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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  November 25, 2021 10:00am-1:00pm PST

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or pharmacist about shingles. [ coughing and sneezing ] cold season is back. bounce back fast with alka seltzer plus. with 25% more concentrated power. alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh, what a relief it is ♪ so fast! also try for cough, mucus & congestion. >> john: we begin with a fox news alert this thanksgiving. president biden takes pressure as cabin emergencies will stockpile in an attempt to slow gas prices and crippling inflation. hello and happy thanksgiving, i am griff jenkins. >> hello griff happy thanksgiving to you. the president making that announcement on his way to spending thanksgiving in nantucket. this is america americans are picking up some pretty pricey turkeys and all. the turkey and all the trimmings cost 14% more, compared to last year.
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we have fox coverage in a moment, transformer economic advisor, stephen moore appear but first, jacqui heinrich. she is from nantucket, massachusetts, where the president just spoke to members of the coast guard. hey jackie. >> hey there. good to see you and happy thanksgiving. president biden is not the first president to spend a holiday at a wealthy friends home. you will will recall president clinton spent, i think it was thanksgiving on martha's vineyard at the home of a wealthy democratic donor. of course president trump also spent his holidays at his own luxury hotel. however, reported this morning that the bidens are renting this $30 million oceanfront estate. the white house has not confirmed multiple requests from us to confirm that information. the white house announcement, officially, only said the first family will stay at the home of their friend, stephen rubinstein as they have done previously. criticism has mostly come from republicans, who say that the holiday stay amid inflation and
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crippling gas prices is out of touch with the working class american. but former obama ethics chief, schwab, also weighed in saying that just a friendly reminder white house, potus will have to pay fair market value to stay on nantucket or disclose the gift of free lodging on the annual disclosure. i'm not suggesting he wouldn't, just remind you not to let it slip to the cracks. the disclosure exemption, for personal hospitality, that only applies if the head of the group is staying there with the bidens. i suspect the white house is all over compliance with the rule and oblivious to the ethical optics. "the new york times" reported that the businessman is traveling overseas, meaning that that exemption may not apply. head of a tripped on the white house deflected questions about what kind of message the signs, with the economy in a tough spot. press secretary said that things given is a time to put politics aside and be with loved ones and share thanks. president biden said, while visiting coast guard members an hour ago, this message. >> what am i thankful for?
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i'm not joking when i say that i'm thankful for these guys. thankful for them and everybody, i mean this from the bottom of my heart. i've been all over the world and of watch these people. i watch him in the south china sea, wasserman afghanistan, iraq, wherever they are, people wonder what america is and they look and they see them. that's what they see. they see them. they make me proud and i mean that. >> from coast guard station grande pointe here on nantucket harbour town the present style and virtually to a call with service members from all six branches of the military to express thanks. first lady jill biden also confirmed that tomorrow, the first family will attend the tree lighting ceremony here on the island. >> well, jackie happy thanksgiving to you and your mom, especially. >> thank you. thank you so much. i will let her know. happy thanksgiving. >> thank you.
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chris. >> thanks. and it's president biden looks to push his massive spending bill through congress, the richest americans will foot the bill appeared he is spending the holiday at a billionaires compound. is middle-class joe out of touch with middle-class americans? let's bring us even more former economic advisor to president trump and founder of the committee to unleash prosperity. steve, having happy thanksgiving. thanks for being here. he just her jacket's report. was this perhaps an oversight? with the optics or question are >> great to be with you. happy thanksgiving to you too. i hope the president has a happy things given as well. and everyone. look. maybe this was not the best optics. the president can have his thanksgiving dinner wherever he wants. i think the bigger problem here, is what is happening with the middle class, and this rising inflation. there just does not seem to be a solution coming out of this white house right now. in fact, they are pitching a $3 trillion debt bill that would actually make the inflation worse. the people are feeling this.
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the interesting thing about when you have higher inflation, which we do right now. it's running at about 6%. the spin from washington and the spin from economists don't matter because people feel it every single day. i notice, i don't know if you do, but when i go to the gas pump now people are grumbling about how much their pain. it's 20 bucks more to fill up your tank, this things given that it was a year ago. >> griff: talk about feeling the pain, let's show our viewers how much they are paying for that turkey. we know that sales of the grocery store are up 14% for the groceries wow turkey itself, 16-pound turkey is 24%. i was telling the producers on a call about an hour ago, i got a 16-pound turkey. it cost me $68. this is real pain from the grocery store to the gas pump. how long does it last, and how damaging is it to this administration? >> you are right about that.
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you've got that graphic up there, 24% higher for turkey price this season. i don't know if you notice it but it was said that people are willing to spend $20 more for turkey. i don't get the math on that because, it is four, five, or $6 more for these turkeys now. based on how big that bird is. as i said earlier, i just don't think that this administration has a cure for the inflation. they continued to talk about more debt and more spending from washington, which means flushing more money into the economy. that could make the inflation worse. when it comes to gas prices, yesterday in his statement, president biden kept talking about all the strategies he has for lowering gas prices but what we didn't bring up is all the policies he has in place for raising gas prices. for example, killing pipelines and canceling existing pipelines. the fact that they cancel drilling in alaska. that we are not doing more
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permitting of lands. there is no country in the world that has more oil, gas, and: energy resources the united states. we are blessed with this incredible amount of energy and natural resources in this country. i think people are getting a little frustrated that we are not using them. we're not going after them. and that is making us more dependent on saudi arabia, russia, those countries. >> griff: before we run out of time, imagine jen psaki, i believe what you were talking about is when she was asked a question by her own peter doocy. take a look at this. i think this is the moment you meant. watch. speak out just a sense that the middle-class americans that biden is trying to help who are struggling this week to cover the cost of the most expensive thanksgiving ever that the president is going to take a few days off at a billionaires compound in nantucket? >> any increases in prices is something that the president is concerned about. but i just want to be clear, that there are an abundance of turkeys available, they are about $1 more for a 20-pound bird which is a huge bird if you
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are feeding big family. >> griff: so from the white house briefing room to nantucket, are they failing to quote, read the room if it were russian mark >> again, i don't know how she came up with her math there. because people are paying a lot more than a dollar for turkey. another incident happened this week were jennifer granholm, who is the energy secretary was asked, how much do we come how much energy do we consume in terms of barrels of oil a day here she said i don't know. when you have a secretary of energy who does not know what our energy policies are, it's like the transportation secretary not knowing anything but planes, trains, and automobiles. it's a problem. i think people in washington are little bit out of touch. >> we will see if that does bring prices down. thank you very much and have a happy things giving. >> you too griff. thanks for having me. >> griff: are tell, you heard our conversation there. i got a 16-pound turkey and it
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was 68 bucks. it's more expensive this thanksgiving. i think americans will reflect on that. >> arthel: yeah for sure. i just want everyone to know and have a happy thanksgiving, those who have been able to get the food on their table. and speaking of which, i think you named your turkey, did you tell me that earlier? >> griff: full disclosure we did. my daughters named our turkey duke. it gets a name every before it goes in the oven. not sure exactly why duke. but duke is in the oven now. hopefully he will be ready when we get home. >> arthel: good luck to you and to do. i hope duke is tasty. all right, thank you. unfortunately we will have to move on to a holiday tragedy right now. the suspected waukesha, darrell brooks was also a rapper. posting to social media in praise of guns, drugs, murder. and one line was asked donald trump. he had quite the rap sheet to go along with his wraps.
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including an arrest for allegedly running over a woman with a car and one for shooting his nephew. he was out on $1,000 bail at the time of sunday's attack. his case has prompted an internal investigation to the prosecutor's office. that recommended such low bail. griff. >> griff: the biden administration, considers turning its seekers back into mexico as early as next week after being forced by court order to reinstate the trump era remain in mexico policy. david sahn's live in washington for us. high david. >> high griff. those who cross the border from mexico into united states will be, they will be offered the vaccine but it is not clear if they will actually be forced to take the vaccine. this all just depends, and the reason it depends is because we know that several of these cases are making their way specifically through the court system. but we do know that the remain in mexico policy, it specifically targets people not from mexico, but from some of
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those countries in central and south america. think guatemala and honduras, to name a few. a federal judge in texas, ruled of the biden administration made mistakes and violate a law, when the biden team tried to undo this policy, ordering it to be restored here the policy formerly known as migrant protection protocols or mpp. the department of homeland security telling fox news in a statement late yesterday, its ways previously stated, we are required by court order to re-implement mpp, in compliance with the court order we are working to re-implement mpp as promptly as possible. we cannot do so until we have the independent agreement from the government of mexico to accept those we seek to enroll in mpp. we will communicate to the court and the public the timing of reimplementation, as we are prepared to do so. the timing of the reinstating of the policy, this is something that is not clear paired although we do know that remain in mexico, the, the
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controversial policy under former president donald trump, will be back in action as soon as the department of homeland security puts it back in action. griff. >> griff: david come alive for us in washington, thank you. i fell, we talk a lot about the border and i have been the reporter on weekends when i been down on the border and it's interesting, the numbers are up. lasser, obviously we know those numbers. but this november, numbers are already exceeding the fiscal year of last year. >> arthel: yet is bad. there is a problem down there. in our 2:00 hour i will speak with brandon john. he is the president of the national knoll border patrol council. we will discuss a reversal in policy by the biden administration. we will see exactly what that is and how it will be put out there at our southern borders. so stick around for that. meanwhile, guilty again and again and again. the legal and emotional fallout of three guilty murder verdicts in the ahmaud arbery case. we are live in brunswick,
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georgia. >> griff: plus, dr. fauci moving a goalpost again. the debates come after he says we may have to redefine what it means to be fully vaccinated.
