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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  November 29, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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lady and her staff starting as far back as june. quite something to see. we thought we would give you a glimpse. tomorrow on "special report" the results of the reagan national defense survey about the u.s. military plus democrats and republicans concerned about taiwan and china. thanks for inviting us in your home. that's it for us tonight. freedom hosted this week by pete hegseth starts right now. >> pete: hey, bret, those ginger bread houses i didn't notice any gas prices on gas station. >> bret: they left that off. >> pete: i understand why. bret, thank you very much. well, good evening, america. it's 7:00 p.m. on the east coast and 6:00 p.m. in god's country which means it's time for "fox news primetime." i'm pete hegseth. while most spent the weekend relaxing family, football, freedom, faith and great food, dr. fauci and joe biden were stewing over new covid concerns. and the top dish on their menu
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was omicron the transformer sounding new variant of the coronavirus that has emerged out of south africa. while sleepy joe woke from nantucket nap to warn the public this morning. >> this variant is a cause for concern not a cause for panic. we have the best vaccine in the world, the best medicines, the best scientists, and we're learning more every single day. [clearing throat] >> biden says it's cause for concern yet, at the same time we are learning more every single day. so, maybe there is no need for concern at all. don't tell that to the fear-mongering lap dog leftist media who wasted no time, of course in whipping up fear and proclaiming the third coming of the almighty covid. >> news of this scary new variant from south africa i'm terrified, as you know the united states just restricted travel. >> i'm very worried and i think it is the right thing for the entire public health and scientific community to prepare for the worst because we don't
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know yet as to whether this is more contagious than the delta variant. >> is it more contagious? is it more lethal? does it evade vaccines? this morning, we genuinely don't know. >> pete: that's the thing, we don't know. so why is the left turning up the fear meter to max? well, maybe it's so big pharma can jump back into the mix pushing yes, sir another round of boosters? >> my team is already working with the officials at pfizer and moderna and johnson & johnson to develop contingency plans for vaccines or boosters, if needed. >> pete: so, great. more vaccines could be on the horizon and naturally that would mean more mandates from grandma to your 5-year-old grandson. how long until you are not fully vaccinated without one booster or two boosters or a yearly booster shot? biden forcing the shot on millions of americans including kids who have nearly zero threat from covid has already helped to cripple the u.s. supply chain,
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create an even more dramatic shortages, shortage unnext and drive the once thriving trump economy into joe biden's basement. but no full blown panic attack from the white house would be complete without the media star anthony fauci. wind's chief fear monger well hit the airwaves, yesterday, to, of course, alarm the american public. >> it's really too early to say. we just really need to, as i said so often, prepare for the worst. we don't know a lot about this virus. we want to prepare as best as we can. >> when you have a virus like this, it almost invariably is ultimately going to go essentially all over. >> pete: he is like a robot all on repeat. all of this sounds incredibly familiar. the white house telling you to be scared. the leftist media backing them up. big pharma rushing to the rescue with dollar signs in their eyes, of course. and anthony fauci telling it wringing it all home by telling you death and destruction could be right around the corner.
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it's a page right out of their 2019 early 2020 playbook on how to scare an entire nation into doing exactly what they want. but here's thing they don't want to tell you. this isn't 2019 or even 2020 anymore. after almost two years of living with the virus, we're much more well equipped to deal with it. don't take my word for it just ask the south africa can doctor who identified the omicron variant. >> what we are observing is minor crisis. there is that we are moving into a real problem going forward. >> pete: les you couldn't hear it mild cases. we likely have a weaker virus. we have a multitude of readily available tests to detect a possible spread. we have a largely vaccinated naturally or with vaccine population, you know that word, herd immunity they talked about it and we have talked about it.
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now we are not supposed to talk about it anymore. and multiple effective therapeutics, whether they nit it or not, to fight the severity of the virus worldwide. not to mention after the original covid and then delta, our eyes ought to be wide open. and shame on us if as free people we allow covid fear to lock us down, mask us up and control our lives yet again. you know the phrase, fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. well, fool me with omicron shame on all of us. it is only our republic if we can keep it. in south africa alone, grounds zero for the omicron variant, the "wall street journal" notes, quote: overall, the proportion of people diagnosed with covid-19 who have been admit to the hospital. >> that's the big metric, over the past two weeks is in line with other waves of infection in south africa. which were driven by other variants.
