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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 26, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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the moderate camp or even some democrats are really comfortable or feel good about. >> edward: kelly, inez, thanks for your time. unfortunately the commercial is coming whether we like it or not. thanks for your time. tune in to "cavuto live" tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. "the five" starts now. >> hello. i dagen mcdole with joe concha, sean duffy, jessica tarlov and joey jones. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." just when it felt like things were getting back to norma, here we go again. president biden announced monday that the united states is banning traveling from south africa and several other countries after scientists
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reported a heavily contagious strain of covid-19. the world health organization naming it omicron. so far there's fewer than 100 cases. it is sparking worldwide panic, spooking the stock market. biden pressed open why he's waiting until after the weekend to block people from coming in. >> we're going to be cautious, make sure there's no travel to and from south africa and six other countries in that region except for american citizens that are able to come back. we don't know a lot about the variant except that it's of great concern. seems to spread rapidly. >> why not do it now? why wait till monday? >> because that was the recommendation coming from my medical team. >> wait. aren't travel bans supposed to be racist? it wasn't long ago when democrats and the media denounced president trump for banning travel to and from china
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at the start of the pandemic and then candidate biden prom mythsed to shut down the virus. he was screaming about this the loudest. >> in moments like this, this is where the credibility of the president is most needed. this is no time for donald trump's record of hysteria, xenophobia to -- and fear mongering to lead the way instead of science. anybody responsible for that many deaths is shouldn't remain as president of the united states of america. >> donald trump waved the white flag of surrender to this virus. i've never going to surrender. we're going to beat this virus and get it under control. i promise you. >> joe concha, more people have died from covid this year than in all of last year. but again, a politicized virus. what do you say about the new variant? take it away. >> take it away? first, by the president's own words, he shouldn't be
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president. to your point, he's allowed more deaths this year than last year. i'm old enough to remember this tweet from joe biden. eight months in and donald trump still doesn't have a plan to get the virus under control. i do. that is huberus. no human being should say i can get it under control and the other cannot. this is the same president that promised to cure cancer. remember that? he said that on the campaign trail. if i'm elected, i will cure -- we will cure cancer. that is so audacious. as somebody that lost a more to cancer -- everybody lost somebody that we know. to promise things like this. the scary thing is people believed it. do we repeat the same mistakes that we have the last 20 months or do we learn from what worked and what didn't work as far as the virus is concerned and going after it and where is the pfizer pill, by the way? we should get that to market. >> because i'm a dork and i have nothing to do, i was reading up on oh i'll go to you on this.
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but this is -- i refuse to give in to the panic over this. the panic pedalling, the hysteria. merck's pill to treat covid when you have it should be out early december. pfizer's pill on the way. also fluvoxamine cuts death by 91%. marty makary was e-mailing me ant this. he said it was studied in two formal trials. there's no reason that anybody, including all variants, should die from covid ever. but why isn't this biden administration talking about that? >> i think that if you look at the benefit of covid nor the democrat party, they won the last election based on covid. changing election rules. so made it far easier to cheat and potentially steal different portions of the electorate. >> the election was stolen to be clear. >> do i think there was cheating in my state of wisconsin? hell yes there was cheating.
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did it change the results? i don't know. >> you don't know or you know? >> i didn't say changed the election results. i said -- >> can you fight about this in the break? we're on covid. >> my point is if you can impose broader rules in regard to elections that will benefit democrats. if you care about covid, we haven't when shut down the border and stop people coming over the border? we haven't we tested theme? they're just flying in to the country. why are we waiting to shut down travel from south africa? with covid, if you can shut down an economy, more people are dependent on the government. who is the party of government dependent? democrats. so they see this as a vehicle for them to win elections. >> jessica, you can go in. >> no. let him go to first. >> you can go first. i'll remember what i have to say. >> to sean's point, i worry
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about overreaction and people using this. again, when do people give up civil liberties when they're in fear to benefit certainly liberals that like that level of control and power. >> it's simple. covid drill is simple. the politics of covid and reaction, everybody is where they'll be on this. they're either afraid of it or have a healthy respect for it or they don't. the only thing that will change that for americans sitting at home is a personal experience one way or the other and that's probably the only thing that will change that. you get it, someone you know gets it. it's not a big deal. you were afraid of it and now you're not or you get it and someone dies from it and you didn't respect it and now you do. the only thing that i forgot and remember now is the doctor you trust. the one person that will not change your mind about covid is a politician. especially not a politician like joe biden who made it such a big part of his campaign and it's very obviously flipping sides on things like travel bans.
