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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  November 27, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PST

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happened? >> the boat went down. the guy jumped and the boat went down. >> he must've hit the wave and he's popping up at the top and then the wave drops. >> that does it for us, we will see you on monday, you have a ♪ ♪ o say can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hailed ♪ as the twilight's last gleaming ♪ whose broad stripes and bright
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stars ♪ through the perilous fight ♪ for the ramparts we watched ♪ were so gallantly streaming ♪ and the rockets red glare ♪ the bombs bursting n air ♪ gave proof through the night ♪ that our flag was still there ♪ o say does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ and the home of the brave
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♪ pete: good morning and welcome to "fox & friends" on this saturday. that was our nation's anthem, of course. and, of course, look who is here this morning. will cain, rachel campos-duffy and yours truly. will: good morning. rachel: good morning. pete: the tradition did continue. look at those photos at the end very cool. rachel: we had horses with flags just for you. pete: just for me? will: happy thanksgiving weekend to you. i believe it counts as an entire holiday weekend for most americans. not just the three of us who sit on this couch this morning. rachel, yesterday, i saw you sitting here as well. i saw a picture there of a michigan style helmet. i'm not sure it was a michigan helmet big rivalry today ohio state rich began game.
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pete: how was your thanksgiving? rachel: two of my kids couldn't stay for the holiday. all of them were there and cooking and i'm tired. [laughter] pete: so nice. rachel: i was tired but good. will: i would say between 30 and 50 people. i'm one of four. and everybody has had kids and then we intermingle with life-long friends since the age of 1. in his family is he one of five. every other year it's a 50-person thanksgiving. pete: 50 person. and mine was a three person because whether you have blended families sometimes you have kids. everybody for christmas just gwen. not that i don't love all the other ones. it was delightful. everything was clean and set everything up for christmas yesterday. christmas is all set up at the hegseth. will: i think that's an acceptable day. friday after thanksgiving hang christmas lights and begin.
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i personally push it a couple more days and wring everything you can out of thanksgiving. i don't like it when we jump thanksgiving. you don't either. we are together on this. rachel: we are all together on that. will: good. we need to celebrate thanksgiving before we move on to christmas. pete: yep. but we are moved on. we move on. starting in this. president biden announcing the u.s. will limit travel from 8 south africa can countries starting monday in fears of the new mutated strain. rachel: world health organization naming the new variant. a variant of concern. pete: alexandria hoff joins us with from d.c. with more. >> according to researchers in south africa the delta variant has two new receptors. omicron variant has 10. looking into what that means for transmissibility and immune response. the variant has turned up so far bats swanna, hong kong and
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proliferating in south africa. reports also include a presence in belgium. right now the u.s. is joining the u.k. and european union in pausing travel to south africa and seven neighboring nations. here is president biden from nantucket. >> i have decided we're going to be cautious and make sure there is no travel to and from south africa and six other countries in that region. and except for american citizens who are able to come back. but we don't know a lot about the variant except that it is of great concern. spread rapidly and i spent about half an hour this morning with my covid team led by dr. fauci [inaudible] >> as vaccine effectiveness against the new variant being studied president biden calling it patriotic responsibility. here is fox news contributor
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dr. marc siegel. >> the word mutation is a scary word. i want to point out that a mutation doesn't necessarily make the virus more effective. it could be less. it's for sure the case that the vaccines are going to continue to work against this variant. the question is how decreased their effectiveness will be cdc says no concerned cases of the variant in the u.s. new york's governor has declared a state of emergency halting elected surgeries fears over the more dangerous variant plus these travel bans caused a friday market tum bible which the president did say he expected. we do have breaking news this morning. the associated press is reporting that 61 people who arrived in the earth inner lands from south africa have tested positive today for covid-19. further tests being conducted right now to variant. >> we are certain suddenly
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certain will what we need to do shut down, lock down. and openly acknowledges how little we know about okay chron. omicron. there is a new variant and a new state of emergency and a new set of fears to telling the united states public at every seasonal turn and yet, we know nothing. we know nothing about this variant except it's time to freak out once again. pete: here what happens we do know there is a travel ban now. i should not say now. it starts monday. so it's f. it's so urgent. let's hold off until monday. then we start the travel ban. and we're going to block the virus have from come in. let's do a little flashback. remember travel bans, quite controversial during the campaign because then president trump banned travel immediately from china. here's a portion of how then
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candidate joe biden tweeted about it. this is february of 2020. remember this? he said we are in the midst of a crisis with the coronavirus. we need lead the way with a science, not donald trump's record of hysteria, xenophobia and fear-mongering. he is the worst possible person to lead our country through a global health emergency followed then by this tweet same day said: trump further diminished the u.s. in the eyes of the world by expanding his travel ban this new african ban is designed to make it harder for black and brown people typically great to the united states. it's a disgrace and we cannot let him succeed. and now we have an african ban. rachel: now we have an an infantry can ban. also, by the way, dr. marc siegel, who you are going to be speaking with a little bit later, the travel ban doesn't work. a lot of people come from go another country. can't come in from south africa they might go somewhere else and come here a lot of doctors
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including from stanford. pete: you can also come across the southern border. rachel: fauci completely silent when asked about that earlier i think last spring he said i can't get involved in politics. so, okay. but i think, you know, you bring up a great point. even before kyle rittenhouse is smeared, joe biden was smearing donald trump and calling him a xenophobe and racist and somebody trying to keep black and brown people out of the country because he thought it was a good idea to do a travel ban which joe biden has done. can't make it up. will: you could walk out on the streets of new york and used to play three card monty or shell game and hide the ball. guys really good at it and then the guys bad at it and see the guys moving. i know which one it's under. they play fear with the coronavirus and play race for this horrendous con game to plate american public, a bad con
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game. obvious con game for both. the tweet you let out, pete, it's so absurd you are getting played. rachel: aren't people over it? not the virus but this game you are talking about, you keep calling people racist, racist, racist, whenever you want your way politically. and i just think it's -- people are over it. will: starting to be. i think starting to be. pete: the politicians aren't. the governor of new york has declared a preemptive state of emergency. so the politicians know exactly where to go with these moments, which is more control. by the way, the name of this is. will: this is great. pete: omni chron. they skipped over skipped over xi. the person most response cybil for this needs the naming of a
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variant. rachel: shows you how scared they're. by the way, this new variant. as you said, we don't know anything about it this new variant could possibly wreak more havoc on our economy and american way of life, the call to find the origin and hold china responsible couldn't be more clear and, yet, we are already bowing in naming the variant to china. will: once again getting totally played. by the way if you wouldn't mind. one of the latest episodes on the will cain i talked to matt about the new. pete: more of matt ridley. will: where the evidence points where this virus originated from. where we might be tiptoeing around what we name these variants. also coming up is dr. marty makary about this latest variant. rachel: always a very honest broker when it comes to this.
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let's talk about shopping. a lot of people shopping today. it is black friday after all. and a lot of people are getting this message on their phone or from their -- the businesses that they are shopping at saying, hey, we are out of stock. that message is up 227%. compared to pre-pandemic levels. it's up 261% compared to two seasons ago. will: that's for the month of november and doesn't even count yet what might have occurred on black friday. you are out there trying to get ahead of the supply chain crisis. you are already getting the out of stock notice. pete: i did a lot of -- because i had a lot of time on my hands. ahead of the curve on christmas shopping. really wrong. i spent thanksgiving and the day after -- i didn't encounter a lot of out of stock. but, i don't know, maybe it's because i'm not shopping for popular things. rachel: shopping for guns and stuff?
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pete: trivial stuff. will: you are highly organized dude. i know that about you. your office is put together. rachel: no, no, no. no. no. that's called jen got pete's office together. will: no, no, no, no. pete: no. will: ocd. pete: in college i would have all my desks in right angles, my roommates want to mess with me mess with things on my desk. i'm a right angles kind of guy. rachel: i learn something but every day. pete: it brings the anxiety level down. shop shopping is mostly done. thinking about things like the supply chain which you normally aren't thinking about. rachel: shouldn't have to think about it. pete: donald trump was on varney yesterday talking about the supply chain and issues getting what you want. here's what he said. >> when you look at what's taken place. when you look at all of these supply chains, we never even heard the word supply chains when i was president. that was not even something that
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i ever remember even listening to or hearing what they have done is a lot of the mandates have caused the supply chain problem. and that way i guess you could say, you know, what's happening is people are quitting their jobs all over the place. rachel: i have said that many times. i want to go back to the america where i didn't know what the supply chain crisis -- what even a supply chain was. i knew whether a it was. i never had to think about it. here we live in this country where, you know, and by the way, ironically, as we are still, still like they still didn't fix the supply chain crisis, now we are hearing more talk about our transportation secretary as a, potential replacement for kamala harris and a potential person to run for on the democrat ticket for president. weird. will: we are toying around with the potential idea of lockdowns again. toying around with the idea of shutting down an economy which created this crisis. mandates and contributed to it as well but you cannot shut down
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an economy and expect to come raring back. pete: exactly right. all while the state of florida has the lowest covid cases in the country. rachel: probably the highest population of elderly as well which is ironic as well. i just want to mention because you mentioned the lockdown. pete buttigieg, our transportation secretary is potentially our new president in 2024 or so the democrats want, has said we can't fix the supply chain problem until the pandemic is over. until covid is over. and now we see these new variants. that's the answer is more lockdowns, more lockdowns, more fear and therefore he doesn't have to do his job of fixing the supply chain. we will keep this whole thing going. meet pete count on new variant every it new year. they could speed up the variant could come more quickly. pete: we're going to need a new variant here.
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fear. will: highlighting small businesses here later in the show. as well as giving you some tips to help pick out your christmas tree early. and supply chain issues which we are highlighting. rachel: turning now to your headlines, a person wielding a knife is shot and killed at the entrance of the marine corps recruiting depot in san diego. the person got out of the vehicle with a weapon and ignored several commands before a guard opened fire no. one else was hurt. the incident is under investigation. the suspect's identity has not been released. an officer, shot in the bronx in a gun fight is released from the be hospital hero's welcome from fellow. holmes second cop shot in the shoot shootout wednesday. fellow officer there to show her support she was shot also shot in the incident and released thanksgiving day. a second suspect shot in the gun battle. is he expected to survive as gun charges are pending. the gun he fired was reportedly
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stolen in georgia. the suspect also has a history of arrests linked to weapons possession. the california school for the deaf football team -- we have been talking a lot about this, guys, is hoping to make history tonight in the state championship game. the cubs contributed their undefeated record to brotherhood. two playoff wins bringing the schools to first ever state title game in their 68-year history. the championship game is today at 5:00 p.m. local time in riverside, california. we wish them all the luck and those are your headlines. will suggested, pete, that this should be the next fox nation project a movie about this football team. pete: that's a good idea. rachel: i think you know someone can you talk to about that. pete: in the queue. rachel: this is the kind of game that would get. will: if people knew what we know about that game, i think they would definitely tune. in rach racism i'm not a football fan, i want to see that
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game. will: we will have highlights. it's tonight, 5:00 p.m. pacific coast time so 8:00 eastern, i will make a promise the producers are going to have to keep up with bring you results and few highlights tomorrow. pete pete we should. rachel: awesome. will: if critical race theory can creep into the classrooms of conservative missouri, it's likely in your classroom as well. the warning to parents is next. pete: but, first, how is this for a slam dunk surprise? one basketball fan just learned he's going to be a dad at orlando magic game. we will hear how his wife pulled it off when the couple joins us live. ♪ ♪ more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ rachel: that's houston. still dark. people still sleeping in your home state. will: still dark here as well. pete: would that be dark everywhere in america? will: maybe maine.
