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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 25, 2021 2:00pm-3:01pm PST

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>> hello everybody i'm jesse watters along with dagen mcdowell appeared geraldo rivera's, dana perino, and tyrus. it is 5:00 in new york city. this is the five. ♪ ♪ happy thanksgiving paired hopefully you are on your second meal of this turkey day. have not gone into any arguments over politics. get ready for lots of fun. we are going to answer your fan mail questions for the entire hour appeared so let's get started paired first question, instagram question.
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from ash mock. each person at the five tables is in charge of one thing at thanksgiving paired cooking, doing the dishes, et cetera. who is doing what? all right. who is the best cook? let's start there. >> i'm a zero. >> i thought you might be a good cook. >> no i'm an excellent bartender. >> k. >> geraldo is a bartender. are you get anything on things giving question >> cleaning. i like being alone. >> known as going to help you do that. >> i am the remote controls are. i control anything that happens around the tv. >> we are watching football the whole time. >> good. >> dana what are you in charge of question my >> i can do the dishes and set the table. i'm not a great cook. >> so i am in charge of cooking? >> i can make the turkey. >> he says he's a bartender, but his bartending is the equivalent of goodbye good rocks. >> that's all right with me.
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>> i believe that it goes with the holiday. >> i think you're right geraldo. let's go to the next one. instagram question from amy. what is the best time of day to have thanksgiving? >> that is controversial. >> this divides people. you can ask you have a turkey round 7. and you're just so full. >> you are not in your head. >> it has to be planned out for the appropriate time. so prefer place you get a map. >> you are factoring that in. >> that is part of the remote controls our duty the ball to sleep at coach, you have your me up at 12:30-1:00, watch a
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came in and around 5-6, you read up and then you nasty in and that is when the older adults come in with the desert some stuff. >> aren't there to make games now? you always visit the detroit lions. editorial those loses. >> so argue an early or late dinner? >> for-6. because by the time everybody gets their, i am one of five that has kids and grandkids now so -- >> it out during the second dinner as these two are. i watch the second game, like to a turkey sandwich. but it is a great holiday and a very, very thankful. >> sometimes you wait too late in the day, like 4-5, people at been drinking all day and they
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will be stuff before the meal. they need to have it another day before people are totally souse. >> i think i am in the 4-6 zone. a lot of the offensive to anybody but if you want to serve food that are become i'm not going to turn it down. the next question from instagram from broaddrick sheikh. it is this freeze. it's not thanksgiving and tell? >> i hayes the cranberry sauce. >> and that special cranberry sauce that i had some permit could fit in my family over the years. one that comes in the can, cranberry in a caring. when you taste that, it conjures up memories. i did not see that coming at al.
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>> he eats better on a sandwich at night or the following day. although cranbury says is the easiest thing to make on the planet. it's like sugar and cranberries and that's it. >> so finish that phrase. >> until somebody passes out. >> i like that. and then geraldo is bartending, that could be earlier in the da. not thanksgiving until? >> well, you have the thanksgiving day parade and now in the last ten years or so there spend the national dog show that comes on right after the parade and it is hosted by john zero hurley and that is when i know dinner is coming. >> it is not thanksgiving until a relative makes a comment that everyone goes -- >> i'm with you. it's not thanksgiving until you see that they are looking around and you're going to stop at the end side of the family this year
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and it is always the same thing. >> i am with tyrus, the minute my mom brings up trump, it is all over. >> it doesn't have to be political. it can be dredging something out from your past. a boy you might updated when you were in college that was highly objectionable. >> are they tell you how much they miss the ex-wife. she made the best -- tyrus hit the nail on the head. >> that will stop the conversation real quick. >> that is such a buzz record when that happens. >> i want everybody to love each other. i want everybody to get along. can't we all get along. can't we all get along, rodney king and the la riots.
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>> correct. i'm glad for talking about that today. did your family have the kids table? >> were not going to do that one. this is better. anything skipping tradition or dishes that you would like to see banned for all eternity. so this is interesting. it is the best side, some people think cranberry sauce needs to go pick you think anything needs to be -- cancel culture on thanksgiving? >> ham. ham substitute. sometimes the neighborhood you have to make the browns and he got that one house and you are like we didn't be turkey this year, you made a ham. you should be able to drop in a few f bombs and walk out of the house. i will give you that. >> what would you cancel? >> brussel sprouts. >> even if used spice them up.