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there will always be a another variant. it's here to stay, folks. what we have to learn to do is live with it balancing freedom and personal health choices. the lowest case rate of covid in america today, the free state of florida. and you know, you remember the 15 days to slow the spread. sounds like eons ago. but the thing we were protecting against was our hospitals being overrun. when you hit the capacity, slow it down. so if omicron isn't having that effect in south africa, why should we believe it will brave that way in america? are we to listen to the so-called science again as the white house weighs even more lockdowns and restrictions against free americans. you see joe biden said he is not going to lock us down. joe biden also said there wouldn't be mandates, then there were mandates. what happens with lockdowns. is this even science at all? according, again, to the "wall street journal," quote: only a very small number of the current covid-19 cases in south africa have been confirmed as omicron
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genomic sequencing the only sure fire way what variant caused an infection. they don't even know if these people have this virus but now it's all hands on deck. remember, when it comes to fauci and biden, these are the same people who still refuse to admit the common sense reality that covid started in a wuhan lab. >> beijing acknowledges now that they don't think it originated in that market. >> well, it may not have originate in the market, but it certainly could have. >> i think you could say we don't know how and where it originated. >> bret: he can't quit the wet market theory, so why should we trust him now? here now to react a man in the middle of it, senator from kentucky, rand paul. senator, thank you so much for joining "fox news primetime," really appreciate it. >> thanks for having me. >> pete: absolutely. we have the introduction of omicron, you have the way in which the south africa can
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doctor has characterized it, which is thankfully, unusually mild. yet, when you watch the media, elected officials, they are on hyper drive on the fear index. your response to where we are right now with this now third iteration? >> you know, i think the hysteria gets the better of the media and we need to calm down, take a breath and see what this is. if it turned out to be worse, then we will have to make some decisions. but it looks like and this is what happens a lot of times with viruses, as they mutate they become more transmissible. more easily contagious but a lot of times they become less deadly that's what the reports are, at least the initial reports from south africa are more transmissible but fortunately less deadly. >> senator do you agree or disagree with the decision to institute a travel ban in south africa canned a surrounding countries? remember, joe biden characterized it as utterly racist for black and brown people for donald trump to do so. now they are doing it but it could wait until monday. >> it's incredibly hypocritical for him to have credit i see
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sued trump and now doing the same thing. if you ask me just about bans. bans in general don't work. almost nothing man does works to slow down. vaccine and natural immunity. everything else we have done could have possibly delayed it a little bit but really probably has done little, if nothing, to changes democrat je'kel story of things. every time we have instituted a mandate masks or social distancingor how many people can be at a restaurant or how late can you get a drink at the bar none of this changed the trajectory of the virus. the virus has moved the number of viral per day has moved regardless what man was trying to do. the vaccine was working pretty well in may and april now the vaccine isn't working so well and the virus is escaping it one thing they could do they are not doing that is we should allow for a new vaccine to be introduced. they have it waiting but they are not doing anything to introduce the new vaccine. >> pete: why would they not introduce the new vaccine? >> you know, that's a good question. i think they bought a lot of the old one and haven't used it up
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yet. maybe being frugal but the old one isn't working so well. probably does reduce your risk of severe hospitalizations still and death. but it's not really fights off the virus at a level where we really could change the trajectory. in april and may of this year we got down to less than 10,000 cases day. we did that when the first vaccine was very, very effective. with you we got the delta variant, now that it dominates the vaccine isn't as effective as it was. it and we have a new vaccine. it's signatures there. we approve a new vaccine for the. criticize trump vaccine. we got a vaccine in a year. why aren't they doing anything to introduce a new vaccine get the red tape out of the way. get the new vaccine out and see if it helps. >> pete: the guy who made a living getting rid of the red tape doesn't get credit for it you alluded to it, senator, the fact that things that we did in 2019 don't match the reality of
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where we are in 2021. one man has been there the entire time. you know him well, dr. anthony fauci, he had an interview on sunday where he declared that he represents science. take a listen. >> anybody who is looking at this carefully, realizes that there's a distinction antiscience flavor. so if they get up and criticize science. nobody is going to know what he they're talking about. but if they get up and really aim their bullets at tony fauci, well, people could recognize there is a person there. so it's easy to criticize. but they are really criticizing science. because i represent science. >> he represents science. i had a feeling he might be talking about you, senator. >> you know when a government bureaucrat has the audacity the arrogance to say they represent all of science, we should be running the other way. it conjures up images of the medieval churn you know in their repression of science. science has nothing to do with having obedience to any kind of government dogma.