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from time to time we highlight various school boards and school districts where you can see the critical race theory has infiltrated your children's education. one of the things it might not be pressed upon us enough if you can see various school districts it's probably in your school district as well. that's what one op-ed writer the "new york post" is suggesting to you. carrie sheffield wrote if it's in missouri it's probably in your home state as well. here's what she wrote a critical race theory administration or curriculum can make its way into your classrooms or the classrooms of missouri likely in your as well. ainsley: she said if the lies of critical race theory can creek into the classroom of mountains undoubtedly in your community even as school administrators illegally try to hide it crt fanatics don't want people to know the truth. covid-19 lockdown showed parents on zoom screens in their own home what schools are peddling: black parents don't believe your children aren't capable and
3:24 am
whited parents don't believe your kids inherently evil. i saw it when my kid want to public school. if you live in brooklyn or live in the bay area in california. they can be pretty out with it. but in these little towns, it's really kind of tucked in and you can't see it and they use these code words like equity. pete: need a secret decoder ring to cut through what they describe it as as opposed to what it really is. rachel: if you bring it up they say that's just a dog whistle. it's not happening here. they are make you feel like you are cuckoo and that's part of their technique as well. pete: no, it's not in the curriculum. as you look into this you learn there is curriculum and it's a pettigoggy. that's a med you teach by. teach teachers to teach in a certain way even though it's not
3:25 am
in the curriculum it makes its way in. if you have been to the ozarks. college of oat zarks about as conservative as it gets. so you are right about it, will. if we are under the believe that it's not in our schools, we are lying to ourselves. will: play semantics game. will technical definition, to your point, equity all plays on human emotion of empathy. we want to have a society where we strive for equality. but they distorted and mutated equality into this concept of equity which is equal outcomes. it is everywhere. absolutely everywhere. rachel: look what the end game is. why are they doing this? if you can say that america is systemically racist. if you can say thats it with a founded on slavery instead of on this idea of freedom from the british monarchy. if you make a case for why this is broken and you need build back better. that is what this is really
3:26 am
about. it is a marxist idea. and this is cultural marxism. you really need to name it for what it is. the "new york post" op-ed continued and it said instead of crt, schools should teach excellence in math particulars, imagine that it economic, personal finance. and students should learn how to start businesses, not why they should burn them down. as schools fail, parents deserve vouchers to send children to schools that i hope some day springfield missouri schools about l. become those schools again. pete: prove the point of what we have been talking about. here is a statement from springfield public schools in response to the belief that critical race theory is being taught there. it's what they said. springfield public schools has been very clear. critical race theory is not being taught in our classrooms. our work is focused on equity. not crt. any deliberate attempt to misrepresent this important work is at a divisive misguided
3:27 am
distraction. they call it something else. they call it equity. and by doing so, they are revealing precisely what they are inside the classrooms. will: i was toss about this recently. there is a wonderful writer on substack. he laid out the four levels of propaganda. no we are never teaching critical race theory. we're not teaching critical race theory. we are doing some very specific instances. we have always done it because it's good. you go through those four profings progression apply it to anything. vaccine effectiveness, mandates. critical race theory. we are somewhere between two and three. we are not doing it. call it something else. rachel: i have a different way to figure it out. if barack obama comes out publicly and says there's no such thing as critical race theory. we're not teaching it, you know you are over the target. you know you are right on it that is proof to me of that. and i will tell you, i'm really encouraged by parents and by the
3:28 am
way we will have a panel of moms who have been on the forefront of exposing crt. i am encouraged by parents at the school boards but i also think there is two things that we need to focus on besides just crt. we need to focus on school choice. every child and parent should have a right to go to whichever school they want so there could be a marketplace for ideas and values in schools. and, two, while it's great we are looking at schools, don't forget about the most powerful place that crt is being taught. it's on your child's phone big tech is peddling this as well. you have much less control over what your kids with l. see and how it's tucked into virtually every message they get. pete: watch a little bit of nickelodeon or disney which i'm forced to do on occasion and i do like sponge bob. it's not in sponge bob yet that i have seen. other than that, look at the commercials, look at the promos, look at what they talk about, it's all there and reinforced by
3:29 am
these words they are already hearing at school you bring it together and it becomes a world view. a lens. and that's the scary part. rachel: absolutely. all right. well, coming up, growing concerns about a new heavily mutated covid strain prompting the biden administration to restrict air travel from south africa. so what do you need to know? dr. marty makary puts it all in perspective next. ♪ ♪ walmart's deals for days isn't over yet. this cyber monday is your last chance to score big online starting sunday night. don't miss out on walmart's deals for days. ♪ ♪ >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked...
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3:34 am
decision we made. >> president biden speaking yesterday about his decision to impose travel restrictions from south africa and seven other countries starting monday over the new covid omicron variant. what do we need to know in fact? fox news medical contributor dr. marty makary. always great to talk to you. happy thanksgiving and good morning to you. >> you too. good morning. will: how much certainty people speak with not just speak with you about impose policy based upon at the same time we know very little. i would love to go with you what little we do know. do travel restrictions work? we already learned it escaped rafer from canned and in netherlands does travel restrictions help to keep a new variant out of the united states. >> it may work when there is not a period of active testing like last year. now we have such rigorous testing. some of these people going back and forth are doing medical surveillance and research.
3:35 am
it's already not just in belgium and south africaened a several other countries in africa. it's in hong kong. it's in israel. so it may well have already been seeded. you wouldn't set a travel restriction in the future that violates the very principle of doing a ban. will: in fact we saw australia and new zealand basically lock down their societies from outsiders and that didn't keep covid or the day or night out o- delta variant as well. here is something else i'm curious about. joe biden and others have said this is a call to get your booster. ages 5 and up. absolutely now with this new variant get your booster. what do we know about the vaccine's effectiveness on this new variant? >> well, that is exactly the sort of dishonesty right now that is resulting in a massive loss of credibility of public health officials. this new variant has absolutely nothing to do with boosters that we know of. there is no data whatsoever to suggest that a booster would somehow be protective against
3:36 am
this particular vasht. we don't even know in the immune system works or doesn't work against the new variant. it probably works. because of the thousands of variants we have this to date. all are encompassed by vaccine nateed and natural immunity. but this the sort of making conclusions without data rationale right now that's alienating people. will: in fact, when you combine that with the horrible track world of their certainty, then you lose a lot of credibility. can i ask you one more? out of personal curiosity we hear about mutations and do they happen in the unvaccinated in countries low vaccination rates or unvaccinated individuals is that true? do we know dr. makary where mutations come from? >> we know from the influenza model that comes from crowded places and people immunosuppressed can have a more chronic long-term infection and maybe that's where some of these mutations come from. that's been postulated with the millions that have hiv in africa. the problem is we don't know. we have a rapidly spreading
3:37 am
virus in an area with see low vaccination rates. that is south africa has 35% of their population vaccinated may not be representative of the united states where we have 83% of adults vaccinated. remember, therapeutics again are massively under stated here. the new drugs that we have coming out merck and pfizer's would be effective against the new omicron variant they work on the mutation not the spike protein and other flu which has been on the shelf for years and under stated therapeutic with good randomized control data published in lancet. reducing death by 91%. by he reducing your inflammatory response. these drugs would work against the new variant. will: i want to just -- just highlight that for just a moment. you are talking about the new therapeutic drug. merck has one coming out. i believe firsdz has one they are looking and seeking fda approval on. correct me if i am wrong, dr. makary, they actually -- they work to do the same thing
3:38 am
that others have pointed out. ivermectin has done which is stop virus replicate. stop it from replicating in your system. there needs to be study on the merck and pfizer pills as well as the ivermectin. as opposed to the vaccine not stopping you from acquiring it but stopping the vaccine from replicating inside your body and that's been highly effective? >> that's right. and flu vox mean blocks that to the virus. >> we have effective treatments. reduce deaths to zero. formal trials. not controversies. and the fda is going to decide on merck's drug this tuesday. and we could it as soon as two weeks from now. >> that would draw into question why we would have vaccine mandates or why all the attention and focus on vaccines with such a highly effective therapeutic out there. >> we need a balanced approach. when you look at new york state of emergency. look, we need to do elective
3:39 am
surgery. we need aneurysm repairs, cancer resections. will: thanks for being here this morning. >> thanks, will. will: denying reports asking clorns to apologize for skin color after the group's racism guide comes to light. joe concha is on deck to react next. ♪ ♪
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rick: welcome back to "fox & friends." obviously everybody trying to get home after this weekend. for the most part looking good. big storm yesterday across the northeast brought a lot of lake-effect snow. today things calm down a little bit. more on the way. i will show that you in a second. down across the south. we he have a lot of rain across parts of texas. this is going to cause maybe a little bit of local ridessed flooding mostly just some nuisance travel especially on those roads across i-10 across the overnight hours tonight into tomorrow. threatening watching next little disturbance not a big disturbance but see that mixing an some rain we have across parts of iowa. watch the future radar that pulls across the ohio valley. brings snow back across pennsylvania and throughout areas of the great lakes and might even see a knew snowflakes by the morning across the coastal cities. nothing that is going to cause any travel problems for you
3:44 am
tomorrow. overall temperatures not looking that bad. the coldest is across parts of the northern plains. even at that 27 degrees for a high today in fargo certainly could be much worse. next thing could be watching a lot of rain coming back into the specific northwest. causing that threat for flooding again for them this coming week. rachel, pete, send it over to you. rachel: thank you, rick the salvation army going woke over resource guide titled let's talk about racism. the document released earlierner year quote desire at the salvation lament, repent and apologize for biases or racist ideologies held and actions committed. pete: but the group is denying reports that it's asking donors to apologize for their racism. saying in its statement, in part, quote. >> the salvation is not asking donors to apologize for skin color and we do not endorse any philosophy or ideology. such claims are simply false and injure our mission to preach the
3:45 am
gospel of jesus christ and meet human needs in his name without discrimination. here to react is fox news contributor joe concha, joe, good morning, happy thanksgiving, great to see you. you know, the salvation army, you think of the red kettle outside. you think of christmas. you think of giving. you don't think of woke or a statement like this on their website. they are trying to deny it. what do you think? >> well, it's a he said, she said situation at this point. but the fact that they even had to address those reports out there. that tells you that there is a there there. if you go to social media now. it's ugly. a lot of people saying i always donated to the salvation army but i'm not going to do anymore after they got woke. by telling people this is true, based on their race they need to apologize not because of their specific actions but because of the color of their skin, that literally flies in the face of that mission statement that you just read. i just feel sorry for all of those folks out there from the salvation army. the boots' 00 ground so it speak
3:46 am
standing out there in the freezing cold ringing that bell all day all night with nothing to do with this possible edict from the top many. >> with you, again, would he don't know quite know whether it is true or whether it is not. but so much wokeness going on these days with corporations and even charities it's why people are inclined that may be a thing by the way, if you look at salvation army executive page, rachel that team is comprised overwhelmingly of white people. look at your own hiring practices first before possibly pieing tell voters what they should apologize for. rachel: marxism was created by a white german guy. this whole thing is so crazy. i have a friend her name is debbie, every year they get together, their family and their christmas tradition is they go and rings the salvation army bell. i know debbie, if she knows about this story, she might not go out and rings that bell in the cold wisconsin, you know, winter anymore. and so it's not just the donors, it's the volunteers. and, again, why are these people
3:47 am
at the very top making decisions that they know are just going to divide the country at a time of christmas where we are supposed to all come together? >> yeah, i think, rachel, the company needs to do a little bit more here on the communications front. and needs to condemn critical race theory because you think of the greatest civil rights leader of any time, martin luther king jr., and he said it best, don't judge others by the color of their skin but by the content of their color, crt teaches the exact opposite of that so, the salvation army should come out and say we do not embrace this. we don't embrace, for instance, you have kids, i have kids, pete has kids. our kids, mine as young as kindergarten possibly being taught to judge others through the prism of race instead of the content of their character. so, hopefully, they go out and do that i have a feeling they will hope that the news cycle sweeps us away and donations keep come in. unfortunately the people that get impacted ultimately because of this will be those who need that money most, rachel.
3:48 am
pete: it's true. i feel like at some level they must have thought they could check some sort of awoke box. rachel: or hired someone. pete: sit there and ultimately in this kay and age, these things are seen and they mean something to people, joe. just like the charity means something. if you stand for that, i mean, by the way, their name the salvation army, we are all in need of salvation because we are all sinners and all flawed to include racism or sexism or whateverrism you want to pick. feels like a bad move for them, joe. last word real quick. >> last word is happy thanksgiving to both of you, great year for both of you, obviously pete with your book and rachel i was on with your husband yesterday. your book is now number two on the "new york times" best seller list. that is just incredible. i believe this is your first joint book together that shows you how many people love watching you both and the power of this network as far as you want to say something in a book, people will buy it i think i
3:49 am
have to write a book now. i think that's my new year's resolution. pete: we will check with you next year on it. all right, joe. >> all right, guys. pete: coming up, how is this for a slam dunk surprise. one basketball player learned is he going to be a dad at orlando magic game. those parents to be next. ♪ ♪
3:50 am
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3:53 am
learned he was going to be a dad orlando magic game. the mom organized on the kiss cam. will: good morning james and taylor. good morning. >> good morning. thank you. go good morning, everyone. will: we were just watching the video on screen. i don't know. i think we have to start with james. we have to start with surprising and planning the surprise. james, take us into the moment. what was going through your mind. how did the reveal occur? >> so, we were sitting at the game and i saw -- they were doing the kiss cam. i saw the camera come up on us and i thought just, you know, we were going to be on the kiss cam which is pretty could in and of
3:54 am
itself. we break away from the kiss and she says i have something i need to tell you and i rook up at the screen and that's when you see my jaw drop and just pure shock. rachel: your reaction, james was amazing. i could watch that. pete: this is my favorite part when he throws his arms up. rachel: taylor, tell me why you decided to do it this way. we know you wanted to surprise him by why in this way? >> well, i love always surprising my husband. actually, you know, go big or go home, i guess. rachel: go big. [laughter] it? >> is our first child and everything. so, i was over the moon the morning i found out literally it was just in tears. and he was still sleeping, actually. so i pulled myself together and i was like, you know what?
3:55 am
it's like when you that are excited kind of want the world to know. so i called up our rep who sold us particulars to orlando magic game later that day and said hey, if i buy us some good tickets, is there any way that, you know, i could do this and, you know, get -- tell my husband on the kiss cam that he's going to be a dad? pete: so cool and so special. >> thank you. get ahead of ourselves a little bit. do we know boy, girl? do we have any name leads at this point? >> well i am only four weeks right now. [laughter] rachel: a little early. >> a little excited but we do have a couple names picked out if we do have a baby boy or a baby girl but as of right now i guess we are calling little seed
3:56 am
magic. rachel: great name. >> little magic. rachel: the world is celebrating with you guys. thanks for joining us. >> yes. thank you so much. pete: they wanted the world to know. rachel: all right. pete: so cool, taylor and james, thank you very much. pete: you see those names. they are coming up. more "fox & friends" in just a moment. get $1,500 lease cash toward a 2022 rx 350. these are the faces of listerine. the face of millions of germs zapped in seconds. the face of clean. the face of whoa! some are of intensity,
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others joy. all are of... various: ahhh... listerine. feel the whoa!
