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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 26, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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bless you. >> all in a holiday week here in washington. monday on special report, the travel restrictions for the new coronavirus variant take effect. thank you for watching special report, i'm mike emanuel in washington. see you back here 1:00 p.m. eastern sunday. have a great weekend. good evening. welcome to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." it's hard to have a lot of faith in political polling, obviously especially after the last couple of presidential elections. the polls were just wrong in those elections. they were insane. they told us thing like, oh no, hillary could take texas and joe biden is a lock to win florida. in the end, the predictions weren't reality. doesn't mean all polling is
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worthless. actually, as a relative measure over time, polls could provide a lot of historical context. joe biden's polls are in the toilet right now. everyone knows that. the question is why? here a lot of people say it was afghanistan, the true debacle that biden oversaw in afghanistan. the question is that really it, however? is a foreign policy disaster enough to knock a president off his game in his first year in office? well, here are some comparisons. gerald ford's approval ratings after the fall of saigon are worth looking at. the fall of saigon was the most humiliating moment in this country's history up until that time. the entire world watched as americans ran from a peasant army. civilians dangled from helicopters taking off from the roof of the u.s. embassy in saigon. it was a catastrophe when it became an enduring symbol of the confidence of our foreign policy establishment. the u.s. spent more than a decade in vietnam, lost close to 60,000 men and after all of that, we ran away, and yet in the days after the fall of saigon, gerald ford's poll
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numbers as measured by gallop actually went up. his approval rating increased from 39% to 40%. a month later by the end of may 1975, ford's approval ratings surged to 51%. so gerald ford, president of ford, oversaw an international embarrassment but americans gave him a pass. they weren't done with him just yet. something very similar happened during the john f. kennedy administration. kennedy was in charge from the bay of pigs invasion april 1961 which he singlehandedly turned into a disaster. that disaster made fidel castro a national hereflo cuba and drove -- hero in cuba and drove cuba closer to the soviet union. this happened during the cuban missile crisis. that wasn't a good thing for anybody, and yet despite that, jfk's approval ratings did not drop, in fact, they went up from 78% to 83% in the days after that disaster. the bay of pigs happened in the first year of the kennedy administration.
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the fall of saigon happened in the first year of the ford administration. it's clear when american presidents start out, americans give them a pass especially when it comes to foreign policy. how did joe biden's numbers change during his first year of office? according to a new quinnipiac poll, 36% of americans approve of the job joe biden is doing in office. the real clear politics polling average has joe biden doing margemally better at 41%. -- marginally better at 41%. kamala harris' approval number is 28% which is right around jeffrey dahmer level. so 2/3 of americans do not want joe biden to run for president again and that includes most democrats. just 10 months into biden's presidency, americans want him gone! as a historical matter, that's unheard of. how bad is it? it's gotten so bad that college
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students, typically not a right-wing demographic r mocking biden at football games. -- are mocking biden at football games. [[bleep] joe biden] [[bleep] joe biden] biden is deeply unpopular. the question is why? how did we get here? that matters. that'll be our focus over the next hour on our show. what we're witnessing under the biden administration is something americans will absolutely not forgive, the decline in our standard of living. biden hasn't simply embarrassed the united states internationally, though he's certainly done that, americans could overlook that as they did under ford and jfk and hope for something better next time. biden has made living in this country much more difficult for millions of people. he's made it a lot harder for americans to afford basic
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amenities, things like building supplies and gasoline. then he showed almost no interest in fixing this. in fact it's clear it's being done on purpose because global warming. one local news station in florida talked to restaurant owners about the effect of rising food prices for example. watch this. >> from chicken wings -- >> it's $140 a case versus what was $40. >> to plastic gloves. >> they've gone from $20 a case to $140 plus. sometimes it's hard to get those. >> nearly everything costs more. jon horn on frla's executive committee also owns anna maria oyster bars. supply issues are keeping favorites like alaskan king crab legs and clam strips off the menu. according to the bureau of labor statistics, major commodities in the wholesale price food index are way up since last year. beef rose 57.7%. fat and oil nearly 50%. eggs almost 40%.
