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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 25, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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♪ ♪ >> god bless america! ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." happy thanksgiving. we've got a lot to be thankful for this year. thanks to fox nation without an amazing opportunity to dive much more deeply than we ordinarily would on some of the most important issues in the country. we are grateful for it. as far as tucker carlson today, we've had a chance to speak to a lot of fascinating people. one of them is michael flynn, he
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was in that -- they targeted and destroyed him. they bankrupted his family, he lost his house, they tried to send him to prison. how did that happen? we wondered that for years. we sat down with general flynn for an hour and he told us. here's part of that. >> the american people, they saw through this from the very beginning because it wasn't about mike flynn, it wasn't even about donald trump, it was about them and when the left and the media started to attack the presidency of the united states, the american people saw that this is an attack on us and thank god for me because -- and for my family and i, because the american people actually came to our aid. so in a funny way, the more -- i guess the more quiet i was because i just made the decision i wasn't going to say anything until this whole mess was over with -- the more that they beat
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on me, the more that the media came and attacked me and called me all sorts of names, people dug more and more into my life and dug more and more into everything that surrounded what was happening, and it actually became a huge stain on the justice system in the united states of america and this will -- i'm not certain, tucker, if this stain can never be cleaned. i really don't because her drug but the national security advisor of the united states of america to the president of the united states. it's an extraordinary, extraordinary assault on, frankly, everything that we believe in. >> tucker: on democracy itself and you have to ask and this is ultimately what made me interested in your case is why did they single you out? this is a brand-new admin station, i think the number is about 3,000 appointees or higher at the beginning of every administration, all kinds of different jobs, national security visor -- but there are other big jobs, they didn't go after this guy, they went after
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you with real intensity from the very beginning. the two things they said about you were that you were crazy and that you were dishonest. it shouldn't surprise i guess our viewers to limit the opposite of true in both those cases. if there were a lot of incompetent people hired in this it administration, i've almost never seen that many incompetent people in one room. i'm a row hired. you actually had the deepest grounding in the u.s. government and how things actually worked, the most knowledge of the intel community of anybody in the entire administration. maybe that's why they went after you. >> and not just from a military perspective. i mean, my time as the assistant director of national intelligence, i was responsible for a lot of domestic issues. definitely responsible for a lot of international issues. my time as the head of one of the largest intelligence agencies in the world, the defense intelligence agency, which is the military's arm of the intelligence community, we
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are in 142 countries around the world. i mean, i've been on six continents, not just my time in combat and iraq and afghanistan and elsewhere, you know, middle east, caribbean, central america in my earlier years in the military, but i have extensive international foreign and domestic experiences and what we learned, what we learned over time was that the fbi, the couple of guys that came in to talk to me, they actually changed -- so they -- you know, they said that hey, we went in there, flynn was candid, he was great, he didn't lie to us, and so they ended up changing the document that ended up going in front of the court and so we know that today. we know that today, so i always say four -- you know, i went through persecution for a lie that i didn't ever state and for a pardon that i didn't want.
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>> tucker: you didn't want the pardon? >> i didn't want it, because i didn't deserve it. it's one of the things with the department of justice after a six-month special counsel investigation led by a attorney that was brought -- an attorney general that was brought in from outside of washington, d.c. after six months he said that she basically recommended to dismiss my case for egregious government misconduct because they abused the entire system of law, and then of course -- then i had to deal with the court, or a judge, for about another six months who was -- you know, who was operating as though he was in the french system of government where he was going to be the jury, you know, the judge, and the executioner and that lasted another six months. >> tucker: totally out of control, judge emmet sullivan. if so you spent your entire life in the army and government service. so you didn't go to work -- by the way, you got out of defense intelligence, three-star general, you could have gone to
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work for lockheed and don, what everyone else did. you didn't, which is the more noble path, i would say, but you didn't have any money, how much do you think in the end you spent on legal defense? >> i would say -- i'm going to swear on your show, because it was pain but i will say that because it's more than the finances, but you know, it's from my -- selling my home, going through the incredible levels of embarrassment that you do go through that, you know, it's humbling experience, but i was really strengthened by our faith. i mean, it's in the millions, it's definitely in the millions. it ranges between four and $8 million. >> tucker: the beauty of fox nation is that it can't be censored, there are no advertisers, the tech monopolies have no control whatsoever, google, facebook, twitter.