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♪ i got a feeling i'm not the only one ♪ all i wanted to do is have some fun. rachel: there is that sunrise we were talking about, will, coming right up over florida. and it is a beautiful morning. it's 7:00 eastern time. new york city. welcome. good morning, will. good morning, pete. will: good morning. warm shot over florida. not so warm in the studio apparently. rachel: i know. pete: rachel was like do you mind if we bring a heater in
4:01 am
there? that would be great, actually. it's freezing in here. rachel: it's very cold. people don't realize how cold it is. i wish i could wear a sweater or a suited or something like that. will: we do have on more material than you. slightly warmer on this holiday weekend. this thanksgiving holiday weekend. rachel: aren't those cool. little at the little hats with the pompoms. will: there is a reason it's sitting out here. pete: fox shop. get "fox & friends," get the "te five" gore. rachel: black friday, black saturday, i guess. 20% off at our site. so visit get all your items at fox
4:02 am
we hope you had a happy thanksgiving. we had some fun. pictures of our various holiday gatherings. rachel: going to pull them up? will: okay, that's texas. that's my family. i told you 50-person gathering. a lot of grandkids. my mom gets a bounce house. that's a halftime football not a full-on game but a halftime football throwing contest. you know,. rachel: looks like the neighbors will come over for that. that's pretty awesome. will: there is no neighbors, rachel. rachel: is this out in the middle of nowhere. will: take as few acres for the neighbors to travel across. pete: halftime of the cowboys game which was rough. will: a stinker. you texted me and said you are jealous of your team not playing on thanksgiving. pete: i am. will: highest rated game since 1990. 36 million people watched. 30 years. 36 million people saw my team put up a stinker.
4:03 am
pete: i also texted you cowboys and vikings in the championship game. will: you got a little ahead of yourself. rachel: in our family the kids dressed up at indians and pilgrims. they do that every year until they reach an age where they said i'm not doing it anymore. we had more indians than pilgrims. two indians, one pilgrim. that's how it started. let me show you how it ended. that's how it ends. [laughter] pete: exactly how it should end right there. phenomenal. and that's sort of how mine ended as well. i have two photos, i think. i don't know which one they will put up first. we went out for thanksgiving. and that's gwen. met the turkey pardon turkeys will or pete. will: we did name. the turkeys with named will or pete. pete: that is me watching texas longhorns. actually win. >> i like the moccasins.
4:04 am
and it was actual win. producers i noticed in the headline you didn't put the texas longhorns actual win when they lose six games in a row it's in there. the headlines. where was it today? >> when they win, not so much. maybe you got great photos. you could email us. we would love to see that friends or patriotic photos we could include in the national anthem at the beginning of our show. rachel: love that too. will: world health organization designated a new variant called omicron of concern. rachel: president biden planning to ban travel from south africa. pete: that seems very racist. >> good morning, the u.s. is joining the u.k., european union and host of other countries implementing the travel ban goes into effect on monday. it does not include u.s. citizens. it does restrict travel to south
4:05 am
africa neighboring nations. shown up in bats swana hong kong possibly belgium and elsewhere. proliferating we know in south africa. no confirmed cases of the omni variant in the u.s. so far. exarpd with the delta variant two new receptors. south africa can researchers note that the omicron variant has 10. racing to find what what that means for here is president biden from nantucket yesterday. >> i decided we are going to be cautious, make sure there is no travel to and from south africa and six other countries in that region. [clearing throat] except for american citizens who are able to come back. we don't know a lot about the variant, except that is of great concern. >> the president said he issued the travel restrictions in consult sult can his covid response team.
4:06 am
while vaccine new variant. urge it's the best tool we have to combat severe illness. >> every american that has not been vaccinated be responsible and be vaccinated. everyone eligible for the booster shot should get the booster shot. we always talk about whether this is -- i think it's a patriotic responsibility. >> fears over the new and potentially more dangerous variant plus travel ban caused a tumble in the markets yesterday. president biden said did he expect that to happen. now, dutch authorities say that 61 people who arrived in the netherlands from south africa this morning have tested positive for covid-19. right now conducting tests to find out if they do have the omicron variant. will, rachel, pete? rachel: appreciate it. pete: as we pointed out in the first hour, we know so little about what this actually means. is it a worse variant? where is it? if it's in the netherlands as you pointed out it will soon be
4:07 am
on our shores. joe biden announcing a travel ban but it understands starts monday, a travel ban very similar he cite sized donald trump for being racist during the campaign. what do we know and not know? thankfully we had dr. marty that care on the program earlier. these are the moments you want to hear from somebody who understands infectious diseases. here's a portion of what he said earlier. >> it's already not just in belgium and south africa. it's in other several countries in africa. it's in hong kong. it's in israel. it may well already have been seated. we have an area south africa very low vaccination rates. 35% of their population is vaccinated. may not be representative of the united states where we have 83% of adults vaccinated. remember, therapeutics again are massively under statemented here. the new drugs we have coming out merck and pfizer's would be effective against the new omicron variant. will: the knew therapeutics
4:08 am
might be effective against the variant. dr. makary was honest about this as well president biden and others using this as a moment to say get your booster, get your booster. we don't note effectiveness of this vaccine against the variant. going to gang to the playbook. lock down potential, travel restriction shut downs or force highly encourage the vaccine which may work it just didn't work so well the first time around. rachel: and ignoring of the other ways of treating covid and these early treatments and totally just pushing it aside. not even looking at it and saying the only answer are lockdowns and vaccines. pete: new york state declared a preemptive state of emergency. the new governor here. but, all the while, if you step back from it. florida has the lowest number of covid cases in the country right now and an economy that came back a lot faster than some of the other dids did. >> and a place a lot of people want to move to because of that.
4:09 am
also they had a lot of old people. more remarkable what governor desantis has done there because he has a much older population. a lot of people like to retire to florida as i hope to do one day. will: i think it's perfectly understandable and rationale to be skeptical of a new fear peddling. this would only help to increase your skepticism omicron naming variants according to the greek alphabet is not the next greek letter in sequence. omicron skips nu and xi. however you want to pronounce it xi. it skips suspiciously the greek alphabet particular letter that has the same spelling at premier of the chinese communist party. how odd. pete: can't do that. rachel: dr. margaret harris the
4:10 am
spokesperson for the w.h.o. we skipped it because it's a common surname and we agreed to using place names, people's names, animals, et cetera to avoid stigma. it's just ironic, isn't it? if there is one person, you know, one country responsible. will: did any of these other ones have a relationship to people's last names or animals? i don't know there was mu, i owe that, capita, feta,. rachel: clearly not telling the truth. new variant could wreak havoc on our economy. it would -- if there is more lockdowns, this could hurt america in much the same way the first lockdowns did. and we still haven't got be to the bottom of the covid origin. we all suspect it comes from this lab all evidence is leaning towards there a lot of the
4:11 am
evidence has been destroyed i think dr. fauci tried to take america off the case. get us off the trail of looking at china. but, it's interesting how powerful china is. that, you know, the w.h.o. is like we're afraid to name it xi because he might not like it. even though it probably came from his country and he what happened and prevented. pete: didn't donald trump prevent funding from the w.h.o. he understood how in the pocket they were of the communist chinese. not that this necessarily is evidence of that. one more thing you look at and say okay, i get it can't call a variant by where it came from. remember it was always what was the original variant. the india variant. that's what the delta variant is it was the india variant. this would be the south africa can variant if we were being normal about things and it would be the china virus. doesn't mean they are bad it's easy to name things after where they came from.
4:12 am
will: spanish flu. rachel: i'm offended. racist. that's totally racist. will: department of interior, as we move on, department of interior raising the cost of drilling on public lands, comes at the same time the biden administration asks opec to drill more oil and release more oil into the world fuel markets. will the cost of gasoline has risen dramatically over a year's time 3.40 today. one year ago $2.12. raised cost beg foreign producers to release more oil. makes sense. rachel: that's going to really help the climate. that's what this is all about. pete: ship the oil over here. really all makes a ton of sense. only thing that makes sense of it is if you want to hurt america. that's the only way you could step back. okay, gas prices are really high. no longer energy independent and dependent on opec and begging them. let's raise the prices of people's ability to actually drill on public lands?
4:13 am
that will work. rachel: you say hurt america actually it's hurt certain americans. rich people aren't going to be hurt by this as much. rich people are the ones, they worship their climate change ideology and they want this. they are pushing this. at the expense of the poorest. at the expense of our industry. at the expense of people on fixed income who, by the way, look at the heating costs right now. they are up 50 to 60% propane up 70%. natural gas futures by the way for the next winter are trading at 117% more than they were last year. this is hurting the people who can least afford it. these are people who are now going i'm going to have to lower the temperature in my house so i can make my heating bill stretch. because they are on fixed incomes. you know what it's like in minnesota and wisconsin. it is cold there. and people there need to heat their homes in affordable way.
4:14 am
people like aoc and bernie sanders don't care this sin tensional. they think they can wean you off a comfortable home. get used to putting on three sweaters. that's the america they want you to live in so they can worship their climate god. pete: mike taylor combined energy services knows a lot about this industry and uses one simple word to point out what all of this adds up to. this is on tucker. listen. >> i don't even know where to begin to start. here in new york, my family we are a propane gas and heating oil company. we have been in business over 54 years. i have never seen consumers putting the crunch they are in right now. we are seeing home heating oil prices deville up 50 to 60% last year. propane gas up over 70. natural gas futures for next winter trading at that time 117% of where they were a year ago. a year ago, they were energy independent. now we're asking opec to please drill more. it's absolute lunacy what we
4:15 am
have done here in this country. pete: lunacy, exactly right. rachel: absolutely crazy and intentional. pete: it is. because the religion of climate change must be fed and must squeeze every evil out and that's any sort of fossil fuel. any sort of traditional energy source has to go. and that -- but they never tell you what the transition period is going to look like. they say it's a green future that's coming. it's not here yet. what do you in the interim? will: we talk a lot about gasoline getting cold in the studio. time to break out the heater. a lot of people will be worried about heating their homes. rachel: absolutely. basic stuff. all right. will: turning now to your headlines. starting with this. three people including a 10-year-old are hurt in a shooting at a north carolina mall. black friday shoppers rush to safety as shots rang out from inside the building. police say the chaos all started with a fight between two groups who knew each other. the child hurt went to the
4:16 am
hospital and should be okay. we don't know the condition of the other two people who were hurt. one suspect is in custody. and similarly in tacoma, washington. one person was hurt after a shooting inside the mall there. police say that also started with a fight among a small group. no arrests have been made in this case. police are investigating how hundred dress of fedex packages ended up in the woods in alabama. the sheriff's office said they found 3 to 400 boxes in a ravine north of birmingham. still unclear how they ended up there or if any of them were damaged. several trucks retrieved the packages and take them to their destination. now, months after escaping afghanistan. a former combat translator gives thanks for the blessings america has brought to him and his family. they keep asking if we want to go to school. we like school. we have friends. we want to playh them.
4:17 am
looking forward to being safe here known as johnny by fellow troops. celebrate his first halloween and thanksgiving. he will join us in the 9:00 hour of "fox & friends." don't miss it. rachel: this is one of my favorite stories by the way. we will talk to him a little later. the little girls are so excited about being able to go to school. something they couldn't do back home. that on the weekends they go and they wake up their parents and they are like we ready to go to schools they're like no you have got two days off. so adorable and makes you so -- especially as a woman so grateful to be an american. that's something to be thankful about. pete: great story. we will talk to them one of the folks that got through and should have. there is new reports owd out out home people have no paperwork. never a translator. never fought in the afghan army they made it through because it was such chaos. the majority of afghans that came here were not the ones.
4:18 am
rachel: planned chaos? maybe. we will see what they have to say about that. we will have congressman waltz ton talk about that. pete: he talked about it somewhere else. i don't know on the show today? we have a clip from him. coming up, new york city students are seen eating lunch outside in the cold, which is apparently the covid protocol. we will hear from one outraged mother after the break. ♪ bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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♪ pete: welcome back. here is a story we covered in the last hour. rachel and joe concha talked about it you know red kettle giving at christmas it feels synonymous with the season. they have done over the years a lot of phenomenal work. the salvation army. well, they put up on their website and it's causing quite a bit of controversy the salvation army's resource guide. let's talk about racism. so it was a guide on their website that sounds a lot like crt. here is a portion of what it said. it said the desire that salvationists achieve the follow lament, repent and apologize for
4:23 am
biases or racial ideologies held and actions committed it goes on to talk even more about inherent guilt. the racism that whites can have and victim -- all of that well, they have gotten some blow back and rightfully so for going woke. and they have tried to respond here is a portion of the salvation donor is not asking to apologize for skin color. we do not encolors high ideologies, such claims are false. preach the gospel of jesus christ and meet human needs in his name without discrimination. so i don't know if it was something that they happened to put up. didn't think would get much attention, rachel, here we are. rachel: i have a suspicion. this is me speculating. i suspect that somehow some of your salvation army money might have gone towards hiring one of these, you know, diversity and equity people and they probably advised the leaders of this
4:24 am
organization to do something like this and they did it and there is blow back. as i mentioned to joe concha earlier, i know lots of people who is seeing this won't donate or won't sit out there in the cold and ring the bell on behalf of the salvation army because they don't want to endorse any more of this junk that divides americans. especially at christmas time. we asked joe concha about it. here's what he had to say. >> i just feel sorry for all those folks out there from the salvation army. the boots on the ground so to speak standing out there in the freezing cold ringing that bell all day and night nothing to do with possible edict from the top. by the way if you look at value investigation army executive page that steam comprised of white people. look at your own hiring policies before telling white donors what they should apologize for. rachel: do you owe me an apology? will: dio you an apology? did you do something to your
4:25 am
coffee? i probably do owe you an apology there are lots of things i can apologize for. the think think at some point corporations and individuals in this country will have to stop being guided by the fear of being called a racist or understand that empathy requires to you deerpt more remove in this direction we are achieving the opposite of what we want. we are achieving the opposite of treating people as individuals. the more we look at everyone through the prism of race and more racist society. i'm sure the salvation army has the best of intentions. have to think what those intentions are leading you towards. rachel: opposite what the salvation army stands for. synonym ghus christmas. christmas should be a time of unity. one of the few organizations that are very out about being christian, they are a christian organization. this is the an at this time sis of christianity. all about children of god.
