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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 26, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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happened? >> the boat went down. the guy jumped and the boat went down. >> he must've hit the wave and he's popping up at the top and then the wave drops. >> that does it for us, we will see you on monday, you have a wonderful weekend. ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to washington, i'm mike emanuel in for bret baier, we are following two major stories growing concerns about a potentially more transmissible variant of the coronavirus lead to massive losses on wall street in what is traditionally a strong economic black friday as millions of americans had to public shopping facilities in search of bargains, there are new fears this new strain could be more contagious than the current virus, the u.s. is joining other countries restricting air travel from south africa with a variant
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appears to be originating. we begin tonight with correspondent jonathan serrie. >> today the world health organization identified this emerging threat, it gave it the name omicron and identified it as a variant of concern. >> what we do know is this variant has a large number of mutations and the concern is that when you have so many mutations that can have an impact on how the virus behaves. >> both mutations contain changes to the spike protein, although researchers are determining the actual threat, oma krohn's through southern africa concerns the british health minister. >> the early indications that we have is it may be more transmissible than the delta variant and the vaccines that we currently have may be less effective against it. >> international health officials are redoubling their efforts to get most of the world
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population vaccinated to. they faced challenges increasing supply in poor countries while encouraging demand in rich ones. nevertheless, health experts say vaccination is key to controlling the coronavirus and a slowing its mutations. >> the vaccines are going to continue to work against this variant, the question is how decrease to their effectiveness will be? they will work but they may not work as well. >> for now the highly infectious delta variant is what is driving most covert infections in the u.s., and michigan were colder temperatures are driving people indoors, the federal government is sending nurses, doctors and respiratory therapist to assist overburden hospitals. >> if we had 202 maca 300 in dearborn alone that would make us feel better, a thousand nurses would be fantastic. >> today, merck released a covid
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treatment pill, only 30% effective in preventing deaths in hospital, an fda advisory panel is scheduled to meet on tuesday to discuss whether to recommend the pill or fda authorization. >> mike: jonathan serrie live in atlanta, many thanks. wall street took a big tumble, the dow fell 905, the nasdaq dropped 354. the dow lost two percentage points, the s and p failed to win a fifth. the biden administration is bracing for another surge in the coronavirus pandemic by limiting travel from south africa and several other countries, jacqui heinrich is in the president on nantucket tonight, good evening. only hours after dr. anthony found she said u.s. health officials were seeking
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information from their south african counterparts about how this virus spreads and whether vaccines are effective against it, he made those recommendations to the president to. we don't know what was shared and what data was presented but it was enough to impose those travel restrictions starting on monday. >> we don't know a lot about it, except that it's of great concern and it spreads rapidly. >> president biden calling his decision to restrict travel from south africa and seven neighboring countries a precautionary measure until he has more information saying the medical team advised that should take effect on monday. biden telling americans concerned about the new omicron and variant the best way to strengthen protection is to get a booster shot as soon as you are eligible and for those not yet fully vaccinated, get vaccinated today, this includes children and adults. >> every american who is not been vaccinated should be responsible and to be
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vaccinated. everyone eligible for a booster shot should get the booster shot. i think it's a patriotic responsibility. >> the announcement follows a similar travel restrictions from a dozen other countries, biden making the case for intellectual property protection to be waived for coded vaccine so they can be manufactured globally, calling the news a clear sign the pandemic won't end without a global vaccines. news of the restrictions sent to global markets reeling taking the spotlight off balancing black friday sales expected to climb at a record pace this year despite soaring inflation. the president saying the stock market response was no shock. >> it's expected, it's what it always does when covid rises. >> democratic posters are spooked about inflation pressure in the white house to be more vocal about what levers they are pulling to address it to. while the white house consistently says president biden respects the independence of the fed to determine monetary policy, he revealed the day he is speaking to them.