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they're not involved. you can say exactly what you think is true on fox nation, and that fact, the fact there's no leash to control us, drives the rest of corporate media insane. that's probably why cnn's jim acosta, reportedly the dumbest anchor in the united states, confronted andrew yang recently. andrew yang spoke to us on fox nation and according to jim acosta, that's not allowed. so here's the interview with andrew yang that drove jim acosta so crazy. >> tucker: there are so many barriers to starting a viable third party. it hasn't been done. why can you do it? >> i'd love to go into the history and back round of it, which you probably know better than i do, but if you look at the constitution, there's nothing about political parties, two or otherwise, and when you look at americans around the country, 57% at this point want a third party. 60% think both parties are out of touch. if you are an entrepreneur, as i am, if you arrived on the market
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and said hey, there's this dysfunctional duopoly and over half of people want an alternative, you would say it let me create an alternative. the problem is what you just described, it is now structurally nearly impossible to create a new alternative, so it's sort of an irresistible force and in immovable object. >> tucker: so i think it can be done. it seems to me the pressure is going to come from the lifestyle liberals, from the group in williamsburg. just because they are the ones who mean it the most, their whole identity is wrapped up in this weird evangelical religion they have. and so i wonder like the second a third party is, you know, forces people to buy into like radical trans ideology or whatever, you know, you can change your sex by saying so. that's insane. it's not science, but that's a tough place for you because you have to take a stand on that issue and the second you do, you alienate people. you can't kind of get around that, can you?
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it's an acid test. >> the forward party stands for a group of principles i think the vast majority of americans will be excited about and at the first is open primaries and rank traced voting to enable diverse points of view, so anyone who is sick at the duopoly -- even if you aren't a huge gang fan, you should be for the forward party just because we are going to actually change the process so new parties can emerge. so that's number one. number two is fact based governance, we really should just be trying to measure what actually happened on the ground as a poster who's winning the argument of the day. >> tucker: don't have to agree on what the facts are though? >> that's one of the reasons i think the forward party is important. anyone who was a member of the forward party will say look, we can try and agree on what the central facts are so we can have discipline in conversations and arguments instead of just shouting at each other. this wants to be the middle ground for the country. effective and modern government. one of the big frustrations is what you just described, stuff is not working very well, and you can see when you're on your
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phone under banking, you're like okay, my bank has their act together and when you interact with the government, sometimes it's a very different experience and then when someone comes to the government and says hey, we want to do this stuff, i'm like way to make, i'm not sure you are actually up for what you're saying you want to be up for. so modernizing our government, making it more effective. grace and tolerance, which is that we should be able to sit with anyone else, no matter their point of view, and have a reasonable discussion with them i not have people attack you for saying oh, you sat with someone who, you know, i disagree with. how are we ever going to make progress as a country if we cannot sit with people we disagree with? like what kind of strange -- [laughs] >> tucker: i couldn't agree more, that's why i'm sitting with you! >> tucker: almost immediately after january 6th, our media begin to tell you about an officer, capitol hill police officer. "the new york times" that he had been murdered by protesters, beaten to death by a fire extinguisher and the rest of the
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media took that story and ran with it. but it turned out to be a lie, a total lie. so how did that lie spread across the country? we will tell you ahead on this special issue of "tucker carlson tonight." during the break you can get your brand-new merchandise at, you can click shop. we will be right back.