4:26 am
as i was joking with you just because you are white you owe people an apology. you are not response sin for what happened with slavery. that's ridiculous. and we ought to be focused on uniting this country and frankly, we have come a long way in terms of racial justifiable. pete: yeah. i think you are right. they probably with good intentions wanted to check a box. okay. you have done our -- the woke mob won't come after us. what's it called backlash placate the mob. companies will have to factor that in, too. we don't do politics so let's not do it in this case. rachel: good point. did the mob come after the salvation army and pressure them to pet out this statement? that's a possibility. we have noddy. we will have to get to the boat bottom of that. pete: still ahead, while you
4:27 am
were having thanksgiving leftovers the stock market tanked. where is all your money going and why? that's coming up. ♪
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4:31 am
clerk: hello, how can i? sore throat pain? ♪honey lemon♪ try vicks vapocool drops. in honey lemon chill. for fast-acting sore throat relief. wooo vaporize sore throat pain with vicks vapocool drops. will: reports of a new heavily mutated covid variant reigniting fears that increase of infections would further hope the global economy. stocks suffering a major set of losses with the dow ending the day down 905 points in the biggest single day decline of the year. here to react is macrotrend adviser founding partner mitch roschelle. good to have you this weekend. see you supporting big blue for the big game. what are the markets worried about? are they worried we are returning to another set of lockdowns very soon?
4:32 am
>> i think it's two things. you said it right will in the intro. it's a global economy. what happens is another country does impact our economy. what really shocked the market was this news broke on thanksgiving while we were all home enjoying our turkey the one thing market participants hate is surprises. and this came as a surprise. so those stock markets around the world were open. they sold off when our stock market opened on friday for a shortened trading day without a lot of trading volume, the market took a beating. we will have to see how this plays out. the big fear is we have potentially more lockdowns, more commerce interrupted and the market was banging on 2022 being way back to normal and this rooks like it's way back to the future here. will: seems like the market is predicting a return to policies. that we have had over the past year. really quickly in the time we have left. we have this weird set of situation here where inflation is on the rise. demand is outpacing supply because of the supply chain. and, yet, consumer confidence is incredibly low. it just -- it seems like the
4:33 am
consumer, mitchell is insecure position right now. >> i think the consumer has a feel for it because it's contacting them the most. they are the one who go to the grocery store. they are the ones who go to the gas station. so the sentiment is definitely suppressed. however, if you look at holiday shopping. holiday shopping is crazy. i was at a mall yesterday here in nawsh packed. so i think they are saying one thing when they respond to a survey and when they try to get back to normal like shopping. they are doing it the way they used to. will: adds that antidotal observation streets of new york city were packed last night. i don't even what that indicates or what that means on monday where we are headed with new lockdowns whatever those antidotal observations offer we are in a odd position to predict. mitchell rochelle good luck with michigan later. >> go blue. will: up next, when the taliban retook control of afghanistan the terror group banned music
4:34 am
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4:37 am
outraged after interest learning kids eat outside in order to follow social distancing guidelines. libby 70s a new york mother and editor of the chief most
4:38 am
millennial and joins me now. your son is one of those kids. it's november, soon-to-be december. what is this all about. >> yeah, so i had actually heard about this and i called my son's school in brooklyn to find what was going on. they have no metric. i asked when are the kids going to be coming in for lunch. under what temperature will the kids be coming in? they said it was fluid. they just didn't know. they had absolutely no plan as to when the kids would be allowed to eat lunch inside. pete: the students still required to wear masks inside and outside in new york city schools, correct? >> yes. yes. in both locations, yes. so as soon as they are finished eating lunch, tough put their masks back on. and what i really found surprising is that there is absolutely no guidance.
4:39 am
enforcing and implementing restrictions. telling us all exactly how strict they were going to be with regard to masking and social distancing brew there are no plans in place and no guidance at all as to when those will be lifted and when the kids can go back to going tack-to-school like normal. pete: no guidance on what happens when it's not 37 degrees as it was on that particular day 20 degrees or 10 degrees. >> exactly. yeah. pete: we got a statement from the new york department of education. here's what they say about the tree these restrictions. schools and students always have the option to have their meals inside. including if there is inclement weather like rain, higher, temperatures. schools can quickly pivot to serve lunch in a variety of formts and various locations if needed. was that your experience? did you have the option to bring your son inside. >> no. as a matter of fact, they haven't communicated with parents at all about what's going on. i only heard about this from my son. and then as you did, i read the
4:40 am
exposes and i called the school to find out what was going on. the dean of students that i spoke to said the kids come into the lunchroom and quickly ushered outside. when i talked to my son about it he said there was no room inside for everybody and i asked the dean about that and she said that's absolutely true there is not enough room for everyone inside. there are tables outside but there is not enough tables outside for everyone. so most of the kids will sit on the ground and eat their lunch and then put their masks back on. i think there is no problem having recess outside if you are running around but forcing kids to sit on the ground to eat lunch outdoors, in very cold weather kids don't want to wear their coats and zip up. rest business for disaster. get rid of covid what other illnesses are we inviting in. pete: they get outside and huddle with their friends.
4:41 am
>> right. pete: you can't make it up. >> right. pete: libby emmons, thanks for talking to us about this. parents need to know what's going on and we need to hold the schools to account. thank you. >> thank you. pete: masks outside in the freezing cold. let's turn now to chief meteorologist rick reichmuth for our fox weather forecast. good to see you right here. rick: even i asked to stay inside this time so cold outside. not totally true. we had a storm we dealt with yesterday across parts of the northeast. brought a lot of snow especially to the higher elevation, lake-effect snow intense. get a little bit of a break to start your day. more snow coming. i will show you that in a second. down across the south. pretty heavy rain this morning. across the hill country of texas. continue to slowly pull off toward the east. by tomorrow see moisture across the i 10 corridor if you are driving home keep that in mind. this here across parts of the central plains, notice a little bit of mixing. icy roads across eastern iowa this morning. behind it, temps are really warm. we are going to be into the 60's for today and tomorrow.
4:42 am
as far as north as parts of western south dakota. this storm right here is our next storm we are going to watch. watch on the future track what this does throughout the day. pulls across the ohio valley and notice this snow across almost the entire state of pennsylvania. parts of upstate new york. lake-effect snow are with this as well. another 6 or 10 inches of snow. take a look at this. maybe first snow flabletion flakes philadelphia up towards new york. hartford and in towards boston. all right, send it back to you. rachel: thank you, rick. all right. well two afghan refugees are reunited in new york after being apart for five years with the help from fox. will: fox news national correspondent bryan llenas joins us with their story. good morning, bryan. >> in the chaos of the taliban takeover this turf, so many people and organizations like fox stepped up to evacuate as many people as they could. and this is the story of one of those evacuees and his son. refugees and musicians and through their music they're inspiring hope for the future.
4:43 am
>> >> this is 24-year-old embracing his father ahmad in new york city since they last saw each other in afghanistan in 2016. >> i was really excited to see my son after five years. for me, it was unbelievable. i couldn't believe that i was hugging him. >> it has been a long journey he arrived in the u.s. in october as a refugee. two months after fleeing afghanistan. ♪ iraq ahmad is one of afghanistan's musicians, known for singing, ancient afghan poetry. he was a judge on the tv singing pomp tuition show afghan star. >> are you a legend? >> i can't say about me. >> he is pretty famous i would say. >> even when the taliban made it illegal to play music in the
4:44 am
late 1990s, he played on. >> we basically made music. he was practicing windows shut. doors shut. curtains down. >> we have private. >> afghanistan music dies at that time. >> when the taliban retook control of afghanistan in august. ahmad's fame made him a target. just days after the fall of kabul, the taliban left a note on ahmed's instrument case threatening him to stop playing music. >> that is very shocking for him. and he was very surprised. he was actually -- he couldn't really focus on the music anymore. >> iraq ahmad went into hiding. >> did you believe the taliban was going to kill you. >> maybe, maybe. >> i just wracked my brains trying to think how we could help him. >> leslie rosenthal is the coo of the julliard school in 2015 she helped a renowned classical pianist leave afghanistan after his music school was bombed. >> after that note was left on
4:45 am
his instrument case. he asked if i could think of a way to help them again. >> rosenthal contacted fox corporation for help. >> iraq ahmad is a musician, not a journalist. but he was invited to join a group of journalists who were being rescued on a flight that fox had some seats on. >> it's very important for survival of afghan music and artistic freedom so thankful and grateful for that. >> ahmad traveled with his daughter, son-in-law and three grandchildren to the airport in kabul. >> that must have been very scary. >> chaos at the taliban. there was a lot of taliban. >> two days after being reunited iraq ahmad watched his son perform at a fundraiser for afghan refugees in new york. >> so we really hope to share our music. to introduce afghan culture. to say play afghan music. i can't wait to see their feelings, their preconceptions
4:46 am
change immediately about afghanistan after meeting us. ♪ >> he sings with love that's the most important part of him. songs have messages could hear about countries and love and coming together. it's about religion. religious tolerance. >> when you listen to your father sing, what do you think? >> actually sometimes gives me chills. >> it's my life. it's been my love. the music is my love. >> ahmad they are still waiting to be reunited with the rest of the family. i asked him what is your message to u.s. veterans who, after what happened this summer some believe it was all done in vain? >> he said thank you, thank you for what you did. because of u.s. veterans were able to do i was able to study music. my father was able to play.
4:47 am
and afghanistan national music was saved. it's that important. will: what sense did you get, bryan from, ahmad. what's happening to culture and afghanistan. >> they believe it will have to evolve. they believe at one point they will go back to afghanistan and play again. that's the hope. they hope that they can mix western music with afghan classical music and kind of have a new wave of music there in afghanistan. but their hope is they want to embrace american society. they want to change kind of misconceptions about refugees but ultimately, also, they want to go back to afghanistan. play music and see their country back the way -- the way that they want it to be. rachel: that's their home, right? >> yeah. rachel: who knew there was an "american idol" version of in afghanistan? i love that. >> afghan star. i asked him after he some saw his son perform for the first time in five years. can you rate him? he is like i can't do that. pretend though, right? >> i can't do it. i can't.
4:48 am
pete: very cool. i remember landed in kabul and later reported that we had gotten a bunch of folks out to see the faces of those people. >> when fox brought ahmad, they didn't have to bring the rest of his family there was room on the plane and give it to the people here at fox they made room on the plane and brought those other family members. pete: well done. rachel: awesome. pete: up next, turkeys not tickets. police getting creative to spread holiday cheer in one part of the country. two officers join us next. ♪
4:49 am
4:50 am
4:51 am
4:52 am
rich rach welcome that to "fox & friends." police officers in arizona spreading holiday cheer pulling over unsuspecting drivers and giving them a free turkey instead of a speeding ticket. joining us now is mesa police officer jason and commander aaron spicer. welcome to both of you. what a fun thing to do. >> thank you. it was my commander's idea. i will throw him under the bus
4:53 am
and let him explain how he came up with this. rachel: okay. >> so, basically i read about an agency in the midwest that had done this. and i thought it was such a great idea because we have so much community support in mesa. so i thought it was such a great idea. me and my staff met and we were able to put something together really a fantastic opportunity for outreach, also. rachel: officer, what was the reaction you got people thinking they are getting pulled over for ain't and instead they get this free turkey? >> it was surprising because we knew it was a cool idea but i didn't realize how emotional it was going to be. at times we had -- we had a lot of tears of gratitude and i don't think it was necessarily couldn't afford turkeys but time tough. rachel: god put people in your path to give turkeys too.
4:54 am
this is all part of building communication reality, tell me what kind of impact something like this does have on community relations between the police officers and the law enforcement community and the citizens? >> well, we are actually fortunate in mesa that we have a fantastic relationship with our community. so i think it just builds on what we already have and it is just an opportunity to further express how much we appreciate the community support. really built on what is existing and this is an opportunity to interacts with the public on a different, nonenforcement role. rachel: really quick, officer flynn, where did all these turksy come from. >> we bought some with police funds and then we had anonymous donor that purchased them with his own money. rachel: good americans and we love our law enforcement. thank you so much for sharing this story and sharing that
4:55 am
thanksgiving and holiday cheer with the people of mesa, arizona. i have lived there and it's a beautiful plate place. we appreciate you coming on the show and all that you do for america. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. rachel: still to come, mike huckabee, tammy bruce, dan bongino and j.d. vance. don't go anywhere. stay with us. ♪ it's the season of smiling. and at aspen dental, we make it easy to gift yourself the smile you deserve. new patients, start today with a full exam and x-rays, with no obligation. if you don't have insurance, it's free. plus everyone saves 20% on their treatment plan with flexible payment solutions for every budget. we're here making smiles shine bright so you can start the new year feelin' alright. call 1-800-aspendental or book today at black friday is back at lowe's.
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♪ whoa, listen to the music. ♪ whoa listen to the music. will: beautiful shot the asheville, north carolina comes up as the sunrises. welcome will cain, rachel campos-duffy and pete hegseth.
5:00 am
pete: good morning. rachel: good morning to both of you. pete: thanksgiving hangover is a real thing. i still want some more. rachel: i have to turn off my heater. pete: really cold in the studio. rachel: it buzzes so i have to turn it off. [laughter] pete: that's it. will: thanksgiving hangover i'm extra done this morning. rachel: i'm extra tired. pete: we are like you this morning stumbling with our words doing the best we can with the topics at hand. rachel: pete has decided to order more food. pete: just ordered chick-fil-a that's going to help. new hash brown scramble from chick fillet. dave, amazing, right? >> yes. pete: consensus, they are coming on the way. by the 9:00 hour when you stay with us we will be boom. rachel: order it today they are closed on sunday. will: i am sure we will be rocking and rolling.
