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tv   Unfiltered with Dan Bongino  FOX News  November 28, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PST

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loved message a perfect way to slice up the season. don't forget to set your dvr thanks so much for watching i'm judge jeanine for truth justice and the american way. see you next saturday night. ♪ ♪ dan: liberalism, it is just a cheap bumper sticker, it sounds good but it doesn't actually work. dan bongino here to break down how democrats have a new fall for their latest. plus -- americans look to celebrate christmas no secret they're paying more than ever. does it go back a democrat here to defend that message in this week's rebuttal and he lives on his own. a look back at how joe biden is bending truth for decades
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kayleigh mcenany joins me to set the record straight, and lose a lot of fans here is turkey the best or worst thanksgiving meat. what every american has to hear about. folks, after the wac tray tragedy i got to thinking ongoing threat to our great republic from radical liberalism starting to believe is this a crap bumper sticker certainly seems like it. they love the slogan they love one liner. they love their focus group test talking points. you can slap it on garbage bumper sticker that's liberalism here's some of the worst examples of dopey liberalism right in your face. remember this tweet, from socialist champion with three homes whatever bernie sanders what a fraud. this could have been a bumper sticker cash bail, bad fits right on the back of a car cash bail, terrible that would have been a perfect slows began to slap on bumper sticker for left.
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remember this gem? from apparently try to one up bernie and mass incarceration that's a great idea that's a great requested idea for a stupid bumper sticker that's a bumper sticker by the way that bumper sticker was a join effort and so proud of this one too. bail reform and their suicidal defund police movement that's two bumper stickers right there. so check this out. made me more harm than done, and so in a very immediate, we have to be to whatever changes we can make in our distinct police department not only do we need to defund but we need to dismantle and start anew allow us to reimagine what public safety should look like in our community. >> we have a problem in this country as mass incarceration. ultimately get rid of the cash bail system. current money bail system fails in two ways. it keeps locked up and --
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takes liberty away from individuals who are no risk to public no flight risk because they don't have enough money. that's wrong. dan: you see folks bumper stickers aren't policy and leftist bumper stickers they don't save lives they cost them. they get people killed. like the progressive milwaukee d.a. supported policy that head to guy like brooks jr. giving 1,000 bail in a subsequent arrest for domestic abuse just days out of getting out. just days after getting out excuse me because of a instant one thousand bail accuse of using his suv to run over dozens of people at a wisconsin christmas parade killing at least six people. among those victims, eight-year-old jackson sparks. he had a lot of life ahead of him. back in 2007 that same mil kaw wee d.a. admitted to low bail back in 2007 as evidence by
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this, quote, here. he even said it. going to be an individual i divert or put into a treatment program who will go out to kill someone. you bet. guaranteed. guaranteed to happen. that is not invalidate approach you zipping up body bags -- certainly invalidates it for me. folks left knows they're suicidal policies are forest fire to burn country to the ground they know it. they're not stupid. candidly i wish they were stupid i would feel a lot better about it. but this is the deliberate nothing is by mistake all is thought out none is an accident. watch one of the squad members play dumb. here's a hint she's not. when asked about emptying out prisons, that's in a bill literally in a bill not figuratively that she supportive watch it here. check this out. >> i think that everyone is like oh, my god we're going release everybody. that's -- >> did you see how many people are mentally ill that are in
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prison right now? >> i know act that you -- release everyone, and -- >> it is but thaict it and who -- >> human traffickers -- child -- dan: it is in the bill folks it's in the bill just read the bill. joining me now to talk about this is senior vice president of the trump organization don trump jr. thanks for joining me i really appreciate it. >> great to be with you dan, thanks. dan: you know, don listen give us the mean tweets back please. i can't take this crap anymore with these bumper sticker idiots defund police no cash bail, people are -- are dying here, because of the incompetence of the administration. that's just two they think. i can mention ten more. >> well, they know it too that's what is scary we're going release human traffickers but in ten years. i mean who cares. what's the worst that can happen and we're witnessing every day. i mean qhb you talk about bumper stickers there was a time where