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processed poultry 30%. to offset that, menu prices on average are up 4.7%. >> tucker: what is this exactly? we can't get enough food? a lot of things are happening and one of them is inflation. inflation is not an -- inflation is not an act of god. as a result of our u.s. policy. they're printing more u.s. dollars. why are they printing them? to pay for spending. spending that under the biden administration is literally out of control. there was a $10.1 trillion amount of spending obligations in 2020. $10.1 trillion. 2018, the total was $6.6 trillion, still a lot, very different than $10.1 trillion. the spending is, of course, on the way, more spending is on the way, because we could spend any amount of money. we hold the world's reserve currency. biden's so-called "build back better bill" is estimated to
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cost under $5 trillion, so the people who are printing this money, the u.s. congress, feds specifically, know they're making the problem worse, but they don't care! in fact, they're mocking you for noticing that your standard of living has declined. the st. louis fed just released this statement. it's hard to miss the contempt here. this is real. "a thanksgiving dinner serving of poultry costs $1.42. a soybean based dinner serving with the same amount of calories costs 66 cents and provides twice as much protein." of course, being soy based lowers your testosterone levels which is the entire point of this. what is interesting is the fed which is supposed to be focused on keeping inflation under control -- this is why we have the fed -- is now telling you what to eat and how to eat. not far from telling to you eat bugs to stop climate change. a host of democratic agencies are suddenly in charge of the minute details of your body. what'd you have for thanksgiving
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dinner? the white house believes that osha, for example, could tell what you to inject into your body. get the injection or you're fired! remember a few months ago, the white house was saying the opposite of this. vaccine mandates are imlegal. >> i don't think it should be mandatory. i wouldn't demand it be mandatory but i would do everything in my power. i don't think masks should be mandatory nationwide. >> can we mandate vaccines across the country? no, i don't think the federal government has the power to make that. >> we cannot require someone to be vaccinated. that's just not what we can do. it is a matter of privacy to know who is or who isn't. >> no, definitely not. you don't want to mandate and try to force anyone to take the vaccine. we've never done that. we don't want to be mandating from the federal government to the general population. it would be unenforceable and not appropriate. >> tucker: people are reckless and crazy dishonest and the rest of us put up with it. after all that, after everything that we just saw, they mandated the injection. they knew that was illegal.
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like what we saw with the eviction ban, they did it any way. then the airlines canceled flights. the healthcare workers disappeared because somehow politicians know more about corona than nurses? how's that work. first responders were fired. you couldn't get an ambulance. and joe biden stands up in a town hall and says they had it coming. the little people are getting uppity. we're going to hurt them and he definitely hurt them. so this is brazen. most people are very tired of it on a partisan question. do you want to live in a functional country or don't you? the question is how are we going to survive three more years of this? it's a very good question. richard davis hanson joins us now. richard, thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you. >> tucker: if you think about everything that's happened in the last 10 months, imagine three more years of that and this is not a partisan point. i mean it! what's this country going to look like at this pace? >> well, you have to remember it's not going to self-correct.
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these were all self-induced. joe biden just, if he hadn't fallen asleep on january 20th and done nothing, we would have been so much better off by just continuing the policies he inherited. this was self-inflicted and it's not going to be corrected because as you say, he insults the people that criticize him or laughs it off and says inflation is a high class, his administration does s a high-class problem or you didn't get your treadmill and that stuff so what's the correction of it? the traditional one, tucker, is the midterms. we've got one coming up in a year and i think most people, i think, are sick of it and we're probably going to see a correction like 1938, 1994, 2010, 40 to 70 seats. that won't bring things back to normal but it'll stop the damage. they'll probably win the senate, too. then it'll get interesting, tucker, because, remember, they set the pregnant that when the president loses -- set the precedent that when the president loses the house, the
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out party could set impeachment and they impeach him on narrow grounds. we don't know what the majority will be in the senate but he's deliberately not followed immigration law. he didn't carry out the oath of office as he swore he would do. then they have a problem because they look around and they say why, my gosh, we don't want kamala harris and we forget in 2020, biden was the best of the worst, in other words, there was bloomberg and warren and sanders and corey booker and beto and harris. there wasn't any alternative. he's kind of got an agnew factor where nixon survived much of '73 on the idea that agnew would have been worse. >> tucker: yes. >> could we can't really stop the presidency and the executive orders and all of that. that's coming down. so then we go down, well, even if the republicans win the house and the senate, they have the courts. and there's hope there, tucker, because the courts are not like they were in 2016. trump's made a lot of appointments.
