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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  November 25, 2021 6:00am-9:00am PST

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>> just in time for the holidays order rachel and sean duffy's new book "all american christmas." happy thanksgiving. i have to run. bye. >> what a difference a year makes. millions of families reuniting with loved ones. celebrating thanksgiving today and so much tore thankful for after the pandemic hampered the holidays last year and the year before. i'm julie banderas. >> benjamin: i'm benjamin hall. julie, a pleasure to be with you. happy thanksgiving. >> you are spending it without your children. they are back in the u.k., right? >> benjamin: they'll do some kind of thanksgiving. i'm a passport hold than
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american and we'll celebrate in our own way over there. i give thanks to them on the other side of the atlantic on this day. thanksgiving is back but it will cost you. meals expected to be the most expensive on record and surging gas prices are hurting americans where it hurts. one of the busiest travel days of the year. >> all of this spelling major trouble for president biden. he is struggling to address american's concerns and the polls have responded accordingly. >> the president and his family are spending the holiday in nantucket and that's where we find jackie heinrich. >> good to see you both. the president's 45th year on nantucket. a tradition that "politico" reports he only broke for the pandemic and the death of his son, beau. it started when joe and jill first got together trying to find a way to avoid competing family holiday invitations as many people are familiar with.
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if you walk around the island and look at local newspapers a lot of stories about the bidens on the island in years' past. details where they've spent time. almost a certainty they will get their thanksgiving meal from a local restaurant cooking the biden family turkey dinner for the last 20 years. lots of interesting stories about them on the island in the past. critics have been quick to slam the first family largely because they are vacationing at this $30 million waterfront estate owned by a private equity billionaire businessman david rubinstein. we're told they are renting the house but bringing a lot of scrutiny because it's happening amid soaring inflation and crippling gas prices. republicans tweeted joe biden is enjoying his thanksgiving at a billionaire's home. regular america enjoy the expensive gas and groceries.
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this year's dinner is costing more than ever before and affecting the president's polling. a new poll shows biden hits a fresh low in the survey, 42% approving of the overall job he is doing. 50% disace prove and 52% disapproving and inflation the top spot among voter concerns. after expressing willingness to raise rates sooner than anticipated if conditions continue to worsen, the president understands how difficult even a small increase in costs can be to working families and communities like the ones he grew up in in scranton, pennsylvania and delaware. he has full confidence in chairman powell's ability to maintain low inflation and stable prices. he supports the independence of the federal reserve. the administration is also waiting for outside action on immigration. axios is reporting that biden will start turning migrants
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back to mexico, reinstating the trump-era remain in mexico policy as soon as next week as they are required to do by court order. the white house would not confirm the timeline but my grants are being turned away reportedly going to be offered the vaccine. back to you guys. >> benjamin: a move back to the remain in mexico policy a year after the election. jackie heinrich for us in nantucket. thank you. >> far left pundits setting sights on thanksgiving calling it a day of mourning fueled by genocide and animal cruelty. here to talk about it is chris bedford. senior editor at the federalist. leave it to the hyper woke to ruin yet another holiday. good morning, chris. happy thanksgiving to you, by the way. >> good morning. happy thanksgiving. i was talking to a friend about this in the podcast a few days ago. i had to ask her to remind me what the left's problem was exactly with thanksgiving. their protests and trying to suck the joy out of every
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holiday and children's book are pass a. it is not even cool. if you look at thanksgiving, the 400th thanksgiving we celebrated. a group of people fleeing awful wars in europe came to the united states trying to go to the virginia colonies that were already settled. they ended up in massachusetts and became very good friends with the local indians in massachusetts who helped get them through the winter. a lot died in awful conditions and freezing cold. no time for a harvest and no colony there. they got through it. celebrated the friendship, the harvest and the first government in the entire world essentially that was made of the people for the people by the people at the mayflower compact. celebrated together with the indians. for the left to call that colonization and some kind of evil thing it shows i don't think they have a very good grasp of history and a good time to celebrate with your family and celebrate america and friendship and to celebrate the new world. >> there has to be something,
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some reason to celebrate especially after coming out of two years of a pandemic. we've got inflation to worry about, we have 14% increases on putting food on our table on this thanksgiving day holiday and of course you would only imagine that the left is going to bah humbug that as well. in the face of that i am a peasant dressed as a pilgrim to mark the occasion. "wall street journal" editorial board writes this. no doubt it was only a matter of time the progressives have come for our annual thanksgiving editorials. they won't succeed but we thought we would share the tale with readers for an insight into the poll itization of everything, even thanksgiving. why do you believe that this is now an issue? i think things were just so much better when we were children. we woke up on thanksgiving, enjoyed a feast with our family. there weren't arguments over politics. nobody cared who you voted for. and the same with christmas and
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so forth. now it is so different and i will do my very best to shield my children from this idiocy. >> you see articles coming out in the atlantic how you are supposed to deprogram your relatives and this and that. a lot of people, the folks i have been talking to, are getting a good grasp this year of exactly what thanksgiving is about. the fellowship and being with family. so many of us last year were synth alone in our apartments or in our homes not able to see our parents or people sick. not able to see sick relatives or travel as easily as we wanted. when you are sitting there maybe with friends trying to gather together thinking about thanksgiving your heart is going back to your childhood trying to think about the times past, the warm times. this year people are really able to travel a lot more, able to get together a lot more. you see a lot of folks trying to get back to exactly that tradition, what we grew up with. i'm here in naples with my
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parents and grandparents. last year was a reminder, what are we missing and doing and spreading across the country. hard for politics to get in the way of that. >> i thought it was pretty commendable of chris cuomo who even got on board and lashed out at this woke thanksgiving. here is what he said on his program. don't come up at me with all this pilgrim stuff. i don't give a damn about the pilgrims and indigenous people and indians, whatever group of them wants to be called. i don't care about any of that. i care about the suffering there, i care about the exploitation but i don't need that story for thanksgiving. i don't need it at all. i can't stand the fact that everything has become so politicized these days. everything from mask wearing to celebrating thanksgiving to the war on christmas, all of it. i say bah humbug to it all. where do you think it comes from? >> i have think it comes from a deeply unhappy place with a lot of folks that are missing some meaning in their life.
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it turns out if you remove family and you remove god and try to liberate yourself from these things, liberate yourself from traditional roles and history you end up a lost, abandoned person reaching up for meaning. there has to be something that is joyless in this for people to come after thanksgiving and dr. seuss and to go after that. the tactics aren't very convincing to the average person who doesn't have the time or interest to care all day about some injustice they can find 500 years ago, 400 years ago. this is a tactic not unlike stopping traffic and stopping people getting to work to protest global warming. to take joy out of a holiday celebration who says that's the party i want to be a part of and the politics i agree with? it is unamerican. >> like the people that get anowed with some of us that put up lights before thanksgiving. you should see my house. thank you so much.
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happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving. >> benjamin: thanks. the week of thanksgiving is usually a very short one for schools. students attending classes on just one, two, maybe three days. a number of disdistricts across the country have taken the entire week off pointing to staff shortages, burn-out and mental health and other districts are taking days off during the school year for the same reasons. you look back at all the school children have missed over the last year now is not the time to miss anymore. i have had to do homeschooling recently. when you have two parents who work that's a problem. last-minute, short notice. they're tired. >> i would like to know where my mental health day is. i would like one of those. as parents, 365 days a year we get no mental health days. these teachers and god bless them because after homeschooling like yourself i did, too, i have a whole new respect for teachers. god bless them but now we need
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mental healthcare days as parents. i don't think we'll get that until they go off to college. after last year's thanksgiving macy's day parade was televised only. spectators this year are back and it kicked off moments ago and bryan llenas is on 6th and manhattan with all the excitement. this has become a tradition for you, bryan. you get more excited than my own three young children. >> julie, happy thanksgiving to you and yours, the best parade on the planet hands down. that is not a biased opinion. the 95th thanksgiving day parade is now officially underway making its way from central park west through 6th avenue eventually ending at the iconic macy's in harold square. the most iconic part of this parade is gigantic balloons. 15 included this year fly past
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new york city skyscrapers, classics like the pillsbury dough boy, smokey the beer and others and sponge bobs square pants. the diary of a wimpy kid standing at 62 feet high and sinclair's dino is 72 feet. six new balloons debuting this year. the most exciting to me is baby yoda from "star wars," mandalorian series, pikachu celebrating pokemon and a brand-new ronald mcdonald. you will remember in 2019 he was partially deflated because of high winds. he is back and looking better than ever. this year's parade includes 28 floats, 10 high school marching bands from around the country, 800 clowns and last year the thanksgiving day parade looked different. it was just televised. no crowds.
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the show must go on and it has gone on for 95 years. in fact, the only time that the thanksgiving day parade has ever been canceled was in 1942, 43 and 44 because of world war ii. this really is a timeless tradition ushering in the start of the holiday season and, of course, it all culminates with the one and only santa claus to close the parade. we have kerry underwood, jimmie allen. foreigner as well as nellie. all the participants and volunteers and staff must be vaccinated. a few exceptions. those in this crowd by the way must wear masks regardless of their vaccine status. they aren't being checked for vaccine status but they're here. i have to tell you, julie, i have never seen a crowd quite like this. the most i've seen since i've been doing this. >> people are so happy for life to be returning to normal and thank god it was a gorgeous day.
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my kids will join you on the parade route. thank you for babysitting for the next three hours and see you during your next five shots. thank you. >> you're welcome. >> thank you, uncle bryan. fox news alert as all the defendants in the arbery trial are found guilty of murder and we are getting reaction to the jury's verdicts in this closely-watched case. >> benjamin: another flash mob style robbery at a high-end store in california and police looking for the looters who hit a los angeles nordstrom. >> hillary clinton claims americans for not understanding what biden has gotten done this year. former governor huckabee says it is hillary clinton who doesn't understand. >> she has called us deplore able and how messy democracy is. it's messy because of people like her and joe biden who don't understand how the private sector and free enterprise work. i passed a kidney stone but i don't celebrate it.