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: welcome back to a special thank's giving of "tucker carlson tonight." so on january 6, the propaganda, the lying began immediately. within hours. in fact, it was still going on when they started to lie about it. we had completed a series of episodes, a documentary series, and it tells the real story of what happened that day. they keep telling you we need to find out what happened on january 6th. okay, we spent months reporting it out in tears part of what we found. >> tucker: january 6th is being used as a pretext to strip millions of americans, disfavored americans, of their core constitutional rights, and to defame them estimate domestic terrorists. what exec we happened on januar? how much of what we were told about that day is a lie? darren beatty of revolver news is one of the few in media who's done real reporting on what
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actually happened on january 6th. >> the establishment narrative. >> the worst single act of political violence since the civil war. donald trump supporters killing police officers. >> the officer died after being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher during the hours long attack. >> they beat a capitol police officer to death with a fire extinction. >> died after being hit in the head with a fire extinction during the fight. >> he died at the age of 42 after he was bludgeoned with a fire extinguisher. >> a riot or hit the officer in the head with a fire extinction. >> hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. >> a fire extinction. >> tucker: there's just one problem with the story. it never happened. >> tucker: select document or series got record traffic, but not every one liked it. in washington, people were outraged. how dear you add more facts to our coveted narrative, we are in
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control of how you understand january 6th. but they're not in control anymore. so it's fair to ask basic questions. for example, why did news outlets tell us that the officer was beaten to death with a fire extinction or? that's a lie. where did that lie come from? julie kelly is one of the very few people who would know. senior writer at american greatness, she has reported accurately and doggedly on the events of january 6th since that day. an amazing conversation with her for an episode of tucker carlson today. here's part of it. >> tucker: your reporting on this has no peer. so give us the story. >> so what happened was the next day, on january 7th, late that evening, the u.s. capitol police issued a statement that brian sick nick has died in the line of duty, killed in a line of duty by trump protesters. if that was official release. >> tucker: the first release. >> that was the first release, that he had died that evening.
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he died that evening, apparently they had this press release ready to go to exploit his untimely death. he did die at the age of 42. and then the next day -- so i think part of what they did, they wanted to create this narrative that the trump insurrectionist had killed a police officer. i also think that they wanted to bury what had happened to ashley babbitt, because what really infuriated the crowd that day, tucker, aside from being attacked by police as you show in the documentary, is word spread that police had shot and killed a female trump supporter, so i think this was also part of obscuring that. the next day, january 8th, "the new york times" published a report based on two anonymous sources that he was bludgeoned to death by a fire extinction. and then that's all that whole story line proceeded, you see the clip after clip of the media just accepting that without question. they didn't even want any kind of verification. where was he, wouldn't there be footage if a police officer is
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being bludgeoned to death by trump people, there would be of some kind of footage showing that, nothing. they just took it, they went with it, and so that was their story for five weeks. it actually ended up in the democrats house impeachment memo, that "new york times" article, it is still a footnote saying he was bludgeoned to death. >> tucker: was anyone ever arrested for bludgeoning him to death? >> no. so then on february 12th, "the new york times" the weekend before the senate trial for trump's second impeachment trial, "the new york times" retracts the story, says never mind, that's not what happened to him based on anonymous accounts and so oops, and that was the extent of it. but nothing else has been retracted, just that story. >> tucker: in the meantime, his body light and stayed in the u.s. capital. >> yes it did. >> tucker: it implies no disrespect for the officer or his sad death to note that his
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passing was used as a political weapon by the left. >> it created so many objects right after "the new york times" published that article. so you had a procession of police cars through washington, d.c., silence throughout washington, d.c., as they are carrying his body and then of course he lied in state for two days. he was eulogized by nancy pelosi and chuck schumer. joe biden and jill biden showed up to give up their respects. you can see joe biden walking away shaking his head. he is then transported to another formal ceremony to arlington national cemetery where he's buried. so these are all the objects that were created in february. so then the pivot -- >> tucker: this is just all a manufacturer -- it's all fake. >> it's all fabricated, yes. >> tucker: it's just hard to digest this. >> it really is. think of the people who are ceremonial who lie in state in the rotunda.