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that's what we expect from politicians now. especially with covid. so when it comes to the politics of covid, sitting at home deciding whether you're going to let the fear control your life or no respect at all, americans have figured that out. politicians won't change that. they're not going to do it on the bully pulpit with joe biden. this is a man that stood up there and really just destroyed president trump for everything he did to include a travel ban, everything from destroying him for doing it, calling it racist and then destroying him for not doing it quick enough. how can he do the exact same thing? if you do that as a leader of this country, do it with an explanation. stand up there, be a man and say listen, two years ago, i was wrong on this. but this is what i'm going to do. don't do it while you're walking and whistling with an ice cream in your hand. that's what that was. >> doctors think the new variant as it mutates, it mutates into more contagious variants. the head of the u.k. health
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secretary said they're concerned that it may be more transmissable and that the vaccines that we currently have may be less effective.but it's a lot of maybes. the variant has been out there a few weeks. a travel ban doesn't do anything, especially waiting till monday. >> well, i don't know who advised him about doing it monday versus today, which is obviously something in europe that they started down today and we're waiting and i'm sure he was talking to very smart people about that. the idea of it being a wait and see with the delta variant, which is ravaged the united states of america with something that people waited on. we still have 377 deaths per day. seven-day total is over 1,000. covid is still killing people. joe biden's main point was, covid is killing people that are not investigated. that was the main thrust of his argument. if you want to protect yourself against what is going and and what might mutate wherever it's coming from, the safest route to
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staying healthy is to get yourself and those people around you and you love and you're right, it has to come from family members and your personal physician to get them vaccinated. in terms of the differentiation of what went on with president trump, the response to the china travel ban was also coupled with the president calling it the wuhan virus, the china virus. >> where did it come from? wuhan, china. oh. >> but -- there was a -- >> it's politics is what it was. it was politics. >> a huge spike in attacks on asian americans. it happened all over this country. >> jessica, i'm going to stop you there. that was not related to donald trump calling it the china virus. who was making those attacks? one of the attacks was -- >> there were black people making those attacks. >> yes, black individuals attacking asians -- >> donald trump was president for all americans. as a liberal --
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>> the nearing over -- the more than -- 770,000 people have died in this country. five million people died around the world. that virus started in china and likely came out of a lab. there was possibly funded by the united states. joe biden repeatedly has got on calls with xi jinping and he doesn't have the stones to bring up the covid origins with the leader of china. that's who our leader is right now. >> donald trump has called xi jinping powerful, add mirable -- >> joe biden's job to get shots in arms. it was his job. he couldn't do that because he vilified it. 70% by july fourth and lied about it. we can argue about it all day but what people won't stand for is more lockdowns while
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♪♪ >> welcome back to "the five." president biden taking time away in his fancy dancy vacation in nantucket to repeat his america's back message on the most expensive thanksgiving in history. >> my phone is ringing. >> oh, my gosh. look who is calling. hello. >> wait a minute. hello, al. >> so good to -- thanks for calling. what is your message to the american folks on this thanksgiving day? >> my message is after two years, america is back. there's nothing that we can overcome, al. >> that was a spontaneous call. biden's allies trying to back up his out of touch comments.
