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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 24, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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's before we are out of time. thanks to dagen mcdowell, marc siegel, and our lovely studio audience. and that evil kevin corke is next. i'm greg gutfeld and i love you, america. ♪ ♪ >> kevin: hello and welcome to "fox news @ night." i'm kevin corke in washington in her shannon bream. ♪ ♪ breaking tonight, the police are on the scene out of nordstrom in northern los angeles where it appears another smash and grab robbery has just taken place. paramedics are actually on the scene at this hour after pepper spray was set off inside the
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store. we will continue to monitor that situation for developments tonight. also breaking tonight, two police officers injured and a suspect in custody with the bronx wednesday night. we have our law and order panel all lined up to address the scene of criminal justice in the country. the biden administration reiterates its support for the independence of the federal reserve. the senate is considering an interest rate hike. as americans get ready to celebrate turkey day and all its traditions and fixes, the local police want to "decolonize your thanksgiving." we have that and much more coming your way tonight but we began with the verdict in the trial of three men charged with killing ahmaud arbery. good evening, jeff. >> kevin it took them under 12 hours over a span of two days to make their decision but once a jury finished deliberating and a judge started listing names of
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the defendant, all the accounts they face, things got emotional from the start. >> we, the jury, find travis guilty. we went the first thing you heard cheering inside the courtm and ordered him to be removed. and all three men found guilty of multiple counts of murder. the man who shot him at armory, his greg found guilty and a portion of the shooting found guilty of six of the nine accounts including multiple counts of felony murder as soon as the burger was announced in full there was a huge celebration outside the courtroom. [chanting] >> kevin: we spoke to mike to some of the folks for the child to wrap up, multitudes of a motion some happy in a celebratory mood saying the jury got it right and the family of
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ahmaud arbery feel relieved the defendants are held accountable and justice was served. >> would you know him as ahmaud arbery? i knew him as fred. >> kevin: the lawyer for william roddy brian will be filing a motion for a new trial next week but meanwhile the judge in this case said sentencing could be set the next couple of weeks but looking at the severity of all of the charges, these men will likely spend the rest of their lives in prison, kevin. >> kevin: jeff paul tonight, the white house wasting no time in a wing the vertex of the case, and ahmaud arbery's killing witnessed is a devastating reminder of how far we have to go in racial justice in this country and nothing can bring mr. speed arbery back to his family.
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but those who committed this horrible crime will be punished. as for the vice president kamala harris rode this about the victim "ahmaud arbery was a son, he was a brother, he was a friend. his life had meaning. we will not forget him. we honor him best by continuing the fight for justice." speaking of the department of justice filed federal hate crimes against all three defendants in those charges include attempted kidnapping and interfering with arbery's civil rights and targeted because of his skin. the federal trial against all three defendants and the case will begin in february. in the meantime, we are learning more about how darrell brooks to plow his suv in a holiday parade in waukesha, wisconsin. the initial court appearance and the documents generated by appear to make clear this attack was deliberate. >> on several occasions it was
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told by the police officer that they risk their own safety to try to step in front of the car to stop him. everything was done to get him to stop. he simply continued down the roadway with destruction in his path. >> kevin: death and destruction indeed appear the charges against brooks five counts of intentional homicide with the potential for a sixth charge. there is actually a sixth victim in this particular case an 8-year-old boy jackson sparks died of his injury and six fatalities as a result of that action. the community of waukesha in the meantime mourning the loss of life praying the dozens who remain injured including 13 children who remain in the hospital, six critical and somehow all will recover. in the meantime, high end shopping, it is a mole in the l.a. area known as the growth and custom fabricated barriers to prevent the kind of robbery
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they experienced monday night when 20 people smashed a window using sledgehammers at the nordstrom store there stealing items of men's clothing and this was by the way, happening when the and in california say they were to thwart a large group of approximately 32, 40 individuals attempting to rob a clothing boutique called the real, real peer that was going to happen sunday night but unfortunately everybody involved, they broke that up. a 13-year-old boy on his way to school shot in the neck tuesday morning in the bronx, new york, by a gunman with pending 2019 gun case. by the way, he was already on parole for a prior weapons conviction. that commentary of new york city's controversial bail reform law. >> today he's walking around the bronx with a firearm. we have a 13-year-old boy shot in the neck and by the grace of god, he's alive today.
