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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  November 26, 2021 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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edition of the ingraham angle. >> greg: oh, i don't give a damn. happy post thanksgiving friday. i hope you feel as fat as i do. oh, i'm filled with gravy and self-loathing. to the monologue, shall we? so, he lied about helping a homeless vet and now must pay a big ole debt. it was a kind gesture anyone
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could applaud, but it turned out the be a giant fraud. this week, a new jersey man, aren't they all -- pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit wire fraud and a case that captivated the country. actually, it captivated a naive media who will believe anything that matches their assumptions. but if any of you heard this story, you knew it was as fake as kim kardashian's butt -- or half of her butt. back in 2017, mark damico and his ex-girlfriend cooked up an entire story to raise money for a homeless guy using gofundme, the same site that shut down the rittenhouse defense fund, if you like to keep track. the down on his luck veteran gave them his last $20 for gas. see, the homeless guy gave him gas. they started a gofundme campaign to pay it forward and raised money to get the veteran off of the streets. it's like what joe did for
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hunter in china. so, of course, media outlets picked up the story and covered it like the heartwarming tale it seemed to be. >> an act of kindness from a homeless veteran is now getting national attention. >> this is a feel-good story. >> what if we started a go fund me for this guy? we set it up in the car on the way home. >> you're going from zero, literally, to $300,000 some odd. >> like winning the lottery. >> johnny bob bit was down on his luck. but this morning, after one random act of kindness, thousands of people are pitching in to help the homeless veteran with the heart of gold. >> the homeless veteran living on the streets in philadelphia, teaching an entire nation about what it means to give. >> anyway, it wasn't true. it turned out to be as heartwarming as a stint filled with hot bacon grease. like the nigerian prince who said he wanted to marry me and give me a dowry of $25 million,
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the story was too good to be true. i flew to meet him in amsterdam. he stood me up. i had a hell of a time getting the goats back through customs. turns out, they made it all up and defrauded 14,000 donors out of 400,000, money that bankrolled vacations, new bmw, clothes, other stuff, possibly a hunter biden painting or two. bob bit was on the street and only saw a fraction of the money they raised. go fund me became go [ bleep ] yourself. back in 2019, the ex-girlfriend and the homeless guy pleaded guilty of conspiracy to commit wire fraud for their involvement and awaiting sentencing. he won't be homeless then, i guess. three meals. as for damico or whatever the hell his name is, he's facing 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine and job at cnn probably when he gets out. pushing hoaxes is the profit model no matter how many people it harms. so what is the lesson here?
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now, if the story is too much on the nose, it's probably complete crap. back when the story came up, we did it as a one more thing on the five, which means we probably didn't cover it too closely. we were too busy combing geraldo's mustache, it takes 12 hours and four men. sounds like a weekend. we live in media landscape where if someone wants it story to be real, they will assume it's real. every story driven by a false narrative born of a journalist who loves telling it. fact is, there are no facts anymore when stories are told. the steele dossier created a whole slew of cognitively biassed idiots. as the facts fall apart, they clung to it like stelter on a doughnut. they wanted so badly to believe that hookers beed on trump that they were happy to poop on the truth and it was the american public who got stuck with the dirty laundry.
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welcome tonight's guests. he's so handsome, he turns semper fie into semper fine. the fox news contributor, joey jones. when he performs on cruise ships, they aim for the icebergs. comedian joe mackey. he's going to turn black friday to blackout friday. fox news contributor, pat gibbs. and his sign is may flower. host of enough said on fox nation. so, joey, as a veteran, does this offend you that -- it's an insulting story in a way that
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the story was based on the fact that no homeless guy would give you $20. he did, he's a veteran. he was so crafted. >> listen, not only is the story [ bleep ]. but it's like smells of [ bleep ] number one, if a veteran walks up to a woman that like forgot to put gas in her car and can't get home, he's going to give her a lecture. it doesn't matter if he got money or homeless or not. he's going to explain all of the ways she screwed her life up to literally not have money to put gas in her car when they get home. he's going to say, you know what, i know this problem exists. that's why i don't have a car or a home. i fixed this problem before i had a problem. maybe you should too. maybe you should leave this car and live in my tent over here. that's what the veterans are going to say. if i gave money to this cause, all i would want is for the guy to keep his 20 the-year-old truck and the trailer they gave him to live in. like that is hilarious.
