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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  November 28, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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it is a family event. that does it for us, the "fox report with jon scott" start right now. have a great evening. ♪. jon: the world on high alert as the cases of the omicron cases detected in south africa has been reported in europe, middle east, asia and north america. good evening i am jon scott and this is the "fox report". ♪ breaking news tonight from the white house were president biden met with his covid response team chief medical advisor if they defile she told the president and likely will take two more weeks to know how serious the
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omicron variant is. dr. fauci also said existing vaccines will provide some degree of protection against severe cases of covid. meantime the uk calling for an emergency meeting of g7 health leaders with the u.s. will begin restricting travel from a african countries naming the slow of the spread of this variant. all of this is scientist raced to learn more about the new strain and how effective current vaccines might be against it. jonathan serrie live in atlanta where the cdc headquarters is located. >> canadian health authorities have confirmed two cases of the omicron variant in ontario. they both involve people who had recently traveled to nigeria, canada now joining the uk and other nations, the netherlands, growing list of nations reporting cases of the omicron variant of the coronavirus. israel has approved a plan to foreign nationals and require its own citizens to quarantine
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after traveling abroad. is really health officials have authorized the use of controversial cell phone tracking technology to do contact tracing. the omicron variant rapid spread in africa suggested maybe highly contagious proven the severity of disease it causes. the south africa dr. who alerted the world to omicron tells the telegraph symptoms in her young healthy patients have been unusual but mild. doctor still don't know if that's the case for older and unvaccinated patients but it wouldn't come as a surprise. >> as pandemics go want viruses get milder and less severe, everybody said had we get out of 1918 we didn't have a vaccine. the answer is the strains get milder, they want to survive how did they survive by jumping from host to host. it'll make it severely sick you
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can't jump. >> researchers say it'll take two possibly three weeks to determine the effectiveness of the vaccines against the omicron variant. but history gives them some calls for optimism. >> it is clear in all the previous examples of variance, the vaccines have worked to provide protection in the boosters have provided especially strong protection against things like delta. >> to caution pfizer inventor now are already working on vaccines, new vaccine specifically target the omicron variant but as doctor collins points out it would take three months to bring them to market. jon: many questions left to answer. thank you. u.s. travel restrictions on a african nations will take effect tomorrow in hopes of stopping the spread of the omicron
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variant. with cases popping up on multiple continents, critics call the move useless or counterproductive. white house correspondent jacqui heinrich has more on that. >> president biden is back at the white house where he is receiving a briefing from doctor anthony fauci, the latest on the omicron variant. the biggest question whether biden will impose travel restrictions as new cases are popping up around europe. >> i'm having a meeting with my medical team. >> so far no cases have been identified in the u.s. but the white house chief medical advisor doctor anthony fauci said he would be surprised if he wasn't here already, it's not clear whether lockdowns will be necessary and added that people should always prepare for the worst. president biden received criticism to impose a travel ban but not inactive for a full weekend. he goes into effect tomorrow. biden said that with the advice of his medical team led by
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dr. fauci who defended the logic. >> travel bands with a highly transmissible virus never completely we get the virus to prevent it from coming into the country, no way that will happen. what you can do you can delay it enough to get us better prepared. that is the thing that people need to understand. >> u.s. health officials are determining whether it abates protection from vaccine. the white house is pushing americans to get their shot and boosters. the national institute of health director francis collins says a vaccine worked up against previous variance and boosters will be a strong protection against delta given the history they expect the current vaccines will most likely be sufficient saying they remain the best line of defense. >> there's a lesson here come on america we missed the chance to be at a much higher level of vaccination across the country that will put us in a stronger position. if omicron is one more wake-up call then let's wake up. >> president biden says he does not expect impose any vaccine
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mandate at this time despite existing mandates being tied up in the court. jon: jacqui heinrich traveling with the president. among those criticizing the president's position to impose a travel restrictions. the former commissioner of the fda scott godley who tweeted there is too much we don't know to impose economically, socially ruined policies on south africa and other nations. ready, fire aim is not public health policy. vaccine and testing requirements for incoming travelers could be prudent, outright travel bands can hurt more than help. let's bring in washington examiner, editor-in-chief. there is that question if the band is going to be effective in preventing the spread of the new variant in this country. why are they not imposing until monday. >> that's a great question. this follows a patent of the