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so, this continues to happen and you have to ask yourself, "was this necessary? "it is not necessary and it should not have happened. >> kevin: i think everybody would agree with that sentiment, it should not have happened. the latest developments in the nationwide criminal justice with a retired lieutenant randy sentence and criminal attorney brian playful. i want to share something before we dive into the meat and potatoes. just a tweet i found interesting from jonathan turley a constitutional law professor and is talking about how the two cases we have talked a great deal about releasing to crystallize the potential of justice. he said this, rittenhouse and arbery trials the transcendent strength of the jury system. the rittenhouse jury racist for acquittal verdict. president biden declared he was angry with a jury decision yet in both cases juries and one black juror came to in a unanimous decision on multiple
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counts. they did justice despite angry demands and demonstrations reaching around the court houses. randy, your take on what the professor had to say. >> i think the professor is right on. he is eloquent in his statements. he's accurate and pinpoints what people should realize and that is when a jury speaks, their voice is heard. they are the voice of the people. they get access to every part of the investigation. they are given more information than we in the public are because they are listening and they are examining the witnesses up close and personal. so mr. turley is absolutely correct. what i do find that is sad is the president biden would weigh in on one juries verdict in a negative way and celebrate a jury's verdict that goes along
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with his political process, if you will. i find that disingenuous. >> kevin: brian, let me bring you in on this. i found it interesting the information on one hand centered around the idea of the jury got it wrong in some circles with respect to the rittenhouse case suggesting may be racism was somehow an aspect in the case, which obviously, all of the victims and those involved were whites but i don't know where they came up with that. i found it interesting the same people said "yes, the system works." in knowing what we have seen, is this something that we can draw from and say "yes, the country is moving in the right direction and yes, we are head of the right direction." where is an anomaly in your opinion? >> happy thanksgiving. the rittenhouse trial and arbery trail archery system system works. you can't cherry pick the jury
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system, which is what president biden did and other left-wing politicians and a lot of media outlets here they simply cherry picked. in the rittenhouse case, this is a white guy allegedly a white supremacist who was at a demonstration regarding a black man killed that he needs to be convicted. there was a lot of chatter in that case. it was highly politicized, but guess what, the jury for rittenhouse was able to separate the chatter, focus on the evidence, focus on the facts, and reach the proper determination peer that was the right verdict rittenhouse cove defense applied. arbery there were similar in that case as well. a man who is being chased and the defendant is claiming, we are using self defense and it was a similarity. oh, we are trying to save the community, much like rittenhouse was trying to say at the demonstration. but guess what, the jury and
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arbery got it right too appear there was a lot of chatter out there as well. wait a minute, relations relies on this decision and you better get it right. but they focused. kevin, make no mistake about it, this was a big, a big victory for race relations. this case is about human dignity and 11 white jurors in a deep southern city with a black man killed. this jury was able to, again, focus on the facts, focus on the evidence, and they were decision today was about human dignity. the jury system worked. >> kevin: you nailed it. particularly this narrative fights vote a certain way our blacks vote a certain way whether politics are on a jury, that is bunk and out of the window in particular after these two particular cases. very quickly, guys, i want to share a sound bite. the newly elected mayor of new york city. and he is talking about this idea that we have seen rampant crime, not just places like
