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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  November 28, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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sure to follow me on facebook and instagram and twitter justice with the judge jeanine is next. i am waters and this is my world. breaking tonight, countries around the world scrambling to contain the covid variant with cases already confirmed in the uk, germany and italy. many think it's only a matter of time until we get confirmed cases here in america. more on that coming up. hello and welcome to justice, i am judge jeanine pirro, thank you for being with us. get to my opening. ♪♪ tonight i'm going to ask questions and demand answers.
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that's how prosecutors do it. we don't know what motivated carol brooks, the assassin who tore through the lives of multiple families injuring 60 more. do i care to mow his motive? i care about the thanksgiving who didn't have these families. these folks began to celebrate on that day. and in a separate violently interrupted by an evil force, on the streets of waukesha to wisconsin, it didn't need to happen. tonight i ask why. not just as a prosecutor but as a mom because americans deserve to be able to go to parades and tree lighting's and more without the threat of a career criminal killing them. why why are people, a career from criminal convicted offender, multiple firearm and convictions, serial domestic violence abuser who hadn't
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warrant for bail jumping who ran over his girlfriend with his car in frantic $1000 bail, fire these people allowed to continue to act out violent crimes like brooks did last sunday? why? how is it that an 11-year-old dancing in the christmas parade lies unconscious today in a hospital with a broken pelvis, a broken femur, fractured skull, laceration to her lungs and injury to her kidney? why it's 8-year-old jackson's parents have to bury him this holiday season? why? why does this happen? i'll tell you why because he felt the generate like brooks who are a clear danger to the rest of us allowed to run our streets, democrat leftist legislatures from a democrat mayor progressive hundred pas and judges with their heads up
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in the clouds and other places as well allow them too. they want them out, they don't care about you or any other victim so when you go to the polls in november, congressional representatives and senators, it's important but if you want america to continue to exist every township barrel, state senate, judicial race, school board race is what you need to focus on and focus that because the democrats legislatures and judges will continue their march to keep criminals out of jail. listen to this. >> he proposes emptying facilities, to what extent have you wrestled with potential downsides releasing into society every person who is currently in a federal prison? >> i think everyone is like
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released everybody, that's not -- you see how many people mentally ill in prison right now? we are going to -- >> feds release everyone. >> but think of the product -- >> our human traffickers. >> i know. judge jeanine: rashida, they want to empty presence of those already convicted and literally and law & order if we don't stop there. if you don't get them out of office, they are destroying america. criminal justice system, they are a danger to you, your family, your home and business. the truth is i have faith in the criminal justice system, i don't have faith in the players to make decisions before jesus and neither should you. when cases make the jury, we the people do the right thing. kyle rittenhouse is acquitted of shooting three men, that's an example of the legal use of
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self-defense no matter how the heart the president, mainstream media tried to make it about white supremacy and domestic terrorists and blm, the jury saw the facts and render a just verdict. evidence, the intentional murder of ahmaud operate in georgia were all found guilty. textbook example of racism and hatred in action. all the jurors were right in convicted three white men killing a black man. no racism there. evidence, george floyd murderer was a white cop, derek chauvin the jury convicted him up murder, white cop convicted of killing a white man. no racism there. they didn't need to burn down the street of businesses in her cities and burned-out livelihoods. americans are fair, americans
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have a law, we do it everyday and every part of this country. his claim of racism comes from race and those who think that the fight for their own gain, they want to destroy america and teach our children to hate us because we are racist. d.a. in the christmas case tried to blame $1000 bail on a d.a., does this guy think he's getting? the progressives who for years let darrell brooks get away with all kinds of crimes did nothing, not ready for trial. why? is officers stated policy goes like this. we are focused on reducing the use of incarceration in all cases. overall prosecutors prioritize addressing the root cause of criminal behavior. trying to find ways to avoid prosecution in more cases and to see what can be done in terms of alternatives to prosecution.