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>> no, no. i tried that. i'm not falling for that. they knew just chew on it like a cow over and over again. >> no one bucks that could win their chewing brussels sprouts. >> mac & cheese. how redundant. a lot of people make mac & cheese sides and they kids go for the mac & cheese rather than the turkey and it's just all calories. >> that is what childhood is about. >> so now we know who is the one who is ruining the pick. literally nothing on -- >> no mac & cheese. >> what are your thoughts on the can quick. >> cranberry sauce and a can in no brussels sprouts either. >> fried brussels sprouts. you deep-fried them. they are pretty delicious. >> we already know who is ruining the meal. >> she is. >> all right. >> and ham is always served.
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you serve turkey and ham. you always do both. and if it comes down to it, if i come to your house, will you just have a ham? >> south of the mason-dixon lin. >> this is a virginia thing i hope, but there are family members who always want to makes dumping with oysters. it is cooked in the stopping but it is weird surprises and we will eat it or we don't have the love it. >> we are going to tease out here. so much more to come on the this special edition of the five. up next up we always on time for appointments. the answer when our thanksgiving special returns.
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welcome back to "the five". jesse said when we're going to break we would answer this question why are you always on time for appointments. >> i am not just punctual. i can get the studio to work super early because i get anxiety if i cut it to close. you can't be sweating on the tv. >> eric cut is very approachable on the like they picked up as
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the 7:00 dinner appointment, we have to be there at 7:00. my rule is if it is in the first 50 minutes you are on time. if you're later than 15 minutes, it is questionable. i went to dinner at hannity's and was over an hour late. it was so humiliating. they were so gracious. >> both second arguments. if i have to be at the airport or a dinner party, you get left if you are running late. i am not waiting. >> you are punctual all the tim. >> i just don't trust myself. i would rather just walk on and do it so i would get to everything and our ahead of time. if it is two at the airport, then it is three. somebody is always going to stop me so i plan that mishap in my appointments. that if the appointment is with someone more powerful, i am early. if i am the more powerful piety
2:16 pm
-- party come couple be 50 minutes later. >> when you come early for the power guy, you are telegraphing your insecurity. >> i'm usually pretty on time and if i'm late, i apologize profusely. >> here's a question from bad buzz diary. but we state does that decorative style of your home. are you country, minimalist, modern. you just hold the remote. at one point i found myself sitting in a pink room on a pink couch wondering what is happening. i have absolutely no say in my world is run by small children and a tropical woman. on the third floor in the attic. i have a couch. it doesn't match and two tvs on
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the walls like in play my xbox and i don't really have any windows. >> pick you've got a modern style. >> it was a decorated apartment. so there is a lot of that. and what about you, geraldo quick. >> i was aspire to and gratefully attain very nice homes. but the house remained with the lady and now i live in a grand plays in ohio and i love it. >> i've been to one of your house is on the hudson river and it was one of the most spectacular houses. >> what was the interior design? it was mexican modern and glass boxes that the send it down to the hudson river. that is where the vote was.
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>> modern. i so strive to be a minimalist. i'm always throwing things away. modern is like you have a tv in your room. how you turn your brain up at night. this is my question for you. i read and drink a glass of win. >> i alter my consciousness in various ways. okay. yoga. i talked to my kids. was over omitted go to sleep because there at the age group half bit is made up in half of it is that didn't truth. >> and how old are they? >> 7 and 10.
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but when they start talking, they are not. that there with me. so i talked my kids and it decompresses me with what american stressing about. it really gets ready to just turn and -- to have just a junior at home. he can ball sleep on the sofa anyway. here's a question from your favorite. but the most boring sport you would never watch. >> i played soccer and i love it but it's hard for me to watch. i understand the anesthetic of it and the beauty of the
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movement. >> there's a lot of soccer going on. how about you, jesse. regular-season baseball. definitely boring. you've got that to the next strings. regular-season baseball. the only sport that is boring as the game you missed. i will find something in a and i will enjoy it. you have to drink beer bucket is a bean bag and you throw it. i would rather watch cricket or a fishing tournament on television.
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even i draw the line at cricket. it 17 hours, 17 hours. it is unbelievable. we the have time for one more. what was the worst commute you've ever had? mine was about 1:20 each day from san diego downtown to san diego and back. of the parable commute and i said i would never do it again and i happen. we always the close to wear them working. >> i get to commute from way out in connecticut. in the middle of the night it was 1:15 sloppy come to work, getting up at what i am becoming at 2:00 a.m. and collect out it was like 3-4 hours, but in the morning it would be dark and if there was bad weather like, a
2:22 pm
flood, didn't see that river flood and the car was sideways on 95, nice first in a flooded creek. it was a nightmare. >> hour in an hour out but would get the penn station, which is terrible, you've got the subway, and still not great. up to box in the back down. so three hours altogether. >> you poor babies. my commute from louisiana, i can't even go home in the same day so it's cute. accounts. i've i've got to do that. as bad as that is, living in the high desert in california and driving to hollywood is down the hill and up the hill 3-4 hours a night was not greatest. that like different because the spectacular evening. >> geraldo. >> that's mine. cleveland, here.
