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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 25, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PST

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>> you may be asking why we should beautiful painting carly made this over turkey are we
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showing sixth avenue, lights, sirens, the whole thing because the parade will be on sixth avenue the people in charge of the parade don't want you walking the parade route, they want to cordon it off so people can line up on both sides to enjoy the festivities without being hit. >> i love the thanksgiving day parade. thousands of people, such an exciting time, the best show to be in on the thanksgiving day parade because we are right along the parade route. this really works. >> if you go to the biceps officer they don't condone, on the second floor you can watch the parade. >> so much to be thankful for. every morning, monday through friday with you and everybody watching it i'm very thankful for that. >> i'm also thankful for news. >> a lot of news to get to. president biden getting roasted this thanksgiving for spending the holiday at a billionaire buddies home in nantucket as families pay more for their thanksgiving dinner over insulation. >> could examine the president saying he's out of touch. alexandria half joins us with more.
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happy thanksgiving. >> president biden put his family's annual turkey on hold for the pandemic last year, a tradition that started for them in the 1970s when gas and food prices were straining american families as they are today. biden arrived on tuesday to a massachusetts home of private equity billionaire david rubenstein saying the property will extend through sunday, the president released a thanksgiving message, quote, we are grateful for the farm workers and front-line workers many of whom are immigrants, making sure they are harvested and shipped and keep cities and towns clean and safe. is this being the most expensive thanksgiving ever the president said this week the opportunity to buy product at all is a win. >> grocery stores well-stocked with turkey and everything you need for thanksgiving.
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>> the price of a turkey up 24%. others up double digits as well as many feel the president's luxury nantucket backdrop is inappropriate. >> to buy a thanksgiving turkey or christmas present costs more and what is president biden doing? hanging out eating lobster. >> he will be living it up like a king or monarch and they don't want us to send guests home, that is how touched they are. >> a new poll by the morning consul found 62% of registered voters blame the president and congress for current supply chain issues. major testing of supply lines and the president's economy will come tomorrow on black friday. >> happy thanksgiving to you and yours was what i can't get past is whether or not the white house doesn't realize the optics of this, that naïve as to what
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is going on in the world or they just don't care because this is the bubble they live in. i truly in my heart of hearts don't know which one is accurate but regardless which way you're going it is a horrible look. everywhere you go no matter what party the person is that you are speaking to, democrat, republican everyone is talking about these kitchen table issues, everyone is talking about gas because everybody uses gas. everyone is talking about the high price of food because everybody has to eat yet this is something he could have done in all of his many other years, he's choosing the thanksgiving of his first term when we are in an inflationary time to do it and that is shocking to me. >> the daily mail is highlighting this online poll the 77% of voters inflation is affecting their lives this holiday and 57% blame biden for the soaring prices, he is the commander-in-chief, will so you blame it, one of the big issues is a lot of people don't see it getting any better and when you
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think of what is going to push for with the build back better bill which he thinks is going to fundamentally reshape the world and be his legacy, is going to make things better but a lot of economists say it could make things worse when it comes to inflation but if you don't see any end insight and the only thing that could possibly happen is it getting worse that is when you get those bad poll numbers. >> economists said the opposite. they are horrible economists because no economist worth their salt things this is not going to lead to inflation, the build back better plan. everyone thinks it will. i do not know what he's thinking. >> the money ends up being devaluing and that is why things are more expensive right now. another robbery happening overnight. lapd searching for 5 thieves, police on high alert as another los angeles nordstrom still boarded up from a monday losing,
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the brazen robberies amid a surge of smash and grab thefts across the state. law enforcement expert say this is backed by organized crime syndicates who pay fees from 501,$000 for specific items, police say 3 people were arrested out of 90 suspect in the san francisco bay area over the weekend. todd: a jury finds two men guilty of murder of ahmaud arbery, finding travis mcmichael guilty on all counts. 's father craig and neighbor william bryant convicted of felony murder included aggravated assault and false imprisonment. rhine's defense attorney bringing a new trial for thanksgiving. dozens gathered outside the courthouse cheering the decision.
