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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  November 28, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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with freestyle libre 2, now he knows his glucose levels when he needs to. and... when he wants to. so ray... can be ray. take the mystery out of your glucose levels, and lower your a1c. now you know. scan the code on screen to try for free. >> president biden is meeting with his covid response people this afternoon amid concern about the new variant wcoel to fox nes live. hi, mollie. >> hello arthel, i am in for eric. the u.k. is calling a meeting of g7 health ministers to discuss the emerging variant after britain announced a third person tested positive for
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the strain. cdc has not yet reported any cases here in the u.s. they want to learn more president new variant. >> we know that this is a variant which has a lot of mutations, like 50 of them, more than 30 in the spike protein. the part of the virus that attaches to your humanselves if you get infected. >> white house correspondent jackie hinrich begins our coverage in nantucket. reporter: president biden has just left nantucket and back at the white house he will receive a briefing from dr. anthony fauci with all of the latest developments on omicron this afternoon. the question remains if the
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president will impose new travel restrictions with this cropping up in europe. >> i'm having a meeting with my medical team as i get back to the white house i'll have more to say. reporter: so far no cases have been offered in u.s., dr. anthony fauci said he would not be surprised if it wasn 't here already, it is not clear whether new lockdowns would be necessary, but he added people should prepare for the worth, president biden faced criticism for his dig to -- his decision to impose a travel ban. fauci defended the logic. >> travel bans when you have a highly transmissible virus, never completely would get the virus to come -- prevent it from coming. no way that will happen. but you can delay it enough
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to get us better prepared. that is the thing people need to understand. reporter: right now u.s. health officials are working to determine whether oni. >> national institution of health director said that vaccines worked again previous variants. and given that history, they are expectations the current vaccines will most likely be sufficient, and say they remain the best line of defense. >> if there is a lesson, it is come on america, we missed the chance of being at a much higher level of vaccination, if omicron is one more wake-up call, then let's wake up. reporter: president biden said he does not expect to impose any new mandates despite the existing mandates tied up in the
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courts. >> thank you jackie. >> the omicron covid variant is turning up in more and more countries, no reports in the u.s. yet, dr. anthony fauci said he would not be surprised if it is here already. jonathan is here with more. in atlanta home of the cdc, what more do you have. >> arthel, we have germany and the u.k. and the netherlands among the growing lists of country, and israel plans to entries to foreign nationals israeli health officials authorized use of of con--
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controversial cell phone tracking. here in u.s., they are postponing surgery in crowded hospitals. >> i have talked to cancer specialists who have said, colonoscopies were put up, detections were put off, we're diagnosing things later in the game. we can't do that again. reporter: the south african doctor who told the world of the omicron said that the concerns in her new patients were mild. >> i think that initial cases are young people. we need more data there before we could say that this is not a severe version of the virus. we should find that out in
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the next couple of weeks. reporter: reserv they are still trying to determine the severity of the disease of the variant causes, they say is rapid spread through africa does suggest at least from the initial information they have, the new variant is highly contagious. the bottom line, arthel, public health officials are saying not reason for people to panic but nevertheless, should be cautious and take of new variant seriously. >> yes, that appears to be happening, none of the officials, no one wants to instill panic or fear. but wants all of us to be aware. and to take the precautions that we already have in place. when you have a israel as you reported, they are barring entry from their foreign nationals and their citizens to quarantine upon
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entry, i think a lot of people see the travel ban as something that is helpful or something too late. but it seems that various governments are trying their best to curtail that from spreading if that is what indeed is going to happen with the new variant. if it will potentially spread the way they think it could. reporter: yes, and i like the word you use curtail. no one believes that you can actually keep the variant out of your country. there is just so much international travel going on. but the efforts the travel bans, may slow the spread of the variant to give health officials in each country more time to ramp up the response to it and perhaps deal with it. >> i spoke with dr. hotez earlier, i asked if he was concerned about
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christmas travel. now they want others traveling at christmas, he said it is a valid question, but a little too soon to know if people need to change their plans at-this-point. right now we're in a wait and see period. jonathan, i know you will be on top of all of reporting from cdc perspective. >> milboro. my pleasure. >> we talk about public health concerns, u.s. companies are watching news of the omicron variant. tanking the markets friday with dow down more than 109, businesses fear the new variant could mean more restriction and lockdowns. let's bring in fox news contributor, thank you for joining us.
