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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  November 28, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PST

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that is all for tonight be sure to follow me on facebook and instagram and twitter justice with the judge jeanine is next. i am waters and this is my world. ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ will: good morning and welcome to "fox & friends weekend" on this morning where we continue the most beautiful tradition in television, your pictures from across the nation, beautiful patriotic scenery playing the national anthem. i get accused a lot, pete, of being a separatist at times.
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have anyone of your pictures is gold random, beautiful, unidentifiable, could be generic photos of a barn in a field, that once wisconsin oh, no that's wisconsin. rachel: thank you, wisconsin, for sending in all of your photos, it was the wisconsin star-spangled banner moment. pete: other states also have cornfields. rachel: no one is nicer than wisconsin. the dog on the boat, i have a picture of skippy that looks just like that. pete: even the one with mountains she was like that could be wisconsin. rachel: the photos were so beautiful. i assumed it was all wisconsin. will: you won her heart and ours. keep the photos coming in a. rachel: favorite part of our morning. will: awesome. set the tennis meter to
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10 he says sarcastically because we start with a new covid variant, omicron sparking concerns. rachel: countries around the globe taking action to stop the spread. will: alexandria half is live in washington dc with more. reporter: this variant is proving to have variation from the covid-19 cases that researchers have become accustomed to pick south african doctor was the one that first reported the covid-19 variant, the new one tells us that patients have not lost their sense of taste or smell and have recovered at home while feeling tired. she's worried that older and vaccinated individuals will be hit harder and meanwhile infections are spreading reaching europe and australia. president biden travel ban to and from south africa and seven neighboring nations begins tomorrow excluding american citizens that need to return home.
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>> blocking travel from a given country, just give us time to assess it better, that's the reason for doing that, not any reason for panic, but we want time to fill in the blanks of what we don't know right now. reporter: while the omicron variant is officially detected in the us researchers believe the ability to enter human cells means the variant is likely already here. >> i would not be surprised if it is. we have not detected it yet, but when you have a virus that is issuing this degree of transmissibility and you already have travel related cases that they have noted in israel and belgium and other places, when you have a virus like this, it's almost invariably is going to go essentially all over. reporter: israel has taken additional step of setting down the borders to outsiders completely taking place for two weeks and they also resumed the cell phone monitoring plan they
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have to monitor cell phones that people confirm to carry variant. will: thank you. rachel: thank you. will: monitoring cell phones, shutting down borders, shutting down travel, sets the panic at meter to 10. we will find out as you mention, we don't know a lot about omicron yet, but i did some reading yesterday and i noticed this one paragraph in a fox article that i want to share because it's important as we shut down our life, this is from a board member, south african medical association talking about omicron said it's important as its unusual virus and symptoms are mild lasts for a couple days and accompanies a few aches and pains and then no real cough and then the patient recovers, no hospitalization, no death. set the panic meter to 10 for something we know now is mild. rachel: interesting because the name of the variant is kind of
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scary, omicron, but the symptoms are mild and remember coronavirus if you are under the age of 60, it's still 99% recovery from it and there are early treatments for it and if you have vaccines, the researchers and people in the medical field have said it will probably protect you. israel shut its borders down, but that's probably one of the most highly vaccinated countries in the world, so i guess the government needs to-- one, if it's an emergency why are we delaying implementation? will: until monday. rachel: because we have to get through the holiday weekend and travel weekend and you brought that up yesterday. number two why is the southern border still open and three, why isn't joe biden wearing an mask if it's an emergency? pete: you mention panic meter to 10 and i wanted to point out that quote unusual but mild but you have the playbook remaining the same with panic level high
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or low so it's travel ban. we see them with 15 days to slow the spread and now, we are locking down, mask mandates for some, school closures and kids, i mean, it's all there yet we ignore the things where dr. fauci isn't talking about, holding china accountable, therapeutics, natural immunity-- i remember when this started and we had a doctor on and it struck me, you know almost two years ago now and said not until we have a vaccine. then we are on our way out of this. who helped deliver the vaccine cracks donald trump and they never want to talk about that, but they are going back to the old playbook one of which is the masks unless you are in nantucket. this is the guy that wears a mask outside and then pulls it down to yell at the press when he's close to them. spotted inside shopping in nantucket somewhere. i can barely see that, but you can see his face next to the picture of the mask, but he has no
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mask. will: put his mask back up for pictures, coughed into his hand, shook hands and then joined the long list of democrats who behave this way through covid-19 restrictions. remember san francisco mayor who was feeling the music. michigan governor, austin mayor with his spring break trip, california governor gavin newsom, french laundry restaurant, house speaker nancy pelosi had her hair done, michael hancock, lori lightfoot, chuck schumer and on and on. if our panic meter should be at 10 then why did they act like they shouldn't. rachel: i will come out in defense of the president a little bit because when he walked out of the shop without the mask, he was carrying a milkshake apparently drinking it and as you know from your travels, the virus is very smart and when you are snacking and drinking it doesn't know. when you are walking from the door of the restaurant to sit down, covid is very very
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strong and then when you sit down to eat it stops spreading, so it's a very sophisticated virus and if you are a sophisticated person and you actually vacation in nantucket in a 30 million-dollar homes, it's really very sophisticated. will: we can fully appreciate the complexities of the virus. it takes holidays off as you pointed out. rachel: thanksgiving. will: very little vertical leap as you know, can't hop a poly plastic divider. pete: i'm still spraying my amazon packages. will: by the way, that's the one forgotten. the wrongness that our experts have offered us, that's the one that gets lost. people are still wiping down their groceries because it supposedly lived on services. it doesn't. rachel: in the beginning we didn't know and did a lot of stupid stuff, but now we know better and my question is, where is dr. fauci?
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pete: he's saying the same thing will: running this franchise out with 12 sequels. rachel: he stopped changing and adjusting and maybe he's just too old. they say some people get so old you get stuck in your ways and we need someone who can keep up with the plan. pete: it's great joe biden is now wearing a mask. i don't think anyone should have to wear a mask. the list you laid out is the sheer double standard. no republicans on the list because they don't say you have to wear a mask inside. you should have the choice appear when you were let the rooftop you better confine yourself-- comply yourself and they don't. rachel: another sign of the hypocrisy on the left is what we saw in waukesha and the fact that so many people were injured and killed because of their war on i guess bill reformers what they want and it ended up killing some people
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unnecessarily at a beautiful christmas parade that ended tragically with. last night, judge puro had the uncle of one of the girls, her name is jocelyn torres peer she was 11 years old and she was injured at the parade and here's what he said. it's pretty horrific. >> my daughters, what they seen was indescribable. it was what you hear from veterans. there were bodies everywhere. there was close abandoned. you know, chairs, everything, everyone was screaming. i seen jocelyn's older siblings first and then i asked where the baby was and no one knew where she was. her 2-year old sister, so then i looked over and then i seen my sister over jocelyn on the ground. i approached her and what i seen, terrified me and i lost it for a couple of seconds and then i heard my kids a scream after they had seen her and i just
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tried to get them away from her as quick as possible. will: terrible. horrific. pete: it was one week ago and they will mark it today at 4:39 p.m. central time they will mark one week since the parade attack and it was totally preventable, that's the sad and tragic part of it. but, darrell brooks was a sentenced or at least they read out the charges against him, the court room, he reacted one way and here is brian again, the uncle reacting to the sentencing. charges. >> everything that he had, when they read out all of the charges that he had prior to what he did on sunday, it made me sick to my stomach. then to hear him start crying and the judge mentioned that he can-- these carried a life sentence, to me it was selfish that he did that that he was worried about himself, but i hope that he spends the
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rest of his life in jail in isolation because i don't think he will ever roar c general population because they are afraid of what they think will happen to him, so i hope he has a lot of time to sit in there and think about how he negatively impacted all these people's livelihood in this community for the rest of his life. rachel: he described that seen as bodies laying everywhere and he wasn't just worried about obviously his niece who was very severely injured and we are praying her-- for her, but also all of the children that saw this, i mean, the ptsd they will have. again, he said that this man, darrell brooks cried for himself when he heard his charges. they were deeply offended that that was the level of selfishness and i think judge jeanine puro on her show last night talked about the victims and not about the perpetrators, which seems to be what the democrats are more concerned about with their war on i guess
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their war on bail reform. will: this story is memory hole because it doesn't fit the quote unquote narrative of what overall racial prison-- prism they went to look at this through. he was a black nationalist, had stuff on his page, atrocious views and then he goes and bows down more than 40 people, half a dozen are dead and the stories about this man and bail reform, but it's already been memory hole because it doesn't fit the story that most want to tell. coming up later on the show we will speak to an owner of a restaurant in waukesha donating proceeds from the restaurant to families impacted. pete: we will turn out to a few additional headlines. security guard dies three days after shot while protecting a television news group. former california police officer was hit wednesday in oakland. the news crew was covering robberies of retail stores in the area. a $32000 reward is
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offered for information leading to the arrest of the suspect. authorities capture a guatemalan stowaway who tried entering the us illegally in the planes landing gear. video shows the man on the tarmac at miami international airport saturday following the american airlines flight from guatemala city. law enforcement is shocked he survived the subzero temperatures during the hours long flight. he's expected to be deported soon. most people-- to college football as things get testy between number two ohio state at number five michigan, but the game was all wolverine's defeating the buckeyes for the first time in a decade. 42-27. this as number three alabama overcomes halftime deficit to defeat auburn in the iron bowl, crimson tide beating the tigers on a two-point conversion in overtime to win 24-22.
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meanwhile, seventh-grade oklahoma state defeating number 10 oklahoma 37-33. 12th -ranked michigan state narrowly beating penn state in a winter wonderland 30-27. i love how they always just follow the lines. lsu sitting head coach ed into retirement upsetting number 15 texas a&m 27-24. on friday, a day late, still here texas longhorns is snapping a sixth game losing with a 22-17 when-- win over kansas state. rachel: you actually requested? will: no, i requested an on-air. you heard me yesterday. they made a point, they meaning people behind the cameras of putting up texas and then mysteriously all the
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sudden fake news would not put it up on the air rachel: i hear a crying sound in my ear. pete: minnesota beat wisconsin in the border battle. paul bunyan's acts goes to the golden gophers and not the badgers. take that. rachel: i don't care about sports, but i like lumberjacks. pete: the lumberjack ask is in minnesota now, not wisconsin. will: alabama survived. i was an amazing game bob-- by the way. over time and then two-point conversion attempts, if auburn had just sat down and run out the clock they would have won that game at the end of regulation. alabama survives but celtic star is talking and taking on the nbi over nike and their ties to china, but as most of the association stays quiet the athlete is getting unlikely support from the coach of another team. we will explain.