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in a statement president biden weighing in on the verdict saying the guilty verdicts reflect our justice system doing his job, that alone is not enough. we must recommit ourselves to building the future of unity and shared strength. 6 minutes after the hour president biden sticking to a progressive push to end cash bail even as critics blame radical be a reform for fitting the violent offender who killed 6 people in wisconsin. >> change. >> the walk as the residents were stunned when they learned darrell brooks was freed on $1,000 after running over his girlfriend before the to the christmas parade attack. the president sticking with the progressive push to eliminate bonds that could keep offenders lots of saying, quote, ending cash bail will not automatically
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put people in charge with crimes in the streets but with you get bail should be based on the threat you pose and not how much money you have in your bank account. there shouldn't be a separate criminal justice system for wealthy americans. critics looking at progressive milwaukee county da john chisholm who was elected in 2007 with a promise for radical reform saying at the time is there going to be an individual i put into treatment program who is going to go out and kill somebody, you bet, guaranteed it is guaranteed to happen. alan dershowitz as the da's position should not be left in the hands of progressive voters. >> we should not have elected prosecutors. let's prosecutors have too much power. there is no room for cash bail. people should be detained if they are dangerous, if they are likely to flee, not if they cannot raise $100 or $1,000. under any standard he should have been held. >> tuesday republicans in wisconsin introduced a bill that would allow judges to consider public safety when considering the dollar amount for bail even democrat david boeing who calls himself a champion for criminal justice reform said this was a mistake saying i think our
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release decision especially round bail have to be reformed, needs to be based on public safety. this is an individual who should definitely be behind bars. brooks's ex-girlfriend told the new york post his mother's, quote, wreck to the people were killed saying she blames herself because if she hadn't bailed him out this never would have happened. jillian: nfl star and walk aside native jj watt giving back to his hometown in the wake of sunday's tragedy offering to pay for the funerals of the 6 victims killed in the christmas parade according to the global. he took the sweater hours after sunday's incident to voice support for the community writing, quote, truly hoping everyone is going to be okay and does not involve are safe, thankful to everyone who rushed to action and helped the wounded.
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>> president biden has a precancerous lesion removed after his colonoscopy, it was benign according to the white house, he has a procedure in 2008. the physicians the president said president biden should repeat the colonoscopy procedure every 7 to 10 years, he transferred powers to his vp kamala harris. for those who say the president only needs to go 7 to 10 years, he's getting a specific medical diagnosis, check with your medical professional, 7 to 10 years is a little long. a lot of people go 5. >> 9 minutes after the hour, the left is redefining thanks giving serving of up woke to spoil your appetite. >> instead of stuffing and biscuits, they brought genocide and violence. carley: perhaps forgo the turkey. todd: we are talking to joe concha about that. ♪♪ ustommy car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> the biden administration will restart the trump your main in mexico policy as promptly as possible. the president of the national border patrol council brandon judd joined us early to win. >> if the implement this correctly and that is a big if it is going to be like a light switch. illegal immigration is going to drop exponentially. >> reinstated policy will force asylum-seekers to wait in mexico until their cases are heard.
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>> 14 after the hour, christians from across the nation gather in prayer this weekend days before the supreme court hears a case that could reverse robie wade. todd: pastor robert jeffers joins us with more. we are talking about the jackson women's health case people say could take abortion rights back on the state level and a national day of prayer is being held on sunday november 2, '08, this sunday. tell us about that day of prayer and why it is important. >> the sanctity of life transcends all denominations. of slavery was the moral issue of the nineteenth century i believe abortion has been the moral issue of the twentieth and 21st-century. the supreme court supported slavery in the dred scott case and said african-americans are nothing but chattel property with no rights. that was overturned with the fourteenth amendments. in the same way, robie wade
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which says children are biological blobs, rose the dred scott case of our generation, trying to overturn it and that will happen eventually. todd: is this the moment when traditionally non-conservative voters come together into the republican party on this abortion issue and swing elections for years to come? we will see. today is thanksgiving. we would like to hear your thanksgiving message. >> in 1789 when george washington issued the first thank proclamation it is not that everything was perfect in our country. there was some doubts whether the fledgling nation would survive but washington found things to be thankful for, ratification of the constitution, completion of the wars, seems true in our life, don't have to wait until our lives are free to express gratitude to god. every thanksgiving service we
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had a man tell the story, he had been released from prison after 34 years of prison for a crime he didn't commit and that conviction was overturned but instead of being filled with bitterness for the injustice he had suffered he expressed gratitude to god for his freedom, for being reunited with his wife, for being able to go back into prison as a minister of the gospel and that is the lesson for us. we can't keep bad things from happening to us but expressing gratitude to god for the good things makes the bad things a little easier to take. that's why first thessalonians 5:18 says in all things offer thanksgiving to god. >> got to give thanks to god, there was a poll that asked at thanksgiving to whom do you give thanks, and the most popular answer was god and at a time when it feels religion is leaving this society that must be a very hopeful poll for you to read.
