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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  November 26, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PST

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>> just in time for the holidays order rachel and sean duffy's new book "all american christmas" available at fox news number two. >> happy in a hurry cookbook for christmas. >> benjamin: the w.h.o. calling an emergency meeting in response to a new covid vair yanlt. experts dedescribe it a heavily mutated and highly contagious. i'm benjamin hall. >> julie: good morning. happy post thanksgiving. i'm julie banderas and "america's newsroom." this new strain reportedly emerged in africa being blamed for a surge of cases in south africa. the situation is sparking huge concern across europe. the u.k. even responding by banning flights from six
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african countries. >> benjamin: researchers say the variant caught them offguard. experts are calling it a big jump in the virus's evolution. >> it has a large number of mutations. the concern is when you have so many mutations it can have an impact on how the virus behaves. >> benjamin: jonathan serrie is following it live from atlanta. it doesn't sound good. >> researchers are just beginning to stud ooh he the new variant. there are a lot of unknowns. international health officials are concerned the sheer number of mutations may make this new variant first detected in africa more dangerous than previous variants. listen. >> the early indications we have of this variant it may be more transmissible than the delta variant and the vaccines that we currently have may be less effective against it. >> britain imposed a temporary ban on flights from six african
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countries and requiring british travelers returning from those countries to quarantine in hotels. each time the coronavirus spreads from one person to the next it has the potential to mutate and that is the message the director of south africa's center for epidemic response is trying to get across to wealthy countries and individuals. he tweeted i would like to plead all bill airs in the world to support africa and south africa financially to control and extinguish variants by protecting its poor and oppressed population we will protect the world. here in the u.s. the federal government is sending two military medical teams to michigan to support hospitals overwhelmed by a fourth surge in covid cases driven by the highly contagious delta variant as well as colder weather driving more people indoors. 44 military physicians, nurses and respiratory therapists will treat patients for 30 days.
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they welcome the extra help but more a needed. >> if we had probably somewhere between 200 and 300 just at dear born alone it would make us feel better and for the entire health system, you know, 1,000 nurses would be fantastic. >> of course, with thanksgiving past and christmas and other holidays approaching international health officials are concerned with the increased travel that the coronavirus will have even more opportunities to spread worldwide. back to you, benjamin. >> benjamin: thanks jonathan very much. julie, you just have to feel not again, here it comes. and the world is feeling the same. we now the dow futures are down 700 point, oil has shot down as well. travel restrictions are being put in place. u.k. is shutting flights from six different countries. this variant apparently the
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vaccine is 40% less effective on it. it is worrying, worrying. >> julie: we were just dealing with the delta variant and booster shots and what fully vaccinated means and add the variant is alarming. it is also interesting to see the u.k. closing down their borders to six african countries. i wonder if the united states follows suit. if you look back at when coronavirus first started in china and italy, a lot of monday morning quarterbacking if you will but we should have shut down our border. i wonder if this president does that before it's too late and comes here. we'll have to wait and see. turning to the crisis at the southern border the biden administration could reportedly start turning back asylum seekers as soon as next week as it looks to restart the trump-era remain in mexico program. remember that? senior correspondent casey stiegel is live in dallas to explain. hi, casey. >> good to see you. also a policy you remember that
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president biden initially suspended hours after he took the oath of office. and then his secretary of homeland security officially ended it over the summer. that was until a judge then challenged it and it was put back in place again. but with this year's surge of migrants crossing the southern border illegally into the united states in record numbers and still not showing any major signs of slowing or letting up when you look at the data, space to house and process those seeking asylum claims has been extremely tight. really bursting at the seams. then mix in a global health pandemic and those are reportedly some of the reasons now for the white house's change of stance. it has not been formally announced at this point. details of it are expected to be made public at some point next week. but the plan is to reportedly reinstate former president donald trump's controversial
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policy which requires those migrants to wait outside of the united states while their claims are pursued. the only difference is now under president biden's deal, the migrant would receive a covid vaccine before being released from u.s. custody. as far as logistics on how that happens, it is unclear. there have been reports that it would be a slow roll-out. not all one place at one time. brownsville, texas, el paso, and san diego, california listed as the first three cities where this policy would be eventually implemented. julie. >> julie: casey stiegel, thank you very much. >> benjamin: president biden's social spending bill facing a final hurdle in the senate. democrats hope to pass it by christmas. that hinges on winning over two skeptical moderates joe manchin and kyrsten sinema. we have steve moore and austan
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gooltion bee. -- goolsbee. before i get to the spending bill itself i want to talk about this continued civil war within the democratic party. i want to read to you something that aoc wrote, alexandria ocasio-cortez in the "new york times." she wrote the entire reason the progressive caucus gave their vote to the infrastructure bill was based on direct promises from the president and more conservative democrats hold-outs and house leadership as well. if the promises don't follow through it will be difficult for them to get votes on anything moving forward. steve, that sounds like a threat. we have seen it before. is it going to work or do you think manchin and sinema will save the day, if you will? >> well, if manchin are sinema are not welcome in the democrat party i'm sure the republicans will take them. there is not just a civil war within the democratic party. this is a war between the two parties right now. i have never seen anything quite like it. that bill that passed in the house which was one of the most
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as troeshous bills i've seen in the 35 years i've been in washington in terms of its damage that it will do to our economy and small businesses, that bill passed without one single republican vote. that's not the way this is supposed to be done. i think the last thing that this country needs right now is another 3 to 4 trillion dollar debt and tax bill that will disable the economy. i hope sinema and manchin. i know they're watching this show. stand firm against this bill. >> benjamin: i'm sure you believe 3 trillion dollars would help the economy at the moment. i presume supportive of that. again this civil war that's getting in the middle of it >> i mean, i think steve overstates the case. we just passed a trillion dollar infrastructure bill that steve opposed and thought was terrible and done with bipartisan report with republicans and democrats. i think the democratic party has always been a bigger tent
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and tried to incorporate more divergent views and that makes close votes like this more difficult because when you've got 50 votes in the senate. 50 vetoes. i think on a technical matter i don't think aoc's claim that they -- that the house only voted for it from promises in the senate. if you remember, joe manchin said at the time he would not pre-commit to a bill but he didn't know what was going to be in it and they hadn't specified what was in it. he wanted to get a cbo score. it will be smaller than what the house passed for sure and we'll have to see what it is. >> benjamin: that cbo score came through $367 billion over 10 years. some people put the figure as high as 1.6 trillion. steve, that's a huge discrepancy. how do you join those? >> you know, the bookkeeping that congress is doing and the
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accounting if any private sector company tried to do this they would throw the ceos in jail for fraud. what basically the democrats are doing are counting five years of spending and 10 years of revenue and saying this thing pays for itself even with those sham accounting tricks they can't get the numbers to add up. but look, the worst thing about this bill in my opinion is the tax increases. we would have according to the "wall street journal" last week if this bill were to pass, we would have the united states of america, the land of the free, would have the highest tax rates on small businesses in the world. how in the world will that create jobs and create a better cone me for the united states? >> benjamin: i want to give austan the chance to rebut that. what do you say? >> it's not true. steve knows that's a misleading characterization of the bill. if you look at the tax cuts of the trump $2 trillion tax cut that was unpaid for it didn't generate the kind of gdp growth that steve is talking about.