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>> griff: the family of ahmaud arbery said that justice was served after a jury found all three defendants guilty of murder in the unarmed man's death paired the issue of race hanging over the trial more than a year after aubrey was chased down, cornered, and shot while he was out for a jog. a defense for the now convicted killers say, they will appeal. jeff paul has more from brunswick, georgia. hi jeff. >> yeah griff, we are here outside the mural that was painted to honor the life of
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ahmaud arbery. throughout the day we have seen various people sure. including ahmaud arbery's mom, who in a sense pay their respect. it is also the very location, a large crowd that was outside the courthouse, marched too, right after the verdict was read that all three defendants were named guilty in this case. now that huge group of people included some who spent the last two weeks demonstrating while the trial was going on. they said that they are relieved that the three men on trial for the death of ahmaud arbery will be held accountable. based on the severity of the charges, all three men will likely spend the rest of their lives in prison. but, like with many high-profile cases, it is expected that the lawyers of the defendants will file an appeal. legal experts not involved with his trial say, it is not out of the ordinary for appeals to be filed. they believe the appeal could simply rest on the location of this last trial. >> everybody knew this was a high profile case.
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everybody knew that theirs would be media and people in the courthouse steps. if there is an appeal in this case, the failure to move the trial from brunswick will be a basis for that appeal. that is something that the lawyers have worked very hard to make a good record on. >> now the judge could sentence sentencing in the next few weeks for the trial. all three defendants are set to be back in court, where they face federal hate crime charges, and less than three months. griff. >> griff: jeff paul live for us in brunswick, georgia. jeff, thank you. >> arthel: thank you griff. president biden's chief medical advisor, dr. fauci, says that fully vaccinated might soon include booster shots. dr. fauci address the issue on cnn recently. let's take a look here. >> we are going to follow people who get booster. we don't know right now, but it will be guided by the science. people should not be put off by
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the fact that as time goes by, and we learn more and more about the protection, that we might modify the guidelines, as we have been saying all along by following the science. things change. you have to follow the data. >> arthel: dr. janette nesheiwat specializes in family emergency medicine. she is also fox news contributor joining us now. we will get to dr. fauci's comments later come of but first let's set the table if you will. if i'm getting together with my family, for the first time and say, two years are long time. if i'm fully faxed and boosted, am i safe? torisel to wear a mask indoors? >> happy thanksgiving. yes. you are safe. now, if you are not vaccinated or he did not get a chance to get your second shot or booster, it is okay. just go get tested. to a rapid antigen home tester walk into an urgent care center and get tested just to be safe that you don't accidentally spread an infection that is a a
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symptom addict other people. >> arthel: and what if you don't know who was faxed to a place with friends. you don't know who it's all been vaccinated or not? what you do then? >> that is a great question pay the best way to protect yourself, especially if you are high risk and indoors and in a crowded area, and not sure of the vaccine status of those around you. the safest thing to do would be, to wear a mask. but ultimately, if you are in a small indoor gathering and you are fully vaccinated, meaning that you have a second dose, plus the booster. most likely, you will be okay. i would highly recommend enjoying the day and enjoy thanksgiving, turkey dinner, it is some of that we have worked so hard at the past year to be able to have this moment to spend with family and friends and do it in a safe manner. >> arthel: yeah. and of course, you cannot eat while you're wearing the mask. so listen, we were recently told us you all know, that all adults can get the booster come the third shot. for those who are thinking, the cdc, government, science even, they keep changing the rules. we think of that?
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>> i do think, it is premature to attempt to redefine the meanings of fully vaccinated right now. we need more time, more data. it is not necessarily that we are changing the goalposts. this is an evolving situation, is the science evolves as we gather more data and as we gather more information, we need to adjust and modify accordingly. we need to modify our patient care and management and not be stagnant, otherwise this will result in increase of death, increase of hospitalization. as we gather more information, we need to also change our approach to patient care. >> arthel: and reminding that it is the corona novel virus, because novel is new here and so scientists are, there is preparation for it, as much as possible. but yet, we are coming some people say listen i was talking to someone not long ago saying i don't want to get it, i don't want to be a guinea pig.
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what do you say? >> the pfizer vaccine for example, which is fully fda approved. this is the most tested and tried vaccine in the history. it has gone through rigorous tests. we have now over 7 billion people on this planet who have been vaccinated successfully. now of course, you are going to have those with the rare complications, that is expected with any vaccine. the vaccine has been proven safe and effective, not just pfizer, but also my dharna and johnson & johnson. this is why the cdc is recommending, now if you are an adult to get a booster vaccine. if you're six months out from an mrna vaccine or if you are two months out from the johnson & johnson vaccine, it is recommended to get a booster. the reason is because we have the data to tell a spirit after about six months, our antibody levels decline. we have the data that clearly shows, if you get booster shot, you are going to increase your protection against the coronavirus. >> arthel: so there's a
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possibility, you don't know yet, i understand. but we could have to do a shot every year, perhaps even once every six months. but that remains to be seen. right? >> yes. time will tell. >> arthel: yes or no doctor, is the pandemic over? >> not quite yet. but i do think that we have made significant progress. we now have the vaccines. we have treatments and antibodies. merck and pfizer are coming out with antiviral pills. they have been shown to reduce death and hospitalization by nearly 90%. we are definitely moving in the right direction as far as treatment. we are seen a slight increase in number of cases right now, increase by about 13%. that is expected. during the holidays. but overall, we have all of the tools now to fight and combat this pandemic. hopefully we can get the 47 million americans who are not yet vaccinated, will be on the path and in.
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>> arthel: problematic pandemic. i am fully vaccinated and boosted. they go. dr. jeanette, happy thanksgiving to you. always nice to see you. >> thank you. happy things giving. >> arthel: thank you. all right. i've a note for you mr. griff. is your wife kathleen probably artie knows, in terms of injections. inject the turkey with some cajun seasoning before you pop it in the oven and it will be fantastic. >> griff: oh, boy. that is new orleans talking. that is great advice. since you brought it up, i will ask my wife kathleen, who loves you, to send us a picture of duke. maybe we will share that a little bit later. >> arthel: i am down with that. if kathleen is willing to take a picture have her take a pick of her as well. >> griff: you got it. it usually goes without saying that the first-term president is
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usually the party's front runner in the next election. but the buzz around here and suggest that it might not be joe biden in 2024, and we are not talking about vice president harris either. we will tell you who washington it is whispering, next. >> arthel: even though the suspect in the waukesha was out on bond. our progressive policies plan a key role in this decline? our political panel debates that, coming up next.
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>> arthel: let's take a look now at some top stories we are watching the sour. president biden invited to taiwan to attend the summit for democracy event next month. that move is drawn condemnation from chinese officials in beijing, who continue to claim that taiwan is part of mainland china. and, not a its own country.
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>> griff: white house officials are taking seriously the prospect of transportation secretary, pete buttigieg running for president in the near future. politico reporting, chattering the west wing over but a ron in 2028 or possibly 2024 if president biden decides not to run for reelection here the report also saying, some find this disrespectful to vice president, harris and thinking that she would be pampered down by senior officials. >> arthel: just three nights after being ejected from a game for throwing an elbow at an opponent in the head. lakers star ford, lebron james, got to do some ejecting of his own. yes. the three-time champ got referees to boot two courtside fans in indiana who he says were making obscene gestures towards him. he says that was not tolerated. the lakers, by the way, were
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going to beat the pacers and over time. 124, 1-116. for more of the stories and others, download the fox news app. you can scan the qr code, it is right on your screen right now. or you can of course, go to backslash at. >> griff: the white house is standing by its push to end cash nation nationwide. as a city of waukesha and remains outraged over the parade attack that left six people dead. the accused killer, darrell brooks, was out on bond at the time of the attack, accused of running over a woman weeks earlier, with the same car that plowed into parade grounds. now we learn, that brooks also has an active arrest warrant in nevada. so why would democrats continue to push to end cash bail, if tougher policies may have saved those six victims lives. let's bring in our panel.
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chris manon who served as political director for high-priority usa, the super pac. and amy titanium is a g.o.p. strategist and served as a chairwoman for the nevada g.o.p. she will join us and just a minute. they are working on her shot. happy things giving to both of you. why are democrats pushing, the democrats pushing to end cash bail in the wake of what happened so tragically in waukesha? >> sure. one of the things that happen, is there are 3 out of 5 people that are sitting in jail right now are in jail only because they cannot afford the cash bail system to be released on pretrial. and so, that is one of the things that democrats are really working hard to reform. we really need to make sure that everyone is in jail deserves to be there. but the folks that don't deserve to be there, should be out, waiting on the trial to start. and not just sitting in jail taking up space. >> griff: as you can see on
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our screen, darrell brooks, who killed those six victims. let us show you his rap sheet. it dates back to the 90s. it is very extensive. i think we may have that. we will put it up there. the point is, for someone that has been convicted of crimes and been out on bail for the last 20 years and now this. here you go. going all the way back to 1999, aggravated battery. it goes on for two decades. mike question really is, is that the appropriate time for democrats, even if they have a legitimate question for ending a cash bail, is this the appropriate time to be engaging in that right now? >> well really, there's no perfect time to talk about reforming the judicial system, or even the cash bail system. what we are seeing, conservatives really don't like to talk about this topic. but if you're going to move forward and to bring justice to people who have been sitting in
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jail, like kalief browder who has been setting and records for months and then ends up killing himself all because he allegedly stole a backpack that he did not end up stealing. there is no perfect time to talk about this topic. in this case, waukesha is an important case and something that obviously this guy want dominic slipped through the system. we have to continue talking about this. because this is a system that absolutely needs to be reformed here whenever we don't start a conversation, we don't start the policy moving forward to make sure that people who were sitting in jail, who have not been convicted of a crime, or have not even been alleged to commit any type of violent crime, don't remain in jail because there is over incarceration and overcrowding in our jails across this country. >> griff: but amy, let's bring you in. you were the former nevada g.o.p. chairwoman here and we know that brooks had a warrant in nevada for his arrest. your colleague here, crystal,
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saying that there is never really good time and we should push on bail reform. do you think this was the wrong time for democrats to push for that? >> i do. in fact, there is a process already in place that is pretty clear-cut. they look at three things when considering the bail. it is the individual's financial wealth, it is the individual's life risk, and it is the individual is a danger to society. which, i think brooks was all three. the fact that he was given such low amount for extremely dangerous crimes. he practically, he was getting ready to commit murder on the mother of his child when he wants to run her over with the same car, not too long ago. you mentioned nevada. he was trafficking in underage girl. and so, the fact that he is still out roaming around is ludicrous. it is extremely dangerous. and so, i think that if you weigh those three points, and each individual case, it should be pretty simple.