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>> it is and will say i don't feel thankful. i tell people today is not called thanks feeling, it is called thanksgiving and if you train yourself to thank god for the good things, if you do the right thing you will start to feel the right thing. todd: every day is a gift, we appreciate on these holidays, giving us your message and something to take in the days ahead. >> time is 18 after the hour. a lot of americans are struggling to afford thanksgiving but president biden will be celebrating with his billionaire buddy on nantucket, the white house doesn't seem to see that as a problem. joe concha coming up next. heather: the props and other props, the parade route, timeless tradition. adam klotz along the parade route ahead of the 90 fifth annual macy's thanksgiving day parade.
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wellcare. it's medicare done well. todd: huge props, beautiful painting, despite surging inflation and kinking poll numbers the ladies of the view telling americans to be thankful for president biden. >> he is only been in for nine month and has gotten so much done. the list is long. neil: they are dressed like they are outside, trillions in new spending a return to the paris climate accord, reunification of some migrant families as border crossings remain a record highs. president biden taking heat for celebrating thanksgiving in the lab of luxurious american struggle to keep up with rising
2:24 am
food and gas prices, the white house don't see a problem. >> what message does it sentiment with americans president biden says he's trying to help or struggling to cover the cost of the most expensive thanksgiving ever that the president is going to take a few days off in a billionaire in nantucket? >> any increase in prices is something the president is concerned about but there are abundance of turkeys available, they are one dollar more for a 20 pound bird. >> happy thanksgiving, not a good look for president biden. >> not at all. interesting to get a press secretary say the turkey is one dollar more. what about the gas to get to grandma's house and the food, in a cold area of the country and there are many now, home heating costs, it is not a big deal,
2:25 am
would have said you got to go to wisconsin, all those that are injured. that was a national tragedy the likes that we haven't seen in some time. i think about what happened a couple years ago, isis terrorist mowing down all those folks including some americans. that looks tone deaf, this goes will private equity billionaire, $30 billion home, it is tone deaf, this will be the most expensive thanksgiving in our nation's history and the guy from scranton doesn't go to scranton or delaware but to one of the richest zip codes in the country. todd: and plans on eating lobster. relax, listen. >> president biden: it is important to maintain perspective about where our economy stands even after accounting for inflation our economy is bigger and americans have more money in their pockets
2:26 am
than before the pandemic. todd: at this point is the white house trying to appear out of touch? if so mission accomplished. >> things are better than they were before and unprecedented pandemic. our country is growing faster than any country in the world, it is a lie, the growth rates were in the area, even the united kingdom higher. things are good. you don't know it. what you are feeling and paying all this extra money for food and gas and heating you are off on that because we are telling you it is okay. didn't take questions from the press after he made those statements or challenged on any of that. >> wouldn't be an american holiday without progressives
2:27 am
calling it terrible. >> instead of bringing stuffing and biscuits those settlers brought genocide and violence, that genocide and violence is still on the menu. jillian: for go the turkey, that is the staple of the thanksgiving meal, the most expensive thing on the table. we are bad, we are terrible and don't even get turkey this year. >> that first soundbite, practiced 8 times in the shower before going on, still practicing genocide here. what genocide exactly? msnbc, no one will ask a follow-up question but a more specific where genocide is happening in the united states currently? we are not supposed to enjoy ourselves but i know i will despite getting up today at god knows what our it makes you appreciate thanksgiving more when we work the morning of because we earned this.