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the fastest growth year under donald trump before there ever was a pandemic was only 2.9%. so let's try to get back on an investment program where we can get healthcare costs down and childcare costs down. >> we did have the lowest unemployment rate and the lowest poverty rate in the history of the united states. >> they inherited one of the lowest ever. >> benjamin: i have to leave it there. i hope we can continue it at a later date. all eyes will be on manchin and sinema in the coming days. they hold the keys in their hands. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> benjamin: julie, it will be very interesting to watch that, i think. and perhaps president biden's whole presidency is going to bank on that. if he can pass this, he will be in a better position moving into the mid-terms. if he can't, then it bodes
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badly. >> julie: i will it will bank on the inflation crisis we have and the economy. i think this was interesting. al roker and the president had this exchange which almost makes me feel like we're living in an alternative reality, which i love reality tv but i'm not sure they're living in the same reality we are. the majority of americans are at home. play this tape and i have something to say about it. >> what is your message to the american folks on this thanksgiving day? >> president biden: my message is after two years, america is back. there is nothing we're unable to overcome,al. you are always up and rooting. >> julie: al roker is to thank for the reason america is back and also the fact that the president what are we back from exactly? gas prices are an average of $3.40 a gallon as opposed to one year ago. i believe they were how much?
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try to remind me, half of that? so yeah, inflation is back in a big way, thank you, mr. president. >> benjamin: a lot of people are saying yes, america is back to the carter years when inflation was super high but certainly not moving forward. >> julie: i wonder if al roker will take kamala harris's place. al roker, thank you for what you've done for our country. vice president harris is taking heat spending more than $500 on cook ware during her recent paris trip while americans struggle with rising inflation and economic uncertainty. among her purchases a $375 serving dish and frying pan that costs around $160. i do not cook. i don't know about you, benjamin. i make no sense of spending money on cook ware. again, i don't cook so i'm not an expert. how about yourself?
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>> benjamin: that's a lot of money for a pot. if she will buy a pot that expensive buy it in american rather than france. spend the money over here. >> julie: i have no reason to buy cook ware. i would spend that money on something else. >> benjamin: who does the cooking? >> julie: my husband or my mother. anyone else but me. moving on. >> benjamin: the supreme court set to hear arguments in a major abortion case next week. the state of m is miss seeks to overturn roe vs. wade. bail reform. we'll look at the push to keep repeat offenders off the streets. >> julie: smash and grab robberies becoming a way of life in california. how local leaders are responding. >> thieves have figured out what the game is. you mean i could steal up to $950 and i can only get a citation if i get caught? those citations will never be prosecuted. you get nothing.
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>> december 1, the dobbs case essentially bans most abortions after 15 weeks. that will be heard on the substance. forget procedure. it is here on the merits now and that's the one where supporters of mississippi law are asking for roe vs. wade be overturned and this be the vehicle to do it. expect a heated day from the court december 1. >> julie: shannon bream outlining how high the stakes will be next week when the supreme court hears arguments on a mississippi abortion law. now the case directly targets the roe vs. wade ruling that
6:21 am
legalized abortion. the justices earlier heard arguments to ththe texas law banning abortion at six weeks of pregnancy. they haven't ruled on that. let's bring in the president of judicial network. thank you for joining us. first of all, this is going to be a challenge. mississippi wants to revive its law that essentially will fight a ruling that was ruled in a lower court. it was blocked by a lower court. how hard is it going to be for this state to ban abortion after 15 weeks of pregnancy moving forward? >> well, the real challenge is that this law clearly goes against the current standard of roe vs. wade and planned parenthood, the 1992 case that upheld in some ways roe but rewrote the standard. you cannot ban abortions prior
6:22 am
to viability. so the mississippi law clearly violates that. at the same time it is a law that is more liberal than most european democracies. is actually about more where the american people are on this issue, provides opportunities for if there is a serious risk to life of the mother, etc. so it will be interesting. the problem underlying roe isn't the pollz. the problem is it's not a constitutional holding. constitution says nothing about abortion and in that case when the court brought that into the constitution and said we are going to read this right in what they did is brought to politics of constitutional sphere along with it. this is a chance for the court to get out of it and let's let states decide how to deal with this issue. >> julie: we have two states here. we also have texas trying to get it back to six weeks. that i believe is going to be a much harder case to argue. the supreme court is set to hear arguments on december 1 in
6:23 am
a case here in mississippi which again has raised the stakes by explicitly asking the court, which has a 6-3 conservative majority, to overturn roe vs. wade and it will be tough. you talk about a viable pregnancy. 15 weeks is past the three month mark. you have heard a heartbeat and viable pregnancy. that's an argument that mississippi feels is justifiable to ban abortion because the pregnancy is viable. here is a.g. merrick garland's statement on september 6th. the department will provide support from federal law enforcement. when an abortion clinic or reproductive health center is under attack. we have reached out to u.s. attorney office and f.b.i. field offices in texas and across the country to discuss our enforcement authorities. what is your take on that
6:24 am
statement there? it sounds to me clearly the government is getting ready for a fight here. >> well, unfortunately attorney general merrick garland argument there are not based on law. the u.s. doesn't have the authority to go in and sue any state because they think their law violates the constitution. you need a federal law to provide the justification for that. that's something the arguments on november 1 made pretty clear. obvious the supreme court also thought that garland was way out over his skis on this one. he wanted to make a political point and try to set the administration's position politically but not a lot of legal precedent to the argument he is making. >> benjamin: israeli officials are talking to the white house about the iran deal.