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>> i talked to the fed about a whole range of things monetary policy and inflation. >> after the president released the barrels into the emergencies stockpile oil, the interior department laid out plans to make fossil fuel companies pay more to drill on federal land and water, it called for boosting the governments royalty rate possibly to come in line with oil and gas producing states but it notably does not recommend stopping new leases on federal land to address the climate crisis, that is something the president did campaign on. >> jacqui heinrich live at nantucket. black friday is one of the busiest shopping days of the year and a green flag to start the holiday scramble. fox business correspondent hillary vaughn is in rockaway, new jersey, tonight to tell us what she is seeing. >> black friday is back, holiday shoppers tired of being cooped up in quarantine last christmas,
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this christmas are crossing off their christmas list early and in person. i wanted to get out and get the experience, i didn't want to do everything online i wanted to get that holiday feel. >> that's part of the whole christmas experience, the month leading up to it, not just sitting on the computer and ordering. >> today is the official kickoff to the holiday shopping season but it looks different, door buster deals that people used to camp out overnight to grab are the ghost of black friday passed. several retailers stayed closed on thanksgiving instead of a one-day stampede of shoppers this season, it's been a steady flow of sales. business is trickling out deals weeks before thanksgiving. the national retail federation says more people are shopping in person this year, 64% of shoppers are expected to be out and about today, that doesn't mean that there aren't some thanksgiving shoppers, pumping prices from inflation, shipping snafus from supply chain or
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snowballing on the shopping season. >> many of the sale prices seem like the prices i was used to one or two years ago, it's a little bit harder to find some things. sold out, not in stock. >> my husband works in supply chain management, you have to start right now or you're not going to get. >> mastercard says in-store sales are up over 42% compared to last year's black friday, shoppers are not having a hard time filling up their shopping carts but when they get home they are going to have a lot of rapping to do. >> i hope you find a couple deals, hillary vaughn live in rockaway, new jersey, thanks very much. let's bring in fox news contributor dr. jeanette and investment advisor, welcome to both of you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> let's start with you, the
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omicron variant, how concerned are you? >> i am concerned but we we shouldn't panic, we shouldn't worry, we just need to be prepared and protect ourselves and the best way we can do that is of course getting your vaccine. what we know so far is this new variant has multiple mutations which might make it easier to gain access into ourselves and make us sick. we still need more data to determine if it will invade the vaccine or the current treatments we have been instilled in me to take precautions and protect ourselves by getting vaccinated and practicing common sense measures. >> the timing of this is tough, it's traditionally one millions of americans love flooding into public malls and we have a new variant, what about the economic impact? >> there's nothing like the words travel ban and lockdown to stop people dead in the tracks, we've seen lockdowns in europe, like austria. it's something that had to be watched very closely. we are just coming off a big
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pandemic a year or two and people want to get out, they want to spend, they want to enjoy themselves and you are seeing it in droves, 2.3 million people through the turnstiles on wednesday, a very good number -- that is meaningful for the business and the economy, we want to keep that going. this news can really put a fork in it, keeping fingers crossed it's not as bad as what some people are saying. >> let's play this clip from dr. anthony fauci from this morning. >> as soon as we find out more information we'll make a decision as quickly as we possibly can. you always put these things on the table but you don't want to say you're going to do it until you have some scientific reason to do it. that's the reason why we are rushing now to get that scientific data to try to make an informed decision about something like that. >> a matter of hours later the white house announces a travel ban from non-u.s. citizens from eight countries, does that
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suggest the experts saw something alarming? >> they put this band and a place which will take place on monday as an abundance of caution. they may find this is similar to the delta variant or the alpha variant or the u.k. variant, if they find it is not more lethal, not more contagious they can easily lift that band. as a precautionary measure they are putting this ban into place i think it will help to minimize the spread, we see an exacerbation of transmission of viral diseases with travel so i think a temporary hold on travel from these countries, botswana, the south african areas where we see this outbreak might be a good idea for the short term. >> speaking of travel, americans are paying a lot more at the gas pump, thanksgiving was the most expensive ever, the market dropped 905 today, what about the big picture economic impact of a new variant? >> it depends on if it comes
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here and if it really gets going away, i like what our government is doing, the number one job of the government is to protect the citizenry. the fact they are getting out in front of it is a good thing and who can stop dead in its tracks, i think the economy that really wants to get going will get going. when i go out and see how people feel and how they are spending, very important as how many people are traveling and there is a ton right now. it will go for 2022 in a good way. these outlier events, namely covid have to be watched very closely and i'm very, very happy they are erring on the side of caution. >> mike: merck and pfizer are going through approval for new antiviral pills, could they be helpful? >> absolutely, we have a new drug that pfizer is making, also from merck, these drugs have been shown to reduce the number of deaths and hospitalizations
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by up to 90% commit started early and the good thing is they are pills. you don't have to have an i.d. for attentive he started in early days of the diagnosis of covid, they can be very helpful. we just need to get an fda approved right away. >> mike: let's end on a positive note, did the markets overreact today and is it a great time to buy? >> i think longer term you never bet against america and american companies, so maybe we'll get some pickups and we'll end up with some bear markets along the way but 100 years of history saying eventually the markets are going higher and we are going to see ten fold moves forward that breakthrough technologies and medicine, liquid medical companies of done with the vaccine basically saving the world over the last year we will see a lot more of that going forward. >> mike: great to have both of you to dig deep on some top stories tonight, thank you so much.