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ex-presidents and his life obviously is important and it's tragic that he died that young, but the democrats exploited his death in the most grotesque way. >> tucker: so of the many americans swept up in the hysteria and political persecutions that took place and is still taking place after january 6 is a navy veteran called thomas caldwell. thomas caldwell was forced to spend weeks in solitary confinement in prison despite the fact he never entered the capitol building on january 6th. we spoke to thomas and his wife sharon about what that was like. watch. >> tucker: so how long did you spend in jail to >> well, it was 53 days altogether. 49 in solitary confinement. i think the solitary confinement cells were too crowded, so that's why they didn't put me in there initially, but that's a long, long time, especially with
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solitary confinement, and i tell you what, i could tell you a lot about that if you're interested. it was really, really bad. >> tucker: actually tell us something about it. i don't think most of our viewers have been on solitary confinement in their own country on false charges. >> i certainly hope that nobody ever has to go through that. but i tell people that i went to hell. it was hell. if you ask somebody, tucker, what is hell and people will say there's fire and there's this and there's that. okay, i get that. here's what hell really is, okay? hell is isolation. there was no river of fire for me but i was isolated and ice-cold air blowing in on me 24 hours a day. i couldn't stop shivering from the whole time i was in there. and part of the thing about being in solitary confinement is it's supposed to be punishment.
5:24 pm
well, what the heck had i done? i was in a concrete coffin with a huge steel door and i was absolutely alone. what hell is is isolation, and its hopelessness and, you know, sometimes deathly quiet in hell but sometimes it's very, very loud. there is life and a manner of speaking, going on around you, but you don't have any interface with people and people are herd animals, so one of the things that you want to do is you want to be around people. problems with this covid locked on his get tremendous anxiety when they are separated from their family and everything that they know. and we know that people commit suicide and this, that, and the other thing. and this is terrible, this is terrible stuff. and don't think for a minute the people who are locked up in that hell don't think about those things. and i -- i shared with sharon the other day one of the other things about the hell that i was
5:25 pm
in his you think about the anguish of the other people that are in the same situation that you are in. in the middle of the night or the middle of the day you could hear screams, screams echoing down the passageway of people that were either hurt or they were in anguish or something, and it was actually -- absolutely, absolutely horrible. >> tucker: you can stream all three patriot perch episodes right now, just go to so january 6th is not the only thing the people in charge of been lying about. you probably knew that. they've also been lying from day one about the most basic facts surrounding the coronavirus. dr. scott atlas of stanford is a mainstream position and researcher. he was on the former presidents task force, so he knows exactly what they were talking about, the people form relating our public health policy.
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someone will tell us what they saw on this special edition of "tucker carlson tonight."
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♪ ♪ >> welcome to fox news live, i'm ashley strohmier. black friday just hours away now and shoppers are preparing to hit the stores or their computers with a vengeance as inflation and shipping delays, shopping analysts predict it will be a pretty big we can do to pent-up demands as consumers as the nation continues to grapple with the covid crisis. nearly 2 million more people are forecast to shop on cyber monday compared to last year. consumers are expected to spend an average of $1,000 this holiday season. and things don't really wait for black friday, and organized theft ring hit a nordstrom's last night. they say crooks by the security guard with a chemical and made off with a number of high-end persons. another nordstrom's was hit
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monday in los angeles and lost $5,000 in goods. i'm ashley strohmier, back to a tucker carlson special. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: welcome back to a special thanksgiving edition of "tucker carlson tonight." dr. scott atlas is an amazing person, a man truly committed to science. and for that reason he was a member of the white house coronavirus task force in the last of administration. he was shocked by what he saw there, the dishonest, incompetency of our so-called public experts. the conversations we had with dr. atlas is one of the most revealing we've ever had. here's part of it. >> in mid-august i went to the task force meeting. and of course it's the people who you know and are sitting around the room, and vice president ran the whole task force, dr. birx is the task force coordinator, she ran the medical side, and i'm listening to these people talk and i was stunned. i was stunned at the lack of
5:33 pm