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he got a veteran's dream, living in trailer, got a truck. i want the guy to have it. >> greg: they took advantage. when you heard this story, mackey. or maybe you didn't hear this story because you're too busy doing drugs or some weird orgy. but -- >> the people that brought this guy in and interviewed him, i'm sorry, this is important, a whole government agency you can write an e-mail and find out if somebody is a veteran. >> greg: he might have been a veteran, i don't know. >> we didn't write that e-mail. >> now i'm worried. cut that part out. >> greg: what did you think? >> glad you bailled me out of that orgy. i had nowhere to go with that. my private life, i like to keep private. i would appreciate it -- going forward, we respect that. i tell you what, i think that when you have stories that i think are intentionally wrong,
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that happen all the time in media. then you have stories that i think are -- it's not that they didn't get duped, it's that they didn't really do the work. it's just like -- i got duped, you know, when they said, you have your tonsils out, you get to eat all of the ice cream you want. but ice cream hurts my teeth. it doesn't feel good on a hole in your throat. so, what's happening here is they have local journalists, they don't get paid that well. the stories are used for free on social media. they get to keep all of the ad revenue. so people are pressed for time. they don't have time to check the facts. basically, when the national news hears a feel-good story, they click the retweet button, they don't do any due diligence themselves. that's why i don't trust any good news. i only like bad news. >> all bad news is real. >> it's true. >> tough world. >> hard to make a fake obituary. i tried. >> the hypocrisy kills me.
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yeah, they were wrong. but that's nothing different than you mentioned the dossier, right? how many democratic politicians ran on we're going to get them, we're going to do these things. and how many people sent checks believing that this was true? they kept all of that money. they profited from it. they took vacations with it. we found out it was a lie, we found out it was my truth at the time. but regular americans do it. they're wrong for doing it. but they have to go to jail for 22 years and be ashamed and a republican -- a politician can just run again. it's ridiculous. why are we so mad at them? s this this is what our government -- >> adam schiff did every day. >> they called him. he said you have to wait for the movie to come out. >> it's true. like nothing like this compares
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to the five years of that. or any of the stuff that -- >> how many dollars and lives were ruined? >> this reminds me. this is the opposite of a hate crime host. hoax. that ticks the box of certain news people. this did the same thing. this was a love hoax. >> yeah, in a way, they really complemented the homeless community. this guy really was homeless. they were giving him some money. they kept more for themselves. if he says something, he's going to get in trouble too. they counted on the homeless drug addict to not do anything erratic. they respected the man. he said something. they were taking helicopter rides on the grand canyon. they were not inviting the bum. >> he got greedy.
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>> they got him like $400,000. i couldn't tell if it was $75,000 total. they specified a 1-year-old truck and trailer to live in. >> he spent some of it on drugs, because of course he did. >> that's all he ever wanted. >> going back to what joey said. >> it's not a bad life. don't judge me for saying that. >> he wanted on the helicopter. >> he said, look, i can see my trailer from here. >> we thought you wanted to be high. we didn't know like in a helicopter. >> i would take the drugs over the helicopter. >> they were buying luxury handbags. they did not buy one for him. >> no, they didn't. >> all right, i think we solved nothing. >> no. >> but it felt good. up next, you lie about shows you stream to boost your self-esteem.
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>> greg: are you telling a fib about what you watch in your crib? a british poll, my favorite kind, joe, found that 52% of people lie about watching popular tv shows in order to impress others and appear cooler. the most glad about shows were stranger things, game of thrones, breaking bad, the crown, and schitt's creek. some people lied about seeing my show. the punishment will be to watch this over and over again. more people saw that here than there. thank you, i will take it.