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>> julie: fox news alert an reaction in georgia and around the nation after the jury found all three men guilty of murder in the killing of arbery. the verdict coming after two days of deliberations and the defendants now face the possibility of life in prison. jeff paul is live in brunswick, georgia, the morning with the latest. good morning, jeff. >> good morning. a tense few weeks as many in this community waited and watched as this trial progressed. but all that nervousness and anxiety coming to a close as the judge read each count finding the defendant guilty of murder. [crowd chanting] >> many as you just heard
6:20 am
erupted in cheers. others stood in silence taking in the moment saying that justice had finally been served. travis mcmichael the man who shot arbery three times was found guilty an ol nine counts. his father and a man who recorded a portion of the shooting were found guilty on some charges but will spend the rest of their lives in prison. 11 white jurors and only one black juror. people like reverend al sharpton saying the group made up of mostly white people in the south stood up and said black lives matter with the ruling. arbery's family says they are relieved someone is being held accountable in their son's death. their hope is that no family ever goes through this again. >> not just blacks, we don't want to see nobody going through this. i wouldn't want to see no daddy watch their kid get shot down. it is all our problem.
6:21 am
it is all our problem. so hey, let's keep fighting. let's keep doing it and making this place a better place for all human beings. >> the foreign for william roddie bryan says he will file a motion for a new trial. that was expected. the attorneys for the two other defendants mcmichaels father and son are expected to also file an appeal soon after sentencing. julie. >> julie: benjamin, we'll toss it to you and thank you for your report. >> benjamin: for more on this let's bring in ted williams, former d.c. homicide detective and fox news contributor. good to see you again today. georgia jury finding all three men guilty. remember the protests that broke out when the video was released of arbery's death. do you think with this verdict that justice has been served?
6:22 am
>> hi, benjamin. happy thanksgiving to our audience and you and julie. yes, i do believe that justice has been served. you had a young black kid, all he was doing was running through a neighborhood, or as my brother would say jogging through a neighborhood, and here he was shot and killed. and what took place right after he was shot and killed was shocking because it was like no one wanted to listen to the arbery family who always felt that something was smelly in the death of their child. and they kept pushing the envelope until they were able to get a d.a. and a justice system to listen to them. and when you think about it for a second, and this kid jogging
6:23 am
through a neighborhood, the defense in this case tried to make this kid a burglar. if you look at the kid and what he was wearing, i mean, what was he going to burglarize? what was he going to steal? he was and had been seen in this one house on several occasions, benjamin, but he had never been seen to steal anything. and here it was, these individuals took it upon themselves to do a citizens arrest that resulted in the death of this young man. >> benjamin: these charges night not have been brought if it were not for the video surfacing and being released. what do you make of that? >> yes. i think you can say that the video that was supplied by roddie bryan, one of the defendants in this case, they thought it would help vindicate them and clearly that video
6:24 am
helped to prosecute them for a successful prosecution. but i've got to tell you, i go back and remember emmett till, a young black man in the south who was killed for allegedly whistling at a white woman. i imagine he in his grave is cheering for what has taken place here, that justice was, in fact, served. >> benjamin: of course, this is the second case in a week that used self-defense that hinged on the idea of self-defense. the rittenhouse case before it. i wanted to read you something from the "wall street journal" editorial. they said arbery family now has justice or whatever justice the criminal justice system can offer. it included 11 whites, one black. they looked at the blacks and came to a decision they deserved to be treated with the same respect. the jury system isn't perfect but trust it to render better justice than cable tv. what do you think about the way that the media played a role in
6:25 am
these cases and really as is said there some hysteria around them? >> well, there was. there was some division, as you know, with the rittenhouse verdict. as you know, kyle rittenhouse defense was just that, that he used self-defense. and there were a lot of individuals who did not believe him. but the videos there also played an important role because you could see that those individuals were, in fact, attacking rittenhouse. so justice was served there i believe also. >> benjamin: thank you so much for joining us and happy thanksgiving. >> julie: the white house says it will soon reinstate the remain in mexico asylum policy. remember that policy under president trump? those who would reimplement it are hopeful it will curb illegal immigration but they
6:26 am
aren't holding their breath. >> if they implement this correctly and that is a big if. if they implement this correctly it will be like a light switch. illegal immigration will drop. >> julie: the white house says president biden will be running for reelection in 2024. many in his party aren't buying that next. t now, you can get iphone 13 pro on us. just bring in your old or damaged phone and we'll give you the phone everybody wants on america's most reliable network. on any unlimited plan. better? better. and everyone gets up to $800 off when they switch. okay, everyone say betteeeer. (all) betteeeer! (kate) black friday better with verizon. because everyone, everyone, everyone deserves better. shop online or call today. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me...
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>> benjamin: the white house says it's planning to reinstate the trump era remain in mexico policy as promptly as possible after a judge ordered it be restored. requires asylum seekers at the u.s. southern border to wait in mexico until their cases are heard. we're live in washington with the latest. alex. >> homeland security secretary mayorkas put the program on hold over the summer saying it failed to enhance border management. now what has become a full blown crisis it will be resumed.
6:31 am
the federal judge ruled the way they dismantled the policy violated the law. it was established by the trump administration in 2019. it returns migrants across the border to await hearings. it gives the national border patrol council so hope. >> if they implement this correctly, a big if, it will be like a light switch. illegal immigration will drop exponentially. border patrol agents will be able to go after the cartels and their profits and human traffickers and smugglers. >> last month the department of homeland security said it would be ready to reinstate that policy by mid november. they told fox news in compliance with the court order we're working to reimplement mpp as promptly as possible. we cannot do so until we have the independent agreement from the government of mexico to accept those we seek to enroll in mpp and communicate to the court and public the timing of
6:32 am
reimplementation when we're prepared to do so. axios cited two official sources who confirmed adult migrants will have the opportunity to get the covid-19 vaccine before being sent back to mexico. this policy has been controversial from the get go with critics saying it puts migrants at risk of violence while proponents feel it will help deter migrants from making the dangerous trek to the u.s. >> benjamin: alex, thank you very much. >> julie: for more on this let's bring in tom homan former acting ice director. thank you for talking to us this morning and happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> julie: let's talk about the former president trump's policy to basically keep asylum seekers in mexico where they have to wait until they actually get a chance to go through the screening process to eventually seek asylum here in the united states. this was one of the smartest things that former president trump did as far as trying to
6:33 am
contain potential illegal immigrants from entering this country. and our current president did not abide by that and now is going to be going back to it. in the meantime there has been a stretch of time where immigrants have been flowing over our border almost 2 million immigrants have come into this country in the past year alone. what do you think this will do by reenacting this policy? >> first of all, mayorkas making the statement that ended the program because it wasn't effective. i don't know what color sky is in his world. if you look at the data it's one of the most effective policies that ever happened. under president trump whether you liked the man or not illegal immigration was at a 35 year low under president trump. one of the main reasons is because of remain in mexico program. it was effective. illegal immigration down 83%. for the critics who say the policy was cruel and inhumane let me ask you this. 31% of women that make that journey get sexually assaulted and children die. under president trump at a 35
6:34 am
year old. how many women didn't get assaulted. how many pounds of fentanyl didn't make it into the united states? 100,000 people have already died from fentanyl overdoses because of biden's border policies. what president trump did was smart and the most effective thing i've seen in my entire career. this administration is slow rolling the reinstatement and working for months. it is not rocket science. they've had the program. all they have to do is dust off the blueprints and reinstate it. >> julie: adult migrants will be given the opportunity to receive the covid-19 vaccine. it's interesting that we've let through an entire pandemic that not be the case. not only have we opened our borders to these illegals, they have come over with covid. so the damage has already been done. now the question is can we fix it or is it too little too late? >> well i think it's too little too late.
6:35 am
we know they've released thousands of positive covid people but glad they finally have realized if they require border patrol agents and men and women in green they have to get the vaccine or lose their jobs. in the meantime they arrest up to 6,000 people a day coming across the border who have covid that don't have to test or get a vaccine to. so finally the biden administration is doing something smart and making sure these people have at least a test and a vaccination. it only makes sense considering this country is dealing with a pandemic. >> julie: all right. tom homan. happy thanksgiving thank you very much for coming on this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> benjamin: eviction bans are sparking a heated debate between landlords and tenants. how some building owners are fighting to recoup the money they lost. millions of people are on the move this weekend. what to expect in the airports and on the highways.
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>> benjamin: now to the debate over eviction moratoriums. advocates say they were necessary to keep renters in their homes during the pandemic. several landlords are struggling to stay afloat after losing out on payments. >> this building has been in your family for over 70 years and now you might lose it. >> yeah. it's a real possibility and that's really unfair, unjust. >> lincoln has been managing this 14-unit building if brooklyn, new york, his entire adult life and expected to pass it on to his 7-month-old son. but he is now $100,000 in arrears and he blames state and national eviction moratoriums. >> as soon as these moratoriums were announced you had multiple tenants stop paying their rent. >> correct. they stopped paying the rent. income collapsed down significantly 20, 25%.
6:41 am
>> in august the supreme court struck down a national moratorium to aid out of work tenants but not the poor mom and pop landlords who reported huge losses. >> according to the national apartment association, landlords like lincoln have lost over $25 billion because of the national moratorium alone. >> eviction moratoriums are bad. >> the president of the naa is now suing the federal government to recoup some of those funds. you also blame the federal government for the rent relief program which should have helped the people you represent. >> it should have helped but there is no consistency state to state. makes it difficult to have a program that can roll out nationwide. >> is more evictions the answer? >> no, never the answer. >> a lawyer with the legal aid society in new york, a strong supporter of eviction moratoriums.