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there's a lot of good judges. a lot of the things biden has done are illegal and then finally, we have public opinion. and you can see it starting to change. when you have popular culture, a dave chappell, a bill maher or economists like larry saunders or you see the rittenhouse jury, you gain a sense that people from all walks of life are saying wait a minute, this is not politics. this is a system collapse. you can't walk out safely in the big cities. people are not following the law. they're looting stores with impunity. the district attorneys are crazy. we can't get things on the shelves. gas is $5 a gallon out here in the west. things just can't go on like this. and when you have that much mass anger and upheaval, i think that will affect it, too, but nobody wants the united states to suffer just to get rid of this crazy neo-socialist administration, but that's what is going to probably have to happen. but there are remedies, but it's
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not going to be enough to bring things back to normality. >> tucker: no. no. i think you're exactly right, as always. victor davis hanson, thank you. so the biden administration is actually telling us that actually inflation is a good thing and because the media will defend literally anything the white house says, their allies at news organizations have been repeating that message. here is part of it. >> you do make a really good point that inflation as a product of demand has an upside, correct? >> right to the extend it's coming from a strong economy, a strong consumer. that's not, you know, that's not a bad thing. >> this is the fastest recovery right now in recent memory. demand is high. wages for the bottom 40% of workers are rising very fast, fast enough to help overcome what is the big central problem that everyone is rightly discussing right now, inflation. >> nobody likes it pay more but on average, we have the machinery to do so.
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household -- money to do so. household savings are at an economy high. >> unemployment is at its lowest point since the pandemic began so the economy isn't bad, it's just that people are mad because everything is late and things cost a little bit more. >> tucker: why are these people talking about economics? they know nothing. it's interesting on post modern feminist poetry. but economics? please. how bad inflation -- which is real -- how bad is inflation -- which is real -- and how hard are americans going to be hit by it. tom is joining us right now. thank you for coming on. >> thank you, tucker. >> tucker: just that question to you. how bad is this likely to get and who is going to feel it the most? >> well, i think all consumers are going to get, you know, hit with rising prices, um -- what we're seeing is probably the fastest increase with freight rates from our asset-based
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vendors. we do a lot of ltl, ocean freight, airfreight, um, prices have,you know, on the international side have gone up four times. air fright is probably eight -- airfreight is probably eight to ten times from where things stood last year. we do a lot of less truckload shipments. we do 6,000 per day. we've probably sustained in the last 12 months increases between 10-20%. >> tucker: which so -- >> obviously the consumers are going to get hit. it gets passed on. >> tucker: i keep hearing this as a good thing. i'm struggling to find an up side to what you just said. >> me, too. i think it's -- nobody wants to pay higher prices but obviously, you know, we've seen wage increases across-the-board so, yeah, it's it's going to impact
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everyone, you know, from, you know, the midsection of the country to, you know, people at higher-income levels to people at low-income levels. >> tucker: you should get a job on cnbc, that's a lot more clearer than anything i've heard there recently but i know you have a real job so you won't probably. i appreciate you coming on tonight, thank you. >> thank you, great to be here. >> tucker: so there are a lot of subjective questions around politics but here's an objective one, who is the least popular living politician in the world? and of course the answer -- and this is very well deserved -- is companyla harris. how -- kamala harris. so how exactly does she become vice president? that's straight ahead on this special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." straight ahead on
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so no one outside of her own neighborhood ever heard of kamala harris before she showed up as willie brown's girlfriend. a few years later, she became montel williams' boyfriend. interesting. >> long before she dated doug imhof, she dated preeminent men -- prominent men, including montel williams. back then, he was the famous one
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and had to introduce her to the paparazzi. >> tucker: it's interesting that tape never played anywhere before the election. wouldn't have made a difference but it would have been nice to know. any way, as you know, kamala harris somehow went on to become the senator and the vice president of the united states. she accomplished all of that without any support from actual voters. we know that because there's a lot of polling out, virtually no one in california, her home state, supported her presidential campaign and she's at an approval rating of 28% right around jeffrey dahmer's approval rating. why? i don't know, moments like this. >> she would tell the story about. [indiscernible] this is back when strollers didn't have an arm vest and seatbelts. so they're marching away and, you know, shouting and all of that and then i think it was my uncle freddie, you know, he looked down and -- he looked in the stroller which was empty -- [laughter] -- and said where is kamala? and apparently left me like a