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i will take that. desperate plea for applause. i don't have this problem of lying people about what i watch. i watch endless episodes of the golden girls completely nude. i get out of the shower and sit on the remote. it sounded better when i wrote it. but it just goes to show, most people are desperate to be accepted and not just cat. you can watch her on the real house wiveses with fake hair. >> oh, i am a real housewife. >> with fake hair. >> yeah. >> maybe some people are sick of others badgering them to watch certain shows, which is understandable. >> hey, did you get that game of thrones meme i sent you? >> deleted it. i told you, i never watched game of thrones. >> what? you've never seen it? it's like saying you never saw downtown abbey or stranger things or west girls or veronica mars. >> like i told you a million
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times, i didn't watch any of that garbage either. i'm selective and i only watch tv that i consider to be a work of art, the creme de la creme. now, if you'll excuse me. >> he has that effect. why -- why -- okay. there's two instincts here. there's the person that has to have you watch these series. you mean, you haven't watched the queen's gamut -- or the king's gamut. i watch it, it's terrible. what does it matter. then the other thing is why do we lie? >> because we don't like the person who's asking us. we say i saw it, it sucks. then we move on. so, for you and me, it's a little different. we're select movie critics of the highest order. >> that is true. >> we discuss just everything.
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>> way over your head. i won't even boar you with the intellect. and it doesn't bother us that other people in our house hold go what the hell are you watching and leave the room. no one asks us to watch something. we will watch it and judge you as a person how you recommended it. it was a poor little sound guy, we'll call him deon, remember. he tried to join the movie crew. check out the models. i didn't see it. gutfeld sent me an e-mail and he said, this was horrible. i went with it. together, we destroy him as a person. how dare you? that movie was terrible. >> it was the worst movie i have ever seen. >> he asked me, which part did you watch? all of it? i was offended, right, greg? greg told us the rest. that's how we roll. >> exactly. exactly. mackey, do you lie about this sort of thing? >> greg grut felt, i don't have to lie to impress people, okay?
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in fact, recently, a beautiful lady approached me and said, have you ever watched game of thrones. and i said, no, i don't care about it. that was when i seduced her. that's how i impress people. i lie about seducing women. >> it works. on the edge of my feet. >> that one took me for a ride. >> i didn't know where i was going. >> no girl? >> no. nothing happened and i'm a terrible liar. that's why when people are like, did you watch that show? oh, the saved by the bell where kelly was pregnant? >> wait, kelly was pregnant? >> no. >> you got me again. >> i get overwhelmed, cat, when i turn on -- when i go to netflix, there's too many options. by the time i've gone through 20, i no longer want to watch. 45 minutes i spend clicking on crap. i realize, we have more variety but we have no quality.
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right? no quality. >> probably. yeah, i love the stuff that sucks. >> you do? >> what are you watching? >> no, that's good. but there's no pregnant teens in that, you know what i mean? >> we got them all. right here. >> cool. i'll move there. >> day cares in high school, it's cool. >> awesome. teen mom -- teen mom 2. you know, teen mom, young and pregnant. >> we see the teen moms come back in their 20s and give advice. >> some of the teen moms -- a long time. they're all rich. they've been teen moms for so long. it's boring. i still watch it. i don't lie to impress. i do lie sometimes. i do say yeah, babe, i already saw it so what follows is not, let's watch this together since you have not seen it. yeah, babe, saw it. you can turn on the teen moms again like you really wanted. >> it's really weird to watch a
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movie you've seen with someone who hasn't watched it and you start to get irritated and not paying attention. >> this is good. this is good. >> we want alone. >> you have to watch movies alone. >> not to be rude, but isn't teen moms 3 grandmas? >> no. >> they're turning 30 now. >> the teen moms are turning 30. >> 30 something grandmas. >> yeah, there's baby daddy drama and so on. but it's not -- some of the netflix 3. >> there's a dude out there with multiple teen mom baby mamas. >> it's not me. >> i want to get your opinion on this story. do you lie about what you watch? >> i do not depends on the question. in this context, i do not lie about what i want. what i will do, i watch this work-around, i watchever episode of every show. you met all of the cast and you pretty much know the plot. breaking bad, i did it.
