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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 24, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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you can get a copy of our new book from the "new york times." it's out right now. find out where i will be. on december 3rd and 4th. pete is dressed and ready to host for sean hannity. can i tell everybody how you find you and saved your show. >> i was lost in the elevator bay and brian kilmeade saved me. i have extra hair gel and i shaved. >> brian: that's all i ask. >> see you in a few minutes. a special edition of "hannity." law and order in "hannity." breaking tonight jurors in
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georgia found all three defendants guilty of murder in the death of ahmaud arbery. here with the latest is our own jeff. >> a sense of relief for the people gathered outside of the courthouse in brunnswick, georgia. some folks were nervous. we got a decision. the judge started to read the names of the defendants and all the count they were guilty for. there were cheers and applause outside of the courthouse in georgia. all three men found guilty on multiple count of murder. took the jury just under 12 hours over 2 days to come up with that decision. for the folks who watched this
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trial they say the word justice is the main thing that comes to mind. the men responsible for killing ahmaud arbery are being killed accountable and his memory will live on the way it should. >> you know him as ahmaud. he will rest in peace. >> amen! >> the lawyer for bryant filmed a portion of the shooting. said next week he will file a motion for a new trial. that was expected. the judge in this case said that he will set the date for sentencing in the next few weeks. looking at the severity of the charges it's likely all three men will spend their life in prison. >> thank you very much. while justice was served in georgia, in wisconsin, we are seeing the devastating and deadly consequences of the
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extreme left anti-law enforcement and pro-criminal agenda. the parade attack in wisconsin is the direct result of weak bail policies that allow violent criminals out on the street with no accountability. tonight we are learning more about milwaukee's far left district attorney and setting low bail for violent actors. the subject in the waukesha, parade disaster was an active criminal. he skipped bail in nevada and released on just $1,000 bail in wisconsin after being arrested for punching the mother of his child. one of many charges. that did not stop the far left prosecutors from letting him back out on the streets where he
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mowed down dozens at a christmas parade killing 6 including young children. the deaths include 8-year-old jackson sparks who under went brain surgery but died from his injuries today. we pray for the victims and their families. despite the failures of the far left bail policies, the extreme socialist left they are doubling down. just listen to a self-described blm militant in milwaukee claiming the attack is a sign of the revolution to come. >> [muffled audio]. [static]. >> [inaudible].
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>> wrong about everything he just said. what did he mean by that? what kind of revolution is he calling for? he was asked by fox news. it's not difficult to infer. blm made their affinity for marxism clear. any revolution that starts with mowing down innocent kids and elderly people in a christmas parade is sheer elf. -- evil. the white house is refusing to back down from their push to end cash bail. one white house official told fox news, "ending cash bail won't automatically put people charged with crimes on the streets." oh, thank you very much for that poignant clarification.
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the latest deception from the biden/harris team. harris herself in 2020 promoted a fund to bail out violent rioters in minneapolis while buildings were smoldering. ask yourself: is there any policy being pushed by the far left that improves the lives of middle and working class americans? you can name a single one? just one. abolish police and open borders and cash bail. who is this helping, other than brazen criminals? and their allies in the media continue to enable this reckless rad cattism. look -- look at this tweet from the "new york times":
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i guess, according to the "new york times," that suv just drove itself. the media mal practice doesn't stop there. imagine if it's the other way around. after a wave of shoplifting by criminals in northern california, members of the media don't want us to use the term looting anymore. look at this headline from an abc 7 article in the bay area: don't believe your lying eyes. it's mostly peaceful shoplifting after all. this is all the natural consequence of the left normalization of criminality and
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property damage. what is next? calling statue destruction community revitlization? former president trump warned this would happen. removing statues of thomas jefferson happened in new york city this week and statues across america. he said it would not stop. it would go to the founders. he was right. this is fruit from the same poisonous tree and part of the plan to destroy america as we know it and tear down our most sacred institutions and sense of patriotism and sovereignties and tear down freedom of speech and basic law and order. the goal? to destroy and demoralize every
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day americans and force compliance with their agenda to turn far left plans into reality. every day americans are standing up for patriotism and prosperity and property and for the vision of our founding fathers. joining me for reaction, famed attorney alan dershowitz can gregg jarrett and a republican congressman from florida. gregg, this progressive d.a. in milwaukee how widespread is that view among d.a.'s and how invested are democrats in it? >> you will find it in chicago, new york, los angeles, san
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francisco. every major blue states where radical district attorneys rein. this was preventible this tragedy but for the radical district attorney john chisholm. he only admitted his policy would result in innocent people being murdered when violent criminals are set free. he said, "you bet it's guaranteed to happen. it did not invalidate the overall approach." well, tell that to the family members of the six people murdered on sunday and the others who lay in hospital beds and a little girl bleeding with her doctors, put me back together with glue. to john chisholm and other of
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these progressive d.a.'s it's the price of being woke. when will americans stand up and say we have had enough of this far left radical crap and vote them out of office? >> criminals have become the victims in the minds of the d.a.'s. it's driving decisions on who they choose not to prosecute and the welfare of the citizen they are charged with protecting. >> we are the only other country that election night district attorney. in it every other country they are civil servants. we should not have elected prosecutors. they have too much power. we need bail reform.