5:01 am
president biden announcing the u.s. will limit travel from 8 southern african countries. this starts monday amid fear ofs of the quoted heavily mutated covid strain. rachel: the world health organization naming the new variant omicron and new variant of concern. pete: alexandria hoff joins us with more. >> research hers that the omicron variant has more spike than the delta variant easier to make it through cells in the body. the variant was identified in south africa currently proliferating. cases have turned up in bats swana, hong kong possibly belgium and israel. the u.s. is joining the u.k. and european union in pausing traveling to out africa and seven neighboring nations. here is president biden from nantucket yesterday. >> i have decided that we're going to be cautious, make sushi there is no travel to and from south africa and six other
5:02 am
countries in that region. and except for american citizens who are -- able to come back. but we don't know a lot about the variant except that it is of great concern. >> president biden is urging all americans who have not been vaccinated to receive their shots, calling it their patriotic responsibility. researchers are racing to determine vaccine effectiveness against the new variant. united states may already have an advantage. >> we have got a rapidly spreading virus in an area with very low vaccination rates. that is south africa has 35% of their population vaccinated may not be representative of the united states where we have got 83% of adults vaccinated. remember, therapeutics, again, are massively under stated here. the new drugs that we have coming out merck and pfizer's would be effective against the new omicron variant. >> while the cdc says no confirmed cases of the variant in new york so far. new york's governor has declared
5:03 am
a halting electric thick surgeries. wall street. travel bans caused a market free fall yesterday in an event the president said he expected. health officials are tasked now with finding where else the omicron variant has spread. dutch authorities say 61 people who land in the heather lands this morning from south after from a can a can vest tested positive for covid-19. they are working to find out if it is in fact the new varnted or not that they have. will, rachel, pete? will: thank you, alexandra. appreciate that report. let's bring in former arkansas governor mike heck begood morning, happy thanksgiving, happy weekend. >> thank you will, good morning rachel and pete. can still say happy thanksgiving there is still leftover turkey in the refrigerator and probably will be for the next two weeks.
5:04 am
will: absolutely. i love to ask you about this. it seems as we were discussing on the couch this morning, it seems like such an obvious ploy. an obvious duping of the american public the continuation of that's so racist. here we have joe biden today limiting travel from africa when not even one year ago. pete: more than a year ago. will: little over a year ago he tweeted the following when it came to president trump's travel bans. crisis with the coronavirus, lead the way with science. record of hysteria, xenophobia and fear-mongering. worst possible person to lead us through this global health emergency. just to get a little more specific. he also said this about an african travel ban. he said this diminishes us in the world eyes. make it hard foreblack and brown people to immigrate to the u.s. it's a disgrace and we cannot let him succeed. over a little year now, governor, and he does the exact same thing. implements the exact same policy. >> yeah. i think it's pretty evident that
5:05 am
joe biden's tweet hasn't aged well. but then again, will, neither has joe biden. he hasn't aged well, either. so it's pretty con sis dent. i find it really interesting that what just he said a year or so ago was that it was xenophobic and racist. we now have it confirmed joe biden by his own definition is xenophobic and racist and engaging in hysteria. and fear-mongering. so, there you have it. we have traded a good president who was getting our economy going for one that doesn't know which way he's going and changes his mind every other day. it really is a disaster. rachel: do you know who is aging well? you. you look better than i have ever seen you this sean conry look, you look so handsome. i'm not kidding, governor. will: full screen. rachel: i'm sorry that is a good look for you. >> rachel, i'm going to tell you something. i am going to get a video of what you just said and i'm going to send it out to the world and
5:06 am
tell them i don't care what you guys think, rachel duffy thinks i'm cool. gee, you just made my day. rachel: handsome. >> well, i want you to know that your book stays number one for the next 300 weeks. rachel: thank you, governor. you brought up donald trump. he was actually the former president was actually on varner varneylast night with david as . he says if he runs in the do you think there will be open primary in 2024. >> i think if he run, i will get it i have 94, 95, even cpac i had 98% approval rating most
5:07 am
people said if i run they won't run against me so that's good. rachel: will there be anybody that runs against him. >> i think he will. clear the field. i'm going to step back. donald trump was actually the president. he wasn't just the nominee. typically if a person is the nominee and they run again, even if they didn't win before, everybody kind of steps back and gives them a shot. but, in this case, it's going to be that he was actually president. so, if he gets in it, i think the primary is petraeus pretty much over. the fact is everyday joe biden is president, the presidency of donald trump is a great reminder of why we ought to be incredibly regretful and disappointed in that he didn't get his second term. pete: you know, governor a lot of people don't understand why 95% of republicans or whatever the exact number is are lock step in their support. for those who don't understand the base and you do. you are in touch with republicans all the time, your daughter is running in arkansas.
5:08 am
what is it about what donald trump accomplished that have so many republicans continuing to gravitate to him. >> first of all that overarches everything else he did. he brought manufacturing back. he stood tall against the weak sense of nato and the european countries not paying their own way and got them to pay up and made nato stronger than's ever been. he helped bring a real sense of peace and direction in the middle east that had never been done because he did it differently. he brought the economy back by bringing manufacturing back. standing up against china and their trade cheating. and their many lies. he wasn't totally captured and owned by the washington elise. he didn't need them. he didn't want them. and that's why they hated him so much. loot of americans will never understand the reason donald trump was hated by the media and the insiders of washington, was because he was never part of their club. and didn't play their games. but when it came to deregulating
5:09 am
business, understanding agriculture, recognizing that farmers needed the free dom to farm. bringing energy independence, the list goes on. you know, he had some mean tweets. and some people didn't like some of the things that he would say. but, my gosh, he did the job that we sent him there to do. and ultimately, he is a doctor maybe with not the greatest bedside manner and most sympathetic personal to sit on the side of your bed and talk to you about your surgery. but in the or his skillful hands did the job and saved your life. that's what you ultimately appreciated. will: governor, i would love to follow up with what you said the question then becomes if the republican field clears out for donald trump who does he run against. i don't want to get ahead of our selves and start talking about 2024 too much. you talked about the internal i do mics to runs. the democratic side is fascinating. joe biden says and there are people within his camp that he will run in 2024.
5:10 am
assuming he can't or won't, kamala harris? pete buttigieg? they are in a real odd situation of who is the inheritor of the democratic party should joe biden not be able to run? >> well, it might as well be bernie sanders. it's his ideology that's running the democrat party. and a close second is a elizabeth warren. so i guess it's a sanders-warren ticket. even if they're not the actual names on it, it's their ideologies that are driving and directing the new far left democrat party. jfk couldn't be a democrat today. he was pro-life. he was pro-defense. he was anti-communist. he was a guy that believed in slashing taxes and freeing up business. he wouldn't recognize the party that he was a part of in 1960. i mean, i think we just have to look at the fact that the democrats have essentially given themselves over to the most radical people in the country. not the most radical in the democrat party. the most radical people in the
5:11 am
country. the people that back in the 1960s were considered virtual, just anti-american kooks. that's who they are following. it's truly stunning because i remember when democrats were fairly rational people. they had good ideas, sometimes. and they were reasonable. they were a little left of most of us republicans. but you could sit down and have a conversation, compromise, get some things done. move things forward. not these guys. it's an all or nothing, now or never possibility. and when you have that attitude in politics. you usually get nothing and you get it forever. and that's why we need some -- as they say, real adult leadership back in washington. rachel: governor, one of the things they want to change and the reason is their climate agenda or religion, however you want to identify it. they want to change the thanksgiving table. "the washington post" said that thanksgiving, you know, what's on the table in a hotter drier world. this was their headline here and
5:12 am
they are suggesting that maybe we want to switch from turkey to wild bore. to kelt salad crickets by pie crust. some of the things that end up on the menu as climate change takes on the planet. what do you make for that? >> i got a word for "the washington post." i will do that over my dead turkey there is no way that i'm going to eat crickets in my pie and lab grown turkey i still got a shotgun i can go out in the gun and get a turkey during season, of course. this is nonsense. these kind of people are such alarmist. i hope they enjoy their cricket pie and lab grown tofu turkey most of news america, we are going to continue the traditions that we have loved and lived by and want to pass on to our families and i know that's an anathema to some of those folks over at "the washington post" but when i'm out duck hunting,
5:13 am
deer hunting, turkey hunting. i will remember i'm putting stuff in my freezer and they are going to be going to the lab and see what they can create franken meat meat. no thank you, no thank you. will: i want to hear that turkey call. he won't have an apparatus. got have a thing tore a duck call. i have want to hear one of those calls. >> yeah. on a future show. pete: i think we could do that we had to check to make sure it wasn't a joke. rachel: we actually. pete: if you had to pick one of these governors, which one would you pick. the future is coming and new thanksgiving is coming. here is the changes and what might be on the menu, swapping birds for swine one possibility. turkeys of the future could come from a lab so pumpkin pie swapped for republicanly pear. crickets in your crust. you could trade your bubbly for beer made with kernza. i don't know if you know what that is, governor, any of those
5:14 am
sound good to you. >> never heard of kernza. maybe a hunger strike. first thanksgiving on a complete total fast. why the heck not? these people are loons. absolute loons. i feel sorry for them but do you know what? that means there is more for the rest of us who still love our country, love our traditions and love eating the food that good lord above gave us. that's how we ought to be enjoying life. is that he has given us plenty of things both meat and protein as well as plants. we ought to enjoy them. take care of them. preserve them. pass them on. that's good conservation. but i'm not an environmentalist, i don't worship the advisement. i enjoy it and want to take good care of it and make sure my grandchildren enjoy it as well. rachel: amen to that. pete: no passing of the cricket pie, maybe we can get some on set. try some cricket pie.
5:15 am
rachel: or krenz. pete: governor, i agree sean conry. little santa claus in there. rachel: it's a full sean. connell: eerie. don't listen pete. >> a lot of this i figured under the biden economy i might have to moon light as department store santa i want to get an early start. that's the purpose of the beard. rachel: you are the best looking santa i have ever seen. thank you, governor. pete: governor, thank you so much. >> rachel, i love you, thank you very much. pete: very specific. turning now to a few additional headlines as well. an officer shot in a bronx gun fight is release from the hospital to a hero's welcome from fellow cops. officer ronald holmes second cop shot in the shoot out. partner throw show her support. she was shot in the incident and released from the hospital on thanksgiving. the suspect involved was also
5:16 am
hit in the gun battle. he is expected to survive and his charges are pending. investigators say the gun he fired was reportedly stolen in georgia. the suspect also has a history of arrests linked to weapons possession. and andrew yang defends dave chapelle after students at his alma mater labeled him as a bigot. chapelle faced backlash over comedy students and parents. the former presidential candidate calling the comedian who endorsed him a quote great guy who, quote, wants to help people in a series of tweets. yang slammed the media's coverage of chapelle's visit calling their framing of the positive gesture awful. he is right about that. and a wife gives her husband a big surprise at the orlando magic game. this is a video of taylor surprising james on the kiss cam telling him he's going to be a father. the happy couple joined us earlier. >> they were doings the kiss cam. i saw the camera come up on us
5:17 am
and i thought, you know, we were going on on the kiss cam which is pretty cool in and of itself. we break away from the kiss and she has something i need to tell you. james wife orchestrated the surprise with a team ticket sales rep. the baby is due in july. those are your headlines. rachel: the ticket sales rep found out about the pregnancy before her husband which is kind of funny. will: okay. it is time. it's acceptable to turn your attention from thanksgiving to christmas. what better way than with the all-american christmas book. rachel and sean did you havey's new book, which is number two, we just learned on the "new york times" best seller list. rachel: thank you, guys. will: i believe it was number one on amazon. rachel: it did. will: begin to prepare for the holidays where can you get stories from all your favorite fox news personalities which implies that pete and i will not be involved. rachel: now part two. now that it's a "new york times" best seller i have been contacted by other fox talent saying hey, why wasn't i in the
5:18 am
book? everybody wants to be in the book now. we are going to do it. inside you see at love traditions. one of the traditions that my family has and pete knows this because he has been on my christmas card list for years sour elaborate christmas cards. we always dress the youngest ones as the holy family baby jesus. sometimes the baby jesus has gotten kind of big. valentina looks pretty big for jesus right there. that's one of the things we do. you will learn about everybody else's traditions can on -- in this inside this book. and it's just a really fun way look at that. that's marguerite. pete: adorable. rachel: that's pretty cute. margarita and patrick. patrick was baby jesus there that picture was taken by my son jack who did a fantastic job with that hear everybody else's traditions in here fun way to. pete: i have it on my coffee table at home. will: tradition we have going through everybody's holiday
5:19 am
cards and seeing what you can learn from people. the trifold. they decided 10 pictures was necessary this year. it's a fun game to dig the cards out and go oh, and the letters. pete: i needed to know all of that. rachel: i get so many christmas cards when sean was in congress you get all the other congressman on the republican side. and you get a white house christmas card when you are part of the congressional family. and so that's always really fun, too. it's also very regional. southern people have a certain way of doing their cards. they are a lot more formal, i think. pete: that is one of my favorite things going to my parent's house reading those letters that come in from people. will: pick up all-american christmas. pete: next year all-american thanksgiving it. will: i like it. tammy bruce is up next. ur six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo...
