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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  November 28, 2021 10:00am-11:00am PST

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a painful, blistering rash that could interrupt your life for weeks. forget social events and weekend getaways. if you've had chickenpox, the virus that causes shingles is already inside of you. if you're 50 years or older ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingles. >> countries around the world confirming cases of the new covid variant from australia to netherlands all trace travelers arriving from south africa as the united states prepares to ban travel from 8 countries in that region starting tomorrow. and the president plans to meet with his covid-19 response team this afternoon. welcome to fox news live i'm mike emanuel, fox team coverage with jacqui heinrich and jonathan in atlanta, jonathan, let's start with you. reporter: hi there, good
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afternoon to you, mike. germany and the uk are also among growing list of nations reporting cases of the omicron variant and israel has approved a plan to bar entry to foreign nationals and require its own citizens to quarantine after traveling abroad. israeli health officials authorized the use of controversial cell phone tracking technology to do contact facing. the omicron variant suggests it may be highly contagious but researchers are still trying to determine the severity of disease it causes. the south african doctor that first alerted the world to omicron tells the symptoms have been unusual but mild. doctors still don't know if that's the case for older and unvaccinated patients but i couldn't come as a surprise. >> as pandemics go on, viruses tend to get milder and less
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severe and that's what occurred in 1918. everybody says how do we get out of 1918, we didn't have a vaccine. the strengths get milder, they want to survive, how do they survive, jumping host from host and if you kill a host or make it severely sick, you can't jump. >> researchers say it'll take two or three weeks to determine existences. >> it's clear in all previous examples of variants the vaccines have works to provide protection and the boosters have provided especially strong protection against things like delta. >> now as a precaution both pfizer and moderna are working on new vaccines that specifically target the omicron variant but, of course, they would have to be tested in human trials so collin's point if
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developed a new vaccine, it would be 3 months before it can start to market. mike: jonathan, many thanks. president biden is heading back to the white house this afternoon where he plans to meet with covid-19 response team about new covid variant omicron. jacqui heinrich where the president spent holiday beaked. >> the white house was quick in announcing new travel restrictions but less time in imposing them. president biden said that was the advice of his medical team. dr. anthony fauci said travel bans never really fully prevent this strength or this virus from entering the country but the hope is that they can be delayed so the country can be better prepared with resources to deal with it. >> the mutations would strongly suggest that it would be more transmissible and might evade some of the protection of antibodies and plasma and
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antibodies induced by vaccine. jacqui: reaction to travel restrictions have been mixed. markets are showing concern that another variant might hit businesses hard and travel and dining out could be impacted. there's also some concern that there could cause more inflation and more supply chain issues. republicans also pointed out former president trump was criticized by some for imposing similar travel bans and congressman maze said both trump and president biden made the right decision. >> when president trump did this he was labeled as racist but when president biden does it, seemingly entirely okay. that is the problem with politics and a lot of the mainstream media coverage today and social media. they don't treat republicans and democrats equally. i would like to see more data. that would be important making policy decisions related to travel but it is the right decision right now. >> we are told the president will receive an in-person briefing from his covid-19 response team when he gets back to the white house later this
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afternoon, but vice president kamala harris did not indicate more travel bans expected right now. >> we will take it one step at a time but as of now we have done what we believe is necessary. jacqui: over the last 24 hours we have seen countries imposing stricter measures to contain the virus. uk ramping up mask use and also testing for international travelers and israel as jonathan siri mentioned shutting down borders to foreigners entirely after a single case of the omicron variant was detected. mike: for more reaction vickie, congresswoman, welcome. >> thank you, mike. good to be here. mike: are you worried about possible overreaction with the new omicron variant? >> well, i am. i think first we should determine to see verity of the
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variant. to me from what we have heard it may be very mild symptoms and certainly we do not need government shutdowns again. we need our kids in school, we need people going to work and we need to keep this economy going and use regular common sense precautions but we do not want a shut down again. mike: to inflation, your democratic colleagues would like to pass nearly $2 trillion more in spending. obviously we are coming off the most expensive thanksgiving ever in termination of what you pay for at the grocery store and also at the gasoline pump. what would that do to inflation? >> it's just going to send it through the roof and further throw fuel on the fire. i mean, families are hurting as you just said, we just came off the most expensive thanksgiving ever and families are having difficult time even finding money to fill their car and their truck at the gas station so we don't need to throw more money out into the economy and we need to live within our
