so often, prepare for the worst. >> laura: this is fauci's m.o. variant or no variant, you're supposed to hang on his every word. but for some one who has made more mistakes and hunter biden has made bad paintings, he sure is a cocky little guy. >> all i want to do is save people's lives. anybody who's looking at this carefully and realizes that there's a distinct antiscience flavor to this. if they get up and really aim
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their bullets at tony fauci, people can recognize there is a person there so it's easy to criticize. but they are really criticizing science. because i represent science. if you damage science, you are doing something very detrimental to society. long after i leave. >> laura: first of all, the man will never leave his cushy government job voluntarily. apparently biden is too stupid to fire him. the reason for his reemergence is the new omicron covid variant from south africa. fauci is not the only one running to a camera. like clockwork, all the old hucksters were back on the boop tube. >> certainly transmitting faster than the delta variant. >> it could possibly be more resistant to our existing vaccines. it wouldn't surprise me. if it's in the u.s. >> laura: the doctor who first discovered the variant is striking a far more reasonable tone.
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>> when we are observing is mild crisis. crisis that we've seen last week in the week before last week, also mild crisis, mild symptoms. easy to treat at home. there's nothing significant that says we are moving into a real problem going forward. >> laura: that would be considered positive news to most people. but not to the fading, fearmongering covid stars of yesteryear. >> this is a rapidly evolving situation in south africa. i think we have to be very careful about assuming we're not going to see many more very ill people. the fact that it has these mutations that could allow for immunity escape are of grave concern. >> laura: he needs to hop back onto his lily pad. that man is a maniacal control freak. he wanted to unvaccinated kids to stay out of the classroom because of the delta variant, and then he wanted to force them to where n95 masks and stay
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6 feet apart, all for their own safety of course. forget about what it does to their development. he has never been held accountable. the reason for that is we don't have an independent media to fact-check the experts because they all believe the vaccine hesitance are selfish or stupid or both. with delta variant petering out, deaths and hospitalizations plummeting, two shots plus a booster? that whole special drink wasn't an easy sell. enter omicron. >> you have to get the shot. you have to get the booster. >> get your booster today. >> these travel bans or band-aids. they don't really help very much. what you really have to do is ramp of vaccination. >> if you haven't already gotten vaccinated or if you have and you are eligible for a booster, do it now. >> laura: two shots on a booster on the side. wait a second. do we even with the vaccine
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really works against the new variant? >> whether it's the delta variant or the omicron. vaccination is going to be the solution. >> laura: brought to you by the same people who downplay natural immunity. the virus is mutating because that's what viruses do, especially when it's trying to sneak around a vaccine. it gets smarter. but usually when they become more transmissible, the virus also becomes less deadly. but only time will tell. whatever happens with omicron, this i know. the same control freaks hate the fact that most of you resumed your normal life long ago. they are furious that you didn't give up the old normal. that the red states doggedly refused to roll over and give into the threats of the fear. this isn't where they expected america to be with trump out of office. many on the left really thought that with him gone, america would be one of permanent state of rolling lockdowns like some of the european countries.
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thank god. i think about this every day. thank god for our republican governors like kim reynolds in iowa, greg abbott in texas, bill lee in tennessee, pete ricketts nebraska, tate reeves mississippi, and of course ron desantis in florida. by the way, florida has the lowest infection rate in the united states. and then with virginia freeing itself by electing glenn youngkin, democrats, i think they frankly just don't know what to do. spending money, that's not helping biden's numbers. trillions more that will be spent perhaps is only going to drive the value of the dollar down further. but covid to them is like crystal meth to a drug addict. they know it's not working. they know it's bad to stay on the topic that they keep returning to it. the fact is everything the experts push from lockdowns to school closures to masks have only made matters worse.