6:42 am
she says the real problem and harm for a recovering economy is having tenants out on the street. >> the way that you get people back to work is keep them staibly housed. >> the real problem is when you have tenants willfully not paying gaming the system. that's doing more than harm, that is killing us. it is destroying us. >> in brooklyn, new york, douglas kennedy, fox news. >> julie: the white house insisting president biden plans to run for reelection but that claim is drawing a lot of skepticism even among democrats. let's bring in our panel, carl demyochairman of reform california and kevin chavo sk,. did i get your last names correct? >> chaffetz. >> julie: i lost a bet, sorry.
6:43 am
let me start with you, carl. the thought of president biden rerunning is kind of hard to believe. i believe that was a sentiment as he was running the first time given the fact he is 79 years old. do you see the likelihood of him rerunning? at this point i think the democratic party is looking for maybe a younger, more inspirational, and i just -- somebody who has got new and fresh ideas. i don't know, what do you say? >> well look, people who are that old have shown they can run for office and hold office. i don't think joe biden is capable of that physically but politically he is contaminated. the democrat party right now is in a free fall in this country because of all the problems they've created. people have more than buyer's remorse. they literally cannot wait for the next election to adjust things and change things. now even within the democrat party the rumors are running wild as to who is jockeying and who is going to challenge biden or who is going to succeed
6:44 am
biden. interestingly enough, no one is really excited about kamala harris. the democrat party is heading this election in a really terrible shape. >> julie: kevin, there is a headline on "politico" if we could put it on the screen as a potential star who definitely garnered a lot of attention during the former presidential election, pete buttigieg. here is the headline that buttigieg has penetrated the white house. he became a star in the last election. do you think that star power will carry into the next election and perhaps outshine president biden? >> well, no, i don't think so. i think that we've been hearing consistently that president biden will run so i think something happening to him or his health failing he will run. presidents do run for a second term. pete buttigieg if he did have
6:45 am
people who were supporters of his but he struggled with minorities and black voerts. i haven't seen his role as secretary of the department of transportation has really elevated him in those communities. i know there has been a concerted effort to attack vice president harris but look, she was part of the winning ticket. has had success her whole career and doing the work with the democrat constituency groups around the country, a big part of the vice president's job. i still think she would have the upper hand if something were to happen to biden and the party had time to wrap their arms around her and get people comfortable with her. i still just don't think that secretary pete who was mayor pete, secretary pete is in the faces of enough americans in the role with transportation. we'll see. he has done a good job. he is very smart and has got charisma but it remains to be seen if people are feeling connected to him. >> julie: i don't know if
6:46 am
people feel connected to kamala harris. thus far in her vice presidential tenure she doesn't done a heck of a lot. i don't know if she would be as strong. i think she has set herself back since when she was an actual presidential candidate. if you look at the biden approval ratings, that is not going to help either of these two, either, or the democratic party for that matter. only 44% approve and this is in the midst of inflation, this is before the winter season when heating prices, heating oil are going to go through the roof. come spring the poll numbers will take a bigger dip. i don't know if the democratic party is sitting too comfortably right now. >> you don't know if the american people are connected to kamala harris. i don't even think joe biden's political team is connected to kamala harris. they know she is a liability. the only person who has worse approval ratings than joe biden is kamala harris. and if the best person you can offer is pete buttigieg, who is
6:47 am
a failed transportation secretary presiding over one of our worst transportation failures, the supply chain crisis and our clogged ports. if that's the best you can offer, look, the democrat party will probably end up propping up joe biden because they literally have nothing better to offer. >> julie: that's all the time we have. carl and kevin. appreciate you both coming on. happy thanksgiving to you both. >> benjamin: as the u.s. gets ready to resume iran nuclear talks there is word of a warning coming from israel the strongest ally in the middle east. the covid drug that could be a game changer but only if you can get it. why some americans will have trouble getting access to it in time.
6:48 am
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6:51 am
>> benjamin: the white house revealing the results of the president's routine colonoscopy saying the doctors removed a polyp that was benign. joining us now . i want to get news of the president biden's colonoscopy. they said he had a benign appearing three millimeter
6:52 am
polyp removed. the specimen has been identified as a tubular add nome yeah. it is a benign slow growing pre-cancerous leash on and no further action is required at that time. what does it mean? is it of any concern? >> overall i think it is reassuring news. as we get older, you know, there are different kinds of wear and tear changes that occur in the body and the colon is a tube in the gut and people can get these different growths moving inward. that's why people start to have screening colonoscopy, putting a camera in and looking inside that tube to see what's going on, if there are any growths in there. so as you get older you get polyps which are growths and this is a particular description of a growth. the shame -- shape of it.
6:53 am
they aren't harmful in themselves but sometimes inside there can be cancerous cells. it is not cancer yet but because you have the growth there is always a potential that the growth is something you see with your eyes that you can cut as you put that camera in that you can remove with a colonoscopy. when you look at it under the microscope or over time you could see something that is not visible to the naked eye that could be a cancerous cell. whenever they are seen they are removed immediately. they don't want over time for a cancer to be able to grow. typically these cancers can take 7 to 10 years to grow and say for routine colonoscopy you can wait several years before checking for other polyp. >> benjamin: i want to get your views on one other thing. good news in terms of covid. the game changing antiviral pill. you have to take it within
6:54 am
three days of symptoms developing and it may be very hard to get access to it within three days. i want to read you something that someone on president biden's own covid advisory board said about this. there are medications that need to be started within three days of developing symptoms. it can take you longer than three days to get an appointment. how much good news is this? but also how worrying that it may not be accessible? >> well that's the exact concern. it is great news that we have this potentially coming onto market. here is another tool we can use to fight covid especially for folks unvaccinated or having symptoms. but again if it takes that long to find a symptom, to get the test, to find the doctor, somebody to prescribe the medication and fill it at the pharmacy and get it, it may not get to you in time to be effective to treat. that's a big problem. >> benjamin: thank you so much for joining us today and happy thanksgiving to you. julie.
6:55 am
>> julie: with the iran nuclear deal talks set to start days from now and there is word israel is warning the white house against striking a partial agreement with tehran. trey yengst is live in jerusalem. >> we know israeli officials are warning the biden administration. the united states is setting the stage for an agreement. the negotiator pushed back on the notion earlier in the week saying officials in washington won't sit idly. the iranance haven't shown good faith in the negotiations. the director general of the international at tomorrow i can energy algt see said he was unsuccessful with speaking with officials in tehran about increasing inspections at certain facilities. they're well beyond the
6:56 am
confines of the 2015 agreement enriching uranium. israel are furthering preparations to strike iran nuclear facilities if needed. >> julie: thank you so much. ben. >> benjamin: the holidays could be a little less merry this year. how the supply chain crisis is now affecting liquor and wine. '. what's strong with me? i can find strength in a rest day. what's strong with me? there are some nights i sleep so well... i'm ready for anything. find out what's strong with you with daily readiness on fitbit. your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy,
6:57 am
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7:00 am
>> benjamin: after many folks spent thanksgiving apart. today we reflect on everything we're thankful for as we gather around the thanksgiving table with family and friends. new york city the 95th annual thanksgiving macy's day parade is underway after last year's scaled down event. happy thanksgiving. i'm benjamin hall. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. thank you for all of you joining us today and welcome to a new hour of fox news live.
7:01 am
an exciting day, benjamin. it has been a full two years since we have had a normal thanksgiving day parade. last year a televised event. today we're seeing some of the biggest crowds that we've seen in years. so i'm very excited to be checking it out myself. at the end of the show i'll run down there myself and i have to see it. i'm missing it. >> benjamin: i look forward to that. you have a limited amount of time to leave the studio, run downstairs and get to the streets. we'll time you. it is wonderful to see all these people back and you get the feeling perhaps soon one day the pandemic might be behind us. >> julie: it feels more normal today. everybody is wearing masks and outdoors and a beautiful day. this thanksgiving has seen many restrictions and mandates that were in place because of the pandemic last year. since it has lifted hundreds of thousands of spectators are currently lining the streets of manhattan watching the thanksgiving parade, which features 15 giant character balloons, 27 floats and, of
7:02 am
course, santa claus and one bryan llenas. >> benjamin: he right now is outside fox news headquarters where the parade is taking place. is it behind you and has it reached you yet? >> yes, it has. happy thanksgiving, ben and julie. ben, don't bet against julie. what she wants, she gets. this is the thanksgiving day parade. the crowds are out here. the weather is fantastic. 45 degrees, no heavy wind. we've seen three floats come by, big ones, balloons. we had paw patrol, sesame street float go by. that has been in the parade for 45 years. the hanson university marching bad. the only historically black college to be in this parade this year came out and livened up the crowd. incredible to watch after last year's event was just televised. nobody allowed out here.
7:03 am
this has been in preparation for months now. in fact, it takes some 8,000 people to put this parade together. some four months just to make one of those two dozen plus floats that are coming down 6th avenue. you can see some people making their way here. seeing diary of a wimpy kid in a second. the balloons were inflated yesterday. they are inflated in central park west. people come with their families and see it. this parade is a remarkable tradition and marks the ushering in of the holiday season. people here are starting to really enjoy it. as this parade is making its way down one of the new parade balloons that we'll see this year is actually baby yoda from the mandalorian. i'm very excited about seeing that one. they are bringing in six new balloons this year. the crowd has been playing music and really enjoying themselves out here, julie and ben. this has been the most normal
7:04 am
we've felt it in years. prior years it has been 20, 15 degrees, windchill, high winds. it is absolutely magnificent here and the people out here are enjoying every second of it as this parade is just beginning and going all the way until noon today. >> julie: you are admitting the scarf you're wearing is purely for looks. i called it. you look great. >> in fact i am, julie. >> julie: all right. california's smash and grab thieves are at it again this time making away with $25,000 worth of handbags from a los angeles nordstrom last night and attacking a security guard who confronted them. an officer who responded to the scene describes what happened. >> we don't know if it was pepper spray. some kind of a chemical substance. we don't know if they had any weapons in addition to that. fortunately the security guard will be okay.