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means. this bill that was passed is devastating not only it's going to fuel inflation but also for the 150 new socialist programs that it puts in place that's going to be devastating for our country going down the road and so it's a terrible bill and i'm hopeful that the senate will be able to stop it. mike: when you all return to the capital this week after the thanksgiving break you'll be asked to extend government funding beyond december 3rd, you also need to deal with the debt sealing, the government's ability to borrow money. take a listen to this from minnesota senator amy klobuchar. >> the republicans want to scrouge out on us and increase people's interest rates and make it hard to make car payments, go ahead make that case. we will stop them from doing that. mike: congresswoman, how do you respond? congresswoman: she and the democrats are causing inflation and they are the ones that have put us such in debt and they
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should be responsible for debt sealing and they control the house and the white house and they have passed the bills putting trillions of dollars in debt. let them pass the debt sealing. >> hanukkah start tonight. christmas is 27 days out. what can be done for the supply chain crisis in the country? congresswoman: well, we need to get people back to work, bottom line and it is starting to ease a little bit but we need more truck drivers, we need people working at the ports unloading the containers and we need to clearly bring more manufacturing back to america. we've become too dependent on other countries especially china for many goods. that's why i introduced legislation before the pandemic to bring our pharmaceutical production back because as a member of the armed services committee i've learned that most of the medicines and vaccines given to the military do come from china or their pharmaceutical ingredients come from china and so i was already
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advocating for that and now we've seen the vulnerability that our nation has to all sorts of products and services that we need to be making right here, so that's the long-term goal is to bring those productions back here to our own country, in the meantime getting americans back to work and the bill that democrats just passed will make it worse by encouraging people to stay home. it removes work requirements for welfare programs. this is the opposite direction we need to be going. mike: all right, congressman vickie from the great state of missouri, great to see you. safe travels and we will see you back on the hill soon. congresswoman: sounds good, thanks, mike. mike: thank you. coming up we will speak with texas democratic congressman al green on his take on the new covid variant. that's coming up at the bottom of the hour. on fox news sunday treys gallagher. top at the hour right after this
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show. ♪ ♪ ♪ mike: turning to crisis, security was shot and killed in oakland california while protecting television crews property, christina coleman live in los angeles with more. hi, christina. christina: the security guard who died was identified as retired police sergeant kevin nashida, served in the community in law enforcement working as a patrol officer and gapping detective. he died yesterday from gunshot injuries he suffered during that attempted robbery that happened on wednesday. nashida survived by wife, two children and 3 grandchildren. he was a san jose police officer for 11 years. the chief -- violent week of
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smash and grab robberies in the bay and los angeles areas resulting in tens of thousands of dollars of stolen merchandise. on black friday group of suspects stormed lakewood and stole crowbars, sledge hammers before jumping into get away vehicles. take a listen to an employee's testifying account of what happened. >> we closed the front entrance and they put their sledge hammers up whoever got in the way they were going to hurt them and then they actually threatened a customer but he got away and they just ran out and the cops got here shortly. christina: law enforcement believe the flash mob robberies are coordinated group efforts and investigating who is organizing the crimes and beefing up patrols and say this surge in organized retail crime is a result of state referendum which downgraded property theft to a misdemeanor for stolen items with a value of $950 or
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less. >> i think it's a manifestation of weak leadership and manifestation of some really bad decisions that our leaders made and manifestation of deciding we are going to defund the cops. christina: no one has been charged in the home depot robbery yet and dozens of suspect who is were involved in the other smash and grab thefts are still at large. mike. mike: christina coleman live on the west coast. thank you so much. one migrant's extreme journey to make it here in the united states inside the landing gear of an american airlines details next. ♪ ♪ ♪
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stops sugar cravings, and releases stubborn fat all while controlling stress and emotional eating. at last, a diet pill that actually works. go to to get yours. mike: the sky may be the limit when it comes to immigration crisis. officials found after it landed in miami saturday. survived freezing temperatures during roughly 3-hour flight from guatemala city, customs and border protection apprehended the man before taking him to local hospital for evaluation. type european migration officials calling emergency meeting today to find more effective way to curve the flow of migrant smuggling after 27 people drowned while crossing the english channel earlier in the week. trey yingst has the latest live
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from jerusalem, hi, trey. >> france held talks with european ministers over developing migrant crisis we understand that the purpose of the meeting was to get on the same page about the operational coordinational and french president emanuel macron is calling on the united kingdom to get serious over the developing situation as the british were not included in these conversations. last wednesday 27 people died as they attempted to cross the english channel from france to the uk. 5 people were arrested following the tragedy and one actually had a car registered in germany highlight it is cross-border connection to migration. french authorities have set up a patrol group. thermal cameras and barbed wire to stop people from crossing near the entrance of the channel. despite attempts of curving the flow people toward the uk, thousands are expected to continue to make journey. refugee calling to find solution of humanitarian values.