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and now i know that the vaccinated can spread the virus just as easily as the nonvaccinated. oops. and with the new variant, they want us to start embracing more mandates? lined up for the endless boosters that may or may not work. wait for the pharmacy ceos, isn't it? it's all moving to a very sinister place. didn't think we would get here but here we are. biden doesn't have the legal power to force mandates. the courts have shut him down. vilifying the unvaxxed was counterproductive. it's frustrating to fauci, who is used to the star treatment. now he's not even pretending to be anything but a left-wing hack. >> senator cruz told the attorney general you should be prosecuted. >> yeah. [laughs] i have to laugh at that. i should be prosecuted? what happened on january 6, senator? >> do you think that this is
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about making you a scapegoat to deflect from president trump? >> of course. you have to be asleep not to figure that one out. >> laura: told you. i told you, like in may of 2020. fauci was a leftist. that's who he is. biden may not be sentient enough to know this but tony "the covid tiger" has a trap. they should've replaced fauci, declare victory and said basically this whole thing of america, the show that we do, the american show must go on. have we gone that route, biden, more people would have probably gotten vaccinated as well. the question remains, will biden given to this truly demonic impulse to restrict the movement of the unvaccinated through the united states? well, their favorite experts have been pushing this now for some time. >> what we need to do is have a way that we can make certain when people get on a plane that causes a border, they are not infected when they get on.
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they should be vaccinated fully. should be tested. then when they arrived, there's a way to test them again and to follow with them. this is something we desperately need. i think that will replace the travel ban in short order. >> laura: think about that. think about where that's going to take us. anything that man says, we should do the opposite. here's the bottom line. biden could do the right thing. he can be positive. he can work with the g.o.p. and get us back to normal across the board. but if he keeps listening to fauci, osterholt and the like and doubling down on fear and lockdowns, the democrats lost in virginia is going to be nothing compared to the wipeout they're going to experience next year, and that's "the angle." joining me as dr. jay bhattacharya, stanford school of medicine. and a board-certified md in research scientist. you have said this on my podcast
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recently, that some irresponsible epidemiologists are using all of this to do what? >> they want lockdowns. they actually enjoyed on top of the lockdowns that happened the last year and a half had somehow conquered covid or something. i don't know what data they are looking at. the omicron variant does not justify -- let's say it's more infectious. the lockdowns didn't stop the last infectious variant. what makes anyone think that it would work now? and the catastrophic harm of lockdowns, school closures, people missing their cancer screening, people missing their diabetes management treatment, all of that, bring that back again, it's a catastrophic mistake. it would be a catastrophic mistake to listen to these epidemiologists or just mongering fear for i don't really know what purpose. certainly we should not be listening to them. >> laura: doctor, the omicron variant now who conveniently
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allows with the left's desperate push for boosters. watch. >> providing the cushioned affective antibodies but the mutated virus, it may start to drop off. it does make a case, stronger case even for boosters. you want to get more of that cushion effect so that no matter the variant, can provide you some of that protection. >> laura: doctor, is the cushion effect a medical term? i wasn't aware of that. >> look, i can understand how there's a desire, need, a passion to create some sort of magic bullet against a virus, especially in all of its new variants that will inevitably come over time. having a cushion simply as a lay word of her trying to broaden the spectrum of activity of the vaccine. however, we know that the vaccine is what it is. so it's vaccinating us against us one specific protein with one
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specific amino acid sequence of that virus, namely the spike protein. that happens to be the one that mutates a lot. what we have done is we have created a vaccine against the one part of the virus that's easiest to vaccinate against but which happens to be the one part of the virus that mutates like crazy. coronavirus' aren't new. they've been around forever. this is what causes part of the common cold. we still get common cold all the time and you can bet if someone included vaccinated against the common cold, they would have done so already but we don't. why? because they mutate rapidly, especially the spike protein. what we really need to hope for is that we do get ultimately to some point where the virus mutates in a way that infects a lot of people but it doesn't cause any disease at all. >> laura: right. what we have said all along, it has to kind of run through the population, software that sounds, protect the people most vulnerable. it's a good lead into this preprint study that was
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partially funded by the cdc and i believe yale university on transmission rates between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed prison inmates they studied and said they found no statistically significant difference in transmission between vaccinated persons and persons who are not fully vaccinated. therefore our findings indicate that prevention and mitigation measures should be applied without regard to vaccine status for persons in high-risk settings. doctor about a chariot, what does that mean? vaccinated people can spread the virus. unvaccinated people can spread the virus, so we should social distance forever? what? >> for one it means the vaccine mandates make no sense. opening up spaces where only vaccinated people are, you can feel safe they are not going to get the disease. clearly from this evidence and there's lots of other evidence that the vaccine does not stop disease spread, that's not true.