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california but new york has suffered too. he says we have to hold judges accountable and put people on the bench who will take care of business and punish those making it unsafe for the rest of us. listen to the sound bite. >> i appoint criminal court justice and i want to be extremely clear, if you don't understand my city must be safe and you can't get caught up in the politics of the city, then you must make sure those who oppose a imminent threat, they will not be placed back on my street and back in my community. >> kevin: ten seconds each, randy, your thoughts on what the mayor had to say. >> will, there's a whole lot more to the broken criminal system in new york than the judges. we have to go to the looper curtis bail reform put in place by the former governor and de e prosecutors active prosecutors prosecutors who refused to prosecute criminals. >> kevin: brian, wrap it up
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for us. >> if you have a gun condition there should be state laws in a federal law that should never be able to get your hand on another gun. >> kevin: gentleman has always we appreciate it, brian, randy, have a great thanksgiving. >> thank you. appreciate it. >> kevin: breaking tonight and update on president biden's health. the white house tonight saying the polyp removed during therapy recent colonoscopy was found to be benign but potentially precancerous. that is similar to a polyp he had removed in 2008. still, the doctor say no further action is required at this time. we have also learned the president is taking a step or rather a step back to addressing the growing crisis in the u.s. southern border. and now reinstate the remaining mexico policy, that according to axios. the trump era turned away asylum-seekers to state in mexico until court hearings in
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the u.s. the only difference this time around is that the migrants will be given the option to receive a covid vaccine. a statement to fox news from the department of homeland security explains the decision saying in part "we are required by court order to reimplement my protection protocols in compliance with the court order we are working to reimplement mpp come as promptly as possible." the policy could begin implementation of the policy could begin soon and perhaps as soon as extra week according to the sources if mexico agrees with the plan. as you all know, lester this time the coronavirus pandemic was greatly limiting travel forcing americans to celebrate with friends and family virtually. senior correspondent casey stegall reporting from dallas-fort worth international airport. and we are seeing a very different holiday season this year. >> another year has ticked by
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and airports are a beehive of activity, which can only mean one thing: yes, the holiday travel season is back. >> so far, so good with a little tricky finding parking, but it doesn't seem to crazy busy just yet. >> airline passengers were thankful for no major disruptions on wednesday. traditionally known as the busiest travel day of the year. >> we are coming to meet up with the rest of them for the first time, you know, so special moment. >> tsa officials have plenty of staff through the holiday weekend which could read reach prepandemic levels. 98% of the total workforce now meets the covid vaccine mandate. >> we are working with the other employees to bring into compliance. that is how we can say with confidence we will be fully staffed to make sure operations go quickly. >> some carriers like southwest and american are offering employee special deals to pick
9:16 pm
up shift. american flight attendants, for example, triple play if they work the entire holiday and don't call out sick. >> it was really important to give effort incentive for those to pick up extra hours then traditionally so the airlines can meet the demands i make sure there is no schedule interruption. speak with vast majority of americans will hit the road instead of flying. aaa projects 48 million people will feel the highways and byways despite the latest pain at the pump. >> gas prices are high but not deterring travelers. once people decide they are going to go, they go. they find another way to budget the cost. >> about 2.3 million passengers expected to go through this one airport over the thanksgiving holiday. nationwide, some 20 million according to tsa expected to fly. millions more will be driving to their destination, and that will make for a busy few days.