2:17 pm
elizabeth warren says prices are up because of greedy corporations and not democrats. >> you want to buy a home, it will cost more. you want food on the table, costs more. gas in your car will cost more. thanksgiving turkey and now christmas presents all cost more. what they're doing to the price of goods and services has to be intentional with their crazy spending. >> jessica, i'm going with you first. isn't joe biden truly out of touch? in nantucket, $30 million estate -- >> it's not his house. >> but he stayed there. we're trying to pump up our cars and buy a ticket. he's in nantucket. out of touch? >> i'm sorry you're suffering so much. >> i am. i have kids. a lot of turkey. >> you do have a lot of children
2:18 pm
in a house for one. it's crazy. lord have mercy. eight more. so the bidens have been going to nantucket since 1975 just to put that in context, this is a long tradition. >> in a $30 million estate? >> so they are staying with friends -- >> we have to let her talk. >> let me go first. so people that are upset about this, i question are you upset that donald trump paid $141 on golf outings? someone that literally had a golden toilet in their house didn't aggravate people that upset that joe biden is hanging out with a billionaire donor. that's what people do. in a tradition that has gone for a long time. the real problem is when you go to the grocery store and the gas pump, you see prices are higher. the unemployment numbers, lower claims in 52 years.
2:19 pm
retailers will open more stores than close them for the first time since 2017. how do democrats work that out without telling people don't believe your lying eyes but saying there's positive things that happened in the economy and we hope post pandemic that we'll be back on our feet. >> i'll say that donald trump paid for the golden toilets. he never said he was from scranton. he owned it. >> you're not claiming that one. >> so things are so great, we're tapping the strategic oil reserve trying to pump more oil into the reserves so we can bring prices down. that doesn't sound like things are going well. >> it's only 50 million barrels use. energy secretary didn't know. 18 million barrel as day. so the president instead of calling al roker, maybe call the families that are suffering in waukesha that have people in the
2:20 pm
hospital, grandmothers killed in that crash. he's barely talked about that. i would have gone to wisconsin before i go to nantucket. he says america is back. i mean he thinks 1979. that's what we're dealing with inflation, supply chain, gas prices and an unstable afghanistan. so america is back, not quite, just over a quarter, 1/4 of this country says we're on the right track. if that is back, i'd rather be back in 1979. >> the golden toilet thing, wouldn't you get a duvet. >> that's a comfortabler. you mine a bidet. >> i don't care. >> i don't either. >> you're like the business expert here. let's talk about elizabeth
2:21 pm
warren saying it's the fault of corporations for rising prices. it's not the fault of democrats spending and borrowing. what is your take? >> of course you turn and blame profiteering because again, those evil businesses -- i suppose the government, if they took them over in a central plan, communist society, the government that has done a cracker jack job on the virus would do a better job. again, it's creative -- this is biden and company. create a problem, blame somebody else and then use demagoguery to shirk accountability. elizabeth warren using that language is just like joe biden be writing a letter to the federal trade commission saying you need to investigate gouging as if that is the problem. again, it's to deflect. biden has words now. the truth is in alpha. the truth is when you go to fill up your car.
2:22 pm
jessica brought up the jobless claims numbers. of all of the numbers, the jobless claims numbers -- this is the number of people filing for first time unemployment benefits. it was a big deal at the height of the pandemic when so many people were getting laid off. now it's laughable that they're trying to make a show out of that number when the real issue is people won't take jobs. there are almost 10.5 million jobs openings in this country. the jobless claims numbers -- the biden administration crowing about that is like you're losing 35-0 in a football game and you score in the fourth quarter a filed goal and then you're running around the field like you just won the super bowl. that is how idiotic it is. >> when we talk about being out of touch, harris is in paris. she bought a $375 serving dish and a $160 frying pan. >> setting herself up for the
2:23 pm
next career. her poll numbers are in the tank. she won't be in politics much longer. at the end of the day, don't spit in my face and say it's raining. fox news is a great place to get fair and balanced information. people are not saying things are bad because we're telling them that. they're saying things are bad because they're living it and worried. if you're the president of the united states, maybe show them that you can connect with that if that's what you ran on. donald trump didn't run on sharing or finances. he ran on the idea that he would say what we're thinking but afraid to say out loud. joe biden ran on saying he's scranton blue collar job, the poorest member of the senate when he left. a billionaire thanksgiving doesn't fit in a time unlike when donald trump was going golfing, people are worried about their finances. i reason 2017 and 2018. they were good years for me and more importantly good years for my family that has scratched and worked hard in this life, harder