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♪♪ will: love that. pete: is that a movie? rachel: it does look like a movie. pete: where are we getting all these new cameras from? rachel: and it's called st. mary's and it's like out of a 1950s movie. st. mary's, pennsylvania pete: also, bethlehem, pennsylvania. i think they have the moravian star there. check me on that. it's a multi- pointed
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star that is a symbolic of the star of bethlehem. rachel: do you know what my daughter's name is? it means light of bethlehem. will: you are probably aware by now, boston celtics basketball pro enes kanter has been very outspoken in a way few others in the nba have been. in fact, it was darrell morey, then gm of the houston rockets that set off a controversy when i think he said at the time it was for hong kong and then of course the nba had to go into mode. no one has spoken up about the human rights abuses in china, but enes kanter has and he has taken about why he's taken on the issue. >> basketball camp taking pictures with the kids and one of the parents turned around and said how can you call yourself a human rights activists when your brothers and sisters are dying in
3:24 am
concentration camps in china and once i studied i was very ashamed of myself because i couldn't believe the last nine, 10 years i have played in the league i didn't bring attention to the conversation so i was like it doesn't matter how this could affect me or anything i'm doing, i'm going to speak out and i talk about my-- that the nba may not like that, but too bad because it's bigger than basketball. pete: he's taking it to the next level through the shoes he's worn, i mean, even going so far as to pick things, lebron james as bowing to china and he's made it personal and pointed saying the double standard in the nba is you can take on any other issue as long as it's a woke issue, left to center issue, feel free to talk about it, but china who has the nba and nike in their pocket, can't do that. rachel: always wondered why more muslim americans and just in
3:25 am
general more human rights activists have not been taking this on. i look at you on omar from your home state and i don't see her talking about this as much as you would think she would be she's more concerned about systemic racism in america, but this is a huge issue and as you said it has a lot of corporate sponsorship the chinese are getting away with it because so many people are silent and good for him. apparently, i'm going to try to say this right, gregg popovich a coach from another team, this is what he had to say as he came out in support of enes kanter. he said there's a lot of stuff going on in the world and a whole lot of places and this probably isn't a venue to decide which one he wants to talk about, but when someone does pick something and decides it's important to them, it's good they do it and if he feels strongly about certain situations in the world to bring attention to it, it's very important. i am glad that enes
3:26 am
kanter speaks up when he feels like it. i feel like it's great, no reason not to. will, what has someone like lebron james who has-- how has he reacted to this or has he? will: silent has-been lebron james approach to enes kanter and to the issues in china. gregg popovich is interesting. by the way, he's in the conversation for one of the greatest nba coaches of all time and another great coach, steve kerr from the golden state warriors are probably the two most outspoken and politically in the league and always on the left, far left side of the political spectrum. here is popovich saying and i think he has to because he's so outspoken i think he has to be supportive to some extent of cantor deciding to speak out because popovich takes his opportunity when he can, but it's obvious, by the way doesn't address any of the issues that cantor brings up and doesn't even mention the word china. rachel: that is interesting. pete: the least intellectually
3:27 am
consistent about speaking out about you know how has lebron reacted? he's busy getting kicked out and punching players and throwing fans out for whining. you mention china, i mean, and whether the nba or nike, i mean, maranda devine has a new book out called the laptop from hell and hunters china deal revealed and when you dig into what hunter and by extension joe biden knew about the people they were dealing with, this is the corporate arm of the belt and wrote initiative, this is the arm of the chinese communists looking to expand influence and hunter was chasing the money so you wonder why we don't stare them down or hold them accountable, a lot of business deals behind-the-scenes. will: china subscribes to on restricted-- unrestricted warfare. rachel: and nba which i believe they fully co-opted. you can look at mark cuban, all the people including lebron james who tore down on the
3:28 am
manager who spoke about hong kong. will: still ahead, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, but this video speaks for itself. rachel: congressman reacts to yet another round of hypocrisy from the pro mask president next. the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ it's the ultimate sleep number event on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to relieve pressure points. and its temperature balancing so you both sleep just right. save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 60 months.. ends cyber monday. (tiger) this is the dimension of imagination. ♪
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a painful, blistering rash that could interrupt your life for weeks. forget social events and weekend getaways. if you've had chickenpox, the virus that causes shingles is already inside of you. if you're 50 years or older ask your doctor or pharmacist about shingles. will: starting tomorrow the us will limit travel from eight south african countries that have fears of the omicron variant, but hours after being briefed on the potentially more contagion's variant president biden was caught in a nantucket store without a mask despite signs requiring shoppers to wear one. florida gop congressman representative carlos gimenez is here to react. a good morning. always good to see you on the show. >> always a pleasure. will: so, i feel like the message is being sent to set our panic meters at 10 over omicron,
3:33 am
travel ban, several countries instituting lockdowns and yet here is the president of the united states without a mask sending a contradictory message to the american public. should we be taking this variant so seriously? >> i'm not sure about the variant, right now, i mean, they are still studying the effects, if it is more contagious and also cannot break through the vaccines and that's yet to be determined. in terms of the president himself, obviously if there is something that says you should wear a mask, he should follow the rules like everyone else, but you know it's due as i say, not do as i do with this president. you never ever listen to what he says, you have to watch what he's doing them. it's usually what he's doing is opposite of what he says he's going to do a. will: it is due as i say or do is i say, not as i do and also says the message that the panic meter is finally attuned to our current situation and doesn't seem concerned. let's move on to florida, your home
3:34 am
state, for a moment. many politicians over the past summer went over into overtime talk about florida's death per thousand and right now florida is the best in the nation, six per 100,000. covid cases, not deaths, this is cases per capita while in the north as we know it somewhat seasonal with 85 or 100,000 in the state of michigan and by the way met largely with silence in the mainstream media and politicians, congressmen. >> i think it probably has something to do with the fact that florida has a great republican governor and those other states don't have great republican governors, probably blue or democratic governors that have done all the shutdowns and really supposedly followed the science, but actually followed political science. our governor follows data and that's why he is so successful. he doesn't really care what the mainstream media says or wants him to do. he does what he thinks is the right thing following the data and you know what more often
3:35 am
than not he's absolutely right and when he's proven right everyone is quiet. they always criticize him, you have high numbers here, but when he he is proven right they don't give him the credit is due. he's a great governor, following the data and leading our state and really the rest of the country should follow our lead in florida. will: no doubt with a balanced approach, but when there are high deaths in florida it's a crime and when there's high death in the north in michigan, new york there's a silence. tragedy with a disease that's uncontrollable and the hypocrisy that plays itself out. this is a fascinating story and i went to get to you with the department of transportation being slammed over a meme, internet picture they put up and some say it violates the law. we can put it up on the screen. it's really fine print, but reads like this: the woman is asking what you think about them and says i'm thinking about the how the new infrastructure law will make from getting place to place better of the
3:36 am
neck decade, combined with build back better and will create millions of new jobs and the woman smiles and says, same. many are pointing out that this is lobbying on behalf of the department of transportation, which is against the law. what say you, congressman mike yeah, it's advertising and they are trying to convince people that this infrastructure law will be really great. infrastructure you know that infrastructure bill , there is infrastructure in there, but a lot of stuff that's not infrastructure and should have never been that high and that's why he voted against it, but also to this other build back and i think build back busted bill that they are trying to pass in the senate over $2 trillion that's really going to bust our nation. it's going to increase our debt and it's really not going to do much for instance-- infrastructure, so again, this is just advertising pure and simple and really it's
3:37 am
not something that should be paid for with taxpayer money. will: government institution, government administration should not lobby for a bill that hasn't been passed. that's the law. quickly, is there any repercussion for the department of transportation, secretary pete buttigieg, any repercussions for breaking the law if they did? >> it's part of the administration. the administration breaks the law all the time. look at the southern border. they really are following the laws down there. they make their stuff up, give executive orders and do what they want and then they say they are doing this, but you know they are doing something else. like i said, don't listen to what president biden says, just watch what he does because inevitably what he's doing is not what he is saying he's doing and so no, i doubt something will happen to the secretary of transportation, just like i doubt anything will ever happen to those generals and the
3:38 am
people that were responsible for the debacle in afghanistan. the president was also responsible for that too. nothing's going to happen to him until 2024 if he decides to run and then the american people will be the final judge of that. will: representative carlos gimenez, great talking to you this morning. thanks for your time. >> nice talking to you. will: ahead, they ran on the promise to save our country that our next guest says the biden harris dream team is becoming the democrats worst nightmare and how their rough year could impact the future elections. plus white house christmas tree lighting is days away you won't believe what it costs. ♪♪ fulfill many wishes must be carried across all roads and all bridges. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service.
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will: is the biden harris dream team suddenly democrats worst nightmare? that's the focus of a new fox news op ed as several crises is evaluated marking the first year of joe biden's presidency. this is the commander-in-chief is reportedly considering a run for reelection. republican strategists calling it a read joins us. thanks for being here. never too early to play the speculation game, but when joe biden insists and his other advisors insist he will run again, doesn't sound very full throated and there's plenty of room
3:43 am
for them to change their mind and that's when it seems plenty democrats are thinking. >> i think it's been an open thought that joe but it wouldn't run. he has to say he will because if he doesn't the wolves will circle, but right before thanksgiving break even democrats are saying this guy can't run again and that's pretty remarkable that less than 10 months into the administration either the president nor the vice president for that matter are qualified or capable of leading the ticket in the next election and that's a pretty amazing seeing. not even to the midterms and there's already nothing going on bond right now. pete: joe biden's poll numbers are low and kamala harris is 10-point worse. the first woman of color vice president, you would think she would be there to be the standardbearer person for the party, but her name is pretty passed over quickly. where did they go to look for a nominee and is there any way for it to be orderly or will it turn into a food fight? >> that was kind of
3:44 am
where i went with the piece is there's no bench, there's nothing beyond their and i struggled really hard to come up with the name. a lot of contenders are either getting too long in the tooth or too young in the case of representative alexandria ocasio-cortez so unless there is a barack obama -esque figure waiting to burst onto the scene and save the party it seems hard to see and with all the speculation and all the media focus on the republican side of the party in charge right now, it's leaderless essentially and this may be the high point for all we know because as the clock ticks as we are almost into december there's no legislative accomplishments to point to and if we go into another discussion and hyperbolic situation about covid and the latest variant it will sidetrack things further. joe biden's presidency is at the mercy of the pandemic and unfortunately that's not a position any politician should put themselves in, but it's the bar he said when he said he would quote crushed about-- a virus when he was running last
3:45 am
year. pete: absolutely. he speculated with bernie sanders whose 80 and representative alexandria ocasio-cortez , she's barely 24 and then you threw names out there, hillary clinton and john kerry, i mean, do you really think they would go backwards in 2024 or the name everyone is talking about right now is secretary pete buttigieg. >> right and we could only be so lucky if we had folks like hillary clinton and john kerry deciding to throw their hat in the ring. usually elections are about the future not that passed and they are certainly the past. with biden, with the possible exception, father time waits for no one so the numbers are going in the right direction and again they need someone to come out of the wings and save them from themselves. that person, whoever he or she is is hard to find. pete: not to mention that voters are rejecting the policies they attempt to put in place in their lives are getting worse in the process. thank you so much for
3:46 am
your time. appreciate it. rachel, you have a few headlines? rachel: i sure do. at least six people are dead across houston as offers respond to haddon full of scenes this thanksgiving this as three people are shot dead across chicago during the holiday weekend. another 24 recovering from gunshot wounds in the windy city. the youngest of the victims is only 15 years old. a new book reveals the royal family member who questioned the skintone of harry and meghan children's at the author claims it was prince charles who launched what some call a racist inquiry. i think it was meghan markel who said it was racist and earlier this year mark-- markel told oprah that someone raised concerns over the color of their children. a live look at the white house where first lady jill biden is set to unveil the year's holiday theme.
3:47 am
this is american taxpayers are asked to spend over $139,000 to light the biden's first national christmas tree. tmz reports the government is spending an additional $171,000 to cover support staff for the tree lighting festivities. the lighting is set for thursday and those are your headlines. rachel: that's a lot of money. will: in the context of what the federal government spends, that's a drop in the bucket, but why does it cost that much to light a tree? rachel: inflation. [laughter] will: the government can't do anything at a normal spending rates. 200 grand to light a tree? how do you accomplish that? pete: i have absolutely no idea. maybe rick has an idea as our chief meteorologist. >> i will do it for like 10. will: ten bucks?
3:48 am
>> no, 10 grand. maybe $10. rachel: there are volunteers who volunteered to decorate the white house, but not the tree. >> i have no idea. here's the temperatures waking up, cooler cross the area. fargo in the upper 20s and now you're around 18 degrees. this is in partnership with fox weather, these are the planes in the air right now and overall weatherwise things look good. a little trouble apollo-- across parts of the gulf and we will have travel around the the great lakes. you get lake effect snow and we will continue to see that happen over the next few days. some spots south of us will get one to 2 feet of snow. this is one system, our camera guy here, there were some flakes of snow in new york city.
3:49 am
pete: yesterday i did not get a chance to showcase your high. is it a proper length today,-- will: lets your jacket, pete and i wanted to get you but we literally ran out of a four hour show. show the viewers where it was yesterday. >> listen, i had been wearing shorts and a suit taught for the last year, so this is a big improvement. will: we love you. rachel: looking good. pete: still ahead, patriotism delivered as a fedex driver caught on camera saluting the american flag and he joins us next with his message. ♪♪ the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. my psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff,
3:50 am
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3:53 am
rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends". a north carolina fedex driver re- hangs a fallen american flag and the salutes it with the whole thing caught on camera. the driver, chris reddick, joins us now. thank you for joining us. so, you saw the flag fall and you did more than pick it up. you put it together and made sure it was flying
3:54 am
again. why did you do that? >> well, as a member of the army national guard throughout my time, it's kind of been ingrained in me too always treat the flag with respect and i have a deep appreciation for what the flag stands for, so hanging out flag and rendering the salute was paying my respects. rachel: you saw it, you put the pull back together, you saluted it after and the homeowners, karla cruz, was very grateful saying: we came here from mexico and we adore our country. we adore this country and the opportunity and brought our family, america brought us the american dream. we got a house here. it's been amazing. the fact that he came and put up our flag is a great pixel, they were very grateful for you putting up their flag. this video has gone viral, chris. what's been the reaction just even in your own
3:55 am
hometown? >> everyone has kind of been surprised, but very supportive and thanking me for my service. personally, i never thought that this would even be noticed, but i'm glad that it was. rachel: it's what we do when people think no one is looking. that really says a lot about who you are. what is your message to america? we live in a time when a lot of people disrespect our flag and a lot of celebrities are doing it and getting paid big money for disrespecting our flag. what is your message to america about our flag? >> well, that's disappointing to me too see. i would say regardless of political views, of personal background whatever, we are all in this country together and i would hope that someone would look at what i did and pick up
3:56 am
some inspiration from that and understand that we should be united. rachel: chris, i am inspired and i think america is also. thanks for joining us this morning. >> thank you for having me. rachel: denny's is serving up your breakfast with robots. that story next hour. so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ such tree-mendous views. i'm at a moss for words. when a cough tries to steal dad's punchlines, he takes robitussin naturals powered by 100% drug-free ingredients. are you gonna leaf me hanging? soothe your cough naturally.
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this season give the most meaningful gift for just $99. ♪♪ rachel: good morning. a little bit of outcast this morning. 7:00 o'clock eastern time. where are we looking at cracks-- north carolina. good morning, will it. will: good morning. pete: good morning. rachel: this is an interesting day today, the beginning of hanukkah.