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yellowstone, i did it. don't mention yellowstone, this week was a bad week. >> i hear it's a terrible show. >> i heard a lot of murdering and -- >> i love breaking bad. >> kevin costner is a saint. >> i like kevin costner. >> haven't talked to him in a while. got to get back to him. hi has my sweatshirt. >> the mailman, right? >> water world, mailman, right? >> on speck, by the way. >> the only thing i would stream are shows about streams. >> streaming shows, there's a fox nation network. everybody should check it out. >> what's it called? >> fox nation? >> do you have a show on there? >> yeah, a couple, yeah. you can watch me and my celebrity friends kill animals on fox nation outdoors. >> the best streaming -- i'm going to be sincere. the best show to stream is like old episodes. only old episodes of colombo. if you get to a colombo groove, there's no way out. the plot, everything is the
8:24 pm
same. you get to see people like william shatner or jack cassidy. >> i wrote colombo and -- >> it's got to be mat lock then. >> i'm not a mat lock. >> murder she wrote? >> stop it. >> murder she wrote. >> angela lansbury. >> you're a pervert. >> you are calling someone a pervert. you have a capital p tattooed on your chest from pervert. >> i wanted to be a superhero pervert. >> coming up, our alerts from candy crush turning your brain to mush? ♪ yeah i feel free ♪ ♪ to bare my skin, yeah that's all me. ♪ ♪ nothing and me go hand in hand ♪ ♪ nothing on my skin that's my new plan. ♪ ♪ nothing is everything. ♪ woman: keep your skin clearer with skyrizi. most who achieved 90% clearer skin at 4 months had lasting clearance through 1 year. in another study, most people had 90% clearer skin at 3 years. and skyrizi is 4 doses a year, after 2 starter doses.
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♪ it's my moment so i just gotta say ♪ ♪ nothing is everything. ♪ skyrizi may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or symptoms, such as fevers, sweats, chills, muscle aches, or coughs or if you plan to or recently received a vaccine. ♪ nothing is everything. ♪ woman: talk to your dermatologist about skyrizi. learn how abbvie could help you save.
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>> greg: your thoughts won't get traction when your phone is a distraction. according to "the wall street journal," owned by our parent company, eggo waffles, notifications are driving us crazy, making it hard to get anything done in the work place. the article says, we're on alert
8:29 pm
overload with smartphone notifications constantly inundating our brains and derailing our train of thought. worse, it's derailing our train of thought. it also notes you should ask your boss to give you breaks from notifications which is a great idea unless you work for me. if you don't answer my queries, i will come to your house and defecate on your front porch. i might do that you answer my queries in under five seconds. i have problems. but if you can't take a break from your phone, you can always do what this woman did. >> i hereby denounce the effects that social media have on my children the disobedience and disrespect. >> i don't know what happened there. i support her right to do
8:30 pm
whatever she did. good to see my first wife is getting on with her life. >> joe, are you glued to your phone? is this a distraction? i don't know -- >> yeah. probably. i'm glued to my phone. but my phone has been on silent since 2006. it takes one moment of a phone going off in what we call our camouflage trousers standing in formation to traumatize you for the rest of your life. i will never do it again. my phone has been on silent and no vibrate since 2000. >> if it goes off, you get in trouble. >> this is the most self-imposed infraction someone can have. you have full control over notification. i don't have one app that has notifications turned on. you get ahold of me when i decide you can get ahold of me. and if it's instagram or facebook or emergency phone call, i will make my way to it and then we'll figure it out. >> i disagree. >> you disagree with a veteran. >> yes, i am. >> who risked his life for our
8:31 pm
country. >> tell me again why you hate america. >> i don't hate america. i just hate the truth. -- i just hate the troops. >> i'm glad we distinguished that. we made a very important difference. >> you put that out there, oh, my god. >> i don't have full control over anything i do. that's point one. point two, you can lose more time when you turn off all notifications. anyone do this? you turn them off. you look like, okay, it's been enough time you have to see people want to hear from and nobody texted you. >> you leave a little number on the -- the icon. >> it takes more time to dig yourself up out of that hole of sadness. >> but you know what, you have to let things grow in order to appreciate them, if you keep looking, it's going to be like one, you come back, there's 15. whoa, i'm popular again. >> come back and there's none. >> old people should not have notifications. when b my mom's phone goes off,
8:32 pm
it's like a submarine coming out of the water. the lights are flashing, the house is vibrating. it's like, you have a text from diane. >> go -- you seem to me like a highly technical kind of guy. do you think we have been able to catch up -- the human body. is this about the human body not being able to catch up with technology? we keep treating a notification like it's a doorbell ringing? i got to answer it. but it's not. >> you're on to something, greg. it does distract me. i get distracted by my phone so often by ladies trying to hit on me. i'm almost glad you don't pay me that much. >> you are quite the lady's man. >> you got a body like this. >> it's selfish not to share. >> i'm like -- the phone is to us, to ladies.