2:28 am
todd: to fall asleep after eating you don't do dishes. i want to get these headlines in. usa today, what is thanksgiving to indigenous people, philadelphia tribune fighting racist genocide and from the washington post this helps the pilgrims survive their first thanksgiving, a choice of questions. put the buffet in your hands. why do liberals try so hard to tear down traditions enjoyed by the masses or 2, why are these people so awful? >> i just think at this point we are a country of whiners, senator from texas said we are a nation of whiners and to draw attention hoping to go viral to get a lot of retweets and likes and half don't believe what they are saying, just outrage and all
2:29 am
the rage where they do that and it is the negative one. very happy because this is not the actual bird. >> we don't want to eat that bird. >> a positive spin on that, all the complaining about thanksgiving, a sign of how prosperous our country is with time to complain about ridiculous things because we are in a time - todd: let's not do anything to unseat that. got to let you go, wish you the best of luck. the giants need a better draft, happy thanksgiving. >> get to play a winless - last year we didn't get to celebrate. this is a good thing. jillian: characters like baby you are ready to fly, the macy's
2:30 am
thinks giving day parade begins in hours. >> adam klotz live at the start of the parade. >> a big balloon with your face on it. >> appreciate that. i like it. it feels like a compliment. so great to be back here at the 95 macy's day parade. last year was a virtual situation. guests were not invited. 6500 people to be working, a little lower on the numbers, 20 different floats, one that kicks off the parade and the final float filled with santa claus that actors in the christmas season, 15 balloons, the new ones, the netflix show, baby yoda is going to be a huge draw, 10 marching band. back to what we are used to.
2:31 am
carrie underwood is here, rob thomas, nelly, speaking of nelly, one of the things is so much warmer this year than typical. so much warmer than typical. i have been out here, 10 degrees, 42 degrees currently, windchill 40, it is more than in past years. what we will see his temperatures climbing into the upper 40s, even midmorning a pretty nice day leaving with the national forecast, dry on the east coast, west coast, rain in the planes in the midwest. how did you like my rendition? todd: when we were office mates this would be the witty repartee that would go back and forth all the time and as a result that is the reason. every holiday i feel an obligation to make a comment about the fact that we are office mates hence the balloon
2:32 am
in my office in your honor. happy thanksgiving good. jillian: the time is 31 after the hour. parents in one school district are upset after their kids were sent home with guidance for decolonizing thanksgiving. we will tell you where that was and someone who had a different thanksgiving shares it with us next. the servicenow platform will make it just, flow. whether it's finding ways to help you serve your customers, orchestrating a safe return to the office... wait. an office? what's an office? or solving a workplace challenge that's yet to come. whatever the new world of work takes your business, the world works with servicenow.
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todd: families in dc outraged after public school sent a letter offering guidance on, quote, decolonizing here thanksgiving. an example of this red if you host a thanksgiving meal consider doing a land acknowledgment with a link to a government website with what an attachment land acknowledgment statement is, transfer dc public schools has not commented on that letter. things are getting while in dc. a lot of fun. todd: calling a racial trauma specialist to help employees cope with the acquittal of kyle rittenhouse was the company sending an email to staff saying this is a difficult day for many, the pain and trauma of race, identity and belief-based tragedies is a reality many of us are struggling with saying the therapist will talk about the mental and physical impacts of social and racial justice events and trauma coping mechanisms.
2:37 am
the email encouraging employees to get educated on gun violence encouraging lawmakers to an act more common sense gun laws. the white house standing by its push to end cash bail even after the waukesha parade tragedy. the suspect, a career criminal was free on bail at the time. todd: former congressman and fox news contributor sean duffy. thanks, we appreciate your efforts. the white house statement of fox news, quote, ending cash bail will not automatically put people charged with crime on the streets. there shouldn't be a separate criminal justice system for wealthy americans. this was a decision made by local courts. you are a former prosecutor. as a former prosecutor why is that statement fundamentally wrong? >> there shouldn't be a criminal justice system for people who are wealthy and i agree with that but there shouldn't be the consequences of soft on crime policies that only affect poor and middle-class people but not the lowly.
2:38 am
we know president biden is going to a billionaire's home in nantucket, 13 acre estate, $20 million, the rich liberal elites confronted with the consequences of soft on crime policies because they don't live in those neighborhoods or have enough money they have private security and so these policies don't impact them. people like those in waukesha, you had john chisholm, soft on crime prosecutor in milwaukee left defendants with a long rap sheet, get out of jail when they should have been held on bond, mowed down a whole bunch of people killing 6 people and injuring 150. a shameful set of policies and the american people don't like it. they want to be fair but also wants to be safe. let's be tough on criminals. criminals don't get the benefit of the doubt and therefore keep them in jail, keep me safe and if you don't agree with that your poll numbers are going to take like president biden's which are in the mid-30s.
