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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 29, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PST

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small business but the rewards that go with it they are not taking that into consideration. we could end up with even more inflation, less employment and we have got to stop spending. we have got to start making the economy more dynamic. todd: congresswoman claudia tenney, we appreciate your time. thank you for getting up with us. carley: good to be with you this morning. what's going to happen right now? todd: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> omicron variant reigniting. >> cases in europe, middle east, asia and australia and north america. >> we expect to be seeing more lockdowns. >> prepare for the worse. >> incite panic. the lockdowns do not eradicate the virus. >> get set to address biden's tax and spending spree. >> for joe biden to say we have so-to-spend more money this is alice in wonderland e is the mad hatter. >> under scrutiny again. todd: a new block claims hunter
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biden took $10 million a year from a chinese energy company to make quote an introduction. >> jackson trying to keep it alive. and it's a touchdown andrews. wow! ♪ as we look in at cadillac, michigan where it's 26 degrees, chance of snow later today. doesn't it look like the town from a wonderful life where jimmy stuart ran through the streets. it's officially a after thanksgiving. could and you can listen to and listen to music. ainsley: it is the christmas season. steve: november 29th, 2021. brian the guy fined for putting up tree before christmas.
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ainsley: is he allowed to put them up after thanksgiving. brian: don't tell a guy from brooklyn now that he relocated he has to take down his light. he doesn't usually back off. ainsley: that was a cute interview. i liked that guy. ainsley: moved to florida. steve: he wouldn't take them down if he had to pay his kids wanted it. ainsley: he said he would pay more if he it took them down and put them back up. steve: people in homeowner's community were on his side a lot of them and they might change the rule. which would be great. if they do. ainsley: actually, this year, a lot of people needed the christmas spirit this year because we have been so much. steve receive in kidding. ainsley: going through it again. brian: do you think so? omicron sounds like being attacked by another galaxy might be being attacked by another variant in south africa. no good deed goes unpunished. called up and saying i'm seeing some variant it doesn't have the same system.
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we don't slam cases just wanted to tell you. next things you know a global travel ban from 8 to 10 african in this cases. europe shuts down everything. wait a second. what kind of reaction is this? is this the punishment i get for telling you about something that china never did? and when the president tried to ban and did -- banned the chinese from traveling here, he was call a xenophobia. now all of a sudden ban everybody. ainsley: they are banning 8 african countries you can't travel to and from. japan and israel banned visitors from visiting. morocco incoming flights the next two weeks. doctors say we will know more in two weeks. the south africa can doctor who identified this variant. she said it's highly tabs miivel. so far cases are very mild. no one is seriously ill. we know more in two weeks. we are not sure why there is so much hype. there is no reason to panic. steve: apparently there are 32 mutations that could make it nor
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viral lent and things like that. they don't know update on it -- update on the omicron variant. mccoy used to be governor in new york state. wrote an op-ed lockdowns don't work but travel restrictions do if they're put quickly into place. on wednesday, a lot of the countries arounded the world said we are going to cut off travel just to be safe. dr. fauci said we will look into it. she says had he done it on wednesday, when the balance of the countries around the world did, we might actually have been able to stop it. she. brian: we already have a three day hold. if you come from another country you have three days to
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quarantine. steve: the study of journal of travel medicine found that cutting off travel to china in 2021, australia averted a much larger pandemic. travel restrictions helped singapore, hong kong taiwan and south korea avert a lot of carnage. but, dr. fauci said, do you know what? bowing to the world health organization, he said do you know what? let's just wait on that. he stopped it on wednesday, maybe things would be different. brian: steve, here's the difference. china didn't tell us what was going to hit us. these guys were giving us a heads up on what's coming to brace for it china still hasn't told us what's going to hit us. now we have thing called vaccines and therapeutics. the downside of lockdowns and bans, now that china still won't be transparent with us. but we have done reverse forensics on it. every time a doctor makes a move he should have a psychologist and economist right next to him. it's not just shutting down because with that shuts down lives. livelihoods and puts people shut
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down and puts them under mental duress especially when the so small. ainsley: south africa can president says that further damage the. brian: three of them sit together. steve: you missed what i said in the very beginning she said lockdowns don't work but travel restrictions if put into place quickly do work. brian: travel restrictions i understand that but lockdowns. travel restriction is a lockdown. steve: not locking down the people. brian: shutting people out. ainsley: planning a trip next summer you have to buy trip insurance now. steve: absolutely. ainsley: if they start shutting down countries with every variant. brian: airlines, hotels, people associated with that the livelihoods that go with that the mortgage payments that go with the people that work in the hotels. people pay rent and work in the hotels. rent a acar people renting to people coming over here. all of this has to be taken into account especially when they say we know nothing it's going to take two weeks to decide all we
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know are the symptoms are mild. and other thing is they only have 27% vaccination rate. how far are you comparing this to that. of course they go back to mantra, booster and vaccination. that's going to be joe biden's speech today. get a boost are, is he going to lean forward and whisper, get a booster and get vaccinated patriotic thing to do. ainsley: that's what dr. fauci has been saying all weekend. listen to. this travel bans, when you have a highly transmissible virus, never completely would get the virus to come -- prevent it from coming into the country. no way that's going to happen. but what you can do is you can delay it enough to get us better prepared. >> should we expect to be seeing more lockdowns again, more mandates? >> you know, i don't know, george. it's really too early to say. we just really need to, as i said so often, prepare for the worst. let's see what the information
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that we are getting in realtime tells us, and we will make decisions based on the science and the evidence the way we always do. but you want to be prepared to do anything and everything. steve: so you have got to be prepared. we will know more, he is going to say through the president later today in two weeks. brian: he should not be the lone voice. he has no credibility. this is terrible for the country. steve: he was talking about science. it is -- this is empirical. two flights landed 600 passengers on board. 10% tested positive for coronavirus and of those 13 had omicron. so it's out there. and it's spreading. ainsley: dr. makary was on "fox & friends first." he does think it's probably here -- definitely in north america. it two cases in canada. as far as exactly the united states no cases have been at least reported so far here. brian: huge uproar in the czech republic and european countries.
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ainsley: protesting. brian: australia reviewing reopening plans. you cannot have a doctor alone without a psychologist and economist next to them. political leaders will make the decision. doctors can't be deciding it they will say shelter in place forever. when dr. fauci won't even take in counter voices. they all speak in one voice. if you speak up bike dr. scott atlas does they try to minimize you or associate with you this horrible person called donald trump. he wrote a book about what exactly was like in the medical unit of the previous administration. here's what he told. it's in his book, here's what he told steve hilton last night. >> from south africa it's not that lethal. i only know what i read about this. what we hear from them yes, infections occur but it seems to be a mild illness and, you know, we have to be concerned. we have to see what's going on.
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we have to watch the evidence, but, to incite panic, to introduce policies that failed over and over and over again, like we never saw before. the lockdowns do not eradicate the virus. this is almost vicious that we even have to say this. but there is some bizarre myth among the governors of the world that somehow we can eradicate the virus by the lockdowns. the virus is not going to be eradicated like that. steve: the virus did scare the stock markets toward the end of last week be. the stock market futures are up about an hour ago they were up 200. other news, meriam webster the dictionary company come out with the word of the year for 2021. ainsley: covid? steve: vaccine. ainsley: those that do say they have it in africa. they are saying they are younger
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individuals. they did lose taste and smell and just feeling a little fatigued. brian: this isn't the bodies piling up in india that we saw with the day or night. does anyone know the difference between the two? i mean, at the same time, you react, you respond, but you can't panic. the market drops hundred points. everyone is running for the hills. now you have the emergency declaration in new york. no elective surgeries here starting on december 3rd. you know what that means in terms of scams and the ripple effect in terms of long-term health. people are going to stop getting new hips and shoulders and people have to think long term. and this governor who doesn't seem to know what the heck she is doing makes governor cuomo seem like desantis. steve: a lot of people as of the fourth of july when joe biden declared essentially that we had beaten covid. people are just beat down it's like oh no, here comes never one? could be. we will know more 11:45. see the president right here on
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fox. ainsley: right after he meets with covid response team. 6:11 on the east coast. coming up. after three arrests in just 36 hours. same guy, why one new york city man was reportedly able reportedly able to dodge bail and continue crime spree. >> plus, let freedom wring. greatest country in the world i'm getting sworn in and becoming an official american citizen. brian: basketball center from the boston celtics enes kanter plans to celebrate citizenship with a brand new name. ♪ ♪
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carley: good morning, we are back with your headlines, opening statements of the trial .maxwell participated in abuse f the girls with epstein. the daily mail is reporting maxwell plans to take the stand in her own defense. she could face up to 80 years in prison if convicted. today, president biden set to address the supply chain crisis. this comes as supply shortages continue to effect nearly every industry. pharmacies on long island say they are dealing with longer wait times for equipment and lower stock of common over-the-counter drugs. meanwhile, in california, hospitals say medical supplies are more difficult to get and are taking longer to arrive. not good. several arizona state student organizations demanding kyle
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rittenhouse get kicked out of the university. is he taking online courses at the school. asu students for socialism say others, quote, don't know safe knowing he is enrolled at the school. in a letter to the university, the organization say quote even with a not guilty verdict from the flawed justice system, kyle rittenhouse is still guilty to his victims and the families of those victims. joining us demand asu those demands protect students a violent, bloodthirsty murderer. how about that? in nfl action large jackson throws four picks. find a way to the beat the browns 16-10. running back, 28-yard touchdown as tampa outlasts the colts in indy 38-31. cincinnati quarterback joe burrow puts his body on the line for this 8-yard touchdown run as the bengals clobber the pittsburgh steelers 41-10. it's the bengals first regular
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season sweep over the steelers in more than a decade. meanwhile aaron rodgers outcalls to as packers defeat the rams 36-28. finally daniel jones and the new york giants take down foe, will 13-7. brian: all about sports now. carley: didn't even read the teleprompter i just knew that off the top of my head. comes natural. i'm the rainman in that way. ainsley: how do you feel about that, brian? brian: i'm absolutely jealous. like having the red zone to my immediate left. switch from game to game to game. carley: naturally. red zone shimkus. steve: in addition watching a lot of football over the weekend. if you were watching the television and saw television news you saw at love crime. you saw flash mobs out in l.a. where they broke into the home depot to steal more sledge
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hammers to knock over more stores. you saw all sorts of stuff asking on. and then in the new york city area. a fellow by the name aaugusta garcia. homeless guy within 36 hours. stopped by the police, arrested three times and he said you know what? i don't have a record, i'm going to walk. and do you know what? he was right. ainsley: besting that he was not going to get any bail because he knows what the laws are here. look at this. on november 21st. he steals cans of coors light from a bodega up in the bronx. is he released a few hours later. back in handcuffs soon. november 22nd he goes to canal street. he holds up a knife allegedly and steals a backpack from one of the ladies selling down there. steve: the key is, he had a knife. come on. ainsley: he had a weapon. that's when he told the cops i know i'm getting out. on november 23rd. the cops say he stole a iphone from strap hangner subway station.