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shopping mall in north carolina was placed in lockdown after a report of gunshots fired, city councilman said person was shot at southpoint small in durham, it's not yet clear the extent of that person's injuries. police said there is no further threat to the public. up next, getting a women's soccer team out of taliban-controlled afghanistan. first here is what our affiliates on the country are covering tonight. in los angeles, more than 100 firefighters battle a massive blaze on thanksgiving night. the flames tore through a commercial area where four adjoining buildings are located. officials said the same structure was the scene of a fire on tuesday. fox 6 in birmingham as authorities try to figure out how hundreds of fedex packages ended up in the alabama woods. the blunt county sheriff's office said packages of various sizes were found near the small town of hayden.
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this is a live look at miami, one of the big stories there tonight a pair of bald eagles at the zoo have produced an egg, others expected soon. if all goes well, the eggs will hatch between christmas and new year's day. that is tonight's live look outside the beltway from special report, we'll be right back as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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♪ ♪ >> mike: a bipartisan group of congressional lawmakers has arrived in taiwan despite warnings from china, michigan democrat melissa slotkin says her office received which he called a blunt message from the chinese embassy telling her to call off the trip when word of the stop was announced yesterday. the lawmakers are on a previously scheduled trip to japan and south korea. hundreds of afghan girls took entrance exams today for a turkish foundation in kabul that runs some of afghanistan's most highly regarded schools. this comes despite a delay by the taliban and allowing the 13-year-olds to return to the classroom. why women and girls rights are a
3:20 pm
major concern since the u.s. military withdrawal, we have a success story tonight. we look at how the afghan women's soccer team has made it to london, here is a senior foreign correspondent greg palkot. >> a big win for the youth soccer team, the girls plus coaches and family, 130 in all arriving recently in a london airport. a former afghan women's soccer captain helping called the plays. >> some other family members were killed or taken by the taliban so the danger and the distress was very high. >> after the departure of u.s. troops getting them out was not easy, they hid out in dangerous kabul, then were smuggled across the border to pakistan. all this taking a lot of coordination and funding. >> we have a position where we
3:21 pm
can do something about it, roll the dice, we didn't think about the full consequences of it. >> they weren't safe yet, temporary visas were running out, enter a high-profile rabbi from new york who's organization is active in social causes who got them a plane. >> i realize what is going on there, how horrible the situation is, and i know my parents and grandparents are holocaust survivors. they went through a similar situation. >> paying for the plan, she tweeted we are so grateful to bring these amazing, courageous women and their families to their new home. with u.k. officials sorting visas following the covid quarantine, the girls and family will start a new life here. the british leads soccer team even offering to get the girls back in the game. >> the list of those who helped
3:22 pm
save the team is long, they acknowledge there are many more left behind in afghanistan and they need more help. >> mike: many thanks. up next, president biden's reaction to even more trouble brewing between russia and ukraine. first, beyond our borders tonight. climate activist blockade amazon warehouses and three european countries, it is part of a global effort to pressure the e-commerce giant on one of its busiest days of the year to improve working conditions and end business practices that some say her to the environment. protesters break into a ministry building in beirut and remove a photo of the president from one of its main rooms, this occurs as lebanese currency hit new lows amid a worsening economic and political stalemate. hundreds of demonstrators in istanbul announced the turkish government's economic policies and surging cost of living, the protesters are mostly union members, the action comes amid rising inflation and high
3:23 pm