6:25 am
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>> julie: yet another brazen smash and grab in the bay area. thieves looted more than $20,000 worth of merchandise from an apple store. even worse in broad daylight at 11:30 in the morning. the latest in a string of such robberies targeting retailers across the state. officials are promising to step up patrols entering the holiday season. jonathan hunt live in los angeles with more. good morning, jonathan. >> good morning. several higher end shopping malls depending on extra police patrols and adding own layers
6:31 am
of extra security. wire barriers around this mall in santa monica. a jarring sight for anyone heading out black friday. store owners consider it less stressful. the surge in these organized group robberies began in the san francisco area last weekend with luxury stores like louis vuitton and north strom being targeted and spread to southern california with nordstrom targeted and apple and cvs pharmacies. as brick and mortar businesses try to bounce back post pandemic it's the last thing they needed. >> this year it is going to be incredibly bad for retail theft. we have more uniformed marked officers patrolling all of our retail centers including our big, high-end retail centers to
6:32 am
our mom and pop shops. >> many of the robberies are being planned via messaging apps and as stores prepare for what they hope is a shopping surge, officials are trying to head off the robbery surge by making an example of those they arrest. >> it will include burglary, possession of stolen property. commercial burglary and more. two suspects had firearms in their possession when the police arrested them. >> while some arrests have been made and charges brought the simple fact is hundreds have been involved in these robberies and so far only a handful have been caught. >> julie: all right. jonathan hunt, thank you. benjamin. >> benjamin: fox news alert as we take a live look at the dow industrials. stocks are down over concerns about a new covid-19 variant after south africa warned of a
6:33 am
fast spreading new strain sparking fears of renewed travel restrictions and other measures. 760 points, 2% as the economy was getting going again. if this was to shut it down what trouble we would all be in. a lot of people watching it closely. oil also down today 77 a barrel when i last checked. really worrying reports coming out of africa at the moment in regards to that. coming up next israeli officials are reportedly warning the white house against striking a partial nuclear deal with iran with talks set to resume monday. israeli officials say they fear the biden administration will offer tehran partial sanctions relief if it rolls back parts of its nuclear program. let's bring in general keith kellogg. the center for american security and u.s. national
6:34 am
security advisor formerly. thank you for being with us today. hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. i want to read to you something the iz look he officials said to the "wall street journal." they said israel is very concerned that the u.s. is setting the stage for a less for less agreement. it would only benefit the iranian regime. a gift to the radical affiliated regime. when president biden joined the campaign talking about strengthening the deal. this seems to be watering it down if it goes ahead. what do you make of it? >> thank you, benjamin. we're heading forward a break out. the prime minister of israel talking to president biden raised those concerns. we know they are heading towards a break-out. when you look at the enrichment of uranium if they get to 90% they're record grade. they're at 60%.
6:35 am
they have been rebuffing everybody along the way for this enrichment trying to cut it back. last week director grossy from the international atomic energy agency was rebuffed in vienna when he talked about putting people in there. they will get a break-out. that's what we're heading. i don't think we'll do anything with the sanctions. it is a losing proposition. the current negotiator, the same negotiator in 2015 is the u.s. negotiator now. >> benjamin: if they are heading for a break-out and the deal is no good how should we respond to iran's potential break-out? >> i think we made a huge mistake by trying to take off the sanctions or even talking to the iranians. president trump saw this. the reason why we did not want to go through and we pulled out
6:36 am
of the 2015 deal was because all the provisions had sunset provisions. they would expire anyway. he wanted to make them permanent and why he put the sanctions on them. the only way you make this thing work if you make those sanctions permanent so they do not have a nuclear program and a program that you can actually inspect. they are not allowing any inspectors into any of the facilities especially one facility. that's where they will enrich the uranium and do the break-out. >> benjamin: a wider issue. you heard with relations with israel. president trump walked closely with them. they seem to be sliding backward. with afghanistan and the move toward iran what does it say about the u.s. in the region and its allies there. >> what it tells you bluntly they don't have a lot of confidence in the u.s. leadership and good reasons not to have it.
6:37 am
there is a concern if you don't have u.s. leadership in the region where will you go? you look where the saudis. they just made a deal with the russians to supply military equipment to saudi arabia. that's never happened before. when you see indicators like that, like them reaching out to china to build port facilities they don't trust u.s. leadership. the concern i've got is israelis cannot do anything on their own. they will depend on us. if we don't help them out we're heading towards a break-out within a year whether we like it or not. >> benjamin: sobering stuff. china is helping iran get around sanctions by buying its oil feels the u.s. needs more presence there than less. thank you so much for being with us today. really appreciate it. have a nice day. >> thanks. >> julie: we've talked a lot about the supply chain crisis and now it is threatening of all things our christmas trees. the national christmas tree association says it expects
6:38 am
steady price increases over the last few years to only get worse and one family-owned company in florida says they are already sold out and they've never seen it this bad. joining us now ed galio from the galio family christmas trees in tampa. people are shopping the day after the christmas 9:30 in the morning. people are taking this seriously. unfortunately for you tell us the effect of supply chain crisis on christmas trees, how has it affected your business? >> well, it's affected us to the point where we can get our smaller trees. we can get trees up to 7 to 8 foot but the larger trees, ones that people like to have, the bigger ones are very hard to get. we are lucky enough to get a few in the beginning. we opened up last friday and the bigger ones were gone early. my supplier was lucky enough to get me a few more but it is not going to be like it was in
6:39 am
years past. >> julie: this crisis began causing a shortage of christmas trees even before thanksgiving. you are talking about how you just opened up last week and not giving business owners a chance to catch up because from the moment your doors open you have no trees. they're selling out which i've never seen before. >> yes, ma'am. we're not going to be -- we like to stay in it as long as we can to the weekend before christmas and it is not going to happen. last year the first week in december we were sold out and it looks like again this year possibly going to be the same way. >> julie: the national christmas tree association have said they see prices increase 5 to 7% over the last three years. a graphic on the screen to put it in percent pebtive. 26.2 million live christmas trees were purchased in 2019. median price of that was $76.87
6:40 am
back in 2019. 2020, 94 million celebrated christmas by displaying a christmas tree. 85% were artificial. 15% live. let me tell you, i do not believe in artificial christmas trees unless it is christmas tree 2 or 3. a live christmas tree, nothing better. is there any type of particular christmas tree tell me not the frazier fir that's coming up short? >> frazier firs are going to be hard to get this year, yes ma'am. depending on where you live. down here in florida anything out of oregon, nobel first and douglas firs will be hard to get. a lot has to do with the weather conditions, the fires and floods did a lot to damage the crop. so it depends on where in the country you live.
6:41 am
>> julie: i will be out there tomorrow. i will mow somebody down. thank you very much, the producers are thinking wrap now. thank you very much, we appreciate you coming on. amid questions whether president biden will run again in 2024 the presidential rumor mill now heating up over transportation secretary pete buttigieg. he is transportation secretary. why some see him as the democrat to beat in 2024. plus a pregnant woman shot and killed after leaving her own baby shower. could the shocking murder prompt new action in one of several democrat-led big cities plagued by violence? >> enough is enough. it is time for the city to do something, something. everybody getting fed up. we are tired of it. as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique.