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>> waukesha residents are stunned to learn that darrell brooks had a rap sheet dating back to 1999. he was freed on just $1,000 after running over his girlfriend days before the christmas parade attack six lives were ended and dozens more were severely injured. pete: one victim an 11-year-old
5:24 am
girl spent thanksgiving on a ventilator fighting for her life. her mother speaking out saying, quote: no mother should ever have to go through this jazlynd in the condition she is was not able to be in her family. >> will: that's terrible. progressive policies favoring the class. here to react is fox news contributor tammy bruce. good morning to you. tough story to start with. >> yeah. >> but, look. a larger story as well because of what we know now about darrell brooks' rap sheet and combining that with the progressive push for bail reform across this country. >> yes, and you know, these difficult stories, especially now is a reminder that these individual politicians who say that they are going to lower bail or that prison should be accomplished, they are not kidding. and that policies matter a lot
5:25 am
of people can't happen. voters do on these politicians and can't imagine that these kinds of things would happen. the d.a. there in waukesha, this chisholm guy admitted when asked about low bail this was years ago if whether or not that would end up in the result in the death of people. he said you bet. now, this is -- this goes beyond a sense of like being mistaken. they know what they're doing, you guys. they know what the results will be. and they do it anyway. you know, god forbid, you know, should any of us drive somebody to the 7-eleven and they rob and kill someone in that 7-eleven and we wait for them and drive them away, we are culpable for that. we are charged with murder, we are charged with robbery because we were present and facilitated that in some way.
5:26 am
even if we didn't know they were going to do that in the 7-eleven. now we have d.a.s who know what the issue is the same d.a., by the way, in 2013, released a drug dealer on a deferred prosecution who ended up in injecting a 26-year-old woman with heroin and then tried to hide her body. so, i mean, there is a history with this. and then aoc, you must have seen, everyone saw tweeted the day after this massacre another call for lower bail. that was a smashing of our face in the mud doubling down on this. i hate to say it it's true. they want this. it's craven, it's a crime and they want more. we have to admit that and i think waukesha tells us that pretty clearly. pete: tammy, if they know what they're doing, who do they believe this benefits? what do they believe the upside is? >> well, the upside is, and i
5:27 am
don't want to get too academic here. but there is the hobbes theater about the state of nature. that is an old philosophy and he advocated for that believing that that environment would explain and invite a totalitarian more secure vote society. people couldn't be trusted. if you showed them how bad it would get. they would then hand themselves over to the system. and i think that when you got all this academic garbage coming out of the academy part of it. also part of it is they really don't like us. it really is punishment, not just for donald trump, it's punishment for stepping out of line. for being independent. for injecting them. it really comes down to the politics being personal. that it's personal for them and we, the state, the system, the establishment, the people represent the individuals in their own lives their parents, people who rejected them and now
5:28 am
we're reaping the punishment. remember, this is a small, tiny group of marginalized people. it's not the majority at all. it's very small monovalent group of leftists. rachel: thank you, tammy. pete: that was a political philosophy lesson. real done. will: hobbes, i love it. rachel: excellent bringing up a.o.c. by the way. no one is more responsible for normalizing the defund movement than her. she has been at the forefront of that tammy, always great hearing from you. >> she sure is. pete: thank you, tammy. >> thank you, thank you. pete: still ahead, if critical race theory can creep into classrooms of, say, conservative missouri. it's likely in yours, too. a warning to parents coming up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ my songs know what you did in the dark ♪ ♪ so light 'em up, up, up light 'em up, up, up ♪ ♪ light 'em up, up, up ♪ ♪ i'm on fire ♪
5:29 am
♪ so light 'em up, up, up light 'em... ♪
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pain hits fast. so get relief fast. only tylenol rapid release gels have laser drilled holes. they release medicine fast for fast pain relief. and now get relief without a pill with tylenol dissolve packs. relief without the water. rachel: new warning to parents
5:33 am
critical race theory conservative missouri likely in yours, too. writing don't want to know the truth. covid lock down shows on zoom screens in their own homes what schools are peddling nationwide. here is moms for liberty quisha king and virginia mom with parents defending education nazareth are a naomi. asra and quisha, thank you. great point in this article. if it's happening in conservative missouri, i saw it happening in wisconsin in a small rural town it's happening everywhere. and they are hiding it. there is a way that they are doing this that's not out in the public and not out trojan horses social and emotional learning. cultural responsive training.
5:34 am
anti-racism. and, you know, missouri is a perfect example because they do it through little fun games. i brought with me today these little pipe cleaners, right? you know them they have a game in vrts black bead i as a asian become a red bead somebody like pete becomes a white bead. that's what we becomes a human beings on this earth. that is the story of them of white supremacy in america. this is what they are teaching to teachers to then teach to children. and this is the indoctrination that's happening everywhere. rachel: yes, quisha, isn't this true that you are not going to say show me your curriculum and they are not going to say do this bead thing. no, this is all done in diversity trainings but also in the teacher's colleges which is another place where a lot of
5:35 am
these racially obsessed curriculums and ways of teaching are instilled in the teachers themselves. >> oh, absolutely. they never, you know, hand the children a critical race theory book or anything like that. what they do is the teachers have these workshops and they instruct them on how to teach this new type of curriculum. basically now we're sending children to get education getting everything but a good education. kids are getting exposed to racism, they are getting exposed to hyper sex saling's, pornography, et cetera. they are not getting anything of what we are sending them in schools to get at this point. rachel: asra, we talked about this before how proud i am of all the moms and dads pick a
5:36 am
school is that matches their values. >> absolutely. quisha and i agree on this point for sure. rachel: what's the way to get there, quisha? you talked a little bit about mass exodus from, you know, the public school system. i know i chose that for myself. but some people can't -- but he had also can't wait for the schools to change. >> absolutely. it's like why would we leave our children under abusive tyranny? why would we leave our children to sit under these people who do not care anything about our children and they are, in fact, abusing them in my opinion. i refuse to let my children sit under that. there are so many resources out there that's what i want children to understand. opens up school choice and pull their children out of these indoctrination camps formerly known as schools and get them into a productive learning environment and safe learning
5:37 am
environment where they are not exposed to abuse. psychological abuse and tyranny every day. rachel: thank you so much. here is a quote from the public school system. springfield public schools has been clear critical race theory is not being taught in our classrooms. our work is focused on code word equity not crt. any deliberate attempt to misrepresent this important work is a divisive misguidance distraction. asra and quisha, you guys are bringing out these code words letting people know what to look for, it's been very helpful. hopefully parents can fight back and eventually fight for school choice. thank you both for being here. he you know him as our chief meteorologist on "fox & friends weekend" but rick reichmuth is also the creator of weather man umbrellas and he is using his business for good to help folds of honor. rick and lieutenant colonel dan mooney join us next. ♪
5:38 am
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scholarships to families of our fallen and disabled troops. now fox news chief meteorologist and creator of weather man umbrellas rick reichmuth joins us with folds of honor founder
5:42 am
and our friend lieutenant colonel dan rooney for a bit of a big reveal. colonel, great to see you this morning. thanks for being here. i love it i love it we are going to start first though with rick. because, rick, you launched this to give back. and you get a phenomenal umbrella as well. rick: yeah, every year we partner with folds of honor which obviously dan is going to talk about that amazing organize. we thought it would be cool that umbrella honors the country and patriotic feel to it and give back. this umbrella, which is our fourth design, a big departure from other designs that we have done. and this one here has a symbol of all 50 states built into the design of this umbrella. pete: red, white and blue every bit of state in here it is unique. rick: it's been a rough couple years across the country for all kinds of reasons. i thoughter state contributes something really beautiful to our country that amazing americans in every state but gives something that can honor that back. i love when you are walking down the street with this umbrella
5:43 am
that you hey what is that mountain from. where is that statue from and try to play that game of naming it. pete: it's an awesome umbrella. and i can attest amazingly well made as well. i have a closet full of broken umbrellas and then a couple of these which do not break. rick: that was my whole point when i made this make a quality umbrella where can you get a umbrella and wanted to make a quality one and that's exactly what we have done. thanks for hanging out with us this morning. you of a lot of amazing partnerships but this is a cool one. >> we have recipients in all 50 states too, rick. and you when you started this company and said i'm going to design a better umbrella, period. and i'm going to change lives and all along the way. and we have got, you know, 7,000 folds of honor recipients in all 50 states represented on that umbrella and pete hit it on the head. you are the best umbrella out there ryder cup, the olympics,
5:44 am
but more importantly we get to change lives together. and i was doing a little research before i came on the air. you are arizona state grad, pete is a princeton and harvard grad which many people don't realize but we have 25 kids at those schools right now courtesy of folds of honor. and it's so fun when you do something good. i call it a divine echo. such a powerful term when you put good out in the world that comes back to you. and we're going to get to award some scholarships at both of your alma maters this morning. pete: wow. that dropping knowledge on me this morning. great stuff. colonel, i think we are about to be able to do even more good, right, rick? rick: we are. so far weather man is where you can buy this only place you can buy this patriotic umbrella we're 20% off right now for black friday so you can still get umbrellas continue to donate. we're in stock which is amazing.
5:45 am
you can get these. pete: you have to say that these days. rick: make a great gift. all right, this year's reveal, dan, this is for you, $40,000 that has been raised largely because of our amazing viewers right here who have purchased these umbrellas, weather man another 40,000. get this $270,000 in four years that weather man umbrella has been able to earn because of the great support from fox, support from our viewers. another 40,000 gets us to 270,000 total. >> that is unbelievable. as i mentioned put that back to arizona state university in your honor taking care of kids that went there and it's just a true blessing to change lives. and i said, you know, can you give a gift to someone for christmas. you mentioned 0% off. but, more importantly, you get a great umbrella and giving education to a folds of honor recipient. i cannot think of a better combination as old man winter starts to roll across this
5:46 am
country from sea to shining sea. buy an umbrella and change a life on behalf of folds, donate $5 for every umbrella sold. rick: pete, this is four, you want the american umbrella. pete: absolutely i do. >> this is to jen. new he knee on collection. pete: smaller in the%. where man in stock. get for christmas. winter is come as the colonel said. goes to phenomenal cause of folds of honor. honored to partner. congratulations, rick on everything. you built an amazing business and product ptiond and it shows. amazing country to be able to do it. pete: the man works very hard and we love working with him and his company is fantastic. thanks a lot. pete: considerable, thank you so much for everything you do with folds of honor. all right. coming up next, when i find out what camera to look at, clay
5:47 am
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quill will first change their names from the indians and the guardians. the team is forcing employees to get vaccinated or get fired.
5:51 am
outkick founder clay travis. looks cold. get to that in a moment. here we are. i can't get used to this the guardians, talking about the cleveland indians the guardians and new policy, clay. what do you make of it. >> well, first of all, will, thanks for having me. second, this never ends. we started with the washington redskins. they changed their name, then the cleveland indians are next up on the block. we know that eventually the kansas city chiefs and the atlanta braves and the golden state warring notre dame fighting irish. always going to be someone who is next up on the chopping block because the people who demand mascot name changes much like the ones demanding that statues be pulled down are never satisfied because if they are, their political power disappears. they always need a new target. they are never going to say okay, you know what? things are great now. let's move on. i think the decision to go it cleveland guardians was a mess
5:52 am
in the first place because there was already, i believe, a roller derby team, if i'm not mistaken named the cleveland guardians so they got into a mess there. i disagree 100 billion percent with mandating the vaccine for any company out there. if you want to allow people to make the right decision for their own health status, you know, 14-year-old is different than an 84-year-old when it comes to whether or not somebody should be getting a vaccine. and trying to treat everyone as the exact same, particularly as all these different variants continue to spread where we see very limited, if at all impact as it pertains to the ability of the vac seen requesting forward protect from variants. we already know for this decision. we are moving towards is a flu shot like regime for covid and i can't remember any employer out there that's firing otherwise talented employees whether or not they get the vaccine.
5:53 am
will: i see other lower third cleveland guardians, no one knows who we are talking about. who are the cleveland guardians. that's indians. reached out to the guardians for a statement. they declined to comment. 100 billion percent tennessee math no one know what is 100 bacteriologicalth percent is he means a lot. he is not in tennessee. is he in alabama. why? iron bowl, auburn alabama today. hard one to say. it's rivalry week and you are auburn, alabama big noon kick off today on fox it will be ohio state against michigan, buckeyes, wolverines, what do you think clay. >> look, great deal of trepidation here, jim harbaugh is 0 for 5. over 3,000 days now since ohio state was beaten by michigan. not sure michigan is going to
5:54 am
win. jim harbaugh is going to give the best team he has in ann arbor so far. i like michigan to cover this number and have a chance to win it late i say with great trepidation every time i expect this game being tight most of the time i end up getting exposed heard. my wife is a michigan grab. i'm going to make her find a way. will: against ohio state twice this year and lost. i'm done. ohio state wins. wisconsin -- 4:00 on fox. what do you think of that r50eu68ry game. >> sneaky. they are going to go out and beat minnesota advance to the big from a chance i believe sitting at 9-3 to upset the applecart of big 10 playoff expectations and pull off potentially team they are not just winning down the stretch in
5:55 am
the big 10, they are dominating competition, they have to beat minnesota in order to added advance the big 10 title game. i believe they dual it. go ahead and badgers advance to the big 10 title game. will: really quickly notre dame vs. sanford in the night game. >> david shaw stanford team not having a good game. notre dame gets to 11-1. gets into the clubhouse, makes the case with some chaos they could find someself in the playoff picture before all is said and done. looking forward to it. congrats to your texas longhorns on the big win. will: don't you patronize me. we are on recruiting. season over on to recruiting. hoping for a victory there. have fun today at the iron bowl. >> i appreciate you all, thanks a lot. will: follow clay's picks. play fox bet super 6 app. pick six outcomes in today's games. see what happens. free to play. don't forget to check out what's
5:56 am
clicking on outkick. still ahead, dan bongino and j.d. vance coming up on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪
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as these may increase the risk of serious side effects see for yourself at ♪ ♪ pete: a live shot, first i've seen, of bush kills falls, pennsylvania. beautiful. >> that is gorgeous. pete: do you think it freezes mt. -- in the winter in. rachel: in pennsylvania, maybe. pete: cold enough? do we always have a camera trained on it? [laughter] if we do, why is it the first time we've ever taken it? [laughter]
6:01 am
campers in the middle of the woods. all across the country. we should. it's cool. rachel: it is pretty cool. pete: if you're in the woods and watching it, we're glad you are. [laughter] welcome to "fox & friends" in its fourth and final hour. i think we're finally here. it was chick chick-fil-a. >> thank you for that. even brought me salsa. pete: we had a good thanksgiving. will: yes, we did. pete: shared our stories, and now we're ready to move into christmas. rachel: officially the season. well, in a couple days will be the start of advent season -- pete: when does advent start again? rachel: i believe it's the 28th this year? 29th? pete: very soon. rachel: could somebody look that up for me really quick? tomorrow. it's 28th. pete: there we go. we always did the tradition as a kid. my parents had the candles.