2:39 am
steve: a lot of people are saying wait a second, what if there is somebody in my community i live near a city if somebody that was left out by some sort of progressive district attorney, is there any way das can go back to the books and read look at who was let out on low bond and try to make communities safer? >> all this is public. of the community wants to know what bond recommendations are made for, was it is all public but if you have a prosecutor saying i to bail reform, criminal justice reform, you should drill down into that little further if you are a voter to make sure they will protect the community and those are for your words that should make the bells go off, maybe this is not a tough on crime prosecutor or tough on crime
2:40 am
judge and i want to vote for the other guy and elections have consequences. these are george soros prosecutors the ones to have no crime, no incarceration in america like what the squad wants and most americans go i don't want that and therefore got to pay attention, got to get involved and vote and got to help fund and work for fair but tough prosecutors that will hold criminals to account. >> prepare for thanksgiving which i imagine is like preparing for thanksgiving at an actual restaurant because you have so many kids. what are you thankful for this holiday? >> i'm thankful to wake up to you two, don't know how you are so fresh and vivacious in the morning. maybe it is a little of coffee here but i am a basic simple man, i'm thankful for the health, he to heat our homes are the basic things we have to look at they we are so grateful to
2:41 am
god and free country that can offer those things so i am happy and thankful for. carley: that is what most people are thankful for. those good family stories and you highlighted so many of those stories and traditions in your new book all-american christmas which is killing it on the -- so many people are buying it. another reason to be thankful. todd: such a beautiful cover, a great cover. >> artwork for that cover. sean duffy, thank you, appreciate it. todd: another suggestion for keeping thanksgiving covid free. >> maybe make it kind of fun, start with hors d'oeuvres in the garage. make it playful, make it fun. >> our next guest, last-minute
2:42 am
pro tips for making the perfect turkey coming up next. ♪♪
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to see watch what happens live. hey, it's me. plus, get holiday gifts for everyone on your list with great deals on fan favorites from today. join over a million members by signing up for free on the xfinity app. our thanks. your rewards. todd: christmas around the corner, people are blaming president biden for supply-chain
2:46 am
shortage, a new poll finding 61% of registered voters blame the problem congress, 62% of registered voters blame the problem on the president. for numbers can display the president vowing to address the shortages head on. carley: a contributor suggests screening thanksgiving guests before letting them inside your home today. >> that feel like it will be weird, we will start with 3 dark -- start with hors d'oeuvres in the garage. we will do our best, come on income make it playful, make it fun and enjoy the holiday because you are not worried about safety. >> nothing makes a happy thanksgiving like a nasal swab. many online not taking the concept lightly. conservative attorney harmeet dhillon responding how do you make covid tests playful? todd: if you plan on letting your guests inside. todd: david burke himself has
2:47 am
some ideas for your meals, good morning. your kitchen is beautiful. tell us what you are cooking up. >> happy thanksgiving. this bright turkey, roast turkey which is traditional. i get extra wings and fry those separately. you conserve those in the garage if you want to. the wings, the turkey traditional is beautiful on the table but you've got to watch the wiping. one of the things i do when we carve is take the top piece off, very important, squaring off and i cut it and take the leg off differently, and larger pieces of meat, larger slices here.
2:48 am
another good tip for stuffing, traditional, you have it in hand family-style, restaurant style, individual pot, cranberry, candy, on top of those, one thing we always forget his texture. what they do, add texture to the food if you have texture, make some chips, crispy onions or sweet potato chips served on the side with the meal. gravy, red wine gravy here traditionally harder to get get through all that. we add bacon, wild mushrooms to our gravy.