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kevin. >> kevin: thank you, my friend casey stegall joining us and dfw. as ever in late november the busiest travel day of the year can coincide with all kinds of impact of weather events. let's check in on holiday travel can be impacted with weather meteorologists. i'm stoked because i have to stick around here in town and don't have to drive anywhere or fly anywhere but how are things looking in the roads and the skies? >> so far, so good. we have some showers overnight tonight but we will talk storms and air travel south in real time and just over 3500 flights in route right now so far, only hundred delays, 38 cancellation so not too bad. we will continue to attract that but thanks to the partnership with flight aware, we can see real-time flights in conjunction with real-time weather. the cold front traipsed through
9:18 pm
the great lakes region to the southern plains. st. louis, chicago, we have showers out there rather light but not too much of a disruption on the airports. if we are hitting the skies tonight for those flights in route, really not too much to be concerned with. we are greened across the board. how will things shape up as we continue to move forth into the thanksgiving day weekend? that is what we will watch for. this low pressure system, cold to advanced eastward for the thanksgiving day. we will see showers through parts of the central part of the country, especially houston to new orleans with a good amount of rain in the afternoon hour. it will advance eastward but again, the rain not too bad as far as the delays go for thanksgiving day. seattle to the pacific northwest, we will see more rain set up with atmospheric river to bring in delays potentially northeast as the cold front kicks in. by the time we head to the beacon tracking another storm system to bring in a few more
9:19 pm
delays, but overall, not too bad for a holiday weekend, kevin. >> kevin: not too bad, will you be on the road are working like me? >> i will be home celebrating for a first time in a couple of years so looking forward to it. >> kevin: well deserved, thank you, jane for joining us happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> kevin: lava still flowing on a spanish island. eruption passing the two month mark. are you kidding? emotional thanksgiving reunion for sisters talk abroad for two years. years. today, the best viral videos coming your way next. ♪ ♪ our forward-looking views of the market. (other money manager) but you still sell investments that generate high commissions, right? (judith) no, we don't sell commission products. we're a fiduciary, obligated to act in our client's best interest. (other money manager) so when do you make more money? only when your clients make more money? (judith) yep, we do better when our clients do better. at fisher investments we're clearly different.
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♪ ♪ >> kevin: viral hotness, first the balloons and the crowds are back in full force. the final press for macy's day parade underway.
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the tradition as you might remember was scrap for spectators thanks to the pandemic. check out this time lapse of greg housel from "diary of a wimpy kid" and which float are you excited to see? let us know on twitter at fox news at night. >> quickly on the scene when a woman pulls up with a dog lost in the grill of her car in miami. the little pup was shaking but very much intact and appears to be good health. that is three oh five getting it done, love miami. houston holiday tradition every year the flying saucer pie companies stretched for blocks to snag one of their scrumptious tweets. apparently they carry a mean mince pie, various cream pies and pumpkin and pecan. i'm getting hungry talking about pie. by the way, speaking of the business itself family owned
9:26 pm
since 1967. long time. next up stunning drone footage released by spain's geological mining institute showing lava flowing from a volcano on a spanish island that has been actively erupting since wait for it... september 19. locals have been evacuated since the flow claim 600 buildings. finally, reunited and it feels so good features susanna foreman who moved to australia months before the pandemic shut everything down. i know a lot of doubts whether she would make it home for thanksgiving this year, but she was given permission and not only did she make it, she told one sister she might hear and the sister organized a surprise what a special moment. if you have a video to share, we would like you to hit us up social media fox news at night on twitter in particular. nasa has begun what could be a historic mission scenting us
9:27 pm
spacecraft on a collision course with an asteroid has a dress rehearsal for armageddon. phil keating explains from miami. >> and with this flawless launch from california's air force base, nasa's first of its kind asteroid smasher is on its way here it ultimately this mission to save our planet and all of humanity from annihilation. it is called the dork and stanford double asteroid and part of the planet tory defense testing one method of deflection technology. the first test of planetary defense, it is an intentional crash to erupt and of course, what we are trying to learn is how to deflect. >> the target asteroid is
9:28 pm
typically orbits the asteroid. nasa said the darkness will help us better prepare for an asteroid that one day could pose a mass extinction threat to earth the one that caused the damage or demise. >> it is humanity's first-ever mission to try and deflect an asteroid to help us prepare for potential danger in the future. >> very few of the billions that are orbiting the sun or hazardous to earth and scientist say there won't be a threat for us for at least the next century. this is the burning media a baby chunk of an asteroid which screams into russia eight years ago damaging more than 7,000 buildings. an asteroid the size of a few hundred feet across can cause massive regional devastation on earth and a direct hit over a city like miami, new york, can
9:29 pm
wipe everything out. the spacecraft to impact the asteroid in september, ten months from now. kevin. >> kevin: phil keating for us tonight and the 305, thank you. russia is conducting military drills in the black sea of ukraine. international concerns with the prospect of russian invasion. russia said it is the practice because of heightened nato activity near the border but ukrainian forces in the meantime holding exercises near its border. inflation soars and the president's spending thanksgiving in nantucket with a billionaire so who is this person? what do we know about them? that is coming right up. together, we can create a kinder, more inclusive world
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this drug class has been associated with neurologic adverse reactions, including seizures. use with caution in dogs with a history of these disorders. protect him with all your heart. simparica trio. >> kevin: welcome back to "fox news @ night" i am kevin corke and for shannon bream. the crisis threatens many plans.