unemployment. some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight, we'll be right back voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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♪ ♪ >> mike: flood watch in effect tonight for much of western washington after a storm associated with atmospheric rivers threaten part of the northwest, many of these areas experience heavy damage with storms earlier this month, the national weather service is warning flooding is possible in
3:27 pm
seattle and elsewhere. breaking tonight, president biden says he will likely speak to the leaders of russia and ukraine about the ongoing tensions in the region, ukraine's president says russia has been planning an overthrow of his government. correspondent david spunt joins us with details. >> tensions between kiev and moscow have been going on for decades now, those tensions are escalating. ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky says he believes it's the russians who want to take him out via a coup d'etat. right now there are around 100,000 russian troops at the ukrainian border and they have been posted there for several weeks. on top of that, ukrainian president zelensky says authorities uncovered a plot by russia to launch such a coup. zelinski says he will remain in control. >> today there is intimidation,
3:28 pm
large-scale intimidation coming from some media platforms that there will be a war tomorrow. what do we need to know? we are fully in control of our borders and we are prepared for any escalation. >> president biden on thanksgiving holiday in nantucket, massachusetts, sup to be to the press a few hours ago, he made it clear the fight in eastern europe is a problem on his radar. >> i am concerned. we support ukraine territorial integrity, we support its ability to govern itself and we reject anything remotely approaching -- [reporter questioning] >> over the summer he held a one-on-one summit with russian president vladimir putin, the trickle of known each other for years and do not have a close relationship, a spokesman for vladimir putin denied any coup is in the works.
3:29 pm
jake sullivan spoke with his counterpart in ukraine and pledged full u.s. support helping the situation would be be escalated diplomatically, that is the keyword. >> mike: thank you very much. colorado republican congressman lauren boebert is apologizing for using anti-muslim language in describing a recent encounter with minnesota democratic congresswoman ilhan omar. she said she apologized to omar and anyone else she may have offended in the muslim community, a video clip on twitter account shows her using the term jihad squad, she said remarks inflame tensions against muslim americans, one of the big surprises in this months off year elections occurred in seattle, borders in the democratic city went against the grain in a big way, correspondent dan springer shows us tonight.
3:30 pm
>> when the bells were counted, the result was a resounding defeat for progressives, candidates for mayor, city council, and city attorney who pushed for defunding police were easily beaten by centrists, including and davison, the first republican elected in the emerald city in 34 years. >> are rules need to matter so business can operate, that is happening today. >> homelessness was the other big issue made worse by the pandemic and a city council that did away with navigation teams charged with clearing illegal and dangerous encampments. >> you're going to want to see results on the street, fewer people in need, you want to see more officers out in your neighborhood, you want to see more small businesses open and thriving. >> despite the victory for law and order, the newly elected leaders still face significant obstacles, the city council just pledged $10 million in the mayor's proposed budgets,
3:31 pm
mayor elect bruce herald promised 2,000 new shelter beds in his first year. current mayor jenny durkan promised 1,000 tiny houses but delivered just 73 largely due to strict environmental laws. >> you're going to see working people show solidarity with them. >> community leaders who support more police and prosecutions and far fewer tents have a message for council members who want business usual. >> i think they're going to think twice and let this be a wake-up call to them, it's your turn next when election time comes up for you. >> the next big test comes up december 7th with a recall election aimed at removing one of the two self-avowed socialists on the city council. if successful coupled with the moderates win it would deal a significant blow to the progressive agenda, in seattle, dan springer fox news.