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the vaccine protects you against severe disease. that's a private benefit. not a public benefit. there's no sense in the mandates at all. of course all of these other measures that we have taken to separate people from one another have their cost. to say just because we can spread the disease. when many of us are vaccinated and many, many of us have the disease and recovered and are there by protected, therefore we should live our life cowering in the corner until god knows when makes no sense. >> laura: there was a study conducted by brown university about face masks which i found fascinating, also social distancing, and children. it found that it harmed children's development, something we believed would happen. results show that early learning composite, the mean result dropped by a whopping 23%. in addition, the reports as masks worn in public settings and in school or day care settings may impact a range of early developing skills such as
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attachment, facial processing, socio-emotional processing. doctor, i would like to see it apply to older kids as well. is there any reason to be masking children at this point and forcing them to socially distance? >> look, as i've said before initial related to the vaccine, let's apply that to the masks as well. risk-benefit analysis. we know the risks are massive. it doesn't take a medically published study, published in a medical journal to improve for anyone to understand that it's not wise to prevent kids from seeing each other face-to-face, to see their students, fellow students, to see their teachers, everyone else. we know this already. it's obvious. now we have evidence. where's the benefit to this? the benefit is minimal. we have already shown that the benefit is minimal. we've already shown that kids don't tend to get very sick. so if you have kids who even if they got the virus by a large would not end up dead, would not
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even end up hospitalized. we know on the flip side the risks are enormous. why do that? why at least mandated? why not say parents, why don't look at the information? why don't you are maybe in your pediatrician together make the decision about whether you want to mask your kids and allow them to do that. >> laura: that's a great idea. have it be an individual -- what happened the individual choice question like they used to be in favor of that. doctor, your view on europe beginning to roll in new restrictions and lockdowns as we are seeing in places like slovakia and austria, really quickly. >> with the delta variant, i have no idea why they think it's going to work this time. i would hope they would come to their senses and stop it. >> laura: great to see you tonight, thank you. team biden is blaming the pandemic for the bad economy and bad polling but larry kudlow says not so fast. he's here next. the left is so freaked out about
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thinking biden that they're already floating to holy and oppressive people, senator tom cotton is here on that. stay there
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>> laura: when any issue blows up, the biden administration has kind of a ready-made excuse.
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a recent ap article noted inflation soaring, business struggling to hire and president joe biden's poll numbers have been in free fall. the white house he is a common culprit. covid-19. joining me now is larry kudlow, host of "kudlow" on fox business. larry, is covid all the details biden at this point? the red states, last time i checked, are thriving. >> he's got to blame somebody for everything that's gone wrong. he's going to blame you. he's going to blame me. he blames the pandemic. he blames saudi arabia. he blames everybody except his own policies. you know, laura, this idea that the pandemic was responsible for inflation, during the second half of 2020, we had a v-shaped recovery. there was no insulation, okay? that's an important point during the trump years.
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the inflation didn't begin until the winter-spring of this year after the $2 trillion so-called emergency relief bill was passed by democrats through reconciliation. what did i do? it just blew up the inflation rate. it just blew it up. before that, it had been quiet sent. on top of that, they could have changed union rules in the port town of los angeles and long beach. they wouldn't work 24/7. they would close down at 3:00 p.m. that could have been changed. they wouldn't change various trucking rules that would've made it easier and more profitable for the truckers to come back and work. by the way, all during this. that, they are still paying people not to work when the variety of assistance programs including unnecessary unappointed benefits that endedsix or seven weeks ag. they all look to themselves. it's their policies that are causing these troubles.