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>> griff: it is a very interesting discussion. one that we will continue to have. thank you for taking the time. amy, particularly peer to know that you're having skype issues but thank you for making the effort on this holiday. i hope both of you have a wonderful and safe thanksgiving. >> thank you. happy thanksgiving. >> arthel: it's americans are in the middle of one of the busiest travel days since the start of the pandemic, is president biden's plan to fix crippling gas prices more of a band-aid? we will find out, coming up next.
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>> griff: can't touch this.
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second thanksgiving during the pandemic and news outlets are offering some unpopular advice on how to address covert concerns peer listen to the advice of one cvs asked has for turkey dinner. watch. >> if it feels like it's going to be weird, make it kind of fun, start with hors d'oeuvres in the garage. we will have drinks and do our best. come on in. you can make a plate. we will make it fun. then be able to enjoy the holiday because you're not worried about safety. >> griff: start in the garage. i don't know. what you make of that? >> arthel: all they have to do is play can't touch this by mc hammer and everybody can get up and start dancing, i guarantee it. i was too when you are all playing it for the intro. >> griff: absolutely. i've got to tell you. this thanksgiving, so many are glad to finally emerge out of the pandemic, being responsible beginning to see loved ones. mc hammer, icing on the cake.
10:43 am
>> arthel: absolutely. almost better than the sweet potato pie, but not quite. going to move on. the folks at aaa, they are saying that gobbling up gas will cost a pretty penny this thanksgiving peered all of this comes as the white house is defending itself against criticism that releasing oil from strategic reserves won't move the needle to lower soaring gas prices for americans. data shows that the reserves will largely benefit china and india the most. when it comes to pain at the pump, americans are seeing the highest gas prices in eight years this holiday. check out those prices on the screen. for more, we will bring in john bussey to fox news contributor and associate editor for "the wall street journal." all right john bussey. first to cry with by the bite and administration to release the reserves. then the release was seen as a mistake as it will be more beneficial to china and any other than americans who needed
10:44 am
at the gas pump. now, is this because this is the first time that the u.s. has coordinated with those countries to release oil reserves? or something else? >> the u.s. coordinated with several countries. it is unclear exactly what china is going to contribute to this in the end. when you release the oil from the oil reserve, it does not immediately get processed into gasoline peer therefore you have a surplus of gas gasoline that drives prices down. it does not work that way. it is very possible, that opec could decide come all right, these countries are decreasing the supply to the strategic petroleum reserves around the world. we are going to crimp supply a little bit to keep prices up. why, because we like prices being up. it benefits us become a major oil producers. i don't think you're going to see a plummet in prices anytime soon. >> arthel: yet a coordination was ended in china japan south korea and the u.k.
10:45 am
your point, listen, you get other people who have their hands in this oil pot, if you will. the petro pot. how can we get prices down here in the u.s., and how long do we have to wait if they are going to be playing with numbers? >> griff: there is bad news and a good news part of this. the bad news is that your seen oil price and prices in general rise around the world. that is inflation as a result of shortages of product an increase in demand. it is going to take a while for the oil markets to adjust to this and be able to produce enough and for the oil refiners, remember does not come out of the ground as gasoline. has to be refined. there is a limited supply of refineries around the world. it will take time for it in the equilibrium to be established. people have probably got to get use to high gas prices for a while. that's the bad news. the good news is, the glass half-full is why is this happening? the reason this is happening is because demand is rising around the world for everything.
10:46 am
gasoline products, manufacturing goods. that is because, global economy is doing pretty well peer the u.s. economy in particular, is doing well. jpmorgan just raised its estimate for gdp growth for the fourth quarter of this year to 5%. from 4%, which is a huge balance for an economy of $23 trillion. which is what ours is. you also have huge pent-up demand and consumers. you have something on the order of $2 trillion of excess savings as a result of the pandemic. people weren't buying things. they have a lot of household savings. they are going out and buying stuff. that is driving up costs for everything including travel and gasoline. >> arthel: i know what the experts say, but trust me, not everybody was able to save during this pandemic. just for the record. listen, you know that john bussey, two years ago former president trump wanted to buy more oil to stabilize
10:47 am
markets. the congress and no. looking back, where that have prevented this present petro predicament we find ourselves in? >> i don't think so. i think that this force is, as you pointed out, there's a lot of countries with their hand in the petroleum pot. the producers and consumers. i think that this is a function of much larger economic forces that approaches, maybe four or five years ago here this is a global economy getting back on its feet, after a incredible disjuncture as a result of the pandemic. a lot of people were not able to save through the pandemic, because they did not have jobs. but in october, 531,000 new jobs, last week the jobless claims were the lowest in 52 years. that shows a economy. i think that the consumer, what they could probably do to even things out, is to help avoid the
10:48 am
instability in the economy that is caused by the pandemic by getting vaccinated. wearing masks when they should, so that the covid does not continue to destabilize parts of the production platform for the global economy. don't listen to the political commentators with their dangerous disinformation about vaccines and mass wearing. due to vaccination so that more of the population is protect against covid and people can go back to work, there are not labor disjuncture's at factories where they have to close the factory because they have covert operation. therefore, you have shortages down the road and that causes those of the much bigger global forces that work here. i don't think, taking oil out of the petroleum reserve is going to change all of that. >> arthel: you had a lot of threat on that needle john bussey. i will let you go, because the doctors say the same thing.
10:49 am
getting most of us vaccinated will help put an end to the pandemic. all right john. happy thanksgiving. thanks for joining us. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> thank you. chris. griff. >> griff: inflation come into americans. after a year off the biggest event and fans are all pumped up. we are live, coming up.
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>> arthel: yes. happy thanksgiving indeed. crowds are back in the streets of new york city to watch the macy's thanksgiving day parade. it is back in full form, after a pared down version last year due to the pandemic paired with giant character balloons, once again pulled by handlers and floats lining its original route through manhattan. brian yunus is on the ground in manhattan. i am not surprised that you got this assignment for today. happy thanksgiving, my friend. >> happy things giving to you and yours. this is the best parade on the planet and my personal favorite. the 95th annual macy's day thanksgiving parade, frank lee
10:54 am
felt extra special. people being with their families for the first time since prepandemic, in many cases. there were many families out here to enjoy what was immaculate weather. really. mid-40s, a little win. it was perfect to just watch and enjoy the festivities. many people took advantage of it. they lined the streets of manhattan, all the way down sixth avenue. the two and a half mile parade route started in central park west and it ended at the iconic macy's department store, 28 fantastic floats made the way for really, ten marching bands from across the nation. 8,000 marchers, including 800 clowns took part in this parade. of course, the real stars of the show are the 15 gigantic character balloons. there were some new additions this year, including a personal favorite, grow goo, the baby yoda from "star wars" the mandalorian. eight a twist from netflix. in some classics like snoopy, pokemon, spongebob, and ronald mcdonald here these balloons stand as tall as 62 feet high
10:55 am
and as long as 72 feet. it took about 80 handlers per balloon to guide them through new york city's skyscrapers. the macy's thanksgiving day parade, really is a timeless tradition. ushering in the holiday season for 95 years. it is a magical parade that culminates with the arrival of the one and only santa claus. the parade has only been canceled three times in its history. 1942 through 1944 because of world war ii. there were amazing performances today by country stars, jimmy allen and carrie underwood, kelly rowland, as well as nelly. it was enjoyed by the people here in new york but also by an estimated 50 million people who watched it, every year as part of a tradition. it is so great that he came back this year in full force. >> arthel: so nice. don't forget that my homeboy jon batiste kills it to in his performance to. brian, based on your favorite
10:56 am
floats, apparently you and i are streaming and binging the same programs because i'm right there with you on those same favorites. see you be rock, happy thanksgiving to you. >> good to see you. happy thanksgiving. >> arthel: likewise my dear. griff comedy of a favorite flow? >> griff: spongebob. when we come back, we got a lot more.
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> arthel: oh, boy, it is a whole new take on mob climates we kick off the holiday shopping season a warning about flash mobs popping out of nowhere. smashing and grabbing their way through high end heists. the attacks keep happening and what appears to be a new crime trend. oh, boy. hello, everyone, and welcome to another hour of fox news live. i am arthel neville saint happy thanksgiving to everyone and to you, griff and to your family. >> griff: happy thanksgiving to you. please to to join you.
11:01 am
i am griff jenkins. three people were charged in one of these deaths at a nordstrom in san francisco suburb over the weekend heard police are looking for nearly 90 others involved in the mayhem. charges are also filed against nine people accused of robbing a louis vuitton, another luxury store in san francisco on friday. friday. california's smash and grab the problem seems to spread from the bay area to los angeles with at least 20 people raiding yet another nordstrom, monday night. >> arthel: it is out of control. christina coleman is live in los angeles with more. christina and what more can you tell us? >> there is a rise in mobs of people committing mass of robbers in california in front of dozens of holiday shoppers. prosecutors charged three of the roughly 90 suspects who took part in that big smash and grab robbery in the bay area, saturday night. a day earlier, a coordinated group of looters broke into a number of high-end stores come across san francisco.
11:02 am
critics of california soft on crime approach say that is leading to the surge and organized retail crime. san francisco's progressive district attorney says, detectives are investigating the criminal enterprises fueling the smash and grab incidents. >> as we learn, what is the mechanism for organizing these kind of flash mob burglary sprees, whether to social media or text messages. we want to get ahead of the next one. >> arthel: in santa rosa yesterday for suspects stole about $20,000 worth of electronics at an apple store. hours later, in southern california, a group of suspects stole an estimated $25,000 worth of merchandise including separate high end purses during a smash and grab robbery at a nordstrom in an l.a. area mall. they also assaulted a security guard with bear spray. >> basically they were running at the security guard, multiple times and in the other suspects grab merchandise.