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people should be detained if they are dangerous and likely to free. not if they cannot raise $100. the liberals are right in calling for reform of bail but not reform that lets people like this guy out. he was a bail risk. he was a flight risk. >> he still has a $5 million bail. no reason someone could not pay that? >> there is no reason he should have any bail whatsoever. he doesn't meet the criteria. are you likely to flee and hurt other people? middle americans, conservative and liberals can agree on that. we don't agree on an agenda that frees people like this and says that shoplifting should not be
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prosecuted and statues like jefferson's should be torn down. we have to fight back against radicals on both sides. >> you represent folks in florida. you grew up in new york city in brooklyn. talk to me about this idea that the statute of thomas jefferson is coming down in new york city and a black lives matter activity who said the attack on the christmas parade is a call for revolution. where do they want to take america? >> down a road we can't go to maintain a safe society -- where people are allowed to thrive and flourish. there is no man who is perfect. thomas jefferson authored the greatest document that man ever seen.
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you get to rip down history to create your own today? that's outrageous. we should learn from history and not tear it down. black lives matter will only hurt people in inner cities. when people are allowed to loot and criminals roam the streets, that hurts us. >> the professor pointed out the difference between classic liberals and the far left. the far left can you identify something they are doing that makes the lives of regular folks better? >> no, i cannot. they are so far left in their views of the criminal justice system.
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if this is no resemblance to common sense and logic. they view victims as the criminals. criminals are simply mistreated and misunderstood by a racist criminal justice system and the opposers. law abiding citizens who dare to influence the law or exercise their right to defend themselves and their property. if they do so, they will be demonized by the far left and the mainstream media who will convict them in the court of public opinion. it's tragic. that's what it is. >> we have about 30 seconds each. professor, that abc news in san francisco where they cautioned don't use the word looting. why not call it looting when people are doing just that?
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>> i want to identify with the statements made by my fellow brooklyn born congressman. i was born a few blocks away. of course it is looting. black lives matter is revolutionary. they support terrorism. the whole world is combined. they would put up statues of castro instead of jefferson. that's how disturbed the hard left has become on the issue of history and criminal justice. >> as a black man in america, we had two trials, kyle rittenhouse and ahmaud arbery. what is your take your pick of the justice system right now? >> our justice system cobbled together by history. there were times when people
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were wrongfully convicted. after 43 years one man was released. in america we want justice to be blind. if you are white or black and you have done wrong, you should be convicted. if you have not done anything wrong, you should be released. we can't try to pay back the things of the past by fomenting unrest. we have the justice to be equal and blind and all americans to be safe to have the most prosperous nation in the history of the world. >> amen. well said. thank you very much. happy thanksgiving to all of you. the destructive democratic agenda doesn't stop there. the biden administration continues to crater amid blunders and gasps and policy failures like rolling back american energy independence.
