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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 25, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PST

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in the greatest country on earth. the most free, the most just, the most diverse and tolerant and most powerful in human history. it's not perfect but it's the best. may we pray for the courage and wisdom to live with gratitude of generations before who gifted us precious freedom. god bless you and your family. happy thanksgiving. tammy bruce is covering for laura ingraham. >> i am grateful to be >> grateful to be sitting with this never getting a hand off from you, thank you very much. it is thanksgiving eve. this is a special edition of the ingraham angle from new york city tonight.
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the left's ground for thanksgiving, rachel and sean duffy are here on that plus get your thanksgiving bouncer ready. what does that mean, you're probably asking? 's grandma going to get turned away at your door, raymond arroyo explains in seen and unseen and don't put those masks away yet. the experts have a new plan for you. doctor are the rich is here on why these new rules are for the birds, not for you but first it is thanksgiving eve and today we are thankful that americans are waking up to the train wreck that is the biden administration, president biden can't see it. he thinks things are going just great. >> america has a lot to be proud of what we are experiencing the strongest economic recovery in the world. even accounting for inflation our economy is bigger and families have more money in their pockets than they did before the pandemic. >> no matter what you say
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americans don't like inflation and new polls show 77% say they are being personally impacted by it and not in a good way and 57% blame you. if you don't believe that check out this new data out today. consumer prices are rising at the fastest pace in 3 decades. according to the personal consumption expenditures price index, which we knows important, prices soared by 5% in 12 months through october. the first time since 1990. that was a long time ago. everywhere you look prices are up, the us energy information administration revealing that gas prices are higher this thanksgiving and during any other since 2012 and low-cost retailers are trying their best not to go under at a cost to you. dollar tree will raise prices to one dollar and $0.25 on most of its product and you can expect
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to see that early next year at the dollar stores and the breakfast table. cnn has learned general mills notified its customers it is raising prices mid-january. hundreds of items, cheerios, yoplait, fruit roll ups, pillsbury, all those could rise by 20%. the administration doesn't seem to be taking any of this seriously. i don't think of these people who are making so much money are eating cheerios but they think americans are stupid enough to believe inflation is a good thing, listen to this. >> due to the strong support we gave to households demand has been strong and households of shifted their demand, they are buying things instead of services, the growth reports that have to be built and that's causing the bottleneck in the supply chain. >> joining me now is ohio congressman jim jordan, author of the new book to what you said you would do, also with me is
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and the biggs. congressman jordan, let me start with you. that kind of an excuse, americans never ordered things before. we want items now so that's creating a problem. it is as though with everything we've heard there's this dance to make it seem as though we are the ones at fault or it isn't happening at all. what's your take on it. >> you want to buy a home it costs more, want to live in an apartment it costs more to put gas in your car, it costs more to buy a thanksgiving turkey or christmas present at all costs more and what is president biden doing, hanging out on and ticketed a billionaire's house eating lobster. the american people get how bad this administration is to have president biden a few weeks ago saying something like if we spend $2 trillion more it will help inflation. there is not a sane person on the planet who believes that. this bill if it does pass is
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going to exacerbate the 31 year high inflation rate we are currency that is currently experiencing, the american people did a better 71% of the country think we are on the wrong track. >> this is why we can't expect anything to change because they think everything is fine. thinking of nantucket, listen to jen psaki have had a few things to say. >> what message does it send to middle-class americans that is trying to help the president is going to take a few days off in a billionaires compound in nantucket? >> this is a time to put politics aside, spend time with your loved ones and talk about what you are grateful for, the american people can be a short he will continue to press to lower the costs and ensure they have more breathing room. >> it comes down to once again lack of empathy. all of this is lack of connection by the people running this country and effectively the free world because they can't
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relate to other people. >> exactly right. is going to be eating lobster living it up dialogue, the rest of us will be paying more for everything and they will continue to enforce policies that cause inflation to keep growing. everything from the screwed up supply chain to they feel the energy sector. everything's going to keep going up and there is a common denominator to all this and it is president biden and he is the guy that is going to be living it up like some kind of king or monarch while the rest of the serfs and peasants are going to enjoy thanksgiving and don't want us to have a turkey and send gifts home. that is out of touch they are. about what is going on and on the other hand they are living lives that are complete unlike the lives of every other american but when we think of the lying aspect i to bring
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something else in the midst of all this when it comes to president biden, this issue of what now is breaking news that 82,000 people who came in from afghanistan were not at all that it. being exposed, the washington examiner, almost none of the 82,000 people who were airlifted in august were that it. 82,000, they were admitted to the united states according to a congressional memo, the administration also brought into the us tens of thousands of afghans were not qualified on any single level regarding why they should be here, a large majority of people, 75%, they were not american citizens, not green card holders, not afghan special immigrant visa holders but were effectively strangers to us and now we are finding virtually no personal interviews done of these people. what can happen at this point?