4:01 am
pete: i tried to represent today. rachel: i wore blue and to all my jewish friends, my family, sister-in-law, julie, happy hanukkah and to my friends in chicago and the rosen's in minneapolis, happy hanukkah. pete: happy hanukkah and you even have blue eyeliner. rachel: i do. pete: you went all in. rachel: i went all in on hanukkah. will: the blue celebrates. pete: all i know is that hanukkah is a festival of lights rachel: adam sandler's a song i heard earlier. pete: very cool. will: i look this up. pete: it celebrates the building of the second temple and that the menorah was only supposed to have enough oil for tuma-- two nights, but it lasted for eight nights. rachel: we will learn more about that. we will have a rabbi on later on in the show. will: we turn to this now, as news as-- of the morgan ortugus variant spreads across the world nations are locking down their
4:02 am
borders. israel close their borders and the united states shut off travel from eight south african countries because news has a spread that omicron is already in the uk and various other european nations that one could suggest that the racist policy if you only walk travel from south africa. be that as it may, there is one stark opening, one sore thumb on this closing of borders. it's of course the american southern border this is the headline from reuters: we need to have hundreds of migrants are forming a new us bound caravan in mexico. the southern border remains open making you wonder if we are that concerned about omicron why do we leave this vast open border along the texas mexico border? will: there are priorities, will. there's the covid and then there's the priority of open borders here's an different news item i believe from even last weekend where the city of new york will
4:03 am
allow a hundred legal-- illegals to vote in city elections. rachel: really? pete: going in front of the city council of new york city to allow illegals to vote in the city. all about the facilitation of illegals throughout the country ultimately-- many democrats hope and believe these are future voters and so the caravans continue on the border remains open and in the order of priorities you have to keep the border open with covid being minor because they are testing in every way and they certainly are not maintaining protocols when we saw the way they are handling facilities. rachel: and we know across the border are not just people from central and latin america, but from 150 different countries and i presume many of them include african countries that apparently our government is really worried about people coming from these african countries is so much so they restricted travel from their. when dr. fauci was asked about the delta variant in the brazil area and
4:04 am
why aren't you weighing in on our open border-- our open southern border and he said well, i don't weigh in on politics. i mean, a lot of restrictions were american citizens, many of those restrictions as we know masking kids, keeping kids out of school ended up hurting kids and had no real health benefit, but then this, which clearly could bring in other variance that he's supposedly concerned about, not so concerned. will: write that down, so covid takes holidays off, how's no vertical-- no vertical loop over plastic barriers, knows when you are snacking. rachel: it's an amazing virus. it is. will: lieutenant colonel chris of the texas department of public safety is talking about this border surge and he appeared on cavuto and this is what he had to say. >> the thousands we have
4:05 am
deployed as far as national guardsmen and state troopers, to the southern border has been affected we have made thousands of arrests and seized the thousands of drugs. we have seized $1.6 million in currency making its way south into mexico to supply the cartel. we talk about mass migration, as far as the reinstatement of the remaining mexico policy, that remains to be seen. we are 10 months into the crisis and the criminal organizations are profiting off the crisis and it's going to be difficult for them to sit back and close up shop. it won't happen. they are making millions and millions of dollars a week just off of human smuggling. rachel: such a great point. how rich the cartels have gotten since the bard-- biden administration has essentially opened our borders and the way they did this and the officer there, the texas law enforcement officer there alluded to it is that they basically removed or got rid of the remaining mexico
4:06 am
policy that was so effective in the trump administration and as soon as you did that and other things, you just saw the surge of people coming over the border and our border patrols overwhelmed texas has had to step in and do this, they are having some success, but again it's a long border and they can only do so much even within texas. pete: texas doing with the federal government should be doing, but when the federal government is more or less not interested in maintaining the southern border what can you do? pete: by the way the white house said on friday they will suspend entry of immigrants who pose a risk of transmitting coronavirus in light of omicron. rachel: what does that mean? pete: i have no idea. i just read it off the teleprompter, but it apparently-- will: how do you identify which illegal immigrants pose a risk and which aren't? pete: they also said they are releasing people into the country and then a couple days later they admitted releasing people into the country so take
4:07 am
that with a bit of a grain of salt. rachel: i really do think-- will: a statement quickly. to follow-up, so, their response to omicron is the border policy largely remains the same, but we will limit entry for those who pose a risk. i would like to know how they vet that because i would like to know if there's a racial impact on how they identified those who pose a risk. do they look for african illegal immigrants as opposed to central american illegal immigrants? and as they all merge at the border does it not leap from one illegal immigrant to the other? how do you vet out those that pose a risk and those that don't? how do you take the entire illegal immigrant population and say risk, not risk? will: also according to south african doctors omicron is mild so i would like to know how this policy will be implemented. rachel: not even coughing so you
4:08 am
can't tell, but the point is all of this is just theater. just like they take their mask off while shopping in nantucket and then when they go to hair salons and when they want to go to a party in san francisco. this is all theater, but it's up to the media and those that have access to the present and dr. fauci to ask the questions you're asking. they are important questions, but they won't be asked of this administration. pete: you mention the media and that kind of takes us to our next story because you may have missed this and you are forgiven if you did because there was a tragic development and it, a local news crew in san francisco was attempting to cover the new smash and grab looting and thefts that have happened on the west coast and throughout the country where groups of dozens and dozens of young men storm a store and pull out as much as they can and really are never held accountable and they are called smash and grab robberies and they have been happening--
4:09 am
especially around black friday. well, on wednesday a new screw in san francisco was attempting to film this in the security guard was shocked. his name is kevin, security guard and he was shot in the abdomen and succumb to those wounds just yesterday. he was killed attempting to defend a news crew. rachel: he was trying to protect them. >> the crew was trying to steal the cruise camera. he gets shot and is killed, absolute lawlessness and the media in that instance attempting to cover it. rachel: former police officer he has children and grandchildren, shot in the abdomen as he was trying to protect a news crew trying to cover the crime. pete: trying to cover the crime happening. rachel: unbelievable. will: tommy was on last night and here's what she had to say about this rising culture of crime. >> you have these democrat mayors, democratic governors not
4:10 am
knowing what to do and then trying to install different wiring and things like that, well maybe if you were tough on crime and maybe if these people doing this felt there would be consequences, maybe they wouldn't do it and maybe if you didn't classify the mass of shoplifting as a misdemeanor you wouldn't have people embolden to do so, but in biden's america you will see more and more of this. seems like the only protections there are for these degenerates, thugs and not the average decent hard-working american who is just trying to get by in the country dealing with inflation and everything else, but the felons, they are living it up. christmas for them. will: i went to be clear we are talking about this tragic death and it's directly tied to policy, directly tied to an approach to crime. in san francisco, and california we talk about the story of not prosecuting shoplifting below a certain level, which emboldens criminals to shoplift and steal more. then we had the past year of for example in new york city not
4:11 am
pressing charges on rioters and looters who ran-- ran stores. emboldening more of that behavior and when you embolden criminal behavior, and you start to let it slide, they increase the severity and criminals realize i'm getting away with this and before you know what you have news crews and security guards being attacked and now you have a death on the hands of politicians who are posting not just lax on crime policy, but a hands-off approach on crime. rachel: it's more than politicians. you have people like eric holder and george soros who directly won this policy and they directly funded different campaigns across prosecutors that they trusted because they were liberal to bring about these policies to make sure that they don't hold these criminals accountable. they made sure to let them out and have light sentences. this is funded, this is funded and i think people need to realize that you people like aoc
4:12 am
who have been for a long time saying defend eyes and that's a lot of talk she doesn't have the power necessarily in her position, but there are people finding prosecutors to make sure and by the way, if you find a prosecutor race in a smaller midsized city you don't have to put a lot of money and to win the race. so you see good prosecutors lose against this outside liberal money. pete: they have wanted to claim, think the best of criminals as they going to feed their child-- no, they are getting together and texting each other saying let's meet at this address and dozens of people, black, white, whoever it's not a race thing, these are criminals saying let's go to louis vuitton and get as much valuable stuff as we can and then resell it because we know there's no consequences. we know security guards, i mean, this is a rare instance where a security guard attempted to intervene and most of the time they step back. rachel: that's what happens. pete: when you do you are targeted so it's a culture crime
4:13 am
that's allowed it to persist. rachel: at a time when employers are trying to find workers and these workers are terrified. i don't blame people for not wanting to work in a shop like that. will: turning to a few additional headlines, alec baldwin is lawyering up after the deadly shooting. the actor hired an attorney after he was hit with a slew of civil lawsuits from crewmembers and authorities say baldwin shot cinematographer halyna hutchins. the suit against baldwin claims the shooting lead to emotional distress. live look at the snowy erie international airport ahead of what is expected to be one of the busiest travel days of the year. millions are expected to head home today after getting away for thanks giving. tsa agents predict to screen a record number of passengers as airlines brace for full flight. tsa screening 2.3 million people wednesday and 1.7 million people on friday.
4:14 am
california school for the deaf football team lost its championship game saturday night we promised you highlights in this morning we bring them to you. this heartwarming uplifting story ends in a loss as the team fell to faith baptist high school the score of 74-22 to end the season with a 12 and one record. before the cubs had not had a winning record. with only two seniors graduating they are primed for another run next season. rachel: we will have to keep following them. pete: apparently they fell behind 28-nothing and then scored 22 and then the game got away from them but for a school who doesn't have any history of football to come through and do what they did, very cool. congratulations. rachel: awesome. pete: we talk about worker shortages and leadership and covid-19 and how it's changed our economy. there's one example in a couple different ways
4:15 am
with a vice mayor, which means the vice president, vice mayor who is in california working at a local restaurant while also being the vice mayor. her name is sarah queen zero in fulsome, california, and here is what she said as to how she's dealing with the impact of labor shortages. she said, i decided to lead by example. i saw a facebook post that said they were desperate for houston bus people and i told them i had no restaurant experience but i'm a hard worker and fast learner and if you are willing to hire and train me i would commit to work up to 20 hours a week for six months. will: wow, six months she's committing to work. i thought it was a publicity stunt at first with a politician jumping in, but good for her working for six months. rachel: i was watching "fox & friends" during the week and one of our colleagues was interviewing a woman who had a bakery and she tried everything she could to get people to work and eventually had to shut down because she would put in a post
4:16 am
for a job interview and people would call and say i would come but i don't have a car and she would said-- say i will send an uber and after all of her efforts she couldn't get enough stable employees to come in and she ended up having to close her business. this is a real problem for small business owners and interesting this mayor decided to lead by example. will: lead by example and by this way this will be a hard labor shortage employment situation to come out of. this is a denny's where you have a robot who is filling the labor gap, a robot serving food, i mean, who knows how good that work or how well that works right now, but restaurants are going to have to make accommodations and do things to remain open. as we moved to robotic workforce and in many industries it will be hard to find opportunity to get back to full improvement-- employment
4:17 am
pete: i took my kids to identities not two weeks ago in minnesota and i felt terrible for the servers, i mean, she was running around serving way too many tables apologizing. she's like we got a new cook in the back learning the ropes comic anyway 10 or 15 minutes, of course, i mean, it makes me want to give a bigger tip and say thank you for working, but if you don't have the workers, you have to do something. rachel: we did a story may be a month or two ago where we talked about how there's a demand for robotic because of this, because of the labor shortage and the other benefit of a robot is they can't sit so there's tons of benefits. i talked to employers who said like the supply side of things and when people are dealing in back rooms with things and are like if i could get a machine that lifts up boxes and whatnot for me i would rather invest in that. they can work longer hours and they can't sue me if they get hurt.
4:18 am
pete: they got filled there is eventually they will get artificial intelligence and then sue us. will: the pumpkin pie will come with something else. pete: take over the world. will: they have plans. rachel: upside in the downsides. pete: in the second hour of "fox & friends" with a lot coming up. cap next the white house getting involved as tensions arise between russia and the ukraine. morgan believes this will be the next big test for joe biden and she joins us next. rachel: they will need a bigger boat with the photographer capturing this shark photo that's yearly similar to jaws. where it was taken ahead ♪♪ ♪ baby got back by sir mix-a-lot ♪
4:19 am
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watch the full story at >> look, we support ukraine for integrity. we support ukraine to govern itself and we-- rachel: president biden is
4:23 am
expected to speak with vladimir putin this week as ukrainian leaders accuse russia of planning a coup attempt in their country. the discussion is expected to be a major test of the president's foreign policy in joining us to react his former state department morgan ortugus. >> good morning. rachel: should we be worried about this as we hear the biden administration may be planning on dealing with both sides of this, both countries. why should we care to thanks, rachel. we should care because ukraine is a fact-- fragile democracy and what we see russia and china doing is trying to take over this fragile democracies around the world so this all plays into the sort of bigger geopolitical competition between the united states, china and russia. we saw china do this in hong kong which is to take away democracy and freedom there and it should worrisome and ukraine because some of the things that has
4:24 am
happened in the past year is the result of the biden administration, so you look at the biden administration allowing russia to build the nordstrom pipeline which threatens ukraine and makes europe dependent on russian gas. you also look at this happening in the backdrop of the chaos in afghanistan and just the humiliating withdraw their that president biden oversaw, so the world sees, i think, a weakness in our leader. if i were russian president vladimir putin i will look at biden and wonder are you actually going to do anything to stop me. rachel: we have not heard a lot about in the press and that is there have been some protests-- excuse me. protests in iran and a crackdown. there was a drought, lack of clean drinking water and apparently the government directed the water resources to factories rather than people and so the people are angry about it. they are protesting, but
4:25 am
there's been a crackdown why haven't we heard much about this? >> that's because the biden administration and the state department have chosen not to make it an issue and i have to tell you that it's infuriating a lot of us former trump administration officials two years ago we actually saw very similar protests where iranian and's around the country start by protesting against corruption, against the regime that is just tyrannical to them, but it's over basic rights like water or electricity that they have protested over in the past, so what happens whenever these innocent iranians come out to peacefully protest, mind you, they have iranian and thugs in the street led by the regime that are literally in some cases with video evidence of them shooting iranians in the head, so we saw about two years ago at least 10000 innocent iranian citizens a jailed, over a thousand, maybe 1500, it's hard to
4:26 am
know the exact number murdered by the regime. when it happened they were not even allowing families to collect the bodies to have funerals and it's really despicable stuff, so at that time when this happened exactly two years ago secretary mike pompeo and i made a big deal out of it telling that iranian and people we would stand with you and we are actually going to the human rights at the head of our foreign policy. you saw very weak, very tepid statement finally late last night from the state department, but this administration said they were going to lead with human rights. it's a joke. they are getting ready to go into negotiations with that iranian regime that will give them at least $90 billion of sanctions against so they are being silent while innocent iranians are murdered in the streets were peacefully protesting against a corrupt regime and i think it's a stain on the american-- american democracy and a stain on that president when we don't stand with the iranian people. rachel: what would be your advice having dealt with this?