11:03 am
>> arthel: no arrests were made in that incident. right now, thousands of suspects behind spree of smash and grab robberies across the state are still on the loose with no sense of this type of crime slowing down. >> it's or dickie was paid on out of these areas. they are nice areas where you think you're safe to go shopping and eat and enjoy yourself. i hope that the crackdown is. christina coleman live in los angeles. thanks christina. >> griff: president biden's thanksgiving retreat. a bellinger's hideout on swanky nantucket has critics slamming him for being out of touch with americans facing a once in a generation inflation. this year's thanksgiving feast will cost you 14% more than last year, because of rising prices. jenny heinrich is in nantucket, massachusetts, with the president just spoke to members of the coast guard. hi. >> hated griff. good to see you happy things giving.
11:04 am
yeah, the president and first lady visited coast guard station brand point here on nantucket harbor. in a virtual call with service members from all six branches of the military, he said, that the armed services is what defines america around the world. listen. >> i'm not joking when i say that i am thankful for these guys. thankful for them and everybody like them i cross my heart. all over the world. i've watched them in south china sea, i've watched him in afghanistan and iraq. i watch them in south america. wherever they are, people wonder what america is. they look and they see them. that's who they see. they see them. they make me proud. i really mean that. >> arthel: from there, president returned the compound where he is staying here no word yet on what the first families thanksgiving dinner will look like, but some local media scoop the presidential order from wicked island bakery. six pies include an apple,
11:05 am
pecan, pumpkin, six generals, or six dozen dinner rolls excuse me. and also, morning bonds. this is the president's year on nantucket the local paper here is full of stories from the past five visits per the inquirer and mirror reports that in 2016, then vice president biden snuck in the back door of the restaurant that often caters his annual thanksgiving dinner, right around closing time to give the owner of the restaurant a white house baseball hat. they said that biden annually takes part in the cold turkey plunge. that is an ocean dip and it is very cold. a fund-raiser for the local library here. and today the first family also release this video expressing gratitude for this time of togetherness. >> after been apart last year, we have a new appreciation for those little moments that we cannot plan or replicate. the music of laughter and a warm full kitchen. the thump of small feet making big sounds. the circle of faces, crowded around our dining room table. blowing in the candlelight. >> you know, as we gather
11:06 am
together again, our table in our hearts are full of grace and gratitude for all of those that we love. >> the first lady also confirm that tomorrow, the first family will head to the island tree lighting. that is where biden's late son bo proposed to his wife halle back in 2001. griff. >> griff: jackie, you had me at six pies. count me in. jacqui heinrich in man nantucket, massachusetts. jackie, happy things giving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> arthel: i was in the same thing. i am all over those pies. the biden administration could start sending asylum-seekers back to mexico as early as next week after being forced by a court order to reinstate the trump era remain in mexico policy. national border patrol council president brandon judge joins us now. brandon, jumping right in, is this a good move? too little, too late? how quickly will border patrol see relief? >> that is a lot right there.
11:07 am
it is a little too late. it is something that needs to happen, unfortunately a lot of the damage is already been done. as long as this is in clement, president trump is already given us on how to go about dropping illegal immigration. if we can do that, if we can drop illegal immigration, we can then go after the criminal aspect. we can go after the human smugglers in the drug traffickers and everyone who crosses that border illegally. we can then go after that. unfortunately, again, we are already more than a million people into united states past due on this policy. >> arthel: as you know, the biden administration could appeal the decision. meanwhile, is mexico okay with this? >> no, they are not. that is one of the main issues in one of the reasons why it has taken so long. this happened months ago. yes, the biden administration has been vocal simple because mexico does not want to happen. it must be honest, mexico looks at the bottom line, just like any other economy does.
11:08 am
cartels generate billions of dollars of profit for the mexican economy. if you cut this off, you going to cut into the money that goes into that economy and what goes to the source. the mexican government has always pushed back against this. their only reason it happened in the trump administration is because he threatened terror. he threatened to take away more money than the cartels were bringing in. that's why mexico gave into the protocol policy. that's the reason why mexico is pushing back so hard right now, because the biden administration just is not taking the same steps as what the trump administration did. >> arthel: so you are saying the powers and the purse. i know your point, but there are a lot of complexities involved so it is not as easy and simple as that. but i will take your point and move on because i wanted to ask you about the idea of giving these asylum-seekers and illegal immigrants, harvey wants a phrase, the option to receive
11:09 am
the covid vaccination. either being back before being sent back to mexico or returning to the u.s. for processing. what you think about that? >> that is extremely important. right now if you look at all the people who have been released into the united states, there is no way that we could enforce them to receive that vaccine, because the biden administration did not implement the same policy with the same united states citizens. but we are relieved that millions of people were not entering the united states without the vaccine. if they do offer that option and they go back to mexico and they come back into the united states. at least we will know that they are vaccinated. at least we will know that they cannot spread the virus as readily as what they otherwise could have if they weren't vaccinated. >> arthel: we are going to move from the southern border and go up north. in new york, you got legal residence in new york talking about green card holders. more than 800,000 of them. if approved next month, green card holders in new york are going to be allowed to vote
11:10 am
in municipal elections and on local initiatives. what you think about this? at this encourage legal immigration? >> yeah. this is really, really concerning. that is just one of those things. another magnet that is going to draw people into the united states. if they know that they can cross the border illegally... >> arthel: no, no, no no no. wait a minute brandon you are missing the point. green card holders are legal pair they want their process. so i'm asking you, if they realize, if you come to this country legally the right way, perhaps you can enjoy more freedom that we have here in our great country. >> right now, the house just passed the bill that is talking about legalizing, giving green cards to all of these people across the border illegally. what i'm saying is, at any time that we incentivize people that are not united states citizens to be able to participate in government, all that is doing is encouraging more people to come. because, they recognize that
11:11 am
there could be a future amnesty down the road. it's just another one of those things that could invite people to come. >> arthel: i hear you. i did not read that. you are telling me that the administration is considering giving green cards to people who cross the border. that makes no sense. are you serious? >> the bill, the reconciliation bill at the house just passed, it just went to congress, i just want to the senate. they are talking about amnesty for millions of people to cross our borders illegally. >> arthel: that amnesty is one thing. but giving somebody a green card is another thing. i want to make sure that we know what we are talking about here. because i am not familiar. >> i've looked at bill upside down and one side and the other. i have to appear there are pathways for people to become legal peer the only way that you can become legal, permanent resident is through a green card. a green card is in fact a permanent resident alien card. >> arthel: i know to
11:12 am
green card's. but brandon, listen i'm with you. i'm with you here on this. i don't think people should just be, you got to come through the right way. but a pathways one thing. i'm getting the impression, maybe the wrong impression that you show up and it's oh, you get a green card, you get a green card. the pathways that there is a process to follow and you have to prove that you have been contributing positively to this, our economy and our society. >> exactly. but again, that is one of those magnets. just because something crosses the border illegally, then comes here and continues to contribute to society and pays taxes, that is the pathway. that is the pathway to that permanent resident alien card. any time that you open up government to noncitizens, all you are doing is creating another magnet. >> arthel: that is legal immigration. if you don't want people coming over here without going to the
11:13 am
process, learning a language and learning the constitution and answering all those questions and then contributing to society. that is a pathway. >> maybe i'm not explaining myself real well. but the bill, the reconciliation bill that just past the house, is offering legalization, permanent resident alien card to people across the border illegally. it's a magnet. >> arthel: brandon. i hear your concern. nobody wants to have a magnet to have people here illegally come into the country. i'm going to thank you for now. president of the the national border of patrol council. happy things given to you and your family paired thank you for joining us on this holiday. take care. griff and i have done a lot of reporting on the border. i got to tell you, we know that there is a pathway that means, since had to brandon, that you have to go to the steps to prove that you are worthy of being a
11:14 am
legal citizen in this country. to have that wrong? >> griff: no you don't. brandon is talking about the language in the bill that passed the house. it applies mostly to about 7 million individuals that have crossed illegally that are, would get a pass to possible permanence, or a green card. so he's not entirely wrong. i don't know the language, it's not directly in front of me. but here's the point, it is a ploy, if you will, for democrats to say that they are creating this pathway. and it is in many respects, we talked to the border patrols officials, pull factor. when this gets to the senate, we expect very soon, not only does not appear to have the political will, but the senate on the reconciliation bill will likely determine that anything to do with immigration will not qualify as being budget related. it is almost a surely dead on
11:15 am
arrival. although, it does certainly increase the chances if it were to pass to get a pathway to citizenship for about seven or 10 million. it includes bringing back work permits that have been some lighted during a trump. the big picture though, that you ask about, that is both this talk of the path to citizenship in the bill, but also just the fact that you've got to talk of payments of $50,000 to separated families. there are a lot of things happening that really do encourage people to come. it will be interesting in the first part of the conversation, about reinstating the re-main in mexico. that would send people, not for mexico, back across the border to cities like tijuana, walrus, and matamoros. which are exploding already with vagrants. i'm not sure that mexico is terribly interested in increasing the numbers on their northern border. speech he is a point. everything you said i get it. but there are some of the complexities involved.
11:16 am
i just want to be clear that i didn't give the impression in the reporting that okay, you cross over and oh the other folks, the democrats or progressives, i'm not sure, they say you have to get a green card pair that is not what is happening. that's all i want to make sure that we are not misinforming people. >> griff: that is an accurate and good point. that bill applies to people that are already here. meanwhile, moving on. more reports or intentions between the president and vice president, could this pave the way for someone else at the top of the democratic ticket in the 2024 election? maybe. maybe a certain former mayor will tell you. max. next.
11:17 am
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a great deal for your business. and get up to a $500 prepaid card with select bundles when you switch to the network that can deliver gig speeds to the most businesses. or get started with internet and voice for $64.99 per month with a 2-year price guarantee. give your business the gift of savings today. comcast business. powering possibilities. >> arthel: president biden's new nomination is not sitting
11:21 am
well with senate democrats. five democratic senators have reportedly been telling the administration that they won't support and moreover to lead at the office of the comptroller of currency. the senators include, jon tester montana, mark warner from virginia, kyrsten sinema, and mark eley of arizona. and john higley were from colorado. senators from both sides of the aisle have voiced concerns from the public writings on regulating community banks. griff. >> griff: it is all about the math math math, and a 50/50 split senate, you cannot lose five from your own side. it will be very interesting to see whether the white house wants to see what would be a pretty swift defeat. i think that is something that the white house may ultimately not be interested in peered only time will tell. what do you think? >> arthel: i've got nothing.