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earn about covid-19, ♪no punches left to roll with♪ the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year? if you're feeling anxious about the future, you're not alone. calhope offers free covid-19 emotional support. call 833-317-4673, or live chat at today. >> julie: nfl star j.j. watts giving back to his hometown after sunday's deadly parade massacre. the arizona cardinal defensive end is offering to pay for the funerals of all six victims killed. 39-year-old darrell brooks junior is accused of driving his s.u.v. through the parade
6:47 am
route killing those six including an 8-year-old boy and injuring dozens more. >> benjamin: the white house insists president biden plans to run for reelection. beltway insiders say there is buzz around transportation secretary pete buttigieg. thanks for coming in this morning. i want to talk about that in a moment. the idea of president biden running for a second term. listen to what the "washington post" reported one democrat said. one democrat involved in kam fains said they couldn't think of a single person they spoke to in the last month who considered the possibility of a biden running again to be a real one. you look at the poll numbers and 44% approval rating. take into consideration he will be 82 when he starts his second term. do you see any chance he is going to run? >> well, regardless of whether he runs again, they have to
6:48 am
maintain the impression that he will be running. it is a way to free the field for future democratic nominees like pete buttigieg, like you mentioned for kamala harris. it is also important that as a president he doesn't appear to be a lame duck. now some donors that i've spoken to major democratic donors say they don't feel the same donor maintenance you would get from a sitting president up for a second term. inviting them to the white house for meetings. checking up with them on calls. offering them political appointments. if you are up for reelection you want to make sure your donors are happy. his poll numbers are low right now and a question in the democratic party about who could run as a democratic nominee. >> benjamin: of course, you know, kamala harris would be next in line but she has low
6:49 am
poll numbers. people talking about pete buttigieg. what can you say his time as transportation secretary do you think it stands nim good position? >> it is really interesting. pete buttigieg is in what would typically be a backwater cabinet position. transportation secretary is where the democratic president will put a republican or republican president will put a democrat. not a typically important position compared to the other cabinet postings like secretary of state for example but it just so happens that pete buttigieg aligned himself in a place where the policy that this administration is pushing, infrastructure, the heart of that is in transportation. because of that he has become the spokesperson for this infrastructure bill, bipartisan infrastructure bill that is popular and he gets to go on the road and sell this bill and he gets to be on late night tv. he is on the "today" show getting warm fuzzy interviews. on the view. he is everywhere getting all
6:50 am
this amazing press like nothing you've seen from a transportation secretary before. it also helps that, you know, he has a pact and he has infrastructure waiting for him and he is able to continue to build name i.d. while being a transportation secretary. >> benjamin: one more question in. i'm curious. you look at the timeline. if president biden decides not to run when does he have to make that announcements? he doesn't want to be a lame duck president but give people the opportunity to primary. what does the timeline look like there? >> you wait until the last moment you possibly can. i think the longer he waits, the more likely he can choose his heir apparent. you want to keep the feeling that you run the democratic party. even though it's a few years away it is a long time politically. his numbers could bounce back. i know in the morning concept "politico" poll we did only 40%
6:51 am
of respondents said he was in good health and 58% said he was too old to be president. the numbers aren't looking good for him just based on his health or his ability to lead. i think -- >> benjamin: then of course you have president trump and his thanksgiving promising a great future. >> who will be the same age as biden as well. >> benjamin: thank you for joining us today. we really thank you. >> julie: bail reform movement facing a big setback in the wake of waukesha christmas parade massacre amid growing concerns and questions over how it is that darrell brooks was left back on the streets despite his lengthy rap sheet.
6:52 am
americans struggle with low supplies and high costs. >> president biden: my message is after two years. we're back. america is back. nothing we're unable to overcome, al.
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>> julie: the backlash bail reform laws keep growing after suspect darrell brooks was let out of jail shortly before the attack in waukesha on just $1,000 cash bail despite a long record of previous offenses. let's bring in criminal defense attorney jonna. democrats making it a free for all walking free because of heinous crimes and six people are -- >> lawmakers didn't think it through when they instituted bail reform. the stated purpose of bail is
6:58 am
to secure a defendant's appearance in court pending charges. that's what the stated purpose is. there a on off label purpose equally as important for the rest of us. it keeps somebody off the streets. if they are alleged to have committed a heinous crime, a violent crime. crimes against people, that's actually a plus for the rest of us. now there are safeguards in place before bail reform. we saw the document called the constitution which makes sure every state has one as well. if you are behind bars pending charges that you have a right to due process and a free attorney if you can't afford one. those were already there. it wasn't that broken. now here is the result of trying to fix it. darrell brooks is a result of what shouldn't have happened pursuant to bail reform. >> julie: completely affordable
6:59 am
and now a $5 million bail on his head, cash bail that many are saying why in the world are you setting bail? there is crowd funding nowadays. gofundme account was already set up for this guy to raise the money. gofundme took it down, thank god. why does he deserve bail whatsoever? >> he doesn't. the constitution also requires certain judges to set reasonable bail. you said something the other day that there should be no bail set for this person. in a case like this where it is not a who done it. we will say he is allegedly committed these crimes but i think they pretty much have their guy. and six people are dead including children. he should not see the light of day until he goes to trial or has a plea bargain or what have you. what we could be doing to fix this, a hint. if we will reform bail we also have to had a budget for
7:00 am
probation officers to supervise people out on bail and living a law abiding life. if we had more of them and assigned them to these people some of the pre-trial crimes wouldn't be happening. something for lawmakers to be thinking about now. >> julie: i hope they are listening and we learn from this. jonna, thank you very much. >> good to see you. >> what is your message to the american folks on this thanksgiving day? >> president biden: my message is after two years we're back, america is back. nothing we're unable to overcome, al, you are one of the reasons for that, pal, you are always up and rooting. >> julie: huh. president biden declaring america is back taking a victory lap during the most expensive thanksgiving holiday ever amid the highest inflation the nation has seen in decades. this comes as his massive spending bill faces an uphill battle to the finish line with
7:01 am
resistance from republicans and some moderate democrats in the senate. welcome to a brand-new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm julie banderas. >> benjamin: i'm benjamin hall. bill and dana are both off today. as the end of year approaches president biden is working to get his social welfare and climate bill passed while democrats are facing crucial deadlines in the final month of the year. white house correspondent jackie heinrich is traveling with the president and live in nantucket, massachusetts. hi, jackie. >> good to see you this morning. the american farm bureau federation reported this year's thanksgiving costs more than ever before. prices were up 14% from 2020. the higher prices are also creeping into your black friday shopping. >> consumers are very healthy. they have $4 trillion in savings on the sidelines. they paid down debt. we have seen $5 trillion of fiscal stimulus really supportive monetary policy.