8:33 pm
>> that was one of the worst analogies but somehow i understood it. are we rewiring our brains by this little machine in our hands? >> you know, greg, that is a great question. i refuse to. i understand why cat loves her phone, it was her best friend for a long type. when it called or notified, it was her phone's way of saying, i love you. you matter. i have a different relationship. i hate the little [ bleep ] every time she hits me up, she calls me, it's bad news, a pill, a new child. nothing good comes from note fill -- notification. i prefer when your phone was connected to the wall and how much you stayed in contact with people was dependent on how long your phone cord was. so if it only went to the living room, that's it.
8:34 pm
>> you know what? here's the worst part. you check in and says call me after the show. like what is that -- what happened? what happened? >> call me when you have a minute. again, as someone who has been notified of a child through text, i was a marine, lived that to the fullest. you get traumatized. maybe just hey, pick up some lightbulbs or some butter on the way home. >> you knocked me up. >> pregnant, your husband is pissed. call back your brother. >> your pup is calling to ask what's up. that's next.
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>> who's that calling on your phone? it could be rover asking for a bone. it's true, you can get a zoom call from your mutt and see him
8:39 pm
lick your butt. or his butt. dr. illeana douglas from the university of glasgow. yes, that illeana isrsky douglas developed a new device called dog phone which allows her 10-year-old labrador, zak, to video chat from her home unlike other pet cams, dog phone allows the dog decide when he wants to talk by shaking a ball that automatically starts a video chat on the lap top, making things weird for jeffrey toobin's dog. douglas said it was initially exciting to get calls from zak, but then it became a bit more emotional in the end when zak would not call her. issing she blamed on him being confused. yeah, right. it's bad when you're the clinging one in a relationship with your dog. whatever you need to tell yourself.
8:40 pm
honestly, she sounds like a crazy cat lady. meanwhile, dogs are entering the world of technology and social media. it's a matter of time before they do what humans do and create their own pornography. [ applause ] you're applauding dog porn. what kind of audience is this? >> you know exactly what audience this is. >> you made videos of dogs into dog porn. >> yes. the music made it work, cat. you think we're ruining dogs'
8:41 pm
lives by introducing them to social media? >> yes, my dog is on social media, i don't run the account. i face that with my dog enough. when cam worked from home, i would facetime. this is not about me. i don't care. >> what did the dog -- what if the dog starts to crave the attention. is he going to be like every other person on instagram, always trying to show off? oh -- why are we putting this on the dogs, man? >> yeah. >> the damn dog thinks he's biting it and he's going crazy. >> like fireworks. >>ever time i bite into this, what are you doing? i wonder why he doesn't touch the ball anymore. he's in the corner rocking. the house is haunted. every time he goes to chew on the favorite chew toy, the owner walking out the door, screaming at him. confused. this is horrible, this is what happens when people don't go to therapy. listen, he left. he's not coming back. get over it.