7:05 am
treated by our paramedic and will recover. >> julie: christina coleman is live from l.a. with more this morning for us. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving, julie. the thieves have been very active in california. law enforcement tried to prevent the massive smash and grab robberies but not stopping the surge in organized retail crime here in california. just last night a group stole an estimated $25,000 worth of merchandise including seven or eight high-end purses during a smash and grab robbery at nordstroms in an l.a. area mall. five suspects were involved. one was reportedly wearing an orange wig and they assaulted a security guard with bear spray. no arrests were made. >> the store was open and operating. people were shopping for the holiday season. we've deployed extra officers here. it was one of the part of the they were able to get in and
7:06 am
out even with our officers being deployed here. >> earlier in the day in santa rosa four suspects chose $20,000 from an apple store and oakland a security guard was shot protecting a news crew that was reporting on crime. police say a suspect tried to rob the news crew in the middle of the day. the injured security guard is a former police officer. he is expected to survive. critics say california soft on crime approach is leading to this massive surge in organized retail crime. though san francisco's progressive d.a. says this rampant violence won't be tolerated. >> we all know we're here because of crimes that occurred in union square a couple of days ago. crimes that are outrageous, offensive and unacceptable. we cannot, we will not and do not tolerate that kind of behavior in our city. >> prosecutors charged three of the roughly 90 suspects who took part in that big smash and
7:07 am
grab robbery near san francisco on saturday. they are still looking for many more suspects involved in that incident. julie. >> julie: christina coleman, thank you very much. >> benjamin: for more on this let's bring in former d.o.j. prosecutor jim trusty. thank you so much for being with us this morning. we heard that 90 suspects in the one raid alone. what is most worrying is that many of them are unlikely to face any consequences because liberal d.a.s vowed not to pursue that kind of crime. a lot of these guys will walk off scot-free, is that right? >> yeah. it's interesting to hear the d.a. say we won't tolerate it. 87 out of 90 are not charged. we'll see. they have made these pronouncements as progressive prosecutors which really means a public defender running a d.a.'s office and announced we won't prosecute certain types of crimes. word gets out.
7:08 am
the exact flip side of a broken window philosophy where you try to instill a respect for law not by putting everybody in jail but fixing problems like a broken window quickly. in san francisco, l.a. and some other cities right now we have the opposite where the people know that there are certain crimes they can get away with. they won't be incarcerated for and ever prosecuted for and taking advantage of the new culture. >> benjamin: what needs to change? what do you want to see come in? >> i have think the starting point is d.a.s are elected to enforce the law. they take an oath to enforce the law. they can't just decriminalize certain types of offenses. they're wrestling with overcrowding in the prisons and jails. a thorny issue that's been around for a while. the answer is to not act as if the jails are filled with innocent victims and you do your part to release all these people from jail. that's the tone of the soros
7:09 am
funded progressive prosecutors we're getting around the country. >> benjamin: another big issue is criminal bail reform. the waukesha murders that happened last week were as a result of this guy, darrell brooks, getting out on $1,000 bail and a criminal career going back many years. spokesperson for the national police association said these extremely liberal prols cuteors who want to talk about restorative justice and what that means, we are putting the public in danger trying to give these people too many opportunities to reoffend. it is very frustrating for law enforcement and just absolutely dangerous for our communities. and then also this is what district attorney john chisholm said, the milwaukee county d.a. in 2013 he is one of these liberal d.a.s who advocated for releasing people early. will there be an individual i put in a treatment program who will go out and kill somebody? you bet.
7:10 am
guaranteed. it is guaranteed to happen. it does not invalidate the overall approach. that is absolutely staggering to me that they acknowledge that deaths will occur because of these policies and yet went ahead with them anyway. >> imagine being one of the parade victim families. it is astounding to hear those types of comments attributed to the d.a. i get the point there will be mistakes made but no one in their right mind as a prosecutor or a judge would have signed off on somebody with this record and a bail jumping charge. every possible basis for pre-priel detention was in play for this guy and they walked away from it. it invalidates the whole approach if you can't take an intelligent approach to release
7:11 am
on pretrial bail. >> benjamin: there is movement in new york where adams vowed to appoint tougher judges and wants to push back on the no cash bail. listen to what he said on the view this week and get your thoughts afterwards. >> i appoint criminal court judges. if you don't understand my city must be safe and you can't get caught up in the politics of this city but make sure those who pose an imminent threat to our city will be not be placed back into our community. >> benjamin: it sounds positive. maybe a trend we might see across the country. i fear in liberal states it might not be. >> he may be the first and the last, i don't know. look, the point makes sense he wants to have folks that actually care about community safety when they are making these initial decisions on bail or on detention. and the scary thing is with the bail reform laws those magistrates, judges that will deal with the issue may have
7:12 am
the right intention but look at a law that says let people out even if they're charged with assaults, burglary and staung. the hands will be tied legally even if they want to do the right thing because of the nature of the new york bail reform laws. >> benjamin: it will become a big issue. the defund the police movements. members of the squad saying over the next 10 years we should release everyone in prisons. how big of a role do you think it will play in the public's perception? >> they are releasing everyone from prison thing is signs that mental illness reaches everyone including congress. that is patently insane. you want the charleston church shooter to be out, the boston marathon bomber, the blind chic from world trade center 1? it is ludicrous.
7:13 am
most common sense folks recognize craziness when they hear it like that. >> benjamin: thank you for joining us today. let's see if things change. i hope they do. thanks. >> julie: with inflation up and president biden's poll numbers way down republicans are looking to retake control of congress in next year's mid-term. what is their strategy for a potential red wave? we'll have analysis on this. plus russia and china are getting a bit koezier these days as they increase joint military exercises and patrols. putin and xi claim u.s. aggression is the reason for their closer military cooperation. >> china wants us out of the south china sea. they want to be able to exploit the natural resources there and they want to be able to plan and potentially mount attacks against their neighbors. one hee brand prescribed by cardiologists
7:14 am
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7:18 am
>> julie: millions of americans are hitting the road for thanksgiving this holiday but they are digging deeper into their wallets to make the trip to see their family and friends. aaa is saying the national average for a price of regular gallon of gasoline is now $3.40. that is a whopping increase of $1.28 over last thanksgiving. in fact, this year's price is the highest since 2012. >> benjamin: china and russia bolstering defense ties with each other to counter a growing military threat from the u.s. expanded cooperation in the asia pacific region will see joint patrols between the two nations. let's bring in a former foreign policy advisor for president obama and former state department official. david, lovely to see you today
7:19 am
and happy thanksgiving to you. >> happy thanksgiving, benjamin. >> benjamin: so how concerned should we be about the warming relationship between russia and china? if you imagined russia trying something in ukraine at the same time as china trying something in taiwan, is there any way the u.s. could counter that alliance? >> that's exactly what i worry about is them acting at the same time in different places around the world where they have interests and objectives. let's be realistic, the main interest of both countries is that they have forever presidents who want to be president forever and want to do things to make sure that they can support their ability to stay in power indefinitely. the way they do that especially when their economies are not doing well is to stoke nationalism within their countries and to engage in adventureism abroad. also both trying to export their own form of government
7:20 am
and ideology which is building up people around them who use corruption in order to support the presidents. the initiative by china in africa is doing some to help africa with infrastructure but also engaging in a lot of corruption in china, similarly russia is engaging in human rights violations in syria and libya. if they are cooperating together makes it worse. allies are taiwan and ukraine. >> benjamin: i want to read you something from the russian defense minister. he said this month during the u.s. global strategic force exercises 10 strategic bombers practiced using nuclear weapons against russia. in such an environment the russian/chinese coordination
7:21 am
becomes a stabilizing factors and accused the u.s. of being the aggressors. as russia masses 100,000 troops on the ukraine border it is surely the other way around. what needs to be done to deter russia from carrying anything out in that region? >> well, we need to make the threat of the u.s. using military when it has to do so. realistic threat to russia. that's what i think the military exercises are all about insuring that russia understands we are ready. we will be very reluctant to use the military but if we have to we'll do so. military exercises such as the ones that russia accuses the u.s. of engaging in are not a provocation to russia. they are demonstrating that we are ready and they are demonstrating with russia if we have to. same with china.
7:22 am
they need to understand it with respect to taiwan as well. >> benjamin: there are calls for the u.s. to deploy some troops to the black sea. that could be a stronger point for them to take. i want to get your view on the summit for democracy that's taking place. u.s. has announced it is inviting taiwan. china is furious. the spokesman for their foreign affairs said this. what the u.s. did proves that the democracy summit is a pretext and tool for it to achieve suppress other countries and serve its own interests and i suppose the administration would say they're showing support for taiwan when it needs to be shown. i wonder if the biden administration has been tough enough about standing up for taiwan if it had to. >> china sounds nervous and it's funny because it's a summit about democracy. nothing particularly threatening about this. biden promised to it.