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for one, i don't care what the root cause of criminal behavior are and neither should you. i only care about the victim who never chose to be part of the system in the first place. bail is constitutional, meant to ensure the return to court and consider how much of a danger the individual is. this dirt bag was unleashed by d.a. whose office is loaded with progressives programs and chastised by federal court for political investigation against and governor walker, more of a political operative and social justice engineer than a real prosecutor. ironically, he admitted his progressive reforms would get people killed. you bet, guaranteed. that didn't invalidate for
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select criminals to run free. with this was a judge similarly incompetent. he was so inept and clueless, they just didn't care that he allowed someone already charged with bail jumping, bail on $1000. even when the judge knew of the crime he led for 22 years victimizing others while he was allowed to go free and live life. this can no longer be tolerated. i don't care about the criminals or why he or she does what they do, i only care about the victim and you better start caring, to because sooner or later you, a member of your family, someone you care about, someone you know will have their lives disrupted, torn apart or destroyed by a dirt bag we knew was a danger but the leftists didn't want to
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prosecute. do you have the will and courage to pursue justice on behalf of crime victims in america? become a victim is ignored or crime goes unpunished or violence is excused under progressive leftist people and by american, our society erodes further, it becomes harder, meaner and more violent. no one wants to believe his nerves and murderers roam freely in our midst, they've committed all the time of people who should be in jail but make no mistake, the path we are on right now unless we stop it leading to the destruction not only of the criminal justice system but america is the land of the free and the land of justice. that's my open. let me know what you think on my facebook and twitter @judgejeanine. first, joining me right now, former senior trump advisor but more importantly, a mother. good evening, laura.
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this is a case that is shocking to me as someone in the justice system for 32 years. how does that strike you first as a mom? >> i think the entire situation is frightening. you would think in a place like america, you should be able to take your children to a christmas parade, do the things you want to do to have a good time as a family this time of year end you should be safe to do it. i think it's frightened a lot of people and unfortunately, there are people who will think twice now about taking their families to an event like this but i left everything you have to say in your open and it's true, we have to pay attention as americans and citizens of our local community to every single election in race all the way down ticket because you look at the cities where crime is through the roof and where
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lawlessness is the way of things and these are all cities run by democrats, cities democrat district attorneys, these people are allowing criminals to roam the streets free and clear, they care more about criminals than about american citizens or law-abiding citizens. that's not how it should be, you cannot have a society with lawlessness as a goal so as a mom, i find it horrifying to not imagine what these people must have experienced if they didn't have a family member who was hit by this individual, just think about the trauma having been there with your kids and how frightening and upsetting process, none of those people will ever be the same. judge jeanine: we are going to have the uncle of one of the victims who will be on right after you but let's talk about the fact that even after these
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parade killings promote the white house continues to stand by its push to end cash bail say ending cash bail will not automatically put people in charge on the street. do they think we are stupid? >> unfortunately they think we are available, we will basically take in whatever the leftists mainstream media fetus and take it as fact. i'm not surprised to hear this from the white house because they are pushing progressive policies and they clearly have prioritize criminals now over law-abiding citizens. he looked a case like this in wisconsin, it should never have happened all of those people should be life and none of them should be in the hospital, their lives should not be disrupted because this guy should have been in jail. remember the chicago police officer ella french would was killed during a routine traffic shop washers shot by a person
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and also should have been in jail. you see and hear these instances all the time and it's really upsetting, as a citizen of this country to see how the law is pushed by the wayside whether we talk about these situations or violation of our laws on our southern border, the white house is happy to continue to see this happen so unfortunately our commander-in-chief does not care about enforcing the laws and signal to every immigrant to come on into america and now they sent the signal to criminals you could basically do whatever you want no consequences. judge jeanine: thank you for joining us tonight. it's heartbreaking to think about how this massacre changed the lives of so many families this holiday season. i am proud to be joined by brian, uncle of 11-year-old
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perez who was injured in the attack and at this moment is fighting for her life. brian, an army veteran who served in iraq and i want to being can thanking you for your service. let me ask you, you are at the parade that day, you were there with your own children and your sister is wrong, correct? >> correct. judge jeanine: give me an idea how the day started. >> she stayed that night the night before, she is excited for her reaching in the dance parade i went there with my two children because we are usually in the parade with the dance team and we weren't this year. they were excited to see their family walking in the parade, it's a big community start to the holiday so everybody was excited to take off the holiday season. judge jeanine: and at some time something happened, when did you know something happened?
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>> i was there with my kids and i saw a red car break through the barricade on main street and it was red suv, he was right in front of us and stopped for a moment, a cop tried to stop him. he didn't listen to the police officer and he just gunned it down the street and i watched him speed right to left, praying he would turn off on a side street. he had an opportunity and he didn't. i knew my sister's family had just walked by a few minutes earlier and after i saw him continue on the parade route, i became afraid for their life. judge jeanine: part of the dancing coordination, jessica had a few other siblings including a 2-year-old in a stroller, you got to them, what did you see and what did your daughter see?