8:42 pm
you kept his dog despite him because he wanted to move on and the dog doesn't like you so you thought it would be a good idea to call him when you leave. yeah, because the dog gets it. yeah, this is about her. please, no one do this to your dog. >> it is funny, though, the concept. >> do it to your husband. >> how destructive this is. like what would be a great idea? dog fireworks? wouldn't dogs love their own fireworks? >> vacuum cleaners get a terrible idea. >> you love one. >> i have to try it. didn't want to just judge without knowing. i tell you what, it's not the dog phone ruining this dog's life. it's the dog's owner, instead of spending time with the dog, went to a university and somehow got funding to make a dog phone. how does that even work? i want to -- i need money? why? i need to make a phone my dog can call me on. i'm listening.
8:43 pm
>> could you imagine, greg, take your favorite thing. every time you grabbed your pen, your wife would show up. hi, honey, what are you doing? could you imagen? that's what's happening to dogs. >> again, it's not my pen, though. >> all right. >> you know what? >> it's thanksgiving. >> it's a day after thanksgiving. >> i don't know -- >> this is jjj as i like to call you. >> you brought up a good point. you kind of touched on it. i was so surprised that american tax dollars didn't pay for this. that's what surprised me. we didn't pay for this [ bleep ] not only is this the stupidest thing we ever heard, but think about it -- we're so miserable with our own mess in creating our space phone, judging ourself, letting everyone to
8:44 pm
hate us. now you have to worry about your lab being upset because he couldn't learn the latest shuffle for tick toning or maybe my frenchy will be pissed that he doesn't get to have fun either. i got to put him on medicine now. all of the things that come with social media. >> with a teenager. >> they're going to change the hair color and their gender. they get that confused, you know? >> dogs love you because you pet them and feed them. not because they can see you on a screen because they don't understand. so, like they're going to realize you're not there and like that's the perfect time to like bee on stuff. >> you know, that's the -- >> better things to do. >> you're not around. >> i'm convinced every time i leave, my dogs think, i'm not coming pack. i close the door, and my frenchy is like, i'm going to tear some [ bleep ] up. doesn't matter what it is, he's going to tear it up.
8:45 pm
>> dogs are man's bes friend. if you introduce him to the internet, you're done. >> gets more likes than you, the dog goes to the pound. >> yeah. >> my dog sexting with the neighbor? no. >> disgusting. >> great to go over to your neighbor's house and -- >> could you explain this picture to my dog? you're sick, man! >> your french foodle is a slug. >> and -- >> i'll have you know -- >> our frenchy is 1-year-old. that's 7. your french poodle is eight. that's disgusting. >> you get a text. i love him. >> but i love him. >> pedophile in dog years. >> you're a poodle-file. >> where am i?
8:46 pm
black friday, almost saturday. up next, a song from sting and the boys, the ultimate background noise.