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brian: denied the request to put him in jail with a $20,000 cash bail or 60,000 bond. and, instead, ordered 72 hour psych evaluation. so he is going over to bellview. meanwhile his family member weighed in basically he has always had mental illness. i'm not saying mental illness shouldn't be part of the if you are one of the strap hangers hanging out in the subway. you don't want to say i have compassion knife at my throat demanding all my belongings, same thing if you work that bodega. pay you enough to stop someone will stealing beer no ramifications come out with that same knife, perhaps, right after you because you are the one who got him arrested the last time? forget it. it's the hands off policy, the ripple effect. steve: before the judge said we are going to send him to bellevue for a psych examination. there was another judge after the woman got the knife pulled on her, manhattan criminal court judge james klein cut him loose on supervised release are w. no bail. is he a homeless guy.
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what kind of supervised release would be appropriate? the court system was asked by the "new york post," hey, do you feel bad about this since he, you know, he hit -- he hit him up three times a spokesman says judges who decline to set bail use their discretion as authorized under the law. that's the problem. they changed the law where judges have wide discretion. if a guy pulls out a knife and threatens somebody i'm going to let him go. that judge had that discretion. now, of course, people are going why didn't you lock him up? brian: no cash bail in new york is the issue. lawmakers that did it and passed in the middle of the night. everyone knew it was panicked. commissioner pat ryder here saying -- before i'm done with the paperwork. please, guys, you made a huge mistake. governor cuomo shepherded that through because he thought it was the liberal thing to do. we understand there is an issue, people arrested on the same crime and get out. other can't afford the bail
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languishes in months in rikers because they don't have the court date that's the issue. overshot the target. no one is getting arrested. therefore cops aren't doing the arresting. they node don't need the headache. brian. ainsley: many police officers in liberal cities aren't supported. they are going to step back saying it's not worth it now. bail reform what's happening here and saw what happened in walker shaw the guy got out on $1,000 bail. and then you see him run through that christmas parade. it's happening all over our country. steve: he got out on bail after he tried run over the baby momma to his child. tried kill her and the judge said, do you know what? $1,000. brian: he still gets to keep the car and uses the car to kill others. senator lindsey graham says this isn't a new york issue or waukesha issue it's a national issue. >> it is fashionable in blue states and liberal districts to be soft on crime. it is not fashionable among the
3:24 am
average american to allow this go-to-go on and on and on. it's 2022 is going to be a very dangerous year for america if something doesn't change. you have got all these crazy people pushing laws that make it harder to prosecute people, to let people out that should be in jail. and look at what is happening throughout california where people are going in to stores and cleaning out the place. you know, thousands of dollars are being taken by these flash mobs and whatever happens to them? this started with defunding the police. this concept defunding the police has sent a signal to criminals that there are no more consequences when it comes to breaking the law. people are not afraid of breaking the law anymore. people are emboldened to break the law. steve: sure. ultimately it, comes down to safety. do you feel safe, i mean, when you walk the streets of new york city, do you feel safe? do you feel safe in los angeles? do you feel safe in boston or chicago? people used to feel safe in waukesha but things have changed. the public advocate here in new
3:25 am
york city who is running for governor, he is one of these guys who also has been for defunding the police. it turns out he is actually protected because he lives on an army base. and so he has got soldiers with big guns and helicopters protecting him while is he talking about, you know what? let's defund the police. is he absolutely safe. but the question is do you feel safe? that's what lindsey graham is talking about. ainsley: i'm being more vigilant, are you? steve: absolutely. i'm not coming into this town if i don't have to. brian: other big story and other big issue globally is china. it's a menace around the world. belton road program links to the other big story that we have and that is on the cover of the "new york post" yesterday. that is that laptop from hell miranda devine book what china is doing. will how hunter biden aided it. we will talk about that also. enes kanter is not shirking from the fact that we're about to got olympic games. the winter olympic games in
3:26 am
china. yet, they are keeping over a million muslims in a concentration camp. they are torturing -- they steam rolled hong kong and they are now threatening taiwan and the nba puts billion dollars only wants to preserve their money their endorsement here is what enes kanter said about what happens today. that is he is not only taking on china as a turkish citizen working in america. is he now requesting to do it as an american citizen. let's listen. >> this is the greatest country in the world. actually not many people know this and first time i'm saying it live and i passed in my citizenship test end of this month i'm actually getting sworn in and becoming an official american citizen and i cannot wait. steve: it is great. so today he becomes an american citizen. and is he changing his name from enes kanter legally as of late today it will be enes kanter
3:27 am
freedom. canter will be his middle name and freedom will be his last name. how cool is that? ainsley: so cool. a native of turkey because he has been so outspoken of the president there. they revoked his passport. he says i am staying in america. i play in boston. i love this country. i want to be an american. i'm changing my last name to freedom. steve: that is great. brian: also, he has got very little support around the league publicly. he did get one very liberal coach support spurs. he does back him up. calling out owner of the new york -- the brooklynettes brooklyn nets.coward of puppet e government made his money at the ccp in taiwan. in taiwan we know there were 27 overflights over the weekend. military jets continuing to rattle the cages of that democracy which is sitting there and under grave threat at this hour. steve: well, the coach that
3:28 am
currently coaches enes kanter for the celtics up in boston he said the whole team is behind the name change and welcome to america. ainsley: that's great. they allowed him to wear those shoes free tibet. brian: they are urging him behind the scenes please stop wearing them he says no. ainsley: 6:27 on the east coast a brand new citizen we are welcoming into our country today. steve: mr. freedom. ainsley: that's right. coming up next, mourners mark one week since the attack at the waukesha christmas parade. we are just learning about some of the children that are still in the hospital. we'll have an update. steve: and omicron variant spreading around the world. not yet here in the united states that we know of. dr. janet nesheiwat coming up on this monday "fox & friends."
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marking a solemn moment sunday marking the victims of the parade attack one week later. the mayor leading the residents
3:33 am
in a moment of silence at the exact moment the christmas parade was viciously attacked. the town is asking to residents put a blue light outside of their homes. the color of unity those who lost their lives during the christmas parade. the town of grafton headquarter the wisconsin victims did during their own christmas parade this as a ninth child is released from children's wisconsin hospital sunday. a total of seven children still recovering in the hospital. six people, of course, died in the attack. more than 60 others were injured. all of this as cnn is being slammed for describing the attack as, kw0e9: a car drove through city christmas parade killing six people and injuring scores of others. the tweet failing to mention suspected attacker darrell brooks who is also accused of running over his ex-girlfriend 10 days earlier. congressional candidate buzz patterson firing back at cnn a car did this not a human being with intent to kill and maim
3:34 am
being held on $5 million bail you guys are a joke. will brooks is being held on intentional homicide in the attack. brian: u.s. response to the omicron variant after holding emergency meeting with his advisers and say we have to do emergency ban in two days. this comes as new travel ban take effect for 8 countries and canada confirms the variant is already in north america. will the new restrictions stop the spread? how effective are our current vaccines? here to tell us what we know of this omicron variant dr. janette nesheiwat. dr. nesheiwat, first off, can you just outline what we know and why we should be cowering in a corner? >> good morning, brian. we should not be cowering. we should not panic, we just need protect ourself and be aware of what is going on. we know there is a new variant that has lots of mutations could those mutations potentially make it easier for the virus to infect us?
3:35 am
yes, but what we are hearing out of south africa the health officials are saying break through infections but not seeing increase in the number of deaths and hospitalizations. that's a good thing. so, what we need to do back home, back here in the united states and throughout the world, is take common sense precautions you know the basics, making sure that you get tested if you think you are exposed. making sure that we have contact tracing. of course the vaccination, that sort of thing. brian: we don't want to do any of that meanwhile, what do we know about it? these are very smiled symptoms so far and people are recovering rapidly. and they don't have much of the vaccination -- the vaccine in south africa. so what can you tell us if we get it? >> exactly. there's less than 30% of those who are fully vaccinated in south africa. and we're not seeing an increase in the number of dits and hospitalizations. we are not seeing severe infections. i think the virus is already here in america. we just haven't picked it up yet.