7:23 am
we'll have the summit next month. it is important for democracies to get together and democracies to agree on how to spread the rule of law around the world. inviting taiwan is part of that. everyone knows taiwan is our ally. we had the u.s./taiwan relations act since 1979. we have strategic ambiguity with respect to taiwan. biden has increased rhetoric suggesting that he would defend taiwan if it were attacked by china. let's hope it doesn't come to that. >> benjamin: he kind of back tracked on that later on but i take your point. maybe a slip of the tongue. david, thank you for joining us today. have a great thanksgiving. >> thanks, benjamin. >> julie: on the eve of the biggest shopping day of the year where things stand with the global supply crisis, what retailers are saying. plus why these shortages are now affecting liquor stores. oh god, don't say it's so. the challenge they are facing. this is worse than running out of toilet paper, folks, and what it means for your holiday
7:24 am
cheer. ♪♪♪ it's easy to get the best deals and score friday in-store @ 5am local time. this season head to walmart's black friday deals for days. ♪ ♪
7:25 am
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7:27 am
♪ oh, it's all right ♪
7:28 am
>> benjamin: an update on the supply chain crisis. they say they have imported most of what they need for the holidays but a return to normal is a ways off. kevin cork has more from washington >> good morning. from the white house to capitol hill to the suppliers themselves the refrain is essentially the same. things should be fine for the holidays for american consumers. however, there are still plenty of concerns about just how much the supply chain bottleneck is impacting the availability of many of the goods we've come to expect to have, especially around thanksgiving. to say nothing of the adjoining inflationary costs we've been suffering through. in point of fact consider this. the cost of a traditional thanksgiving day meal is up dramatically in some cases with
7:29 am
turkey, dinner rolls, cranberries, even pie shells all more expensive. the classic meal up 14%. over on capitol hill lawmakers are increasingly skeptical of the white house's plan to relieve the bottlenecks and tamp down inflation. >> i would love to hear more about the port plan and what biden plans on doing. sounds like it's six months too old. >> there is tangible legislation that we've tried to pass to help these things. they just don't do it. pete buttigieg was on leave for months. this administration has become a joke. inflation isn't going away any time soon. >> there is still optimism from those along the front lines. car darrow, the executive director of the port of long beach. i think from the global supply perspective you have seen the worst of it. we're making progress and optimistic that again as we go
7:30 am
into next year, perhaps in the next six months, we'll have some sense of normalcy returning. still for a great number of businesses and consumers, a six-month timeline is hardly welcome news. benjamin. >> benjamin: some sense of normalcy is something we could all hope for right now. kevin, thank you so much. happy thanksgiving. >> julie: the only way we've ever felt any sense of normalcy in my house is by wine, abundance. the supply chain crisis is being felt at the liquor store. americans are seeing empty shelves at many stores across the country as the industry struggles to recover from a lack of glass containers and a shortage of truck drivers. we are joined by the owners of fine wine and spirits in new jersey. thank you both for talking to us, ladies. andrea, i start with you first.
7:31 am
what's the biggest shortage causing you grief in your particular liquor store? are you having to raise the prices because of the supply chain crisis, etc. >> we're finding champagne is our biggest issue. shortages are crazy and so we're buying as much champagne as we can so that we can continue to fill our shelves. we are not raising prices. we don't think it's fair. we're doing our best to hold prices here at the shop. >> julie: that's good. i will head out to you after the show. elizabeth, first of all when you as a mom i will say when you hear liquor shortage it is actually enough to give me nightmares. bad enough that we had to use paper towels as toilet paper. i don't know of any way to substitute my wine. are you finding that consumers are quite stressed about this? that was my lip gloss that fell on the floor. >> i find consumers to be quite upset in fact. i tell them right up front full
7:32 am
disclosure we are having issues right now with champagne, sometimes with -- as much as we can tell them it is important as possible. >> julie: production halts essential versus non-essential work during the pandemic was an issue. there were so many small businesses here in new york city in particular that were shut down, restaurants that went out of business, but the one essential business that stayed open aside from obvious things such as news organizations and health facilities were liquor stores. how did business go through the pandemic for you guys as an essential business owner? >> we saw that business was maintained. it was very good. we worked really hard to keep up everything on our shelves. people were very supportive. we had people from all over coming to the shop to support
7:33 am
us. we felt it was really important to stay open and do well for everybody in the community. >> julie: the trucking problem is also a big issue for you guys. it is glass, cardboard, imports and so forth. i always say buy american if you buy one. you don't need to buy french mine. we have a few wineries in california. tell us about the trucking shortage and how it has hurt or helped you guys and what advice you might have for the biden administration to help small business owners like yourself weather the storm. >> it was a bit of an issue. getting product over from new zealand, for example, usually takes eight weeks. now it's 4 to 5 months and we have people who love their wines from there and it is important for us to have alternatives. then you have issues such as normal harvest yields and etc.
7:34 am
so you have to always account for that in the mix. it has been a bit of a struggle but we're tasting a lot of wines and trying to find things that we think that the customers really will love and that's what's months important at the end of the day. i think people have -- >> julie: andrea and elizabeth, thank you very much and happy thanksgiving to you both. good luck with your business. >> happy thanksgiving to you. >> julie: thank you. >> benjamin: dozens of people are dead after a migrant boat bound for english capsized in the english channel. 34 people were on the boat. it emanated from france. an increasing number of people are fleeing conflict in the middle east and northern africa looking for better opportunities in britain. we have the latest story from london. >> this number still could rise
7:35 am
but so far rescue teams have found 27 bodies, men, women, one of whom was pregnant as well as children, all who were trying to reach u.s. soil. they arrived on a boat that really was just an inflatable raft that never made it across the channel. the body of water that separates france from england. border patrol found only two survivors, one from iraq and the other one from somalia both treated for hypothermia. leaders are vowing to work together and pointing blame for the tragedy. british prime minister boris johnson calling on increased support from european neighbors including france where it has allocated $70 million to protect the roughly 185 miles of shoreline. >> i say to our partners across the channel, now is the time for us all to step up, to work
7:36 am
together, to do everything we can to break these gangs who are literally getting away with murder. >> president macron of france calling for stroerng european cooperation. by the time the migrants reach france with sites set on the u.k. it is too late. france has saved nearly 8,000 migrants during rescue missions adding he will not allow the channel to become a cemetery. more french officers are deployed to its borders to fight illegal immigration than ever before. the country will hold an emergency meeting with other european leaders today as well as something that british lawmakers will do here in the u.k. today. the number of migrants crossing the channel just this year alone has tripled compared to last year. but this one, however, has been the most deadly tragedy in the channel on record. benjamin.
7:37 am
>> benjamin: terrible story. there are questions in the u.k. whether france is doing enough keeping people from making that perilous journey. >> julie: the mid-terms are less than a year away and republicans are looking to take back control of congress. how will the gop approach key suburban voters that turned out for president biden in 2020. >> only six states in the whole country where biden has a net positive. i think the fact is that big government socialism doesn't work. plifting music playing] ♪ i had a dream that someday ♪
7:38 am
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>> benjamin: the 2022 mid-terms are less than a year away. republicans are formulating a strategy to take back control of both the house and the senate. the national political reporter for "the washington examiner" is with us. thank you for being with us today. we're a year out. the time will fly by. maybe the republicans take a page from youngkin's book in the virginia governor race. do you think that's a strategy they'll use? >> absolutely. happy thanksgiving, benjamin. so i think you saw the inception of this republicans understanding how to win in 2022. before 2020 was even over they won elections down ballot that they were not predicted to win. they won on local issues like
7:43 am
education, like school districts. the things that impact low kalts. -- locales. you saw that down ballot, state senate and house seats as well as congressional seats. that continued in november, this past november in the off year election cycle. and i think what they are learning is that you run on things that impact people's daily lives. to not have it so nationalized. and i think that's the winning message. understanding and listening to the voters that are in your community whose lives you are going to impact the most. >> benjamin: i wonder also if there might be an acknowledgement like hopping on with president trump might not work. the state senator, a democrat said our core voters expect us
7:44 am
to govern at the federal level. we need to less on a failed ex president but look at the people that have given us power. do you think we'll move away from trying to connect people to president trump which didn't work for them in virginia. >> i was down in virginia covering that race. the thing i understood listening to voters was that the democrats, the legacy media and also some republicans misunderstood what was important to voters. voters again care about their communities. unfortunately a lot of the press and democrats and a lot of republicans still thought everything was about trump. voters always look through the windshield. they don't look through the rearview mirror when it comes to assessing what is important to their lives. they think about their children and their grandchildren and the future and legacy that they can provide to them through their vote. they aren't thinking about donald trump. they are thinking about their own lives. >> benjamin: i wonder if some
7:45 am
of the polls suggest this is not going to be looking good for the democrats. house minority leader kevin mccarthy the gop could pick up 60 seats. 16 incumbent democrats are resigning or not running for reelection. if you look at biden's own poll numbers, april 2021 he had 11 net approval. that has gone down to negative three. all the figures suggest this may well be a very bad mid-term election for the democrats. >> that's absolutely true and it is not something that needed to happen for the democrats. they did what parties in power the end to do. they run on a certain thing, biden ran on we are going to make things better. we are going to have a calmer, gentler government. it has been the opposite. they win, they narrowly win the presidency and narrowly hold
7:46 am
the house and don't have a majority in the senate. however, they are behaving as though they received a mandate to do whatever they want. voters continuously send a message to washington with their vote and washington continuously misreads it. the biggest mistake they've made is overreach. nothing turns a voter off more than overreach and negligence. i think they have conducted both since they've taken power in january. >> benjamin: and what is amazing it doesn't seem that the democrats will pivot at all. they are doubling down on policies people haven't liked. thank you for joining us today. we appreciate your time. >> thank you, happy thanksgiving. >> benjamin: and to you. >> julie: inflation is causing a number of major companies to announce price increases including the dollar tree. its baseline price will be more than a buck. they should call it a buck 50. just how bad is inflation and can it get any worse? let's hope now.
7:47 am
-- let's hope not. we'll have details coming up. ♪♪♪
7:48 am
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7:50 am
>> benjamin: lebron james
7:51 am
basketball game sitting courtside. don't anger the superstar. that appears to be what happened in indiana. unclear what two fans said to draw the ier of the laker's star. they got ejected. he was suspended one game for elbowing the player. i would think these guys need thicker skins if they are to be superstars. people shouting on the sidelines must happen all the time. >> julie: okay. i just googled his salary. lebron you make 41.18 million a year. i think you could use a little distraction. that's what you are paid to do is play basketball not play referee. you should just stick to the game. isn't that the case with so many different celebrity athletes these days? they need to stick to the game. >> benjamin: he pushed a fan at an usher concert last year and elbowed the other player in the face last week.