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you have to realize that most of what fauci talks about isn't science. he isn't talking about a study on this or a study on that. is he talking about wear a mask. when you talk about peer reviewed study of masks one done in denmark showed it didn't work. look at all of sweden 1.8 million children have not been wearing masks for the last two years zero covid tests havee the teachers been infentanyled. turned out the teachers are infected the same rate as the rest of the public. no masks for a year, year and a half. that has worked. and that's a whole country. there is no real discussion of this if you question him and really that's public policy, that's not science. public policy question him. if you question him somehow you are questioning science because he represents all science. that is incredibly arrogant. >> pete: conjures up sylvester stallone i am the law. >> we have absurd and as you pointed out very, very arrogant. senator rand paul thank you for breaking down actual science for
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us. >> thank you. >> pete: also here tonight lara logan of fox nation lara logan has no agenda and my co-host on "fox & friends weekend" will cain. will, i would normally go to you but i have to go ladies first here. you both are so good at both understanding the details but also has to take it into the bigger picture of what we are going into right now. as omicron is being bruised and you hear people talk about it lara, what is your take on where we are and where we are going? >> well, it's very simple, pete. you just have to look at africa. they didn't have the death rates from covid that were predicted. and what is happening over time is that the entire response to covid and everything that we were told about it from the beginning is being exposed. and it's falling apart. the lies are coming apart. really now, there is no justification for putting people out of their jobs or forcing vaccine mandates for a disease that ultimately is very treatable. it's cheap to treat. medicines are available all over
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the world. and it has death rates that compare very much to seasonal flu. and so, in that moment, what you see on dr. fauci, this is what people say to me, that he doesn't represent science to them. he represents joseph -- the nazi doctor who did experiments on jews during the second world war and in the concentration camps. and i am talking about people all across the world are saying this because the response from covid, what it has done to countries everywhere, what it has done to civil liberties, the suicide rates, the poverty it, has obliterated economies. the level of suffering that has been created because of this disease is now being seen in the cold light of day. ie, the truth. and people see that there is no justification for what something done. so as they are being exposed and the control is slipping away, lo and behold another variant surfaces and nobody should be surprised by that because there will be more variants until the end of time. we will never be free of them.
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>> pete: you know, will, joe biden previously said no mandates and then there were mandates. today he said we are not going to lock down when asked about it what part of the track record of how they have handled it would lead us to believe that? >> well, none of the track record, including the panic and fear porn over the weekend, pete. lara said the covid lies are being exposed. they are also attempting to being exploited. it's the same movie and same franchise deville fauci and big pharma run this franchise into the ground they love to bring back all the same policy that's referenced, pete, here is how off base all the fear porn is, pete. it's as likely and you are right you pointed it out in your great monday dogs we don't know much about omicron it sass likely that omicron is a good thing than something we should panic over. respiratory viruses mutated. more on than not not ironclad
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law mutate into something more boo nine as you pointed out in south africa it sounds very benign as does omicron if we all get omicron and achieve natural immunity it could be a good thing. >> pete: if only they account ford that will, you worry me i'm not expert on fast and fewer use 9. we are ton 11 and 12. that means there are a few more to come. unfortunately we are out of time you both summed it up nicely will and lara. catch the new season of lara logan has no agenda global extremism available on fox and of course will cain's podcasts which are always fantastic. still to come, jussie smollett facing serious prison time for fake ago hate crime. why is the media completely ignoring the trial in dana loesch is here to break it all down next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> pete: today the trial began for actor jussie smollett almost three years after the empire star faked ache village of the racist attack in chicago it turns out he does that with everything in life. he is charged with six counts of disorderly conduct including filing fake police report and now faces up to three years in prison. correspondent bill melugin has the latest. bill? >> hey, pete, good evening to you. we have learned that the jury has officially been selected for smollett's trial and opening statements started a short time ago. take a look at this video here. this is smollett arriving in court earlier this morning. is he accused orchestrating fake hate crime on himself in an effort to boost his career. chicago tribune reports a woman has watched empire before and a man who immigrated from iraq 12 years ago there was one