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biden a administration taking action to give the impression that they're doing something meaningful but in fact refuses to cover up incompetence. if there is a need for a travel ban is a life and death question. if the application don't wait four days before you impose the band. at least something not very much as useful as scott gottlieb said. it creates all sort of disruption in this unnecessary panic about omicron. this is what we see with abided administration all the time doing something to make it look like they're doing something useful they did it with inflation, a couple of different things on gas prices. they also do with illegal immigration chaos at the border. really what they're doing is covering up incompetence. somebody pointed out over the weekend the omicron is an anagram of moronic. a lot of people see this as an act description of what the
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biden administration's response has been. jon: i suppose you could add the drone strike after the bombing of the 13 u.s. marines in afghanistan. let's put up a map of ten of the countries were omicron has already been discovered. australia, belgium, germany, hong kong, israel, the netherlands, the uk and south africa and now you can add to the list canada. even 30 in canada and the other nations, it seems pretty likely that is probably already in the united states. >> dr. fauci admits it's already here, there isn't any way that these things will stop. biden himself and president trump imposed a travel ban said award does not stop a virus from spreading. 30 here we know it is. one of the things that we should pointed out is not just incompetence but the hypocrisy. when the last administration put
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in travel bands and renew a great deal less about viruses. president biden accused the administration of racism and xenophobia, that's a go to tactic of democrats when they want to criticize republicans. they tried to stop minority voters from drifting towards republicans away from democrats, that usually what's happening. it's a great deal of hypocrisy. now that the democrats are doing it themselves they say in science. dr. fauci was on tv saying he was being criticized by ted cruz for his deceptions on congress in a criticism of him himself was an attack on science and is completely unconvincing. jon: you mentioned that tweet from candidate joe biden back in 2020 after them president trump imposed a travel ban and
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candidate biden roa wall will not stop the coronavirus banning all travel from europe and any other part of the world will not stop it. this disease can impact every nation and any person on the planet and we need a plan to combat it. he also wrote, this is a little earlier and february 2020. we are in a midst of a crisis with the coronavirus we may lead the way with science on donald trump's record of hysteria, xenophobia and fear mongering he is the worst possible person to lead our country through a global health emergency. this year we have lost more people in this country to covid then we did during the first year of the pandemic when donald trump was president and now we have a vaccine. >> exactly so. the pandemic exploded in march of 2020 which was ten months before donald trump was out of
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office. president abided by coincidence has been in office for ten months, more people died under president biden under president trump. biden inherited the vaccine. he came into office promising he was going to get his arms around it the way the previous administration had not but the vaccination rate is only 58%, considerably lower than other places. he hasn't got his arms around it. what this is is a way of looking like he's doing something meaningful but in fact not managing this very well at all. jon: he pledged he was going to get 70% of the country vaccinated, that is not happen. people don't want to get the vaccine, people don't want to get the vaccine, can you blame the president that they don't want to do it? >> perhaps not but you shouldn't claim that you're going to do it. i think getting vaccinated is always a matter of personal choice, you don't want to be a
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decade-long cries of the left is my body my choice. this is an area where people are making the choice not to get vaccinated. i'd been vaccinated and i think everybody should get vaccinated. it is wise to do. if you're knocking to be able to do it you should not claim that you're going to get it done and what happened there's a big gap between what president biden said he would doing what he managed to do. jon: is windowdressing with the white house is doing back to a great extent it is. there is a whole range of issues in which abided administration is facing crisis, those obviously afghanistan, the border, inflation, gas prices, one thing after another there is covid they're not being managed well and that's why president biden popularity is tanking and his approval, et cetera, the public approval amongst independents and some democrats
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is very, very low because is not succeeding any made extravagant promises about restoration of norms, the restoration of competence, et cetera et cetera. there has been no improvement at all. jon: we had the photo of the president in the oval office meeting with his covid team he promised in the piece of sound that we played earlier there is a meeting with dr. fauci sitting in the middle, ron klain the chief of staff, that is the meeting, that is the biden white house handling it. washington examiner editor-in-chief, thank you. the supreme court has a big decision looming on the future of abortion rights in the united states, the high court will hear arguments involving mississippi 2018 law banning abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy. mississippi is asking the court and states rights to overturn