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>> my daughter's, what they saw was indescribable. what you hear from veterans, there were bodies everywhere, clothes abandoned, chairs, everything. everybody was screaming oh my god. yelling for their children, their loved ones, people were trying to help, people were down, i was just trying to keep my kid focused on me. i saw an older sibling first and then i asked where the baby was and nobody knew where she was. her 2-year-old sister so i looked over and i saw my sister on the ground. i approached her and what i saw terrified
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the emt had just arrived. i wanted to get my kids in the baby out of the situation as soon as possible. she was being treated. judge jeanine: i don't want to interrupt you but you describe posttraumatic stress syndrome, something a lot of people in the parade are going to see but that's experienced but you went to the bail hearing from what you want to see happen after what you saw this past sunday? >> after hearing everything he had, when they read all of his chargers prior to what he did sunday, it made me sick to my stomach and to hear him start crying with the judge mentioned is carried a life sentence, to
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me it was selfish he did that, he was worried about himself but i hope he spends the rest of his life in jail in isolation because i don't think he'll ever general population because they are afraid of what they might think will happen to him. i hope he has a lot of time to sit there and think how he negatively impacted these people's lives the rest of his life. judge jeanine: thank you so much. our thoughts and prayers are with you and your sister and your family. thank you for your service, we are continuing to pray for your needs. still ahead, major travel ban affecting an entire continent about to be put into place. put the new covid variant trigger another shutdown in america? next. ♪♪
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>> we are going to make sure there is no travel. except for american citizens, we don't know a lot of them.
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judge jeanine: abiding travel ban set to take hold monday. the administration will prohibit anyone from eight nations to enter the united states just over 24 hours from now. it is a stunning move considering the political pushback biden and his leftist now get president trump at the beginning of the pandemic. reaction, and you can watch a new season from the agenda, global extremism on fox along with fox news conservator doctor marc siegel. thank you for being with us. i find it fascinating that right now the biden administration says he got wrong. but what a shock he thought it wrong.
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there preventing him from coming to the united states but we are have any cases in the united states, do we? >> as far as we know. the world health organization sat on this for weeks. they have an office in south africa and they didn't want anybody and i think by now is in the united states support on a travel ban monday, what about now, do? i don't think it will have an effect. judge jeanine: you know what strikes me, instead of calling at the south africa forest, waiting to figure out a new name so nobody could say the buyer is from south africa, isn't it interesting they decided to name it that's before we even heard about it? >> the last variant started in south africa and what people are seeing is that over time from of the entire response to public is
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being exposed for its failures. if you look at sweden with no lockdowns or vaccinations and look at the death rate there. over time, they are realizing they can't justify vaccine mandates for a disease that is treatable and cheap to treat so you can almost bet money on every time they need another. , one full-service. judge jeanine: so doctor, new york governor hopeful signed an executive order and she put an end to elective surgery and before we even know we have this in the united states or new york so that is of today. let's say i have a broken bone and i want fixed, they can't do it now because she's got to make sure their hospital beds available. is she nuts? practices for community hospitals are state and your rights. the people waiting for cancer
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surgeries or screenings, everything is put on hold. public health is not about a virus, it's about impact on the virus. same with lockdowns. it is ridiculous to do this when not a single case is here, it will cause tremendous harm with other treatment needs to be given. judge jeanine: in addition, we don't know the legalities. by the way, i just found this out, the cdc says only 6% of covid deaths occurred without significant diseases. that means only 6% of them, the people with covid died of covid, everything else was more significant. having said that, we have no evidence this is greater than anything else. >> but i am concerned about long-term effects of the virus in a big believer in the vaccine and treatment but the thing the
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administration is getting wrong is no testing. we should have operation warp speed for testing. test every household in america. there's no operation warp speed like trump pat, this is operation snail pace. judge jeanine: but maybe they will lock us down for the holidays. they've known about for weeks and didn't tell us, what you think is going on? >> if they keep testing for different strengths and coronavirus, we will be locked down for the rest of our existence. i had cancer, my oncologist is a specialist in bone cancer and every oncologist dealing with bone cancer identifies hundreds of coronavirus is inside of our bones. they've created the problem that can never actually be solved they can justify whatever it is they want to do. if you look around you, everything is falling apart, even going to head, overtime
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people conceit vaccines have nothing to do with trump or left or right, many people don't want vaccinated. you cannot justify using three to 5000 border patrol agent, 12,000 pilots, something with success right of flukes, americans have the right under the constitution to their civil liberties they can only be suspended temporarily. this is not. judge jeanine: last word. >> i have agreement, the cost of society, economically society, physically has been tremendous and it's going to outweigh any other damage. judge jeanine: thank you so much. joe biden is officially declared america is back. we are going to clue in delusional joe facing everyday americans.