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what are you going to do to all this administration accountable with what is going to happen here? >> a couple things. we found out about this wednesday night before thanksgiving, go figure but we actually knew about this several months ago and raised this issue when we had secretary mayorkas and secretary blinken in a briefing for members of the judiciary committee who told us what you just described, that there was no vetting of these individuals and we knew this was the case, there was no way they could do the afghan exit, there's no way they could fit people so we knew this happened months ago, got the briefing from secretary blinken and mayorkas, they as much as told us that. we will continue to hold their feet to the fire and see what we can do going forward but this is what we expected from this administration that is screwed up everything they have touched. >> it is literally this issue that nothing has gone right,
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even a broken clock is right twice a day, here you've got to work hard to have nothing work. we are dealing with terrorist issues, dealing with rapes and assaults on our military bases against our troops. there's got to be, this is clearly a national security threat at this point. what are our options when we find something like this has happened? >> we have to take it seriously and my opinion is we need -- mayorkas needs to be replaced, he needs to be fired and so this president biden. we are up in arms over the afghan is because they let 86,000 totally inverted but mayorkas has left in 400,000 get aways across the southern border. >> thank you for being here, so
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much going on and happy thanksgiving to you gentlemen, why are democrats so intent on letting criminals walk 3, the waukesha parade attack suspect, $5 million cash bail which is way too low for anyone fatally suspected of mowing down six but he was originally out on $1,000 bail after punching and running over the mother of the child. this man has a rap sheet 50 pages long for mostly violent offenses and district attorney john chisholm put it that low despite his history. the thing is the da news the progressive policies could result in someone being hurt. thanks to the milwaukee journal sentinel in 2007, quote, is there going to be an individual i divert put into treatment programs who's going to go out and kill somebody? you bet, guaranteed.
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it is guaranteed to happen. the same day of the brutal attack, aoc pushed for bail reform, the white house is no better telling fox news we should end cash bail in the country as a whole in the united states, quote, the statistics ordinary ending cash bail will not automatically put people charged with crimes on the streets, that is exactly what it means. that is what this means. it just means that whether you get bail should be based on the threat you pose and not how much money you have in your bank account, the bank account issue has never been the issue. not that we are all fired up on this, the hosts of the just listen to yourself are cast and editor at large, molly hemingway, from the federalist and kurt should ask her, senior columnist at this is a debacle, a
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catastrophe, senior citizens, child now, dozens injured and we've got a da who is guaranteeing people are going to get hurt, how do we explain this approach to crime from the left? >> the left wants you to suffer, they want you to be poor, they want you to be powerless and to be afraid, why would they want all that? because it gives them more power. some people may go that is crazy talk. what are they doing that is inconsistent with any of that, what are they doing to make you more prosperous, what are they doing to make you have more control over your life and what are they doing to live in security? the answer is nothing. they are attempting to take all of that away and it has got to be intentional, it supports their quest for power. >> what is shocking is even if you thought you were somehow high on mushrooms, tripped over the wrong drug and thought
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everything was going to be great the reality belies that. every single day. and yet now we have this and they are trying to memorial hold this mass casualty terrorist attack effectively as an accident and a crash. what is going on? this is something we should make sure americans know what happened. >> we should always try to remember when anything like this happens the lives of the people that were lost, the 6 people who have died, knowing their names and understanding what they have gone through but this does speak to a larger issue, a nationwide issue where we've had a bunch of das or soft on crime, i say that as someone who does believe in criminal justice reform, who does believe in diversion programs, and a family member who has benefited greatly from that, these things to work but they don't work for everybody in