4:23 pm
prospective juror dismissed after she said she wasn't sure she could be fair saying in part, quote: when i found out it was a hate crime, my daughter is gay, so i did some research on that. she works in the downtown area, so i was very concerned for her safety. and what's going on. now, we all remember smollett claimed he was walking home in chicago in january of 2019 when two men wearing ski masks attacked him yelled racial and homophobic slurs. and claimed they put a noose around his neck when he was interviewed he still had the noose around his neck. take a look. >> and smollett's story later fell apart after the two men told police the actor had actually persuaded them to fake the entire attack and he ultimately went from victim to suspect and was charged with giving a false report to police. but, in a shocking move, cooke county prosecutors later quietly dropped the charges that resulted in a political crisis for states attorney kim foxx and the appointment of a special
4:24 pm
prosecutor who then brought this new indictment down and, pete, unlike previous high profile trials this one will not be live streamed either online or to an overflow room. send it back to you. >> pete: thank you so much the way you lay it out reads like a holiday swint script. the left is attempting to distance imself from smollett now but thankfully we have the receipt. here is then senator kamala harris tweeting quote jussie smollett is one of the kindest most gentle human beings i know. i'm praying for his quick recovery this was an attempted modern day lynching except it wasn't. joining know now syndicated pause off cannon your kitties will love. when you look at the state of this case. the trial will play out. we will get as we have in two other high profile cases. based on what we know now what does it tell us about the state of our justice system and state
4:25 pm
of our media? >> the state of our media, pete, i'm so glad that you remind you had everybody about the now vice president's tweet. she said that it was a modern lynching, i nit modern lynching was of race relations in america by jussie smollett i'm are surprised walking okay after dave chapelle murdered him in stick and stones stand up routine. didn't the guys that he hire, if memory serves, they paid with a check all on closed circuit television when they were buying their kidnapping items. they went to a hardware store and bought rope and everything else. the memo they should have put the kidnapping for jussie smollett. no this whole thing, pete the justice system at least this is going to court. i think most any time it would have been written off. but this is a serious issue. the media carried water for this. they were all in on this. they tried to divide america further with this hoax. and that's exactly what it is. smollett is a racist. he tried playing into this
4:26 pm
racial divide and tried to promote it further. so i hope that he is -- i hope when the evidence is provided which i'm sure it is in trial. we all kind of know the story he is convicted and held to account for this horrible behavior. >> pete: he does take the stand, the cross-examination will be interesting. as bill mentioned there won't be any cameras in the courtroom. but there are been cameras in two other high profile cases you know about this kenosha the self-defense case kyle rittenhouse characterized white supremacist out to shoot back people when that wasn't the case but then you also have waukesha and the christmas parade proximate result the eminent domain doesn't want to talk about who the perpetrator was, his skin color, background of comments. it's all about the suv. at what point are we ever able to cut through the way they choose what to cover and what not to cover? >> oh, that's a great question. and, pete, i will think comparing all three of these cases in the media malpractice, the media is garbage. i don't regret a single thing i
4:27 pm
have said about the media. i relish every single syllable they are horrible. the way they treated the rittenhouse case in kenosha they wanted to go after this kid because they immediately assumed is he a total conservative even though he later said he believed in what blm was out there protesting for. waukesha massacre. completely silent on this massacre. completely silent. not talking about the smollett thing. not raising cane's over the fact that there are no camera and they can't watch every single of this trial. trying to there are independent resources. >> pete: that's right. they don't care about getting it right. what matters is the narrative in the moment. the attention something else damage is done happy to take pulitzers that they win for it but never have to retract it and almost no one holds them account to it.