7:02 am
so the economy on the demand side is so good it is overheated and it is leading to real pressures and inflationary prices in many goods. >> the rising inflation is of such concern the "washington post" reports at least four democratic pollsters urged the white house to make a bigger show of policies the administration is pursuing to stem inflation with one person saying they should point the finger at the jill answer in the economy where large companies have seen record profits. a new maris poll this week showed biden hitting a fresh low in the survey. 42% approving, 50% disapproving. marks worse on the economy, 52% disapproving and inflation taking the top spot among voter concerns. republicans have been hammering the biden administration for it. >> it will cost more for
7:03 am
everything. and of course thanksgiving turkey and now christmas presents all cost more. we're at a 31 year high in inflation. they can say what they want. the american people understand it for what it is. >> the white house continues to pitch the 1.75 trillion social spending package as a solution to inflation pressures. they tout programs like high prescription drug costs and elder and childcare to bring down the cost of living for working class americans. that's heading to the senate. there is concern among liberals in the democratic party it could face more cuts from moderates like senator joe manchin and kyrsten sinema. the next piece of the white house agenda is bringing it across the finish line. >> julie: let's bring in the former chief of staff to vice president mike pence. thank you for coming on. what was your initial reaction or gut wrenching reaction to
7:04 am
hearing president biden talking to al roker on the phone and touting that america is back on that thanksgiving call? >> well, julie. i think the president should be encouraging the american people. despite the new variant in south africa it is encouraging we're coming out of the pandemic. reality was the trump/pens add min is tration policy that created 7 million new job and getting government off the back of business. this administration is returning to the obama policies of high regulation and high taxation. inflation the highest it has been in 31 years. as they were just saying in the clip, americans are feeling it but especially middle class americans who are the ones who have to drive to work and pay higher gas prices and grocery bills and get by meal to meal. a higher cost of living trying to come out of the pandemic
7:05 am
because this administration is doing nothing but continuing to spend like drunken sailors american taxpayer dollars that causes inflation. >> julie: i have no problem with drunken sailors but i have a problem with spending and inflation. i speak from experience when i say that. there are millions of americans that are getting left behind. struggling with their finances thanks to the runaway inflation and supply shortages. talking about christmas trees in shortage. they are running out of christmas trees before thanksgiving. the spike in prices from gasoline to groceries is roiling the economy. the president's policies are showing no sign of having any impact. the npr poll of the president's approval. democrats 81%, independence 44%. republicans 3% and overall 42% before the winter months when our heating oil costs will go up. come spring, i only fear this is just going to get worse. >> i agree.
7:06 am
i think as you come back from the thanksgiving holiday all eyes will be on senators sinema and manchin as the new legislation works itself through massive tax and spend policy on the american people but especially in west virginia. the reality this legislation will continue to crush the coal industry and fossil fuel industry at the same time taking american taxpayer dollars and subsidizing the acquisition of electric vehicles whose batteries are made in china. taxing americans, creating jobs in china. the ones probably affected most are lower to middle income residents in west virginia feeling the inflation and yet this new bill also has this tax deduction for salt, the state and local tax deduction for those making over a million. over 67% of millionaires get a tax break living in california and new york. there is really nothing in this bill for voters of west virginia to say i want to see it pass. you are killing jobs in west virginia.
7:07 am
creating jobs in china and providing tax breaks to millionaires in new york and california who get none of that in west virginia. this bill already shows it's a 3-1 negative in west virginia who oppose the bill. all eyes will turn to senator joe manchin when we come back from thanksgiving. >> julie: critics from both sides are slamming president biden's move to draw 50 million barrels of oil from the strategic reserve as part of an effort to bring down gas prices. that is the mission here. analysts are saying the move will benefit oil-rich foreign countries, which is kind of a problem. i want to put up a statement from senator joe manchin on the keystone pipeline, for example. historic inflation, taxes and lack of comprehensive all of the above policies shows a clear and present threat to americans economic and energy security that can no longer be ignored. i continue to call on president biden to responsibly increase
7:08 am
energy production at home and reverse course to allow the xl pipeline to be built. by reversing course and cutting supply in the united states i can't imagine a worse time in our history to do such a move like that. if we were to reopen the keystone pipeline, what would that mean to our wallets do you think? >> well, julie senator manchin is right here. the strategic petroleum reserve was created during the oil crisis dependent on middle east oil. during the trump/pence administration we become an exporter of energy for the first time in 75 years. the biden administration turned off and canceled pipelines and new leases so as you get higher demand they are decreasing supply. you actually heard jen psaki say a couple of weeks ago at the podium maybe this will encourage more americans to turn to green energy. you are cheering for higher energy prices crushing middle america because you want to
7:09 am
pursue a social agenda on green energy. joe manchin is right. at the same time the biden administration is allowing nord stream 2, a pipeline for russia, you are killing pipelines in america and other pipelines they aren't permitting to allow to happen. you decrease supply. not allowing new pipelines and why we have higher energy prices. the release of 50 million barrels is 2 1/2 day supply in america. we use 20 million a day. 2 1/2 days, it is nothing. >> julie: it really is nothing. it is sad. i don't know how people are supposed to afford electric cars. it was one of the suggestions that they made. oh, get an electric car. okay, sure. $100,000 for an electric car so i can save on gas makes brilliant sense. mark short, thank you very much for coming on. have a great weekend. >> thanks for having me. >> benjamin: disturbing new milestone in philadelphia. the city recorded its 500th homicide after a woman was shot to death in broad daylight
7:10 am
happening days after a pregnant woman and her unborn child were killed as she was leaving her own baby shower. every major city is on track to surpass previous homicide records. some on the left are still calling to defund the police. alexandria hoff is live in washington with more. >> the calls are there but they aren't exactly as loud or popular because in a way things have come full circle as struggling communities are talking about ways they can refund their police departments. you mentioned philadelphia is among the cities that diverted police funds to different initiatives reducing the need for police. the need was never reduced and in response to the city likely hitting the highest number of homicides they've ever recorded this year they will likely hit that within days. the mayor blamed state gun laws. >> there are people making money selling these guns, making these guns and the legislature, not the people behind me, don't care.