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president biden is spending this thanksgiving at the home of a billionaire. and the critics say it is a little bit out of touch. white house correspondent jacqui heinrich has the details from nantucket. >> it wouldn't matter if you were having dinner with the billionaire if things were humming but they are not humming. >> critics say with the billionaire friends nantucket compound shows he's out of touch with the problems facing working-class americans. hours after the stock failed to mitigate story of gas prices with crippling inflation air force one in the first family $30 million compound owned by private equity billionaire david rubenstein. the proclamation is an annual tradition and biden gratitude for farmworkers and front-line workers many whom are immigrants to make sure the food is harvested and shipped and keep the grocery store's stock. the american farm bureau federation report of those goods are costing americans more than
9:36 pm
ever before. the average cost for 10% thanksgiving day mill up 14% from 2020. >> what i feel for our people on fixed incomes. we can make jokes that the turkey is only about $1 more. >> white house talking points on the economy and inflation, improvement and bottleneck and availability of goods ahead of black friday. but ominous language around the cause of inflation calling the ocean shipping cartel with inflation and stating a deeper cure to congestion at ports will take years. the white house touted other signs improving jobless claims and also having the lowest point since march 2020 but the white house continues to make the case for the social spending plan has a long-term solution to economic trouble. also tonight federal reserve officials are concerned about inflation and willing to raise interest rates sooner than anticipated of conditions keep getting worse and released in
9:37 pm
the november meeting. president biden believes in the independent of the federal reserve incompetent and accountability to maintain low inflation and stable rates. he claims the u.s. economy's recovery has outstripped that of other countries and during the same conditions, kevin. >> kevin: jacqui heinrich for us in nantucket, massachusetts, jackie, thanks. as the federal reserve considers raising interest rates, let's begin with the state of the economy with this thanksgiving with tonight's panel, tax reform, president with ohio senate josh mandel. josh, i want to begin with you and start off by sharing a tweet. this is from president biden and he says this about the economy, "we are experiencing strongest economic recovery in the world after ablation. our economy is for grand families have more money in their pockets than they did before the pandemic. america is only major economy in the world and i can say that.
9:38 pm
>> kevin: for a short question will be truer. but i will let you expand on that, josh. >> would as polls. yesterday i was at waffle house in fayette county and i was talking to my server and her name was teresa. she was telling me that it is tough with prices going up at the gas pump, prices at the grocery store. and the waffle house, and i'm hearing this all over the state of ohio. listen, we are at a 31 year high for inflation. you have people like waitresses, truck drivers, nurses and places like youngstown, dayton, ohio, they are struggling to pay for thanksgiving day dinner let alone put food on the table. so i think biden is in fantasy land and has no idea what is going on the heartland like ohio. >> kevin: it is interesting and josh makes a great point, grover is a welcome into the conversation. you can talk a lot about
9:39 pm
economic metrics but the truth is for most families, it is a simple thing. am i paying another dollar per gallon of gas? am i spending 20% more on groceries? do i have enough to heat my home? how is heating cost to soar this winter and cold and parts of the country? can you see this disconnect between the white house is selling and what the american people broadly speaking seem to be feeling? >> well, there is a connection. this is a lousy recovery. you've got inflation outpacing wage increase. why are people not taking it? a lot of money going out welfare money saying you don't have to get a job with $2 trillion this january /february and to do that again tremendously increasing welfare. this does not get people back to work. this keeps people from going to work in real wages are falling and inflation is higher than the
9:40 pm