2:24 pm
than i have. and that's where people are back. where is america back to? for a lot of people, 2009. that's what's tough. >> i have to think about that house in nantucket has a bidet. >> before we go to mend fences with jeff -- >> we have to go. >> every president has rich friends. they go to fancy places on vacation. everyone in modern history except for jimmy carter who was hanging out at his peanut farm. that's not -- the policy is the problem. >> and they channelled a little bill clinton and say i feel your pain. but we have to go. up next, hollywood liberal seth rogen is mocking the crime wave mocking liberal states. ♪♪ ♪ limu emu... & doug ♪ ♪ superpowers from a spider bite? i could use some help showing the world how
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>> seth rogen thinks the crime wave in california is hilarious. the actor said dude, i've lived here 20 years. you're nuts, ha-ha. it's lovely here. don't leave anything valuable in it. it's called living in a big city. meanwhile, california criminals don't need a black friday to get a deal this holiday season. there's more smash and grab rampages at stores all over the blue state. dagen, this person got his car broken into. is it funny? >> no. he gave a shout out to the west los angeles police department for recovering the things in his automobile. seth rogen is -- he deserves all of the hate and rid you'll that he's getting all over. i don't know if this is a great
2:30 pm
advertisement for his weed business. if you smoke as much dope as he has over the years, does it make you this stupid and soulless and incense tiff? he also can't shut up. i don't know if this is a good pitch for his cannabis companily. >> joe, you report on this. >> i do. >> is joe rogan just doing this to get this type of conversation going? >> joe rogan is but seth rogen is. >> i prefer the other rogan. but they both have the weed. is seth rogen to stir controversy does this a lot. >> twitter is the worst thing. there's no producer or an editor. maybe you shouldn't do that. it's free thinking. as someone who had his car stolen, i did last year out of
2:31 pm
my driveway. worst invention the keyless ignition. my stupid car, the rear view mirrors invert in when you leave the key in the car. >> it was your fault, joe. >> completely my fault. >> they recovered my car but it was crashed and crashed. seth rogen is worth -- he paid $8 million for his home in west hollywood. he sold -- he's wort $80 million, this guy. i haven't gotten my money back for the green hornet, neighbors 2, guilt trip with barbara streisand. maybe seth rogen has other cars that he can drive while his is stolen. >> if you read the comment, people chimed in with how this affected their lives. you know, you were a member of congress. >> i was. >> this problem -- is this a
2:32 pm
federal problem? can the federal government fix this or is it a state problem? >> these are county problems, state problems. the laws put in place to decriminalize crime gives you more crime. these are the same people that tell us who we should vote for. they do the stupid videos don't vote for donald trump. vote for joe biden. who do they recommend to vote for after these stupid tweets in vote for the other guy. they don't share our values. >> yes. vote for the other guy. >> i bet you sit rogan's house has a bidet. >> jessica, help us solve this riddle. should we accept crime? is that the dnc platform now? poor criminals, accept that. anything over $900 we might care about. you can do 900 at a time all day is. that the official platform now or -- >> no. it's not the official platform.
2:33 pm
we talked about eric adams getting -- soon to be sworn in, the new mayor of new york city ran on a tough on criminal and criminal justice platform. don't tell me crime is okay but also don't tell me the way we've been fighting crime is okay either. we can do better. we can reform the system. >> that's better than not fighting it at all. >> what is interesting about the seth rogen back and forth, a millionaire youtuber tweeted that his car was broken into. it was president an average person. casey said my car feels like an extension of me. but to a youtuber that makes more money than people -- >> it is. it's an extension of property. >> but belittling how someone feels about something that is so central how they get to work, how they take their families to
2:34 pm
school, how they see their families, et cetera. it's misguided. but he's not a politician. that's not the platform. >> but his a liberal giving his perspective. >> i don't care -- >> if you're rich or poor, it doesn't matter. i don't want my stuff stolen. >> no one -- >> for the people of california, i hope they figure it out. it's ridiculous. >> here in new york, too. the smash and grabs are all over new york city. >> the drug stores particularly. >> and the appliances stores. jessica said it best. do not attack the things we live. don't belittle someone's car gets broken into. >> i hope he quits making excuses for thieved and makes another knocked up movie. democrats are freaking out over the mid-terms after realizing their brand is broken. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> reo speed wagon. another red wave warning. politco said the democratic plan is broken. don't count on the president to bail them out in 2022. a new poll reveals his approval rating at an all-time low in his own party. let's go to the democrat on the table. jesse. >> lucky me. >> yes. what can democrats do to the red tsunami that is coming in 2022. president obama lost 60 seats in