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with the new variant. we're seeing the travel restrictions. so what sector should we be looking at as far as biggest potential fallout. >> i think we have to be looking at sector that got hit so hard in the previous round. that would include airlines that would include hotels, and restaurant sectors, movie theaters, you know any places where people gather. then we also have to look at some of the industry sectors that have been hit hard, not necessarily by people traveling but by goods, by goods moving with ships lined up outside of ports on the west coast. because the supply chains have been disrupted by different waves of the variants. hopefully, business leaders and businesses have figured
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out a way better ways to deal with it, we have seen even with the wave of summer is that another wave of the virus could cause another slowdown in the economy. which is news really that no one wants to hear. >> well let's look at our history. this is president of the federal reserve bank in atlanta. >> we don't have really any economic models going into this, that really predict how the economy will respond to a pandemic. one thing that we have learned with each successive variant introduced. the economy has slowed down but the amount of slow down has been less. >> your thoughts on what he said about how things have staggered. >> i think that is right. when the virus first hit march of 2020, we shut the
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whole economy down it was devastating. you know as we have gotten successive waves, the shut downs have been managed more carefully, not as devastating but it is still painful. you also mentioned historical precedence. i think it is world reminds people -- worth reminding people if you look back to spanish flu it was a terrible time. there was a lot of deaths. but the economy did get back on its feet. we had a decade of roaring economic growth in the 1920s after the spanish flu. this is certainly disruptive. it is disrupting people's lives and business. but it is not necessarily the end of the world, we don't know yet how the new variant will play out.
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let's keep our fingers crossed. >> my next question, "wall street journal" editorial board headline, omicron variant, panic. travel restriction did not stop delta or alpha or original wuhan strain -- will governments shut down their borders and lockdown again? that is the fear animating markets, we're seeing some of the lockdowns, protests in europe relates to that. and as well as some restrictions as far as travel concerns particularly out of africa to europe and u.s. you know what does that mean for the economy? when you are concerned about the lock downs then you, seeing them? >> i mean, i would not call what happened friday a panic at-this-point. the market fell 2 1/2%. it has bounced back from bigger falls, i don't think we're in a state of panic yet. one thing we have learned over the last year and a
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half of this, almost two years, is that you have to find ways to calibrate your response, a total shut down is devastating, but doing nothing is not helpful. we have seen things, i looked at shut down policies, and mass policies and how they affect the progression of the disease and the economy. what we have seen is things like mask policies can be helpful, if you look at 2021 there have been more deaths in a place like florida than were in new york. florida had lighter restrictions and new york tougher, i think that less know from that there has to be some -- lesson from that is there has to be some middle ground, nobody likes wearing a mask, but it can helps to slow the disease, that actually helps the economy in the long run. if there is going to another wave we have to learn from the last year and a half and
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find those policies that help with out devastating too. the economic activity. >> thank you, john. >> thank you. >> holiday shopping seen begins, smash-and-grab robberies on the rise. your dell technologies advisor can help you find the right tech solutions. so you can stop at nothing for your customers.
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and releases stubborn fat all while controlling stress and emotional eating. at last, a diet pill that actually works. go to to get yours. arthel: a child hurt in last week's deadly waukesha christmas parade tragedy has been released from the hospital. but another little girl who was critically injured is now clinging to life, jocelyn torres is one of 8 children remained hospitalized, she has been placed on a ventilator. >> her uncle attended the bail hearing for the suspect darrell brooks. >> they read the charges prior to what he did sunday, it made me sick to my stomach, and the --y cried. arthel: brooks faces full up
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face -- held is 5 million dollar bail. >> smash-and-grab crimes in california take a turn, a security guard has died after he was the shot while protects, a bay area news crew covering an attempted robbery, cristina coleman with the latest from los angeles bureau, she has been following it for us. reporter: the security guard who died yesterday from down shot injured he suffered has been identified, survived by his wife, two children, and 3 grandchildren. he was a san jose police officer for 11 years. police chief released a statement on this tragic death. he said that his smile and passion to serve others and unmatcheddic thick.