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the problem is we have so valued the rights of criminals over there victims that we are having tragedies like this happen where criminals like the guy who did this, he had just been jailed for running over someone and assaulting the mother of his child, that is a violent crime, something that should be taken seriously. it wasn't and a horrible result by the soft on crime da who cares too much about criminals at the expense of those he is hurting and usually marginalized communities hurt the most from these people. >> exactly and this guy even if there were actual justice he would not be in a position where his life is over committing this horrible crime but the signal to him and everyone else's if you can run over the mother of your child because in the same car by the way it doesn't matter to the community why not do it to everybody if this is so doesn't matter? i to you to hear what the
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milwaukee black lives matter, one of the militantss at about this waukesha attack. >> possible that the revolution has started. a person reached out to me said this had to do with the verdict. >> it is remarkable because the communities that are harmed by this clearly are urban communities, people the left is championing. these are people who were hurt first along with anyone else in the community. could you imagine, you are in california but wisconsin's elected leaders seem to be lost at sea in this situation. what is your take on it? >> we've gone from america being the great experiment to americans being experimented on and that is all this is, the left experimenting with their ideas of how real justice works,
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how crime and punishment works and law and order works, they live in a fantasy land, a utopia and they don't understand human nature, they think they can wield human nature to their own needs and desires, they don't understand there's something greater than us that has created us so we can't control what human nature is but we can shape it, we can guide it so we become the people being expended on and it is a disastrous experiment and communities, marginalized communities being hurt all over the place because of this and they don't have to pay the consequences. they get to live in their high rises and golden gates and protected buildings. they don't live our lives. that is probably the fundamental issue, they don't live the lives we live. >> term limits - having been on the left i agree that some
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people have this utopian kind of idea but also think there is a deliberate, i saw this also on the left, a deliberate desire to punish people, they are miserable, misery is what they know, misery is what they can manage, misery gets them what they want, it is the ultimate projection. in order to belong, as miserable horrible people they want everyone to be miserable and horrible so they automatically return to the community is damaged individuals, do you see that as part of this, punishment for trump, because we disobeyed, is that part of it am i going too far? >> i think you are dead on. these people hate normal people. leftists hate normal americans who just want to raise their families, live their lives, afraid to their god and stay out of politics.
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they want power and power is not fun to them unless they are crushing someone under their burqas. they love this stuff. they look at it and enjoy it but it is going to come back and bite them. the republicans are doing to do very well next year. i'm old enough to remember last time democrats were soft on crime and we had a republican come back until bill clinton figured out i can be a freespending liberal and put criminals in jail and then they start being successful. >> we are looking to next year in these elections, we have a years ago, anything can happen in a year. some people are thinking there could be as large as a 70 seat shift in the house of representatives. will this be enough - other american party, the democratic party, will the republicans winning congress stop this train wreck?
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>> it is not suspicious that republicans win. they have to have policies and hit the ground running. one thing i have learned talking to republican voters is they are done with republicans taking power and doing nothing with it. they see what democrats have done and they are demanding a lot more whether it is taking on the fbi, taking on the crime wave, all these issues, education reform, what a 70 with covid and everything, they want people to use their power and use it effectively. >> last word to you. sounds like people got used to donald trump actually taking action and we know that can happen. you think that is what americans are going to once, demand actual action from people as opposed to committees and talk? >> we've seen it. we saw victory in virginia and i to to piggyback on what molly said.