2:23 pm
i've gotten it as close as 3-point five hours door-to-door but sometimes it's a lot more than that. >> giraldo, do you are do you not drive a bentley. >> i do. so if you are commuting in a bentley. >> no, flying. >> i get the sick of the airport and i have occasionally done private craft, aircraft. >> cleveland airport. and you were right about that. >> the flight crew was so gracious and so nice. >> coming up, what musician or band with that like to have perform at our holiday gatherin. funds for that on more on our thanksgiving fan mail special next. ♪ ♪
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here's a look at today president headlines. russian news agencies at a fire at a cole mine has killed 52 miners and rescuers. authorities say a methane gas explosion build the mine with toxic fuels at officials previous had that rescuers found 14 bodies in the search for 38 people missing was halted for safety reasons. emergency officials say there's no chance of finding survivors. watched plan to give rooster shots to all adults. officials decide that against a further lock lockdown for. that gap. second and third shots of being the thirst -- reduced from six months. president biden but the fist week today thinking us serviceman servicemembers and their family. they met with coast guard members on nantucket re-spending thanksgiving and also first americans a happy holiday and nvidia based by the administration. i'm i michael melia well.
2:29 pm
-- i'm making manual. please join me for a live report at 6:00 p.m. eastern. welcome back. we of a lot of our fan no questions to get to this things getting. this one on facebook from thomas , all put that the couple was pretty was one musician or band you would like to have perform at your holiday gathering. >> i love dierks bentley at his band. i know all the words. i might be the only one that knows all the ports of my house. >> would you invite more people? >> yes, up course. lots of people. bring your own food. i can supply the bartending. when it comes to food, i don't want you to rely on me. >> tyrus, who would you have? >> for no other reason but to torment him, my old boss.
2:30 pm
what else you've got. we are having issues that are nba season so the lakers have lost their mind, so we don't have much to argue about so making him perform would be great just interrupt him. >> i want to. they would have a little bit just for all those hours that i stood up there. >> make you more, holiday. >> you worked for prince at one point too. >> you can do a whole hour special on that. >> and that's at the root of the story of my preferred not to go there. i know the story. >> new post just faked, small men were carried by children three crowd. >> basically. >> you could carry him in one hand. >> this bores me, i'm ready to go. and as we walked to the crowd,
2:31 pm
you can i'm like you've got to be kidding me. he went like tyrus to pick them up and carry him. >> is so not just all live? >> well, it would be sinatra. the got him to the summing to sinatra when recently. >> that's really good. of course you know sinatra. >> does he really? >> yes,. >> [indiscernible] i think he is a legend. who would you have play? >> me? >> i would have felt this is if he was still around.
2:32 pm
bob dylan coming and playing for me, concert just for me and doing forever you -- forever young. your family is not invited. asked my guess is bob dylan is probably pretty grumpy and might lead after one song. it's like watching the clock and he cuts out yelling at everybody. >> but he's a ledge been. >> back -- blackberry slope would be far mine. but i made that family family when i started to do tv, i was not home or staying. no, no, no. i don't sing in church even. onward christian soldiers and all the next turn and it is who is that howling. what is your least favorite thing to do for thanksgiving that is a tradition and necessary. you can't get out of it.
2:33 pm
tyrus. >> be nice to people. it's a holiday, don't be a smar, don't be a holiday. don't look at them. stopped looking at everybody like that because i have a look apparently. and what i don't like someone i just do this. i have no one. so it's always the other side of the family and there's always this one guy that wants to be my friend. like what's going on and i just give him the watch the game, ma. who's winning? the scores on the screen. that is who i have always been. >> i think people know that about you. you have this resting stage face. >> jesse? >> so we put walnuts in the stepping in some we have to boil the walnuts and then you have to take up the hot boiling walden and then cut it with a knife and then purely and so my
2:34 pm
grandfather would always two and he would do it really easily and i didn't realize until later that he was hammered and he didn't feel anything. meanwhile i am burning my fingers up at the child so that is something i have bad memories with. >> a drop. >> it comes on in november. it's in the store. >> it makes you belch. >> you put too much running tha. >> that sounds pretty delicious. >> i can't think of one that i don't want to do. we don't have that many traditions in that category. however, peter's something in scotland will be here for thanksgiving today and he asked peter, he once know more about thanksgiving and he said you get gift that think skipping and i tell him yes. will see what we get. i love that. >> mine is i.e. too fast, like way too fast.