3:36 am
it's already expanded to many other different countries. i think that our vaccines are still going to be effective even if they are not effective maybe slightly decreased in effectiveness because our immune system, it covers a wide array of components that can protect us it's not just about antibodies there system parts of our immune system that can protect us. i don't think we should be worried or panicked. i think we should continue to take our basic mitigation strategies that we have been doing these past two years. brian: right. we have to live our lives. dr. scott will says ready, fire aim is not prudent policy. i think that's also what you are saying. other big story that no one takes into account in the upper levels of government is natural immunity. they keep saying we don't know the durability of natural immunity. >> those who have the antibodies because they had the virus. we don't note durability of a brand new vaccine either. what's better? >> so, brian, we have some data that suggests natural immunity is stronger. we have some data that indicates
3:37 am
that vaccination immunity is stronger and more durable. what i see with my patients having literally taken care of thousands of covid patients the past two years, i have treated them and tested them and diagnosed them. what i have been see something i have had more patients come in who have been vaccinated and later test positive for covid than those who have already been infected with covid and recovered. i don't see many who test positive again after having covid in the past. but, we need to keep in mind, the patients that are testing positive after vaccination have only had two vaccines. if you have had three vaccines, that may give you stronger, more durable protection. the bought line is you don't want to catch it in the first place, know your risk and protect yourself. brian: right. if they took natural immunity more into the fold or our overall vaccination rate would go up. now we are about 70% vaccinated take in the natural immunity be
3:38 am
even higher now anthony fauci says 85%. we might thereby already if they would just acknowledge natural immunity. that's the frustration. doctor, always great to talk to you. thanks so much. >> thank you, brian. brian: coming up ahead claims linking hunter biden to the china payroll. the $30 million gift to the president's sum raising concerns for some. it should be for all. ♪
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visit for a free demo. steve: more agencies from hunter biden's lantd from hell the new book from miranda devine. hunter reportedly received a 3 karat diamond and $30 million offer to happy chinese linked
3:43 am
energy consortium. after more than a year of i. the editor and american conservative contributing editor so he rob ahmari joins us now. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me. >> i'm no longer with the post but i love my colleague miranda devine's work and following it closely when you are the son of the sitting vice president, that last name is an amazing thing, isn't it? >> >> yes. absolutely. you know, steve, i grew up in iran, spent most of my child 450d there. and back in iran we always used to talk about something called the regime. the regime wasn't just a normal
3:44 am
governmental appear rat tus. it was all these children and prince lings attacked to powerful ayatollahs and other merchants connected to the government. we should start using the regime to refer to this complex of corrupt prince lings like hunter biden attached by last names to powerful men in government, part of our ruling class, mostly democratic elites. and then the media and social media companies that cover for them, you know, you can't blame the chinese. the chinese are thinking how do we deal with the regime as it actually exists. on paper we have this republic handed down to us by our founding fathers that is supposed to not work like this. but, in reality, unfortunately, what we have a kind of a regime, how do you get business done? well, have you got pay this coke head son of a vice president to try to sort of smooth things over. steve: what we have learned joe
3:45 am
and hunter shashed credited cards and bank accounts and stuff like that. also, it looks, when you look at what miranda has written, it looks like the chinese were paying joe biden millions through hunter. >> well, yes, and you will remember, fox news uncovered the big guy, which was referred to in one of the emails in the formation of this joint venture, the big guy. fox news uncovered that that was a reference to the big guy meaning joe biden. so, i mean, i think this stuff is pretty clear. what is astonishing to me, and i can't get over it the censorship of the post reporting on this early on. i know everyone has moved on. but i can't get over the fact that you had legitimate story corroborated, subsequently corroborated by other reporters, left of center reporters but buoy thin the elections was too late. everyone moved on from the fact large tech companies censored
3:46 am
this. the former cia calling it russian disinformation when it was no such thing. again, i go back to the theme, this feels like a regime it no longer feels like the republic that we're promised. >> sure, but, result platly, you know, folks who are looking in at the "new york post" or watching this interview and watching fox news channel, you get the story, but if you are watching the other channels, it's like hunter biden, that's one of president's children. they don't know the story about all this stuff. yep, it's all misinformation. it's all russian doing. whatever is bad for these people is russia's doing and you shouldn't pay attention to it. and, you know, look, it's great that some people are getting this story. but, believe me, there are a lot of americans who still think hunter biden is no big deal and any accusations swirling around him are just misinformation or, you know, stuff the "new york
3:47 am
post" or the murdock empire made up rather than reality. steve: we had heard that law enforcement, presumably the fbi got the laptop, they have been looking at it the fbi never talks about investigations that are ongoing. but would you think that joe biden wants department of justice is still investigating the hunter biden laptop, given the fact that it's a jackpot full of information that looks really bad for them? >> i just can't imagine that happening, which is why i think it's very important for republicans not to, a, cower away this issue and, b, ask for some sort of independent council mechanism to look into this that's insulated from political pressure from the white house. steve: sohrab, thank you for joining us on this monday morning. >> thank you, steve. steve: we had kind of a rainy yesterday in new york city. and today janice dean is outside not with an umbrella.
3:48 am
janice: no, that's the good news. you know what? there are christmas decorations going up around fox square. i hear the fox news tree is going up later this weekend. might be even taller than last year. [bells] janice: soaks sighting. much of the country is in for a warm up except if you live across the great lakes and interior northeast. alberta clippers moving through originate from canada. they are fast-moving storms. they could produce some snow. especially when we have several of them moving across the great lakes in towards the interior northeast. could get 4 to 5 inches in some of the jackpot areas and rain along the coast. we will continue to watch that then we have another system moving into the northwest and that's going to bring the potential for more heavy rainfall. in some cases close a foot of rain, that's going to be flash flooding in the area. bring you up to date. a nice warm up for much of the country and we will take it steve, you got see the beautiful christmas lights going up here
3:49 am
on fox square. steve: fantastic. can i see through them the window. awesome, a new migrant caravan making its way toward the united states. we got reaction from texas congressman dr. ronny jackson. but, first. >> it's time to start making your list and checking it twice. kurt the cyberguy shares his cyber monday pick. that's today. so you can save big on the perfect gift. is coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ 'tis the season to break tradition in a cadillac. don't just put on a light show—be the light show. make your nights anything but silent. and ride in a sleigh that really slays. because in a cadillac, tradition is yours to define. so visit a cadillac showroom, and start celebrating today.
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4:00 am
asu students for socialism demanding kyle rittenhouse get kicked out of the university. >> i'm hoping i can be free of any intimidation and harassment and go on with my life. >> matthew mcconaughey
4:01 am
leadership. >> humbling. it's a path that i'm choosing not to take at this moment. >> boston celtics center enes canter set to become a u.s. citizen. he will reportedly change his name to enes can'ter freedom. this is the greatest country in the world and i can't wait. ♪ joy ♪ i'm. brian: i have been there. charlotte, north carolina. we once did one of the conventions there i think it was the democratic convention. steve: it was. brian: nascar hall of fame which we had free access to for a while and yes we are bragging. steve: first time we ever drove segways. brian: that's true. only time i do them now i many buzz around there. steve: mall cop. brian: only way to effectively crack down on shoplifters as
4:02 am
well as look cool. you should wear a helmet. ainsley: those and the jet packs you love. brian: the jet pack is never going to work. ainsley: my parents live away from there in colombia, south carolina. brian: did everyone celebrate thanksgiving this year? ainsley: we did. steve: we did. ainsley: what did you do? brian: you want to see? we have pictures. steve: look at that. brian: my brother and his wife kara did unbelievable job getting everything ready. ainsley: beautiful table. brian: devin came from north carolina from raleigh, north carolina. you see the lovely family there. there you are on the left. >> there i am making sure the younger people drink. they're all both of age. that's my son brian and niece 21. steve: serve your children alcohol. brian: if they ask nice. ainsley: they are beautiful, brian. what's it like having them all home again?
4:03 am
brian: it's fantastic. yeah. they're all out and about. they are all home. kaitlin is on trimesters so doesn't have to go school until june be off until january 2nd. means you have to get a job for six weeks. ainsley: already out. brian: i sent her to the docks to help with the supply chain problem. i said just pick up work. steve: wrong docks. you need to send her to california. brian: you are right. steve: as different as it is to make your children an alcoholic children when they're of age. wait until they come back and they are married. ainsley: or with kids. then it gets really fun. steve: one step at a time. brian: hypothetical. ainsley: yours are all three married now. steve: peter came home with his wife hillary and we had a lovely time. made all sorts of -- we had some pictures that i sent -- oh, look at that and we played outside. we played catch. that's a doocy family tradition. in our backyard. peter and i would play catch when he was just a little kid. now that he is married his wife played too.
4:04 am
and she has a great arm. ainsley: there is your wife kathy what is she cooking? >> she made great turkey roll up. butterfly a turkey breast and that's it right there and put the stuffing inside and bake it. brian: almost like you take it hostage wrap it up and tie it up, right? steve: i will just say, this that is the best turkey we have ever had. if we ever write another cookbook, i would put that in. brian: squeeze it tight. ainsley: we did a fried turkey and regular turkey there is mom holding new little nephew. baby banks and my sister right behind mom. my mom had a stroke it will be four years in february. she is doing great. steve: she is doing great. ainsley: ms. maggie is her nurse and takes such good care of her hoovment that lady is a fighter and wonderful person. brian: you went back home. >> that was in rock hill, south carolina which is right outside of charlotte. flew there for the day on thursday. steve: we all have a lot to be thankful for.
4:05 am
we thank you for making us the number one cable morning news show coming up 20 years on planet earth. brian: as can you tell that's my signal to read, right? president biden set to address the nation as more than a dozen countries reported of cases of the omicron variant. ainsley: health experts say it could already be lehr in the u.s. as a major travel ban goes into effect. steve: meanwhile, david spunt is live at the white house with details. david, good morning to you. it sounds like the president in a couple of hours is going to talk to the country about this new bug. >> yes, 11:45 this morning. the president will address the nation. specifically about this will omicron variant which originated in south africa. the president received a briefing yesterday. we showed it at the top of the show. a photograph inside the oval office with members of his team. steve according to the white house is he in regular contact with those experts. travel ban being united states
4:06 am
south africa. to be clear our viewers it does not apply to american citizens in south africa who want to come home with the chief covid adviser dr. anthony fauci said it will gak two weeks before we have definitive data on this strain. >> it's definitely here already. looking at the number of cases coming off planes this weekend. almost a certainty cases that have gotten into the united states. >> these are the countries with confirmed cases and where experts suspect cases right now. more are expected to be added. officials they say the biggest concern right now is the transmissibility of this particular omicron strain. according to early data this thing is contagious. the best protection we have according to top medical experts getting not only your original vaccine shots but booster shot as well. listen. >> should not panic. we just need to protect ourself and be aware of what is going on. take common sense precautions.
4:07 am
you know, the basics, quarantining, of course, the vaccinations, that sort of thing. >> 30% of the people in the united states eligible for a vaccine are not vaccinated. that's why experts are encouraging vaccinations. also the president after these remarks on the omicron variant he will be talking about the supply chain which is loosely related to code. that's going to be later this later this afternoon. a lot for president biden as he gets back from the thanksgiving holiday. back to you. brian: there is so much to it number one is the travel ban. so you have 8 countries in africa now this travel ban. not the only country done it. most of europe and other countries, israel have said okay, don't come here. so we wanted china to be transparent about the virus. we wanted them right away to do it. what did they do? they lied to us. they mischaracterized it and you could say they are responsible for 750,000 american deaths. and millions around the world. so, this time in south africa they call up and they say listen, we are seeing some variant here. it's mild symptoms. it seems to strike young people.
4:08 am
it doesn't seem to be a big problem. we want to give you a heads up on it and reward their honesty and character and transparency by banning all these countries, including south africa who concerned it in. they did exactly what they want and in return get retribution for it you can't blame the president of the country when he says the only thing that prediction on travel will do is further damage the economics of the affected countries and i couldn't know mine their ability to respond and recover from the pandemic. you have two weeks to study it. you know the way this things travels. it comes ripple effect. you have the cans to transparent community and put a hard a is s ban on everybody. ainsley: people are wondering why this variant in particular. talk to scientists looking at patients and doctors looking at these patients and they say they have sore muscles. they are tired for a day or two. a slight cough. but they did not lose taste and smell we are being told.