4:27 am
what would be your advice to the biden administration, what should they do? >> great question. we should be looking at ways-- one thing that iranian regime does is turn off internet access when people start to protest so it limits their ability to get together and protest and grouped together, so we should always be looking for ways that we can covertly get internet access to these groups. us government may or may not have capabilities and we should continue to look for ways to build an alliance of democracy supporting iran. europeans and others to stand up and sit in the regime, no this is an okay and that people who are buying their oil right now are evading sanctions and we should tell them this is not okay. rachel: morgan ortugus, thanks for your insight. >> thank you, rachel. rachel: with restrictions looming thanks to the latest covid mutation many are wondering how serious his omicron doctor mark siegel breaks down what we know coming up.
4:28 am
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4:32 am
>> you know, i would not be surprised if it is. we have not detected it yet, but when you have a virus that is a showing this degree of transmissibility and you are already having trouble related cases that they have noted in israel and belgium and other places, when you have a virus like this, it almost invariably-- ultimately will go all over. will: dr. anthony fauci saying he would not be surprised if the new omicron variant is already in the united states, this is the world health organization designated a variant of concern and the un's introduces new travel bands for south africa and seven other countries and here to break down what we know about the variant so far as fox news medical contributor dr. mark siegel. great to see you this morning. >> good morning, will.
4:33 am
will: why are we going back to the same policies that were tried and failed with the original wu hand virus covid-19 strain, when we know the virus is probably already out there? >> first of all i'm hoping we don't go back to lockdowns. that has to do with the shtick of the threats, controlling through fear and i don't want to go there. i think the key point you brought up already and this set up is when was this known about because world health organization has officers in south africa and you know it looks like dr. fauci is right that is already all over and i believe it's got to be here in the united states, so the travel advisories are a little bit too little too late. the time when they might actually work was way way at the beginning and i'm not saying we should not do them, but i think it's a lot of political gesturing and i don't really think it will keep it from being here. i think we should be looking more, will, why we don't have the testing we need. why we have rapid
4:34 am
testing everywhere so we actually know where the virus is and where it isn't. i have been calling for that from this administration for months and months that they gear up and provide free or cheap rapid testing everywhere in the country. we don't have that, so we are left guessing as usual many months into the pandemic. will: you are right, i said lockdowns and i misspoke i'm talking about travel shutdowns and shutting down borders at countries which by the way didn't work for new zealand and australia which absolutely took a zero policy into those countries and they still were affected by delta. dr. mark siegel, went to. this next question as i'm fascinated by this. it's my understanding that generally and i'm speaking generally, respiratory viruses mutate into a less virulent strain and usually become less severe. what we are seeing right now and that's not the rule, that's a generalization, but what we see right now when it comes to omicron for example is something that doctors in south africa call very mild.
4:35 am
this is angelique, a south african medical board associations and said symptoms are different, but mild from what i treated before, it's a mild disease-- disease, sore muscles, tiredness for a day or two and so far we have not detected a loss of taste and smell and they might have a slight cough. most people are treated at home, not hospitalized. so, i'm trying to figure out why we are setting our meters to panic 10 and for example kathy hochul new york declaring a state of emergency already. >> will, this is a great point you are making and i'm glad you have been reading infectious disease textbooks because as pandemics go on viruses tend to get milder and are less severe and that's what occurred in 1918. everyone said how do we get out of 19, we didn't have a vaccine and the answer is that strains get milder because they want to survive and how did they survive, from jumping from host to
4:36 am
host and if you make a host severely sick you can't jump so viruses tend to mutate in directions and it's a survival advantage. if they are milder and spread more easily like delta, but become less severe and i hope that's the case. it's too early to know for sure, but early signs out of saffer africa as you pointed out are positive that this train could be a lot milder. you are right, i don't know why the governor of new york is already talking about not doing elective cases and mostly in upstate new york when that kind of delay of elective surgeries, months and months and months have cost us dearly with treatments we then had to come back and catch up on. i have talked to cancer specialists all over the country who have said admittedly colonoscopies were put off, detections were put off and we are diagnosing things later because people were afraid to come for care. we can't do that again. we can't afford to do that again. will: you have lost all ability to look at both sides of the
4:37 am
ledger because fear, peddled fear and made a massive power grab and it's cost us lives because there are two sides of this ledger with any policy approach. dr. mark siegel, thank you. it's important insight to understand what we may not yet know, but with we may be dealing with when it comes to omicron. thank you. >> pleasure to be all with you and all the depression we have caused is another side of that. will: so many things on that side. talk to you soon. >> thank you. will: up next from the dollar slice to $2 chuck your favorite cheap deals are going up with the growing cost of inflation next and they will need a bigger about. photographer capturing this shark photo that looks eerily similar to the one in jaws. where was the spot fax we all want to know next ♪♪ ze my car insurance,
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pete: there are some of america's most iconic bargains. due to the highest inflation rate in decades they are gone and experts warning the dollar store now $1.25, and 1 dollar pizza slices may never return. gop ohio senate candidate josh mandel joins us now. josh, thank you for being here.
4:42 am
you are traveling all over ohio. what are you hearing from folks and maybe we took for granted the dollar store would be a dollar but reality has changed. >> i'm hearing this all over the state. listening to your segment earlier talking about taking your kids to denny's and the waitresses were busting hump and shortstaffed. i was at a waffle house the other day in fayette county and had the same experience, talk to a race-- waitress named teresa and she said not only are we shortstaffed here but then i go to the grocery store in the gas pump and it's giving tough to afford it, so biden has cemented the democrats party of the elite and i think president trump made the republican party the party of the working class and we as conservatives need to stand up for working-class people who are getting crushed by the biden inflation. pete: our voters connecting those thoughts right now and realizing its policies of the moment creating this? >> they get it. photos of ohio where i am here and throughout the country the american
4:43 am
people are smart and they get it. under president trump last year 2020, the inflation was only 1.4%. now under biden it's 6.2%, more than quadrupled think about what that does going nerves, a waitress, a truck driver. the last time inflation was this high, michael jordan was winning championships in michael jackson was at the top of the charts. it's been over 30 years since we have seen inflation like this and everywhere i go throughout the state of ohio, right here in cleveland, dayton, toledo and everywhere i go middle working class people are getting crushed by the inflation. pete: you are a republican. eventually there will be a republican taking on a democrat in ohio. what is a democrat running on, how do they attempt to address the environment they are in? >> well, the democrat leading the pull is named tim ryan and this guy has been a total rubberstamp for pelosi whether it's the green new deal, the incredible
4:44 am
off the chart spending in washington that's created this inflation, so ohio is trump country. we are a state that was purple for a long time, but even the democrats here aren't liberals. the democrats go hunting saturday, church on sunday, believing the american flag, believe in peace through strength and things cops in the military are good guys and when democrats here in ohio and especially republicans look at today's democratic party they see a democrat party under biden that is left working people behind and that's exactly what's happened with this inflation. it's making thanks giving dinner more expensive. it's going to make christmas next month more expensive for families and when working people and moms and dads go to the gas pump right now they see that biden inflation right on the pump. pete: that's true. politics have never been more personal impacting people's lives and you see it. josh mandel, thank you for your time in service in the military and
4:45 am
thank you for joining us this morning. >> thanks. pete: you got it. rachel come over to you. rachel: turning to headlines and its going maxwell trial begins tomorrow in new york city telling the daily mail she's prepared to do whatever it takes to save her life and clear her name. that report as possibly taking the stand and testifying. maxwell faces life in prison for allegedly grooming minors as part of jeffrey epstein's sexual ring. the women's tennis association deeply concerned over the whereabouts of chinese tennis star, the three time olympian vanishing after accusing a former chinese communist member of sexual abuse. the wta releasing a statement reaffirming its fears over her ability to communicate freely saying after reaching out quote it was clear her responses were influenced by others. a massive great white shark scene off the coast of mexico might be
4:46 am
the real life "jaws". ♪♪ >> we are going to need a bigger boat. rachel: i remember how scary it was. a photographer capturing the image of the iconic "jaws" poster with the gorgeous shot taken off the coast of mexico guadalupe island. those are your headlines. it does look a lot like "jaws". i would be scared. actually, i think the one in mexico is scarier [laughter] pete: well-known. someone took the photo by the way. that's legit. pete: rick would take that photo. he loves nature. >> i do love nature. not that much nature. there's a limitation. he was probably in a cage like feeding,
4:47 am
getting the writing go may be taking shot. will: i would go when one of those cages. i'm in on that. >> let's do it. will: "fox & friends" can make it happen. >> producers, listen. let's talk weather. obviously a big day travel with people going back home. things are quite good weatherwise. we won't see any big problems. look at this with a bit of light snow across parts of upstate new york. over the next couple of days more systems move through bringing more snow especially around parts of the great lakes. around the gulf coast most of the precipitation is offshore, but a little bit of light rain across i-10 and i-20 be careful if you are driving home. across the west, more moisture coming into the pacific northwest. if you have not paid attention to this, we had bad flooding record breaking flooding a couple of weeks ago and now more range with maybe five to 10 inches of rain over the next couple of days with additional flooding.
4:48 am
guys, back to you inside will: we are ready to start eating because up next we are counting down to the start of hanukkah tonight. we have a rabbi and a chef on deck with their holiday message and the best way to celebrate. ♪♪ is now a good time for a flare-up? enough, crohn's! for adults with moderate to severe crohn's or ulcerative colitis, stelara® can provide relief, and is the first approved medication to reduce inflammation on and below the surface of the intestine in uc. you, getting on that flight? back off, uc! stelara® may increase your risk of infections, some serious, and cancer. before treatment, get tested for tb. tell your doctor if you have an infection, flu-like symptoms, sores, new skin growths, have had cancer, or if you need a vaccine. pres, a rare, potentially fatal brain condition, may be possible.
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♪♪ pete: look at that graphic. hanukkah starts tonight at sundown. rachel: this marks the first of eight nights in the jewish festival of lights. will: we have a special hanukkah message from america's rabbi and the author of kosher, plus executive chef to teach us how to make some delicious latkes. thank you for being with us on the eve of hanukkah. rabbi, what is our message going into hanukkah claim it couldn't be more relevant to hanukkah times, nice tried to suppress jewish faith and thought the culture -- greek culture was more sophisticated. faith was not scientific so they tried to close the synagogues and the jews fought back not that there is any direct
4:53 am
similarity, but through the coronavirus, they the acupuncture clinics open and shut down the synagogues. the second thing they did was make sure they were not pure or nice by the greeks because so much anti-semitism was brought there so jewish nationalism was suppressed. iran trying to-- we have to fight backs-- back. rachel: beautiful message. so, we are going to make latkes? >> yes. will: i did my reading this morning, oil based on the hanukkah tradition with oil in your food during hanukkah all cooked in oil. >> kosher calories. part of our religion. [laughter] unless it's not critically unhealthy minutes not kosher. pete: that's a good one. rachel: block because our healthy. >> all delicious. >> everything in moderation. rachel: that's right. >> it's the holidays and it's time to splurge.