2:40 pm
2014. and president trump lost 40. so not just losing the house but rocks could have a strong majority and then cocaine mitch could be your majority leader. >> history is a very good predictor of what will happen. that's why it's so important that democrats get through the big pieces of legislation. we have build back better, the american rescue plan and a bipartisan plan which is a win for both sides. democrats are nervous about this. three key categories of focus, independence, if you look out of the results of new jersey and west virginia. look at the hispanic vote. it's much more conservative whereas the agent vote is drifting more democratic. looking what is going on with the moderate republicans and the white college educated men who
2:41 pm
voted for joe biden after trump and seem to be shifting back. i'm hopeful people can message on the policies and show the empathy and the concern that joe biden won on in 2020. covid was a huge part of that. the attitude was more important. i hear you, i see you, i feel what you're feeling. >> okay. sean. as a former member of congress, here's the thing about the infrastructure bills where i'd push back. even if this next one does pass and it's another couple trillion in to the economy, you have jen psaki laughably saying that no economist says it will add to inflation. adding the trillions, you know -- plenty of economists are saying that. take econ 101. even if we look at the infrastructure bill, the things will take many years to upgrade or fix or add, right? once it is upgraded -- no one is saying, you know, my power hasn't gone out for a while.
2:42 pm
the bridge didn't collapse when i just drove over it. i have to thank joe biden for it. i don't think these will have a positive impact when they're passed and by the time they're built. people expect their government to have these things running well anyway. >> the problem is democrats didn't reform the way we get approvals for these projects. so people won't see the results of them. i'd disagree with you it's not the messages of the policy. it's the policy itself. people care about the economy. they care about inflation. covid, crime, energy. the withdrawal from afghanistan. democrats have nothing to run on. when you look at what joe biden focuses on, which is the weather and he's also focusing on race, those don't hit the list of things that people care about. so if you want to get elected, actually listen to people. what do you care about? what do i need to fix? this is what will make it
2:43 pm
harder. >> the president in his own party, 36% of democrats want him to run again in 2024. you never saw that with any previous presidents i don't think. 54% of the country doesn't want joe biden to run again. your plan b is kamala harris. she's at 28% approval. i don't think andrew cuomo available. i'm sure they won't put up gavin newsome. so we're looking at pete buttigieg, transportation sec who is doing a fine job with the supply chain crisis. >> i don't know what i'm eating for dinner. i will caution. before we get to the next presidential election, the mid-terms are a long way away. and the republicans are in the situation that they are right now not because of anything that they have done, it's only mistakes that the democrats have made over and over again since they took power. between now and next year, be very careful.
2:44 pm
because the democrats are desperate. they see that window closing. they'll lie and willing to lose power in the house or senate. the goal is to push through this giant welfare monstrosity. losing power is temporary. the programs in the bill are forever. that's what is frightening. >> that's the thing. once you give something for free, it's impossible to take it away. we see that with obamacare. maybe that's the goal here. they'll take the losses if they can get the long-term programs in place that they know republicans will look evil for for taking away. >> there's things in place like nancy pelosi's legacy that are motivators. it's simple. the day after this last election, the word was hey, republicans will get the map. we moved seats over. we'll get a new seat in texas. the maybe favors republicans.
2:45 pm
i think it's what democrats have done to lose it. i don't think democrats can do anything to win it. it will go red especially the house. it's really because of the technical side of it, where the map has landed. happens to be democrats coughed up a big nothing burger and a bad taste in everyone's most so now everybody is favoring republican policies again. >> it's a referendum of the party in power. why can't i be joey? i'm joe. you're a joey. sounds younger. >> it's always joey. day one. >> i'm joe concha. the fastest is up next. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> welcome back. it's time for the fastest. first up, get ready to help someone to get the last big screen tv. black friday crowds roaring back to life. check out thinks lines at stores across the country. has anybody made a black friday purchase? >> i made one. a christmas present for somebody else. did it online. shop local or shop online. >> i'd only go in a store if i knew there would be fights.