7:11 am
they don't care how many people get killed. it is ridiculous. >> washington, d.c.'s mayor pointed to firearms as well as covid adding that there must be more accountability for those who commit violent crimes. >> but more than responding to violence, it is also important that we prevent it before it happens. and one of the most effective ways that we can do that and save lives is to get guns out of the hands of people who have no business having a gun in their possession. >> other cities are directly walking back the defunding of their departments in response to a spike in violent crimes and homicides. los angeles mayor is seeking to increase the police budget by 3%. last week officials in portland, oregon voted to refund the police over $5 million after slashing the budget by 15 million in 2020 over the calls to defund law enforcement there. in a way this is good news for
7:12 am
president biden who said he does not support the defund the police movement but has had to maintain a relationship with those in his party who do. benjamin. >> benjamin: alexandria hoff in washington >> julie: democrats are trying to get it together after recent republican upsets in virginia and elsewhere. is this a sign of where voters are leaning ahead of next year's mid-terms? >> benjamin: violent crime spiraling out of control in chicago but the mayor and governor can't seem to get a hold on it. up next we'll speak to jesse sullivan looking to unseat illinois's democratic governor. >> the only way for us to truly bring peace is not with more police. i know the superintendent agrees with that. but to make sure that we are getting at the root causes of violence. t] what's strong with me? i know when i'm ready to run. what's strong with me?
7:13 am
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>> julie: attorneys for the family of gabby petito saying additional individuals could face charges in connection with her death. her remains were found in a wyoming national park more than two months ago. investigators say she was strangled. brian laundrie was found dead last month in a nature reserve. his death was a suicide by a gunshot -- single gunshot to the head. benjamin, the gabby petito camp is the only one speaking about this. laundrie's parents aren't saying a word. when they talk about individual suspects or individuals facing charges potentially one must think about the parents and whether they hindered this case. >> that's right. it took them so long to say anything after brian laundrie went home. he had been missing for a few
7:19 am
days until they informed the police. he had a head start on them. the police collected guns from that house, one missing, presumably the gun he used to commit suicide. whether or not they knew he was armed, how much of that the police knew we just don't know. i think by that point by the time laundrie went home gabby petito was already dead. >> julie: they haven't connected the weapon or found that weapon which is interesting. had it not been for gabby petito's mother who reported her missing even though bryan and his parents knew she was missing because she didn't come back with him in her van. i would be looking at the parents. why their lawyer is probably not speaking. such a sad case. >> benjamin: another sad story. chicago struggles to get a handle on violent crime mayor lightfoot czar announced he is stepping down.
7:20 am
that same day a 15-year-old boy was shot and killed while waiting for a ride share. chicago has seen more than 700 gun deaths this year along with the rise in other violent crimes. my next guest recently spent a night camped on city streets to witness crime firsthand. joining me now is jesse sullivan, illinois republican governor candidate founder of alter global. the crime staats are terrifying. murder up 24%. theft 18%, shooting incidents 9%. what do you make of those statistics? how has this happened? >> blood on the streets of chicago every single day. look, i lived and worked in some of the most dangerous, corrupt, violent cities across the world from haiti to afghanistan and pains me this home i love so much illinois
7:21 am
and the great city of chicago is a corrupt war zone. why? political leaders have failed us. they want to separate this out into blue lives versus black lives. it is not only wrong headed it is dangerous. because the truth is 95% of all of those violent deaths that have happened, the victims are of minority communities. they are black and brown brothers and sisters. i listen to those gunshots happen on the streets of chicago and it brought me right back to afghanistan. it is wrong and our political leaders need to step up and quit prioritizing criminals and putting them before victims and police. >> benjamin: you are running to unseat democrat pritzker. you have to win the primary. adam kinzinger. if i ran for governor i think i'm the only candidate that can win. we can't win illinois unless we
7:22 am
win back the suburbs. the republicans used to win them all the time. what do you say about that? is he the only candidate that can win? >> nobody creates a better contrast to pritzker than me. he was born in california with a silver spoon. one of the most wealthy governors in the country. he is morally bankrupt. i was born in central illinois with a seft values, faith, family, service and i was -- i grew up working on a farm and i've earned everything that i have. pritzker wants to raise taxes on the people of illinois. i want to lower taxes. i have worked with all sorts to create jobs around the world to back entrepreneurs and i know what it takes to make illinois a business-friendly state. pritzker doesn't know the first thing what it means to protect and serve and the reason he is not backing our law enforcement. falls back on the democrat
7:23 am
talking points of blaming guns and throwing money at the problem through social programs, not backing and supporting our police. i have served over in afghanistan and you know what? i know what it takes to serve the people of illinois and protect them, make the city streets safe again. and you know what? speaking of glenn youngkin and what he did in virginia, his team could choose to work with anyone in the entire country and they chose to come and work with me. they will be helping us win this victory in illinois. >> benjamin: it is a strong pitch, i will give you that. you didn't answer whether you could beat adam kinzinger. we have to leave it at that. we'll find out maybe at some point soon. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> julie: biden administration moving to roll back data collection on sexual assaults in schools. what is behind that? plus will the president's sinking poll number propel kevin mccarthy to the speakership next year and could
7:24 am
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call for a free wellcare guide today. >> julie: democrats doing major soul searching following republicans upset victory in virginia, the loss of that governor's mansion forcing the party to rethink it's messaging as pollsters project a grim outcome for the mid-terms. let's bring in our panel now matt gorman, former communications director for the national republican congressional committee and kevin walling is a former biden surrogate. thank you very much for coming in, gentleman. kevin, start with you, a recent abc news poll, generic ballot poll from the "washington post" house gop candidates leading dems by 10 points and take into account biden and harris aren't doing parties favor seeing disapproval ratings above 50%.
7:30 am
should democrats be worried? >> i think we should. virginia and new jersey was a wake-up call for democrats about 350 days away from the mid-term elections and clearly there is a lot of anxiety with regards to the american people. now we're seeing record growth coming out of this pandemic hopefully projections as high as 8% gdp growth in the last quarter. today's black friday and huge gains in terms of consumer confidence. we had 21 million americans on unemployment this time last year for thanksgiving. that number is 2 million. again, it all doesn't matter in terms of the statistics if the american people don't feel good about their economic situation with regards to inflation. democrats have to step up their game and why i'm here to talk about the key issues facing american families and to really fight for and talk about the middle class tax cuts that we included in the american rescue plan, for example. that was passed giving $300 checks for every child in this country. that needs to be extended.