2:49 am
not traditional but look how beautiful that is. you've got shrimp, little red things. you've got something you see in restaurant style sauce, apple, shrimp, sun-dried tomatoes, gravy, to make it spice it. the last 30 years, spices, have some fun with gravy. do have of it and make it surf and turf. the other thing is i have apple cider with jalapenos and buns and greedy and and apple cider with butter and jalapeno and put some of this if you like the
2:50 am
jalapeno if you like that based the bird. todd: looks so good. >> that will add some pose as to the bird. there is traditionally we stuff it with the eggs and we wait for that, the turkey, the whole turkey that i stuffed it with and the herbs and sautéed onions, all of this goes right in. i can eat that, onions, mushrooms and oranges and moisture keeps the white meat moist underneath. leftovers, leftover pumpkin pie, the crust and the pie in the blender, with milk, ice cream
2:51 am
and makes it the day of. it would be easier to we the second or third day. heather: that america is why david burke is the best. carley: he has a recipe for pumpkin pie. todd: you're getting fat eating this and it will be amazing. chef david burke, appreciate you getting up, you have a big day ahead, have fun with mom and dad. 51 after the hour, first she calls you deplorable, hillary clinton is saying about you now is what she says you should be expecting. carley: mike huckabee is responding to that coming up next. happy holidays from lexus. get 1.9% apr financing on the 2022 es 350.
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president's vaccine requirement with no disruptions, sir. are you buying that there were no disruptions? >> i don't know what universe they are living in. everywhere you go there are disruptions. todd, happy thanksgiving, so good to be with you guys on this early thanksgiving morning. but i'm not really thinking that a whole lot of americans are saying boy i'm glad we have all of these covid restriction, gee, let me call dr. fauci and make sure it's okay for me to have two or three people over for thanksgiving dinner, don't tell him. but we have 30 people coming to my house today. so we're going to enjoy a great family time. i don't know when these white house officials say stuff like this. i don't know what they're
2:57 am
thinking. they are not out rubbing shoulders with typical americans. todd: they don't get it. she is the gift keeps on giving. the message to us americans. >> democracy is messy. a lot of people got, i think, frustrated looking at the messy process of legislation. and they didn't really appreciate that within a year, the biden administration has passed two major pieces of legislation. todd: you, sir, have run for office. you have won running for office. for somebody who is in politics like hillary clinton. she sure has a tendency to insult the voter, doesn't she? >> she does. she has called us deplorable and talks about how messy democracy is. messy because of her and joe biden who don't understand how the private sector and preenterprise works. my gosh,ed to, i passed a kidney stone but i don't celebrate it i
2:58 am
don't think it was something wonderful. and quite frankly, what i'm hearing about what joe biden has passed, i'm thinking yeah, thanks, joe. this year the thanksgiving turkey is 21 bucks. it was 12 last year. gasoline is up a buck and a half from what it was a year ago. that's messy all right. and he did it but i'm not sure that he ought to be out there celebrating or that hillary ought to be telling us to just suck it up and like it. todd: unbelievable. >> i don't think americans are enjoying the high price of gas and groceries this year. todd: let's end on a positive. what are you thankful for this thanksgiving. >> first of all, that god still loves me and knows everything about me. secondly from my wonderful family, wife, three adult children, seven grandchildren and all the extended family, deeply grateful for that i'm grateful to be an american. i just can't tell you how grateful i am that i live in what i believe to be the finallest country on god's green earth and today i celebrate what was started in 1621 and that is
2:59 am
a true celebration of a nation that was founded on the belief that god has created us individually with great liberty and justice for all. i really still believe that and i love it. todd: beautiful message. let's drill down here and get specifics in our final minute here. are you having some of that famous pecan pie your daughter makes. >> absolutely. she is going to be making a couple of pecan pies for the family. i have one turkey in the smoker that's been in there since 3:00 this morning. i will put another one in the deep fryer a little later. people will have a choice fried turkey or smoked turkey. todd, you have been working hard today. come on other and join us. todd: i appreciate the invite. one question to ask. between the relax yum you promote and tryptophan in the turkey, how long will you be sleeping. >> listen, i will be sleeping a long, long time. the tryptophan in the turkey is one of the ingreene ingredients
3:00 am
in the relax yum. one of the reason that it works. everyone will be drowsy 2:00 this afternoon and taking afternoon nap and missing the first half of the football game. todd: lions, bears is the game. mike huckabee is the governor. for all of you happy thanksgiving, thank you for joining us, "fox & friends" starts right now. bye-bye. ♪ ♪ ♪ thank you for being a friend ♪ traveled down the road and back again ♪ your heart is true ♪ your pal a confidante. lawrence: welcome to "fox & friends" this morning. right outside that will be the parade route for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. happy thanksgiving to you all. brian, steve and ainsley are off today. carley shimkus. carley: they are thankful for that. they deserve the time off. lawrence


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