12:20 am
this is not going to be fixed at the congressional level although we need to flip those seats because it will send a message and change the direction of congress but it needs to change in your city too and we will start seeing some of these traditionally blue seats in cities flip or at least people might flock to a person like eric adams in new york who is basically conservative but ran as a democrat people want law and order. when i talk to my black family and friends we have no interest in defunding the police. none of us want fewer police and we went better police because we all live in places where it is important so when you call the police come. the leftist fantasy that will be cured at the local level. >> many layers to it. happy thanksgiving to all of you seeing all of you and being with you gives me hope for the
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future, great job. if you thought you were done with facemasks think again. we will explain how some experts are going, here's a hint, even your home is not safe. doctor harvey rich and congressman mark green join me next, join me next.
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>> you get together and when you are in crowds outside or inside, when you don't know other people's vaccinations that is usually wear a mask and protect yourself. those are the common sense approaches we need to adopt. >> there are some counties in democrat led state to our agreeing with this man, mask mandate are coming back in denver and buffalo. this is totalitarianism. so many people in their closet - it is what officials are doing in california santa cruz county that is truly revealing. health officer doctor gail newell writing in a statement, quote, masks must be worn in private settings including your home when non-household members are present. that is regardless of vaccination status.
12:27 am
here's the really unacceptable thing, this order has no expiration date. 20 is doctor harvey rish of yale school of medicine, epidemiologist along with tennessee congressman mark green of the gop doctors caucus. appreciate you being here on thanksgiving eve. we heard about masks, we've seen the rise of cases with masks and without. we had the debate about vaccines which i think are important but now we are seeing a continuation of this desire to control using fear. tell me your take on the new directive and the up session continuing with masks at this point? >> the science is very weak. there are two questions about mass, the question for the
12:28 am
rhetoric, does the mask benefit the wearer. it is a person's right to choose what they want and does the mask protect the people around the wearer and there is not an offense for benefit either so there's a possibility senior where people think there's a reason to wear a mask with there's no hard evidence to show their beneficial, these public health officials have confused the idea of plausibility with evidence and further terrorize people by making them into orders rather than just saying it is our opinion that it is beneficial and we recommend it. >> that is what is so amazing here. i don't mind hearing about boosters and the benefits of boosters or a mask might help you or not, none of us mind information that would help us make our decisions, the problem is that when we hear this kind of rhetoric it is meant to
12:29 am
prepare us for new mandates, new orders, new instructions, it is beyond our healthcare. it is about will you comply. you've written a letter to president biden demanding no later than december 1st he should publicly announce a roadmap for lifting public health emergency declaration which is still in place when you want clear and specific metrics that would constitute grounds for such a decision to stay in place, it is weird that you have to ask this. isn't it beneficial for the country to not have that kind of order over us at this point? >> thanks for having me on the show. the endemic phase appears to be here, the trend lines between cases and mortality numbers aren't lining up anymore. the virus is here. what we need is a plan from the president to switch from the pandemic to the endemic phase and the way we are addressing it
12:30 am
in these mandates in california do nothing but send more people from california to tennessee. that is what is happening. we have thousands of realtors in 100 houses on the market because they are coming from california fleeing the totalitarianism of newsom and his bunch. >> the worries tennesseans, arizonans, texans are afraid of what is coming over but you know about santa cruz, it is the ultimate liberal city, the ultimate freedom of the hippie world that used to be about personal freedom where you make up your own mind, this notion of the government interfering in choices you make in your own home as a government order clearly can't withstand the legal challenge, any reason but to condition people into a totalitarian society, to make a
12:31 am
life that involving your own family in your own home? >> these people are addicted to power. i don't know how they will enforce this, have the fbi, breakdown people's doors, appearing in windows using drones? >> congressman greene, what is important as well is that congress could uniformly, at least the gop could make a statement about what seemed like local episodes but these are like test cases. isn't that something that would be worth doing? >> we could make the statement that the doctors caucus has been very bold on these mandates. what the pandemic does right now is it empowers the democrats, the longer they can keep it going that is what they are about. i think the opposite will happen as we saw that in virginia but they think this is their means
12:32 am
of control, their best shot so they're going to keep the pandemic going forever and there's a little bit of authoritarianism here. that is what they want, that is the universe they live in so they can resurrect their socialist utopia because that's the only way to fix things. >> want to but a good crisis go to waste as they said. thank you for being here and happy thanksgiving to you and your families. do you have your thanksgiving bouncer ready? the media has some bizarre holiday suggestions you might want to take with a grain of salt, raymond arroyo explains in seen and unseen next.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> well, oh goodie, time for "seen and unseen" exploring the culture stories of the day. we turn to fox news contributor. author of the spider who saved christmas, raymond arroyo. my favorite. your favorite. raymond, there are lots of
12:38 am
people -- i rarely get to see you. lots of there are lots of people trying to hijack the thanksgiving celebrations. >> the most bizarre phenomenon. media and public officials believe they can plan their holiday for you. millions of households may need their own thanksgiving bouncer. the cover charge is a negative covid tests done ahead of arrival are outside, nothing says thanksgiving like show me your vaccination card, sorry, get the hell out. we touched on some of this unwelcome holiday advice and i joked about it this way. grandma and grandpa in bubblewrap, liberty through straws on the back porch, where does the end?