7:52 am
maybe he is losing it slightly. >> julie: yeah, i would say with a salary with 41.18 million your ego might get the best of you. not mine, of course. i make slightly less than him but my egge never gets the best of me. americans have many things to be thankful for but inflation is not one of them. a key measure of inflation used by the feds prices are soaring at a rate not seen in three decades. let's bring in dean of the business school at the university of miami. thank you very much for talking to us today. so the white house, if you were to ask them if they were suffering from inflation they would tell you not unless you are rich. that's not the case. it has gotten so bad the dollar tree where everything usually costs a dollar is now being forced to have to raise their price point. take a look.
7:53 am
our dollar tree pricing tests have demonstrated new acceptance of the price point and excitement about the extreme value we'll be able to provide. that is the dollar tree president and ceo. so it should now be called the buck 25 store i guess. >> happy thanksgiving and to all of your viewers and speaking as one as 23 million naturalized citizens in the united states i thank this country every day for the opportunity provided to me. inflation is not something we welcome and not something we've been used to. the supply chain constraints that we've all heard about are part of the problem. consumer demand has rebounded much faster than expected and in addition to that, the price inflation creates pressures for wage inflation as well and that feeds back into the prices. so it is not surprising that having not made any money
7:54 am
during the 2020 covid economic downturn, many companies, including this company, are seeking to reclaim some of their profits and that they were force evidence to raise prices. >> julie: thankfully they have online sales. a lot of stores have to close their doors. if not for online sales they possibly would have gone out of business. the fed's inflation gouge is hitting a 31-year high as prices continue to sore. -soar. from october 2021 inflation is up 6.2% but retail sales are also up 1.7% and earlier in the show we were talking about how so many more people will be traveling this thanksgiving day holiday and spending a lot more money. putting thanksgiving table together is over 14% increase. gas prices to travel and
7:55 am
airline prices having to fill those jets. what say you on the fact that retail sales are actually up despite rising inflation? >> consumers are not confident about the future but they are determined to have a better holiday this year than they had last year. they have cash in their pocket. they have access to credit. they have received government assistance, handouts. the stock market is up. it is time to spend. and frankly when you have the specter of inflation and also the fact that there are stock outs related to supply chain shortages it encourages consumers to get out and shop early and to shop ahead of future price increases, which they expect to see coming ahead. so that's why we're seeing very strong retail sales, black friday, cyber monday will be very strong despite the lack of
7:56 am
confidence longer term in the economic future. >> julie: john, thank you so much. hoping for a bright erect i can future ahead. thank you very much. >> benjamin: billionaire's estate in nantucket and why it's raising major ethics concerns for the white house. that's coming up in hour three. whether it's finding ways to help you serve your customers, orchestrating a safe return to the office... wait. an office? what's an office? or solving a workplace challenge that's yet to come. whatever the new world of work takes your business, the world works with servicenow.
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>> julie: welcome to a brand-new hour of fox news live. happy thanksgiving on our three-hour tour. i'm julie banderas. >> benjamin: i'm benjamin hall. we've almost made it. you can go down and enjoy the parade shortly. so much for scranton joe. the criticism of president biden as he and his family spend thanksgiving at the massive nantucket compound of a billionaire friend while people are facing serious pain at the pump.
8:01 am
jim jordan ripped the president for living it up while so many americans are struggling. >> you want to buy a home it costs more, to put gas in your car it costs more. to buy a thanksgiving turkey or christmas present it all costs more. and what is joe biden doing? hanging out on nantucket at a billionaire's house eating lobster. the american people get how bad this administration is. >> benjamin: former president obama ethic watchdogs taking the president to take tweeting the president will have to pay fair market value or disclose the gift of free lodging. just reminding not to let it slip through the cracks. i suspect the white house is all over compliance with the rule and oblivious to the ethical optics. >> julie: jackie heinrich traveling with the president and more from nantucket, massachusetts. i imagine you have not been invited to the $30 million mansion for lobster yet. >> not a chance, julie.
8:02 am
we're still looking for confirmation on what they will be eating tonight. we've asked whether we'll see lobster. waiting to hear. "politico" did report this morning that the bidens are renting this $30 million compound. we have asked them to confirm that at the white house. also asked for additional details like how much was paid if that's true. we're waiting to hear back from the white house. the very first announcement about this day just said the first family will stay at the home of their dear friend david rubinstein as they have done previously. it is his 45th year on nantucket. it started when joe and jill first got together and decided to come to nantucket as a way to avoiding competing family holiday invitations. it is full of biden stories from years past details of where the first family will get their dinner tonight. fairgrounds cooking for joe, jill and kids for 20 years. critics are quick to slam biden for what is seen as a lavish
8:03 am
trip amid soaring inflation and crippling gas prices. >> he will be eating lobster and living it up high on the hog. the rest of us will be paying more for everything that jim just said. they have to continue to enforce these policies that are going to cause inflation to keep growing. everything from screwed up supply chain to they've killed the energy sector. >> today the president and first lady are not visiting the troops that we know up but shared a message of gratitude for military families and expressing appreciation for a holiday season with a widely available vaccine. >> after being apart last year we have a new appreciation for those little moments we can't plan or replicate. the music of laughter in a warm, full kitchen. the thump of small feet making big sounds. the circle of faces crowded around our dining room table glowing in the candlelight. >> as we gather together again
8:04 am
our table and hearts are full of grace and gratitude for all those we love. >> not made aware of any plans for the first family today. the travel pool was called to gather for something. we aren't sure what yet. the first family so far has watched the thanksgiving day parade from the house they're staying at. >> julie: thank you so much. benjamin. >> benjamin: twitter has been blowing up about the president's trip. they won't be missing anything unlike other americans. or could find in the store. they are disconnected from our lives. good old joe, an ordinary guy working for us ordinary people. wait, this one the threat is climate change so we must use our mansions before the world ends. joe concha fox news contributor joins us on this thanksgiving. part of me wants to say the
8:05 am
president can spend wherever he wants for his vacation. his choice. it's the messaging, right? with rising inflation, supply chain issues doesn't send a great message. >> it doesn't. i will look at this from a different perspective as well. talk about inflation and the back drop on that in a second. but there was a national tragedy that happened in wisconsin this week. it was a massacre, a man who drove an s.u.v. through a crowd and hit grandmothers, hit children, killed an 8-year-old boy, six dead, dozens in a hospital. we haven't seen such an insidious act like this in this country in quite some time and the president has barely acknowledged it. you may recall in 2020 after kamala harris was chosen at joe biden's running mate she actually visited wisconsin and the family of jacob blake. but here we have the president jetting off to the $30 million home of a private equity banker, billionaire.
8:06 am
the optics are horrible on that front as well to your point when you are talking about the messaging it has been poor from this administration when it comes to inflation, supply chain, gas prices, when it comes to the border or afghanistan or education. from the get-go they seem to be out of touch with what the american people are thinking and feeling and perhaps that's why the president is now polling in the 30s only 11 months into his administration. the largest drop we've seen for a president since world war ii. he was in the 50s when he started. he is in the upper 30s, low 40s now and doesn't appear to be getting any better. >> benjamin: msnbc rachel maddow is facing backlash for her decision to ignore the suspect in the deadly attack. she made no mention of darrell brooks or to his extensive criminal history hours after the police chief announced charges against him. watch. >> a just unthinkable crime
8:07 am
took life after life after life at a holiday parade. a red s.u.v. sped into the parade route and then directly into people marching in the parade. >> benjamin: she completely skipped reporting on the parade massacre at all on tuesday. how can you explain that, joe? >> amazing. rachel maddow is the top rated host. she still has the most people watching at that particular network and with great power comes great responsibility. but in this case she decided to practice the most insidious bias of all, the bias of omission pretending something didn't happen. much like the administration isn't talking about it all that much. in lock step. the overall coverage as far as this being called, what, a crash suspect, this person. a crash implies an unintentional act. it is like, oh, no, the car drove itself.
8:08 am
the charges here were what was it exactly, boy? it was more along the lines of intentional as far as vehicular murder here. vehicular homicide. >> benjamin: we have critics who called out the media for the deadly car ramming and they call it a crash. at the same time they label the 2017 charlotteville incident an attack. you see headlines here, cbs, associated press, cnn, a few examples. twitter users quick to call it out. one saying if you are referring to the waukesha incident as a car crash and the charlotteville incident as a car attack we can all see what's going on here. another media outlets reducing vehicular killings to crashes is malpractice. it has been remarkable and across the board frankly, joe. >> it is amazing what we saw in charlottesville was a horrible act and the person that carried it out shouldn't see the light
8:09 am
of day for the rest of his life and the media coverage was overwhelming after that attack. rightly so. but why aren't we seeing it here as well? the rittenhouse trial basically dominated our news coverage for the past month. yet this attack while we are still seeing reports on it as far as the s.u.v. attack on innocent people, i'm not seeing the editorials we normally see in these situations from the "washington post" or "new york times." i'm not seeing the outrage on other cable news networks as far as the opinion people coming out and condemning this particular suspect and say that he shouldn't see the light of day for the rest of his life. instead it seems like almost the news cycle slowly carrying this away when it should be the top story for many days. there are still people in the hospital in critical condition at this hour. >> benjamin: absolutely. joe, thank you so much for sharing your day with us today. >> i would say thanksgiving but i guess you don't celebrate it as a brit. a regular day for you.
8:10 am
not a bad day for work. >> i'm a proud american, dual citizen. >> good for you. >> julie: the jury finding all three suspects guilty in the murder of ahmaud arbery. many saying it shows how well our jury system works. for some it's not enough. then there is this. >> these elected officials should be arrested for negligence. they are responsible for caring more about the criminals than they care about the civilians. >> julie: division among democrats over lax bail rules that allowed the suspect in the deadly christmas parade to go free many times. but the white house still standing behind progressives on the issue. legal eagle guy lewis is here to sort it all out next.
8:11 am
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8:15 am
>> benjamin: fox news alert on the legal and emotional fall out of the guilty verdict in the arbery case. the jury convicted all three defendants of felony murder. the arbery family and prosecutors saying justice was served. defense attorneys indicate they'll appeal the decision. jeff paul is live in brunswick, georgia. >> a huge sense of relief for many here in the community of brunswick, georgia following this case closely. you could tell in the crowd outside the courthouse yesterday a lot of people were nervous as the jury came back with its verdict. once the judge started to read their decision, folks inside and outside the courtroom could not contain their emotions. >> count one, malice murder. we the jury find the defendant travis mcmichael guilty.