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block behind. i had fallen out of the stroller. [laughter] there you go. and then my mother tells a funny story about how one day she -- and i was fussing and -- you know and i'm fussing and fussing -- it's much cuter when she told the story. she would say, she would look down at me and say what do you want? what do you want? and i would look up and say freedom! [laughter] >> tucker: it's fascinating watching that how transparently false it is. everyone went along with what everyone could tell was a lie. interesting. so larry elder is from california. in fact he just ran for governor of california. we strongly supported him in that. he's a radio host there he joins us tonight to assess kamala harris. larry, great to see you. thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> tucker: you've watched kamala harris for years. what do you make of this? it's baffling to me. >> well, it is baffling because if you look at it on paper, tucker, she's a pretty
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successful politician. she ran for and got elected attorney general in california beating out her competition. she ran for and got elected senator beating out her competition and then she had this disaster run as vice president and as you pointed out, even people in california didn't support her. the key to being a successful politician, having been one for eight weeks, a couple of things, authenticity and likability and she has neither. part of it is because you look at things like her record as a.g. she was known as a hard on crime a.g. and then she got kind of busted during the debate with tulsi gapert when she prosecuted marijuana offenders, not possession but offenders and dealers and joked about marijuana on a radio program. she bragged she was the last person in the room when joe biden made the decision to pull out of afghanistan which meant she is part of that decision. the only reason in my opinion
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she became vice president is because she checked all the boxes. the democrats in this woke era are no longer going to have two white males on the ticket. it's got to be at least a person of color, hopefully a person of color that's a female. she checked all the boxes. she's proven herself to be basically utterly incompetent. there's back fighting. she's accused -- or at least one of her staffers accused joe biden of being racist. she's not unwilling to pull the race card in order to defend herself. that's offended a lot of people. you played her laugh. she has this cackle a lot of people find off-putting. when she gets into a tough decision or doesn't have an answer for something or when somebody corners here, she reversed to this silly laughter. it angers people. tucker, if i can say one more thing, it's not fixed in stone. the good news for her is 2024 is a mile away and as you know, that's an eternity in politics. and you can change that. ronald reagan was perceived by all of us who knew him as a sunny, optimistic guy. a lot of democrats didn't feel
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that way until he was shot. here he is, the most anger he could summon against his would be assassin with what that guy's beef was and as he's being wheeled to the operating room, he tells the doctors, i hope you all are republicans and he told nancy reagan, i forget to duck. people say, he's really genuine and likable. it's possible to change it kiffin kamala harris' numbers, her track record and given her laugh and the way she's run away from her record of being tough on crime, she's got a left wing voting record, more left wing than bernie sanders and positioned herself as a leftist. she's utterly unauthentic and utterly unlikable. >> tucker: i'd rather have willie brown any day. i don't agree with willie brown but at least he's a nice person. larry elder, good to see you. thank you for being on tonight. good to see you tonight. >> you, too. >> tucker: joe biden went over
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to europe and really embarrassed himself and the country he was supposed to be representing. first, he fell asleep at the climate summit. then there were rumors of two separate bathroom incidents, one with the pope in rome and another in glasgow with members of the british royal family. it's all so awful. we didn't mention them because it was too embarrassed. back here in the united states, biden underwent his first annual physical. what do we make of this? by the way, everyone wants to believe the president is healthy, that very much includes this show. we checked with the great mark segal, our fox news medical contributor, to find out what this means. are you satisfied with the president's new checkup? are you satisfied it's real? >> i'm concerned. i want to give a background to our viewers that we've never had transparency of presidential health going back to 1919 when woodrow wilson had a stroke in office and was whispering to his wife while getting us out of
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world war i. fdr died in office having severe heart failure when he ran for president that last time and ronald reagan when he got shot in 1981 was much worse off than we know. that's why, tucker, when president trump went on camera twice, i mean, he talked to us about his covid, getting over his covid, he gave us every single detail, he talked it me when i went down there about his cognitive test and he said at that time, everyone should have a cognitive test, right? now, i look over the physical results, the physical exam results of president biden and at first, i was overjoyed because it's long, dr. o'conner gives a tremendous detail but when i look closer, i saw some things that bothered me, one, no cognitive exam done, not even a mini metal status exam where we simply ask a few questions of the president or of any patient. number two -- >> tucker: i'm sorry, may i interrupt you, doctor? i'm sorry, i just have to interrupt. i didn't know that. is that normal that you wouldn't even include a cognitive assessment?