4:28 pm
you do it well. your new book, tell us about it and why parents should look for it. >> yes. pause up my cannon very similar first title hands off my gun. we sent you and your family a box of books. this is part of a series that teaches rights and principles to kids without talking down to them. that's one of the things that the anti-gun left hate. guns don't kill people. criminals and illegal possession they absolutely do. defensive all about educating kids. teaching about right of self-defense as we saw with the televised kenosha trial rittenhouse they want to. paw us off my guns. brave book. order your box, 20% off using code dana today and pete, look for your books. >> pete: i already have them. my kids don't have them yet. they will be receiving them. thanks, dana. you are the best. come up, democrats want you to know that when it comes to green, corruption. no one is above the law except hunter. hunter is definitely above the law. jim jordan buck sexton, they are
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up next.
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varilux lenses by essilor. ♪ >> pete: remember last year in joe biden and kamala harris were obsessed with the law? >> no one is above the law, including the president of the united states. >> our president is not above the law. >> what we do want is a justice system where no one is above the law, not even the president of the united states. >> shooting holes in the constitution. and we cannot let him get away with it. >> well, it turns out no one is above the law except hunter who continues to live his best life painting away in nantucket with the big guy. despite more revelation from the laptop from hell. we now know that the communist chinese used hunter biden to help with high class business introductions for chinese communist party linked energy company, one of the largest energy companies in the world and the direct arm of the ccp. in exchange for his services, hunter was reportedly awarded
4:35 pm
$10 million a year and a shiny $80,000 diamond on top. all of this for knowingly introducing top chinese communist to top u.s. officials so that china could get an upper hand on the u.s. economy and u.s. energy. it's all right there in the laptop from hell. right from miranda devine's book. hunter biden's daddy was vice president and both of them making money off the communists. do you think you will hear about this on cnn or msnbc? probably not. it doesn't fit their narrative so of course they will ignore it author of "do what you say you would do" jim jordan and buck sexton. you the absolute obsession with russia turned out to be false. now you have the absolute suppression of biden and china which now we are learning is true. >> yeah. my big take away is the bidens just think they are better than us regular folks who live here in fly over country. i mean, last week joe biden is
4:36 pm
in nantucket staying in a billionaire's house going to a store without a mask. last year we knew hunter biden took 1 million from the energy had million from a company with ties to the chinese communist party and now we learn what you just described. so they think they are better than us. the american people get it though. and they are not going to stand for it in the next election. >> pete: how do they get away buck with that mindset. when you are working with chinese company that you know is extinction of the chinese communist party, looking to supplant or surpass the united states and you are helping them to do so. >> theoretically, pete, we are supposed to have people called journalists in america. they are the guardians of out republic allegedly by vigd the public with necessary information it. it comes to democrats selling influence. peddling access to office and just straight up corruption. there is so much less interest all of a sudden. the clintons created a global grift scheme ha what was supposed to be a charity and got away with the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars.
4:37 pm
hunter biden selling paintings from 500,000 a pop. having meetings with chinese prominent officials and promising access to the top in this country. that's cost of doing business. i guess. if any of the trump kids did this, pete. you know cnn and msnbc would cover it like the bombing of pearl harbor. that's not happening. >> pete: you know they would. congressman, could a future republican majority do anything about this? >> oh, we're going to have investigations for sure. we have subpoena power if we win back the majority. we can call in the witnesses and get the documents. but buck is exactly right, pete. remember what we knew 13 months ago before the presidential election. we had an eyewitness tony bobulinski had physical evidence we had the emails and laptop and we knew the fbi had them under investigation. but 50 people from the intelligence community told us all it was russian disinformation. what a joke that was. we needed some real journalism about 13 months ago. >> pete: buck, have you worked in the cia. would this meet the definition of being compromised or not being able to do your job
4:38 pm