2:35 pm
nobody has even touch their play and i am done of them super uncomfortable. >> that's usually bob best part is no one is talking. >> more people taking photos during dinner. >> it is band that my house. >> so coming up did any of us think that we would ever be on tv? the answer when we come back. no one can deliver your mom's homemade short ribs. for starters, your mom doesn't have a restaurant. if she did, it would be impossible to get in. she'd become famous overnight. she'd get talked into franchising everything. and at that point, they wouldn't really taste like your mom's short ribs. no one can deliver your mom's homemade short ribs. that's why instacart helps deliver the ingredients.
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like you, my hands are everything to me. but i was diagnosed with dupuytren's contracture. and it got to the point where things i took for granted got tougher to do. thought surgery was my only option. turns out i was wrong. so when a hand specialist told me about nonsurgical treatments, it was a total game changer. like you, my hands have a lot more to do. learn more at today. welcome back, everybody. happy thanksgiving. were answering mark fan no
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questions. so tyrus, did you ever think you would be on tv? >> did i ever think i would be on tv, like america's most wanted, quite possibly. i just assumed. this sounds but i assumed i went because every job i want to require to camera. i wanted to play football. i wanted to be a wrestler. i wanted to do movies so all of those you need a camry for people to believe you actually did it. >> do you have a book for tp? >> i still don't have a look. i think that is my look. and everyone is just like, okay, but know what he ever duplicate fit. of never come out and said they sat, dana. but going on with your shirt. no one dresses like me. so i would definitely say i'm unique so i never really thought about it like a got a be on tv one day.
2:41 pm
and had friends like this who said a going to do this one day and they never really did it. i just really went with it. >> data, happy to part. did you ever think you would be in the white house and did you ever think you'd be a commentator. >> when i was in third grade mike that had me read the proxy knocked in news before he got home from work and afterschool i spoke spoke with the least newspaper and talk about to, articles and he is described to every newsmagazine. news is a big part of my life. i thought it would be a local news. i love local -- local news. what i'm doing now is what i always wanted to do. i think out be in the white house? when i was seven years old i got to go to the white house of my moms friend from high school for their for virginia carter or something and i apparently when he got home i set one going to work at the white house. no compacted not really think that i would. >> now when you see your successor coming to make up mental comparison.
2:42 pm
>> what i love about the secretary world as i'm friends with all of them, republicans and democrats. is a great fraternity. >> tell us. i need that trajectory. >> i never thought it would be on tv but he kept winding up on tv when i was little bit of kept finding myself on local television randomly as a kindergartner. i was in a package about something i remembered doing something and they came and asked me some question and i said when i will watch -- of i watched my self on tv come it was about the button now lasts gilly scandal. and then the banality only -- it was in the paper and random stuff. and then o'reilly. in the nylon the a lot. he said he didn't want to have me keep bothering everybody inside the building. he said father everybody outsid. >> it was your eye care his?
2:43 pm
>> oh, his. >> he set up want you to find out how it's young people know about what's going on and it turns out they know very little. but you know what is great is i can see you rolling your eyes at some of the answers and the blank stares. >> you can't laugh in their face. we laugh in the edit room afterwards. and i can imagine what your brow was quick. >> have never thought that i would be on tv. it was my first job, real job when i went to new york city and i moved here for the duffel bag on a train. so i was a financial writer and an institutional investor and i had hair this long, never wore makeup and my eyebrows were only about this long. and they didn't go all the way over. so some minute the makeup counter took pity on me and give
2:44 pm
me a pencil and said please put your eyebrows in. and i was 30 pounds heavier than i was now. i've never had, never thought i would be on tv. >> how did you make eyebrows? >> i was already working here. i had worked here for years but that was part of, i thought maybe i could do this tp thing when i interviewed while i was doing fox and definitely a full-time job and i thought i could do it here because they believe that me be myself. >> i never thought i would be on tv. i was a lawyer representing four people. i got discovered that they sent me to columbia university. journalism school and met -- >> but you always had tv here. that's aside. destined. >> up next, which reality show?
2:45 pm
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thanksgiving schedule. let's get to more of your fan mail. this is from jc. but reality show can you secretly enjoy. >> do you watch reality tv? >> i will watch the voice. unlike the voice competition. that's a reality show. and that any of the other ones, i don't watch them. >> waters, if you've got a guilty pleasure. >> no, but i'm not guilty. i like the bachelor, the bachelorette, and especially bachelor in paradise. and i'm not afraid ashamed to say -- >> you think i should feel more ashamed? people are buying trying to shame me. >> you're not getting any more. okay, mr. judgmental. >> i struck out with dancing with the stars.