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>> people recognize and understand and see common sense of humanity and they want to offer a hand of help and support but at the same time understandably they are worried and anxious when they see images of people coming across the channel. >> humanitarian organizations have noted that the strategies of deterrence simply aren't working right now. the conditions of the home countries of the migrants are too bad and they are willing to risk anything to get to new life and to safety. mike: trey yingst live in jerusalem, thanks a lot. more countries imposing travel restrictions as new covid variant spreads around the world and fears a new covid wave could trigger vaccine and mask
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mandates. gentlemen, welcome. >> thanks for having us. >> robbie, how do you assess the government's response so far to the new variant omicron? >> i think it's right for everyone to be on their guard and weary of this. the delta wave was terrible and hit us when we were thinking we were coming out of the pandemic. we had the vaccine and delta wrecked our plans. that said, until we see evidence -- i don't think we have evidence yet that this strain is significantly more dangerous or or deadly and transmissible and we should be doing anything that we are doing making vaccine values and if there's more red tape that we can cut, please let's rush that to the market. let's not impose more lockdowns, mask mandates, closing of businesses. i don't think the economy -- i don't think the american -- the psyche of the american people can take more shutdown holidays, that kind of -- that stuff has to -- we could do that for 5, 10
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more years every time there's a reason to be alarmed we shut down all of society. i would -- i hope the government, i think that would be a terrible move if they went to that extreme level. please make vaccination easier and encourage it but not mandate and not lockdowns. mike: fair enough. christopher, given the biden administration high marks given tomorrow night. to be fair, didn't president trump get called a racist for his travel ban? >> racist do what racist do and we knew that president trump was borderline racist and pandering to racist h. mike: how is it different this time then? i'm not in favor of stopping flights from other countries. i think that we should have a vaccine mandate for all people coming into the united states of america and all people flying around this country. joe biden, the faa, the cdc should be mandating vaccines on flights and, look, you have a right not to take the vaccine if you don't want to but you don't have an american to fly or fly into this country without that
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if the government decides that's what they need. that would slow the spread around the world and shouldn't be just the united states mandating vaccines on airplane flights. all countries on this planet should mandate vaccines on airplanes because that's where the viruses get spread around the world. we can contain them in certain places, plus the united states of america and the other developed countries around this world should be doing more to make sure that other countries that are having a smaller rate of vaccination get vaccinated and have the tools that they need to do that. mike: some republican senators have been vocal of going after expert fauci, rand paul and ted cruz to name a couple. here is dr. fauci responding to an attack from senator cruz. >> senator cruz told the attorney general you should be prosecuted. doctor: yeah. [laughter] doctor: i have to laugh at that. i should be prosecuted? what happened on january 6th,
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senator? >> do you think that this is about making you a scapegoat to deflect of president trump? >> of course, you have to be asleep not to figure that one out. mike: robbie, what's your assessment? >> that chilling laugh. i don't know if fauci should be charged with anything. he should be investigated. rand paul is right and he should resign and not be in the role that he is. people should know more about gain of function research, the federal health bureaucracy and dr. fauci knows more than what he's saying and caught in lies about this, the extent of the american involvement and that's the criminal misdoing side of it and as a spokesperson for the public health establishment he's no longer effective whatsoever in the role, he recommends, you know, lockdowns and mandates and -- and keeping everyone at home
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at every turn. he has totally lost the faith of the american people and deservedly so, he can deflect all he wants. >> i think senator cruz is the worst kind of panderer because he knows better, he knows he's causing disruption in this country but he's doing it purely for political gain for a presidential run he envisions himself having in a couple of that will never amount to anything. he is a loser's loser and he should stick to attacking big bird which didn't go over very well for him and stop messing with people who are trying to solve this crisis. dr. fauci has not been perfect throughout this crisis, i will give him that and he will admit that but he's done everything he can to put the american people safety first. ted cruz has undermined that, rand paul as undermined that at every turn for pure politics. that will never amount to anything and neither one of those two are serious