4:54 am
rachel: what's the trick to a great latke? >> the first thing we do is have a graded potato. we want to get the water out. it's a graded raw potato. some folks might add onion, being that i will see my pop today, he's a purist and he's strictly potato, flour and eggs. once you get the liquid out, you are going to add one egg per potato, per potato and a half. a little salt-and-pepper makes it safe-- taste good. pete: so far so good. >> keep it simple. >> touch of flower. will: how did this become traditional food of hanukkah? >> because the oil was used to light the menorah inside the temple. when it was rededicated after it was desecrated by the syrian greeks, so oil and also i give a
4:55 am
lot of credit to the sheriff because normally kosher produce twice the price at half the taste but he takes it to a whole new level. it's like twice the taste. i see you steering us down saying we wish we had this tradition. will: and then you drop that into the oil and i understand there's a debate on the topping, applesauce versus sour cream. >> i'm in the middle. i like both. i don't discriminate. i like the sour and the sweet. >> main course or dessert. >> at the restaurant we offer-- that's a short rib ragu. we also offer roasted bone marrow and then we have an applesauce with date syrup. for those that to spend extra we have caviar and salmon roe because why not. rachel: i love salmon roe. >> i feel it wouldn't
4:56 am
interfere with jewish suffering. rachel: caviar. >> pretty amazing. rachel: thank you, rabbi. >> light the menorah, everyone. rachel: happy hanukkah. pete: more "fox & friends". ♪♪ make everything twice as nice, and twice as merry. don't miss black friday shopping and cyber steals. or buy online and pick up in store. [engine humming] [clapping] “we will rock you” by queen ♪ the new gmc sierra with hands-free driving
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5:01 am
when i grew up, by the way, there was a courthouse in the middle of that square, my dad's office was right next to it. pete: very nice. but no snow on the ground. we're at the halfway mark of this sunday edition of "fox & friends" weekend. and, by the way -- rachel: fan i city. pete: it's fancy. it's the start of hanukkah. rachel: it is. caviar? come on, that was awesome. pete: real good. it's also the start of advent. rachel: it is. yep. first day of advent, four weeks leading up to christmas. pete: what do you do when you light the first candle? rachel: we turn off all the lights and sing o come emmanuel, and every time one of the children does a good deed, you put a piece of hay underneath the baby jesus, hopefully a lot
5:02 am
of good deeds. i think ainsley earhart does it too. pete: what happens when they do a bad deed? rachel: no, i'm not going to make baby jesus suffer because my children are nuts. [laughter] pete: the carrot and the stick. will: we can get you ready for the holiday season, by the way. 20% off right now at fox shop where you can see things like these winter hats and fox news t-shirts. you've got some gloves, rachel. rachel: there's also socks. pete: boone, my son, loves to wear these socks all the time. they don't fit him perfectly, but they work. rachel: did i say it right? pete: i don't think so. you did. [laughter] rachel: they made it so
5:03 am
complicated. pete: we can see who's taking over fox square this morning -- will: nfl sunday. pete: right here at 10:00 eastern. they're going to be the on. and i was grousing a little bit earlier because you can complain even during christmas. they get great catering. rachel: we just got latkes. pete: we did. and a fan i city coffee machine -- fanty coffee machine. will: let me tell you something about that coffee machine, it travels. rachel: what? [inaudible conversations] pete: will was outraged about this when he found out about the green room. i was getting my maining, and will was just -- my makeup on, and will was just losing his mind. we're the news nerds in here, they're cool kids, professional
5:04 am
athletes. and that's tough for willing to hear, because he's one of the best sports comment anticipators in america -- commentators in america. rachel: we're up earlier probably than those guys. will: i'm going to track down that coffee machine -- the. [laughter] we're going to serve coffee on the table at "fox & friends" before this two hours is done. i'm going to track down that thing. you thought i was raising hell this morning, wait until you see what happens -- it's when the nerds run into the cool kids. pete: i want to see this. will: watch out, michael strahan, here i come. [laughter] pete: he doesn't mean it. we'll get to a little bit of news, if we have to. coming out of thanksgiving, weepped love to just riff. we begin with the new covid-19 variant, omicron, causing concern as it spreads across europe. will: countries around the globe taking action to stop the spread which is said to have mild but
5:05 am
unusual symptoms. rachel: right. alexandria hoff is in washington, d.c. with more. >> reporter: good morning. secretary of state antony blinken is praising the south african government and scientists for quickly identifying the omicron variant and notifying world partners. this is being taken as a dig at china for their lack of transparency two years ago. south africa's health minister has criticized the countries that are imposing travel bans saying not enough is known about this new strain yet. the biden administration's pause in travel to the region will begin tomorrow. >> the issue of blocking travel from a given country is to just give us time to assess it better. that's the reason for doing that, not any if reason to panic. but we want to give it some time to really fill in the blanks of what we don't know right now. >> reporter: the omicron variant is quickly spreading in
5:06 am
countries throughout europe and australia. researchers are noting largely mild but unusual symptoms different from the delta variant. dr. fauci believes it's the likely already here. >> you know, i would not be surprised if it is. we have not detected it yet, but when you have a virus that is showing this degree of transmissibility and you're already having travel-related cases that they've noted in israel, belgium and other places, when you have a virus like this, it almost invariably is ultimately going to go, essentially, all over. >> reporter: israel has taken an additional step of shutting down their borders completely to outsiders. that's expected to last about two weeks. will: thank you, alexandria. we talked about this a little bit earlier. you pointed out i think a very, i think it's an insightful observation that omicron is a scary-sounding word. rachel: yeah. will: it inspires fear, which
5:07 am
some could argue is the purpose of much of this scary talk. because the truth is vast majority of mutations of respiratory the viruses mutate into something more benign. we don't know yet when it comes to omicron, it's too new, but that is the history of respiratory viruses, they mutate to something less virulent. here, by the way, is one testimony. angelique is a board member of the south african medical association where this first popped up. the symptoms were so so different and so mild from those i treated before, it presents mild disease with symptoms being sore muscles and tiredness for a day or two not feeling well. so far we've detect thed those infected do not suffer from a loss of taste or smell and they might have a slight cough. and those infected are being treated currently at home. hospitalizations not up, deaths not up. it seems to be the unusual but unusually mild.
5:08 am
and this is what the current panic is over. rachel: well, it's a good thing it's mild. and by the way, covid for most people, 99% survivable unless you're elderly or have a co-morbidity. so, yeah, wondering why all the fear factor. however, you know, they did shut down travel from africa and, you know, we talked yesterday about whether that was racist or not. but again, just weird stuff. i want to know why, if this is so serious, why we have, you know, people coming over the southern border that dr. fauci hasn't said anything about. he weighs in on politics but doesn't seem to weigh in on that. pete: it's true. but you think about the fear factor, you ramp up the fear, and then people's perception of the threat increases. and you see that in polling all the time. the percentage of democrats or independents that think you automatically go to the hospital -- will: oh, wow, it's so off. pete: or percentage of people who think you die if you get
5:09 am
covid. it's the exponentially high. then you hear about a new variant. hopefully, as you both said, less threatening and less symptom thes. it's the same old playbook. are there going to be the mandates, are there going to be lockdowns. travel bans we've already seen. so we seem to -- our experts seem to not be able to adapt and learn with the reality, and, you know, we were willing to give people a lot of rope early on. fifteen days to stop the spread, spray down your packages, we don't really know. now we do know a lot more, and our officials should be respecting people instead of ramping up the fear. rachel: as viruses continue on, they get milder and milder. that's what this i mutation is just like all the other ones. dr. marc siegel talked about that earlier with will. >> as pandemics go on, viruses tend to get milder and have less severe, and that's what occurred
5:10 am
in 1918. everybody says how did we get out of 1918. answer is strains get milder. they may spread faster but become less severe. i'm hoping that's the case. it's too early to know for sure, but early signs out of south africa are positive that this strain could be a lot milder. will: so that's the normal course of things. we recognize what we don't yet know. but what we don't yet know shouldn't lead us to automatic panic. pete: i also know it's not called the variant xi as it should be if it was properly named. there's even a new sound from fauci reintroducing the idea that the wet market theory could be correct. rachel: unbelievable. pete: he's still doing that. if that's still your belief, how are you still in charge? why does anybody listen? rachel: and if we want to prevent a future pandemic, we really have to understand where
5:11 am
it came from. we really need to hold those who are responsible for these very dangerous experiments and for that leak, they have to be the held responsible or else we're going to see this again and again. so there's a reason why china needs to be held responsible. i don't understand why fauci doesn't care. will: we move to this, the department of transportation is currently getting slammed for a meme they put up on the internet, i don't know, joke. advocacy, is what people are saying. pete: official government account. rachel: it shows a woman asking a man what are you thinking about, and the man responds i'm thinking about how the new infrastructure law's going to get going, so much better over next decade, how build back better is going to create millions of new jobs. the woman says, same. the point is you're not supposed to lobby for laws as chuck devore pointed out. this appears to be lobbying. federal agencies were allowed to be so blatant.
5:12 am
secretary the of transportation can, of course, the d.o.t.'s official web site seems unusual. pete: yeah. if we could put the meme back up, it's terrible. donald trump jr. and others always say the left can't pete. they're just not funny. [laughter] so if you look at the the memes that come out of the right of center world, they're often poking holes in the empty left-wing hi hypocrisy. it's not even funny. if you're going to do a meme, at least try to make it funny. they're so wrapped up in their own shelf self-worship and their arrogance, frankly, they can't even be funny. rachel: it's not even true. you're not going to get any infrastructure out of this in the sense that it's going to take ten years probably, because they refused to reform the permitting process. if you talk to people, more important than the money is permitting, because things take so long because of government regulations and all kinds of
5:13 am
things that are entailed in building these things. so the meme is not funny, the meme is also not realistic. those people might be grandparents before bridges get done. we spoke to carlos gimenez, and he slammed the bills that this meme is discussing. here's what he had to say. >> they're trying to convince people that this infrastructure law is going to be really great. and trucker you know, that infrastructure bill, there's infrastructure in there, but there's a whole lot of stuff that's not infrastructure. it shouldn't have ever been that high, that's why i voted against it, but also it's tied to this other build back, and i think build back busted bill that they're trying to pass down. this is just advertising, pure and simple, and really it's not something that should be paid for with taxpayer money. rachel: yeah. he's talking about human infrastructure. this is what the democrats have been doing with words, right? to be able to sell this bill and tuck the it in -- tuck the it in
5:14 am
with all their socialist programs. we all want bridges and roads to be good, but then they have all these other things. pete: you hit on the operative word, it's 100% sales mode for them. they want to pass the socialist spending bill, but they've got to convince people that they like it because they're not going to feel much of it, and they need that because of their poll numbers and where they are with the reality of what's happening in people's lives. get ready for the sales job to be on hyperdrive. will: all right. i'm going to get to my latke while you get to headlines. rachel: that's not a latke, that's infrastructure. [laughter] at least six people are dead across houston. officers responding to a handful of scenes, this as three people are shot dead in chicago over the weekend. another 24 recovering from gunshot wounds in the windy city. the the youngest victim only 15
5:15 am
years old. donations are pouring in for a man who spent the last 42 years in prison for a crime he did not commit. kevin strickland was exonerated in the murders of three people and did not receive any money from the tate of missouri upon -- the state of missouri upon release. his lawyer are setting up a gofundme page in june that recently exploded with donations totaling $1.5 million. a fedex driver picks up and salutes an american flag after it fell to the ground. he joined us earlier after his patriotic act spread on social media. >> well, as a member of the army national guard throughout my time, it's kind of been ingrained in me to always treat the flag with respect. rachel: that flag was hanging outside or was found outside the home of a mexican immigrant who praises chris for fixing the flag saying he loves this
5:16 am
country and the american treatment, and those are your headlines. that's a great story. all the way around. not just that he picked up the flag p but that it happened to be the home, and these people are so proud of the journey their family made from mexico ott united states and how grateful they are to this country for the lives that they live. and, yeah, awesome stuff. pete: all the right reasons all the way around. rachel: up next, sean duffy, my husband, and the co-author of our book, "a all-american christmas," he joins us to celebrate christmas and also that we made the bestseller list. pete: and have you ever put bourbon and bacon inside french toast? today's the day to do it. rachel: let's do it. [laughter] pete: we're whipping up sweet and savory on one of the most delicious days of the year. ♪ -- and everyone telling you be of good cheer -- ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪♪
5:17 am
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♪ rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." just hours after being briefed on the new omicron variant, president biden is caught shopping maasless inside a nantucket store. this despite clear signs
5:21 am
requiring shoppers to wear one. you can see the sign right there. pete: just one example on a long list of democrats caught breaking their own mask rules. will: fox news contributor sean duffy is here to react. sean -- good morning, by the way. >> hey, guys. will: we've done this story too many times, haven't we? >> time and time again. first of all, this was a story that had the mask, but nantucket itself has a mask mandate. so it's a government regulation that the joe biden broke. i'm sick of it. why do i have to follow these requirements by government when they don't follow them themselves? i, frankly, often don't. the second point is there's a class difference bl here. if you're joe biden, if you're wealthy, if you're famous, you don't have to follow the rules. if you're in the servant class, you then have to wear the max. and, by the way, we were talking about this new variant. if joe biden cares about protecting the community in the
5:22 am
store, don't you think he'd wear a maas, pete? -- mask, pete? pete: he doesn't care. he also seems to be racist because he's banning travel from african countries. >> he doesn't care about black and brown people. rachel: i feel bad for people who work in restaurants, because they have to wear this for 8-10 hours a day. it's clearly there's no science behind it. it's not just that it's uncomfortable and may be, by the way, why it's hard to keep people employed in these service jobs, but it does creating? i never thought i'd see in america which is this definitive class distinction. i think it's bad for us, actually. >> democrats wonder why people aren't following them when they make the rules, and it's like when you keep changing the rules, we don't trust you. we don't believe you. when we say, hey, if you've had covid and you have the antibodies, you're pretty well
5:23 am
protected. hay won't actually even study thed that. it makes us say we don't believe you anymore, and, therefore, when you lose faith in government science, government recommendations, the whole thing falls apart. and actually i believe in government science and recommendations if you trust it. will: they don't believe. rachel: that's right. will: they don't believe in their own mandates. they don't believe in their own rules. rachel: yeah, but it's bad for public health, is your point. when the next thing comes around, it's bad for protect health. will: can you imagine the skepticism? another pandemic. >> and this picture, they break their own rules, the feint continues to erode. therefore, if something truly bad happens and you do have to follow the recommendations, we're not willing to do it because we don't trust you. and public health is based on trust, and they have completely lost that trust. rhoderachel: the is it time fori to go? >> oh, god, long time ago. the guy's all over the map.