2:50 pm
tucker about for eliminated and the first round. i did very well on it. real housewives is my wife and every woman in my family's secret pleasure. >> and he stars in reality -- >> below deck i love and i know producers on that show and i know how hard they work and how much could send them because they are on a yacht and they don't get any days off. and my favorite is the great british a copy i can that tells you -- the worst thing that happens is like a soufflé falls. it is just joy and sugar and butter. >> i watch oak island religiously. >> that is your problem. >> searching for treasure up in the nova scotia area.
2:51 pm
>> it is a good deal and then i watch alone because that is my one true goal. >> and afraid? >> alone. it's when you try to outlive everyone in the woods for 72-100 days. it's pretty awesome. >> it's like living alone in the woods. >> and dr. pohl, the incredible dr. paul. >> anybody who watches the things that they can birth cats. our next question is from shauna geller. what is your go to drink at the bar. >> her older, i'm assuming it's rum. >> it is rome. what i want to get in a fight, it is tequila. puerto ricans are not genetically protected against tequila. >> so when you want to get into a fight --
2:52 pm
>> it's tequila. i walk and kick my heels together. you or eight minutes away from 80. what you doing getting rowdy at a bar still. >> sometimes you've got to -- i have all of my friends and $300 buys you the whole bar. pick you are writing checks that you're going to make somebody else cash. >> waters, when you go to an establishment -- >> it used to be vodka tonic but now i'm a bourbon guy. >> i just moved on from vodka. it was a moment. and it was a history of moments, geraldo. we don't do it anymore. >> dana? >> i only like a glass of wine. >> i want to say moonshine but i know you are going to correct me. >> i have a couple of mason jars in my apartment.
2:53 pm
who are you talking to. sometimes if it is a pub, it is a fear and it could be a glass of wine, glass of champagne. it could be a martini. that is the lish us. >> what is that? >> it is red vermouth. it is ride. it is equal parts, all three. it is all boos,. >> i'm an old-fashioned guy now. just that been judge everybody. >> are you a set for? >> i have to be because my life can change. all right, stay right there. one more question is up next. the best things america makes are the things america makes out here.
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tell your doctor about your medical history, muscle or nerve conditions, and medications including botulinum toxins as these may increase the risk of serious side effects see for yourself at ♪ ♪
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>> time now for one more question. this is a good one. what are you most thankful for this year? dagen. >> my family, my dad, he's doing great. mom died about two years ago and he's just really able to get up every day and live his best life. auntie has an incredible group of friends, incredible. >> he's been a real inspiration. >> yeah, to be with somebody as long as he and my mother. they were deeply in love and had been together they were teenagers, my mother was 13, so it was a lot but i love him so much, love you, daddy. >> my five grandchildren and a couple more to come. i pray. because you see, you know, the generations, you see the strength of the family and it's so wonderful. i had three of them up in the
2:59 pm
hotel last week in the swimming pool him so great. i'm very, very thankful for my grandchildren. >> i was going to say my number one best seller, but... i'm actually thankful for jesse, jr., my son, who was born this year, so very grateful, jesse, jr., happy thanksgiving. dana. >> for me -- of course grateful for my family and their health and everybody is employed and happy, but i would say also being here at fox for me, this year in particular, has been agreeable. i started a new show with bill hemmer, america's newsroom, continuing to get to do this amazing show, "the five" and then when jasper passed away in september, there was this a credible outpouring of support, i could never have anticipated it or replicated it. the cards in the notes, the paintings come all the gifts, the well wishes, the donations in his name and there was this connection ahead with the audience, and it really meant a lot to me and now we have a new puppy, percy, in our lives, part of the fox family, so to being here and being a part of this group and his team here, it
3:00 pm
means a lot to me. >> very sweet. >> nothing really comes to mind. [laughter] >> not painful for anything? >> i was grateful we have more time, we have looked seconds, my kids, they are fun to talk to on the phone. >> we are grateful know your commute is little bit better. >> yeah. >> thank you, that's it for us this thanksgiving. we will see you back here tomorrow, have a great night, everybody. ♪ ♪ >> good evening, happy thinks given, welcome to washington, i'm mike emanuel in per bret baier. president biden is spending his thanksgiving holiday on upscale nantucket where he is staying at the home of the billionaire businessman. tonight we are learning more about the president's recent medical checkup at his overall health. white house correspondent jacqui heinrich joins us tonight. good evening, jacqui. >> good evening to you, mike buried thanksgiving on nantucket as a biden family tradition, the restaurant that usually caters their dinner is cooking for the
3:01 pm
secret service


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