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presidential contenders and they should stick to what that do best, writing legislation that will never become law. absolutely not. mike: bail reform, christmas parade massacre in wisconsin where the suspect had long criminal record and lots of smash and grab cases in california, robbie, are those signs we should not be easing up on law enforcement tools? >> yeah, look, it's difficult because there are a lot of criminal justice reform measures that i support, that republicans support and democrats, that have bipartisan, have support of the american people but, you know what, we can't -- we are seeing rise in crime and violence. i think there's been a little bit of societal breakdown because of the pandemic and the mitigation efforts that we put in place to fix the pandemic and it is -- it's scary out there and, look, people are not going to support, you know, lowering police budgets or -- or bail or they are going to support law
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and order policies if they're afraid that crime -- they are reasonably afraid that thicks are getting worse. the biden administration and democratic officials in our blue cities are really failing to get this problem under control. it's getting a lot worse and it's going to end up eroding support for some measures that i think would be -- would be -- that we should have. i dent like -- these videos are terrible and then obviously what happened in waukesha. mike: chris, how do you respond in bail angle? >> we have to make sure that judges can look at the person in front of them, look, you are a threat to yourself or society, i'm going to put you away or high level of bail to make sure that you're accountable to the court system. that said, i don't want to see people sitting in jail for a year and a half awaiting trial because they sold a pepperman patty which has happened in the
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country. we have to have some sort of balance and i would like to see that. yeah, fear is a powerful motivator in politics and the gop has been very successful at harnessing that fear including anecdotal evidence of things happening around the country and ascribing everywhere in america and getting the vote out and the democrats are not taking that seriously in 2022, they will face serious losses. mike: not long ago that we were hearing from defunding the police, do you think there are any regrets from the folks on the left when you look at the smash and grabs in places like los angeles and san francisco? >> i don't think -- i think people on the far left still support policies so there's not going to be self-reflection on that from your kind of far-left activist type person but more centrist, reasonable, normal, moderate democrats, the kind who would like to exert more influence over our president, i bet they -- they probably didn't like it when the left was talking about that.
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they certainly -- they certainly wish it hadn't happened now. it's just -- it's going to be a hugely winning issue for the right because man do we not want our police defunded given what's going on. mike: it's interesting, chris, a lot of looting in new york city and now they've course corrected a bit by electing a long-time former police officer as the new mayor of new york city, do you expect the new mayor will be able to clean things up? >> yes, i think eric adams will do a great job and i think defunding the police is one of the dumbest slogans i heard in the history of my life and i have been in politics my whole life since i was 12 year's old. you want to reimagine the police as eric adams has been saying, reform policing which definitely we can all agree can use reforms including long-time police advocates can say that, people who served on the force but defund the police, it was a ridiculous statement that -- that required too much explanation to be effective politically. so, yeah, i think eric adams is
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going to do a great job in the city. i wish him well and i think you see it right here, eric adams, won democratic primary in new york city. the right tries to paint all democrats with this broad brush that they all support defund the police and i'm telling you right now, most of them don't which is why eric adams and one of the most liberal cities in america is the next mayor of new york. mike: fascinating, christopher hahn, robbie swave, thank you for wrapping up. accused of lining up young women for jeffrey epstein, the charges she faces next.
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mike: long awaited trial of maxwell starting new york in new york city. bryan llenas is following the story from the big apple, hi,
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bryan. reporter: former girlfriend of billionaire and sex offender jeffrey epstein has been sitting in brooklyn federal jail cell for 17 months awaiting the start of her trial which begins tomorrow. after epstein suicide in new york jail cell while awaiting his own trial, epstein sexual abuse accusers see as justice. four women to testify accuse being jeffrey's madame. the 59-year-old faces 6 federal sex trafficking charges which carry maximum of 70 years in prison. prosecutors say maxwell would encourage the girls to give epstein sexualized massages arraigning them at epstein's home, palm beach, santa fe and maxwell took part in the abuse herself.