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>> it is not usual when you do that extensive an examination. it's -- it should be automatic. i don't do it on every patient that comes in with a sore throat but extensive physical, it should be automatic. it's not there. number two is the issue of his gait, tucker, where they flat-out say that his gait over the past year has changed. he's stiff-legged now. he doesn't have fluidity in his gait and they brought in a bunch of orthopedists and neurologists who say it's due to arthritis in his spine and a broken foot which we still don't know how he fell -- bicycle accident, but here is what is missing there, tucker. no mri of the brain, no mri of the spine, upper or lower no emg nerve conduction studies, when you have a sudden change of gait, you wonder is it tied in with cognitive function? is there fluid on the brain? is it something with the spine? there's so many things that could cause that that i would want to know about, to leave that out altogether is very
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concerning. i'll end by talking about something that ambassador nikki haley said, she said seriously, everyone over the age of 70 who holds higher office should have a cognitive test, an extensive cognitive test. easy for her to say, tucker, 49 years old. tucker? >> tucker: wow! um, i didn't expect to hear you say all of that and it's distressing and i appreciate you doing it. dr. segal, good to see you. >> need more information. absolutely, tucker. we need to know. public has the right to know. >> tucker: amen. i agree. thank you. so if you're not like say the white house press secretary, gas prices matter to you. in fact, for a lot of families, it's one of the things that matter most. white house doesn't care. they want gas to go up because warming. looks like it's about to go up. gas prices are going to get even higher. we'll tell you how and why when this special edition of "tucker carlson tonight" returns.
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>> welcome to fox news live. i'm ashley strohmeyer. the world is racing to contain the new coronavirus variant omicron, world health organization classifying it as a highly transmissible virus of concern. most of the world is imposing immediate travel bans on visitors from southern africa where the new variant was discovered. u.s. is waiting until monday to adopt similar restrictions. wall street reacting to the new threat with the dow having the worst day of the year closing down 905 points. smash-and-grab robberies on friday night in a home depot in lakewood, california. according to our local fox affiliate, the only things stolen were sledgehammers. law enforcement believes the heist might have been in preparation for another crime. california has recently seen a string of smash-and-grab crimes mostly at high-end stores. for all of your headlines, log
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onto now back to tucker. >> tucker: why are gas prices going up so fast across the country? america is energy-independent. we have some of the biggest energy reserves in the world. we used to celebrate that the biden administration is trying very hard to end it. they shut down a major pipeline. not surprisingly, gas prices are setting new records. while our energy secretary laughs about the whole thing, watch -- >> what's the grand plan to increase oil production in america? >> [laughter] that is hilarious! i wish i had the magic wand on this. >> tucker: hilarious to ask the energy secretary how we get more energy! the truth is without fossil fuels, the country falls apart. the most robust sector of our economy is eliminated, the country becomes poor and products throughout your life that you take for granted are no longer available. they're made from fossil fuels, not just gas and gasoline for
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your truck. it's basically everything. no one in the democratic party seems aware of this. they're busy egg you fossil fuels are racist -- they're busy telling you that fossil fuels are racist. >> the dirtiest fossil fuel projects exacerbating the climate crisis and setting us up for the massive economic meltdown it takes urgent and aggression action to save our economy, our planet and our lives. >> simple math, the only way we can curve the rise in global temperatures 1.5 degrees celsius is by halting new fossil fuel projects. >> you are still promoting and selling fossil fuels that are killing millions of people. this is a striking example of white supremacy. >> tucker: you're always going to have stupid and irresponsible people in your country. things start to fall apart when those people have access to things that actually matter like your energy grauert your infrastructure or justice system. you have to keep the dumb
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people, radical people, idealogues, wackos you just saw in that clip away from the things that matter. they're all over the energy grid and recking it. mike taylor is with combined energy sources and joins us tonight. thank you so much for coming on, mike. are you worried about our energy sector? >> oh, tucker, i don't even know where to begin to start. here in new york, my family is a propane gas and heating oil company. we've been in business over 54 years. i've never seen consumers put in the crunch they're in right now. we've seen home heating oil prices, gas colleen and diesel are up 50% to 60% over last year. propane up over snipers percent. natural gas futures next year are trading 115% than where they were a year ago. a year ago, we were energy-independent. now we're asking opec to please drill more. it's lunacy what we've done here in this country. >> tucker: i thought we were supposed to be energy-independent and stay out of the foreign wars -- max boot