wage increase he likes to talk about. he said, "oh, by the wacom employers we will hit you with $1 trillion on taxes on businesses so don't really be out there creating new jobs and opportunities because we intend to take away all the incentives you have now." he is attacking wage producers, job creators, and telling people you don't have to go to work because we have this welfare. at some point, that runs out in 10 million jobs waiting to have somebody take them. this is not a good sign. this is government induced bad news. >> kevin: it is a very interesting point. i want to share a quick sound bite and get you to react. this is dan crenshaw the great state of wichita, inflation in his mind is a hidden peck from the american people. >> this administration is becoming a joe and i'll inflation anytime soon and a lot of that that thanksgiving 15-20%
9:41 pm
more expensive than before. it is demand driven inflation and all they want to do is pump money into the system. >> kevin: josh, you are in the heartland and people tell you how they are feeling this. you talk about inflation, it's not just a theory but talking about real changes everyday lives. 15 seconds for you. >> very quick. you have dr. fauci you can't get together for thanksgiving and biden creating inflation where you cannot afford to get together. these are crises created by biden and lack of being in touch with people here in the midwest and the working class. >> kevin: grover, 15 for you. what is the real risk we face as a nation if we don't feel this in and i mean soon. >> well, biden tends to make it worse. it raises the highest income tax to raise gnomic rate in the world. he will take capital gains to the highest since jimmy carter gave us inflation and wants to
9:42 pm
take $80 billion and hand it to the irs to go audit small businesses, not rich people but small businesses across the country. all of these things are devastating to job creation from income creation, and he's doing that on top of not helping the economy and blue states. >> kevin: grover and josh, have a happy thanksgiving to both of you, josh in particular. oh? >> i owe. >> kevin: i figured you would say that. we will see how things turn out this weekend. the chancellor of d.c. public schools recommends reading material on how to "decolonize your thanksgiving." the mainstream media gives advice how to "nonvaccinated family members as holiday." the lightning round, jason rantz from the great northwest up in seattle. we will talk to jason in just a bit.
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>> kevin: welcome back to "fox news @ night." the great work food bank in america is a rare bright spot during the pandemic. but the charitable outreaches are struggling to be more families than ever. hamstrung by supply chain issues and rights of food prices. of course taking a closer look for us, lauren green. >> good evening, kevin. this time of year the lack of
9:48 pm
food is much more keenly felt, but the pandemic has created an economic chain reaction bringing even more hardship. here in new york hundreds of people have received their thanksgiving day supply last year the food bank for turkey for $12 each and this year nearly 20. the food banks across the country struggling to provide meals and supplies to ever-growing number of people who are feeling the economic pinch. supply chain disruptions commit transportation shortages, lower inventories at manufacturers, labor shortages have resulted in increased cost, decreased stock and delayed charitable organizations. the increase in food prices is a real challenge for meeting the needs of people struggling to put food on the table across the country. our food banks are seeing crysis two to three times what they were just nine months ago.
9:49 pm
>> according to feeding america there was 44% increase to meals and people in 2020 and 58% increase in the amount of supply food banks had to purchase. when bank in new jersey said before the pandemic they distributed 50 million meals. >> the last thing that people pay their rent first, their medicine, they paid their heating bill but everything is going up exponentially and salaries aren't going up. so if you had problems before the pandemic and during the pandemic you still do have the problems. >> this iran pays to distribute twice that my 95 million meals because the need is that great. >> of the best way to help us to send money. every dollar goes to buy meals but if you can't send cash, donate your time because volunteers are needed as well, kevin.