7:31 am
it can't expire at the end of the term. so again democrats we have a long way to go to the mid-terms but we have to step up our game certainly. >> julie: analysts say democrats are in need to get back to a meat and potatoes message about the economy. they are facing pressure from the left on social issues and alienate moderate voters in 2022 right around the corner. are democrats doomed do you think to repeat history or do you think they can decide their own fate next november? >> well, i think the dirty little secret is they don't have an answer for the meat and potatoes issues like inflation or economy. they have a real wake-up call in virginia good w the governor elections a few weeks ago. instead of taking lessons from that and heeding the warnings they started accusing republicans of using dog whistles and saying that democrats in the state who voted for joe biden by 10 points back just a year ago
7:32 am
were -- if they aren't talking about the issues people care about people will tune them out. they talk about more spending and climate change legislation. that's not -- if you look at the polls that's not what voters are concerned about. they need to stay focused on that. >> julie: what people are concerned about are rising prices, the crisis that we are facing in shortage of supplies, and rising gas prices. that is going to be the biggest concern, kevin, come the mid-terms. people will look to democrats when they have less money in their checking account and something democrats need to make a change on. >> yeah, julie, i think you're right. matt and i are in agreement it will be a bread and butter election in 2022. again, we need to make the case to the american people that if you support democrats we're the ones fighting for middle class tax cuts with the american rescue planned gave $300 checks for every child in this country.
7:33 am
that cut taxes for middle class families. inflation is a serious concern. supply chain issues are a serious concern and why you are seeing the white house step up and talk to those issues with regards to gas prices, opening our strategic reserves to balance out gas costs in the wake of this holiday season. so again democrats need to focus on those issues, matt and i are in agreement. mid-terms are a long way to come. >> julie: the headline of byron york's newsletter in the washington examner. it reads democrats' deepest fears. voters couldn't name anything democrats have done. they're unhappy with the general direction of the country and see democrats as only focused on equality and fairness and not helping people like them and most of all the researchers found that biden is hurting even among supporters. how much should democrats be taking stock of where the party is headed in 2022 and 2024 and should they be nervous? >> the time to change is right now. if they wait six months it is
7:34 am
already too late. we want to talk about gas prices. how about the fact joe biden shut down the keystone pipeline. letting russia build a pipeline but not the one to affect american energy prices. mark short is right. we were an exporter in oil before. that would help gas prices. it is these things again they need to take stock of. not these social change legislation that they are putting their weight behind. it's the things like gas prices and the price when you get your turkey or food yesterday how much that costs you. they can't lose sight of that. republicans need to stay focused on that as well. >> julie: thank you both for being here and have a great weekend. >> happy thanksgiving, julie. >> julie: you, too. >> benjamin: president biden's department is proposing to roll back data collections on teacher/student sexual assault to retire old dataset and get rid of trump era guidelines on reporting accusations of sexual assaults. they would be required to submit the number of documented
7:35 am
incidents. david spunt is live in wl a details. >> the department of education right now keeps a database of rape, attempted rape and sexual assault charges as well as allegations involving public school employees across the country. a way for the department to keep track of repeat offenders or potential clusters of this illegal activity. the department of education's office for civil rights announced a proposal that would eliminate collection of multiple sexual assault, rape or attempted rape allegations followed by a resignation for retirement. former education secretary betsy devos wrote in part we brought districts like chicago to account and held them responsible for years of hiding hundreds of sexual abuse cases. if you wonder why american families have lost all faith in the education system this is another example as to why. the department would continue to log data of actual instances or documented incidents. i reached out to the department of education and was told in
7:36 am
part the data collected will give the public a snapshot into whether the incidents exist at a particular school or district and whether they're meeting their obligations to comply with the civil rights law we enforce. our proposal for the 2021 crdc would eliminate duplication and we welcome comments from members of the public. after receiving this statement i went back to the education department to ask more about duplicated data asking why the department wouldn't want all the data possible and yet to hear a spifs i can response to that query. to be clear this is a proposal. not set in stone. deals with just removing allegations. i'm told there will be a 60 day public review period. anyone in the country can submit a comment in favor or against the proposal. benjamin. >> benjamin: thanks, david. >> julie: experts predicting a surge in online shopping this black friday. the big question is, will shoppers get their orders on
7:37 am
time? we'll show you how millions of packages are working their way from fulfillment centers to front doors. the holiday shopping season ramps up how this could make shipping delays worse and how congress could help fix it. all right ♪ ♪ have a good time 'cause it's all right ♪ ♪ now listen to the beat ♪ ♪ kinda pat your feet ♪ ♪ it's all right ♪ ♪ have a good time 'cause it's all right ♪ ♪ oh, it's all right ♪
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>> julie: black friday expected to be a blockbuster day for online shopping this year. inflation and supply chain problems are driving up prices for consumers while online retailers are rushing to fill orders on time. fox business reporter grady trimble is live at an order fulfillment center in illinois. hi, how is it going there? pretty busy? >> well yeah, it is busy. this is the part you don't see
7:43 am
that happens behind the scenes when you click buy now on that item online and americans you said it are expected to spend a record amount this black friday. left me show you the numbers. adobe predicts we'll spend 9.6 billion. a 5% increase from last year. the second busiest online shopping day only to cyber monday coming up in a couple of days. we're at a shipping fulfillment centers and fill orders on amazon and other websites. one of the co-founders, people are spending a record amount but you also have supply chain issues. how are companies adapting to that and how are you adapting to that? >> it has been quite a challenge with all the port congestion and the issues stemming from overseas. so what companies are doing is they are trying to get their inventory way in advance and even after that we are seeing shortages of inventory. so how we're adapting is quite
7:44 am
different. what we've done is actually opened up more and more sites closer to these ports. earlier all the inventory were coming from the l.a. port where they have ultimate options who import from alternate ports and multiple centers by the ports and turn it around quickly. >> some of the companies you work with or manufacturing products in the u.s. now because of these issues to try to circumvent any shipping problems. >> a lot of companies have pivoted supply chains to make them more agile. moved some of the manufacturing into the country and that is what we're seeing and why we're getting more and more goods even so late in this stage and even today we're getting pallets and truck loads of inventory. >> it is a busy day. prices 9% higher this year. some of the top items you can see markdowns on according to adobe, toys, apparent and
7:45 am
computers. something to look for browsing the web today. >> julie: i will be browsing. thank you, grady. thank you so much. >> benjamin: with holiday shopping season officially underway the warning of shipping delays and longer wait times the u.s. is short a record 80,000 truck drivers according to the american trucker association. a big increase and that number is expected to double in less than 10 years. who knows what that may do to the supply chain that's already out of whack? >> trucks in the united states move about 70% of the freight around the country. most of the stuff that we consume comes from overseas. and that's flowing into a few major ports that are completely backed up. and it makes it very, very difficult for these drivers. >> benjamin: let's bring in tre williams ceo of fleet force driving school. thank you for being on with us today. by 2030 there will be 160,000
7:46 am
truck drivers short. that's a staggering amount. why are they finding it so hard to get new drivers in? >> well, the american trucking association actually estimates the need to be 1.1 million truck drivers over the next 10-year period so i believe that 160,000 is just a pent-up demand that couldn't be fulfilled. the fact of the matter is that fewer people are entering the industry than are exiting it. we are having a net reduction every week from retiring truck drivers and we're not replacing it with entry level truck drivers. >> benjamin: the american trucker association says the primary reasons for the shortage are as follows, a high average age of the average driver leading to higher retirements. only 7% of all drivers are women. that needs to be opened up. inability of some would be and current drivers to pass a drug test mostly marijuana and the federally mandated minimum age of 21 to drive across state lines commercially. what needs to change to get
7:47 am
more people in the door driving trucks? how do you incentivize them to do so? >> there is a cultural disparity and i would say generational gap between the perception of what it means to be a professional driver. professional drivers are high skilled and highly compensated and experts in their field. i would say they are akin to a corporate vice president and compensated accordingly. there is a general perception it's a low skill and low wage opportunity and with the current demand that's not the case. compensation is rising every single week. >> benjamin: can i ask you what might an average truck driver ex pect to earn in a year? >> i live in the state of florida. in florida the professional driver learns just under $80,000 a year. our entry level drivers we graduate from two or three job offers waiting before they graduate usually in the 50 to 65,000 range. the compensation is not and with the demand increasing it will continue to rise.