4:09 am
steve: it's like a quarantine. if you know something bad is happening over there, you try to cut it off. unfortunately, it sounds like it's been circulating and there are a whole bunch of countries already experienced it up to the north where we are sitting in ottawa, canada they have had at least two instances by the time they start analyzing whether or not omicron is in the united states don't be surprised if suddenly they say do you know what? it's here in a big way. there are the nations that have it meanwhile, dr. fauci has been blasted by senator rand paul for lying about gain of function research. that nih had to funded. but then nih admitted in a letter to the house oversight committee member that a limited experiment was indeed conducted and dr. fauci said yesterday you know, all this criticism of him by republicans is just a lot of noise and really, what they are doing, they're not just criticizing me. they are criticizing science with a capital s.
4:10 am
watch. >> anybody who is looking at this carefully realizes that there is a distinct antiscience flavor to this. so if they get up and criticize science, nobody is going to know what they are talking about. but if they get up and really aim their bullets at tony fauci, well, people could raise there is a person there. so it's easy to criticize. but they are really criticizing science because i represent science. that's dangerous. >> senator cruz told the attorney general you should be prosecuted. >> yeah. [laughter] i have to laugh at that. [laughter] i should be prosecuted? what happened on january 6th, senator? ainsley: why we bring that up? prosecuted because he lied to congress, which is illegal. on may 11th, dr. fauci testified in front of a senate committee that the nih doesn't ever use gain of function research in the wuhan lab. then on october 20th, to your point, the nih sent a letter to
4:11 am
congress and they said that -- they contradicted what dr. fauci said. they did say they funded a limited experiment at the wuhan lab. brian: he missed the whole variant. not going to be a problem in january. told us not to wear a mask in february. then he has been behind every step of the way and people keep interviewing him like he is the god that sits on mount perfect. here is what senator cruz said. by the way, january 6th. i thought you were a scientist. what do you care about january 6th? fauci, this is what ted cruz said and believe me is going to have more to say. fauci unelected technocrat exercise authoritarian control over millions of americans. he lives in a liberal world where his smug i represent science attitude is praised. rand paul did not miss a step either e says the absolute uberous someone claiming they represent science it's astounding and alarming that a public health bureaucrat would think to claim such a thing especially one who has worked so hard to ignore the science of natural immunity. and keep in mind.
4:12 am
he has never expressed anger and am news toward china every step of the way. quick to say wet market. again, is he still going down, if you listen to the long form interview on face the nation. go down that path it's really the wet market. he refuses to be condemning of china where it started. answered says yeah, eventually there will be a 9/11 committee about what happened. that should be on saysive focus. not playing medical jazz on recommendation on what to do not to do kind of, sort of, maybe. steve: he works for the federal government and the leader joe biden when given the chance about 10 days ago, speaking via zoom to the president of china, had the chance to query president xi about the origins of covid, he did not. ainsley: people just want to know answers. he says we are not funding this research, this gain of function research we need to know, are
4:13 am
we? he is saying one thing, the nih is saying another thing. we need to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> well, i think it's the way the nih lawyers define gain of function research. they made it very specific so that what dr. fauci said was not a lie. brian: clearly the criticism is getting under his skin. he had to kamala harris cackle before the accusation, right before he goes and tries to make something up and then pretend it's not personal. and he makes it pretty clear it is personal. he is not used to being questioned. he is used to be lauded. he just loves doing his nine shows yesterday and then reacting to the omicron variant and he actually said nothing during all nine interviews. you want to get an archaeologist hunt for something of substance that he said yesterday. and good luck trying to come up with something. steve: everybody is talking about this variant. the president is going to be talking from the white house at 11:4 a 5. you will see it here on fox.
4:14 am
meanwhile, you saw the verdict about 10 days ago. kyle rittenhouse was acquitted on all charges just about 10 days ago. so, according to the judicial system in the united states. is he free to go. and free to do whatever he wants. except where he is actually going to the university online, he revealed to all of us that he is studying at arizona state university and now apparently there are four left leaning groups, student organizations demanding that arizona state kick him off the university. ainsley: one of those left leaning organization is called the arizona state university students for socialism. another student for justice in palestine. solidarity coalition. they wrote this letter to the university. they said, number one, withdrawal kyle rittenhouse from asu. number two, release a statement against white supremacy and racist murder kyle rittenhouse. number three reaffirm support for the multicultural center on
4:15 am
campus space safe from whirmy. they want that school redirect funding from the police department on the campus to support the multicultural center and establishment of a cair center on campus. brian: those are three alarming signs for anyone at the student body that doesn't want their kid poisoned by that school of thought. if that's the prevalent school feeling on campus, rittenhouse should not go. you do not want to be intim day of thed. look at that culture. look at that mindset of those 20 somethings think and feel as though they figured it all out and is he a while. white supremacist. do they have a television. will every prosecution witness ends up being a defense witness because he was proven beyond a shadow of doubt to be acting in self-defense and there is no history of white supremacy were white. ainsley: holding a rally,
4:16 am
protest to get kyle rittenhouse off our campus. steve: part of their letter read in part: even with a not guilty verdict from a flawed justice system, kyle rittenhouse is still guilty to his victims and the families of those victims. join us to demand from arizona state university that those ghans be met to protect students from a violent bloodthirsty murderer. they have got agendas, obviously. these are four left leaning organizations. what they're doing is using the rittenhouse verdict to also talk about other things they are concerned about. and that's why they are trying to take the money from the cops. and more money. ainsley: he says i just want to be a normal quiet student. i want to get my degree maybe in nursing. also thinking about law now. steve: he was acquitted. brian: keep in mind if there are other groups who feel differently. hopefully we will have this story tomorrow and the follow-up will be other groups to heel differently that our court system is not flawed.
4:17 am
they did come out with a verdict this kid deserves a shot and look at his background a reason why he was accepted to that university. if you are kyle rittenhouse, why would you go? you know why would you put yourself through more turbulence. ainsley: it's online. steve: he doesn't have to interface. ainsley: ains. brian: he told tucker he would like. to say. steve: meantime, carley joins us right now with news from wisconsin. carley: that's right. let's stay in the state of wisconsin. the residents of waukesha marking a solemn moment sunday honoring the victims of the vicious parade attack exactly one week later with a moment of silence. the town also asking residents to put blue lights up. the mayor calling it the color of unity to honor those who were killed. this as the ninth child is released from children's hospital on sunday. a total of seven children are still recovering in the hospital, six people died in the attack. more than 60 were injured. new york city is using money to get children vaccinated. the city tweeting that anyone
4:18 am
age 5 and will you please get $100 if they get a vaccine at a city run site. the city reporting to cash offers in order to get more people vaccinated ahead of the holidays, this as the pfizer vaccine is available to children as young as five years old. dozens of people spend a third night stranded inside a british pub after a massive snow storm blankets the area. the 61 people at the yorkshire pub on friday night for a concert that storm dropped more than 3 feet of snow. making the roads impass sable. one man reportedly evacuated because of a previous medical condition. the guests hope to return home some time today. so a lot of snow was dump down and they say do you know what? we are in a cozy public just stay here. that actually sounds fun maybe like a choice. steve: one detail you left out of it in addition to them being cozy 61 people inside the bar in england is the fact that the comment was and we have plenty of beer. carley: and a lot of food.
4:19 am
i was looking at pictures of them they have the pies and everything. there was an oasis cover band that everyone went to see. so the cover band is with them. they have all the music. brian: one thing, oasis good for an hour. listen, can we put the jukebox on? steve: stranded, brian. carley: there were rooms there, too. it actually had a great situation. beds karaoke, beer. ainsley: probably not socialer today. steve: sounds like a reality show. and if it isn't it should be. brian: could you actually have beer in the morning? like could have you beer in the morning? ainsley: what else are you going to do? brian: never drink in the morning. steve: were you not in college. brian: i tried to study a little. ainsley: did you come home 3:00 in the morning? that's technically the morning. brian: when i get up, i usually
4:20 am
have cocoa puffs or crisp, i could not drink beer with that leave it in long enough becomes soggy really chocolate milk. ainsley: two things at once. steve: carley thanks for the news. brian: used to have grape nuts. good for you. >> yuck! steve: when is the last time you gheent a grocery store. ainsley: did you ever notice the grape nuts box was so little. steve: so compressed almost granola like. ainsley: the thing that stays in there no one wants to eat. my dad loves it. steve: up next on this monday the string of smash and grab robberies turning deadly as a long time police officer working as a security guard is shot and killed while protecting a local news crew. his friend and former colleague joins us next to pay tribute to this heroic act.
4:21 am
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♪ ainsley: a san francisco security guard and former cop shot and killed after protecting a tv news crew that was reporting on those smash and grab robberies that we have seen plaguing california. kevin was shot in the abdomen as a robber attempted to steal the cruise gear on wednesday. he died from those injuries over the weekend this past saturday. our next guest worked alongside kevin for 15 years and knew him for 18 years. the town police department sergeant dawn march chety joins us now. good morning, dawn. >> good morning. >> i'm so sorry for your loss tell us exactly what happened. what do you know?