knowledge, at the complete lack of knowing the data, the lack of critical thinking. and so there's a discussion and -- >> tucker: was fauci in these meetings >> yep. a lot of people who were heads of agencies. she's not medical, but the three what i call sort of the troika of the task force dr. redfield, head of the cdc, dr. fauci, and dr. birx, who was the head of it, the task force coordinator. and i was listening to them and their discussions were, you know, were off-base, and so i -- my first meeting the vice president turns to me and says does everyone agree and i'm sort of reluctant to speak up, and he says scott, you're here for a reason. i asked you to come here to say your opinion. if you disagree, say it. and i said okay, i totally
5:34 pm
disagree. and then i went through the data and in fact i was the only one who had scientific papers in this task force meeting. i walked around the white house my entire time and every task force meeting i went to with a dozen, two dozen papers, all the new data. and i would go through the scientific papers whenever i spoke, and whenever i spoke about whether it was schools opening, the risk to children, there -- the immunity, no one there, none of these medical people offered any data to rebut. not one. they never had any scientific paper to rebut it. they would just say i'm an outlier. okay, they would say -- >> tucker: so they would go after you personally? >> it was all personally. they were a unit. in fact, dr. birx said in january, february of this year -- i didn't know this at the time -- she had an unwritten sort of contract agreement with fauci and redfield that if one of them got fired, they were all fired.
5:35 pm
they were in it together and i briefly mentioned this in the book. it worked together on aids, they worked together with one focused together, by the way, to get a vaccine, which should ring a bell with what's happening. and you know, they were sort of a group of people. when you're in the government for 40 years in high positions like dr. fauci, the people that are in government successfully are not there because their neutral and therefore they can exist in different administrations, they understand how to make friends in various agencies. okay, this is a very political position when you're a 40 year government bureaucrat. so i thought dr. fauci, from what i had -- i think is a smart guy. you know, he knew the material from the emails from what he had wrote to his friends in february and march about what was said during the meetings was revealed
5:36 pm
by not just dr. fauci, by all the people in the task force. they never cited a scientific study. they never knew a -- a critical assessment. they never gave a reputation -- reputation of any study or reputation or disagreement of each other. never, not once. that's unheard of in science. there is no science without disagreement. >> tucker: is going to say, that's not science. >> so i will give you an example is a person who looks at science and papers, i was a scientific paper reviewer and nih grammar reviewer for many, many years. you look at the methods section of a paper, a journal, meaning the materials, how did you do the study design. if you see that that's not good, that's not appropriate, you're done. you can't make a conclusion if the study was done incorrectly. so i evaluate the papers. i don't sit there and read the
5:37 pm
blurb of the paper in "the new york times." i look at the paper. i was talking almost every single day to some of the world's best epidemiologists about the data on an ongoing basis. these people -- there was never any indication that they knew the paper, cited a paper, or even criticized a paper, not one, and as i say in the book, i mean, there were things that were medical words being mispronounced and the meaning. there were statements being made -- i was looking around and sort of saying "did anyone else hear this but me." i never work with people at this level in my career as i did in that task force and i'm not saying at a high level. okay, i'm staying at a low level. i've worked with some of the best medical centers in the country, university of pennsylvania, university of chicago, i was a medical student at stanford university, mount zion the new york. i would always say -- i'm not sure these people could have been assistant professors where
5:38 pm
i work. as a lack of critical thinking, a lack of preparation, no one cited data but me. >> tucker: joe biden pulled the united states out of afghanistan in the worst possible way, and when that happened we learned that our military leaders both in the pentagon and the white house are completely incompetent. one federal worker is working to get rid of those people, that is straight ahead on this special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." it's not too late to get exclusive free access to all of our shows, go to ♪ ♪ earn about covid-19,
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the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year?
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: it's been a very long time since the u.s. government has done anything as stupid and awful counterproductive is the way joe biden pulled americans out of afghanistan this year. 13 americans killed next to poor planning by the biden white house, under its of american citizens left behind. the taliban wind up with the best armed military forces in the world thanks to us and yet despite that, a remarkable litany of failure, nobody, not one person in the pentagon or the white house lost his job.