properly? >> well, it certainly would be close and continuing access. it would be a situation where you wonder how far this goes, obviously hunt is not going to be in elected office any time soon. but hunter biden being this close to people that have chinese communist party and peddling influence very concerning who is running the country right now anyway and who else has hunter been talking to. >> pete: consider 10% for the big guy who knows where it goes. two smart dudes. jim jordan and buck sexton, appreciate your time. >> great to see you, pete. >> pete: great to see you. up next, newly revealed text messages that reveal how chris cuomo of cnn dug up dirt on his brother's accusers. ♪
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or visit an xfinity store to learn how our switch squad makes switching fast and easy this holiday season. ♪ >> pete: two months ago something monumental happened. we were introduced to a brand new protectant against covid-19 courtesy of san francisco mayor london walter reed it wasn't the vaccine. it wasn't a mask. it was the one and only tony tony tony defense. >> there was something that was
4:44 pm
really monumental that occurred and that is tony, tony, tony, the original member, the brother, raffaele and dewang wiggins who have not performed in public for i believe at least over 20 years. do you know who they are? i don't care where you are sitting, you are going to get up and start dancing. my drink was sitting at the table. i got up and started dancing because i was feeling the spirit. and i wasn't thinking about a mask. [laughter] from that moment on we knew that if the original members, the brothers even though two brothers and a cousin were, playing, we were safe from the virus no. mask necessary. covid knows better than to mess with tony, tony, tony. the burning question on everybody's mind is in the long term, how effective is a live performance of tony, tony, tony against covid? is it like the vaccine where it becomes less potent over time? if you saw tony tony tony live
4:45 pm
in september. are you still safe to walk around maskless in say november? can listening to say a cdc of songs from tony, toni, and tone does that serve as a booster repeat. what if only one of the tony brothers, tony and toni is performing? does that suffice? i'm asking this because mayor walter reed was just caught again dancing maskless at a nightclub despite the city's universal indoor mask mandate. now, we don't know in tony, toni, tone in this particular instance. for the sake of the mayor's safety i hope they were. then again, she made it clear this isn't none of my business. >> i don't feel as though you have to be micromanaged about mask-wearing like we don't need the fun police to come in and try to micromanage and tell us what we should or shouldn't be doing. >> pete: we will leave it there all right.
4:46 pm
meanwhile in cuomo land, remember when the governor resigned and his brother on cnn came out and said this. >> not an adviser. i'm a brother. i wasn't in control of anything. i was there to listen and offer my take. and my advice to my brother was simple and consistent. own what you did. >> pete: no one believed it then. we don't believe it now. now we have evidence. just like now on fake news cnn this was of course a lie. the new york attorney general's office blowing those claims up today by revealing text messages between the cnn host and chris cuomo and andrew cuomo's chief aid marisa der rosa. he claimed he wasn't in control of anything. the messages show how deeply involved he was in his brother's crisis response. there is a bunch of them. check them out yourself. need to trust me, liz and jeff moore, not these other people. we were making mistakes we can't
4:47 pm
afford. the messages also show he word shopped, he edited statements from the governor with deroos is a and he even offers to dig up s cuomo knew what he was doing wrong when he went on this tirade. i panic every [bleep]ing time i see your face. the talk is precarious. the question is whether chris cuomo already be held accountable. joining me now is fox news contributor and joe concha. we thought it was the case. now these text messages come out and as i mentioned there is a lot of them. is he right there in the middle of it saying listen to me, let me help you edit the statements yet he denies all of it what should cnn do. >> in the same world pete these actions and all documented as you just laid out by a person billed as a news anchor would result in the worst kind of
4:48 pm
reprimand an outright termination. remember what news organization we are dealing with here. this is the same network which hands down should have given jeffrey tuben after he morphed into the lone ranger in front of female co-workers on a zoom call he should have been given the shaft. instead it was a satisfying conclusion for the network's legal analyst. the network kept him on. he never missed a paycheck in the process. so tuben survives why shouldn't cuomo cnn's version of a political hit man sought to dig up dirt to discredit women who credibly accused his brother and exgovernor of sexual assault and misconduct. the network deserves a quote thorough review? we shall see, pete. >> pete: multiple occasions the governor would say can you please look into this and check your sources. prime time host checking own sources of accusers of his brother to help write the statement in his kevin's realtime all while saying just the facts.