6:02 am
i forgot to carry it forward, but we're doing it this year. rachel: i actually bought you guys, they haven't come in yet, but they should come in today, i bought chocolate advent calendars for all your kids. will: i didn't know we were doing gifts. rachel: we're not. pete: you now started it. rachel: it's just for your kids. will: we'll get rick in on this where you trade and you steal a gift? pete: it's the white elephant. how old we do that? should we do that? "fox & friends" white elephant. rachel: i know that rick's going to give us an umbrella. >> you can't give products that you broke -- [laughter] will: so you can't make them. pete: actually manufactured on a mass scale. you could make them. rachel: making them might be actually the challenge. we should all just make our own gifts especiallies with the
6:03 am
biden economy. [laughter] pete: i call it make, bake or grow. rachel: okay. that's what we're going to do. pete: got a couple weeks to think about it. i'm going to need it. all right. we'll start with some news if we have to. we will. the world health organization is designating the new covid variant as a, quote, variant of concern largely in south africa. but new this hour a german minister just said, quote, it's very likely the strain is already in germany. will: president biden is announcing plans to ban travel from eight countries many southern africa in response. rachel: alexandria of joins us live from washington, d.c. with more. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. the cdc says there are no confirmed cases of the variant so far in the u.s., but the scope is certainly broadening. one case has turned up in belgium, and right now health officials are scrambling to
6:04 am
figure out if dozens of travelers who arrived from south africa and tested positive morning have the new variant. in germany state officials believe that the variant was brought in by a person coming from south africa. that is where the variant was identified. therefore, the u.s. has joined the u.k. and european union in pausing travel to south africa and seven neighboring nations. this goes into effect on monday and excludes american citizens. the effectiveness of the covid-19 vaccine against the new variant is still being studied, but health experts believe the u.s.' high vaccination rate compared with a country like south africa gives americans an advantage. here is president biden yesterday. >> every american who's not been vaccinated should be responsible and get vaccinated. everyone eligible for the booster shot should get the booster shot. we always talk about -- i think it's our patriotic responsibility. >> reporter: biden says he expected the markets to take a
6:05 am
tumble yesterday, which they did, but said he acted out of caution. the world health organization apparently acting with a different kind of caution. the greek alphabet is used to name new variants. they chose to skip over two next in line, quote, the reasoning was people would get confused it was a new variant and die because it's a common surname, and we have agreed to naming rules to avoid stigma omicron. xi is spelled xi which is the same way chinese president xi jinping spells the first part of his name. will, rachel, pete? will: interesting. rachel: thank you, alexandria. will: let's bring in dan bongino, host of unfiltered with dan bongino. good morning, dan. rachel: one of the things we've
6:06 am
been talking about during the show is that joe biden or president biden has put in this travel ban to africa, but he called the same ban that donald trump did racist, xenophobic and that it was designed to keep brown and black people out of america. >> there are so many layers to this. listen, here's the easy kind of superficial one, you know, joe biden's a fraud. okay, great, we already knew that. that's not breaking news. we already knew that, okay? but here's the deeper layer. the democrat party is the biggest griff in the history of -- grift in the history of humankind. they believe absolutely nothing they say. them and their media allies lost their collective minds when donald trump at the early stages of this pandemic when everybody thought zero covid may be possible instituted a travel ban. in other words if, what i'm
6:07 am
saying more simply is trump did a travel ban to some of these same countries in the region, right, when there was a lot of unknowns, and they thought it could have worked. now a year and a half later we already know these travel bans do nothing. they've done nothing to stop the delta, they've done nothing to stop my other variant out there -- any other variant out there. they've done zero. joe biden then does it anyway after all calling donald trump's travel ban racist, and these liberals are out there, yeah, like a bunch of bozos. yeah, that a makes sense. this is a great rule. can't you just admit your guy's an idiot? this is unbelievable. we know they don't work. he does it again replicating what he himself called a racist policy, and where are the fact checkers in the media? like crusty the clown and bozo, yeah, okay, this is great. one more thing with this
6:08 am
omicron, sounds like a transformer, can everybody stop with the fear porn, please? dear god, please. get ahold of a bunch of weak humans, not us in the studio here or the conservatives, but the liberals who are always using fear porn campaign. south african health minister has already said the cases are, quote, very mild. can everybody calm the hell down, please? calm down. you add had tammy bruce on before who was great and you asked her about this peer campaign. i forget if it was pete or will. i wamp the show, but i was -- watch the show, i was taking a sip of coffee. [laughter] my apologies. but here's the thing, tammy described it well. it's an even simpler explanation, right? i call it the walking dead theory. remember that episode where officer rick and the survivors in the zombie apocalypse walk into the prison because they're
6:09 am
afraid of zombies outside and they think it's really secure? that's what they have us doing now. they have us intentionally walking into our own ideological prisons believing that what's on the outside is so scare ray that the government's -- scary that the government's going to save us inside prison. will: that's a really good analogy. >> thank you. reason, will. science, reason. will: locking ourselves into a prison, afraid of what's out there. >> we are. rachel: yeah. >> pete, you were in the military, you know this better than anyone. you and i are like minded. on day one whether they say it directly or it's just implied, panic kills, man. that was the golden rule in the secret service. panic kills. that's purpose of red zone training. they teach you when do stuff goes down, everybody calm down. reason will get us through this, not panic.
6:10 am
pete: you're right. slow is smooth, smooth is fast. the minute you panic, you make a bad decision. >> yes. pete: speaking of jails and people going in them or not staying in them, we have another topic or -- for you, dan. you've seen these mob looting campaigns on the west coast where 40, 50, 60 people are going into stores and grabbing everything they can and getting the heck out. one san francisco tech store is -- that's some imagery of a louis vuitton is store in san francisco. one tech store is going to pay 30 brand a month now for security because they can't stay in business if they the don't. this is beta's ceo on why they're spending that in the san francisco chronicle. we want to make it look, we love being there. it's our home store. under normal circumstances, we would have closed this store. they're losing so much money and business through theft, they have to pay 30 grand just to protect their store. >> pete, this is the perfect sandwich story for this segment
6:11 am
because it's the first story the as -- same story as the first story. first story's about covid, no, it's not. the ongoing grip of america. what's the big liberal ethos they slap on a bumper sticker? i cover this tonight on the show, by the way. they're in it for the little guy and champion for the poor. do you ever notice everything they do, pete, disproportionately screws over the poor in these are people in largely liberal areas who are now not going to have access to any of these stores that can barely stay open without nearly half a million dollar security budget every year. where do you think they're going to go for their pharmacies, these pharmacies pull out? where are they going to go for their tech products? you know what they're going to be left with? a bunch of corner delis that used to have poe atoes on -- potatoes on the floor. that's all they're going to have left. you want to buy rolling papers
6:12 am
and old potatoes? that's all you're going to have left. that's what we had access to where i grew up because all these places are going to pull out. this build back worse plan. taxing the rich and their fair share, in the bill we find out there's a huge tax cut for the richest people in the country who live in california and new york. folks, these people are full of crap. i'm not telling you republicans are the answers to all your problems, i'm not. but i'm here to tell you that the cause of all your problems is 100% democrat, and don't ever forget that. rachel: i love that you brought the pharmacies. i still remember as if it was yesterday during the blm riots that summer, a woman in a neighborhood in minneapolis, she was from public housing, and she came out and she was crying and she said, you know, they burned my pharmacy. i can't get my medications. i'm going to have to take the how many buses to go kept it, and she was in -- to go get it,
6:13 am
and she was many tears. they're hurting the very people they're representing. the policy, the border, everywhere else. >> rachel, you have food deserts too. rachel: yeah. >> you've got these poor minority folks and even white folks in poor areas as well, they can't get healthy food. you know, they're eating food out of a corner deli. they have no food. there's no whole foods in their place. rachel: no. >> this is unbelievable. and yet these liberals, yeah, yeah, we're helping. doesn't even arrest half of the criminals in san francisco. it's absurd. it's a real disgrace and a stain on our country. will: hard to remember -- it's easy to remember for us, hard or to convince people in realtime when hay yell racist at everything. and you're yelling and pulling your hair out, hey, you know, it's racist. give it 18 months, you'll be implementing the same policy. >> well, here's the grift there.
6:14 am
the reason they to that, will, is a very tactical reason. the democrats can't run on anything. hey, we're going to empty your whole foods out of your neighborhood, and we're going to give the rich a big tax break. all they can run are on is don't vote for us, but the other guy's worse. again, back to my walking dead hypothesis. go into the prison yourself because the republicans on the outside are really, really dangerous, and we'll protect you in the prison. that's the only reason the democrat party protected by the media is still alive. it's the biggest grift out there. rachel: you talk about food desert, we're also seeing prices for food increasing, and we've had interviews with people saying i've had to make poor food choices because the food i would normally want is so much more expensive, so now we're eating less healthy. you're right, it's just bad for americans. will: really like that walking dead analogy a lot. you can catch more of that on unfiltered tonight on fnc at 10
6:15 am
p.m. rachel: thank you, dan. will: thank you, dan. rachel: always good. >> don't miss the show tonight, i've got a really awesome rebuttal with a democrat. it's the first time i've ever gotten a democrat to debate herself and lose. [laughter] rachel: gotta see that. >>, no i'm serious. will, i know you love that. she debates herself. it's really awesome. will: i see the glee in your eyes. [laughter] all right. thanks, dan. rachel: thanks, dan. will: turning now to a few additional headlines. an 11-year-old girl is fighting for her life after the christmas parade tragedy in back shah, wisconsin. the -- waukesha, wisconsin, one of nine children still be treated at local hospitals as a restaurant is donating all of its proceeds to victims of the parade tragedy and their families. darrell brooks drove his suv into a christmas parade killing 6 and injuring dozens.
6:16 am
president biden says he will likely speak to leaders of russia and ukraine as tensions rise between those who countries. >> look, we support ukraine eastertorial integrity -- ukraine's territorial integrity, the government itself and object to anything remotely approaching -- will: ukraine officials are alleging russia is planning to stage a coup. the kremlin denies those the claims as tens of thousands of russian troops reportedly build up along the ukrainian border. and in the golf world, brooks koepka dominates bryson dechambeau in the fifth iteration of the match. koepka only needing 9 of the 12 scheduled holes to win the highly anticipated grudge match. it is a grudge match, they genuinely do not like each other. rivals taking a tough -- during the match but also relate let
6:17 am
them donate to charity. those are your headlines. pete: why do they not like the other so much? will: you know, i don't know, it started with a series of small slights, but they also leaned into it. social media plays a role as well, as it does in modern day relationships. [laughter] pete: i like good, authentic, disgruntled rivalries. a lot of the drivers in nascar don't like each other. but they've gotten soft -- rachel: not like wwf -- >> smack their helmets on each other's cars. rachel: okay. pete: i've seen clips when they're going by. will: i'm picturing the guy. [laughter] pete: i did not describe that very well the first time. all right. 17 minutes after the top of the hour. and three months ago our next
6:18 am
guest was one of thousands of afghan allies trying to secure his family's escape as ca all bull began to fall to the taliban. now he lives in south carolina where he and his family just celebrated their first thanksgiving with the american soldier he served with. don't miss the story. ♪ ♪
6:19 am
this is the ergo smart base from tempur-pedic. and it responds to snoring—automatically. so no more nudging your partner. or opting for the couch. because the tempur-ergo smart base is our first system that detects snoring and automatically adjusts to help reduce it. your best sleep. all night. every night. save up to $500 on select adjustable mattress sets during the tempur-pedic black friday event. learn more at
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♪ will: just three months ago our next guest was one of thousands of afghan allies desperately trying to get out of afghanistan and secure his family's escape as kabul fell to the taliban. pete: now thanks to the dedication of the troops he served alongside, johnny, a former combat interpreter, just celebrated his first thanksgiving in america where his three young daughters are able to receive what most afghan girls now only dream of, an education. rachel: that's right. johnny joins us now. welcome to "fox & friends." this story just touched my heart so much. not just that you made it to america but especially the part about your kids. i was telling will and pete how they wake you up on weekends because they're so excited about school, they so want to go to
6:23 am
school. what because that mean to you, to know that your girls in particular, your daughters, can go to school freely with no problems? >> thank you so much. since we've been here also my daughters, they're excited and early in the morning they get up to go to school. they pretty much like school, and they're happy, excited. at school they have a lot of friends. also yesterday they're make me pool good early in the morning -- feel good early in the morning and wake up and say we want to learn the language and we continue our own education. so this is good for me also for my wife. will: johnny, we hear you
6:24 am
talking about education, i heard you talk about the security, that you're thankful for that sense of safety that your family now has. this is your first he's in america. what -- thanksgiving in america. what is it you give thanks for? >> absolutely. since we've been here, everything's good, everything's okay. we are feeling safe. me, my wife and three my children, we are safe in this country. so there is no worry. so everything's good. also i'm grateful for this opportunity we have right now in this country. kids can go to school, they are able to get education. the women cannot go to school, they cannot get education, they cannot work outside, so i'm happy, i'm to excited for this
6:25 am
opportunity i have over here. my daughters, they're able to go to school and learn are education. also anything they a want to become in the future, they can choose. also makes me more feel confident about their future. pete: well, johnny, i want to thank you for your service. you were a combat interpreter with the 82nd airborne 2009, 2010 in southern afghanistan and reading here 60% of the unit you were with came home with purple hearts, so you with saw heavy, heavy fighting. that makes you precisely the kind of guy that we wanted to get here, to come to america. how many -- do you still know of other interpreters like you that are stuck there that wanted to come but couldn't make it? >> yeah. that was a tough time when i was
6:26 am
selected with bravo company, second battalion. after that we moved to kandahar. that was more extremely dangerous for me, for the troops. a lot of troops were wounded, so that was extremely hard and tough time for the soldier, also for me. the bravo company, they did great job but in afghanistan i'm sorry for the families we lost, also the wounded guys. i pray for others get well. so thank you so much. we understand, we realize that
6:27 am
the soldiers, they do great job for my country, for my people. we never got education to my country. we were trying to bring peace, stability, security, education for the people. so unfortunately, the taliban came back and took over, everything shut down now kind of people, especially left my family behind, so i'm trying to get my family out of afghanistan. will: johnny, on this thanksgiving while you're grateful to be in this country, as pete pointed out, we're grateful to you and for your service. pete: thank you. rachel: thank you, johnny. >> you're welcome. will: on this small business saturday, we are celebrating all things made in the usa. we have some more all-american alternatives for gifts this holiday season to help you avoid supply chain delays.