5:44 pm
pretty frustrating. one veteran of the war in afghanistan is trying to change that. his name is teddy daniels, he's running for congress from the commonwealth of pennsylvania. we spoke to him recently about his time in afghanistan. >> it was hell. if you could describe hell to somebody, that's what it would be like. you never knew what was going to happen next. again, you know, boredom to sheer terror in a matter of seconds. and you know, we did a lot of work with the locals, we interacted a lot with the afghan kids and you know, the villagers and the problem is, fighting insurgency, you can't always tell the good guys from the bad guys and i think that was the most stressful part of being over there, you can't tell who's good and who's bad. >> tucker: so you were wounded while there. yes, sir. yes, sir.
5:45 pm
>> tucker: i think we have video of that. if sort of amazing, you had a helmet can? >> yes, sir. >> tucker: so this is you in afghanistan in a firefight. here we go. >> fire! i'm hit! i'm hit! >> tucker: that's you? >> that's me. >> tucker: that's shocking video. >> april 25th, 2012. >> tucker: tell us the context. >> we got pinned down. i actually came out into the open to draw the fire away from our squad. started getting torn up with shrapnel, bullet fragments, things of that nature. the rifle at the last part of
5:46 pm
the video that you showed, a round actually came in the bottom of my 203 grenade launcher and that's what knocked the rifle out of my hands. >> tucker: an ak-47 round? >> yes. and the thing is, i was sliding in behind that rock. in the video i had the rifle up in front of my face as i was sliding down and that's where the round hit the 203. you know, tucker, i -- if that rifle was not there at that second, at that moment in front of my face as i'm getting down behind that rock, i would have caught one -- i wouldn't be here today. i wouldn't be here. >> tucker: what happened to the rifle that saved your life? >> we got back to our outpost, they always look took the grenade launcher off. i still have the rifle for the rest of the time, but no grenade launcher. >> tucker: you didn't get to frame the grenade launcher?
5:47 pm
>> sums up like probably has that. >> tucker: did you think you were done when you got hit? >> i had a talk with god behind that rock. >> tucker: i bet. >> and i had a vision. two soldiers coming to tell my son that "your dad was killed behind a rock in afghanistan," and i said okay, god, i get it. this is it, this is the day you bring me home. i accepted death though. i had made my peace with god, and honestly, i've never felt more at peace in my life than i was walking down that mountain. never felt more peace. >> tucker: so you always hear that every hollywood actor has the same but now political opinions, they are just reading some script, another script. but there are some exceptions to that, thank heaven and recently we spoke to one of those
5:48 pm
exceptions, one of those more interesting than usual people in show business. that's next on the special things giving edition of "tucker carlson tonight."
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>> tucker: happy thanksgiving, this is a special edition of "tucker carlson tonight." we recently had a pretty wild conversation with the actress rose mcgowan buried it was pretty much focused on how the what and harvey weinstein but then it got much bigger than that. she'd also been stung by a murder hornet in the yucatan peninsula, it was a fascinating conversation but what is so interesting is that her views are miles apart from most people in her business. she doesn't sound like a hollywood actor. here's part of it. >> i live in the jungle in the yucatan peninsula. why not? but you know, i would rather a murder hornet than a hollywood studio executive. so i stepped on it. they're killing up massive amounts of honeybees and you're supposed to report it immediately to the government if you find one. so i found one under my foot and
5:54 pm
my poor little dog pearl, i was screaming, it was like a weird guttural sound. i didn't know, it was like my brain blew out of its head. there's a guy on youtube that goes around getting stung on purpose and he said this is the worst one he's ever had, there were stingers everywhere. i was like -- it was psychedelic. so i know i have to get my dog to -- i have to -- i had to return a rental car was really what i had to do, so i'm like their alignment is off. like i'm dropping her off with a friend to watch and my vision starts going like this in my foot is a claw. it was like locked and i can feel stuff coursing, my back is spasming. and i'm like -- i'm like oh, my god, it's my vision. and so i drop pearl from a little pearl, in spanish. and i go lay down in the back of the car for many hours before my