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the democrat party while you can at least understand what they are talking about. that party is dead. because anyone who is actually in office has to run on these radical and infail policies. i as a guy from originally from new york city, i used to be tiebl argue the other side point. i don't know what they're talking about anymore. i mean, in the last week, dan, we've seen the left just totally lose its mind. notion of self-defense is out the window you can't possibly do that. but if you shoot a pedophile pedophile is the victim they are to be mourned. they're literally rationalizing these. dan: you don -- they love this guy. >> raped five young boys dan, the world -- is a significantly better place without joseph in it. i'll say it. i wish that every youssef rosenbaum was not longer on face of the earth because we would all be better off they turn him
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into a hero but 17-year-old out there functioning as emt protecting a minority own business -- scraping off graffiti protecting the town where his father lives and where he worked, you know that guy is a vigilante that should be put in jail but joseph he's a hero other guy was like a girlfriend or a wife beater let's make him a hero these are heros of today's left. i presume because they're just trying to break down any system. anything that resembles greatness that is america. they want to break it down. they want to burn it to the grungd and they want to become a third worldlet call it s hole country because i can't imagine what else they're talking about and that's the problem for the rational democrats that are still the there. you know, who are you voting for? who are you electing because the people that are running the democrat party have lost their mind. there's nothing there that is saying anymore and if you want your children to grow up in a country that is represented by
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democrat party today, keep electing them but you can't recognize it. dan: don they can't stoic their own damn bumper stickers remember your father wins in office and travel bans were racist don do you remember that? that all changed joe biden did a travel ban from africa countries everybody is like hey this is great. they're all of a sudden don, they're not racist anymore now it is sound coronavirus policy. >> it is very sound policy dan it is sound policy just like it was sound policy to put kids in cages under obama. but we didn't call it that. it was only kids in cages under 12 even though obama built cages now you have kids in covid infected cages that are overflowing -- you know, hundreds of times you know levels. percentages way higher. and it is back to not being a problem. because that is what we face, dan. if you're a conservative if you're on the right, you are constantly battling big tech
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mainstream media social media, trillion dollar industries that are functioning as marketing department for the radical left. so you don't hear about these policies. you know? you don't hear about what's going on as it relates to the riots in europe on a daily basis now, against the vaccine mandate. because our media wants to block that out. they're gong make sure that you never hear about it because they don't want you getting these kind of ideas that freedom they actually still exist in some parts of the world. i mean, europe is pushing back and america sitting there like sheep. yeah go along request it. what these guys have nothing right in the last two years tell us it is absolute insanity. dan: don remember counters death count wheres your dead was in office on cnn those all disappeared now we found out after joe biden tweeted to shut the virus down by the way, that the death count tragically is now higher than it was last year despite the fact that when when your father was in office this was novel. we have no treatment, it no one
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knew what it was it took them months to figure out spike protein and anything about it. now biden is in charge and death count higher and all of a sudden topic is magically gone away and blaming president not the coronavirus but now it is not biden's fault. >> no it is amazing how that works remember he was going to shut it down and cure cancer if i remember kreblghtly, dan. remember that? everyone is like oh, that's great. we should definitely elect him because he's -- i haven't seen moment on that. what i have seen is destruction of our economy, he's overseeing that. i've seen multiple humanitarian crises both at the border and afghanistan. i've seen america pull out military before taking care of our own civilian and allies. you know, this is a disaster. i heard hillary clinton -- they're not getting joe biden enough credit for his accomplishments i would love for there to be an accomplishment but i cannot name one and i say that as an american i say that as a guy with five young