8:16 am
>> one-by-one each of the defendants were found guilty on several counts of murder. travis mcmichael was found guilty on all nine counts. his father and man who recorded a portion of the shooting were each found guilty of a combination of several counts. all will likely spend the rest of their lives in prison. the family of arbery says justice has been served. they and folks like reverend al sharp ton commended the jury made up of 11 white jurors on 1 black juror. it sent a loud message that people will be held accountable for their actions. >> let the word go forth all over the world that a jury of 11 whites and one black in the deep south stood up in the courtroom and said that black lives do matter. >> attorney for william roddie bryant, the man who filmed a
8:17 am
portion of the shooting will file a motion for a new trial. meanwhile for the attorneys for the mcmichaels will say after sentencing they plan to appeal. benjamin. >> benjamin: jeff paul falling it live for us in brunswick. thanks, jeff. >> julie: the verdicts in the arbery case come on the heels of the jury's decision in another high-profile racially charged case, the trial of kyle rittenhouse. legal scholar jonathan turley writes both trials show the transcendent strength of the jury system. 11 white jurors and one black juror found -- these are two profile cases that got a wide array of media attention. bias media attention on both but i want to start with "the washington examiner" op-ed which says the conviction undermines everything the left
8:18 am
has said after the rittenhouse acquittal. in the end, the justice system worked proving that white supremacists cannot lynch an innocent black man and walk free defying the native promulgated just not by the cretins dominating news rooms but a president and congressional allies who smeared a young man as a white supremacist for killing three other white men. in the same world it could be cause for celebration and do you see a double standard here when you watch the media cover these two stories? >> there is no question that the media always, always seems to track one way on these cases. it is unfortunate because those of you that have served on juries, there is nothing easy about serving on a jury. my experience is having tried a lot of cases, jurors go back there, they take it very, very seriously. they try hard.
8:19 am
they look at the evidence. in both cases rittenhouse and the georgia case, for example, they deliberated for days. they asked questions, they looked at the evidence, they looked at the law, and i think in both cases came out with the right result. and yet they have to worry about mobs outside, the media following them home, and everybody knows what that is about. it's a shame because jury service that our founding fathers included in the constitution may be one of the most critical rights we have. and we shouldn't take it lightly. >> julie: i want to talk about the christmas parade massacre in wisconsin which reignited the debate over bail reform. prosecutors freed the suspect darrell brooks on just $1,000 bail days before the massacre despite his nearly endless rap sheet that includes a series of
8:20 am
violent felonies but squad members doubling down on criminal justice reform calling for an end to cash bail after the deadly rampage. the backlash was swift and includes some from fellow democrats. watch. >> it's beyond belief what is going on. these elected officials should be arrested for negligence. they are responsible for caring more about the criminals than they care about the civilians, than they care about you and me and everyone else. people being arrested again and again back into the streets, what does that do to law enforcement? what does that do to the rest of us? they are pathetic. it is shameful. >> julie: very well said. what is it doing to law enforcement? not allowing law enforcement to do their jobs. bail reform is an absolute disaster. this guy was out on $1,000 bail and set at $5 million bail which many would argue why set
8:21 am
bail whatsoever because there could be crowd funding money that comes in and somebody could post that $5 million cash to get this guy out. he shouldn't have been out in the first place. he should have been behind bars. >> boy, julie, you are spot on. in the federal system where i generally practice, you have this concept called pre-trial detention. in other words, there are some crimes, julie, that are so bad and you look at that you are detained automatically pending trial. and in this case when you look at this guy, he was a one-man crime wave. he had a rap sheet as long as your arm going back over a decade. and for a judge or a prosecutor or in this case anyone to let this guy out with his criminal history and his record, boy, oh boy, it is -- he should be the one to have to stand trial because it is pathetic. >> julie: guy lewis, thank you very much.
8:22 am
that's all the time we have. happy thanksgiving. thanks for joining us this morning. >> benjamin: thank you. despite so many mandates across the country there were more covid deaths this year than last year. the white house is in full flight mode coming to criticism saying bring it on. you know the dee. it's cool to eat food off the floor new use the five second rule. we'll tell you what researchers found out when it comes to picking up the fallen piece of turkey today. mart's black friday deals for days. score $69 air fryer and get other huge deals this friday instore. shop walmart's black friday deals for days. ♪ ♪ like pulsing, electric shocks, sharp, stabbing pains, or an intense burning sensation. what is this nightmare? it's how some people describe... shingles.
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clerk: hello, how can i? get 1.9% apr financing sore throat pain? ♪honey lemon♪ try vicks vapocool drops. in honey lemon chill. for fast-acting sore throat relief. wooo vaporize sore throat pain with vicks vapocool drops. >> benjamin: republicans are tearing into the biden administration for their handling of the coronavirus pandemic.
8:27 am
covid cases are rising under president biden despite his campaign promise to get the virus under wraps and loads of mandates and restrictions across the country. white house chief of staff ron klain clapping back on twitter saying let's be clear, the day we got here 4,000 people a day were dying. 1% of americans were vaccinated. deaths are down 75%. we have a lot of work to do. if anyone wants to have a debate about covid bring it on. dr. nicole saphier, certified radiologist and fox news contributor. thank you for being with us. it was a year ago that president biden was elected and here we are today under the intense mandates, vaccination rates not where they should be. do you think the president over promised during the campaign? >> well, to think of one president or person in general can either be the complete success or failure of this global pandemic or national
8:28 am
pandemic is utter nonsense. when we saw so many promises being made during the campaign trail that's all they were. they were just campaign promises. now unfortunately messaging -- mixed messaging has blundered a lot of our response once president biden took office. there have been a lot of missteps with the cdc. they haven't been fully transparent when making their decisions. there has been influence from some lobbying powerhouse such as the teachers unions. all of this does damage credibility and makes americans more skeptical and question the public health authorities in general. we saw politization of science and the pandemic throughout the trump administration but didn't stop once president biden took office. i believe it got worse. i can tell you on this thanksgiving there are a lot of things to be thankful for. 99% of americans over the age of 65 are fully vaccinated. 30 million people have received their booster shots. we have over a third of the
8:29 am
americans have already gotten covid by the end of 2020. now that number is likely twice that. so when you add vaccine induced immunity and natural immunity there are a reasons the deaths and hospitalizations are going down. we see a rise in cases but from some of the breakthroughs. we'll see it as the virus becomes endemic. >> benjamin: isn't it time to start living with the virus? as much has been done as is possible. now we need to move away from some of these extreme mandates and controls and learn to live with it. >> especially as we start to talk about what we're seeing right now. for the last several weeks about a month the cdc has reported zero deaths in americans under the age of 30. the vast majority of people still dying from the coronavirus have either chosen not to be vaccinated, have not been exposed to the virus so don't have natural immunity and they have a comorbidity such as being overweight. these americans are choosing to
8:30 am
not get vaccinated, they are choosing to have whether they are obese, if they know what the risk factors are for severe illness. they have to take proper precautions. the rest of americans chosen to be vaccinated at this point it is time to move forward as a nation and start removing some of these barriers, especially while you have vaccine open up to children over the age of 5. over half of these children have already been exposed to the coronavirus, have natural immunity and we need to start removing some of these restrictions. >> benjamin: your view on one other topic, doctor. everyone heard of the five second rule. we've all done it. is it really cool to eat food off the floor? what researchers found might make you think twice picking up the piece of turkey. they tested different foods on floor types, tile, wood, carpet. the results showed all foods picked up bacteria no matter what some more than others. what do you make of that?
8:31 am
i would say surely if it's a peanut butter sandwich and falls face down on the floor. potato that rolled off the table probably all right. >> this is where my microbiology degree and my mom had a gift for it here. first of all five second rule in my house is an okay thing. you have the hygiene hypothesis that says you have to be exposed to germs to keep the -- uncooked meat or some of these can be deadly pathogens. cleaning up everything and washing your hands. you don't want cross contamination. covid is not the only thing to make you sick. >> julie: i don't know about your households. i find there is more food on the floor than the actual plates when i feed my children. i say just eat right off the floor and save me the step of
8:32 am
having the wash the dishes. i guess that's probably not so sanitary. i will continue to use plates. >> benjamin: that's where a good dog comes in handy. >> julie: my dogs enjoy lunchtime. >> benjamin: thanks so much for being with us today. happy thanksgiving to you and yours, all the best. >> julie: the president's poll numbers may be tanking but hillary clinton says it's not his fault. >> there is a real vulnerability in the electorate to the kind of demagoguery and disinformation that unfortunately the other side is really good at exploiting. >> julie: backlash over her suggesting americans are gullible and they just don't understand the president's accomplishments next. if she did, it would be impossible to get in. she'd become famous overnight.