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i'm going to say it's nothing you don't know. it's excessive government spending. it's an excessive money printing. look, it is biden against fossil fuels. where the big source of inflation is the blow up an oil. >> laura: larry, you're right. i have got to get you to look in cameron, message to joe manchin, okay? joe manchin, kyrsten sinema, jon tester and montana, all these guys are supposed to be moderates. a message to them about this giant spending bill they want to think about passing. >> hold to your guns, stay with it. have a backbone of steel, the idea from joe manchin which i think is the best one, inflation means no more government spending. he said let's pause all government spending until inflation might come down next
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year. so i say no spending until we are well into next year. if that happens with a pause, then i believe the bill will be killed. save america. kill the bill. pause the bill. inflation is going to continue for quite some time. that should be their message. stick to it. stick to it, mr. manchin. stick to it, ms. sinema. stay with it. stay with it. >> laura: save the country. save the dollar. larry, great to see you. >> save america. kill the bill paid >> laura: all right. larry, thank you. great to see you. do not believe this been imposed biden planning among democrats is already underway and they are even more desperate than you think. how so? here's who the democrats are pinning their hopes on for 2024. kamala harris, whose approval is at 28%. and in the way over his head
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corner's mayor pete buttigieg whose solution the high gas prices is to buy a tesla. joining me is arkansas senator tom cotton. senator, what is the early chatter about a harris-pete buttigieg ticket? this data in the democrat party my goodness. >> i think these reports tell us that the democratic party is in disarray and the washington democrats know that they are heading for a historic defeat next year's election and in 2024 as well if they don't change their ways. now they're trying to stand for trillion new dollars and a time when inflation is at highs at spending 30 years. people paying $4 a gallon for gasoline. they can't buy their kids christmas presents. if they can find presents, they are probably too expensive to get all of them. we have a crisis in our southern border. meanwhile, who do they look to? they look to the person biden put in charge of the border, kamala harris. and the person in charge of the supply chain, pete buttigieg. if that's the best the democrats
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can do, then it's going to be a very, very bad election for them next year paid >> laura: the democrats are also kind of making up for these lackluster . by now urging biden i guess to lash out more at republicans. politico is saying the number of senior advisors in the west wing, including chief of staff ron klain, have urged biden for more partisan political. senator, how is not going to work out? >> if joe biden wants to lay blames for america's problems all he has to do is look in the mirror in the morning. we've had this pandemic for two years. i'll remember inflation or supply chain shortages or labor shortages that we have seen this year the first year of the pandemic. what changed? joe biden and the democrats to power in january. it's the direct result of their reckless spending, higher taxes, more regulations in their war on things like fossil fuels that the american people are facing
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these challenges. it's not to blame on opec or big business or anyone else. if the result of joe biden's policies. >> laura: i have to get your reaction something that we mentioned earlier, senator cotton. this was in this bizarre interview anthony fauci gave in which he is a public health official has been telling us he's not political the entire pandemic. attacks ted cruz and also kind of invokes january 6th, like he should be prosecuted. i don't know if he was talking about whether senator cruz should be prosecuted. what do you think that will do to the trust level of public health officials in the united states? they are just political hacks or what? >> it's just another example of the incompetence of the biden administration. they think tony fauci remains a credible and impartial messenger about the wuhan coronavirus. we saw this weekend he went out and became an open partisan, attacking a sitting united states senator who was democratically elected by the people, as are the other 99
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senators, is nothing but a bureaucrat who works for those people who democratically elected all 100 senators. attacking him in a partisan way. this is not tony fauci changing or turning over new leaf. this is who he's been from the very beginning. it is a simple fact that he testified to congress by the way, that he did not fund through his agency gain-of-function research in the wuhan labs. making the coronavirus is there more dangerous and more transmissible. yet his agency has since acknowledged they in fact did fund that kind of gain-of-function research. both things can't be true. fauci should be investigative or lying to congress. >> laura: doesn't he seem more angry at people like you and senator cruz that he is at china? he's far angrier at republicans. i think he thinks you guys are a far bigger threat to world health than president xi and that scientist at the wuhan lab. do you agree? >> from the beginning tony fauci and they know it all public
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health bureaucrats have been worried about hurting the feelings of their friends in other countries than they have been protecting the american people from the chinese communist party and what it did to unleash this plague on the world by the world health organization named a new variant, viola krohn variant, because the previous letter in the greek alphabet is spelled like xi jinping's last name. what pathetic communist boot licking. >> laura: that's just the beginning of the boot licking. imagine what it really gets going. senator cotton, wonderful to see you as always. what was joe biden's real message today about the variant? we are going to share what you did not see. raymond did. wait until you see the smithsonian institute's troubling vision of our future. he's seen and unseen with arroyo is next.
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>> laura: it's time for our "seen and unseen" segment where we reveal the big cultural stories of the day.