3:32 pm
>> mike: concerns about a dangerous new coronavirus strain. him as we go to break, composer and lyricist stephen sondheim has died. "the new york times" reports the six time tony award winner passed away at his home in connecticut, the songwriter is known for reshaping american musical theater with some of his most popular works including company, into the woods, sweeney todd, and west side story. stephen sondheim was 91. we've been waiting all year to come together. happy holidays from lexus. get $1,500 lease cash toward a 2022 rx 350.
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♪ ♪ >> this is something that is in motion and we just arrange right
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now a discussion between our scientists and the south african scientists a little bit later in the morning to really get the facts because you're hearing a lot of things back and forth, we want to find exactly what is going on. >> mike: then there's this from writers on the new omicron variate, the world health organization on friday classified the variant detected in south africa as a sars-cov-2 variant of concern, saying it could spread more quickly than other forms. let's bring in our panel, byron york chief political correspondent of the "washington examiner" and the fox news media analyst, howard kurtz. your thoughts on a new variant at a time when a lot of americans have been together for thanksgiving and are looking to get out to the mall to go shopping for the holidays.
3:38 pm
>> first of all, thanks for having me, happy thanksgiving merry christmas and happy holidays to all. there are two things that are positive about this story. we were made aware of this it seems very quickly. it seems the w.h.o. and others are moving quickly not only to name this but give it some sense of how possibly transmissible this variant can be. the second thing you look at it, 25% of south africans are vaccinated, a little less than 60% of americans are vaccinated, 192, 193 million of us. this pandemic is indeed a global and if we are going to fight it and overcome what we are going to have to figure out a more robust ways to ensure that every citizen has an opportunity to take the vaccine. these variants are able to transmit in populations where people are not vaccinated. there's no guarantee he won't get the virus if you're not vaccinated but there is certainly much higher likelihood
3:39 pm
that you want to be hospitalized or die. i hope we all take a look at this and understand if we want to be safe from these things as americans we should all get vaccinated barring some powerful religious or health reasons for not doing so. >> the first reaction is it feels like we have seen this movie before. all the experts right now are stressing how much we do not know, is it more transmissible than other forms and most importantly does it do more damage, is it more harmful than other forms? early reports out of south africa may suggest that it's not. politically, i think you are going to hear republicans comparing what president biden is doing to what president trump did. in early 2020, in the early days of the pandemic, president trump imposed travel restrictions on china and later on europe. then vice president joe biden, candidates joe biden said this will not work, we do not need
3:40 pm
donald trump's hysteria and xenophobia. now of course, president biden has imposed travel restrictions on south africa and several other african countries. i think you will see political feedback on what he has done. >> one about that, is there a double standard in terms of travel bands? what what about the messaging now, does the white house have to alert people but not press the panic button? >> there is always this tight rope act because you don't want to scare people but obviously biden keeps pounding the drum on vaccinations. it seems like every time prognosticators say this pandemic is petering out there is another variant around the corner. it is clear we are going to have to live with this virus at lower levels for some time to come and the cities can't keep shutting down and students can't keep wearing masks all day long in class. to be the impact is president biden can't declare victory on the issue he ran against in 2020.
3:41 pm
that is important to know. the economy is bouncing back strongly, jobless claims down to a 52 year low but even with all of that, you have today, you have people spending money for black friday but even with all of that you have the market slide and you might mention of the top of the newscast, inflation making clear this recovery is rather fragile. >> what about the state of our economy? black friday today, the market took a hit, inflation is up, your thoughts. >> it appears to me that all of what he said is right, i don't disagree with anything but what you cannot deny is the economy markets are inextricably linked to this pandemic and to covid. the one where we as americans can ensure our economic and national security is to find ways to get vaccinated. i pushed back a little bit on one thing, i think president biden -- the politics should come into the fort at all but likely will.