4:26 am
>> as far as the investigation i would have to address you to oakland police department for details i just know that kevin was being kevin and was serving and protecting and guarding reporters in guarding reporters covering the story and ultimately shot for that. ainsley: what a senseless loss. tell us about him. what was his personality like? >> kevin was -- he was just a genuinely good person. he was caring and compassionate and just always -- always going above and beyond what was necessary. he was a great police officer, a great friend, a great co-worker and, you know, he just was always there for anyone for everything. serving and protecting that was
4:27 am
kevin. even in retirement, he continued to want to serve and protect the community, you know. and he continued doing so. ainsley: i read that he has two children. he is a grandfather of three. >> yes. ainsley: i'm sure he loved those grand babies. how is the father doing? have you talked to him? >> we have spoke a little bit. it's really a rough time for them. a little overwhelming, you know, just trying to wrap their head around what's going on. what the next step is. you know, it's a huge loss for so many people. not just our department, you know, obviously the family and friends, not just our department. our community, kevin was a huge part of this community and his loss is going to be felt far, far past -- ainsley: of course. can you speak about the crime in the california area? i know it's happening all over the country but we report on a
4:28 am
lot of these smash and grabs happening in your area. >> yeah. there is definitely a rise that we have been seeing over the last few years. and i don't -- i think there are a lot of factors that have led to where we are just over time, over the years, you know, i think -- i don't want to say it started with the decriminalization and reclassification of some laws a few years ago. but, i think like the loss of accountability, self-accountability, you know, the -- sorry. ainsley: that's okay. we have seen such an uptick and it's so hard to watch those images and know that someone had to buy all this merchandise and put it in these stores and then someone just comes and takes
4:29 am
from someone else and then we see a police officer shot and died over the weekend and lives are changed forever because of this crime. thank you for what you do. i don't support defunding the police. i think y'all don't make enough money. you need to make more. what do you is so heroic. god bless you out there. be careful. >> thank you very much. ainsley: you are welcome. former police officer kevin nishiti leaves behind a wife three children and five grandchildren. may he rest in peace and please remember him in your prayers this morning. the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
4:30 am
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♪ brian: here we go. a new migrant caravan headed to our southern border fueling concerned about new omicron variant. hundreds of people haiti, central america and venezuela. congressman former white house physician ronny jackson. i know texas has taken action against these caravans. is all we can do sit there and try to hold the line? >> i think we are doing everything we can in texas right now. we are mobilizing the national guard. we are mobilizing our dps, department of public safety officers onto the foward try to stop some of this. they have been threatened by the federal government that their jurisdiction and their authority doesn't extend to patrolling the
4:34 am
border. have to be careful they don't want to become the people that thrown in jail over all of this. i wouldn't put it past the biden administration to do something like that. we are doing everything we can we have huge numbers, brian. right now on track for -- we are averaging over 200,000 a month coming up here. on track for 2 million this year. those are the ones we know about. those are not including the got-aways. these people are showing up and 25% of these people are showing up covid positive. covid positive. trying to stop code from crossing our border large number of immigrants come across. now have 10,000 ant way right now. doing nothing to stop. this the federal government, the biden administration is doing nothing. brian: when the president speaks today at 11:45 which means he will show up around 12:30, is he going to talk about covid-19 and this new variant. how does he have any credibility if he going to make us go get a booster, make sure we are fully vaccinated and then, of course, maybe come up with a fourth shot for this variant at the same time turn a blind eye to what's
4:35 am
happening on our southern border. >> they have no credibility, brian, none. if he wants credibility. the first thing he needs to do is fire dr. fauci. half the people in this country have no respect for this man. they don't have any respect for his authority. they don't believe that he is telling us the truth. they need another representative that's going to reassure the public about what's going on with this. i saw him yesterday, and he was talking about the omicron variant and the potential that it might not respond to the therapeutic that we have like the antibody cocktail and it might not natural immiewntd might not be -- he doesn't think the same thing when it comes to the vaccine. they want you to keep getting this vaccine this vaccine is being motivated by the wrong reasons. dr. fauci has told us that he is science. well as a member of that community i want another representative. i want another ambassador for science. because i cannot believe what he is telling us. it's being motivated by all wrong reasons. being motivated like i said for political reasons. i don't think it's a coincidence, we are about to go into election year here and spinning this up over very little information. we don't know anything about this variant w50e6789d have variants all the time why this
4:36 am
getting spun up the way it is? it is being spun up because people like dr. fauci who thrive on the power afternoon notoriety that this brings him. they like this as well. and there is some financial concerns as well with the companies that make this. brian: i like you are a doctor come from that angle. he says if you criticize him you criticize science. also the fact is when he said rachel maddow was his favorite show. you know he wasn't talking about the tonight show with johnny carson. a political show. thank you for speaking out. >> thank you, brian. i appreciate it. brian: december 3rd, live on fox nation, i will be streaming live as i talk about the president's the freedom fighter. as you all my books coming up december 3rd and clearwater december 5th in mcclain virginia. go brian and find out about it all. appreciate that afternoon thank you, everyone, who has gotten
4:37 am
the book. the long awaited trial of gillilan maxwell. stop laughing, ainsley. the socialite could take the stand. newt gingrich on the basketball star's defensive freedom. i said newt's name right.
4:38 am
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(crowd cheering) therabreath, it's a better mouthwash. at walmart, target and other fine stores. >> this is the greatest country in the world. actually, not many people know this and this is the first time i'm saying this i passed my citizenship test and at the end of this month i'm actually getting sworn in and becoming an official american citizen and i
4:42 am
cannot wait. ainsley: that big day is here nba store eaten necessary canter will have swearing in ceremony this afternoon. brian: change his name to enes can't canter freedom here to react is fox news contributor make it more impactful he changed his last name from kanter to freedom. i love that. >> i do, too. first of all, can you tell he probably won't be invited to the biden white house because he actually came in legally followed all the rules and ultimately earned his citizenship. he is clearly not acceptable to the democratic party having done all the wrong things like being a legal citizen and he has clearly committed to freedom. frankly, if you watch the
4:43 am
tragedy of what erdogan has been doing in turkey turning it from a modern open society with the rule of law into a dictatorship drifting very rapidly towards islamist extremism. you can sympathize with his commitment to freedom which he applies as much to his native country of turkey as he applies to the u.s. i also think his opposition to china and his willingness to tell the truth about the chinese dictatorship is a very, very important milestone and it wille interesting to see how the nba and billionaire owners react to somebody who actually stands up for freedom rather than for profit from beijing. brian: mr. speaker, what's fascinating is this isn't a nuanced argument. there is right and wrong. are you against concentration camps? then you have to be with canter. are you against the oppression of freedom you have. are you against hong kong steam rolling it and arresting students you have to be with
4:44 am
kanter. are you against the invasion of taiwan which is imminent, it seems? then you have to be with kanter. yet it's so obvious who is right and who is wrong. there is radio silence because of money. even from wall street to the small business, it is about money. >> look, first of all, prostitution doesn't always involve sex and is it doesn't involve small amounts of money. so you have billionaires willing to prostitute themselves to a dictatorship as long as they take home a big enough paycheck. everybody who watching by the way should get meranda divine's new book laptop from hell. it looks at the entire hunter biden story based on his own emails from the laptop which the fbi got and strangely has never followed up on. it's a remarkable story and it's the same story, methodical effort by the chinese dictatorship to take over country police this case exploiting with what was then the son of the vice president, now the son of the president.
4:45 am
it's a story of absolute corruption. and it's a great problem in america because our elites have become corrupted to such a degree that having this conversation would be impossible in number of networks because their owners wouldn't tolerate it. ainsley: newt, thank you so much for coming on today. always great to hear your perspective. >> good to be with you. brian: pick up your book after biden. ainsley: beyond biden, rebuilding the america we love. steve: thank you, sir. >> thank you. take care. steve: 15 minutes before the top of the hour. and carley joins us with news from chicago. carley: i certainly do. actor jussie smollett is set to stand trial today for allegedly fake ago hate crime against himself in 2019. >> charged with six felonies in the incident including filing a false police report. he claimed two men attacked him. investigators learned the two men accused of attacking him
4:46 am
knew the actor. if convicted he could face three years behind bars. president biden's strict environmental regulations and hardship threatening a family's 90-year-old dairy farming business. stephanie nash from the nash family creameries in says washington needs to do more to keep businesses like hers afloat. listen. >> i'm really worried about this climate change going through politicians. going back into government spending, and not actually going to the sustainability and keeping family farms in business. >> the national milk producer's federation reports the dairy industry lost a billion dollars during the first half of 2021. now, actor matthew mcconaughey announcing on twitter he will not are up for texas governor. listen. >> little town of texas never occurred me i would be considered for political leadership. it's humbling and inspiring path
4:47 am
to ponder. it's also a path that i'm choosing not to take at this moment. carley: there is the answer. instead of of enacting lead other avenues supporting entrepreneurs and other leaders who promote good. there you have it. i think that was a good call by him. steve: greg abbott goes okay, good. brian: only one beating greg abbott in the hypothetical poll and colonel west is running for governor, too. ainsley: never said if he would run as a democrat or republican. brian: would he run as a shirt on? ainsley: i hope not. carley: if he was running, shirt off. >> all right, all right, all right. [laughter] steve: all right, all right, all right. time for the weather. janice: a couple of alberta clippers moving into the region we call them alberta clippers because they originate from alberta, canada. we are going to see the potential for heavier snow fall
4:48 am
downwind of the great lakes and rain along the coast. a couple of these three of them this week. big weather story because not much happening except for a system moving into the northwest so seattle, you are going to watch for the potential of showers and maybe a thunderstorm and mountain snow otherwise good-looking forecast and warm things up for much of the country, getting into december, a lot of 70s on the map and 60's. so we'll enjoy that and keep you up to date. steve, ainsley, brian, back to you. brian: thank you very much. good to have you back, janice. janice: thank you. brian: coming up, hear why senator tom cotton calls travel ban useless. steve: a vice mayor in california is picking up shift at a local diner. her challenge for others to step up and help out.
4:49 am
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
steve: from city hall to busing tables? this california vice mayor is taking on a third job at a local restaurant, not for the money, but to help ease her city's desperate labor shortage.
4:53 am
fulsom vice mayor sarah okino joins us from california. >> good morning thank you for having me. steve: great to have you. so, you're like a lot of people, you're walking around downtown, and you see a lot of help wanted signs and you decided you were going to do something about at least one of them. right? >> that's right. i saw a social media post from one of my favorite restaurants called back bistro and the post said they were in desperate need of hosts and buskers so i called up the owner, jeff back, who owns a restaurant along with his wife gail and i said look i don't have any experience in the restaurant business but i'm a hard worker and a fast learner and if you're willing to teach me and you need my help, i will commit to work 20 hours a week for the next six months. steve: that is fantastic, and we should point out in addition to being vice mayor, you're also an insurance broker, so this is actually your third job, but it's not even though, you know, you're trying to help people this is not volunteer work. >> it's not volunteer work.