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is always telling us we have to fight because of oil or whatever. are we not supposed to be proud of our energy independence? why did we destroy it? >> tucker, you got me. day one of the new administration, they came in and shut down the pipeline, any new pipeline construction. we ended drilling on federal lands. that's amazing what had happened immediately. you're not seeing a lot of reinvestment back into the petroleum exploration and drilling and gathering. the talk of the enbridge line 5 up in michigan, for any reason that would shut, ramifications across the united states would be mind-blowing. this new $8 billion proposed methane tax they're going to slip in with the new build back better bill could raise heating prices next winter they're proposing 30%. when most of the electricity in our country comes from natural gas, that's a very bad sign. >> tucker: this is crazy. hard to believe this doesn't get coverage at all. it's nice to speak to actual
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people with actual knowledge like people from the energy industry like you. i appreciate you coming on tonight, mike. thank you. >> no problem, thank you, tucker, for having me. >> tucker: joe biden pulled out of afghanistan in the worst possible way by arming the taliban beyond their dreams and leaving people behind. some lawmakers, including republicans, are urging him to repeat those mistakes in other pointless little countries in which we have no national interests like ukraine. how much money does ukraine spend lobbying in washington? that might be an interesting topic. any way, we debated this whole question with a republican congressman, mike turner. we'll let you judge what you think of mike turner next on this special edition of "tucker carlson tonight."
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>> tucker: welcome back to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." many members of congress including many republicans, we're sad to tell you, have learned absolutely nothing from the debacle of afghanistan. they're looking for a new pointless war in a new far-away country that has no connection to american interests so they're calling for military
10:47 pm
intervention in ukraine. ukraine spent quite a bit of money lobbying in washington, and it's paying off. one of the members of congress say republican -- again we're sad to tell you -- he's called mike turner. he's from ohio. we talked to him about it at some length. take a look. >> tucker: the lesson of 20 years in afghanistan and the tragic of cowardly and counterproductive exit from afghanistan is we need more troops in ukraine? i don't -- so why should the average american care about the territorial integrity of ukraine? >> so ukraine is a strategic import of the. [indiscernible] most of the imports you've been seeing of russia, um, being aggressive with our ships, aggressive with our planes, are in the areas of the black sea which is an important area for and our nato allies. four countries, bulgaria, greece and turkey, all border it which we have reciprocal defense agreements. we've not asked anyone to go to war with russia or send troops to russia or ukraine for the purposes of going to war with
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russia but it is incredibly important they be providing lethal weapons, they be providing intelligence so that -- >> tucker: why is it incredibly important to americans? i know from ukrainian perspective it's incredibly important, why's it important to risk americans live to preserve the territorial integrity of ukraine when our own territorial integrity is violated by foreign nationalists coming in. why the focus on ukraine's borders and not ours? >> everyone has emphasis on our borders, tucker. >> tucker: have you called for american troops to our borders? >> the important -- everyone has called for american troops -- >> tucker: really? >> that's on our side, tucker. i think what you're missing here is the fact that because the president has failed in afghanistan, both russia and china are looking at threatening their neighbors, including
10:49 pm
taiwan, including ukraine, countries that are important to both our allies and to the strategic importance to the areas in which they are. what we've asked for is don't be obama. you have to recall, tucker, when ukraine was invaded and crimea fell, obama sent blankets to president for shiancoe in ukraine. he came to the house floor joint session in congress and begged for lethal weapons to defend his own country against russia. he said, i can't defend my country with blankets. that's what we've said is make certain we give them what they need. give them intelligence and lethal weapons. >> tucker: but, why would we take ukraine -- man, hold on. why would we take ukraine's side and not russia's side? sincere question. if you're looking from the american perspective -- who's got the energy reserves? who's the major player in world affairs? who's the potential counterbalance against china which is the actual threat? why should we take ukraine's side? why not have russia's side? i'm totally confused.