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he's the youngest of nine children of disgraced tycoon and publisher maxwell and graduated from oxford and met epstein in early 90's, people are fascinated how a wealthy british women can find herself accused of heinous crime. maxwell's brother says she's being scapegoated by u.s. prosecutors. >> this is not quite a put up but nonetheless has been cobbled together so that ghislaine faces charges that he never faced and she's paying a heavy price and treated as guilty. reporter: maxwell's lawyers have tried and failed to get her free on bail numerous times complaining about inhumane jell cell conditions. maxwell has pleaded not guilty to all the charges. mike, her defense lawyers are going to try to discredit her accusers. they are expected to call,
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quote, false memories expert to testify on how memories can become distorted over time. mike. mike: fascinating, we will see how it works. bryan llenas, thank you. retailers holding out hope for big online sales tomorrow after several tough months during the pandemic. a preview of cybermonday next.
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mike: omicron variant of covid-19 will inevitable arrive in the united states that's according to anthony fauci and officials are urging americans to get vaccinated. >> certainly not good news. we don't know yet how much of impact it would have. we ought to redouble our efforts to use the tools that we have which are vaccinations and boosters. mike: joining me now texas democratic senator al green, congressman, welcome. congressman: thank you. mike: what are your concerns as we are learning about the new covid variant? >> i'm obviously concerned about its spread. it is said that it spreads 2 to 6 times faster than delta variant. i'm very much concerned about the impact that it will have on the human body. i have not heard yet that it is deadly as the delta variant but
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we are concerned about it. but i'm also concerned about something else and that is the fact that africa is not given the opportunity to get vaccinated properly. i think we have to do more in our country and the countries around the world to help africa do this because dr. king was right, like any escapable network, impacts one directly, impacts all indirectly and if we don't take care of africa, we won't be taking care of ourself. mike: interesting. here is republican senator bill cassidy from earlier today. >> there's been no analysis as to the longevity of that or anything else that folks would want to know. i've been previously infected and am i immune? mike: should experts be studying
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natural immunity, people who have had covid and recovered from it? >> i would not oppose it and i if andif you have immunity, thay gives you greater resistance to the virus. i would hope people would get the vaccine and get vaccinated. protect themselves and protect others as well. mike: when lawmakers return to the capitol you have to tackle the debt sealing and are you expecting drama this week, sir? congressman: of course. [laughter] congressman: we always have drama this time of year because we wait to get them done and we have drama around the debt
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sealing and the possibility of shutting down the government. my hope is that we will keep ourselves in a position to pay our debts. the united states of america, the richest country in the world can't be known as debt-free nation. we have to pay our debt and have to work our way through it and it'll take compromise and it'll get there. mike: the social spending package pass house of representatives is over at the senate, it sounds like west virginia senator joe manchin may want to hold off next year to see the impact of inflation, do you worry about waiting until next year for that bill? congressman: that bill contains items in it that are good for our country especially for my state. the state of texas has the largest group of folks who are not ensured by medicaid. we have a hundred billion dollars and third of the people who are not ensured are in the state of texas. i want to see the coverage gap
10:44 am
covered in the state of texas. also there's something that's near and dear to my heart, babies 3 and 4 years of age having the same opportunities in life. we have had head start, some kids weren't in the program. i want to see all children have the same start in life and finally i will just mention this, people want to go back to work but they have children. this bill will allow child care to be afforded for those not having problems. >> congressman, i want to squeeze in one more the biden administration is ten months old and there's buzz of 2024, a lot of folks thinking that president biden will not seek reelection and already some people are talking about transportation secretary pete buttigieg possibly being the next standard bearer for the democratic party. is that disrespectful to vice president kamala harris? congressman: here is what it is, when you start to have these
10:45 am
conversations, you're indicating that you do not have faith in the president. i have faith in the president so i don't believe that there's anybody that i will get against him. he inherited a global pandemic and he's bringing us through this global pandemic. a global pandemic is a super coordinate problem and you have to have super coordinate solutions for it and he's finding those solutions. i support him. i have faith in him and decline to get into discussions about who might run. mike: congressman al green of the great state of texas, safe travels and we will see you on the hill. congressman: look forward to it. thank you so much. mike: traffic on retail stores was up 47% compared with 2020 but down 28% compared to 2019 levels. data shows americans are shifting more their spending to online. alexandria hoff has more about online shopping in upcoming cybermonday.