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his own 1973 president and roe v. wade, legalizing abortion nationwide after 24 weeks of pregnancy. the court has affirmed those protections in recent years before president trump's employment increased its conservative majority. former defense secretary mark esper is suing the defense department claiming it is blocking significant portions of his upcoming memoir. according to the new york times, esper says he submitted a draft of the manuscript to the agency in may, several months later in return the manuscript with reactions and 60 pages of the draft with no explanation. the pentagon spokesperson told him he won't, now that the issues in the courts. we are learning about the retired police sgt working security for a news crew in california as would-be robbers try to steal their camera gear. a look at what to expect in the
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jon: california's spike and losing has turned deadly. a security guard in the san francisco bay area is dead, murdered while protecting the news crew during an attempted robbery as it was covering the smash and grab crimes. christina coleman is in los angeles live with the latest. >> attempted robbery happened in downtown oakland and oakland police announced on twitter that are going to add staffing to address the increase in violent crime including several tactical
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teams to support patrol officers responding to armed caravans in the legal sideshows. the security guard who died from the gunshot injury he suffered from the attempted robbery has been identified as kevin, he served his community for years on law enforcement working as a patrol officer, detective and police sgt. he is survived by his wife, two children and three grandchildren. he was a san jose police officer for 11 years. the police chief says he had a smile, passion to serve others in a unmatched worth ethic with the best of all of us. his tragic death comes after a violent leak of rampant smash and grab robberies in the bay and los angeles areas with tens of thousands of dollars in stolen merchandise. on black friday a group of eight suspects stormed the home depot in lakewood and stole crowbars, mallets and sledgehammers before jumping into getaway vehicles. take a listen to in a place terrifying account of what
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happened. >> we tried to stop them and they closed the front entrance and they put their sledgehammers up like weber got in the way they were going to hurt them and then they threatened the customer but he got away and they ran out and the cops got here shortly. >> law enforcement believe the flash mob are correlated group effort they're investigating organizing these crimes and patrols at shopping centers. critics of california operate its justice system saying the surgeon organized retail crime is a result of a state referendum which downgraded property theft to a misdemeanor for stolen items that they value of $950 or less. >> i think it's a manifestation of weak leadership in a manifestation of some bad decisions that are leaders made. it's a manifestation to set aside for gonna defund the cops. >> they arrested four suspects in beverly hills in connection to the home depot burglar
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really, many more smash and grab suspects are at large. jon: christina coleman. thank you. a child injured in last week's deadly christmas parade tragedy in wisconsin reportedly has been released from the hospital. eight more children remain hospitalized including 11-year-old who is now on a ventilator according to her mom. her uncle attended a bail hearing for the suspect darrell brooks. >> when they read all the charges that he had prior to what he did on sunday. it made me sick to my stomach into hear him cry when the judge mentioned that it carried a life sentence, to me it was selfish that he did that but he was worried about himself. >> he faces multiple accounts of first-degree intentional homicide he's being held on $5 million bail. the sex trafficking trial of jeffrey epstein, ghislaine maxwell accomplice of new york.
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she is accused of recruiting several underage girls the epstein allegedly abused, she could face up to 70 years in prison if convicted. brian llenas is live with more on that case. >> good evening ghislaine maxwell the former girlfriend a billionaire offender jeffrey epstein has been sitting in a brooklyn federal jail sale for 17 months awaiting the start of her trial which begins tomorrow. after epstein suicide in 2019 while awaiting his own trial, epstein sexual abuse accusers see this trial against maxwell as an opportunity to get justice. at least four women are expected to testify against maxwell who was accused of being epstein's madam, recruiting and grooming minors as young as 14 years old for epstein to abuse. the 59-year-old faces six sex charges if convicted. they say maxwell would encourage
3:24 pm
the girls to give epstein sexualize massages arranged epstein's homes in palm beach, new mexico and new york. in some cases maxwell allegedly took part in the abuse herself. she is the youngest of nine children of disgraced tycoon and british publisher robert maxwell. she graduated from oxford and met epstein in the early '90s. there's a fascination how a wealthy british woman could find herself being accused of the heinous crimes. maxwell's brother says she's been scapegoated by u.s. prosecutors. >> this is not quite a job but nonetheless has been pulled together so ghislaine maxwell is made to face the charges the epstein never faced in place of him. she is paying a heavy price. she is treated as guilty.