3:42 pm
i hope president biden is doing something president trump did, i hope he owns up to it and i hope those on the other side own up to the fact that maybe we shouldn't pull back so quickly in trying to help every day middle-class americans if we have to have some kind of adjusted -- not shut down but modified way in which we do business going forward. >> is it possible travel ban's are good policy? your thoughts on the state of the economy? >> it could be they are a bad policy, whether the 46th or 45th president, is not entirely clear about that. as far as the economy is concerned, i tend to look at what happened on the stock market today as the kind of freak out that happens occasionally on wall street, a bunch of them happened last year and the bigger problem remains inflation for millions of americans who have seen not only all of the goods that they buy increasing in price but also the wage gains that may have gotten
3:43 pm
in the last couple of years just completely eaten up, counterbalanced by inflation. i think that remains the bigger, longer term problem. >> mike: up next friday lightning round, the media report card on the ahmaud arbery trial, the president biden's blind spots plus winners and losers. coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin. now in sugar free liquid. (tiger) this is the dimension of imagination. ♪ (vo) subaru and our retailers believe in giving back. that's why, in difficult times, we provided one hundred and fifty million meals to feeding america. and now through the subaru share the love event,
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>> white supremacist rome the halls of congress freely. speak of the majority of white people are in favor of this kind of violence. >> this is a warning shot that vigilante justice is allowed in this country. >> 18-year-old kyle rittenhouse, of to vigilante want to be. >> a rare moment of justice. this was a complete victory. >> it's hard to imagine coming to any conclusion other than the conclusion the jury came to. >> the ahmaud arbery trial ended with the conviction of three white men of killing a black man. how did the media coverage do on this story?
3:48 pm
>> it never reached the passionate debate of the kyle rittenhouse trial. pretty clear cut racially motivated killing, and people are saying the system worked. at the same time last year this got no national attention until that video leaked months after the murder itself. i do think it's noteworthy you see some people, left-wingers still not accepted in the kyle rittenhouse acquittal and president biden himself praised the ahmaud arbery verdict but said he was angry about the rittenhouse verdict and i think that kind of talk undermines the justice system. >> in fairness, president biden said he accepted the jury verdict, shared his views about what the he thought the facts were and what he sought in the press but he did accept the jury verdict. the press coverage of the rittenhouse matter, the press coverage of the ahmaud arbery matter, some covered more than
3:49 pm
others. i think it's important to note the first d.a. in brunswick, georgia, had been indicted, the state appointed a special prosecutor because the original d.a. is being indicted for obstruction of justice for knowingly and purposefully not bringing this case to trial, thankfully one of the defendants released the video -- i don't know why he did what he released the video, i think it might've been for whatever reason and we learned about it, that is how this case came to trial. for the jury won. >> i agree with the last thing that harold said, there was some shameful coverage and commentary especially on the rittenhouse case but in the end, i think a fair observer of both trials would look and say the jury system works in both cases, regardless of what your ideological predispositions were. i think both the juries reached the correct verdicts. >> mike: we asked our esteemed panelists on their predictions of president biden's unexpected blind spots between now and the
3:50 pm
end of the year. lead us off. >> i've been saying this for months but a lot of people now in the democratic party and other journalists saying biden doesn't make enough use of the media megaphone, he has it turned way down he doesn't engage much with reporters and therefore he is ceding the field to his opponents. he doesn't drive the news agendas the way he could. >> i think it's energy prices, i've been saying now i echoed the point i might've even said when senator manchin was saying it, they should reverse the keystone pipeline decision, they should upgrade the electrical grid, some of the top universities like carnegie mellon and others -- we have to focus on this not as a party but as a nation. >> your thoughts on potential blind spots for the president between now and the end of the year, the floor is yours. >> it's actually housing. this week "the wall street journal" published an article suggesting that biden administration wants to go back to some of the old days, the bad old days of housing policy like looser
3:51 pm
underwriting standards for mortgage and lower down payments that helped lead to the terrible housing crash in 2008. the idea is, please don't do it. >> mike: we've got a big spending bill, the president is trying to get across the finish line between now and the end of the year, does he get it done? >> if they don't get this done by christmas, it's a major defeat for biden and the democratic party. the infrastructure bill was a victory but it was held hostage by the progressive wing. i think in the end enough democrats will have to hold their nose and vote for it. >> he needs senator joe manson, senator kyrsten sinema, does that president get it done or does it slip to next year? >> senator manchin might be giving them a road map, reversing keystone pipeline and i'll support one a quarter, or a $1 trillion package. democrats should take the victory that's in front of them.