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we turn to fox news analyst, author of "the spider who saved christmas," raymond arroyo. i know you are closely watching biden's public events today. what did you see? >> with biden i always say it's not what he says, it's what we see that tells the tale. today the president was demanding that everyone get vaccinated and boosted to avoid this new covid variant. but apparently routinely touching orifices is not a covid risk at the white house. watch. >> today there are three messages about the new variant. we have the best vaccine in the world and now we are seeing deaths from delta come down. we will fight. look, we are going to fight and beat this new variant as well. fully vaccinated booster person is the most protected against covid. >> a booster person. now that vaccine is not enough. you need to be a booster person. you might need multiple boosters if you go near the
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president however, preschoolers don't touch their noses and eyes and mouths as much as he does. i have never seen anything like it. >> laura: he honestly looked like he fell asleep during that period i thought, is he still with us? i wasn't sure. raymond, i am your booster person always, i'm always going to be in your corner. your booster person. >> a different take on booster person. the white house shared the annual christmas decorations with the media today. i have to show you this. along with the usual trees and the garlands, there was a gingerbread white house surrounded by buildings meant to represent first responders. i found it curious that the bakers would include a prominent gas station right in front of their white house. why would they remind people about gas? fuel is nearly 60% more expensive than it was a year ago. this would be like the corridors putting little gingerbread hostages next to their
7:39 pm
white house or the clintons adding little gummy female interns. it's a bad look. why would you want it commemorated? >> laura: did you have to say gummy female interns? did you really write that line? >> how would you create them? >> laura: that's a horrible, horrible image. raymond. but i could see the little $7.25 a gallon. if you look closely, you can see where they want gas prices to go. >> you can't depict that in gingerbread. it's got to be digital so it can keep scrolling upwards particularly as you get to the west wing. also today the president met with ceos to show he's on top of the supply chain crisis. only some one else ran the meeting. you would swear biden had never been to the white house. >> brian, he's going to moderate the rest. i warn you, i'm going to intervene with questions with your permission. this a pretty place?
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>> laura: isn't this pretty, laurel, like he has never been there before in his life? this is why by the way, it's moments like this that explains the slipping poll numbers. the federal trade commission after he met with no ceos or didn't, the federal trade commission demanded all of these large retailers had over their files to try to explain their study looking into whether shelves are empty. they are going to try to blame these large retailers before it's over for the supply chain crisis. watch. >> laura: of course. anyone but biden. abb. >> also in d.c., i'm always looking for the cultural edge. the smithsonian has unveiled a futures exhibit at their ten industries building. it may not be a future any of us care to visit. according to just the news, one kiosk asks visitors when there might be a single global government.
7:41 pm
you can choose between ten years to never. my question is, why would an american institute funded by taxpayers suggest that a one world government is ever an acceptable vision for the future? planting that idea in the minds of children and tourists and visitors. it's crazy. >> laura: do george soros fund this exhibit? if it looks close, does it say brought to you by the kids behind the great recess? speak i'm going to explain who funded in a second. i've got to show you this other exhibit. this one is a new genderless voice assistant. again, this is at the smithsonian. he said genderless voice assistant for your phone. you can make the voice for feminine or more masculine depending on your preference. >> hi, i'm the world's first genderless voice system. think of me like siri or alexa but neither male nor female. i have created for future where we are no longer defined by gender. but rather how define ourselves.
7:42 pm
>> just what we need, another faceless queue will that's not only an animus but has no gender. that gender fluid one world future comes courtesy of ford, oracle, amazon web services, comcast nbc in the nfl. all sponsors of this lovely vision of the future. can't wait to dive in. >> laura: i didn't like the talking fried egg. it will click on talking fried egg. i'm uncomfortable. a very uncomfortable. it freaks me out. going to have nightmares. raymond, thanks for giving me nightmares. really appreciated. >> happy to do it, as always. >> laura: there are children still suffering in the waukesha attack. six people there were murdered. why has the media moved on? dinesh d'souza, victor davis hanson bring us the inconvenient truth dictating the media
7:43 pm
blackout. stay there.
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>> one is the idea of contagion. whether it has anything to do with this accident last night and the killing of these people. speakers are going to see people trying to politicize it and they could be about gallery form
7:48 pm
which is a complete nonissue. >> when the truth about this waukesha attack didn't align with the predetermined narrative, the media stop talking about it. when they do, as cnn did yesterday, this was their framing. waukesha will hold a moment of silence today marking one week since a car drove through the city christmas parade. six people were murdered. children are still in critical condition. but the media are past it. no investigation into darrell brooks' background, motives, racist views, none of it. so why are they doing this? well, it doesn't fit their narrative. one, we race of the alleged attacker, he was black. two, the race of the alleged -- of the victims, were white. three, the suspect was a blm fan boy with antiwhite views. four, the victims were participating in a christmas parade which is a holiday the left hates. five, a soros funded d.a. let
7:49 pm
the serial criminal out of jail on a $1,000 bond two days prior to the attack. the inconvenient truth here is that this is an active political political and racial hatred and the media are all trying to cover it up. joining me, dinesh d'souza, host of the dinesh d'souza podcast. victor davis hanson, hoover institution senior fellow, author of "the dying citizen." dinesh, this cover-up unreal. >> absolutely. you mentioned the different elements of the narrative. each one of them is a kind of spear into the narrative of the left. this was why they tried to make it seem like the car dated. there wasn't a perpetrator. he wasn't a black perpetrator. as a film guy i often look at motive, motive is critical to understanding why something happened. let's remember that in other cases, the kyle rittenhouse case, even the derek chauvin case, the left was very quick to jump to a motive.