10:50 pm
>> clearly, maybe if you got out a map and look to see where the black sea it and bulgaria and romania, romania where we have the missile defense systems, greece and turkey, entrance to the black sea and from there, you look at what the conflicts have already been and russia is already there, ukraine is a democracy. russia is an authoritarian regime that is imposing its will against a democracy in ukraine. we're on the side of democracy. that's why people were chasing those planes in afghanistan and wouldn't be chasing russian ones. we're for democracy. we're for liberty. we're not for authoritarian regimes changing borders by tanks. russia isn't showing up on the border with ballot boxes. they're showing up on the border with tanks. that's why we need to make certain we're on the side of democracy and give the aid that's necessary so we don't have another obama sending blankets to a country that's being invaded. >> tucker: yeah, i -- i mean, i'm -- i guess i'm for democracy in other countries, i guess, but i'm really for america, and -- >> sure you are. >> tucker: and i just think
10:51 pm
our interests are in counterbalancing the actual threat which is china and the only other country with any throw weight that might help us do that is russia and our continuation of the cold war has pushed russia toward china and that doesn't serve our interests in any way, does it? or maybe it does. >> you have to understand this is not a cold war. this is a hot war. russia has already invaded ukraine and has taken crimea and annexed it and militarized it. >> tucker: hold on. i am glad that you pointed that out. how did that hurt america exactly? they came into crimea. i didn't notice them affecting american living standards. >> tucker: joe biden actually opened the borders when he became president, actually opened the borders. millions of illegal immigrants have streamed in. now, biden has a solution to the problem he created. we're going to pay the countries from which these migrants are coming to stop them from coming. hard to say it's the craziest
10:52 pm
thing we've heard this year because so much is crazy, but it's pretty crazy. special edition of "tucker carlson tonight" continues. spen
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>> tucker: welcome back to the special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." u.s. border patrol has but yes border can patrol has encountered more than 6 million illegal in the end the immigrants. a lot of those are never going to leave a nice no sign that this is an invasion. that's's what it is, given the numbers, is going to cease anytime soon. no american has been -- that changing country -- the country is changing forever because joe biden wanted to. they agreed to invest in central american to help slow immigratin from central america in the united states. united states. we have to pay -- how is that not a ransom? chip roy is a u.s. congressman and he joins us tonight.
10:58 pm
they could so much for coming on. how is this not a ransom? >> it is, tucker. every thanksgiving i make it a po i make it a point to read. it's an important part of who we are as americans. and then be established this great country and they face the difficulty of the desolate wilderness. there were no hotels. what we do now? we open our doors and allow a million people to come to our country. how do we get thanked? the president of mexico's that is going to call up a republican congressman who doesn't vote for the amnesty that the democrats voted for last week giving amnesty to 7 million people. and now they say that they should be paying countries. we alreadyxi gave 300 million earlier this year and it's doing no good. it is doing no good because the department of homeland security secretary and president biden
10:59 pm
are failing to execute the laws of the united statesf they shoud be impeached for it. you saw the exchange between may orchids. when he couldn't answer any questions and he lied. he lied about how many are being released and how many people are got a raise, the 400,000 i completely incompetent and we know what's actually going on. >> of course we do. it is so degrading. there's nobody in this administrationon care about the country? sincerely. >> honestly have to recognize that this president and secretary are -- and it is our job to take her back end of a set of sovereign nation the secures the border that doesn't allow migrants to get abusing cartels to get rich. let'sy have a strong border, a strong atmosphere, by china and do was good for the american people and set of that this president is doing and let's be clear every republican out there we should impeach him as soon as
11:00 pm
we are in the majority of the house we should pass actual border security or key should be kicked out of office. >> exactly. shows some self-respect. great to see you. >> god bless. we are out of time that lupus you every weekday. you know what it is. have a great night. ♪ ♪ >> welcome to this special edition of "hannity." the liberal policies failing americ i'm tammy brucel in for sean a breaking tonight, new travel restrictions from eight african countries to the united states have been put into place amid speculation about a new covid v we will have full coverage late in the show.


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