12:39 am
>> what you do consider satire cbs this morning considered stage advice. >> it feels like it could be weird, say we start with hors d'oeuvres in the garage, we will do our best, you can make it playful, make it fun and enjoy the holiday because you are not worried. >> they are basically suggesting a vaccine mandate to eat thanksgiving dinner. should we do tb and flu shots as well? you don't want any diseases at the table, cover them all. >> this suggestion and of itself, you think they are being funny but iden subad your own family and own friends into your own home. >> afraid to tell a joke because
12:40 am
they will take me seriously, like romantic christmas movies and the macy's parade it is just not a holiday until anthony fauci, here he is sharing his favorite family tradition. >> my daughters even though they are vaccinated and boosted what they will likely do is get tested 48 hours, 24 hours before they come home. >> and on the way back they would do the same? >> i would think so. >> now you have to be tested before you come to fauci's table and after. maybe we should distribute another test at the table when we passout the pumpkin pie. i will have the coffee and the fauci swab. npr believes in investigating those on your holiday guest list. >> something along the lines of what are your thoughts about the vaccine? once you get that information you know whether or not you will include them on your guest list. >> this is mass hysteria. people say it is like a calls
12:41 am
but it has -- mass hysteria, don't talk about fauci in a certain way because maybe he will get a hallmark television show series. >> on disney. one documentary - not worried about the health of the people at the table, don't invite them, eat alone but those who follow this advice and went to police the health of their families and friends, might be more worthwhile to see if they are showing actual symptoms. here's one person who will not be at the boost table this year but maybe chelsea clinton should take note. >> from my perspective the mississippi law may be a more direct threat. >> didn't mean to jump in a way that surprised you. a pleasure having you here. >> thank you.
12:42 am
>> she is in the midst of her coughing fit. she started coughing during the 2016 primary and hasn't stopped. >> these people are always dictating good health. >> i would suggest we all care about our health and our families health but it is also flu season. we do care about our family but there's a point we go on with our lives, don't go out if we are sick, don't need the government to tell us to get tested at the table and it is fascinating they think it is the new normal that americans are saying we are going to lives in our lives in our homes the way we see fit, do you think that is appropriate? >> i think they want to install themselves as annual seasonal
12:43 am
individuals we turn to for advice and they become part of our lives every time we congregate. americans are finished with this. >> before we go another great thing that should be added to everyone's holiday, tell us about your book. >> it has been incredible seeing our viewing family face to face. i was in mesa, arizona, hundreds came out for the spider who saved christmas signing, my next stops are december 4th at the villages and i will be in dallas on december 5th. the address at the barnes and nobles was, and i might sign copies of your book and the duffys or in the next segment. >> i love that there are still bookstores you can go to and meet everybody. congratulations on that.