3:52 pm
>> up against the clock, quick response. >> democrats will not leave a trillion dollars in the table, they will spend it if they can. >> mike: time now for winners and losers, since you are in the studio, why don't you lead us off. >> my winter is the beatles, 50 years after they broke up a new documentary called "get back," behind-the-scenes footage all the fussing and fighting and feuding in the end, they managed to produce incredible music that still resonates today. jimmy kimmel managed to burn off some of his hair and eyebrows while making thanksgiving dinner. he did this once before, my advice is to take out, get takeout. >> mike: harold, winners and losers. >> spoiler alert, the winner is the jury system for all the reasons we stayed at the end my loser is the d.a., the indicted d.a. who almost didn't let this come to trial. my winter is going to be michigan, we are going to beat ohio state tomorrow at noon. >> mike: i was good to ask you
3:53 pm
about that, one of the greatest rivalries in college sports, the wolverines against the mighty ohio state buckeyes. byron, your thoughts. >> my winner is jerome powell, it looked like it might be curtains for the head of the federal reserve. he was originally chosen by donald trump which is two and half strikes against him in some circles but second a lot of progressives wanted to get rid of him but in the end, he won reappointment from president biden yuriko my loser is another d.a., john chisholm the district attorney in milwaukee county. for years he has won praise on the left forgiving low bail and low sentences to criminals. that is until he gave ridiculously low bail to darrell brooks who ended up getting out and allegedly attacking the
3:54 pm
parade in waukesha with his car, killing six people and wounding more than 60. a terrible decision on the part of john chisholm, the d.a. in milwaukee county. >> mike: a few seconds left, harold, is the fed announcement a big loss for progressives? >> the what announcement? >> jerome powell staying on. >> i think it's a great announcement, i still have michigan in my head as you were saying that -- [laughs] i think being reappointed is a good thing for the economy and a good thing for joe biden and a good thing for the population, particularly brown and black people in this country. >> mike: thank you, when we come back, notable quarter is. ♪didn't even notice,♪ ♪no punches left to roll with♪ ♪you got to keep me focused♪ let me be direct. why would you pay more than double for teeth straightening with invisalign?
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tony here from, taking to the streets to talk about credit. what's a good credit score? go. 600. maybe, if you're trying to pay thousands extra in interest rates. can your credit score impact your job? ooh, i know this one: no. oh no. is credit repair expensive? isn't having bad credit expensive? my man. cut the confusion, get started with a free credit evaluation at ♪ ♪ >> mike: it's friday, that means it's time for notable call to his. >> this is a worst-case horrific situation for law enforcement. in the blink of an eye it turns
3:59 pm
into a horrible tragedy. >> we are sad, we are confused, we are marching strong. >> he's sending a long-term message to us, in the message she's sending is ukraine will not become a part of nato. >> he created a hostile work environment in which it was almost as if the executive office was a frat house. >> if i could say one thing to you i would urge you to go back and watch the trial. >> how many barrels of oil does the u.s. consume per day? >> i don't have that number in front of me. >> by one independent estimate as you look at the true cost -- >> oil in louisiana and texas and the dipsticks are in washington, d.c.. >> love everybody! >> it's finally over but my son is gone forever. >> the macy's thanksgiving day parade is back. >> biden owns the inflation problem 100%, this is his bed,
4:00 pm
not someone else's. >> from the biden family to yours, happy thanksgiving, god bless you. >> mike: all in a holiday week here in washington, monday on "special report" the travel restrictions for the new coronavirus. take effect, thank you for watching "special report," i'm mike emanuel in washington see you back here 1:00 p.m. eastern on sunday, have a great weekend. ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime," i'm been dominant >> 401 years ago this month a group of courageous pilgrims crossed the atlantic, p was the mayflower. bold, daring, foolish, devout, essential to the founding of a new nation that would become the envy of the world. the year was 1620. europe was beginning a 30-year religious war that would raise its citie


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