5:24 am
recommendation one day is different the the next day. i think this whole thing with going back to the wet market in china, you have got to be the kidding me. rachel: it's insane. >> covering his tracks of how he helped funnel american tax money swat wuhan lab -- into the wuhan lab. rachel: we've got to get to our book. >> we do. [inaudible conversations] will: look at that. >> so, listen, this is the all-american christmas book. rachel and i did it together with your other favorite fox -- [laughter] rachel: there's part two now. >> paperback version. will: i'm in a pamphlet that's being run on the xerox machine. rachel: listen, this is a very heart warming book. it's got little vignettes, short stories, curl up by the fire, read about, you know, brit hume's christmas, about steve doocy, peter doocy. you know, just take it in
5:25 am
little, you know, a story a day if anyone on your christmas list loves fox news, i'm telling you, they're going to love it. i have received so many e-mails of people sending me their own stories, relatives reminding me things, oh, i remember when we went to your house. my cowzs calling me -- cousins calling me. it's really great stuff. >> this seat is really warm, pete, so thank you. [laughter] been here for an hour and a half. i spent, when i was an undergrad in law school, i was a bus driver. i had to spend the night in my car, and i woke up on christmas morning, it was the worst christmas ever. i didn't include that in here, but again -- rachel: you remember. will: green room and had some
5:26 am
coffee. and i want to hear the ski bump story. rachel: he had long hair. >> i looked really good. rachel: we should find that picture. pete: also sandra smith had a crew cut which i had a lot of as a child. rachel: i think you should bring that in for one of our weekends. >> is everyone going to get their christmas tree right now? emily cam pan ya talks about her fake christmas tree when her mom had breast cancer. they still put it up today, and her mom survived. rachel: the tree is a reminder to her. lots of heart-warming stories. number two on the new york time it's bestseller, and there's a reason, because it's a great book. will: congratulations. >> thank you, guys. pete: all right. well, on another note, another subject, still ahead, another illegal migrant caravan is headed toward the u.s. right now, and we are following it. will: plus, after devastating
5:27 am
attack in waukesha, one restaurant is restoring the spirit of giving by donating 100% of friday's sales to families impacted. that message of hope is next. rk♪ ♪ so light 'em up, up, up light 'em up, up, up ♪ ♪ light 'em up, up, up ♪ ♪ i'm on fire ♪ ♪ so light 'em up, up, up light 'em... ♪ are you taking a statin drug to reduce cholesterol? ♪ i'm on fire ♪ it can also deplete your coq10 levels. i recommend considering qunol coq10 along with your statin medication. the brand i trust is qunol. plaque psoriasis, the burning, itching. the pain. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them.
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rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." waukesha, wisconsin, rallying behind the victims of the christmas parade attack and their families. our next guests who co-own a restaurant in the area announced they would coe nate 100% of their -- donate 100% of their sales this friday leading the community to turn out and raise nearly $15,000. co-owner of the coop, joseph joins us now. did i say that right? >> yeah, cisnaeos. rachel: a lot of time tragedies happen, and people say what can i do.
5:32 am
you donated everything you made on friday, that your restaurant made, to victims and their families. what's been the reaction? >> my brother and i were humbled. the community came together, we rallied together. we showed strength in the time, and it just shows what waukesha strong really means for those who don't know. we put ourselves on the map, and thank god we were able to raise $15,000 knowing that it's going to benefit those the affected and impacted, it's just, it's great. and for me -- rachel: go ahead. no, no, you go ahead. >> for my brother and i, the best form of payment is just to see people be nice and be happy, and this is the least gesture we could have done. rachel: you've been getting calls from all over the country wants to help out, correct? >> correct. we got calls from fort worth, texas the, south dakota, nevada. today someone just came in and dropped $500 in our donation box. it just shows this is one of the
5:33 am
greatest countries. united we stand, and you can do that here. rachel: americans are the most generous, big-hearted people in the world. >> oh, yeah. rachel: when tragedy the happens, you really do see that. how's waukesha doing right now? the country is trying to grapple with what happened, but you're right there. how's the community doing? >> i mean, we're definitely impacted. it hurts. i mean, we were one degree separated from everything. just to put it into perspective, the coop bar/restaurant, we're two minutes away from all this took place. i mean, the christmas parade is a huge tradition in waukesha. i've been live -- living here myself for six years. how many people calm to our restaurant before they went to the parade, and it just pains me. my heart goes out for everybody. rachel: it's just tram you can. we're still -- tragic. we're still hearing more news about people recovering, and it's so overwhelming and hard to believe this could happen in beautiful small town waukesha,
5:34 am
wisconsin. joseph, you really set a very good example of how one person can make a difference. thank you so much for what you're doing and please send love all the a way from new york to waukesha, wisconsin. we're thinking about all of us. >> thank you very much, rachel. it's the least we can do for a community that embraced us once we opened up in the midst of the pandemic. they gave us a home and a reason to open the doors with a smile on our face every day. rachel: joseph, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. rachel: you got it. prayers to waukesha. all right. well, coming up, rush on the radio. a new tribute to the conservative legend. >> greetings, welcome back, folks. happy to have you here. when i have an preponderance on something, it's dc opinion on something, it's rock solid and i firmly believe it. when it comes to autism, finding the right words can be tough. finding understanding doesn't have to be.
5:35 am
we can create a kinder, more inclusive world for the millions of people on the autism spectrum. go to
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5:38 am
♪ pete: legendary conservative radio show host rush limbaugh continues to be remembered as his longtime producer wants the world to know his lasting impact. >> i heard that fox, god love them, is televising this speech on the fox news channel which means, ladies and gentlemen, this is my first ever address to the nation. [cheers and applause] this is why i keep emphasizing what we conservatives, we love everybodiment we want the best
5:39 am
for everybody. we have a special guest. who is it? >> so, rush, i just wanted to congratulate a you -- [laughter] on 30 years. >> we had generated through the sales $4 million to tunnel to towers, and i wanted to come here today because it has continued. we're going to continue all the way through christmas. i love you from the bottom of my sizable and growing and still beating heart. there's room for much more. pete: james golden, also known as bo, is the author of rush on radio: a tribute from his sidekick for 30 years. he joins us now. james, thank you so much for being here and thanks for writing this book, because i think generations are going to need to remember rush, what he did and how he did it. before i get to that, i want to read one quick excerpt that struck us and leads to my first question. you wrote this: it didn't take long for the local show to explode, and it was apparent that rush was destined for a big
5:40 am
national audience. because we worked in the same building, i'd sometimes bring him unusual news stories i thought he'd appreciate, and that's how we first got to know each other. james, you talk about meeting rush for the first time, and your felt like he was going to be big from the beginning. >> from the very start. you know, rush was really quiet. he was not a bombastic, the tongue in cheek man on the program. outside of the radio program, very quiet, very humble, very polite guy. but when he talked about what he wanted to do on the radio and what he did on the radio, he was so charismatic. and anyone that heard his show from the very beginning knew that he was something different. he was an unusual talent that you had never heard before. he was creative. he understood the theater of radio like no one else and could make you listen, and he was just so compelling. he could make anything sound interesting. he knew how to tell and a story
5:41 am
and could bring you into it. pete: how did he do that? he'd take a story that the rest of us would knell a straightforward way -- tell in a straightforward if way or a topic tough to unpack, and he'd make it relatable. was that a lot of preparation? instant? what was it? >> well, he prepared all the time. he used to say life was show prep, so show prep was continuous. but it was more than that. he had been studying broadcasting since he was a child, age 6. that's when he first started with his determination to be a broadcaster. and he was just the best at it. he grew to be best at it. he knew how to use his voice inflections. he knew the dynamics of using a microphone, of distance. all the little tricks of trade that it would take years and years to understand he mastered all of them. and on top of that, he had a, an unusual sense of a story. you never gotten conventional
5:42 am
wisdom. in fact, he used to say what do you hear as the conventional wisdom, he knows that's what he's not going to think about. [laughter] pete: it made him different. would we have had the modern conservative movement, donald trump without rush limbaugh? >> i don't believe we would have had the thed modern conservative movement. donald trump maybe but not perhaps with the same base. rush was the person that explained what conservativism was to america. and as a result, many americans -- like myself who didn't know i was a conservative, i just knew i had certain values that i grew up with, certain beliefs. he identified those, and he allowed conservatives to identify themselves as conservatives and have fun doing it. you know, liberals for the first time when rush came on the radio found themselves and liberalism under scrutiny. and they don't like that. and they never were able to
5:43 am
react to the humor that he brought to the table concerning their liberalism either. pete: i remember he would issue challenges, or issue listeners a challenge, find a friend, tell them to listen for two weeks and dare them not to keep listening. you had a chance to be front and center for 30 years, and you wrote a book about it. it's "rush on the radio, "i hope folks check it out. james, thank you so much. what a spot to be in, and you're continuing the legacy today. >> pete, thank you for having me so very much. pete: you got it, james. appreciate it. great stuff. rush will never be forgotten. will has some headlines. will: awesome interview, awesome book. what a talented broadcaster. turning now to headlines, the state of texas is bracing for a new migrant caravan. group of several hundred people are reportedly only days away from arriving at the border. texas state troopers are mobilizing resources. >> we're ten months into this crisis, and i can tell you right now the criminal organizations
5:44 am
are profiting off this crisis. will: the caravan will link up with another group of migrants on the way to the border. new plans revealed to rebuild the notre dame a but some are accusing renovators of turning the church into a, quote, woke theme park. one award-winning architect telling the telegraph it's the as if disney's entering notre dame. it's a kind of theme park and childish given the grandeur of the place. a sanctuary dedicated to the environment among the planned renovations. i was going to have rachel read this next one. milwaukee bucks star -- rachel: giannis -- pete: i love it. will: -- gives a young man fan a birthday gift he never forget. [inaudible conversations] >> here you go.
5:45 am
will: posing for a picture, even of shoes.e birthday boy a pair and that's not all. the greek freak also giving his game jersey to the birthday boy's brother. rachel: wow. that's very nice. will: took me a year of sports broadcasting -- nobody could do that when they're first introduced. rachel: i thought you were going to have me comment on notre dame going woke. all right. will: it's one of the most delicious days of the year, national french day. rachel: here to show us some dishes is celebrity chef eric devine. 317 main street. >> today just a couple of quick tips. this is great, but when you want to make sure you don't put it in your egg wash too long because it'll make it soft and mush hawaii. just a little bit of butter in
5:46 am
there. pete: i used to let it soak. >> you can, but it tends to break up a little bit -- rachel: because of the bread. >> that's all butter, not oil? >> all butter. again, nice little brown -- >> you were a chopped winner. rachel: i love that show. >> it's a great show. so today just a few samples that we have, we have for dallas candy -- for christmas, candy cane-stuffed french toast, we have a nutella, and we have a cranberry orange stuffed french toast. my favorite, the brown sugar, bacon, bourbon french toast. and right in front of you is the peanut butter and jelly french toast. actually, we have our macaroons that we el at my pastry the -- sell at my pastry shop. actually try those. much better -- [laughter] it's always great. will: i'm thinking this is a
5:47 am
little -- >> i would love to get you a little bourbon to get you started. one of the things i wanted to -- [inaudible conversations] rachel: we have a debate -- >> okay, you're going to love this. >> he loves corn sir rip. >> today we have a little bit of traditional maple syrup, and what you have in your hand is actually maple-flavored syrup. so that is something that's a very good point. there's a lot of chemicals and a lot more corn syrup in the, quote, fake stuff, than traditional maple syrup. great from vermont, great from canada and very, very big, there's a massive difference in -- rachel: i like wisconsin's maple syrup. >> that's where you're from. it's kind of a fun thing to be able to play with. you can stuff anything into a french toast. rachel: yeah, it's the really true. >> if you had turkey left over, you could take turkey, ham and swiss -- rachel: i could eat all of these
5:48 am
macaroons. >> we have a marketplace at 317 main street. >> where is it? >> 317 main street. rick: amazing stuff. will: thank you so much. pete: vermont maple syrup. rachel: how the power of fracking turned one small town into the fastest growing micro-area in america. ♪ ♪ it's the ultimate sleep number event on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to relieve pressure points. and its temperature balancing so you both sleep just right. save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. plus 0% interest for 60 months.. ends cyber monday.
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♪ will: president biden facing backlash over his oil and gas -- as americans gram with soaring costs of -- grapple with soaring costs of filling their cars. one north dakota town as fracking led to a surge of 45 million barrels in 2007 to nearly 525 million in 2019. it also saw a population boom of 83% making it the fastest growing micro-area. the mayor of that town, williston, north dakota, joins us now. mayor, good morning to you. first of all, let's talk about
5:53 am
what your town's been through over the last year, last ten years. this population boom, that's -- i mean, how do you handle that kind of growth? >> we went from 14,000 people to at one time we were probably around, servicing 40,000 people in just about three or four years. and one of the things that we had problems with is what do you do with the sewage, how do you make sure that the restaurants will be able to handle these people. there was a lot of innovation done up here. and we had a lot of man camps come in and house these people. we had people coming in from all over the united states. we had license plates from every state in the union and foreign countries also. it was a pretty amazing time. at the same time, people were coming to invest in the city of
5:54 am
whether it was to start businesses or the oil companies were spending a tremendous amount of money making sure that their leases and their production could ramp up and they could secure what they had. will: right. i have family in odessa is, texas, i know nature of boom and bust cycle. you're now looking at a decrease in production. the biden administration looking to decrease the amount of domestic production, so what because that mean for -- does that mean for all the investment and growth? what does it look like now? >> one of the things that's happening here in north dakota is we're looking at value-added companies coming in. we just landed a $2.6 billion gas to liquids plant just 7 miles from the city of williston that will take natural gas that we're producing and turn it into jet fuel and other products like that. the state of north dakota is investing heavily in itself to make sure that we're doing what
5:55 am
the federal government wants us to do. our flaring has gone down to less than 3% right now and where we used to be flaring probably 40% of that gas. we've put a lot of pipelines in place. a lot of people are looking to take this natural gas and add some value to it. will: right. >> and sell it throughout the world. one of the things that we need is that the federal government make sure that they're onboard and they understand that federal leases -- will: right. >> -- if they're not given out, they're going to tie up a lot of federal industry and also on the reservations. will: mayor, i've got to run, but we wish you best of luck in sustaining that growth, maintaining what you've grown over the past decade. thank you for your time. >> thank you. will: in his latest interview, dr. anthony fauci pushes the wet
5:56 am
market covid origins theory even though it's the been widely credited. lara trump and raymond arroyo fact check fauci. ♪ ♪ my plaque psoriasis... ...the itching... the burning. the stinging. my skin was no longer mine. my psoriatic arthritis, made my joints stiff, swollen... painful. emerge tremfyant®. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. tremfya® is the only medication of its kind also approved for adults with active psoriatic arthritis. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms or if you had a vaccine or plan to. emerge tremfyant®
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get a credit toward your first month's payment on select models. ♪ last night we cracked some cold beers. ♪ felt good to be country again. ♪ yeah, i love me some california. >> far be it from me to be critical, but boy we've stepped up our opening shot game. that's el paso, texas with a little sun rise. welcome to "fox & friends." welcome you to the fourth hour of the show. rachel: good morning. that looks like he'll pa he sew.