4:54 am
i am being paid by back bistro and that's somewhat of a misconception on social media. people are asking why we're asking for volunteers so we want to make it very clear, businesses are in desperate need of employees and willing to pay. steve: sarah, why do you think it is we're in this situation where so many businesses are so desperate for people to work for them? >> i think it's a multitude of reasons. in california, we had some industries that were hit very hard and due to the county and state public health orders had to shutdown for weeks if not months. i think many of those folks have moved on to other industries, in my area, public schools did distance learning all last year, so some parents had to take a job that they could do from home in order to supervise their children. i do think the enhanced unemployment benefits have contributed to the issue but it's certainly not the only one. steve: absolutely. so, you know, for people who are at home just complaining about, you know, i go to the grocery store and the shelves aren't stocked, or i'm going to a restaurant and they don't have anybody to bus a table, rather
4:55 am
than complain, you're suggesting people get off their bottoms and if they've got the time to go ahead and take one of these jobs to help out a local business. >> yeah, and you know, for me i committed to 20 hours a week for six months. it doesn't have to be that, but anybody who has some time on their hands and is willing and able to work there are a lot of businesses who could use your help but that's definitely the main message but the other part of that message is that when these businesses do well, our cities do well. steve: absolutely. >> the city of fulsom just like so many other cities we rely on the sales tax revenue that these businesses generate in order to fund essential city services like police and fire. steve: who else needs help in addition to foodservice? >> well, i know we have retailers who are in need of additional help especially during this holiday season. in fulsom we have hotels who want to rent rooms but they cannot rental of the rooms they have, because they don't have housekeeping staff to clean
4:56 am
those rooms. steve: that's right. have you inspired anybody to do this? >> well, i've had a lot of people who have reached out to me and said they're willing to work and asked me which businesses are in most need of help, so i've tried to connect them. when i was working at the restaurant i had a woman who was probably early 70s come up to me and she says, um, hey, i know i'm older but i'm willing to work so i referred her to a local retail shop who needs holiday help. steve: you're making a difference. sarah aquino, vice mayor of fulsom, california, thank you very much. >> thanks so much for having me steve: good luck. four minutes before the top of the hour. after his dreams were sidelined by the pandemic, one high school football star in california switched up his game plan, by moving to a new state. why he won't let covid crush his dreams and he is coming up. then psoriatic arthritis.or, it was really holding me back. standing up... ...even walking was tough.
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>> fewer than a dozen countries have reported cases of the omic ron variant. >> 11:45 this morning the president will address the nation. >> we shouldn't panic, we shouldn't shut things down. >> a security guard and former cop killed after protecting a tv news crew that was reporting a smash-and-grab robberies. >> kevin was a huge part of the community and his loss is going to be felt. >> a new book claims hunter biden took $10 million a year from a chinese energy firm. >> what's astonishing to me is the censorship of the post reporting on this. >> the boston celtics star enes
5:01 am
kanter celebrates becoming a u.s. citizen today. >> it's the greatest country in the world. >> it'll be interesting to see how the nba reacts to somebody who actually stands up for freedom rather than for profit from beijing. >> jackson trying to keep it alive. put it up for grabs, and it's a touchdown, andrews, wow! >> [applause] >> ♪ ainsley: that is the blue mountain resort, it's in concord town, pennsylvania you can see the snow-blowing machine. brian: i have never heard of ku nkletown. i never heard someone say i'm passing through kunkletown. steve: what about leehigh valley, have you ever heard of that? brian: yes. that's in that area.
5:02 am
steve: part of the broader area, indeed. brian: no one pulled over and said hey, do you have directions to kunkletown. ainsley: cute name, i'd like to say that i live in kunkletown. brian: i might look for a place just to have that address. ainsley: it looks like it did snow a little bit there. steve: and they are making snow. ainsley: we had a little bit of snow in manhattan yesterday. steve: we did indeed. they are getting it right there. if you're interested check it out blue mountain resort opening at 9:00 this morning. ainsley: go to kunkletown. president biden set to address the nation this morning as more than a dozen countries have reported the omicron covid variant. steve: health experts say the variant could already be in the united states, even though a major travel ban has just gone into effect. brian: we hear the symptoms if you get it are mild. david spunt is live at the white house for what we know but david we're in a waiting game right, two weeks to find out the details. reporter: yeah, two weeks to find out the latest data that's the problem for the president
5:03 am
and for other top medical officials. it is a wait and see game. right now this white house though taking the omicron variant seriously, so much so, that the president has banned travel from south africa to the united states, to be clear, if you're a u.s. citizen, you won't have a problem coming back but if you are not a u.s. citizen you want to leave south africa and come to the united states, you'll find yourself with a problem. president biden going to be addressing the nation at 11:45 this morning. you see him meeting with his team yesterday in the oval office, where he received that full briefing on this specific strain. we want to show you a map of the countries with confirmed cases and where experts suspect cases. more are expected to be added including in the united states. officials say the biggest concern right now, the transmission of this particular strain according to the early data, this thing is contagious. the president's chief advisors they say publicly that it will take, as you mentioned, brian about two weeks to have that
5:04 am
definitive data on this strain. the best protection that we have according to these medical experts getting not only for original vaccine shots but your booster shot as well. >> i think that the virus is already here, in america. we just haven't picked it up yet it's already expanded to many other different countries. i think that our vaccines are still going to be effective. reporter: 30% of eligible americans in the united states have not been vaccinated. it's interesting, because 30% of the people, about 30% of the people in south africa have been vaccinated so you see the flip of the number there the president will speak again at 11:45 then later this afternoon issue another crisis which is related indirect ly to covid, the supply chain crisis. back to you. ainsley: thank you, david. brian: taking action. let's bring in, thanks david, let's bring in arkansas senator tom cotton, who sometimes travel s to texas. senator great to see you. you were the first one to call
5:05 am
for a travel ban to china before anyone really knew what this virus was because china was not being transparent they still aren't. south africa picks up the phone calls and says i have a variant here you guys should pay attention to. we immediately have a travel ban on them. why do you think it's a bad idea >> well, what president biden did over the weekend is a typical half measure that reflects the incompetence of this adam schiff. if you want to implement a travel ban, it needs to go into effect immediately, that's what most european nations did. if you don't want to implement a travel ban because you think the virus is already here or it's counter productive then you shouldn't do so but this is yet another incompetent half measure. last january when the democrats were wasting the american people 's time with the impeachment trial of president trump i was trying to sound the alarm about this virus calling for president trump to stop travel immediately from china to the united states. after about a week, president trump did so and i remember then
5:06 am
that joe biden and kamala harris denounced their xenophobic and racist just like they called subsequent travel bans on other countries racist as well. the hypocrisy here is amazing but it's very typical of what you get from this incompetent administration. steve: and to your point, if you're going to do a travel ban, do it quickly. dr. fauci, on wednesday, when the travel bans went into effect around the world in a number of country, he said yeah, it's something we're going to think about. it wasn't for five days until they, we, the united states actually did it, although now, the w. h. o. is saying don't impose travel bans just because, but ultimately, you can blame tony now for this because if you're going to do it do it fast >> steve, the lesson of this pandemic, which as i said last january at the beginning of this pandemic, is that you need to move early and you need to move fast if you want to implement these measures.
5:07 am
that if you wait until every bit of evidence is in, you will have waited too long. as benjamin franklin said an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. now is it possible this new variant is already in the united states? yes it is possible. it's in other places like portugal or the united kingdom however there's a difference between having a few pemex posed to it and having plane loads of people landing from wuhan as the democrats would have had early last year. this is just, again, another example of the astonishing hypocrisy of the democrats regarding this virus. ainsley: dr. fauci is saying go get your booster shot. the people who have gotten this virus, they are reporting sore muscles, tired for a day or two, a slight cough, did not lose taste or smell, so that's good news. let's talk about dr. fauci because ted cruz and rand paul, very critical of him, they want him prosecuted because they say he lied to congress. dr. fauci says you criticize me, you're criticizing science. he said that again over the weekend listen to this.
5:08 am
>> anybody whose looking at this carefully realizes that there's a distinct anti-science flavor to this , so if they get up and criticize science, nobody is going to know what they are talking about, but if they get up and really aim their bullets at tony fauci, well people could recognize there's a person there, so it's easy to criticize, but they are really criticizing science, because i represent science. that's dangerous. >> senator cruz told the attorney general you should be prosecuted. >> yeah. [laughter] i have to laugh at that. [laughter] i should be prosecuted? what happened on january 6, senator? ainsley: what's your reaction to that, bringing up january 6 and laughing at being prosecuted after they say he lied to congress which is illegal. >> well, so first off, no bureaucrat like tony fauci should be engaged in a partisan battle back and forth with an elected member of the united states senate. ted cruz, like 99 other senators
5:09 am
represent the people who elected him. that bureaucrat, like tony fauci , works for those people. second. tony fauci lied to congress and he should be investigated. he repeatedly said that his agency did not fund dangerous and risky gain of function research in those wuhan labs, which almost certainly was the origin of this virus. he said it repeatedly to congress. his agency just admitted a few weeks ago that yes, they did, in fact, fund gain of function research, so there's a lie there it's either tony fauci lying to congress or his agency after months of stonewalling, writing a letter to congress and admitting it. i suspect it's tony fauci lying on the spot in his testimony to congress. he put the american people at risk by funding this dangerous research, which was happening under the obama administration, which he thought he knew better than the people's elected representatives. it's just another example of how these bureaucrats think that they are the science, that they represent the epitome of knowledge and those politicians, like the president of the united states, and the united states
5:10 am
senators and representatives, have no business telling them what to do. that's not the way our democracy functions. brian: and senator think about this. the ego involved when someone says i represent science, science is a moving target. it takes in constant data that's constantly changing. if you challenge his hypothesis i'm challenging science? no. what about another scientist allowed to travel, challenge another scientist on different theories? his theory if you challenge it you don't like science, and i personally feel that, and if you don't agree it's fine, but for now on, these scientists have to be an economist and psychologist because when they make these absolute decrees the ripple effect it does to people, their job, livelihoods, the economics of the nation, seven nations in africa aren't the richest nations in the world they really have to wonder if they should have been transparent if you're going to ban people from coming from their countries, in two days, from when you're transparent which we asked china to do and
5:11 am
they weren't. >> yeah, i mean, his self- regard is just in credible, and even if you agree with his scientific interpretation, the idea that tony fauci remains a credible and impartial messenger for the biden administration to speak to the country is preposterous but brian, you get to a deeper important point about these bureaucrats, is a so-called expert like tony fauci, becomes an expert by spending his entire life studying a very narrow slice of knowledge, and in his case, infectious diseases he knows nothing about the economy. he knows nothing about psychology. he knows nothing about the way most americans have to live and struggle to make ends meet in this economy. that's why you don't let an expert make decisions like this for the american people. we have elected representatives who take into account the expert advice from all the people who study these problems and then try to balance all those competing interests. steve: senator, today is cyber monday. millions of americans are going
5:12 am
to shop online. i'm sure as soon as you're done with this interview you'll get out your phone and do some christmas shopping. brian: i think he's got you in the grab bag. steve: that's great, $20 limit like last year, but senator, you know, the reason the president this afternoon is going to talk about the supply chain is now as people are shopping they are worried they aren't going to get their christmas gifts and now there's news out of california that apparently, pharmacies are having trouble getting medical devices and it's hard for them to not only get medicine but things like walkers and canes and wheelchair s and crutches and syringes and needles and things like that. i was in new jersey at my pharmacy trying to pick-up a prescription on saturday and there was a sign that said the pharmacy was closed and i asked the manager what's the deal and he said we'll try to be open tomorrow, if we can find a pharmacist who wants to work. >> well see first off, when i get off set here the first thing
5:13 am
i'll do is buy brian kilmeade's book, best christmas gift you can get for anyone. i just want to point out though that this record inflation and these supply chain shortages and labor shortages that we've experienced this year didn't happen during the early days of this pandemic. this pandemic has been with us now for two years. the record inflation and the supply chain short ans have only happened under the biden administration and the result of the biden administration's policies. look, i hope santa brings every child in america exactly what he or she wants, but when you're talking about things like prescription drugs and pharmaceutical supplies and medical supplies, christmas gifts, it's a matter of life and death and that's just another reminder that over the last 40 years, we have spent way too much of our manufacturing capacity to china we need to bring it back to the united states so that we have the ability to make the goods that our people depend on.