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>> maxwell's lawyers have tried and failed to get her free unveiled numerous times complaining about inhumane jail cell conditions, she's pleaded not guilty to all the charges her defense lawyers are going to try to discredit her accusers, their expected to call false memory expert to testify on how memories can become distorted over time. these allegations go as far back as 1994. jon: we will watch that case closely, brian llenas in our newsroom. thank you. jury selection scheduled to begin tomorrow in the trial of jussie smollett, the actor accused of staging an attack nearly three years ago in chicago by a man that he claimed shouted racial and homophobic slurs, he pleaded not guilty to a charge of felony disorderly conduct. this after police and prosecutors say he lied to authorities about what happened on january 29 of 2019. the white house says it's doing all they can to handle the
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pandemic and its economic impact. the polls show americans are losing confidence in president biden's performance. we'll take it up with economist john jordan just after this. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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jon: i am jon scott this is the "fox report" pre-here's a look at the top stories new york city police say they nabbed the
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suspect who nocked an asian woman and her adult son down subway steps during a robbery attempt last summer. the woman died days later of injuries suffered in the attack. surviving a roughly three hour flight to guatemala city to miami cut inside the landing gear of an american airlines jet, customs and border protection apprehended the 26 rolled man before taking them to a local hospital for treatment then taking them into custody. boston celtics center reportedly plans to change his name to cancer freedom as he becomes a u.s. citizen tomorrow. he's been increasingly outspoken civil rights advocate and critic of the chinese government. for more on these and other stories, download the fox news app you can scan the qr code on your screen or go to >> i can't make a prediction for
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you that were going to solve every issue tomorrow and next week. were not were coming out of an economic crisis caused by a pandemic that what we are doing, we are using every tool at our disposal to ease the impacts on the american people, is the impact on family, as we look to the holidays but certainly beyond that. jon: per month of white house's place blame on the pandemic for the nation's ongoing economic issues. the coronavirus continues to challenge president biden more than ten months into his first term. the latest fox news poll shows 48% of voters approve of president biden's handling of the pandemic, that is down from 64% in may. now the new omicron variant is raising new concerns. former naval intelligence officer john jordan joins us now. he's an oversee of stanford university hoover institution. good of you to be with us tonight. i want to redo the first line of an ap story about the white house and the attitudes towards
3:33 pm
the pandemic. it says inflation is soaring, businesses are struggling to hire in president joe biden's poll numbers have been in freefall, the white house sees a common culprit for it all. covid-19. is the white house correct? >> the american people are understanding something the white house desperately wishes they didn't, looking at this fairly and objectively we come out from an unprecedented shutdown, pandemic, there was $4 trillion pumped into the economy just before biden took office. there is going to be a transitory of inflationary events in the immediate aftermath of this that is to be expected. what the american people understand the policies are exacerbated. for example raising energy cost the keystone pipeline. again renewing on foreign
3:34 pm
energy. openly encouraging energy prices to increase. is not just gas, plastic takes energy to produce anything prices are going up consumer and businesses understand that and further bidding and exacerbating this. for the borrowing with the build back better or the 2 trillion-dollar march of this year by the democrats. yet more money chasing the same amount of goods. where is this money going to come from is the fed going to. it, either way interest rates and cost to the mickens consumer goes up. americans understated the biden administration doesn't have or want to have any answers. jon: i want to read something the wall street journal editorial board. on thursday. it was referring to the covid death milestone in this administration. the quote is this because of the trump of initiation preparation the us-led most of the world with vaccination the spring yet mr. biden had no plan to deal with the large numbers of vaccine holdouts other than to
3:35 pm
deride them. he missed his goal of getting 70% of adults vaccinated by july nonetheless. i asked this of an earlier guest. if people don't want to get vaccinated is that the white house's fault? >> people don't want to than they're not going to do anything in a free society. here you have initially during the run-up to the election vaccines other president trump are bad now they're good. closing the border to foreign travel in the middle middle east one set of rules under president biden another set of rules. what you have here going back to inflation of the wall street journal, under the world bank productivity index you have to americans biggest ports, los angeles and long beach are 328 and 333 around the world and the build back better 30102 actively prohibits the investment and