11:22 am
>> griff: all right. moving on out of president biden snubbing the vice president of the charity event this week. the two were preparing meals at a d.c. soup kitchen one biden was asked by reporter, what he was thankful for. >> what are you thankful for? >> griff: how about that gal standing next to. former biden campaign surrogate kevin volland joins us for virtually with the report of the growing rift between the president and vice president. allison kevin, happy thanksgiving. thank you for taking time. kevin i've got to start with you because i know how much of a supporter of president biden you are. but it does appear that there is trouble in paradise as they say. a rift growing between the president and vice president.
11:23 am
what is going on? >> yeah, griff. happy thanksgiving. this is d.c.'s favorite parlor game. to read the tea leaves of every interaction between a president and vice president. we know this in every administration. for example, i think that dick cheney and george w. bush stopped talking for the last six months of their administration. of course we know it happened with president trump and mike pence toward the end of their administration. so there is always going to be this kind of game about the relationship, relationship from the president and vice president. i've seen the both of them up close and personal. there is a mutual respect, affection, admiration between the two of them. it is also shared by the spouses. i don't read into any kind of this. they were at a soup kitchen, the president wanted to elevate the voice of a chef there that cooks the meals and highlight his great work for the community. i don't think there's anything there between, that suppose it's snob. >> griff: i'm not sure that everyone agrees with you, kevin.
11:24 am
let me show you a few headlines from the media that we have this week on this growing rift. starting with cnn, calling it exasperation and dysfunction. inside kamala harris is a frustrating vice president start. politico. harris is not scaring off anyone here there are several snubbing poll numbers reach an all-time low of 20%. alex, is this just a parlor game? or is there real trouble? >> i don't think it is just a parlor game. first of all, we are only a year into this and administration. it feels a little early for this to just be parlor game driven. also worth pointing out, there is probably only one person who is jealous of joe biden's pulling right now and that is the vice president, because hers is absolutely brutal. that is what is creating the environment for this conversation to happen. whether it is about the president snubbing her whether it is about secretary buttigieg or one of the other potential
11:25 am
opponents. >> griff: all right all right guys. you and i both know that at certain times and astound you see a headline and you need to say well. let me show you politico headline that caught my eye. that is about former mayor pete judy jh, now transportation secretary, saying that he may actually be on the short list to run. what do you say? here it is. buzz grows around buddha judge 2024. kevin, what are you hearing? >> yeah griff. this is everyone's favorite parlor game. we are many days out for the 2024 election and course you have a president who was somewhat older but has given every indication that he is running for reelection in 2024. he has got a lot of time before the midterms and of course, he is reelected every four years. this is something that politico in other news agencies want to drive clicks to their sites. they want to set up this kind of
11:26 am
rivalry between cabinet secretaries and the vice president. i think it is a drive to turn out views. we are long ways away from 2024. >> griff: it is. but as alex said, there are staffers telling politico and what we were showing there, that they are not backing away from possibility of a buddha judge candidacy. also, sources telling politico that harris staffers are frustrated to see this. is this, we are not even a year into this administration, is this a pivot? or is this perhaps mayor pete trying to elevate beyond transportation secretary? >> i think it is a combination of both. a couple of things worth keeping in mind. first, secretary buttigieg and the last decade has run for mayor, which he won, he run for straight treasurer which he lost, he run for chair of the dnc which he lost. and he went ran for president of
11:27 am
the night states which he also lost. i think you may want to spend a little time worrying about being secretary buttigieg to gain out whether he should pursue other options per the other reality though, is that it is smart for secretary buttigieg's folks to push back on some of this and try and tamp it down. or, he's going to find the next three years he's been told to focus on arctic circle transportation, or something else he doesn't want to. this is a very dangerous game to be plain given the sensitivities. and the very public pushback from the vice president. >> griff: thank you, both you gentlemen for coming on. in the last few seconds let's see if we can get you to agree. white meat or dark meat, alex? >> white. >> griff: kevin? >> we are in total agreement. i'm a white meat guy too. >> griff: there we go. there is agreement after all. happy thanksgiving, guys. appreciate it. >> happy thanksgiving.
11:28 am
>> happy thanksgiving. good to see. >> arthel: hey listen. wings are white meat right? >> griff: out. >> arthel: however, a turkey leg i will snatch off and run and hide and had that. normally white meat, but on thanksgiving day i'm all about the turkey leg. >> griff: sounds good. >> arthel: all right. coming up next week going to have an update for you on president biden's house after he celebrated his 79th birthday, last week. we will fill you in on that. >> griff: his son hunter's business dealings back under the microscope, all of that ahead.
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11:33 am
>> griff: some top stories we are watching this hour. the white house says that the decision that the president had a benign polyp removed during his routine colonoscopy last week. the doctor said that it was thought to be precancerous but that no further action is required. biden was also announced healthy
11:34 am
and fit for duty after his physical exam. >> arthel: gofundme removed a funding page for the suspect in sunday's christmas parade tragedy in waukesha, wisconsin. darrell brooks is being held on $5 million bail for driving through the parade and allegedly killing at least six people and injuring dozens. gofundme says that the page violated its terms of service and that the organizer has been banned from the platform. >> griff: the cdc says that if your proportions seem to be increasing slightly. although, caution is that the report is incomplete. abortion figures in 2017 were at the lowest level since the 1973 supreme court decision that legalized them. abortions then rose 1% in 2018, and 2% in 2019. for more on these and other top stories, download the fox news app, scan the qr code on your screen right now, or go to
11:35 am backslash apps. >> arthel: president biden's son hunter was reportedly involved with a chinese conglomerate in a multibillion-dollar purchase of one of the world's largest kobold mind. by the way, cobalt is a key part used in batteries for electric vehicles. it is, in its critic's are urging president biden to take a harder line against china. and as hunter biden's own business dealings have raised ethical questions. bringing an outcome of former federal prosecutor, doug burns. so doug, according to hunter biden's attorneys, i read that hunter is no longer come he no longer holds any interest directly or indirectly and is no longer on the board as of april 2020. what more can he tell us? >> the chronology obviously is a key thing when you look at a pattern like this. don't forget, your stomach "the new york times" and a lot of mainstream media ignored it. it's very common. don't need to get into those
11:36 am
political things. but the reality is that it raises substantial questions of conflict of interest. ethics, possible ethics violations. i mean, again, i am the lawyer et cetera but it is really more of a media question to me. which is that it should be barely delved into, fairly delved into unfairly investigated. fairly reported, evenly on both sides. >> arthel: it should definitely be reported, but the point is, it is a legal issue. does this have anything to do, or could it be a legal issue? that's why we have you here. does a have anything to do with president biden's dealings with china? >> that's for the ethics problems kick in. and the potential legal problems. it's really more of an ethical conundrum and a conflict of interest conundrum then it necessarily some kind of action of legal case. but, we don't know all of the facts.
11:37 am
it very well could be an action of a legal case if there was some type of wrongdoing. malfeasance, et cetera. the reality is, when an individual their fathers the president of united states and they are very, very complicated details about the relationship between the united states and china, now the sun is smack in the middle of a deal where china pays, as you said earlier, a large cobalt line which just happens to track into a huge political issue of moving potentially to electric cars. the thing has to be looked at in more detail, is the point of what i'll try to say earlier. when the first report comes out, obviously it is relatively early on. it says that this has to be looked at much more carefully. it could definitely become a serious legal issue, but we have seen these rodeos before, obviously. with the president's son. it is the same sort of toxic climate. i apologize for being a broken
11:38 am
record, but if you look at the coverage on one side, versus the coverage of the former president son. >> arthel: i don't want to go into the coverage and who is covering one. we don't do that here. let's you and i talk about this. that partnership, by the way was established in 2013. back to the point of any legal jeopardy for president biden, whether or not be because there was none for former president trump when his daughter a vodka secured multiple trademarks while in china as an official white house representative? >> well we don't want to get into comparing one side to the other here but there we go right in with the trumps. i totally agree with you. that's why i brought it up. you really can't avoid it. to your point, i don't think president biden necessarily is in any legal jeopardy over this story and where it stands right now.
11:39 am
and again, while this may sound slightly disingenuous, i would give you the identical answer, i don't care which party it is, which side, which relative. whose son, i don't care. i'm a legal purist. one summer he tells me that an individual is involved in a deal that involves china, all i say is that it should be looked at and be reported fairly. i apologize for being a broken record. >> arthel: no. i understand that perspective and it makes sense to me. there is the legal issue and then there is the political ramifications. will there be any for president biden, because his son was, he signed up in this partnership in 2013 and according to him, he removed himself in 2020. could there be political residuals for the president? >> no, no, no. both sides are at fault. while everybody gets all the tips about how horrible this is, the reality is that as you just said, you basically are out of the equation.
11:40 am
i think the fairest characterization from what i have read and studied on this quickly, is that it happen when his father was vice president. and to your exact point, if, in fact, he is no longer on the board, the vested of interest as of the time when the father actually becomes president of the united states, then again it is much, much less a legal problem in my opinion. >> arthel: you know what, this thanksgiving, we are trying to relax. >> it's not easy, right? >> arthel: listen. i want to talk about something really nice now. your mother, who i absolutely adore. we have never met. but you mention her. so tell her eye say happy thanksgiving. >> she is on her way over right now. she's coming over to the apartment right now and she's going to be thrilled when we watch this little segment in a few minutes. i really appreciate you thinking of her and the way you wished her a happy birthday.