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children that have to groip in this country there aren't any accomplishments because all you see is idiot he's overseeing destruction of our country and overperformed in one thing i thought it would take hem much longer to destroy america. he's managed to do it in ten month which is is pretty impressive. dan: a record that is -- one skill failing. don, the president has a new book out please tell us about it. >> all right well it is called our journey together a project i started working with him on six month the ago because we were working through old white house photos and these things you know what we have to put this together because like i said earlier right the press only talks about negative. anything about trump but when you look at all of the accomplishments of the trump presidency and there were many, no one was ever going highlight them so i was going through these photos with my father yeah that was cool and we said we should make a book on that and it is called our journey together a photo book that was a fun process actually because it is look threes days mr. speaker has gotten brutal but i'm going
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through stories he's telling me back story to pictures and image and things you would never hear and so i said we have to put this together in a book and written a couple myself in last few years so we did this book it is called our journey together that highlightsful that. you have his commentary straight from the horse's mouth some of them he hand wrote on the picture. dan: good ones, don, zuckerberg photo caption he wrote for zuckerberg photo my personal favorite. [laughter] >> there's a couple of nancy pelosi ones in there. there's some on the right -- some it was great because it was just one was things like we can have a little bit of fun with this. so yeah it is called our journey together it is awesome coffee table book people like it and could be a good holiday gift for the folks in your life or ultimate troll for those who are -- slinging to leftism despite what's going on in the world but they can get it at amazon get it at 45 books you don't want to go to big tech wed -- we had papal throw us off
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earlier this week after doing a lot of books with them and they decide they're not doing those orders so we continue to fight big tech on a daily basis. but yeah go to 45, check it out and people will like it it was a fun project to get to help my dad on. dan: i'm looking forward to it 45 4 the number don trump jr. thank you for taking the time we appreciate it. >> great to be with you, dan. dan: like wise coming up on unfiltered holiday food prices all time high and joe biden says america is back. what's your message to the american folks on this thanksgiving day? >> my message is after two years we're back. america is back. there's nothing we're unable to overcome. how can democratic claim they're building back? we'll have more.
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the xfinity black friday sales event. click, call or visit a store today. dan: welcome back to unfacility everyday folks on another network inflation is real. it is here and you're paying for it. first they said it wasn't even real remember that? then they moved on they graduated saying no worries it is just transitory inflation they said just kidding.
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enflags was actually inevitable not only that they even planned it. and now, they've graduated with the ph.d. level now inflation just wonderful and fantastic. that's an op-ed enough now media is running around like a headless turkey to tell us hey it is all good. >> dirty little secret here willy nobody likes to pay more, on average we have the money to do so. >> the economy isn't bad, it is just that people are mad because everything is late and things cost a little bit more. >> i was really surprised by amount of money you can save on heating billion to you simply turn down thermostat you can consider heavier curtain on windows right you keep heat in if you can. so tv experts they say -- no worries folks. no worries -- you can handle it. but even former obama experts are getting worried. >> how long do you think inflation is beginning to go up? >> i think odds are that we're going to have inflation of a kind we haven't seen in 30
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years. dan: by the way that was bill clinton as well his treasury secretary larry. yeah i didn't say that wrong and this from former barack obama who warned how can administration loaded with savvy political handle got then critical issue so wrong they can't say they weren't warned we worry that shoveling unprecedented am of spendings on road to recovery would need to lead to too much money -- chasing too few goods. despite everything you're paying more for it joe biden is bizarrely taken a victory lap. >> what's your message to american folks on this thanks give thanksgiving day? >> my message is after two years you're back america is back there's nothing we're untiebl overcome. >> folks inflation is not a joke this is real. devaluing your harold earned money. it doesn't matter what the suits in washington say at the end of the day it is you. you -- flipping the bill for it joining me now for rebuttal is democratic strategist, thanks