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8:49 pm
>> what's the perfect sock to play any time of day, the search was extensive for the song least
8:50 pm
offensive. it's a song about a creepy stalker -- not you, joe. the people, not the pastry, every breath you take by the police is the most popular tune regardless of the time of day. if you ask me, that song is police brutality. shoot me. there's a reason sting is one letter away from stink. scientists analyzed 4 million tracks and found out there's different songs we listen to. listeners like slow songs in the morning and upbeat tracks in the day and celine dion if people are considering suicide. every breath you take all day long because it's medium tempo and being groovy, but not too groovy. who wrote this? you can put up a vision board about people who you're planning on murdering to it. if you need a refresher, here's a clip. >>. ♪ every breath you take
8:51 pm
every move you make every bond you make every step you take i'll be watching you ♪♪ come on! >> wow. >> oh, joe mackey, is this your go-to song. >> first of all, greg, that inset against celine dion will not stand. she's canada's queen of song. i love her catalog. i it will you this. when i had a stressful day at work, i light a scented candle. i hop in the tub, i put on some meat loaf. i will do anything for love but i won't do that. i have no idea what it's about. it gets the blood pumping. thing you won't do, i assume, is intercourse. >> an i talked to meat loaf about this. and i asked him, what's the thing? he said he never understood why nobody knew what the thing was because he said what the thing is in the front part of the song
8:52 pm
and then he sing, sing, but i won't do that. there's too much space wean the lyrics. so nobody could remember what the thing was. >> you can't remember what it was either, can you? >> no, i can't. >> it's murder. >> you kept talking. >> i forget. >> what do you think? i don't know. lisa benson's song. >> no one pays attention to lyrics. i hear that cool -- you hear the cool black and white video and he's playing the instrument and saying every breath you take. not if you just continue to go on. there's news following her everywhere. and she will not -- even if he has to take her life away, they'll still be together. but that's fun to play with the kids driving in the car and everybody sings together. >> this is -- we hear the chorus and we forget about all of the stuff. that's why even with the meat loaf song, we pay no attention that he's willing to do anything else but murder. but there's a lot of things in
8:53 pm
there between murder and hugging that you shouldn't probably do. i listen to ice cube and stuff during the day to get hyped. then led zeppelin. i never ends. >> i listen to this land is your land. >> oh, my god. how funny, white guy listens to this land is your land? and then how does it end? my land. mm-hmm. mm-hmm. >> i hate that song with every fiber of my being. that's all they played when you were a kid is like -- the sing along, cat. remember? >> we were not a kid at the same time. >> no. no. >> the song is actually about stalking. >> it's stalking everyone. >> i never put it on. >> i heard it 1,000 times. there's no escaping the song. >> it's stalking you. >> it's stalking you.
8:54 pm
>> kind of impressive, though. i think it's mediocre, to be that mediocre and be that pervasive? >> sting is a nudist. think of a song, think of him nude. he opens it door naked. i know that for a fact. a friend of mine opened the door and he walks around letting the wind hit everything, you know? >> he has a wind machine indoors? >> that's what they call me? >> oh, no. >> oh -- i need a shower. >> i know a locker room nearby. >> okay. >> joey? where am i going? >> on -- home, hopefully in maybe to the gun range. >> i will meet you there. >> do you think there's a song that does it for you that -- >> that does what? >> i don't know. >> you need a different song for
8:55 pm
different things you're going to go do. i listen to both genres, country and western if you can't tell by the way i talk. i know few things are true when it comes to music, broadly popular songs are trash. that's for sure. there's a netflix documentary, it's a nordic country that is responsible for every hit since back street boys. and the premise is, they come one the music first, like you said, and then they just fit the words in where they fix. english is their second language. so i want it that way -- you want it what way? nobody cares, nobody is listening. hit me baby one more time. nobody know what is the hell she's talking about. hit me back on the cell phone one more time. if english is the second language, you start throwing words out like screw this. we need these four words and that's it. this song is probably in this genre. the trash music that sound good in the background. >> it's a well crafted pop song. i listen to the police, i enjoy
8:56 pm
it. i was going to tell another story but i shouldn't. >> it's still around. >> it's still around. not like it's tiffany. >> no, god forbid. poor tiffany. don't go away. we'll be right back. for what i how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric. turmeric helps with healthy joints and inflammation support. unlike regular turmeric supplements qunol's superior absorption helps me get the full benefits of turmeric. the brand i trust is qunol. like pulsing, electric shocks, sharp, stabbing pains, or an intense burning sensation. what is this nightmare? it's how some people describe... shingles. a painful, blistering rash that could interrupt your life for weeks. forget social events and weekend getaways.
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wonderful weekend. ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to washington, i'm mike emanuel in >> good eveningment. i'm bret barry. growing concerns of a more transmissble variant of the coronavirus lead to massive losses on wall street on what is traditionally a strong economic black friday. as millions of americans head to public shopping facilities in search of bargains, in uh fears that the new strain could be more contagious than the current virus. the u.s. is joining other countries in restricting air travel from south africa where the variant appears to be


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