11:41 am
it was seven years ago by the way. >> arthel: so how old is she now? >> wow. jeez. you're really putting me on the spot. she's having a very, very large birthday and february 15th, i'm not going with the number sorry. >> arthel: i know the number. god bless your mother. really. all right doug burns thank you so much for having this conversation. i appreciate it. take care. >> my pleasure. >> griff: happy birthday, mama burns. i will tell you that. and talk about celebrations, the 95th celebration of the macy's day thanksgiving parade in new york city was back to its prepandemic form, but of course with some covid-19 guidelines in place to keep the crowd safe. nobody better than brian yunus, live in new york city with the parade details. brian coming of the best assignment of the day. have a thing, my friend. >> griff, happy thanksgiving to you. we are live from fox square
11:42 am
which is the best seat in the house to watch the thanksgiving a parade. frankly, it is simply not the same without the crowd. this year, the crowd came back in full force. remember last year, it was just to televise paired crowds were not allowed, because of the pandemic. this year, we are still going through the pandemic but there has been new guidelines that allows this to take off this year like we have always known it to be. crowds were asked to wear masks, regardless of their vaccine status, as they lined across the two and a half mile parade route in midtown manhattan. it was especially packed this year, thanks to great weather, mid-high 40s and a little win. a real sense of longing for people to get back to normal and enjoy this timeless tradition. the 8,000 marchers volunteers and staff had to be vaccinated to march along this route. even if you are vaccinated, workers were asked to wear masks. except for singers, dancers, and musician. no macy's also says that they cut the number of people taking part in the parade by about 15%.
11:43 am
roughly 1200 less people, which was supposed to help with promoting social distancing. look, it takes 80 or hundred people just to guide one of the iconic 15 gigantic character balloons. without hitting any of those new york city skyscrapers. the balloons are the real stars of the show. this year, six new balloons were introduced, including grope you or baby yoda, ada twiss, pikachu, and ev in honor of 25 years of pokemon. these are all of the classics as well as snoopy and ronald mcdonald should you name it. it was a beautiful event as everybody and their families comes back together this year for the first time, many, since the prepandemic. griff. >> griff: brian yunus live for us in new york city along the parade route. brian, great job as always. our cell come onto you. you asked about my favorite float. i am a spongebob person. how about you? >> arthel: i love baby yoda. i had seen debbie out a big like
11:44 am
that, it made me really happy. i'm happy to see baby yoda. that's it. all right. going to move on l. national security experts now warning of a possible attack from china. it could be fatal and you won't be able to see it. details, straight ahead.
11:45 am
11:46 am
11:47 am
11:48 am
>> griff: china's military has u.s. officials on edge of that makes advances faster than our country can keep up. you probably heard about that test of a hypersonic missile, now word that the u.s. could be vulnerable to a tax from electromagnetic pulses, so-called emp's. those types of attacks have the potential to wipe out nearly all electronics, crippling the country. imagine, suddenly having no more iphones, computers, atms or credit card readers.
11:49 am
even modern cars that use computer chips could go down. the founder and executive director of the national security institute weighs in on what the u.s. could do to combat such attacks per jamal, happy things given. thank you for taking time. what is really a frightening story, explain for our viewers if you will, what is this thread of an emp attack and how advanced his china's capabilities? >> sure. obviously the important issues that electromagnetic pulses are power generated oftentimes by it nuclear exposure or other activities which can disrupt communication systems, electric grids and alike. this has long been a concern for the united states, ever since we detonated a nuclear weapon in 1952 and identified the potential threat of an emp. there is also another category of things that you might think about. things caused by solar storms. we have seen the past disruptions to television systems and like caused by that.
11:50 am
these are a large category think that we are concerned about for a while. the real threat from them is hard to really estimate, because we have not had a ton of experience with them. so the question becomes, what might my adversary do, what might happen as a result of the natural effect and how can we protect against these kind of threats. >> griff: i was struck by a comment made by a national security expert speaking at a virtual form. i was reading about it and he said essentially, that you could be talking about a war being one with a single emp blow, without even a shot fired. is that possible? >> well there is certainly a possibility. but to have that broad of an effect, what you need to do is detonate a nuclear weapon at a very high level. there's very few nations that have that capability. russia, the united states, perhaps china, france, other nations that are allies of ours. you have to think about this as a cause for actual nuclear
11:51 am
attacks. the chance for a large-scale emp of that kind. >> griff: frightening stuff. we have to leave it there appear to have a happy things given paired we will be right back on this special coverage on thanksgiving day.
11:52 am
11:53 am
earn about covid-19, the more questions we have. the biggest question now, what's next? what will covid bring in six months, a year?
11:54 am
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11:55 am
>> so peaceful and relaxing. meanwhile there is a highly contested debate spreading their dining room tables today and no, it is not about politics. no politics today. the question, which thanksgiving side dish can you live without? the winner, according to insta cart and the harris polls, candied yams which pulled at 27% of the vote. cream bean casserole 25%. cranberry sauce, 24%. and rounding out the top four i would say and sweet potato casserole at 21%. do you have any of those that you are like no, no, leave those out of my table. >> it is all about the sides. i was just talking to her producer, you might be able to get rid of the turkey and have just all sides.
11:56 am
of course, the pie. but if i had to kick somebody off the island i think it probably would have to be the green bean thing. i'm all about the fattening potatoes, mashed potatoes, and dressing. >> you called it up green bean thing. that's hilarious. we are back at a moment. meanwhile, stick around we've got another hour.
11:57 am
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12:01 pm
everyone. >> there are people here shopping for the holiday season. we have deployed extra officers here it's unfortunate, because the people that are here just try to shop for the holidays. shop for their families. >> los angeles police say at least five people wrapped a nordstrom store, assaulted a security guard, and stole items that included seven or eight expensive purses. that same day in the bay area, police say four people stole $20,000 worth of merchandise from an apple store. live at our los angeles bureau, christina, we heard people are just trying to shop for their families and they want to be safe and did not have all of this ridiculous commotion happening around them. it is really bad. >> yeah, it is but i can't imagine being out with my family shopping and seeing all that going on. law enforcement and patrols to try to prevent these massive smash and grab robberies, but there's been a surgeon or
12:02 pm
domestic organized crime. just last night, group stole an estimated $25,000 worth of merchandise including the seven or eight high-end purses during a smash and grab robbery at nordstrom. investigators say five suspects were involved. one was reportedly wearing an orange wig as they assaulted a security guard with bear spray. no arrests were made. speak of the store was open, there's people here shopping for the holiday season. and we have deployed extra officers here. it just so happens that this was one point where they were able to get in and get out. even with our officers be deployed here. >> earlier in the day in santa rosa, for suspects told $20,000 worth of electronics and an apple store. and in oakland, a security guard was shot while he was protecting a news crew that was reporting on crime. police say a suspect tried to rob that news grew in the middle of the day.
12:03 pm
the injured security guard is a former police officer expected to survive. critics say california's soft on crime approach is leading to this organized crime. though san francisco's district attorney says this rabid violence won't be tolerated. >> we all know we are here because of crimes that occurred in union square a couple days ago, crimes that are outrageous and unacceptable. we cannot, we will not come and we do not tolerate that kind of behavior in our state. >> prosecutors charged three of the roughly 90 suspects who took part in that massive smash and grab robbery near san francisco on saturday, but they are still looking for many more suspects. >> christina coleman live in los angeles, thank you, christina. >> griff: reaction still poirier and then after jury found three men guilty in the murder of ahmed albury.
12:04 pm
facing the possibility of life in prison. hey, jeff. >> right outside the mural here in brunswick, georgia, that honors the life of a model albury. throughout the day, we see all sorts of people show up here and pay their respects including ahmed albury's mother. they came to directly after that verdict came in that all three men were found guilty of murder. >> ahmed albury! >> demonstrated what the child was going on, they say they are relieved to know that the three men who were on trial for the death of ahmed albury will be held accountable. they will likely spend the rest of their lives in prison, but it
12:05 pm
is expected the lawyers for the defendants will file for an appeal. legal experts say he is not out of the ordinary for motions for new trials to be filed. they believe their appeal could simply rest on the location of the latest trial. >> everybody knew this was a high-profile case. everybody knew there was going to be media, people on the courthouse steps. if there's an appeal in this case, the failure to move the trial from brunswick will be a basis for that appeal. that is something that the lawyers have worked very hard to make a good record of it. >> the judge in this case will likely get sentencing for a few weeks or in a few weeks and beyond that, all three of these men will likely be back in court in less than three months facing federal hate crime charges. >> griff: jeff, thank you.
12:06 pm
>> another brutal attack on police in new york city. two officers responding to a call about an armed man, approach the suspect who instantly opened fire. both officers were shot, but still managed to subdue the suspect. that suspect is currently hospitalized in serious condition. while the officers are stable and reportedly will be okay. >> gofundme pulling and attempting to raise $5 billion to bail out darrell brooks, the man accused of driving through wisconsin christmas parade killing six and injuring dozens more for the fund-raiser claimed that brooks, who was a long criminal history, is a victim of a "racist justice system." they say the fund-raiser violated their terms of service. >> outrage continues to build and walk us as we learn more about the suspect and his long criminal rap sheet. court records show darrell
12:07 pm
brooks was free from jail earlier this month on a thousand dollars bail. he's accused, as you know, of running over a woman with the same suv used in some do's attack was also jailed last february and released on $500 bail after allegedly shooting his nephew. texas republican dan crenshaw says some bail reform measures are too lenient. >> nonviolent offenders -- easy republicans and democrats working together to make sure that there is some leniency for them. but for violent offenders, people that are a danger to the public, people like this guy who tried to run over the mother of his child just a few weeks earlier -- they are going to let them out so we can run over a bunch of other people? it is really sickening. >> let's begin criminal defense attorney here to discuss more. why was brooks on the street? how did the justice system in
12:08 pm
this instance fail? >> speaking of thanksgiving, there is six precious lives and what waukesha, wisconsin, who should be sitting around a table today eating turkey and celebrating. but instead they are being buried because there is a cowardly district attorney -- the sky in milwaukee county. he has a policy in which he is promoting a radical social agenda rather than protecting public safety. and it's got to end. in the situation, not only what you meant, but in 2019, he was arrested in nevada as well. for an alleged sex crime. he pleaded nevada, so there is a warrant outstanding for his arrest. so why did the prosecutors, when he was arrested a few weeks ago, immediately call authorities in nevada and tell them hey, we got your guide. let's send them back to nevada.