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for joining me. we appreciate it. >> nice to see you, dan. >> so why is inflation the worst that's been in 30 years and what's joe biden doing about it? and why isn't it working whatever he is doing about it? >> i don't have to tell you these are unprecedented times this pandemic longer this stretches out the more unequal distribution of vaccines are disperse tsz globally it will affect supply chain we rely on so many goods from dfnght parts of the world that don't have access to vaccine not to mention still people in our krpght who refuse to take vaccine. the longer that pandemic stretches, the more the economy is geng to be effected. it is not the consumers fault. you know they have money in their pockets they want to spend it. larry summers is 100.false and has been in the past they were wrong in 2008. and the way to shift that was,
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of course, stimulate the economy because if we didn't dan, we would have been into a long global recession. we have to get through this pandemic people need to take vaccine and do this quickly so that we can all have access to goods that question deserve to spend during holidays because it has been a very long two years. very long two years and it could have been done faster had president trump taken this seriously instead he and crony billionaires are making a lot of money off of disaster capitalism you know, limiting supplies, in an unfair way that hits your viewers. the people who are waving this right now. they don't deserve to suffer consequences of that -- >> i dispute that point strongly that president trump department take it seriously when he instituted a travel ban -- they called him a racist to see biden do same travel ban from african countries that's kind of silly but getting back to inflation question you didn't answer question inflation is worst it has been in 30 years. the growth rates on the economy
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under joe biden have gotten worse. sense he got in office -- since we when president trump was in office and we started to come out of this shut down economy was growing quite robustly those growth rates have slowed down even though economy is opened up more significantly those are facts they're not open for dispute. the interpretation you can as you wish so my point is this, how is inflation worst it has been in 30 years and economic productivity is worst it has been in 40 years a decade longer? isn't joe biden at fault or just you have no problems with anything he's doing right now? >> i have a question for you. if you took out a credit card, ten years ago and then you put everything on that credit card all of your bills on that credit card and you have, you know, 50,000 in debt. and the credit cardings didn't start coming after you until ten years later does that mean that it just occurred overnight when you got that bill, of course, not. the economy doesn't happen overnight. joe biden enlaterred an economy
1:23 am
from -- >> okay points -- i will stipulate your point. as long as you agree about the point you're making. so you're telling me government debt is a bad thing? i agree 100%. so should we accumulate more debt because you just acknowledge government debt is a bad thing should we accumulate more? >> i wasn't talking about government debt i was actually talking about personal debt. the economy over the last two years is an effects of a prolong pandemic in which i'm sorry donald trump didn't want to take the vaccine. you know what's gong to get us out of this everybody take a vaccine and takes this seriously. of course -- a pandemic is what is different in the last 30 years. >> all right can i get you on records about that. you made a -- you rebutted your own point first time it has ever happened you made a point to imply government debt is bad daying no it is good when government spends what is it? is debt bad when donald trump
1:24 am
does and great when bernie sanders and biden do, what is it? >> no the economy what i'm saying is all of the -- all of the things that donald trump did, over the last two years are now piling on. the fact he did not want to spend money on -- didn't want to take vaccine seriously mask seriously. hundreds of thousands of people died because he didn't take it seriously work forces shut down, supply chain shut down all wanted to ban people like we didn't have a pandemic in our country. dan: 100,000 more died since biden -- you leave that all out. that's amazing. >> and also -- and also mask out with people will not attack vaccine and wear a mask. it is not pseudoscience you want to have your dollars, buy you more prungts take the mask. take the vaccine wear the mafntion. dan: i have to run i'm sorry -- you rebutted your own point there i appreciate it. coming up on unfiltered the verdict shocked the nation
1:25 am
sending yeetd through a tail spin. an false narrative come back to haunt them? our next guest a legal expert on why rittenhouse.