5:14 am
we're talking about basic ingredients for drugs that are life saving. brian: can i just say that's leadership. that be a leadership moment for him, not to react to supply chain problems is going to call a press conference today at 3:45 to talk about supply chain. leadership is that, bringing our chipmakers home. well over the course of the next three years manufactures are going to come this is how we'll do it not just rhetoric. the plan going forward that's what the american people want. a plan going forward not react ing to poll numbers. >> yeah, brian. that's exactly right. a lot of these things can be solved relatively easily with presidential leadership whether it's cutting-edge technology like advanced semiconductors or old fashion goods that are still essential to our lives, like iboprofen and things that we don't produce in this country anymore. if you said i've got four years, here is my plan to bring that manufacturing ability back to the united states, this is what my administration is going to do , we're going to make it easy
5:15 am
for companies to open new factories and hire new workers here we be able to deliver on that vital interest for the american people. steve: just remember two years ago we couldn't get the good masks because they were all made in china along with the fabric to make them. ainsley: and gas prices are going through the roof. good thing santa doesn't need gasoline for his sleigh, right? he's got rudolph. steve: just reindeer food. brian: if you watch elf, isn't it by good motivation, happy thoughts that fueled the sleigh in elf? ainsley: we did just watch it. brian: remember it crashed in central park because people were not giving up on christmas? steve: actual fact-based movie. brian: i didn't know. steve: senator thank you very much. >> thank you, all. ainsley: thanks senator let's hand it over to carlie with headlines. reporter: i'm sure the senator didn't expect the interview to end like that. elf, really? it was happy thoughts. exactly. we're going to start here with a fox news alert, a police officer is believed to be the target of an early morning shooting in
5:16 am
miami. the miami-dade lt. was responding to a call just north of downtown when someone in a car with four men inside started firing at the lieutenant, shooting at the bumper and blowing out the tires. the lieutenant was not hit and even tried chasing the alleged suspects but they were able to escape. >> and a knife-wielding mother reportedly bragging to the nypd that had ewould not stay in jail the new york post reporting the 63-year-old told police "i know i'm getting out" after his second of three arrests in a span of 36 hours last week. garcia did not have a prior record and under a controversial reform law passed last year, bail is not imposed on misdemeanors and non-violent felonies. garcia was sent to the hospital for a psyche valuation after his third arrest. >> the vice mayor of fulsom, california is taking a third job at a local restaurant not for
5:17 am
the money but had taupe his her city's desperate labor shortage. >> anybody who has some time on their hands and is willing and able to work there are a lot of businesses that the could use your help. when these businesses do well our cities do well. reporter: vice mayor is also an insurance broker. she wears many hats look at her. >> well, this hanukkah house is shining bright check it out, phillip grossman covering his houston home with blue and white lights to celebrate the eight- night holiday. you can also see things scattered over his lawn and he began the tradition 14 years ago when his daughter was born, how cool is that? their electricity bill must be through the roof. ainsley: i know, hanukkah starts today reporter: second day today ainsley: 8:17 on the east coast and the highly-anticipated trial of gilan max well begins in just
5:18 am
a few hours and four epstein accusers are expected to take the stand. nancy grace will join us with what we can expect. steve: plus a high school football player chasing his dreams across the country why he moved from los angeles to north carolina to play ball. >> ♪ ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th
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ainsley: opening arguments in the highly-anticipated trial of ghislaine maxell begins today, and in just a few minutes about 10 minutes from now the british socialite is accused o of groom ing and trafficking
5:23 am
underage girls to jeffrey epstein, sources close to maxell tell the daily mail that they is opt absolutely prepared to take the stand" and will do whatever it takes to save her own life. fox nation host nancy grace joins us now with what we can expect from this trial. good morning, nancy. >> good morning, thank you for having me. you know, all that claim they are taking the stand in their own defense but the reality is very few of them ever do, and there's a good reason for that because they don't want to be sliced up on cross-examination, like a thanksgiving turkey. i would love to get ghislaine maxell up on the stand and have her on cross, it's a dream come true for me. ainsley: what is her defense? she says she's innocent. >> well, okay. i don't think that her big issue is proving she's innocent. i think her big issue, i think what they will try to do at trial is claim she is a scape goat that the state really wanted her boyfriend, epstein, but he died, allegedly,
5:24 am
by suicide in mcc correctional institute and the reality is, that may strike a cord with some of the jurors. they wanted him but they could only get her, now she's being offered up as a sacrificial lamb. but think about it. the thought can work with that because this is not mutually exclusive, she could be a scape goat, and be guilty. ainsley: there are four women taking the stand too, these are the accusers. what exactly is she being accused of if people aren't familiar with it or haven't seen the documentaries? >> she's being accused of helping billionaire jeffrey epstein procure, groom, and transport little girls, sometimes across state lines, in order for him to have illegal sex with them, and she did this , according to the state, by normalizing the relationship. she would reportedly even go out an playgrounds when children
5:25 am
would get out of school, and approach them and lure them. she would introduce them to epstein, she would normalize sex talk. you don't talk about full-on sex with 13 or 14-year-old little girls, as if it be okay to have sex with epstein. she would undress in front of them making nudity normal, and she would go shopping with them, talk with them about their lives , i talked to one victim who says that she spoke to her about the death of the little girl's father. she personal, and they would even be there during sex acts with epstein and take part in them. that's a lot. there are six counts, two counts of perjury are going to be tried later and they have been severed so as to not affect the jury who claims she's a liar. ainsley: what do you expect to happen? >> well i expect the jury to be secured. there's going to be 12 jurors, six alternates, and i believe opening statements will kickoff, a lot of courtroom drama, as
5:26 am
always, a flurry of last- minute motions. we'll hear the state layout its case in opening, the defense may not say as much because they are going to wait to see what the state really puts up and then, i predict all hell will break loose in that courtroom when the first witness takes the stand. ainsley: all right nancy thank you so much for covering this for us we'll be watching it all day today, thank you. the omicorn variant is stoking new fears about a return to travel bans and dr. nicole saphier will join us live with everything that you and your family need to know. >> ♪ >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked...
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steve: welcome back. as of yesterday, it was one week since the deadly attack on that christmas parade in waukesha, wisconsin. the community is coming together to honor those lost and injured with a special tribute in light. todd piro joins us right now live with details. todd: steve, good morning. the residents of waukesha marking a solemn moment on
5:31 am
sunday remembering the victims of the parade attack. the mayor leading the residents in a moment of silence at the exact moment the town's christmas parade was viciously attacked. the town also asking residents to put a blue lights up. the mayor calling it the color of unity to honor those killed and coming together is helping them heel residents say. >> i know someone in the hospital. i'm just here to support the community and just coming together. >> we tray for the health and healing for those who were rushed away. >> people are still struggling and suffering with this. it doesn't go away magically. this will help keep them in the forefront as we all coming together as a community. todd: about 40 miles away the town of grafton also honoring the wisconsin victims during their own christmas parent parade, but a total of seven children still recovering in the hospital. six people, of course, died in that attack, including an eight- year-old boy. more than 60 were injured the suspected attacker, darryl brooks, appearing in court last
5:32 am
week currently facing multiple counts of intentional homicide in that deadly attack. back to you. brian: thanks so much, todd. meanwhile, in just a few hours president biden will update the nation on how the u.s. is responding to the omicron variant after an emergency meeting with at side or s yesterday. this is travel bannon eight african countries goes into effect today, he took his time, fox news contributor and our fox news contributor dr. nicole saphier deals with this everyday , and comes on television to talk about it. they say there are 30 mutations with this , it might be vaccine resistant, we'll know within 14 days but in almost all cases the symptoms are mild. >> well, brian, we have to remember that throughout the entire course of the pandemic we're communicating a lot of uncertainties and especially it it comes to omicron a lot of things people are hearing is conjecture so let's talk about what we know. this new variant, omicron, as you've mentioned, it's a notice that has about 32 mutations in the spike proteins
5:33 am
and other areas of the virus. it's important to remember alpha , beta, delta, they all had mutations about 10-15 in the spike protein as well, omicron just has a combination of it so the big questions are, is it more contagious? is it going to cause more severe disease and will it escape immunity? the truth is we don't know right now. this all started because south africa noticed a rise in cases. that's good news. it wasn't a rise in severe illness or deaths and in fact, they were pointing out a lot of mild symptoms associated with this , fatigue, joint pain, not cough, shortness of breath and the loss of taste and smell and this did circulate in college campuses which younger kids tend to have more mild symptoms so it's hard to say. give a few weeks and we will get more information. when it comes to whether or not it's going to escape immunity, the bottom line, it may dampen the effects of vaccine and natural immunity but it's not going to render it completely nill and that's good news and
5:34 am
our treatment will also likely have effect as well and the tests will detect it. brian: and the question is we want these countries to be transparent but they are getting punished for it and whether you like it or not dr. scott gottlieb who i know you respect says there's too much we don't know to impose economically social policies on south africa and other nations. ready, fire, aim is not prudent public policy. that's what seems to be, but we'll see joe biden will say one thing today for sure. get a booster, get vaccinated, and then we'll go from there. i want to bring you to a wall street journal story that happened over the weekend we discussed on television about natural immunity that dr. fauci & company refused to take into play. we're not even studying it, when you get the virus you get antibodies, how does that compare to getting the vaccine and should you get both? several peer reviewed studies conducted an early part of the pandemic say that during the first wave around 80% are less likely to test positive during the next surge, studies also show the studies show that
5:35 am
in many cases, according to the danish population, that this is better than the vaccine, and an israel study says 13 times more likely to get infected than those with prior infections the study hasn't been peer reviewed but it's 13 times better to have natural immunity and in the uk without a peer review they are saying it's about equal. why don't we take natural immunity into consultation when we come up to where this country is in terms of vaccine status which right now i think is around 60% nationwide. >> well, brian, that was just a short list of the list of evidence that supports natural immunity and unfortunately the united states finds themself in a manmade purgatory where you have a mountain of evidence suggesting that natural immunity is protective against future infections, maybe as protective or even better than the vaccine -induced immunity but the white house, the cdc, the n