12:09 pm
have they done their job this never would've happened. >> i do have a partial statement from the milwaukee county d.a.'s office and i want to read it to you right now. "the state bail recommendation in this case was inappropriately low in light of the nature of the recent charges and the pending charges against mr. brooks. the bail recommendation in this case is not consistent with the approach of the milwaukee county district attorney's office toward matters involving violent crime nor was it consistent with the risk assessment of the defendant prior to setting up bail. so brian, could the dav in legal jeopardy? or is he protected because of his position? >> i'm having trouble hearing you, but let me read you -- let me read you an exact quote from
12:10 pm
this prosecutor when he was elected. >> can you hear me? >> no, i don't want you to read that. i want you to answer my question. can you hear me? if you can't hear me, we have to stop this and regroup. >> i'm so sorry. i apologize, he got all dressed up and ready and prepared for this thanksgiving day and we had to -- we had audio issues. sorry for that. well, that happens. >> it does. >> griff: it's tv, that's why we collect live television. but it's thanksgiving, and now we are going to move on because we are going to talk about the presidents thanksgiving. he is a long way from scranton. as americans face inflation, saying his treated for his ritzy life of nantucket. scranton joe lost touch with the regular we will tell you next on
12:11 pm
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♪ ♪ >> welcome back, president biden spending his thanksgiving holiday at a massachusetts mansion. at the white house says the trip to nantucket has been a tradition for the bidens for more than five decades. but some critics are calling the move tone-deaf as americans are paying more than ever for their turkey dinner this year. white house correspondent jacqui heinrich is live in nantucket, massachusetts, with more. >> political record at this morning that the biden family is renting the $30 million compound owned by a private equity billionaire bid we have reached out to the white house multiple times to get that reporting
12:16 pm
confirmed and we have not heard back from them. but the original statement about this vacation from the white house only said that the first family will stay at the home of their front, david rubenstein, as they have done previously. biden is not the first president to spend holiday at a wealthy from cells. former president clinton stayed at martha's vineyard and former president trump often spent his holidays at his own luxury hotel. criticism has mostly come from republicans who say the holiday with soaring inflation is out of touch with the problems facing working-class americans. the american farm bureau says the average price for thanksgiving dinner hit a record high this year, but former obama affects chief also weighed in tweeting "just a friendly reminder, they were up to pay fair market value or disclose the gifts of free lodging in his annual closure in may 2020. just reminded not to let it slip through the cracks." ahead of the trip, the
12:17 pm
white house deflected questions about what kind of messages the vacation sounds with the economy in a tough spot. thanksgiving is a time for politics aside, the e with loved ones, and share thanks. president biden said this while visiting costar members a little an hour ago. >> automatic before? i'm not joking when i say i i'mthankful for these guys but m the bottom of my heart. i've watched from afghanistan, iraq, wherever they are, people wonder what america is, they look and they see them. that is what they see. they don't see a peer, they see them. they make me proud. >> from coast guard station grabbed point here on nantucket harbor, the first lady tiled and virtually with a call from service members from all six branches of the military
12:18 pm
expressing their thanks to our armed forces. first lady joe biden revealed family will attend the annual tree lighting ceremony here on the island tomorrow night. >> they've been renting -- they've been renting this house since 1975. the president reading that he rented it this year specifically rented it so he would avoid the perception of conflict. >> jacqui heinrich. >> that is the reporting period all i'm saying. >> thank you. >> less than a year until the 2020 midterms. they are staring down the barrel of the g.o.p. takeover in both houses of congress. a recent "abc news" "washington post" shows republican house candidates leading by double digits. next elections were held today. meantime the president and vice president not doing any favors to their party. paul's show both joe biden and
12:19 pm
kamala harris have seen their approval ratings plummet more than 10% in the last six months. let's bring in -- -- right, republican strategists. we are going to discuss. happy thanksgiving, my friend. we've been talking politics in the halls here in washington for many years, but this one particularly on the heels of what we saw with the narrow democrat victory in new jersey, but really that g.o.p. red wave in virginia. how concerned are you that the democrats are in trouble, at least next november. >> every year, as we know, when the president who is in power in the white house, the next year, the occiput don't knock opposite party does poorly. democrats do not have history on their side. also, it is every district --
12:20 pm
redistricting near. we know that every ten years as redistricting, but guess what? on top that you are the democrats and you just will the white house -- you are not expected to win many states. so it is more where democrats are pushing and they have the power of the presidency, but they woke up to the midterm elections. some of the democrats need to do is be getting their message out there to everybody. think about the stock market is doing well. but it is going to be a tough year. there is definitely going to be a lot of leading against the wind. >> you've got a good point there. with this messaging of build back better is going to bring out inflation, inflation is killing people right now. obviously there are other issues as well. like the porter that republicans have really capitalized on sticking the democrats with. but let me play you a sound bite if i can. this is near congressman making
12:21 pm
a case that it's not democrats that are in trouble, it's the republicans. take a listen. >> the actual finding them seen on the hill right now is take place amongst house republicans. who want to sanction and punishment strip their committee assignments. 13 republicans who voted to fix our crumbling bridges, roads, and tunnels in a bipartisan way and legislation that mitch mcconnell supported. i don't see that level of dissent on our side of the aisle. >> he makes a strong case. i'm not sure he's speaking the truth there. what do you say? >> i'll tell you that families are gathered around for thanksgiving dinner and we've been out doing focus groups with those kinds of families asking them, i'm hungry to know what they want to hear. i'm worried, like most democrats, because of the history on the redistricting. they want people to bring them let's going to help something -- have got an opportunity to do
12:22 pm
that now. unemployment claim stone. this stuff out there we have to be talking about. luckily we have a year to take that message to the post, because that's what they want to hear. >> let's bring in as quickly. we were able to establish his connection. we wanted to get your -- we got about 30 seconds left. weigh in, if you will. this is going to be a runaway election for republicans in 2022? >> history says yes, absolutely, it is going to be the biggest problem that joe biden faces. he doesn't have a leg to stand on on any issue. he's underwater on every major issue. it's not just the measures that are bad. it's covid handling 50%, foreign policy, u.s. economy. everything is below 30 or 40% approval rating. his message isn't selling. he's got to actually put some lead on the target. he's got to make some changes in the u.s. economy. that is the only thing that is going to bounce them back.
12:23 pm
he's got to pick up at least 10% approval ratings in the next year in order to have any shot of this not being a tsunami. >> we've got to leave it there. thank you for your time. happy thanksgiving and we will pick it up when we get closer to the midterms next november. thanks, guys. >> okay, griff. the world horrible organization urging countries around the world to reinstate mask mandates and promote social distancing. expert sain vaccines have created a fault and security. we will weigh in, next. welcome to allstate. ♪ ♪ you already pay for car insurance, ♪ why not take your home along for the ride? ♪
12:24 pm
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12:28 pm
the city since 1990. in the u.s. congress department, blacklisting more than 2,000 foreign businesses including some with ties to china's military. officials say the restrictions are an effort to boost national security. they fire back saying they will take all necessary steps to protect chinese companies. and check this out, a pfizer is suing a long-term employee for allegedly stealing confidential information including secrets on its covid-19 vaccine. pfizer says the employee uploaded 12,000 files to her personal laptop as she was planning to leave to a competitor. >> not quite ready to claim an end to the covid pandemic. they are urging other nations to bring back public health measures dated not fully vaccinated people still need to
12:29 pm
wear masks and socially distance. >> we are concerned about the sense of security that vaccines have and that pandemic and that people are vaccinated do not need to take any other precautions. >> let's bring in dr. marty makary. fox news contributor and professor of health policies, john tomei. i want to get your doctor's orders, dr. mcgarry. who is safe as we gather for the excavate for the first time in a couple of years. who is safe? >> happy thanksgiving. one thing with covid that we've never really accepted as a country and thought is that the risk is radically different in different groups. and that means the young and healthy are automatically different risk level than those who are older, those who are obese. similarly, those with natural immunity are at low risk. for those who are fully vaccinated, the risk of hospitalization is one and 26,000.
12:30 pm
and that as per the cdc. that is a weekly risk. that is very low. who is that one person out of every 26,000 that is hospitalized? the average age is 73. so for those who are young healthy and ready to take a little rest, they should be able to live a normal life. >> let's play no some sound from mike ryan. he is the world health organization had of the emergency program. let's take a listen. >> the prepandemic levels and many other things. the reality is the virus will continue to transmit intensely in that environment. >> okay, so back to the topic, the world health organization's guidance is too stringent. they are same listen, just because they are fully vaccinated there are conditions where you still need to wear masks and social distance. you say what? >> the w.h.o. is essentially that defective cdc of the world. as countries of the world do not of high population immunity like we have in the united states.
12:31 pm
most of the world still has vaccination rates somewhere between 10% and 15% of their population. so the significant risk of future outbreaks and further death -- the message he is sane is a good message and let us let's not entirely rely on vaccinations for population level risk. >> i see your point. what is a recommendations for the trip home? people at the airport, they're going to be on airplanes and long car rides. what is your recommendation? >> we as a society have made a decision from the government that air travel and most forms of travel aren't going to be an area where strict precautions are going to be universally applied. we need to abide by those rules and respect others and wear masks universally. i would encourage all of us not to think of the masking issue or
12:32 pm
other restrictions. in this country we generally pier out and to extremes on every issue. the reality is we should have a selective masking policy for the rest of our lives. if you are concerned or when you want to or you've been up exposed to someone, go ahead and wear a mask in public indoor congregate settings. but not outdoors. not where people are all fully vaccinated and not for young people. we need to have a balance. >> so far 231 million americans, which is the total, 69.7% of our total population. when you look at 18 years and older, 212 million, which is 82% of the population have had at least one dose. that brings me to shut number three. the booster. what is your recommendation? should we get it, or not? >> once again our public health officials have tried to have a very simplified
12:33 pm
one-size-fits-all message. but that is not very medically precise when you look at the data. right now we know the average breakthrough hospitalization of someone fully vaccinated is someone with an average age of 73. the average breakthrough is in someone who is an an 80 years of age. someone over 65 i would recommend a booster. someone who has risk factors i would recommend. i'm someone who got the j&j vaccine, i would recommend the second child because the one dose seems to be insufficient. >> your colleagues are saying that if you've got madonna or pfizer, the effectiveness waned. so you should get the booster. what do you say? >> there is insufficient clinical evidence to support that the booster is going to benefit somebody already low risk. remember, just nine weeks ago -- >> wait, i want to be clear. i am healthy as far as i know.