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ing >> the fact that white
1:30 am
supremacist celebrate this murderous white supremacist and fact that he gets to walk streets freely. what are we to make of that? >> welcome to modern really party. >> you live in america and you're not surprised he was a kid that took a gun across state lines and went and did what he did. dan: welcome back to unfacility everyday media pushing false narratives about wrirn house even after -- after the verdict. so building this case for rittenhouse to sue them for defamation? joining me now is project 21 co-chairmanhorse cooper thanks for joining us. appreciate it. >> thanks for having me on. >> i'll get that defamation point in a sending. but you know, the first point question more so i have for you see a bunch of black men and women run by liberals you know murdered every weekend. we can go through list of names we'll the some on the screen these are real people with real
1:31 am
names gone wiped out who does left pick as hero? joseph rosenbaum, you know, a child rapetist who was accused credibly at the scene of dropping racial expletives at the scene. joseph is white new hero on the left kind of bizarre, right? >> it is more than bizarre. the record of destruction and mayhem that has been brought on so many communities in urban centers particularly communities of color would make you think that individuals like members of congress or in the mainstream media would say okay we have to be very, very careful let's be more precise. let's pick people that we're going celebrate. instead, they literally take what others overwhelmingly would refer to as human refuges to celebrate a child rapist is not
1:32 am
the model of a -- that we should celebrate. regardless of the circumstance, the best you can do is say let's put that to the side and we'll talk about it later. in this case, you have a criminal record that is unbelievably long, and criminal action that the jury showed and believed led to ultimate death. this is not a person to celebrate on of any kind in any way. dan: horse, i love to get your attack on this this remind me to the anti-anticommunist theory like you are the anti-communest we fight for liberty and freedom and how left are anti-anticommunist meaning they don't care what you stand for. child rapist whatever as long as you're against people like us you're on their team. [laughter] your thoughts on that. >> well, you know, there was a
1:33 am
horror movie where the -- able clown hit in the gutter and i always thought what a really weird thing but it appears that's the model that we're seeing for the left. go into the gutter. you know, they've coined a phrase they've made up. it is called antiracist and what it really means is -- racist doesn't mean anti it means you're for equality like you and i if you believe all citizens are equal before the law, like you and i -- you're the problem. it is the antiracist who are opposed to all of that, and the only reason they can really be opposed to that is because they are race racist bigot they say they can look at use and look at me and that's all they immediate to sees and they can pick who they favor. that's bigotry 101. dan: i have 20 seconds left but does he have a defamation case rittenhouse what do you think? >> he was a minor when this
1:34 am
whole case came about. many of the statements occurred and they didn't include any of the pangts that were charged he's not charged with vigilantism or being a white supremacist, none of the they thinks that people like -- then candidate joe biden we're saying "new york times," msnbc were saying now been an acquittal i tell you what i bet on this saturday night, he is sitting around and he's just wondering this is kyle rittenhouse when will the settlements come in pick between two people to represent as attorney kyle rittenhouse would be the side i would join 237 dan: thanks a lot horse if i appreciate your time. thank you. >> thank you. coming up on unfiltered they call trump a liar for years. old term by the way. but media is immediately giving joe biden a pass. kayleigh mcenany went toe to toe with the media every day trump white house, joining me next.
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welcome become town filtered remember four year obsession we endure from media a trump pathological liar. the lift of trump lies fills an entire page of "the new york times." >> their objections to the president repeated tens of thousands of lies. >> lies, repeated aggressive intentional dangerous lies. you know what's getting increasingly iconic hashtag, trump was right keeps trend on twitter like every week now. you're doing latest examples. >> saw the same tape as i saw -- and he was trying to get away from themty guess it looks leak. and he fell, and then they very violently attacked him and it is something we're looking at right now and it is under investigators. he was in very big trouble she would have been he probably
1:40 am
would have been killed. dan: trump gets rittenhouse story right but worthless fact checkers have to put air quotes in there politico claim this comments were false. and remember this comment? >> how about thompson jefferson what do you think of thomas jefferson take down the statue because he was a major slave owner now take down his statue? so you know what it is fine. you're changing history you're changing culture. dan: lied about that one either -- shocker we can see from this headline about thomas jefferson statue being removed from city hall only after 187 years. what is doubly io roning that liar is clearly, clearly joe biden. who can't get his own autobiography right it is only autobiography that goes in the fiction sixth. the only one. here's some of the examples about how joe biden is confused about the life and times of joe biden. and none of this, by the way is new. here's some footage of one of biden ancient presidential run and lies associated with them.