9:50 pm
>> kevin: lauren green tonight for us, lauren, thank you. the chancellor of washington, d.c., public schools raising eyebrows tonight after he sent a letter encouraging parents to decolonize thanksgiving. here is what chancellor lewis wrote. if you celebrate, the equity team has shared resources how you can consider decolonize in your thanksgiving. if you host a thanksgiving day meal, consider doing a land acknowledgment, reading recommendations, two articles to decolonize your holiday. the articles away to decolonize and eight ways to decolonize and honor people and thanksgiving. wow and with that we bring in talk radio host jason rantz and this evenings lightning round. i am gob smacked and never heard of such a thing the colonizing thanksgiving at least in the sense of having it filtered through the schools.
9:51 pm
your thoughts on that. >> the colonizing meaning instead of going with turkey, you will go with ham, don't do that but stick to the tradition but unfortunately that's not what it means because these people are miserable. if you are on an equity team you have to believe this country is evil and founded on white supremacy and things that need to be dismantled and then rebuilt. so now they are trying to run thanksgiving. they have rent other holidays and they will not stop until they have total ruin and recreate social justice image. actually enjoy thanksgiving. actually enjoy some time with your family or friends and stop with this nonstop complaining. you are not triggered when someone says happy thanksgiving to you. instead, what is so happy about thanksgiving? , you think stolen land is exciting and something to be happy about? shut up and enjoy the holiday. you have every other day of the year to complain about.
9:52 pm
>> kevin: never shy of his opinion, jason, definitely let you know how he feels about that. let me ask you this, there is a lot made, my friend about celebrating the people who may or may not be fully vaccinated. we have read some reports, the holiday gathering should have a vaccine mandate. your thoughts on whether or not we should have a vaccine mandate for the big meal. >> number one if these are your family members who are spending time with it doesn't matter if unvaccinated and coming over yet again for thanksgiving. number two, if you or someone on vaccinated and have a family member invited you over for thanksgiving day dinner who will be a pain in the backside over this, save the trouble and don't actually go. let's stop creating drama than is necessary. people have adults and have access to a vaccine if they wanted. i think it suggest that you should get it but if you don't want it you get to make that as
9:53 pm
an adult. let's stop shaming people, especially family members to get a vaccine they might not want. trying to pressure them as a means to go to thanksgiving day dinner seems like it is counterproductive. it is not actually going to help. >> few options on thanksgiving spend time with family and actually enjoy them and spend time with awkward conversations or escape the country altogether and go to london. >> kevin: like somebody else i know talking on the show. he's in london, by the way in case you are wondering, he's not home in seattle. before we go, your take on king county up in your neck of the woods here they are going to skip almost counting citing concerns over harmful methodology. are you buying that where are they stopping the count because they don't want to see how bad things have gotten? >> i don't think they want to see how bad things have gotten not only worse as far as looseness is concerned but a staffing crisis and the seattle
9:54 pm
police department. so send people out into a community of homeless people who have gotten way more rest than i've seen in the past. and you will not have enough police protection should god there their b.a. emergency. so they want to completely avoid this and at the same time a report in "the seattle times" with 200 plus homeless people died on the streets in the last year and it seems now more than ever you want a better understanding how many people are out there but choosing not to do that. i think it is more political than anything else. >> kevin: certainly surprising kevin the numbers on and off the record, jason rantz i give you credit for being home and enjoy your trip, happy thanksgiving and we appreciate you. >> appreciate it. >> kevin: a little good news before we say good night from a story out of the great state of florida, the northport police department throwing a thanksgiving dane don't act in dinner for seniors. the welfare of seniors who live
9:55 pm
on their own or medical condition that could make them vulnerable. the department serving up an oven roasted turkey, mashed potatoes, fresh baked rolls to celebrate the holidays. that is great stuff. before we say good night, i want to thank our crew and they work hard but the show on the air and good news salute to all of them. in four shannon bream, i'm kevin corke, good night. frequent heartburn? not anymore. the prilosec otc two-week challenge is helping people love what they love again. just one pill a day. 24 hours. zero heartburn. because life starts when heartburn stops. take the challenge at prilosecotc dot com. hearing is important to living life to the fullest. that's why inside every miracle-ear store, you'll find a better life. it all starts with the most innovative technology.
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