3:36 pm
automation were laborsaving to make the ports more efficient. that's within build back better. what you have is a lot of politics overwriting economic reality for the democrat as they try to limp toward the 2022 midterm in the 2024 presidential days. jon: i want to make sure the viewers heard that. you are saying we have a global supply chain problem. we have tankers parked outside they can't offload their goods in the build back better bill is not going to allow those ports from improving their facilities. >> that's exactly right at section 30102 of the build back better bill passed by the house of representatives and sent onto the senate. there is money for judging but most of the money for ports is in terms of initials reduction. environmental regardless of what do you think of that or how you judge the on its merit it does
3:37 pm
nothing to reduce the bottleneck support and bring down costs and improve the kinks in the supply chain. build back better actually does the opposite. viewers are free to look that up. jon: you come to the job market we have 10 million job openings in this country but through the vaccine mandate the president wants to fire people who are going. >> that's exactly right there saying one thing about inflation but doing another. with vaccine mandates is people out of the market, the build back better bill that would drive more people out of the labor market the $1.9 trillion bill passed in march of this year by president biden of the democrats sought to increase unemployment benefits to discourage labor force participation. it begs the question is this an unprecedented level of economic illiteracy or is this part of a broader plan to reorganize the american economy according to a
3:38 pm
leftist vision. jon: you said transitory inflation should've been expected based on the way the pandemic began. the white house still says the inflation we are experiencing now is transitory. is it? >> the pandemic, largely america reopened the spring, early spring early summer of last year. they can only plead transitory for so long, that's why you see the polls are starting to shift there are no better economist than the american consumer in a free market with free society they realize and see for themselves that is not transitory but is talking to weight in the actions of the administration. just this last week we had a 50 million barrels in the strategic petroleum reserve. that's three days worth of oil supplies. it in prices at the pump with energy prices at large. it's windowdressing of politics.
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3:44 pm
warns not to accept any less for less deal with tehran. top european officials gathering in france today for an emergency meeting on migrant smuggling this comes after dozens of people drowned trying to cross the english channel and overcrowded draft believed to be the deadliest such incident on record. trey yingst has a story from jerusalem. >> french had talk with european ministers over their own developing migrant crisis. the aim of the meeting was to improve operational coordination to stop human smuggling. french president is calling on the united kingdom to get serious over the developing situation as the british were not included in the conversation. last wednesday 27 people died as they attempted to cross the english channel from france to the uk. five people were arrested following the tragedy and one had a car registered in germany highlighting the border
3:45 pm
connection to migration. french authorities set up a patrol group for barbed wire to stop people from crossing near the entrance of the channel. despite the entrance toward the uk thousands are expected to continue trying to make the journey to the refugee council is calling on european government to find a solution under the idea of shared humanitarian values. >> for people to recognize and understand a common sense of humanity moral prosecution. they want to offer hand of help and support. but at the same time understandably they're worried and they're anxious when they see a bunch of people coming across the channel. >> humanitarian organizations have noted the deterrence strategy simply aren't working right now, the condition of the country of some of the migrants are so bad they're willing to risk everything to get to a better life. jon: trey yingst in jerusalem. some other headlines from around the globe in peru three people
3:46 pm
were hurt 7.5 earthquake struck the northern coastal area as far as neighboring ecuador. in spain canary islands opened up sending more lava and rocks streaming out of the volcano that's been a representative team since september 19. more than ten lava flows since then have damaged homes, roads and power lines. in taiwan reports of a massive flyby of chinese warplanes today, 27 chinese aircraft reportedly enter the country's southwest air defense i identification zone as a precaution taiwan air defense missile system as it passed by. in australia police are expected to charge a 31-year-old with arson after she set fire in a covid-19 quarantine hotel. she had been staying there with her two children. more than 100 people were evacuated because of the fire, nobody hurt.