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this is after a week of violence smash-and-grab robberies in bay and los angeles areas. resulting in tens of thousands of dollars to stolen merchandise, law enforcement believe they are coordinated group efforts, they are investigating who is organizing the crimes and beefing up patrols at shopping centers. >> i have no sympathy, people smashing, grabbing, stealing people's items, creating havoc and terror on the streets, none, we want real accountability. reporter: on black friday a group of 8 suspects stormed a home depot in lakewood. listen to the employee's terrifying accounts. >> we closed front door, they put
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sledgehammers up if someone got in the way they were go doing hurt them. >> no one was caught from yesterday's indent. molly: terrifying for the shoppers, cristina coleman in los angeles thank you. arthel: not just california, struggling with smash robberies, mob style lootings on the rise across the country. in chicago police are giving warnings to businesses in the city. after a string of burglaries and outside of minneapolis, a group of up to 30 people looted a best buyout let friday, black friday shoppers were in disbelief watching it happen. >> i was sitting in the car watching this trying to figure out what is going on,
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who is running carrying a tv, it hit me, this is not right. arthel: no. bring in ted williams, former dc homicide detective and fox news contributor. ted, why is this happening. >> i can tell you these are crimes opportunity. we're in the christmas holiday season right now. and merchants are really going to have to do more not only to protect their goods but also customers. some of the things that i suggest, arthel, they hire off-duty police officers, i think off-duty police officers in uniform can act as deterrent. they should put merchandise
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tracking equipment on their merchandise. the rational about that, if they get the merchandise out of the store, at high-end stores, or at some stage or another they may very well be able to track the individuals down. and finally, what i think lawmakers will have to do, be more harder on the criminals, if these individuals steal say in california less than $1,000 in goods, than charged with a misdemeanor. arthel: let me put some information up on the screen to that point, looking at threshold for felony theft charge in california. this before prop 47, 450 dollars worth of stolen goods was considered a felony after prop 47 it is
1:24 pm
950. >> i think when we'll lose respect for the law, they don't fear capture or punishment. this is the sort of thing that you see, all politics should be well advised make sure we have stiffen tenses in place, and too take the crimes seriously. and prosecute the individuals who are committing the crimes. arthel: that is what you were saying what other ways could we stop the brazen robberies. >> i think what mr. dupree represented there, something i would like to see, lawmakers enact laws that are more tougher, if it can be shown these individuals were part of an organized mob, they would be charged with a felony, if these words get out in various
1:25 pm
communities, i think that would be a deterrent. i can tell you, you have -- you said a few minutes ago, this kind of smash-and-grab criminal activity is all over the country right now it has like we saw in oakland, california, a former police officer, a grandfather of 3 of killed protecting a television crew. arthel: that was sergeant kevin, really sad turn of events there, i love your idea about putting the tracking device in some of the merchandise, and have to lead back to where the people are going. and -- your idea of suggesting some of the business owner have to hire off-duty police officers to do detail. that is extra money, but they could prevent robberies that would save them a lot of money in stole ep goods. before we go, here we are in middle of christmas shopping
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season, do you have any advice, ted to consumers? people want to shop. they can't just stay home. what is your advice? >> i think consumers for the most part relatively safe when it comes to shopping in the retail stores. it is the store that is really the target of the individuals. what the retailer must do is to be looking for individuals who are casing their stores, these guys before they go in, and the organized manners of stealing, they go in and they shop that store, they look in the store, they find out what is the best way in and out of thestores, everyone needs to work together in regard to this to bring this to a successful conclusion. arthel: they are casing the
1:27 pm
joint. so you need to have some undercover security inside watching who is watching your stuff. ted williams, i appreciate your expertise thank you so much. >> my pleasure, thank you. arthel: molly. molly: china raising tensions with taiwan, flying dozens of warplanes through the taiwanese military zone. days after lawmaker visited taiwan in a show of solidarity that angered beijing, next guest a former state department official who said this is a credibility test for the biden administration.