5:36 am
ih are so hesitant to mention it because they fear it'll thwart their vaccines that it is distrust in public health. the truth is infection does provide some protection, will it be the same against omicron i'm not sure but yes natural immunity is protective against future infections just like vaccines, nothing is 100% fool proof. brian: let's talk about your breakthrough case, what did you experience? >> a few weeks ago i found myself having a breakthrough case, i was three months after my second dose, so no, i wasn't eligible for a booster yet but thankfully, we had testing. i had access to treatments, given that i do have a medical condition that i take medications for , that suppress ed my immune system and so we have come so far since march 2020 where immediately, i could be tested, immediately i could call my doctors and immediately, i could be treated, and that kept me having mild case, i also had some vaccine- induced immunity in me so we are in a much better place
5:37 am
now than we were but bottom line going forward, no amount of mask ing or boosting will get us to being risk-free from sars co- v 2 so it's important through vaccinations, through boosters, healthy diet, physical exercise, social connectivity and moving forward with our life, this virus will become indemic. we need to keep the panic out of it because facts over fear will get us forward. brian: are you 100% right now, are you okay? >> i feel great, brian. brian: you look great, thanks so much. >> thank you, so much. brian: real life breakthrough and a real life cure. still ahead, it pays to be hunter biden, the new book detailing the lavish gift from the chinese to the president's son including this diamond. dan bongino joins us with his un filtered reaction, next. ♪ christmas music ♪ ♪♪♪
5:38 am
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steve: good morning. new revelations this morning
5:42 am
from hunter biden's laptop from hell, further linking him to china's payroll according to the new york post columnist miranda devine whose new book, laptop from hell, which claims he received a three carat diamond and a $30 million offer to help a chinese energy firm. ainsley: our next guest has been calling out the media over their silence on hunters scandals, un filtered host dan bongino joinses now. lots of lavish gifts he was paid to make introductions to his dad what do you think about this? >> well here's the question everyone should be asking which we've asked on this network for a while, me included. what the hell were they buying? what were they buying? buying his legal expertise? is he some kind of a rare gem guy? does he have some kind of unique expertise into natural resources , including oil and petroleum reserves for the
5:43 am
ukrainian natural gas company? has anyone in the media bothered outside of this network and conservative media, has anyone bothered to ask why the son of the president of the united states seems to be the most valuable man in corporate america all around the world? has anybody asked that and guys, there's no excuses here, as to why the media is still doing one of the biggest cover-ups in media history. here, let me show you something. here is the receipt. we have the receipt, guys. here is the hunter biden receipt signed by hunter biden, there's hunter biden's signature, bill to hunter biden, with hunter biden's laptop. here is another one. wait i've got more. this is like a court exhibit don't go anywhere, here's a picture of hunter biden. i even, of joe biden and hunter. i even circled joe for you that's not part of the picture, that's my sharpie. there is joe biden with hunter biden's business partner, that he says he never met. there was this kid, steve, you may know him, peter doocy he's got the same last name as you. he asked joe biden a question
5:44 am
during the campaign, hey, man, you have any conversations with your son over these business deals? no, none of them. here's the picture. there is a picture, there's joe biden in the picture. i mean, what else do you need to know to interview this guy and ask him serious questions? brian: you talk about serious, this china energy firm is tied directly to the chinese government and they're looking to push forward their belt and road program which is the counter to american influence. they take these struggling countries hostage by giving them money and then extorting them for the natural resources or port access and he's helping implement that. the other big story miranda devine's book is the cobalt mine we basically gave up the cobalt mine which is necessary for this clean energy and this battery power. we gave it to china, because in 2013, involved in that sale, is hunter biden. this isn't just a crack-addicted son of a president. that's a personal story and
5:45 am
tragic one. this relates to american foreign policy and to our president. they want to make it about addiction, it's not. >> you're right and the belt and road initiative they are doing that now by the way with airports as well even in africa where they are currently in the process of taking over an african airport now they lent a bunch of money to and can't pay it back. all part of the plan, brian. now you know what's interesting how the democrats always talk about greed, you hear it often and they are blaming inflation on greed and not joe biden, it's amazing how greed is just the worst its been in 30 years under joe biden. well now you understand why, guys. because the chinese government understands biden family, they are really great at exponential ly growing greed. they knew that but you blame the chinese government for understanding joe biden's kid is a drifter and then taking advantage of it to leverage their power against the united states? this is a nuclear-powered enemy to the united states let's be crystal clear but you blame them for saying hey our intel sources show this guys family, let's
5:46 am
take advantage of it of course they did that. steve: well you know, we did reach out to hunter biden's lawyer for a statement, we have not heard back. don't hold your breath. dan, thank you very much for joining us today from down in florida. brian: great show over the weekend by the way. >> oh, thank you i appreciate that. thanks brian. steve: thank you, sir. ainsley: 8:45 here on the east coast. let's check in with our senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. >> hello, good morning. let's take a look at it 29 in chicago, it's 40 in new york, much of the country is going to warmup so if you like warmer temperatures, we're going to enjoy that today for most of the country. we do have the potential for some cooler air and some snow showers, for parts of the great lakes, the interior northeast because we have several alberta clippers that are going to visit the area we call them alberta clippers because they ridge into it from canada, they are quick-moving storms, but if you had got three of them we could see the potential for several inches of snow in those areas, it's pretty typical this time of the year. now the west has been inundated
5:47 am
with it's is employee after system especially the northwest we have another round of this atmospheric river tomorrow and then we'll start to relax a little bit which is great news because we have seen an incredible amount of rain especially across the northwest this next round could bring up to a foot of rainfall along the coast. there's your forecast today, it's a very mild temperatures for the central u.s. , across the southeast, miami 75 today 43 here in new york, so all in all not a bad forecast and we will enjoy it. all right steve, ainsley, brian back to you. brian: janice, thank you very much meanwhile straight ahead it was the play of his life a high school football star moved from california to north carolina after the golden state shutdown sports because of covid. his story coming your way next. steve: but first let's check in with bill hemmer and dana perino for a preview of coming attractions. dana: steve thanks for that recipe from your cookbook i used it last night. steve: hamburger pie. dana: it was delicious everybody loved it and i looked like a total hero on sunday
5:48 am
night. bill: hope you had a great turkey day and we ginanew today good morning. marc siegel in a moment on what's real, what's imagine and what cia on this new omicron dare dare. dana: variant, and jack jack keane will be here, the european s are in the room, and that's for the iranians we'll get the general take. bill: and bill mcgurn has a story on paris they are redoing notre dame. wait until you hear what the proposals are to change the church. can't make it up: coming up, shortly, see you then. ♪i want to break free♪ (vo) ready to break free? let's get away to a place where we can finally be free. ♪i've got to break free♪ (vo) plan your getaway with norwegian. sail safe, feel free. let's break down subway's new baja chicken & bacon.
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steve: welcome back. since the pandemic began, we've told you about the massive impact of heavy covid restrictions, but for one high school quarterback in california, they were getting in the way of his dreams. when california shutdown football last year, said they weren't going to play it, lucas lenhoff moved to north carolina so he could get back on the field in front of college recruiters. lucas joins us right now along with his coach at meyers park high school in the great state of north carolina, guys good morning to you. >> good morning. >> good morning thanks for
5:53 am
having us. steve: lucas you heard over a year ago no football in california, you wanted to play, this is your senior year, were you looking at the whole country or why did you focus in on north carolina? >> so it was actually going into my junior year, and the junior year is a big year for the recruiting process and you know, getting your name out there, so a bunch of schools and i was looking for a season in the second semester, and charlotte was one of the places that hadn't played yet and i thought it be a great move so my family and i believed in the game of playing college football and expanding on what i was doing so i moved out to charlotte, north carolina. steve: fantastic and you weren't alone you brought four other teammates went with you, right? >> yes, that's correct. steve: okay, coach curtis? when you heard this kid from california and his friends wanted to start going to school in your school, and play football for you, what did you
5:54 am
think? >> you know, i was excited to come that far and to pick specifically meyers park in charlotte, we were excited to have him. it's a unique opportunity for them and also for us and for our brand here at meyers park and it was a great fit and a great marriage and we appreciate those guys taking that leap of faith and courage in my opinion to come this far and play football. steve: sure so lucas, i think today is the first day recruiter s can come on campus and i think i heard the coach say seven recruiters maybe there taking a look at you and everybody else. where would you like to go? >> you know, honestly right now , i'm just looking for an opportunity to go play football. at a big level i'd honestly like to go anywhere i can just go play the next level and go play nfl and put my name out there and whatever coach believes in me and gives me the opportunity i'll be more than thankful i'll work my butt off for them and show what i can do and just go live out my dream and play
5:55 am
college football. steve: lucas it says a lot about your family because they moved with you to north carolina, everybody moved. >> yes, sir. you know, i'm very thankful for the opportunity that i had. a lot of people don't have the opportunity when something goes wrong to just move to the other side of the country and i'm thankful for the opportunity that my family that north carolina gave me, that california wasn't giving myself and other kids north carolina did a great job opening up football and allowing us to play and allowing kids to be kids. steve: coach fuller, its been a crazy year, but this young man and a couple of his friends from california helped your team, right? >> yes, you know, the pandemic started and these gentlemen actually came in the spring and for them, like i said, that was a great marriage and a great fit for meyers park and the community and then moving into this , you know, this fall and the parents and everybody making a commitment to keep their kids here and somehow figure out a way to play a
5:56 am
season because we weren't quite sure what was going on and the rules presented, once again it was a great opportunity, i think for lucas, to come to the biggest high school in north carolina and continue to play football and we thank north carolina, we thank meyers park giving these gentlemen the opportunity to do that. steve: curtis fuller the coach, lucas let us know when you wind up going to college because we'll report it here on "fox & friends." thank you guys we'll step aside more "fox & friends" in two minutes. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:57 am
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>> dana: the bengals won. broncos won, too. i just heard about that. my sister was watching.


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