7:48 am
>> benjamin: are you seeing not enough demand for the places or that it is too hard to become a driver? >> i don't think it's too hard to become a driver. the course is about 160 hours, four or five weeks and someone can come out prepared to enter a finishing program within a major carrier. really the demand is increasing at a rate that the supply cannot keep up with. our world has transitioned over the past two decades. a driver shortage for two decades. the pandemic exacerbated that need which is why everyone has become aware of it these days. >> benjamin: let's take the salary out of it. i know one negative some people would say is the lifestyle. on the road and away from your family. if you had to sell a being a truck driver how would you do it? >> two professions in america where you can go to any city in america and have a job waiting in 24 hours. one is nursing, the other is professional driver.
7:49 am
we have to dispel the myth that every professional driver is an over the road trucker. with the advent of home delivery with everything we consume there are a lot more than over the road drivers. we talk about concrete trucks, dump trucks, delivery vans. those who pick up your trash and recycling management. the professional driver isn't always the over the road trucker and those compensations are rising as well. you can still be at home with your family on the weekend. >> benjamin: tre williams from the fleet force truck driving school. if anyone wants to become a truck driver you're the man to speak to. such an essential industry. so get out there, it is a good job, hard work but rewarding from everything i've heard. thank you for coming on and i hope we get into the driving seats. >> thanks for having me. >> julie: taiwan says its tensions with china are the worst in more than 40 years. now beijing is mad at the u.s.
7:50 am
over a group of lawmakers visiting the island. where is this all going to lead next. hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future... ...and in kevin's. voya. well planned. well invested. well protected. ♪ (vo) reflect on the past, celebrate the future. season's greetings from audi. [ chantell ] when my teeth started to deteriorate, i stopped hanging out socially. it was a easy decision -- clearchoice. [ awada ] the health of our teeth plays a significant role in our overall health. chantell was suffering, and we had to put an end to that. the absolute best way to do that was through dental implants. [ chantell ] clearchoice dental implants changed everything. my digestive health is much better now. i feel more energetic.
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>> julie: defying china. a bipartisan group of five lawmakers arrived in taiwan yesterday amid growing tensions with president xi as he tries to assert beijing's sovereignty over the self-ruled island. nancy mace tweeted this photo. just touched down in the republic of taiwan. joining me now is a retired brigadier general and an author. thank you for talking to us today. in addition to obvious mounting tensions between china and taiwan, which have reached their highest point quite frankly in decades.
7:56 am
taiwan maintains its right to independence. china disagrees. biden administration. what's your take and reaction to inviting taiwan to a global democracy summit next month? >> yes, good morning to you and your listeners. it's a complex issue and we have little time. first of all we are at i think a moral and ethical moment. now that doesn't translate into tangible items but we're therin? during the taiwan relation during the taiwan relations act with the -- this is when people's republic of china took the united nations seat and relegated taiwan to a secondary status but in that act was one,
7:57 am
robust, informal relations between us and other countries and taiwan and that is happening and this is what i believe this is. and any future of taiwan will be settled peacefully. that is sort of the foundational piece of the new taiwan of the last 40 years, a young, vibrant, free market liberal democracy that has earned in my mind every right to be fully part of the international community and that's why i support the representatives going there and other internationals and the main land needs to understand this. so that's my own take. >> julie: where is this headed and whether or not under this administration do you think america is willing and ready to enter into an armed conflict with china if they invade taiwan? >> first of all we move into
7:58 am
the foundational piece of -- if taiwan does not declare independence we now are in this term that has been part of the one china policy for over 40 years and that is a one china policy. my heart, julie, is taiwan should have full independence and all with that. but the bottom line in the near term china will go to war. i believe that china will go to war. at that moment how do we help taiwan stay and be this vibrant country, if you will, in the current system while working to set it so it can have independence? we need to -- i believe we have to support it with arms, trainers, and we are going to be ambiguous about how we and there must be allies, julie.
7:59 am
it can't just be the united states. this is a regional and international issue. how if they are invaded does the world maybe led by the united states, how the onds to a china that is globally interconnected in that sense very vulnerable. >> julie: peter, thank you very much for talking to us on this. appreciate it. >> you bet. cheers. >> benjamin: to finish up a dog named claire is the first in the national dog show 20 year history to win two years in a row. the 4-year-old scottish deer hound beat out other dogs. it returned to normal after barring fans last year due to the pandemic. do you know how much that dog claire won? $20,000. my dog -- if only my old labrador could make me money like that. >> julie: i have two dogs.
8:00 am
i would love them to win something to pay for vet bills. be owned by royalty. they've been around for 500 years. i've been waiting all day for this story. >> julie: "the faulkner focus" is next. great being with you as well. >> mounting pressure on president biden even from those in his own party to do more to fight crippling inflation as he declares america is back. you are in "the faulkner focus". i'm molly line in for harris, the "washington post" reporting that democratic allies are pressing the white house to focus more and say more on inflation worries as americans encounter what many experts say is the most expensive thanksgiving holiday ever. and they warn inflation will last well into next year. but president biden wh


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