3:47 pm
airlines postponing its first flights to israel until further notice over the omicron cove invariant. israel just banned foreign travelers from coming into the country over the strain despite the restrictions israeli officials say the country will still host the ms. universe pageant next month. the tourism and participants will be tested for covid every 48 hour's. that is a look at stories from around the globe. retailers holding out hope for big online sales as stores rollout their cyber monday deals. what to expect on one of the biggest shopping days of the year. or an intense burning sensation. what is this nightmare? it's how some people describe... shingles. a painful, blistering rash that could interrupt your life for weeks. forget social events and weekend getaways. if you've had chickenpox, the virus that causes shingles is already inside of you.
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jon: tens of millions of americans are expected to click the add to cart button tomorrow during cyber monday sales. analysts accept the shopping spree that began with black friday will draw millions more shoppers than last year but fall short of pre-pandemic levels. alexandria hall has details from washington. >> black friday is not the king a used to be for retailers and not just today anymore with sales starting in-store and online weeks earlier foot traffic was down compared to
3:52 pm
pre-pandemic after two years of shopping online. online sales fell for the first time on friday according to adobe analytics, retailers wrapped up $8.9 billion in cyber sales this year compared to 9 billion on the same day in 2020. >> people were worried about supply and the last few months. we saw a big jump in retail sales they came a lot earlier than people expected. >> a major test comes tomorrow in order to break the cyber monday in 2019, consumers will have to spend over $9.4 billion. the federation expects holiday sales from november to december to raise eight and a half to 10.5% over $843 billion to set a record for year-over-year growth but fox news contributor jonathan holding has some doubts. >> it is a silent tax where people are feeling it is the wages are going up and place it is going up even faster. >> supply chain issues have
3:53 pm
given retailers a lot to make up for as many chains have been forced to spend more to meet demand while dealing with sales to low inventory and labor shortages to boot. consumers may be eyeing the markdowns that are as deep as they used to be especially when factoring sales prices are falling on prices that are already more expensive. jon: alexandria hoff in washington. an inspiring sports story coming to a climax last night when a school for the deaf football team played to advance to the state championship. how did they do, that is next. ♪ fisher investments isind different than other money managers. (other money manager) different how? don't you just ride the wave? (judith) no - we actively manage client portfolios based on our forward-looking views of the market. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions, right? (judith) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest. (other money manager) so when do you make more money? only when your clients make more money? (judith) yep, we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different.
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jon: late november is a special time for high school football, especially if your team is playing for a state championship. one team's undefeated season has been inspiring, the california school for the deaf in riverside never had a winning season in its 60 year history, this year they report 12-0 into the divisional championship last night. rick from los angeles was there. reporter: an exchange of handshakes, then it was on, a game for all of the marbles in cif southern division 8 man league. a lot of noise from an enthusiastic home crowd. on the field, silence for the cubs, both coaches and players are deaf. hand signs, is the method of
3:58 pm
communication, the visitors are all hearing abled. and contenders threaten to make it a blowout in a hurry, scoring time after time after time. leaving the home crowd with very little to cheer about. those still hopeful like dee gonzalez whose son is a cubs starter. >> a lot of people are shocked we made it to championship. we're hoping we win tonight a game. it is still in question. reporter: sure enough the cubs exploded for 3 quick scores of their own on the ground. and through the air. but the momentum would not last. as faith baptist took a 50-22 lead at halftime, fan kept the bigger picture in
3:59 pm
mind. >> it is so awesome to see the players and coaches, and how they work things out, they are so effective in everything they do. it shows. i'm so proud of them. reporter: the story book season came to an end. still, both coaches had nothing but praise for the cubs. >> they have done really great, unfortunately, unfinished business for the last game, i wish it could have been done better, i am proud of them, they play a great season this year, they have had numerous records. >> a very good team, number 4 the quarterback amazing. jon: good for them. that was -- lozano reporting, the football team is only losing two seniors to graduation, they are hoping to be back in the hunt for a state championship next year, that is how "fox reports," i am
4:00 pm
jon scott, thank you for watching we'll see you next week, "sunday night in america" with trey gowdy is next. ♪ ♪ trey: thank you for joining us, i am trey gowdy, welcome to sunday night in america, the eyes of our nation were who two jury trials in wisconsin and georgia, most observers believe that the jury reached right decision in both cases, juries usually get it right. with other institutions seeming to crumble around us the jury system puts decisions in the hands of average every day americans, they usually get it right. maybe it's time we ask what is different about the


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