12:44 am
up next, the ground rules for thanksgiving, sean duffy and rachel campos tuffy are here to break it down for us next. what makes salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> thanksgiving is a time for family and friends. i consider all of you both of those things. sharing what you are grateful
12:49 am
for and time for decolonization according to one school district. change thanksgiving is a time for family and friends and i consider all of you both of those things sharing what you are grateful for and also a time for decolonization according to one school district was washington dc public school chancellor lewis therapy sent a letter to parents because he just can never relax urging them to decolonize the holiday by writing if you host a thanksgiving meal considered doing a land acknowledgment. he linked to a website that encourages people to use terms like genocide, ethnic cleansing and stolen land, that totally will make thanksgiving fabulous. joining me now are sean duffy and fox news contributor rachel campos duffy, cost of "fox and friends" weekend, the husband and wife duo, might be the duffy network because you are everywhere which is fine with me. they are authors of a new book
12:50 am
because they have so much time, the all american christmas which you can find more information about on we have so much to be grateful for in our lives, and we get to talk to the american people. let me ask you first we are going to get all kinds of stuff including your book which is fabulous but will you be taking, i want to know this because i care about you, you are a mentor for so many people, will you be taking the chancellor's advice for your thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, talking about things like genocide? >> i don't think i am. you are trying to demonize our history and our founding, make us feel bad about ourselves, i am sick of it. of these people really believed in this garbage, when have they given up their wealth or their land or their jobs and given it back to native people. this is all meaningless garbage, trying to change our culture but
12:51 am
the thing that is most important is this is a school. a school is indoctrinating little kids to hate america which is why it is so important that every parent and grandparent and onto and uncle talk to their kids and say this is the true history a this is what they are trying to do to you and your history and this is the truth because if you don't teach them someone else is talking to your kids and lying to them trying to get them to hate america. >> and the parents as well so parents have to make sure the kids know what the truth is. >> there's so much historical ignorance in this. you cannot leave your children's history up to these cultural marxists, the peace treaty between the native americans who were there and the settlers lasted 50 years, nobody who signed the treaty ever broke that treaty. it's one of the most durable peace treaties in american history between settlers and the native so the idea that thanksgiving is about genocide is a lie, it should be held up
12:52 am
as an example of racial and cultural harmony and more proof they are using this all day of all holidays of all historical events to reveal who they are, they are just trying to destroy our cultural heritage, and we have to be on the lookout because they are going after our kids, targeting the next generation. >> this is key because they don't like the country, the countries based on an idea and you destroy country when you distributors, traditions, rituals, this is a very deliberate approach, it's not -- how we can help promote the nature of what we do as americans and with our traditions you highlight in your book, tell us about it. >> we have several traditions. >> we have a tradition were every year we cut down our own christmas tree.
12:53 am
some by the meadow store or have a fake one but go to the woods and cut down a tree and showing video where i cut half of the tree and had to pull my tree down but it was great tradition we have as well - >> a tree up on the ground. >> exactly. it was embarrassing. so anyway, go ahead. >> you got to say things like that. he is a guy - >> chainsaw didn't work, he tore the tree down and you can tell the dog is really happy about that. >> your book is number 2 on the new york times bestseller list. are you aware of that? >> i just found out. >> the only bad news is we are being beat by 1619 which shows we have a lot of work to do.
12:54 am
get it back up there. >> pictures, go get it, fox, >> fox news talent. >> absolutely. >> the easiest gift for anyone who is in your family. >> i love seeing you together, both of you make such an impact on people's lives. it is a great idea and we have a lot of us, but we are going to do this with you guys being in front of so much stuff. my final thoughts when we come back, stay right there. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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>> that is all-time we ever tonight. i want to thank laura and her
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team for making this so easy and thank you for watching the special version of the ingraham angle, check out my show get tammy bruce exclusively on fox nation and my social media hub, greg gutfeld takes it from here. have a great night, everyone. ♪♪ carley: happy thanksgiving, you are watching "fox and friends first," i jumped the gun. todd: a visual to what she did, you jumped the q and went like this, welcome, everybody.


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