1:41 am
>> i went to law school on a full academic scholarship and it is angted up in top half of my class. i was a outstanding student in the political science department at the end of my year graduated with three degrees. biden now concedes he was not on the top half of his law school class and no three degrees from college that he was not named outstanding political science student in college. says biden went to school on half scholarship, and ended up near bottom of his class and went on one degree not three. now biden says it is right and memory failed him. [laughter] dan: now biden is not because everything he says he can't get his own autobiography right that was him and why trust bide biden when it won't raise your tax he doesn't know he has own biography or he does and lying about it. join me for hot cakes is
1:42 am
kayleigh mcenany, remember when he had a president who was actually honest and could conduct himself with some sense of dignity. you represented him now we have this guy he can't remember his own biography he lies about everything. >> i do remember his name was president trump you're exactly right my former boss and great boss and president. at that. but you know, dan there are the brian williams type lies which are lies never the less why would anyone tell these absurdities like i was in a plane that was gunned down or my wife was in a fire and details that biden told us that are plainly false and many of them so there's those teach of lies. which are bad enough and there's the lies that are so deeply malicious like republicans want to defund police there are no american stranded in afghanistan but list goes on, and on and on -- but americans are catching on, dan, all of the polls show it.
1:43 am
this guy has been exposed. dan: you're right glad you brought that up doesn't think it will catch him my wife was in a house fire and like i had a house burn down and have a financial partnership with the publisher of your book i'm excited about it. this is hot cakes i'm really excited about some of the hot takes in your book. tell us about it. >> yeah. dan 50*eu78 i'm so excited because president trump i know you know hill as well he's a guy so fun to be around he got everyone laughing and more importantly than just the congenial amazing person i know the former president to be -- is how loyal he was to our country dan i'll get into that in the book. i vice president shared it before but there were time when is we were at meetings where folks pressed hem you can't do that. this would be politically incorrect. no i'm sorry you can't do that. that would run independent away and moderates away he said you know what, i stand with my base. i stand with the promises i said to american people, i stand with
1:44 am
what i said on campaign trail and he follows through in going got tough you you'll see that te of person trump in my book tell all. i'm sorry a bunch of garbage this is a true account of what happened in the white house. dan: nobody was in the room like you were. ugh of you were right there and advance policy positionser day. i don't know if they told you there would be a third topic we like to surprise our guests not in a bad way not leak a creepy clown will jump out behind you but it is thanksgiving and every day i don't know between noon, three whenever you decide for some of these epic take downs, for the audience this is for your viewing pleasure you can check this out too. take a look. >> does it trouble you that they said we have to get lies doesn't that trouble you as a journal ition. deliver his health care plan. it is heavy. apparently rules do not apply to speaker nancy pelosi. he wants small businesses to
1:45 am
stay shut down -- but only reopen for her convenience. it is inexcusable. fail reporting of the new york too manies and i think it is time that "new york times" and also washington post back -- >> that's what i was thankful for this thanksgiving from you. that was nice work. >> dan that makes me weekend and by the way so sorry is now apparently your neighbor. [laughter] dan: that's true. yeah, i've heard something about that. i have to hope that report did debunk i saw local reporter saying maybe not looking forward to the book i really appreciate it. >> thank you. dan: you got it coming up on unfiltered turkey -- is it an overrated? or make the perfect holiday feast. john joins me for a fiery debate in a lightning round when we
1:46 am
come back.
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dan: welcome back to unfiltered time now for lightning round with special guest john concha for the hill, so joe, joe biden read prochghter read portion that said, end of quote.
1:50 am
check this out. because of the actions we've taken things have begun to change. end of quote. don't worry about it no worries at all fact check rs came to rescue really fast bring in joe concha sorry i wasn't supposed to read that your thoughts was this a mixup or supposed to say end of quote what's with fact checkers they'll fact check russia folks by the way. >> i'm joe concha? it is leak you put a question mark in prompter concha will read it what can i say? fact check rs i thought they were on a four-year vacation as far as this president is concerned but they come out of the hiding to protect the president it is like secret service but dan you know about that. dan: i'm thankful fact check reverse his guard but it is interesting we have a russia hoax and occupying their time like end of quote it is ridiculous.