10:46 am
hi, alex. reporter: retailers are really looking forward to this but they don't bank on single day it is way they used to. gone are the physical door busters. retailers racked up $8.9 billion in cyber sales this year compared with 9 billion on the same day in 2020. >> we are worried about supplies in the last two months and we saw a big jump in retail sales that came earlier than a lot of people expected. >> major test comes tomorrow in order to break the cybermonday records set in 2019 consumers will have to spend over $9.4 billion, the national retail federation expects holiday sales till november to december to arrive at 10 and a half percent to $846 billion, that too would set a record for year over year growth but fox news contribute o jonathan has some doubts. >> inflation, it's a silent text but people are feeling it
10:47 am
because assuages are growing up inflation is going up even faster. reporter: supply chain issues have given retailers to make up for as many large chains have been forced to spend more to meet demand due to low inventory and labor shortages the boot and consumers may also be eyeing markdown that is aren't as steep as what they are used to especially when sale prices are falling on prices that are more expensive. mike: alex, thanks very much. america together we will speak to the aid group samaritans about their mission to help the most vulnerable this holiday season. ♪ ♪ ♪
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mike: challenge of picking the perfect present may bring many americans together ahead of cybermonday but together what may be a lot more important is giving tuesday. i'm joined by cici graham lynch and what her organization is seeing as the greatest need. welcome, cici. >> thank you, mike. mike: now that we are through thanksgiving many christians pivot toward christmas. we have a program called operation christmas child, would you tell us about it? >> yeah, it's hard to believe that we are already in the christmas season. but it is, it's the season of
10:52 am
operation christmas child where we pack boxes, shoe boxes and you fill them with toys, school supplies and we deliver them all around the world so that kids not only do they get a box but they will know that god loves them and we just wrapped up our national collection week but you can still pack a box on the line at and you can upload family's photo and you can track your box to see where the box will go around the world. mike: i was checking it out. you can choose boy or girl and pick box for someone remote in the world? >> her name isabela, grew up in romania and had her come talk to my children's school, it's better to give than to receive and why do we do that because jesus christ came to serve and
10:53 am
not to be served. isabela grew under communism in romania and her parents had to hide bible in her floor board and she was praying for snow for months and months because that only time her mom would allow her to go outside and play and then one day they thought it was the food truck coming and one day it was operation christmas child came to town and god answered her prayer about snow and when she opened up shoe box, there was glass globe. god will answer prayers and not maybe in the form that we think he's going to answer but knew that there was a god that loves her and god had not forsaken her and answered prayer through shoe box. mike: that's beautiful. another need is afghan refugees. can you tell us what your group
10:54 am
is doing to help those folks? >> samaritan's purse is working with the government and military here in europe and here in the u.s. bases. these families, we saw all of the images and they had to leave with nothing, they left hair homes with only the clothes on their back and samaritan's purse has been helping medically and getting them winter clothes and winter blankets. many children, of course, they have nothing, giving a mother diapers and shampoo and things to take care of their children and then helping them get resettled here in the u.s. mike: here in the united states, there's also a lot of flooding in the pacific northwest, what is samaritan's first doing folks in need here at home? >> so in washington devastating flooding is -- it's an awful thing to witness and to go in afterwards, samaritan's purse already has a disaster releve team there in washington in wakam county and they had
10:55 am
actually to -- the town was told to evacuate last night because maybe additional flooding was coming but we have 65 volunteers there that were working yesterday and i want to say our volunteers here at samaritan's purse are amazing. it's an army of volunteers who are willing to go and serve on the front lines in the name of jesus to serve those with greatest needs and to love on them and to tell them that jesus loves them and jesus has a plan for them and hasn't forsaken and that's what we are celebrating here at christmas that jesus christ came to the earth and came to live a life and died on a cross for you and to me and whoever believes in him should not perish and have ever lasting life and our volunteers love those in greatest need. mike: beautiful thing. cissie graham lynch body bless you and have a wonderful christmas season. >> thank you, mike, merry christmas. mike: merry christmas. president biden arriving back in the washington, d.c. after spending the thanksgiving
10:56 am
weekend in antucut, live images of air force one arriving at joint base andrews and the president to schedule to meet with covid-19 response team on the new covid variant that later today. so that is all for this hour of fox news live, it's been a very fun and action packed hour. we hope that you've had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend. trace gallagher sitting in for chris wallace. i'm mike emanuel, happy holidays to you. happy hanukkah for those celebrating later today, have an awesome day and wonderful week. thanks for watching. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> i am tracy gallagher and for chris wallace. i knew coronavirus variance sent markets plummeting as they contain and assess the threats. ♪ >> we don't know a lot about the variant but it's a big concern and spread rapidly. >> stocks and oil plunge as covid fears rattle globin market. rest to restrict flights in and pose new travel limits as scientists determine


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