6:01 am
he sew-- el paso. it could be arizona too. it looks like a nice southwest sunrise. >> everything is wisconsin or arizona. that's it. >> cold wisconsin, hot arizona. rachel: i've got it covered. there's nothing like a desert sunrise. >> beautiful. we had your photos all morning long as we played the national anthem at the 6:00 hour. if you wake up late, if you dvr the show, we start the show with the national anthem and your photos from across the country. >> keep sending them. i've got my card here, i believe there's another show happening later on. i've got notes on it. you talked about texas, you came screaming out of the room like a fan boy. will: when you do this for a living you meet a lot of people that are famous. downstairs in the green room is jimmie johnson, the multiple super bowl winning head coach of the dallas cowboys.
6:02 am
i got pretty fan-boyed out. they told me not to complain about food on air, favored nation status, i'm going to do it on air. pete: i'm drinking fox nfl sunday coffee right now. will: how is it compared to "fox & friends" coffee? pete: it's way better. rachel: we were told not to touch that food or that coffee. >> he's that's not true. >> i had a little bit of coffee. >> i see how they get prepared with one of their prep sheets, this is every game in the nfl today, this is what michael strahan will look at all day long. i took a note of what i want to talk about on the card. happy hanukkah, everybody. it's national french toast day, all american christmas, best seller. omicron, big bummer. >> what are you doing? >> let's go brandon's on here and i love fox nfl sunday. rachel: these are the random
6:03 am
thoughts that go through his mind. >> that's what i've got. >> make sure you hit them all. >> all on the back of a sports nfl sunday. rachel: it's the first day of advent and start of hanukkah, happy hanukkah. >> there you go. that's all we have. rachel: that's all we have. i'm going to begin. we start with some news. the new covid-19 variant, omicron, causing concern as it spreads across europe. >> countries around the globe taking action to stop the spread which is said to have hilled but unusual symptoms. .>> a we have more from washington, d.c. >> reporter: it is been confirmed in the netherlands and australia. dr. anthony fauci believe it's likely already here. >> you know, i would not be surprised if it is. we have not detected it yet but when you have a virus that is
6:04 am
showing this he degree of trans missability and you're already having travel related cases that they've noted in israel and belgium and other places, when you have a virus like things it almost invariably is going to go essentially all over. rachel: the variant was first detected in south africa. tomorrow, the biden administration will pause travel to the country and seven neighboring nations, it does not include american citizens. >> the issue of blocking travel from a given country is to just give us time to assess it better. that's the reason for doing that. not any reason to panic. but we want to give it some time to really fill in the blanks of what we don't know right now. rachel: and south africa's health minister feels we do not know enough yet to be imposing travel restrictions. he criticized the move by the u.s., u.k. as premature. in a dig at china, secretary of
6:05 am
state antony blinken praised the south african scientists and the government of quickly identifying the variant and notifying. israel shut down borders for noncitizens entirely. >> thank you, alexandria. rachel: on that report, it's interesting that she said that the state department issued a statement saying thank you to south africa for giving a heads-up to the world that this was happening. supposedly a slam on china. i wish they would actually say china, our government, and hold them accountable for what they didn't do and what they unleashed on the world. fauci saying give us time. we need to shut down the flights from africa to give us time to assess what this is. but that doesn't make sense if you say we need to do that but you want to wait until the holiday travel weekend's over. it doesn't make any sense. >> sometimes we over-ebbing-ems
6:06 am
certain details. i don't think we should. if you identify a threat, you deal with it now. you don't say starting monday, especially if you give the carve-out for american citizens. >> you don't wait a couple days to shut it down, you don't shake people's hands while coughing into your hand as p president presidentbiden did this past we. there is a panic running through the country over omicron. it isn't backed up by the science. we don't know where it will go. most viruses mutate into being less virulent. we're now getting -- >> this is tucked into the news. we're not hearing that. >> paragraph 10 of most stories. >> but we're almost a year into the biden administration and president biden is instituting policies that president trump had instituted and at the time
6:07 am
president biden called hateful and racist. now he's instituting the same policies. the question has become, has he lived up to his own standards. before he was elected he promised to do one thing when it came to covid. of watch. >> work hard on day one doing the right things. we'll let science drive our decisions. we will deal honestly with the american people. and we'll never, ever, ever quit. that's how we'll shut down this virus. >> i'm not going to shut down the economy. i'm not going to shut down the country. i'm going to shut down the virus. i said before, i'm not going to shut down the economy, i'm going to shut down the virus. once we shut down the virus and deliver economic relief to workers and businesses, then we can start to build back better than before. >> there was a lot of campaign talk which is predictable but you either say you were going to
6:08 am
do or you didn't and in this particular case, unfortunately covid deaths have tipped. now you've got new variants. you you're using the sail old tools, you have the same old director in charge in dr. fauci and people's lives are not better off. you've disrupted the supply chain. you've created depend-- dependency on government. you have trillions slushing around you haven't spent. the only number underpinning approval for joe biden was the handling of covid and now that's cratering. those promises ring hollow for a lot of people who were hoping it might be true. rachel: do you think people are more afraid of this new variant or are they more afraid of another lockdown and what that could mean for them? will: i think -- rachel, i think the majority of people are more afraid of entering -- re-entering where we were a little over a year ago. but that being said, i think a certain percentage of the
6:09 am
population that's been lost to fear. i think fear is adick he testif- addictive and i think people trade freedom for security. i think for some of our brethren out there, people we want to hear and understand the truth, they've been lost to fear and they should understand by the way it's a fear that's not reflected in the choices of our leaders. i mentioned a moment ago that biden this past weekend was walking around nantucket which has a mask mandate and he was walking around without had his mask on. he was shaking hands. he was coughing into this hand. he was behaving as someone who doesn't live in fear of covid. rachel: but the people who live in the store they should work in the store and wear their masks. when he left the store, he had a milkshake in hand and so he was drinking that and as you know, will, covid doesn't work or doesn't spread when you're eating or drinking. it doesn't spread when you're
6:10 am
snacking on an airplane. it doesn't spread when you sit down at the restaurant. it only spreads when you walk from the door of the restaurant to your table and so biden was just following the science of this very peculiar, sophisticated virus. virus.pete: there is a red, ble divide, no doubt, a fear divide, for sure. look at what people do, not what they say. even if that blue fear land, plenty of people have the fatigue of trying to virtue signal 24/7 and maybe their blue check mark, maybe publicly they present one thing because it's part of their identity, but privately there's been enough information that's made its ways through, they understand their risk of death is 0.001%, they understand their kids are not at risk. play the game, because that's what you do in elite society right now. i think the wearinesses is there, even left of center independents into democrats are saying the jig is up, we know
6:11 am
what you've been trying to pull. rachel: i think there's another area in the country, another policy issue that people are getting weary of and that is the rising crime and it is being driven by policies on the left. we spoke earlier with the uncle of one of the girls -- of a young girl, only 11 years old, who was injured in waukesha during this horrifying incident where this man, darryl brooks, deliberately drove his truck through that parade route and it was horrific to hear the details that he shared but also just a reminder that there are real consequences to all this defund the police talk that we hear from on the left. here he is on justice, by the way. >> after hearing everything that he had, when they read out all of the charges that he had prior to what he did on sunday, it made me sick to my stomach
6:12 am
and then to hear him start crying when the judge mentioned that these carried a life sentence, to me it was selfish that he did that, that he was worried about himself. but i hope that he spends the rest of his life in jail in isolation because i don't think he'll ever see general population because they're afraid of what they might think will happen to him honestly. so i hope that he has a lot of time to sit in there and think about how he negatively impacted all of these people's lives in this community for the rest of his life. >> he talked about the policy of defund the police, also the policy of liberalizing bail reform, making it easier for criminals to get out of jail. darryl brooks had a rap page 15 charges long, let out on bail for a few weeks prior for the crime of running someone over with his car. there are policies that lead to real life consequences and they saw those consequences in waukesha. >> and continue to always see the double standard of coverage.
6:13 am
if this had been the other way around, it would have been all about the motives of darryl brooks. instead, it's about the suv and they want to cover up what you pointed out later -- earlier in the show, the racist statements that he has made in the past, the black radicalism groups that he has been a part of. if you can talk about motivations in one, you've got to be able to talk about them in the other. it doesn't -- it shouldn't fit into one little box of the narrative that's accepted. rachel: always in the midst of these tragedies there are good americans who step forward and try to make some good come out of this and one of those was joseph sitimos, the co-owner of the coop restaurant in waukesha. he decided to he donate all proceeds from his restaurants on friday and here's what he had to tell us about why he did that. >> the community came together. we rallied together. we showed strength in a time of adversity. it shows what waukesha strong really means. on friday we got calls from fort worth, texas, nevada, today
6:14 am
someone came in and dropped off $500 in the donation box. it shows that this is one of the greatest countries. united we stand and you can see that. .>> wonderful story of hope and that's always the case in america in the wake of a tragedy. >> today marks one week since that attack, the christmas parade, innocent elderly, innocent kids, slaughtered, which in a way that could have been avoided. but ultimately this restaurant and others stepping up to see the goodness in the season and the poem of wisconsin. rachel: wisconsin strong, waukesha strong. >> we start with a fox news alert. breaking news, a 7.5 magnitude earthquake rocking peru, this is new video just coming in. according to initial reports, the shake was felt in the country's capital as well as neighboring towns. there are no reports of serious damage or injuries yet. as we get new information, we'll bring it to you. and millions of people are
6:15 am
expected to head home today after getting away for thanksgiving. tsa agents are predicting to screen a record number of passengers as airlines brace for full flights. the tsa screening 2.3 million people on wednesday and 1.7 million people on friday. and tonight marks the beginning of hanukkah, the jewish festival of light. first of every night gets started at a sundown. holiday celebrates the rededication of jerusalem's second temple all the way back in the second century bc. today marks the first day of advent which marks four sundays until christmas. and those are your headlines. very cool. >> so in his latest interview, dr. anthony fauci pushed yet again the wet market origin theory and even though that theory has been widely credit it. lara trump and raymond arroyo
6:16 am
will jump in and fact check fauci. rachel: and as energy costs skyrocket, our next guest says americans are left paying for short-sighted policies. ♪
6:17 am
6:18 am
6:19 am
6:20 am
>> homeowners feeling the heat as the cost of keeping warm soars this winter amid biden's energy crisis. but our next guest says americans are actually paying a heavy price for democrats', quote, environmental justice. where's the justice for average tax paying americans? co-founder of the conservative coalition for climate solutions john hart joins us now. john, thanks so much. what is the impact of this environmental justice on average folks in america right now? >> well, pete, thanks for having me on. look, this problem is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. and what we're watching is a global supply and demand problem that's largely self-inflicted. the biden administration decided to listen to far left climate progressives who believe that reducing energy supply through policies like killing the keystone pipeline will help poor people on the planet.
6:21 am
they're wrong on the science, math had, economics and ethics and as you said where is the environmental justice in making poor people pay higher energy prices. look, i think we need a different approach on climate. we believe that climate change is real and it's happening. the answer is not more command and control policies in washington, it's economic freedom. we did a report that showed free economies are twice as clean as less free economies. if you care about climate change, you should promote less government, lower of taxes or private property rights and other policies that are going to unleash american innovation and we're already leading the world in -- measured by climate, c o2 reduction. pete: you will hear none of that from the left, the modern democrat party. if you say we're right on the et et -- on the ethics. they'll say you don't realize the doom of climate. we do. we care. you don't. so you can keep your fossil
6:22 am
fuels but we're going to save the planet. that leads them to not do any of the things you're talking about. >> that's right. this is why we need to take the issue head-on, say we not only care about it, we have the solution set that actually works. let's say for the sake of argument that he sea levels are rising. the first rule of not drowning is don't panic. panic is not policy. people need to intervene less emotion in the debate. what the left is rejecting is solutions like nuclear energy, they have an everything but energy policy, everything but fossil fuels, everything but nuclear. we have an everything strategy. we're pro-wind, pro-solar. you can't pretend that we're ready to move completely away from fossil fuels. and again, so that's why we're seeing this really global virtual signaling tax. far left climate progressives
6:23 am
are making low income americans and people all over the world pay higher energy prices. pete: we're always in transition and never factoring in innovation as well. john hart. thank you so much for your time. >> you bet. thanks, pete. pete: smash and grab robberies running rampant on the west coast. now targeting home depot. why our next guest says this could be setting the stage for future republican leadership. walmart's deals for days isn't over yet. this cyber monday is your last chance to score big online starting sunday night. don't miss out on walmart's deals for days. ♪ ♪ qunol is the number one cardiologist recommended form of coq10. deals for days. qunol has 3 times better absorption than regular coq10. the brand i trust is qunol.