4:49 pm
an apple is an apple. we are cnn we only call balls and strikes. do you really believe they may look into this or say give it two weeks and he can cuomo, he will get away with it? >> well, with the tuben precedent that says that the news cycle blows this away in 18 months. maybe ratings are making this a tough decision. he was the highest rated anchor on that network last year which is like being the tallest kid in little people camp. but when you lose 80% of your audience, since the beginning of the year and basically the audience is friends and relatives. it's not business anymore either, right? i'm curious to see what they do here dlrks is really no compelling real reason to keep him on at this point. >> pete: no, there really is not. the ball is in cnn's court. their audience is absolutely gone. their credibility is gone. maybe they make one right move. we shall see. joe concha, thank you, brother. >> great to see you. >> pete: great to see you. coming up, bmw's christmas
4:50 pm
dream. joe biden gingerbread utopia and a knew pocahontas. adam carolla. he is here on the clock coming up next. ♪ that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ experience the power of sanctuary at the lincoln wish list event. who's on it with jardiance? we're 25 million prescriptions strong. experience the power of sanctuary we're managing type 2 diabetes...
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>> welcome back. adam corolla on the clock, four topics in 60 seconds. adam, welcome. first up, black lives matter latest campaign is going after christmas. that's right, the leftist group is now calling for americans to only do their christmas shopping from black-owned businesses. and if you don't, you are a white supremacist capitalist who supports the police. there is the logo right there. what you think? >> i guess they are not dreaming of a white christmas this year. this notion of, we are going to end racism by segregating everyone into groups and then forcing them to do our will
4:56 pm
probably doesn't have the best result. i feel like i want to live in a world where everyone just buys the best product. i would like to live in a world where a young man or young woman could eat some famous amos cookies at night and rest their head on a my pillow and dream of a world where all the colors united and embraced and we all lived as one. that is the world i want to live in. >> and then wake up with a pain free life. it's all part of it. i totally agree. second topic, today, dr. jill biden unveiled her highly anticipated white white house decorations recreating the america they used to know before they got fired. it's a cute little gingerbread village where everyone is smiling that of course they are smiling because the schools are open, the grocery stores are stocked, the police station is not on fire, and the gas appears to be free.
4:57 pm
no amount per gallon on that gas station. they create the world they got rid of. >> i live in los angeles where gas is probably the most expensive in the united states. the last time i try to fill up, they just took my car. you don't have enough -- your credit level isn't high enough on your hammock's card, so we will just take the vehicle. first off, let's be fair. dr. jill biden is a front-line worker. i mean after all, she is a physician. so i'm assuming she's on the front lines as well. >> a doctor of education. front line a different sort. if you thought pocahontas was bad, let me introduce you to carrie bourassa. there she is. she's been fired from her job as the top indigenous peoples help director because she was caught
4:58 pm
faking her indigenous ancestry. i guess her phony indigenous name was not convincing enough. >> greetings. i'm just going to say it. i'm emotional. >> morningstar bear is what she said she was, except she wasn't. >> the land of lakes water princess is more believable than this gal. we are out of problems, right? we are now trying to become the group that we claim is oppressed. do you think any in poland in 1941 were trying to pass themselves off as more jewish? obviously we are out of problems. we have people trying to get into college by saying they are one quarter cherokee. >> true. elizabeth warren, morningstar bear, and jesse's millett have proven her point. we are out of problems them as
4:59 pm
we make them up ourselves. it's because you've been a special where you talk with the legendary jay leno. >> dr. fauci every night on the news and he says the same thing. coronavirus is a war. all of the soldiers are fatter. >> oh, man bit i want to watch this. jay leno back when late night was actually kind of funny. we've got the leno show, we will do for more specials. it stand up, it's improv, it's hybrid. but it is for an audience that may be a little tired of being preached at by netflix or hbo or some of the late-night shows. >> you are onto something.
5:00 pm
it is an audience that is utterly underserved and ignore it and if anybody can do it, it's you. adam corolla, thank you so much. appreciate it. all right, they give are watching "fox news prime time." i plan to see you tomorrow night at seven unless they give me the hook. coming up, tucker carlson. you are in good hands. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight" be at hope you had a great thanksgiving. seems like a good time to reassess the holiday season, so let's think about covid and where we are. the first confirmed case of the coronavirus in the u.s. appeared in a blood test on january 18th 2020 in the state of washington almost two years ago. how have we done since? look at the numbers. compared to 2019,


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