2:50 pm
not where people get seriously injured. >> go to walmart. >> no walmart near us. >> i'm still online. easy, simple. delivered. if you order a little more than you're supposed to get, you'll have enough for a christmas. >> and you get it monday. >> i've not set foot in a mall on my own volition. probably since moon struck was in themers. >> it was so good. >> it only when mrs. c wants to bring the kids. i'm an amazon guy. because it's free. i just order -- i can show it to you. mouthwash and body soap. the store is two minutes away. i don't have to get my car. >> laziness. >> i don't like crazy and hangovers. >> up next, half of americans say the best part of the thanksgiving meal are leftovers. 70% think heating up the
2:51 pm
leftovers taste better than the original meal. >> i don't like mashed potatoes. >> stuffing is preferable. >> dressing. >> dressing. >> sweet potato crunch is my favorite thanksgiving meal. it's okay out of the oven but better when it's been refrigerated. >> what did you eat? you're vegan. >> i ate a wedge salad alone. well, dogs at home. leftovers are better the second day only because you don't have to eat them with the family members who you had to invite, who you hate. you're like oh, now i can sit and i don't have this in my ear. watch some great bitter's bake off finale. >> i make sure we have enough food to not eat it on thanksgiving. we have enough for the next day or two. the day after you can put everything together and mix it up. >> a lot of food since you're
2:52 pm
feeding 11. >>. >> did we do something on "fox and friends" this morning? >> cookbooks and everything. >> my problem is the time you eat. 7:00 p.m., thanksgiving is like 3:30, 4:40. had a bowl of apple jacks because i got hungry again. it's too early. >> and the leftover time for the night game. >> you didn't watch "the five" fan mail special yesterday. we discussed that at length about the best time of day to eat so you avoid having a bowl of applejacks -- >> i have it on tivo. >> one more thing is next. ♪♪ ce risk and reward, i see one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold.
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>> time now for "one more thing." >> all-american christmas came out about ten days ago, it's for sale right now. help great stories of your favorite fox family members as they talk about their christmas and how they celebrate christmas today. you can pick it up online, go to fox news or any bookstore, it makes a great gift. we are number 2 on "the new york times" best seller list. number 1 is the 6019 project which is "the new york times" actual book, you can help us get the number one. >> that's a good pitch. i have my own pitch, our black friday sale look at all of this fabulous swag. this proud american scarf, i will put this on. you get 20% off site wide, no coat necessary now through november 28, great items.
2:58 pm
i have a huge head, this makes my head look bigger. i got a big noggin. merv griffin told me i have a big head to. >> the animals are great. the kiss cam is usually for kissing but it was used for something different on november 24th thousands of others in attendance -- announced they were pregnant, on the kiss cam obviously overjoyed. 's parents were there, there's a great quote from him, best thanksgiving ever come a very sweet moment. >> an elementary school in tennessee found out they had an
2:59 pm
extra attendee in the class, a buck walked in, deer are hot and heavy, they're getting ready to make a baby deer, he was on a warpath looking for adele and he found his way to a classroom. oddly enough this happened in tennessee and that dear raise the grading curve up ten points, good job there. >> i'm not standing on your side with that one. >> look at this video, it's insane. i play mario brothers at home with the kids -- this kid literally does a double jump in the air, he defies logic. that's off the coast of panama city, florida, where i may or may not have spent my first spring break at, a place called sharkey's witches tremendous. that is a real video and that as a teenager, we don't have his name, he just got on national television for doing something probably not sober. >> you don't have any scientific
3:00 pm
explanation for how that happened? >> the boat went down. the guy jumped and the boat went down. >> he must've hit the wave and he's popping up at the top and then the wave drops. >> that does it for us, we will see you on monday, you have a wonderful weekend. ♪ ♪ >> good evening and welcome to washington, i'm mike emanuel in for bret baier, we are following two major stories growing concerns about a potentially more transmissible variant of the coronavirus lead to massive losses on wall street in what is traditionally a strong economic black friday as millions of americans had to public shopping facilities in search of bargains, there are new fears this new strain could be more contagious than the current virus, the u.s. is joining other countries restricting air travel from south africa with a


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