1:51 am
so sears some of the things we're thankful for at the set here thanksgiving we think about stuff and makes us feel grateful whatever but what is bizarre people out there -- qhor thankful for joe biden -- take a look. he's only been in for nine months. >> i want to say -- >> more people with the list but the list is long. >> but bore them. bore them. fined 1 trillion infrastructure bell a 1.9 covid relief plan passed in march it was messy but he ended war, 20 year in afghanistan cancel student loan debt for 300,000 americans with disabilities returned u.s. to the paris climate accord thank you we're all in this together, baby. it is down. very much down, and you can't blame guy for the pandemic if you don't wear a mask i blame you. >> i don't know what's in the eggnog joe whatever they are
1:52 am
thankful for president only. here's what i'm thankful for crt advocates in virginia who help get glenn youngkin elected pushing that and democrats in new jersey with a truck driver elected to state senate and brian for all years of amazing content he's given me and hillary who is back on scene lobbying ridiculous charming's again at donald trump. what are you thankful for? >> that's a very comprehensive list and glad you called me daddyio i'm thankful for my children cameron and liam, eight and six years old respectively on your screen those are good looking kid and getting a's in school but scholarship can save a few bucks or else they cost me 5,000 each and that's not pretty. obviously, thankful for my wife whole family, in general, things going well for us in jersey at this point but what i'm most thankful for dan is stu varney for reasons i don't have enough time to list basically. but --
1:53 am
stu ends every segment i do with hem he says you're all right joe and i like that. turning 55 going strong so i'm thankful for stu varney here's where i take, you my wife asked you for a signed autograph and your people were kind enough to send it but we weren't expecting this. can we put this up on screen -- i mean, it is a little bit over the top. good to see you're in such great shape. dan: check him out ordinarily i would like to say look at that, that's me folks but here's problem, i'm a city kid from new york used to swim at fire hydrant only time i've seen a horse so not a chance that is me but i love how you and crew set me up on my own show i tried to surprise and i had nothing to do with this. i wanted concha on forever and he turns show back on me
1:54 am
unfiltered with joe concha. >> it is in the bedroom as we speak so congratulations -- dan: i can't go we can answer, though, turkey yes or no i'm down on turkey, i'm just not a trky guy sorry and thanksgiving doesn't cover for me a sub standard meat i'm sorry. >> that is thanksgiving turkey thumbs-up what do you have have craft macaroni and cheese? what do you replace with? >> rib eye a mooing cow that was a great segment thanks for the surprise i wish that was me. really i would tell all of america breaking news on the show. i appreciate it you're a good guy. thanks buddy. >> have a good one. [laughter] dan: coming up own unfiltered shows my favorite moment from this year's patriot award and america gave everything for our freedom. now you'll hear. picking your health insurance coverage isn't something you want to play games with.
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dan: welcome back to unfiltered, you know what the patriot awards something happened i wanted to share with you. table i was sitting next to me i notice during a monomontage 13 soldiers a table there was a lot of sobbing, crying. and i noticed that was the family so the 13 who had passed. you won't be forgotten on this show. thank you for your service to this country we deeply appreciate it. sorry i didn't say more. it is time now for our here roar of the week died after suffering burns on 72% of his body while saving his fellow soldiers after their vehicle got hit by a bomb in iraq. here's a small part of what the army to say about him. cash helped to remove all six soldiers from the vehicle. and also the body of an interpreter killed by ied through it all his body continued to burn. fuel drenched uniform, sergeant
2:00 am
first class owen cash we will always remember you here on unfiltered thank you for your service. this incredible country. that does it for us tonight on unfiltered we'll see you back here next saturday night, at 10 p.m. god bless america. and all of those who defend her. >> welcome to "watters world". thanksgiving weekend the time to count our blessings. for many americans are angry this year this holiday breaking the bank for so many and banks who are - - thanks to our incompetent leader. biden is a horrible president. and completely out of touch. americans are tired of his lies and broken promises and is showing more than ever with a record low approval of 36 percent


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