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6:28 am
used for future crimes. our next guest says the state's soft of crime policies are laying out the welcome mat for criminals and could set the stage for future republican leadership. john dennis joins us now. john, welcome to the show. let's get right into this. do you think it's prop 47 that started this whole crime spree that we're seeing, correct? >> it was what started the crime spree. it got picked up by having soft on crime d as and they've effectively created a welcome wagon for criminals. rachel: so let's talk about prop 47. explain that to our viewers. >> it was a crime that dealt with criminal justice reform and one element of it was that they reduced theft of $950 to a misdemeanor. effectively, no one decided to prosecute it. in san francisco, jessica dean
6:29 am
ran on a platform of not pursuing petty theft and not pursuing quality of life crimes. so that combination of soft on crime das with prop 47 is just basically opening the door for theft. san francisco last over two dozen walgreens and cvss because we've got this situation where we have soft on crime da and laws that complement that. rachel: the das were funded by george soros and eric holder's organization to bring in more liberal prosecutors. are you seeing a ground swell, are people starting to turn not just on these policies and perhaps on these prosecutors but maybe even on the democrat party? >> oh, absolutely. what we're seeing right now is we're seeing a recall of chesapa
6:30 am
dean. we're seeing a recall of school board members that's on the ballot in a special election. modern democrats have joined with republicans to pursue a republican agenda of law and a order, better schools and in some cases lower taxes. so absolutely. and i have to tell you, rachel, i've been involved in san francisco republican politics for 15 years. i've run against nancy pelosi, i'm running against nancy pelosi now. i have never seen an appetite for republican candidates for an alternative to failed democrat leadership in san francisco like i'm seeing now. keep in mind, the last republican elected to the board of supervisors was in 1973 in san francisco, so democrats own this problem lock, stock and barrel. rachel: you're right. there's no way they can blame this on republican leadership. john dennis, thank you for giving us that california update. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. rachel: dr. anthony fauci pushing the theory that covid-19
6:31 am
originated as a wuhan wet market instead of a chinese lab. that theory has been panned by most experts. lara trump and raymond arroyo react, next. ♪ we've got to get right back to where we started from. ♪ love is good, love can be strong. ♪ we've got to get right back to where we started from. day to ni♪ ♪keep with me in the moment♪ ♪i'd let you had i known it, why don't you say so?♪ ♪didn't even notice,♪ ♪no punches left to roll with♪ ♪you got to keep me focused♪
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6:35 am
originated in that market. >> it may not have originated in the market, but it certainly could have. i mean, i don't think that they admitted that it didn't originate in the market. i think they're saying they don't know how it originated. >> the place of origin was not within the market. >> i don't think you can say that. i think you can say we don't know how and where it originated. >> just nuts. rachel: so we are -- >> dr. fauci pushing the hypothesis that covid-19 came from a wuhan wet market maybe, we don't know, rather than a chinese lab. >> this despite the theory being widely discredited. rachel: here to react, fox news contributors lara trump and raymond arroyo. we're flabber gasted. we can't believe he's trying to peddle this and do the bidding of the chinese communist party. >> the w.h.o. and the chinese authorities have said that covid did not originate in these wet markets. so listening to dr. fauci talk
6:36 am
to margaret brennan in this way is a little bit like dr. frankenstein being surprised when the monster leaves the lab, you know, where did the monster come from? fauci knows where the monster came from, the nih, dr. collins and eco health with peter daszak, those people, we funded the gain of function research. thanks to rand paul and some enterprising journalists, we now have a paper trail that at least creates the outlines of he detailing where this covid virus originated. and it doesn't appear that the wet lab -- that the wet market is the origin. the wuhan institute of virology seems to be where it was created, metastasized and possibly loosed on the public. that's the best guess we have now. for dr. fauci to keep this game up, talk about the big lie, they that is the big lie you heard before offered once again that
6:37 am
he knows nothing, he saw nothing, and he's not responsible in any way. congress needs to get to the bottom of had this. >> why does he keep peddling it? what's the reason? >> it's a great question. i mean, i think we would all like to know that. to see the reporter's response there, she was even shocked, like what are you talking about. we all have pretty much discredited as you guys just said the idea that it came from a wet market. i want to say this. the wet markets are absolutely despicable places. had should be shut down. a lot of disease does come from them. imagine your family cat or dog crammed in cages and being tortured because they believe it makes the meat taste better before they're slaughtered. it's disgusting. that said, why didn't president biden push president xi on the origins of covid-19 in his recent virtual meeting? why aren't they trying to find the cause of this virus? look, none of us ever want to have to go through what we've been through over the past year
6:38 am
and-a-half in america and around the world. this has been terrible and we should know the origins so we can prevent it from happening again. but the most likely reason that we have covid-19 as raymond just said is the gain of function research unfortunately partially paid for by taxpayer dollars here in the united states in the wuhan institute of virology and i don't know why we are trying to keep up this charade as though it came from anywhere else. >> it's as if the emperor has no votes and now everybody knows the emperor is naked but he's going around but it's a nice robe. everyone can see the truth. what's coming up on the big sunday show. >> we will be hashing out the issues of the day, delving deeper into these issues, this omicron you've been discussing, i called it the omni-con variant. as you said, the trans miss
6:39 am
ability of this thing is super size. it doesn't seem to be terribly lethal. dr. fauci has done something dr. frankenstein would have loved, you create the monster, get the taxpayer to pay for it and create monster defense leagues all over the country and make money off of that. it's an amazing grift if you can keep it going. we need to know where this originated. they know and the document trail will eventually lead us there. rachel: one last word, lara? >> well, i just want to say tune in at 5:00, it's always a fun show. you can bet that with our group. we'll see you at 5:00 today. rachel: raymond, you have a book tour, really quick? >> the spider who said christmas book tour, i'll being in the villages and in dallas next week. will, you'll have to see me for that one, saturday and sunday. will: i'll see you there. >> rachel: thanks, raymond. >> see you at 5:00.
6:40 am
>> let's turn it now to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth for the weather forecast. >> today is the final day to get home. things are looking really good. take a look at the weather maps. temperature-wise, it's cool out there. 22 right now in fargo. we'll warm up, break records for high temperatures today all across parts of the high plains. take a look at this, this is a live look at rocky mountain national park, sun rising there over the mountains, absolutely beautiful, the alpine visitor center. this is a live flight tracker, partnership with fox weather and flight aware, these are all the planes in the air right now, almost 9,000 planes over the u.s. and overall looking good. a little bit of rain across parts of the south, a little bit of snow across parts of the great lakes. not going to be a major problem for us. we are going to see more rain coming into the pacific northwest, flooding concerns again as we move through much of this coming week. all right, guys, back to you
6:41 am
inside. >> so the good news according to rick, thank you, rick, is the weather is not expected to impact travel today but people will still need to pack their patience. >> some people heading home from thanksgiving are waiting nearly an hour for security at some airports this. rachel: matt treza from our fox affiliate in orlando joins us live. >> reporter: good morning. an hour wasn't exactly what it is looking like right now. this is the line to get to the line for security at orlando international airport. when we got here this morning there was about an hour's wait. it was going past the food court and back. there were a lot of people here. this is the second busiest travel day of the thanksgiving travel period. according to officials at the airport. they say officially 150 -- nearly 150,000 people are expected to pass through orlando international airport today.
6:42 am
those are nearly pre-pandemic numbers, they tell us, that's 20,000 passengers shy of the number we were seeing back in 2019. those were pre-pandemic times. they put out an alert about parking around the airport, a lot of people are dropping off and picking up. they're asking everyone to wait in the free cell phone lot to reduce congestion around the airport. if there's any headline, it's that holiday travel numbers at orlando international airport, florida's busiest airport, are up to nearly pre-pandemic levels and you mentioned the phrase pack your patience, that's what airport officials are saying people need to exercise during this period. >> try to bring as much additional staffing as we can. staffing we have will be working over to cover the holidays and as many areas as we possibly can, but it is -- there could be delays.
6:43 am
>> reporter: and all told, there is holiday travel period at orlando international that officials tell us is a 12 day period they closely look at those numbers. overall during that time this year 1.6 million people passing through the airport during this time. they say that is down just about 2.5% from the pre-pandemic numbers we were seeing back in 2019. back to you guys. >> matt, thank you very much. never good to hear there's a line to the lines. [laughter] >> so if irgoing to the airport -- rachel: especially if you have kids you're coming from orlando. >> appreciate that report. well, you know whose reporting i also appreciate, the new york post, who reported on hunter biden during the election. they were censored for it. they continue to do the reporting. one of the people involved in that miranda deviefnlt she has a book coming out tuesday, called the laptop from hell about hunter biden, about his deals there, the biden family's deals
6:44 am
there and they've got an exclusive excerpt this morning in today's new york post. they haven't stopped reporting on what the media told us is russian disinformation, your tus out it's a real laptop and real evidence. the subtitle is how the biden family helped expand china's influence around the world and make a bundle, one quote, more money than got. what it reveals is the biden family knew who they were dealing with, knew they were communist chinese and they knew the bidens could get them the political access they needed. rachel: good on miranda divine. the book is amazing. you can get the excerpt in the new york post today it chose he was having deals with bad dudes. all of the e maims, all of the -- e-mail, all of the information shows he knew exactly who he was dealing with and that this was a project that was being done to advance china
6:45 am
through the road and belt program. this matters to america, will, because a lot of us have wondered why biden has been so soft on china. if you -- if the chinese government knows exactly what you're doing, you could be come he pro miffed. this could be -- compromised. this could be why we see him saying oh, the chinese, they're nice people. remember that clip earlier during the campaign that we were playing a lot. we wonder why he is doing so many of the things that he is doing that are hurting americans, american products, american manufacturing. >> including obf uscating the origins of covid-19. >> it was suppressed by media and technology, tech media, social media, suppressed to affect the outcome of a be presidential election and the real twist of the knife is had that everything that we now know they falsely accused the trump
6:46 am
family of doing is what was actually taking place inside the biden family. that is the ultimate irony. that which they said was true was a lie and that which they said was a lie was true. >> correct. it's the suppressed versus the obsessed. the media was obsessed with russia. they made it up. here you've got hard evidence in front of you. rachel: some of the details are incredible. he was handed a diamond, this giant diamond from a chinese ceo of this energy company. i mean, the details are like a movie and, again, this matters to the american people because our policy with china affects our national security, affects our economics, it affects american manufacturing and workers. this story is about america as much as it is about china. this is an -- >> what in the world are leaders in our country doing benefiting
6:47 am
what they know is the capitalist arm of president xi's belt and road initiative. they knew who they were dealing with. government was their path to getting rich. rachel: bobulinski tried to warn everybody. he was discredited. it was 100% true. >> up next, the best nfl games of the week are here on fox. a preview of week 12 and how you could win $100,000. ♪ work hard, play hard. ♪ we work hard, play hard. ♪
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>> it's week 12 of the nfl season. fox has six must see games you do not want to miss. here to break is down is fox nfl kickoff host, charissa thompson. i've been walking the halls, looking in the green room, i was like charissa's here today, we're going to do it in person, they're here, howie and kirk and jimmy. they're here. i was looking for you. >> someone has to hold down the fort in la. i thought you were looking for a cowboys win. >> i like the whoa at your own joke. >> in case it went over your
6:52 am
head. i had to make sure it hit. >> oh, wow, a double punch. it's a bad time for the cowboys. will it be a better time for the bucs? they got back on the winning streak. >> colts winners, that's three straight, setting a franchise record are five touchdowns last week. bucs have the number one scoring offense, passing offense. they're coming off a win off the giants team, that's not saying much given everything that's going on with the giants. i do expect this to be a good one. i'm going to take the bucs by 7. >> jonathan taylor, i think he should be in the mvp conversation, charissa. eagles, giants also at 1:00. >> as i mentioned, the giants reeling. they've got a lot of problems over there. they fired the offensive
6:53 am
coordinator, fred at this fredds will take over. eagles are rolling. they've been playing good football. they have the easiest remaining schedule. they're running the ball very well, number two rushing offense in the nfl. i like the eagles by 7. >> now a battle of beat-up quarterbacks, right aaron rodgers has a broken or hurt toe. there's reports that matt stafford is not feeling good either, charissa. >> two touchdowns and four interceptions for matthew stafford over the last two games, this is after they started really hot. they lost the last two. but this could be a preview of an nfc championship game. i sat down with jay long ramsey this week -- jalen ram sigh thi. they say it's a must win. the offensive line is hurting. i like the rams to win this one
6:54 am
in a bounceback game by 7. >> so i didn't know but you guys over there at fox sports you roll like high rollers, we don't even have a coffee machine on a morning show here at fox news. you know what it looks like when you roll into town, look at this, this is my video, my personal cell phone documenting the breakfast spread, what happens when fox sports comes into town. >> that's michael strahan money. that's out of his pocket. he foot the bill on that. we're looking for some cereal over here. i'm teasing. fox does it the right way. you know how we do. >> are you going to invite me over? you were about to and you reeled it back in. >> you're always invited over. you know who has money to pay for breakfast, nate calgrove from springfield, nebraska. he hit the jackpot and won $100,000 by playing super 6. all you have to do is download the fox bet super 6 app and enter for your chance to win,
6:55 am
100,000. pick six outcomes for your chance to win. >> nate indict, 100 grand. awesome. good to talk with you. >> thanks, will. will: more "fox & friends" moments away. i'm going to hit that spread that fox sports has. it will be gone once they're gone. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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7:00 am
you've got to hear it, it's available at >> you too can be mr. fox news channel. rachel: look at that. >> head to toe. go to rachel: check out the great onments, 40% off. >> happy sunday. go to church, everybody. ♪ jason: good sunday morning, everyone. i'm jason chaffetz in for maria bartiromo. the world health organization sounding the aharm over a new covid-19 variant first detected in south africa, prompting president biden to issue a travel ban for eight countries in southern africa starting tomorrow. in new york, the governor declared a state of emergency, saying while the new variant has yet to be detected in the empire state, it's coming. all this comes as florida is


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