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>> what's your message on this thanksgiving day? >> after two years, we are back, america is back. there's nothing we are unable to overcome. judge jeanine: that was joe biden speaking from the neighborhood of his multimillion
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dollar manchin in nantucket. unfortunately, many thousand inc. is a grip on reality facing everyday americans. here to explain, freedom fighter abraham lincoln frederick douglass in their battle to save america's soul box in front cohost and my friend, brian kilmeade promising me one day he will cohost justice with me but refusing to do so. the meantime, he will come out again. brian, is biden right? is america back this thanksgiving. >> first, there's no position to require less talking than your cohost. no one looks at your show and says judge, she needs a cohost. it was say she needs another hour. i'll sit there and watch you and i wouldn't have anything to add because it carries your own afternoon or evening on this
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question, i was amazed. never when he said after two years. i assume didn't like all of donald trump's two years, four years not just two years. people thought joe biden would be quiet, just go under the wire and keep things rolling. tackle things you can't control and don't screw up things that don't need to be touched. for example, on the border, don't tell me that's normal. he took a relationship with mexico started off rough with president trump and up great. the last want to recognize joe biden a winner in fact he sang you want to reestablish remain in mexico? think about canada. when you screwed up the pipeline into decided not to do it, you hurt our best ally, canada. when you talk about pipeline, guess who you're messing with. canada. when you talk about the iranian deal, you want to go back into a port? they are on the threshold of a nuclear weapon because we are not on the threshold of getting rid of sanctions to allow them
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to get back into a deal they never signed and we never signed the loan what's going to happen to procuring, 100,000 troops and taiwan. china is about to take taiwan, i give president biden credit to get democracies together in the region. the only why china is important is because joe biden back to normal some of what he did in afghanistan to force military operation in the history of our nation bar none. that is normal? judge jeanine: exactly. i don't know what he's talking about with inflation as well as visitors that means people can't maintain, everything costs more. people get depressed from another have a new version, nobody knows the lethality of it but shut down south africa and seven other countries the guaranty hope in your same can't have surgery or anything else,
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it is crazy. where's the freedom? the only people who are freedom are criminals now. >> think about this, even 97% of the media is for joe biden, look the other way when he makes mistakes and things that are positive. the one positive thing, he had a bipartisan 19 republican from over 50 in the house. nineteen in the senate i believe that he sat on the bipartisan deal for six months. it's like winning a championship and thought celebrating or picking up a trophy and six months later he takes it up on the crowd is left and the cheering stops so you wonder why people don't appreciate it because he doesn't even know how to take about which by the way, people are mad for doing that if he made republicans look ridiculous for going halfway across the aisle because everything they negotiated out he's putting into the reconciliation package which is coming around again so it's
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self-inflicted problems. no one is perfect, no president makes all the right moves but he seems to go out of his way to make things worse and that's why his approval rating is 21% consolidated. 39% in the usa today poll, 38%, unbelievable. the american people are not waiting for the media, they are making their own judgment in the care about their families and country more than politics, i love that. judge jeanine: i love when you come on. you should have your own show. i forgot, you have your own. anyway, thank you. coming up from can afford it? steal it. that's the holiday mantra and joe biden america. ♪♪
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welcome back to justice. we are but one day remove from black friday and for several weeks, we watched far too many americans adopted the mindset of if you can't afford it, looted. video proof is seconds away but first, world champion tyrus and tommy. okay, what we have seen in the last 34 hours, or looters not just in the big shows, now they are going into home depot and stealing things like mallets and crowbars to assist them in future crimes. it amazingness me when i look at these people say that stuff really neiman marcus and take whatever they want. how can we allow this to happen? is it just california or is it going to move east?
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what you say? >> you hate to put our title on about these democratic mayors live in fantasy world and everyone arrested was just trying to steal bread or illicit say standards down on his luck. you have run for dinner bell, it's organized crime. groups are forming on facebook. it's so blatant, there's a target where an individual went into days a week like clockwork and over 40000 dollars worth of goods stolen they literally how to bake to have them arrested. small businesses can't compete. 30,000 dollars a month in security, how is a mom and pop shop going to do it? once the store is wiped out, it's over so it will be a really rough holiday season for small businesses because there is no downside to robbing, it's literally a. mentoring scheme to capitalism. judge jeanine: tommy, what say you?