7:50 pm
these are white supremacists, motive was based on race and yet no racial motive turned up. in fact racial motives weren't really even introduced in the shogun trial. here where there is a racial motive, where it seems obvious that this was a guy who was not fleeing from one scene and happen to run into a parade but rob guy who intentionally swerved from left to right to kill as many people as possible driven by a parent racial animus. evident in his own social media, the media goes, we can't salvage this narrative so you realize this is a classic case of how the media operates like a house of mirrors. it's not mirrors that illuminate reality. these are refracting mirrors that give you distorted pictures of reality. once the narrative doesn't really work anymore, they just turn out the lights and move on to something else. >> laura: victor, jen psaki was asked about biden positively visiting visiting waukesha. watch.
7:51 pm
>> our hearts go out in this community, to the people in waukesha, that we have been in touch obviously with officials there. obviously any president going to visit a community requires a lot of access, requires taking their resources. it's not something that i have a trip previewed at this point in time. >> laura: too many assets? but he can check to europe no problem? >> from her description you would have no idea what happened in waukesha. she doesn't mention any violence, doesn't mention the perpetrator. you can see there really isn't a mainstream media, if we can use that term. it's fused or observed by the progressive project. it's really jumped the shark. nobody really believe this is possible. turning white on white violence into racial pathology or ignoring black on white, largely white violence. i hold blm responsible. you can see why, this left-wing
7:52 pm
poll the commission, you can see why for the first time a plurality of americans no longer support it. really a majority of independent voters don't either because they haven't said one word about it, after being so vocal and outside the courthouse in kenosha, in waukesha they didn't say a word except the local blm affiliate guy said it was the start of a revolution. he was cheering it on. and as you pointed out, some blm affiliations. we have this smash and grab violence. we have near record murders going on in washington, baltimore, chicago. and we get utter silence. meanwhile the architects of blm have moved onto more lucrative things, especially real estate. so when you look at them media in one hand and blm on the other, it's built on a complete fantasy. i think people are sick of it in the polls are starting to show first with the media and now i
7:53 pm
think blm is catching up to them in their own popularity. >> laura: do you agree that there is no for that media. i think victor is right. it's not even the media anymore. it's an extension of the dnc or the far left. it's not a media. calling the media is kind of, it's not accurate. they don't have any credibility anymore. >> i agree. there was something very illuminating that joseph goebbels once said. he said propaganda cannot be judged by standards of truth or falsehood. it doesn't matter if it's true and it doesn't matter if it's false. it only matters whether it works. in other words, the propaganda is measured by the result. so i think this is the way the media looks at it. they see themselves as part of a propagandistic operation and they judge their success by whether or not the lie works. more people were killed in waukesha than were killed in charlottesville, than were killed on january 6th combined.
7:54 pm
yet if you compare the acres, miles of media coverage of those two events and then the kind of absolute alacrity with which they wanted to get rid of waukesha, and just because it doesn't for their narrative, this is a case where narratives are ultimately driving the facts and not the other way around. >> laura: gentlemen, great to see both of you tonight. victor, we gave you short shrift we will have you back soon. raymond missed one moment from joe biden today. the last bite didn't. we'll bring it to you. stay there
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>> laura: for biden, the most perplexing aspect of the new covid variant isn't it's very let's but it's pronunciation. >> the new covid variant, identify last week, it's called "omni-cron." and we move forward now to face the omni-cron.
8:00 pm
>> laura: i think that sounds better. we should just call it that. i mispronounced a few things earlier. all right, freedom matters. great gear in time for christmas offer unconditional pet love rescue until the end of the month, go to lots of great stuff. made in the usa and for charity. it's america now and forever. greg gutfeld takes it all from here. ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause] >> greg: happy, happy monday, everyone. we are back. we ate like fiends and drink like ghouls and then we're back at work asking the makeup people to hide our neck fat. except for kat. for her, four-day thanksgiving benders just three days


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