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>> iran is expected to resume nuclear talks tomorrow with u.s. and at allies in vienna. biden administration has been trying to get iran back
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to the table since 2015 nuclear agreement. our middle eastern ally israel warns the u.s. to not accept any partial deal. arthel: developing news out of france, top european officials gather today on emergency meeting on migrant smuggling after dozens of migrants drowned after trying to cross the english channel on a raft, trey with the latest. reporter: france held talks with european ministers over a developing migrant crisis, the purpose of the meeting to get on the same page about operational conditioning and how to come together in terms of security situation to stop human smuggling and the movement of the migrants,
1:33 pm
french president macron calling on u.k. to get serious over the developing situation as the british were not included in the conversations, last week 27 people died as they attempted to cross the english channel from france to the u.k., 5 people were arrested after this, one had a car registered to germany. french authorities set up a patrol group, and thermal cameras, despite the attempts, thousands are expected to continue to try to make the journey. refugee council calling on european governments to find a solution under a shared idea of humanitarian values. >> people recognize and understand and see a common sense of humanities. they want to offer a hand of help. and support. but at the same time, understandably, they are worried, they are anxiety
1:34 pm
when see the people coming across the channel. reporter: humanitarian organizations noted traditional strategies for deterrents are not works, migrants are faces such difficult condition at home they are risking everything to get to safety. arthel: thank you, trey, molly? molly: taiwan, scrambling aircraft and defense missiles today after 27 chinese war planes flew through a chinese military zone. u.s. lawmakers visited taiwan in a show of solidarity. south carolina congresswoman nancy mace was part of the dell doing. -- delegation. >> the chinese embassy pushed back strongly against every member on that trip,
1:35 pm
demanding we don't visit taiwan, i don't get permission from communist china to do anything, we ignored their demands and we went to taiwan anyway. molly: let's bring in former senior advisory to state department, kyron thank you for joining us. we appreciate your take on things. you had a chance to listen -- >> thank you. molly: you had a chance to listen to representative, saying she does not take her orders from china, this is the third trip that u.s. lawmakers made, a bipartisan trip. is it effective what they are doing the message they are sending? >> i think this is incredibly effective, i hope they continue to do it and put pressure on white house as much as on chinese government, because the bipartisan groups that make these journeys to taiwan, actually speak with clarity and resolve. and a commitment to the
1:36 pm
shared value that u.s. has with taiwan, fem democracy and a commitment to freedom. this needs to continue to happen, since the biden administration has rhetoric with china, saying there a commitment to taiwan that is not really clear. the administration abides by the one-china policy. but sometimes it appears that it wants to go beyond that. i think legislators who are willing to get out of their chair, travel, observe, and make a commitment on behalf of the united states, sends a powerful signal to president xi and communist party in china. china. molly: should the biden administration send a similar message in a similar way? >> you know, has tried, it
1:37 pm
should, i think follow the actions of the administration. not just the words. first ever quad presidential level quad meeting with japan, and india. we applause that behavior. then in a nato meeting president biden emphasized and encouraged nato partners to designate china's strategic alliance threat. but then, the envoy for climate change, john kerry, signed with his chinese counterpart a weak climate document. one that many say is weaker than a similar document several years ago. so it is not clear in terms of the actions and
1:38 pm
-- that is what when the legislators do is so important, in face of the latest provocation, the breaching of the air defense zone for taiwan. which by the way the chinese did in a larger way back in october. molly: yes, just recently. the chinese are being very aggressive and they have been, we have scenics panded ties russia. and the region, i want your reaction to something lieutenant general keith kellogg said, regarding president xi jinping's military build up and threats to taiwan. >> south chinese sea is important to u.s. because of all sea lanes of commerce that go through there he is expanding his geegraphical
1:39 pm
reach, he will push on taiwan, he is a very authoritarian leader, he has a plan to go long range, 10 to 20 years. molly: playing the long game, what does that mean when we talk about taiwan that teams have been involved in this long game for a long time. >> you know listening to some of the taiwanese legislators and political activists, it is their view it is not a long game, many are expecting to see a chinese takeover of their country in their lifetime, i agree with general kellogg, but i would add we need to spend more time understanding the sensitive dynamics of taiwanese politics, president of taiwan oversees a party ha that is -- that is leaning
1:40 pm