5:55 pm
business starts returning, but for a while it was blurry and i'm kind of tweeting about it because i had already read about murder hornet's but i didn't think about it, because i read in the yucatan peninsula newspaper that the murder hornet's are here, and i -- looking at it, i'm like i had big coffee table books. i was smashing -- i broke a sweat. it would not -- nothing splattered out of it. i took a picture that was fake of it because it's just kind of like this. i am like -- i stuck my foot and the toxins are going through it and i'm with -- it's like psychedelic, this level of pain. and i don't think i'm going to die, but may be, i don't know. fingers crossed. so i -- >> tucker: this is one sting from the murder hornet? >> one buried and it can repeatedly sting you, actually, it's not like a bee, they don't die. so i come back like 10 minutes
5:56 pm
later, this thing is still alive. because it stopped moving, but then i had -- it is still going like this. i'm like you will not die. and i've had -- you know, i live in the jungle. i came home one night and there was an owl in my bedroom. the windows are shot in the dark -- how is there an owl in my bedroom? but it was like very -- i was like -- >> tucker: so rose mcgowan is clearly different from most people in the entertainment business, she says what she thinks, she's not a coward, but she's not the only person, we have looked far and wide for more and we came across jim brewer, the comedian, former "saturday night live" cast member who just canceled some of his shows because the venues were forcing attendees to take in ejects and they didn't want. it was kind of an amazing conversation. here's some of it. >> let's not kid ourselves. there's something deeper involved here i'm sure. >> tucker: you think? you mean it's not really about
5:57 pm
covid? >> [creepy laugh] the project is working just perfectly. >> tucker: [laughs] >> i don't know, rebellion, send out more fear! >> tucker: [laughs] >> shutdown universities as quick as possible and they shall never be educated and less they get the shot! i love it! [weird noises] did you send out the word that needs to be sent? trust the science, trust the science, trust the science. >> tucker: it's -- i've -- -- >> trusting experts, trusting experts, read all about it! trust the experts! it's so comical, but yet the fact that nobody -- i shouldn't say nobody. people pretend it doesn't exist,
5:58 pm
or they don't see it. mind-boggling for! mind-boggling. mind-boggling. >> tucker: you just summed it up better, our producer likes leaders sitting here videotaping because that was so good -- on her iphone. last question. what is this -- so you've like -- i mean, what you just said, completely defensible and true, and hilarious, is so far over the line that what does this mean for you? >> i'll tell you what it means. as long as i'm truthful in my vision, it's worth every second. >> tucker: that's called art, by the way, when you're totally focused on what you believe is true, that's arch. >> well than that -- because i will tell you this: i haven't -- i don't watch television. >> tucker: good. >> i don't read papers.
5:59 pm
over the last week or whatever that i've been doing it, people say they are killing you here -- i don't -- that means somebody's worried, when someone's got to go [indiscernible], that's the discredit, i know that tool. as long as i walk the line, the thing that's most empowering is when i look at the messages and they don't stop. thank you. god bless you. and i'm not only getting messages, i'm getting powerful messages where people go "can i just go tell you i've been a nurse for years and i've seen this firsthand" and they're basically warning us and telling us i'm going to get fired and if i say anything i'm this -- this is full-blown fear. >> tucker: jim brewer. that interview, all the
6:00 pm
interviews we've shown you today are available, you can watch them again, the whole thing come on fox nation. if you'd like access to that, it's available on that is it for us tonight. we are out of time, every night, the swart dome actual it is the sworn enemy of line, pomposity, smugness and groupthink. more than anything, happy thanksgiving. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to this special edition of "hannity" and happy thanksgiving and tonight for the hour, we will highlight some of our big interviews from the past few months. but first we start with my monologues exposing biden's disastrous presidency. take a look. a message about joe biden and covid-19. unlike many in the media mob we are not going to politicize a global pandemic. were not going to try to score political points or use scare tactics or distort reality. as always we try to give you


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