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>> five thing finger discount is going over well this holiday season but in biden's america, if you can't afford it, he might as well looted she can do it in cities and states felon caught policies, das soft on crime, defunded police departments, it's a perfect storm and also what happens when you spend the entirety of summer 2020 looting social justice, of course they are embolden and think they can get away with it because they can't. you've got democrat mayors and governors not knowing what to do trying to install different wiring and things like that. maybe if you are tough on crime, maybe the people doing this tell them there's consequences for their action, maybe they wouldn't do it. if you can classify this as a misdemeanor in places like california, he wouldn't have people important to do so but in biden's america, he will see more. the only protection there are, crooks degenerates and felons,
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not the average hard-working americans trying to get by in this country dealing with inflation and everything else are away but the felons are living it up. merry christmas to them. judge jeanine: and they are making money. are you worried about your family when you are not with them and they go shopping for the holidays? >> what's funny is likely for me i live in louisiana and we are open carry out here. so you go right ahead, you will end up market somewhere but i do worry we talk about it. to be honest, most ordering presence is online, i don't let my amico to public places like that anymore because i can afford the risk because in louisiana, we support our law enforcement and no our sheriffs and police officers and let somebody try. we live by a different area out here. judge jeanine: might be just say though
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happen because that's what we have done in this country with frivolous lawsuit, criminals and thugs emboldened now you at
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democrat policies, they can do whatever they want and there's a lot happening in california right now, people are told to wear flashy jewelry because people are going on threatening people and mugging people. there you go. judge jeanine: thank you for being with us. hillary clinton is apparently learning nothing from her deplorable moment in 2016. her latest complaint about the her latest complaint about the american people next.
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frustrated looking at the process of legislation and they didn't appreciate within a year the biden administration passed to major peaches of legislation through both the house and the senate. judge jeanine: that's right, if you're upset about the inflation by biden spending bills, not appreciative. here's usa founder, my friend, charlie, and she right? >> it depends on what you think success is. if you're hillary clinton or someone who wants to see america grow a completely different direction, they are doing a great job.
12:53 am
things are unaffordable for middle-class americans, $85 billion of unaccounted weapons to the taliban, china is on the march and still have answers where the virus came from. i can't even keep track of these for the virus is. if you want the government to be more powerful, if you want the ruling class to remain untouched and the regime is hitting it out of the ballpark but if you care about normal things, is it easier to build a family? can you afford thanksgiving? can you buy christmas gifts? and of course this administration is failing minute measurably. heather clinton has been focused on the fundamental transformation agenda if it's what you are concerned about but i guess you could say biden is succeeding but only if you want what's worst for america. judge jeanine: including the criminal justice system, no bail, but the out, but you know what i think is interesting, we
12:54 am
don't see or hear much of hillary right now it's almost like she got a message from somebody and said to her away, you don't want that party anymore, you think i am right or wrong about that? >> i think you're right, suspicious why she is doing her to her right now. people who usually do media tours, sometimes they know something is coming, that's all i will say. maybe she is just board. also, tierney against people anarchy if you want to go to the 20 thousand dollars worth of its. they want to clampdown against this are conservatives and other senses, it's an aspect we are seeing right now. if you consider that to be success when you have a different worldview than we do. judge jeanine: it's these two disturbing especially when you talk about the project and going
12:55 am
on with them. the federal government, that's the power nobody wants to deal with. >> you are right and we need answers and write out a judge intervened and we need answers. judge jeanine: thank you for being with us. next, special h h watch: serena williams... wonder woman.... serena... wonder woman... serena... ace. ♪ ♪ get your tv together with the best of live and on demand. introducing directv stream.
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>> finally tonight you may recall a couple of weeks ago i posted an instagram about a world famous female master artist veronica lewis. after that i told her about my three poodles red and stella she painted them in a beautiful masterpiece take look you can see three poodles in there in this beautiful painting i am so grateful veronica. i love you anyway. also searching for perfect holiday present look no further than jeanine for hanukkah christmas or kwanzaa a
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loved message a perfect way to slice up the season. don't forget to set your dvr thanks so much for watching i'm judge jeanine for truth justice and the american way. see you next saturday night. ♪ ♪ dan: liberalism, it is just a cheap bumper sticker, it sounds good but it doesn't actually work. dan bongino here to break down how democrats have a new fall for their latest. plus -- americans look to celebrate christmas no secret they're paying more than ever. does it go back a democrat here to defend that message in this week's rebuttal and he lives on his own. a look back at how joe biden is bending truth for


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