12:34 pm
i got the booster because i was told that my first two shots of production wouldn't waned, so i got the booster. and i'm pretty healthy and low risk. so is that a good thing or not a good thing? is it necessary for someone like me to get the booster? >> i think that's a good thing. remember, just nine weeks ago the fda voted down boosters for every american. so those who are young healthy college students -- those are the ones where you shouldn't be pushing boosters right now without good data. [laughter] >> i need more medical information. >> happy thanksgiving to you and your family. take care. >> good to see you. >> likewise. >> landlords are fighting to stay afloat after months of national and state infection moratoriums.
12:35 pm
landlords are now facing financial ruin without the ability to evict tenants who are not pain. some are out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> this building has been your family for over 70 years and now you might lose it? >> yeah. >> link at hackles has been managing his 14 unit building in brooklyn, new york, his entire adult life. and expected to pass it on to a 7-month-old son. but he is now $100,000 in debt and he blames state and national eviction moratoriums. >> these moratoriums were announced as she had multiple tenants simply stop paying their rent. >> look up the down significantly. about 25%. >> the supreme court struck down a national eviction moratorium
12:36 pm
initiated. covid 28 out of work tenants. but not the mom-and-pop landlords reporting huge losses. according to the national park at association, landlords like them lost over $25 billion because of the national moratorium alone. >> eviction moratoriums are bad. >> now suing the federal government to recoup some of those funds. you also blame the federal government for the rent and release program which should have helped the people you represent. >> should've helped, but there's no consistency state to state. makes it difficult to have a program that can be nationwide. >> a lawyer with the legal aid society in new york. a strong supporter of eviction moratoriums. she says the real problem and harm for a recovery in the economy is having tenants out on
12:37 pm
the street. >> the way that you get people back to work is keeping them stably housed. >> the real problem is when you have tenants that are willfully doing more than harm. they are destroying us. >> in brooklyn, new york, douglas kennedy fox news. >> that's too bad. the holidays can be very stressful, and fact the most stressful time of the year for millions of families. so what can you do to maintain your mental health the season? a psychotherapist will join us to give us tips and tricks for beating back the holiday blues. [uplifting music playing]
12:38 pm
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12:42 pm
days could lead to anxiety, depression, and seasonal affective disorder. how do they take care of ourselves? cycle therapist joins us now to tell us just that. lisa, happy thanksgiving. i think we could all agree that there is some level of stress for all of it, so where do you begin trying to manage it? >> you know they say it's not stress, there's only stressful thoughts. if we could manage her thoughts, we could control a lot of our lives. i would like to start with your inner vibration and really working on yourself and working on your own sense of abundance. what i like to do is i like to connect to experiences of peace and abundance in my life so when i have the stressful circumstance, i can attach that experience to the current circumstances. it makes me feel better. >> let's talk about why the
12:43 pm
holidays are stressful for some people. i think it goes down to maybe just doing too much or trying to do the shopping, the cause, the bacon, visit people and packing it all into a condensed time frame. some of us doing it in cold weather, sleet, and snow. >> it is definitely all of that. i think one of the biggest issues that people have during the holidays is people pleasing. we want to please everybody. so we are doing too much, we are taking on too much. one of the things, going back to taking care of yourself, because you have to take care of yourself to be your best for everybody else. you want to balance your love, take time for yourself, take those breaks, take some deep. i like to do meditation, that really helps me. i do that every night actually, so i encourage your viewers to do that as well. >> looking at video of a thanksgiving gathering, is there something to be made for when
12:44 pm
you talk about taking care of yourself, the debate over too much togetherness versus not enough during the holidays. >> those definitely a lot of togetherness on that causes a lot of conflict. i know from scattering and after the holidays, there's a lot of conflict that comes up and a lot of issues that can come up. people want to be really careful of that. you want to take a break, you want to shift the conversation and try to focus on the positives. we see those negative emotions, more negative comes out, so we definitely want to be conscientious and try to shift from the negative to the positive. >> let's talk in the last 30 seconds about the seasonal affective disorder. i like the warm weather. sometimes winter and shorter days is difficult to manage. it is not something people should be concerned about?
12:45 pm
>> it's definitely real. that is why i live in florida, i love the song. seasonal affective disorder is a real thing. what i like to encourage viewers to do is to look at what is going on -- there's transmitters, others serotonin, there's dopamine. a lot of people overlook that, but it's really important to focus on your nutrition because your about health is connected to your brain health as well. you can be more imbalanced and start to feel better. >> good insight. thank you very much and have a very happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> coming up, a war veteran lost his legs from an ied blast. we will share his thanksgiving message with us. stick around to hear his inspiring story and learn how you can help veterans this holiday season.
12:46 pm
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>> a marine veteran sharing what it truly means to be thankful. less than two months into his second deployment in afghanistan when on thanksgiving day he stepped on an ied removing both
12:50 pm
legs. with determination and to help he was able to learn to walk with prosthetics and now lives in active life and now he wants to spend the holiday season giving back to fellow veterans and is teaming up with semper fi and americans. joining me now was sergeant gabriel martinez. i'm honored to have you here, sergeant. if you could tell us more, how could your fellow veterans benefit from semper fi? >> thank you for having me. semper fi fund has been a part of my family. i'm just 1 of millions of veterans that they've been helping in mind, body, and spirit. since i was wounded, they have provided assistance with just about any aspect they have. so many generous americans that are willing to provide monetary value unsupported. this time of year is specifically not only is it special for me, but for the fund
12:51 pm
as they approach their double down for veterans, which is currently until the end of the year. they are doing -- they are matching dollar for dollar every donation that comes in up to $10 million. they've been doing not just about every year the past several years. and it is a big deal to help americans veterans such as myself. like i said, mind, body, spirit. it's more than just a fund, they really are family. >> it really is wonderful. semper fi is the website. . what kind of donation will make a difference? i know you say no donation is too small, whatever you can give, but give me an idea. if it's $25, $2500, how does it help? >> opening your hearts and opening your chapbooks to them. there is folks that can't donate
12:52 pm
money, so they donate time and services, but every dollar helps fund these programs, they also have the branch off of team semper fi, which is recreational therapy recovering from sports, which is huge for me. he saw me, on my hand cycle there. that provided through them. i was able to get back into literally my own two feet. i was able to go out into the world and now fully employed, move back with my family. it has been there every step of the way. i talked to them on every holiday just sane, you know, merry christmas, happy thanksgiving. like i said, they are family. >> well, listen, we are all family and we are grateful for you and your service and your family sacrifices as well and we say happy thanksgiving to you and merry christmas to you a little bit earlier. sergeant gabe martinez, we wish you the best. thank you so much. you are wonderful. >> thank you so much.
12:53 pm
>> thank you. okay. >> griff: god bless sergeant martinez. thanksgiving staple is back in the big apple. marching bands, giant balloons, and santa claus returning to the macy's day thanksgiving parade. highlights and the big show, next. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ to know about her ancestors and how important it is to know who you are and to know where you came from. ♪ we're discovering together... it's been an amazing gift. ♪
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kisqali can cause lung problems, or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death. it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections. tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms, including breathing problems, cough, chest pain, a change in your heartbeat, dizziness, yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, bruising, fever, chills or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. >> after nearly two long years, families once again flocked to the streets of manhattan on thanksgiving morning, as the macy's day parade returned to its prepandemic roots. our guy brian eunice was in the middle.
12:58 pm
brian, looks pretty amazing, my friend. >> it really was. last year the macy's thanksgiving a parade, it was televised with no crowds. the parade route was shortened. this year, it came back in full force. the crowds are unbelievable. the weather was picture-perfect. the two and a half mile parade route went straight through the middle of manhattan and has ended at the macy's iconic department store, 28 fantastic floats, which by the way to go out four months each to make. we also led by ten marching bands and across the nation. a thousand marchers including 800 clowns all culminating with the one and only santa claus. of course, stars of the show with a 15 gigantic character blooms including new additions like roku, the baby elder, also we had eight a twist from netflix and the classics like snoopy, pokemon, spongebob and ronald mcdonald. these balloons stand as tall as 62 feet high and take about 80 or 100 people to guide them through the city. now spectators were asked to wear masks, regardless of their
12:59 pm
vaccine status. an staff and those that were in the parade, had to be vaccinated. but look, that was obviously precautions for the pandemic. take a look at this video, this is really a reminder of the true spirit of thanksgiving. there is a lot to be thankful for this year, especially with the nypd. last night, a gunman shot to nypd officers in the bronx. one of those officers was released from the hospital today. 12 hours later, after she was shot in the arm, twice. she will be back at home with her family, tonight for thanksgiving dinner. incredible. again, reminder of all of the sacrifice that our troops and our men and women in uniform make every single day. griff. >> indeed paired so much to be thankful for. brian eunice, have a happy thanksgiving. now before we go, i have to give you a quick shot, as promised. this is duke. we will show you there with my daughters, madeline and mckenzie. my wife kathleen stepping out of the shot. duke looks like he's about
1:00 pm
ready. >> duke looks delicious. and your wife and daughter are absolutely adorable, i must say. happy thanksgiving to you and your family, griff. and to everyone. i am grateful, very grateful. i hope you are all blessed and happy on this thanksgiving day. griff, it was great to work with you. >> grates to be with you. happy things giving to you and to our viewers. >> neil: you're done with the stuff in and out onto the shopping. the white house was still reeling from the price that all americans are dealing with. hello, everyone, i'm charles vander for neil cavuto and this is special things giving addition of your world. clock is ticking to those black friday deals but a lot of you have been buying already. if you have hit the roads or the skies for the holidays, it has been hectic and expensive. but we've got you covered. on where you will be shop and how much you will


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