6:28 am
♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ rachel: welcome back to "fox & friends." odd is small business saturday, the perfect time to celebrate businesses with products made in america amid this supply chain crisis. so our first small business is not only made in the united states, it is also veteran-owned. i'm here with emily and betsy. so fascinating, it's all made with supplies from the military. >> yes, thank you, rachel. so we're sisters, we grew up in a military family, i served in the army, and we work with veteran-owned, american manufacturers, and we incorporate and repurpose military -- into our designs and donate 10% of our profit toss veteran nonprofit organizations. rachel: this is really cool to me with shell casings, right? >> yes.
6:33 am
our whole necklace collection are made out of repurposed shell casings. [laughter] they're unique pieces and this weekend only, today and tomorrow we're offering 30% off all orders. this is our brown handbag -- rachel: i'm obsessed with this. >> and the great thing is they're all made with lengther from minnesota, slip re-- lengther from minnesota, slip resistant straps. you've got to have pockets and also a laptop sleeve. and then on side over here we've got great travel kits and toiletry bags for men and wallets -- rachel: and they're all made in america. >> they ship right away, no delays. rachel: you guys, this is a great product. i'mgoing to move to will. will: ryan is vice president of sales and marketing, let's start with this. the inventor, you said, of the -- >> channel lock fire.
6:34 am
we invented it back in 1933. will: technology has changed, now you got the push button for whatever measurements you might need. >> correct. it locks in place so when you adjust it to where you need it, it doesn't fall out of its channel. you go to pick it up and you only pick up one handle, it stays where it was, and you're to not dripping -- not dripping water over your face. will: what's the employee situation, how big are you guys? >> we'll based in eagle, pennsylvania. we have 370 dedicated employees that have showed up every day for the last 18-24 months. we've been there for 135 years. my family's been making tools there for five generations. we manufacture 70 patterns of pliers. needle-nosed pliers, diagonal cutting, end-cutting pliers, slip joints, you name it. will: every type you could possibly need.
6:35 am
fifth generation, made in america products. this is a way, by the way, you can celebrate american made products and without problems getting shipped to you from overseas. it's >> absolutely. will: thanks, ryan. pete: i need some needle-nosed pliers. grab me one. thank you very much. let's bring in john, director at mag from instruments and a retid law enforcement officer as well. thank you so much for being here. so i love the mag lite. a lot of people are familiar with it. tell the us about the company first, where are you headquartered? how long have you been around? >> the company's been around for 74 years. mag instruments have been around for 74 years. precision manufacturing since its inception. maglite product all started by my father, approximately 47 years. pete: and where do you manufacture? >> ontario, california. you know, pete, to yet right to
6:36 am
the point of manufactured in america, why we do it, it's in our dna. and i have to tell you the very quick long version. long quick version. my father was born here in new york. during the address he shipped -- depression he shipped back to crow way that with his mother -- croatia. he goes through the nazi occupation, communism, he comes back here with my mother and my sister is, and he is determined to go after the american dream. and that's, that 74 years i talk about, and this is the culmination of his work. pete: the iconic maglite. go through the items here. >> we have the rechargeable, things have really changed, have really improved. 671 here -- pete: got it. >> he has an eco-mood, 2 the hour offense -- 22 hours on that. you have the 150. this is our new version of the old mag charger -- pete: okay.
6:37 am
>> this is 1,82 units, and 79 hours. pete: real quick, one more. >> i want to go to this one, this is the light everybody's going to need, everybody's going to want with power failure. this is going to go for 434 hours. essentially, your going to have light for one month. >> it is, and you can use the code fox 20 at checkout to get a deal. >> we never left, we never will. made in america. pete: there you go. well done, sir. thank you. all right, still ahead, there could be more trouble in paradise for the biden/harris administration. we'll talk more about that with vd vance, coming up -- jd vance coming up. ♪♪
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muck pete: this just in, u.k. secretary of state for health says two cases of the new omic omicron variant have been detected. cases of the new variant have now been detected in south africa, botswana, belgium, hong kong, israel and now the u.k. as a result, the u.s. will began travel to eight african
6:42 am
countries starting on monday. not starting now -- rachel: yeah. that's the kind of emergency it is. we'll wait a couple days. all right. well, the biden administration is facing plunging approval ratings, voters reacting negatively to both joe biden and kamala harris' job performance. pete: now a new op-ed is arguing the biden/harris dream team is suddenly democrats' worst nightmare after just 10 months. what does this mean for democrats going into the midterm elections? will: let's ask ohio senate candidate jd vance. good to see you, welcome to fox and friends this morning. >> hope to you guys had a great thanksgiving. will: they're the looking at a nightmare in the midterms. >> well, it's good for my side. so glad to be a republican running in 2022. the argument of the op-ed is right, look, biden and harris are leaders of a party that has no unifying force, right? joe biden is basically the guy
6:43 am
who swept the nomination when no one else felt like they could take it. it's not like democrats were excited about him. you've been a president who's been a disaster, skyrocketing inflation which has taken down a number of presidencies and a number of countries, and i think a lot of democrats are trying to find a life raft off the sinking ship, and that's not a good place to be for their party. good for us in the '22 midterms. rachel: jd, it's been interesting to see how the media has now tossed kamala aside, and hay seem to be propping up pete buttigieg which is odd because his performance in the supply crisis is embarrassing. >> yeah. it's a really interesting thing. and, of course, pete buttigieg took two months of paternity leave where he says he didn't want anybody to know, and now all he wants to talk about it is -- [laughter] of course, we have a terrible inflation crisis which is caused in part by the supply chain
6:44 am
problem. we had a more efficient way to get goods from one place to another, that's his job, and he's failing pretty miserably at that job, and yet he's being pitched as the great savior of the democratic party. i think what's really going on is the people who call the shots in the party, they recognize that the who people who are getting the most attention, biden and harris, have no chance. they have no leadership ability, they have no ability to unite the party. and so i think they're going to start taking other people. it might be buttigieg this month, it might be somebody else next month, but these guys realize they're in a real leadership crisis. ask yours this question, who can lead the democratic party in 022 and 2024? is it sleepy joe? is it kamalaa? they don't have good options. pete: no, it's true. and by their own definition, it's actually pretty racist. rachel: that is. pete: by their own characterization, doing so -- rachel: but if you pick somebody
6:45 am
who's gay, then maybe that erases it or -- pete: i don't understand the formula completely of the left. real quick though, jd, on republican side, who's the leader of the republican party? what are you hearing on the ground as you run your campaign? >> well, certainly it's donald trump, right? obviously, he was the president. most of our voters are still passionate about his presidency, i think rightfully so. he did a good job. but, you know, we'll see if he has one more shot in him. whether he wants to run for president or not, the fact that he can still run, i think, makes him the leader of party, and at the very least, he'll be the kingmaker in 2022 and 2024, so it's actually a good mace to be for our party. we don't have these constant civil wars. we know who the leader of the party is, we need to just execute on a vision that can get our voters excited about the future. there are a lot of opportunities to do that in '22, i think there will be many in '24.
6:46 am
much rather be us than them. will: it's true. jd vance, thank you so much. rachel: thank you, jd. will: now to rick reichmuth for our forecast. rick: good morning, guys. a big weekend of travel, everybody heading home. take a look at the weather map, see what's going on. temperature the wise no incredibly cold air out there. obviously, it's chilly, 25 in fargo, but we're going to see temperatures today and tomorrow into the upper 60s across participants of kansas, nebraska, even across areas of south dakota. still cool across parts of the great lakes. we have this big storm we had yesterday across parts of the northeast, a little bit of a break today. get ready for some lake effect snow especially across parts of upstate new york by the time we get towards this afternoon. all right, the countdown to christmas is officially on, and it is time to move to get your tree on time.
6:47 am
we will be right back. ♪♪
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♪ pete: christmas trees are are the latest victim of holiday
6:51 am
grinch factors. yeah, i guess. supply chain crisis and labor shortage. rachel: that's right. our next guest says if you want the perfect tree, you should buy one soon and expect to pay more. that's a bummer. will: greg has been selling christmas trees for more than 35 years. i get labor shortage, not supply chains. aren't they local? >> we don't have a supply chain shortage for christmas tree, this is a shortage that's been building up for the last three years. rachel: why? >> they didn't plant enough years ago, because the growers had a really rough five years. guys who know the business well that go to the farms, they knew about this. i bought my trees three years out. that's why i'm loaded with trees. greg's trees is loaded with trees. [laughter] we've got all the great stuff. we have everything. pete: we've been debating, what's your favorite, but also
6:52 am
is it too early to get a tree now? >> not if you take care of it. you want to buy it and put it in the backyard and put it in a bucket of water, if you want to except it now and not put it in the house, that's fine. there's nothing being cut, it's all somewhere. so if you bring it and talk care of it, bring it water -- the most important thing is to check the water the first, second and third day because the tree's going to drink it up. once there's no water many that bucket anymore, in that tree stand, then the tree starts protecting itself by feeling the bottom, and it won't drink again. and that's where they die. what happened? you didn't water it. you can't let it dry up and then water it. that's really the key to aching care of a christmas -- taking care of a christmas tree. i mean, nobody can stand next to a radiator for a month -- [laughter] pete: any other tips generally? >> i mean, my first tip is to tell the people look at the space in your home, right in think about where do you want to put this tree.
6:53 am
get the whole family together. sometimes somebody goes home with a 10 foot tree and the wife wants a 5 foot tree. rachel: fight about it. >> fight about it before you buy it. [laughter] that keeps you from beiging it back and fort. pick your space. you want to be a foot from the ceiling, that's the most beautiful looking spot. go out and get your tree and we have trees we can trim, and i would have the person open it up and trim it and make sure it's the way you like it, take it home and fill that water up right away. rachel: what's your faith? >> phrase year's the -- frazier's the one for me. the more exotic stuff -- rachel: i really like this. >> that's european seed. there's very few in america. we brought it here about five years ago. rachel: we can't have a european tree -- [laughter] >> this is the king of trees. this is only grown on the west coast, the northwest, and they
6:54 am
lost a lot of trees with the crazy weather. rachel: sure. >> but these made it through, obviously, very beautifully. there's very few people that know -- i don't know anybody that bought noble but me. rachel: you're making me really want to go to greg's. [laughter] >> you should want to go to greg's. rachel: can you do it at home in. >> yeah, but it's nice to open it at the stand. if you can, if you can wait, put your tree in a stand at home and let it set up for one day. you're better off letting it set for one day because the tree will open up. and what happens is people put the lights on 'em, the tree opens and all of a sudden it looks like this. let them set for one day, enjoy a fresh, beautiful tree in your home, decorate the next day. rachel: can i give our viewers one bit of advice? this is from my husband and his father, always have a great tree
6:55 am
stand. pete: i underinvested for years concern. >> and if you want, you can bring the tree stand with you when you buy the tree and make sure it fits. no problem. pete: greg's trees. hooking us up. rachel: one-stop shop. great job. pete: more "fox & friends" in just a moment. ♪ ♪ look out, baby, 'cuz here i come ♪♪
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7:00 am
also the will cain podcast, go to rachel: oh, that's great. all right. pete: and i don't have a podcast, but i do have a promo -- rah. rachel: 20% off. pete: foxnews.c shop something. [laughter] ♪ >> the holiday shopping season officially on. shoppers spending money online and many stores. black friday shoppers not spooked by sticker shock as they generate nearly 30% more sales this year versus last, but the unknown of a new variant of covid-19 coming from southern africa has scared markets on friday and sparked travel the restrictions in the u.s. and around the globe. we're on the top of it all. welcome, everyone, i'm e. ward lawrence in for meehl -- edward


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