8:33 am
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8:36 am
>> sandra: the president's poll numbers are plummeting and popularity hitting an all time low all while his administration faces a host of
8:37 am
crises and rumored rift with his v.p. hillary clinton is seeing the positive in all of it and coming to his defense praising what he has gotten done so far and seeming to suggest americans just don't get it. watch. >> you know, democracy is messy. a lot of people got i think kind of frustrated looking at the messy process of legislation. and they didn't really appreciate that within a year the biden administration has passed two major pieces of legislation through both the house and the senate. by any measure those are extraordinary accomplishments. >> julie: the "new york post" sees it differently. tanking polls give biden few reasons to be thankful this year. joining us now nick adams. founder and executive director of the foundation for liberty and american greatness for flag. and the author of build back better the first 100 days of
8:38 am
the biden administration and beyond. thank you both and happy thanksgiving to you both. >> thank you, happy thanksgiving. nice to see you. >> happy thanksgiving, julie. >> julie: nick, are we being selfish and like my children not appreciating the president's accomplishments and should we be more thankful for let's say inflation? >> well, julie, look, i don't know that americans have got that much to be thankful for under this president at the moment. unfortunately it's the reality. hillary clinton is entitled to her opinion but not ruin facts and the facts are clear. a crisis on the southern border, rampant inflation, americans are stranded in afghanistan, we are creeding our way as the world's leading nation to china. democrats can blame whoever they like and try to silence and hoodwink americans it is not that bad. americans have wiseed up. they are smarter than what
8:39 am
hillary clinton thinks, probably why she was never president. and that's why we see the tanking poll numbers of joe biden and why next year democrats are going to be smoked. >> julie: during an appearance on nbc rachel maddow show hillary clinton complained about the successful exploiting of media and blaming the lack of gate keepers and people with a historic perspectives to help americans understand what they're seeing. what say you in hillary clinton's defense. it doesn't surprise us and we shouldn't be that surprised she is defending joe biden but nonetheless, does she not see the big picture? does she not fill up her gas tank? does she not buy turkeys? how is she -- her blinders are up is my guess. >> i can't speak for her but we also have to remember with any type of poll there is always some kind of margin of error.
8:40 am
we have to remember that other presidents, whether republican or democrat, slipped in popularity but came back and won reelection. it is key for the american people to know what he is doing to help in that. we have to look at the fact the covid relief package was passed and a majority of americans supported that. we also have to remember that the infrastructure just passed and a majority of the americans supported that. and i think that's key to remember that. what the american people need and what the american people want and how he is helping the american people. >> julie: so nick, i guess, you know, when clinton said that quote you know democracy is messy, you know a lot of people got, oh, i think kind of what does she say her frustrated looking at the messy process of legislation and they didn't really appreciate that. within a year the biden administration has passed two major pieces of legislation through both the house and the senate but let's not talk about the deficit that we have now
8:41 am
been put in because of these two pieces of legislation and the president's claim that inflation is only going to hurt the rich and that taxes will only affect the rich when the middle class and low class are actually being affected more than the rich. >> look, julie, hillary clinton is not only a has been, she is a never was. the reason is that her judgment unfortunately is hideous. it is terrible. she is totally out of touch and i never could have imagined there would be a worse president to barack obama but here we are in november of 2021, thanksgiving and we have joe biden. joe biden is showing president obama up big time. he is even more out of touch. he is even more unsuccessful. >> julie: as americans get together for thanksgiving the left want to push their woke agenda. i hate that word but so common these days. check out the headlines. usa today.
8:42 am
what is thanksgiving to indigenous people, a day of mourning? tribune with this. pilgrims brought racist genocide and gave nothing. guidance on decolonizing thanksgiving. the "wall street journal" claiming the left wants to cancel -- why did liberals have to rain on every parade, what is wrong with liberals? >> i would disagree with you on that. i think it's creating negative thoughts about the liberals. >> julie: you think it's positive when we've been celebrating thanksgiving all these year. i don't remember politization of thanksgiving when i was growing up. this is something the new hyper woke if you will are inventing. >> well, i would disagree with you on that. i don't see anyone speaking out from the democratic party or the house speaker about being unthankful for thanksgiving.
8:43 am
i think thanksgiving is a time to come together as families. i look forward to spending time with my family and we are a family with republicans, democrats, independents coming together and spending time and being thankful for the wonderful things and how great our country is and what a great nation we have and things to be thankful for. >> julie: nick, do you believe liberals and left wing media are trying to ruin thanksgiving or am i making too much of it? >> they are just not happy people and it's in their dnr. they try to destroy every tradition we've got. they don't like tradition and things like that. if dr. fauci the holy side of the left had his way we'd be all wearing masks and doing thanksgiving by zoom. i'm thankful that hasn't happened. happy thanksgiving to everybody. this is still the greatest country in the world, but i tell you what, joe biden and the democrats are not doing much to help. >> julie: all right. nick adams and kelly, thank you
8:44 am
very much. appreciate it. >> thank you, happy thanksgiving. >> benjamin: the inflation crisis is now dominating the federal reserves latest meeting. whether the biden administration is paying attention for not. the president's actions are nothing more than a band-aid.
8:45 am
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>> benjamin: worries are dominating are the federal reserve meeting. president biden releasing 50 million barrels of oil but analysts say it won't do much to lower gas prices. many participants pointed to considerations that might suggest that elevated inflation could prove more persistent. biden administration has been painting inflation as temporary despite warnings from economists the record high rates will continue into next year. republican senator moran says there is a big disconnect between washington and main street. >> one of the things i've discovered in my time in washington, d.c. is those people who often profess to care about the poorest among us are the ones that promote policies that are the most damaging to the poorest among us. and again i shake my head. there are lots of people hurting from this. no one is immune from it.
8:49 am
>> benjamin: joining us now is cpa market analyst. thank you for being with us, dan. even though the administration might not want to admit it, you saw there in the fed meeting they think this is not going to be transitory. do you think we're in for inflation for some time to come? >> yeah, i do. and from the moment that we started with this word transitory and a lot of people didn't know what that meant, that it would be temporary, i was not in agreement. the reason that i wasn't was because i was looking at it and saying what policies or is going to happen that is going to change the trajectory of inflation? it just doesn't stop by itself and retract. there has to be events, policies and so on that are going to reverse course. and the path that we are currently on right now, i do not see inflation stopping until we get to the point where
8:50 am
people simply can't afford things. >> benjamin: u.s. consumer confidence has hit a low for decade fueled by concerns over rising inflation. that is according to the university of michigan's consumer survey data released yesterday. what do you make of that? >> well, i certainly understand it because what is there to be optimistic about? a lot of people received higher wages and said yeah, that's great. then what happens is the price of services and goods are out pacing what their wages are. so people have the right to be feeling well, i'm not so confident about what is going to happen. the reason that's dangerous is because the economy is driven by emotion. when people feel good and confident, they go out and spend. when they don't feel confident, they hold back. >> benjamin: people have a lot of money in their pocket at the moment and not spending it over the pandemic.
8:51 am
msnbc ripped into dollar tree. she said dollar tree doesn't need to raise prices and hiking prices just because they can. she was slammed for her tone deaf comments on inflation earlier this month. is that dollar tree's fault they have to raise prices? >> absolutely not. you can't expect dollar tree to absorb all these additional costs and not pass that on to the consumer. i don't think dollar tree is trying to really take advantage of people. they are just saying our profits need to be protected. so now instead of being the dollar tree, they are the dollar 25 tree. doesn't sound so great but i certainly understand why they have to do it. >> benjamin: meanwhile virginia congresswoman spang berger has been breaking from the rest of her party demanding president joe biden takes action saying there is a variety of contributing impacts but
8:52 am
certainly i think the buck stops with the president and i'm proud to be among those legislators on capitol hill to ring the alarm bells. president biden is on a mission, beat inflation. just what can the president do? is it in his power to stop inflation? >> well, it's all about policies, right? once inflation starts, yes, it becomes a challenge. what i would say right now, the biggest thing that the federal government with its policies should be addressing is the cost of energy because when you are talking about oil and fuel, that's what drives the cost of everything. when people travel it costs more. to get goods it costs more because it costs more to go from point a to point b. our policies related to oil and related to energy are not good. we are relying on foreign oil.
8:53 am
we had been energy independent. we got to get back to that point and that's one of the key policies that has to be addressed. how do we become energy independent again? and when we do that, you will see inflation start to retract. >> benjamin: energy secretary granholm laughing hysterically at the very idea the u.s. could become energy independent. what do you make of president biden's move to release millions of barrels from the reserves? >> well, he released 50 million barrels from the reserve and what i say about that, that's like killing a -- it won't make a difference at all. we have to look at something long term. that's not even a band-aid when you talk about three days. policies have to change. i don't think that energy independence is such a long
8:54 am
stretch because we've been there. >> benjamin: yeah. dan, thanks so much for joining us today. we really appreciate all your views and let's hope that things do change and get a grip on this inflation. thank you, dan. >> thank you. >> benjamin: and julie is lucky enough to be outside on fox plaza right now and made it downstairs. i'm impressed. the thanksgiving day parade is wrapping up. >> it has actually wrapped up here. it goes up until noon as it goes in front of macy's and harold square. the closest i got to a balloon is watching the pillsbury dough man over the left shoulder of joe concha while you were interviewing him and got a screen grab and i didn't miss the parade. you know who didn't miss the parade? i have my family here, bryan llenas. i always wanted to crash one of his live shots. he have is not blood related but the uncle of my three
8:55 am
children, harrison is 5 playing with a stick more exciting than live tv. avery and this is addison. she is age 9 and 11. addison is correcting the ages of my children. avery, i want first to ask you what was your favorite part of the parade. the talker in the family second to me of course. >> i think it was probably the baby yoda. >> everyone loves him. >> julie: what do we want to give thanks for this thanksgiving? is >> happy thanksgiving to everyone and we are thankful for everything and especially for the troops and the police officers. >> julie: all the u.s. troops overseas not spending thanksgiving with their family. the nypd that kept us safe
8:56 am
during the parade and guarded bryan from any crime reporting on the parade and the nypd and law enforcement all over the country. want to feel thankful for. happy thanksgiving to you and happy to be spengd it with my family even though i missed the entire parade i will look at the pictures later. toss it back to you. >> benjamin: thank you for joining us on this special day. happy thanksgiving. "outnumbered" is coming up just after the break. a mountain of toys to fulfill many wishes. must be carried across all roads and all bridges. and when everyone is smiling and having their fun i can turn my sleigh north because my job here is done. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service.
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>> americans across the countrye the most expensive holiday season in history. inflation driving up the cost of thanksgiving staples, that's assuming you can find those items in stock. that's not what president biden said what happened back in 2020. he said the cost of goods would go down under his watch. >> none of you will have your taxes raised. anyone making less than $400,000 will not see


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