toward independence. there are an overwhelming number of people committed to a sovereign taiwan. in addition to when china is dying to encircle taiwan and much of the world you have a taiwan getting stronger in terms of its own resolve. this is a situation that has danger in many directions and clarity from the u.s. is important. i suggest that tragic ambiguity served the united states on the one hand abiding by one-china policy. but then having deep ties to taiwan, selling arms to the country as well, i think we ought to replace strategic ambiguity with strategic resolve, and figure out what that means, that is the key challenge in my view for the biden white house it is needed. >> kyron skinner thank you
1:41 pm
so much. >> thank you. arthel: the trial of the set to begin tomorrow for jeffrey epstein's alleged sex trafficking acomp is, what is at stake. ♪ i had a dream that someday ♪ ♪ i would just fly, fly away ♪ ♪♪ this flag isn't backwards. it's facing this way because it's moving forward. ♪♪ just like the men and women who wear it on their uniforms
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>> supreme court has a big
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decision on the hospitalization this -- horizon this week on future of abortion rights in u.s., on wednesday high court will hear a case involving mississippi's 2018 law banishing abortion. they are asking a court to overturn its own 1973 precedent in roe v. wade. >> in new york city, sex trafficking trial for jeffrey epstein's allege accomplice, ghislaine maxwell begins tomorrow. prosecutor say that maxiell rethe crowded several underage girls for epstein to allegedly abuse, she could face up to 7 years in prison -- 70s years in prison if convicted. reporter: ghislaine maxwell has been sitting in a brooklyn federal jail cell for 17 months awaiting the start of her trial tomorrow,
1:47 pm
after epstein's suicide in 2019 his sexual abuse accusers see this trial against ghislaine maxwell as an opportunity for some kind of justice. she is to have been a madame, grooming and recruiting minors. as young as 14 years old for epstein to abuse. prosecutor say, that maxwell would befriend the girls beforehanding over them to epstein to abuse. she is the youngest of 9 children. of disgraced tycoon, british publisher maxwell, people are fast nat -- fascinated how the wealthy british socialize could find herself accused of these types of crimes, her lawyers
1:48 pm
have tried to get her free on bail numerous times, complaining of inhumane conditions. her brother said she is being scape quoted by u.s. prosecutors. >> authorities lost epstein on their watch. in federal custody, under 24/7 guard. and they are taking it out on my sister, that is damn wrong. reporter: maxwell pleaded not guilty to all of the charges, 6 week trial begins tomorrow, prosecutors will be relies on testimony from 4 accusers. arthel: okay bryan llenas, thank you. molly: black friday and small business saturday have come and gone, up next, cyber monday, what analysts are predicts for the final day of the holiday shopping spree, next.
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>> a stow away survived a flight from guatemala city to miami, tucked inside of landing gear of an american airline plane, customs border patrol protection
1:53 pm
caught the stow away, took him to custody. 129 people worldwide have tried to stow away in commercial aircraft since 1947, 100 of them died during the flight. molly: millions of americans to shop on-line, tomorrow, for cyber monday. capping off a 4 day holiday shopping spree to started with black friday, tomorrow's sales to draw millions more shoppers than last year but could still fall a bit short of prepandemic levels. reporter: black friday is not the king it used to be for retailers. not really just a day any more. look friday foot traffic was down compared with prepandemic levels it was up from last year. on-line sales fell for the first time friday. according to adobe
1:54 pm
analytics, 8.9 billion in cyber sales this year. >> people were worried about supplies in last two months, we saw a big jump in retail sales that came earlier than people expected. reporter: a test comes tomorrow to break the cyber monday record of 2019, consumer have to spend over 9.4 billion, they are particular -- expecting holiday sales to rise 10 1/2%. that would set a record the for year-over-year growth. >> inflation, they say it is a silent. it is growing up faster. reporter: giving retailers' lot to make up for tomorrow, many large chains have been forced to spend more to meet demand while dealing with loss of sales. consumer may be eyeing mark
1:55 pm
downs that are not as steep as they used to be. fox news in washington. >> up next, story of a deaf high school football team that went undefeated. and reached state championship, we'll tell you the final outcome when we come back.
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2:00 pm
they inspired so many and so much to be proud of. we say congratulations on a historic season, congratulations to them. >> they are winners such an example we can use in our life. thank you for filling in for eric. happy something ♪ ♪ >> hello i am raymond arroyo along with anita bogle, lara trump and tyrus, welcome to "the big sunday show", here's what's on tap. >> one week after the horrific tragedy in waukesha the uncle of an 11-year-old victim speaks out. >> after hearing everything that he had any read all the charges that he has prior to what he did on sunday, it made me sick to my


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