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listen to energy secretary stumble over this basic question over the u.s. oil reserve. >> how many barrels of oil does the u.s. consume today? >> i don't have that number. >> some would suggest 18 millions so you are releasing less than 3 day's worth. why is that enough? >> what we are doing and what other countries are doing, which will be less than what we are doing. this is a question about a short term strategy that allows to us make this bridge. we will be releasing it over a period of time. >> [laughing]. boy, does that inspire confidence. in under a year we went from energy independence to begging
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opec for more oil. and rising prices at the pump. we went from safety and security abroad to surrendering to the taliban in afghanistan. from stable prices to inflation and supply chain crisis and an open borders catastrophe. according to hillary clinton, the real problem is you. americans don't appreciate joe biden's accomplishments enough. watch. >> a lot of people got kind of frustrated looking at the messy process of legislation. they didn't really appreciate that within a year the biden administration has passed two major pieces of legislation through both the house and the senate. there is a real vulnerability in the electorate to the disinformation that it the other
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side is really good at exploiting. >> whew! here for reaction author of beyond biden, newt gingrich. what is their goal? they can't look around and say begging opec and tapping the oil reserve and all of this inflation they can't know that's a political winner. they must be believing in something else. >> i think you are dealing with a semi-religious belief system. big government socialism has its own logic. that you don't think very far ahead. in a world where you need to play 4 dimential chess, they can barely play tic-tac-toe. the secretary of energy asked
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about is her plan broke out laughing like kamala harris. asking how much oil does the u.s. consume in a day? she had no idea. when an administration that was competent she would be gone. this it administration is incompetent never area, she is just one more example of the team. the team is incompetent at the border and trying to get out of afghanistan and with inflation. why would you expect her to be more competent than the rest of the team? hillary clinton represents the sour grapes of the past and also the classic democratic view. she has no idea how the world really works. she has no idea how to be honest about these things. if she was honest she would have to say when biden is at 38% and kamala harris at 28%, i saw one
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study today. only 6 states in the country where biden has a net positive. 6 states! if the entire country. the fact is that big government social doesn't work. -- socialism doesn't work. they can't say that. >> you are right. >> it was a secular religion. they shrugged all the evidence off and think it can't be true. this guy who was a criminal and should have been locked up and was killing people, the propaganda media of the left can't even report that he killed people. it becomes a strange accident that happened. in you read the initial reports it's bizarre. that's what the "new york times"
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did with stalin in the 1930s and castro in the early 1960s. this tradition of lying about the left is nothing new. it has a deep lineage in places like the "new york times." it's spread. it used to be a handful of newsroom is the entire journalistic enterprise. the average american doesn't know what is going on unless they watch fox or listen to talk radio. >> they tell us they care so much more. their intentions wharmatter. -- are what matter. now it's activism. mr. speaker, thank you very much. up next tonight cost of thanksgiving will be higher than of this year thanks to
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joe-flation. joe biden doesn't want to hear you complain because he left for nantucket. we will discuss. stay with us.
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>> welcome back to this "hannity" special. as americans gather celebrate thanksgiving biden's inflation problem is slamming families across the country. 77% of americans say inflation is affecting them and 55% are blaming joe biden. apparently biden is unfazed by the heard -- hardships faced. after telling the country it's important to maintain
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perspective about the economy biden jetted off to nantucket where he and his family including hunter will paint -- i mean relax at the estate of a friendly billionaire. joe biden is not the only person minimizing the inflation crisis. white house press secretary jen psaki downplaying the added cost to the family's thanksgiving meal. >> what message does it send to middle-class americans who are struggling to cover the cost of the most thanksgiving ever and the president is taking a few days off at a billionaire's place in nantucket. >> there are a abundance of
6:30 pm
turkeys available. >> the media is going a step further with one nbc correspondent suggesting americans skip the turkey. >> fore go the tucker. bear with me. that's the staple of the thanksgiving meal. however, some people think turkey is overrated. it's the most expensive thing on the table. do an italian feast. if you tell everyone you are doing a thanksgiving without turkey some guests will drop off the list and that will cut costs. >> here is a columnist and a fox news contributor. thanks for joining us. monica, they are they out of touch that they don't understand that when people see their lives
6:31 pm
changing and how far their money goes it does matter. >> they have tried to define inflation and minimize it. we heard from the have the and the vice-president and jen psaki and the chair of the federal reserve and the treasury secretary janet yellen calling inflation transitory want don't worry: it's temporary. the fed today said inflation might not be that transitory. they don't really care that americans are being squeezed by higher prices. it's done in the name of the fundamental transformation of the nation. they have a broader agenda here to remake the economy and reengineer the relationship between the government and the individual and the economy. if the americans have to fore go
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turkey and have a hot dog instead, it's worth it because their agenda is much more long range and long-term. it doesn't seem to bother joe biden who sitting in a billionaire's compound in nantucket. >> that's what the left does. they tell us to lower expectations. getting used to dealing with less. we are doing better and bigger things, passing trillion dollars. how dare you quibble over a couple of dollars? >> it would be interesting if it just was the turkey. you heard jen psaki saying well, it's the turkey about a dollar more for 20 pounds. it's a lot more than that. it's everyoning costs more now. it's not just the turkey.
6:33 pm
monica was spot on. they told they want to transform america. you have to change america from the inside-out and take away our traditions. it might seem ridiculous. don't have a turkey and people won't come over. last year they didn't want us to get together. we are lucky they are letting us this year. they want to divide americans. they don't want to us have common ground or shared traditions like thanksgiving. a lot of places last month did away with halloween. they wanted to be inclusive of the people who don't celebrate halloween. that's a small group of people. it all goes to fundamentally transforming this country and the way you do that is you make sure we have no commonalityit and no traditions. you chip away. they don't care that
6:34 pm
thanksgiving costs more -- whether driving to should be's house or paying for the food on the table. joe biden is very happy right now where he is for thanksgiving. >> i take issue with the fact that halloween and trick or treating now happens during the day. back in the day it happened at night. it was supposed to be spooky. i digress. miranda, when it comes to the media. inflation is not that big of a deal. have covid tests for people at your thanksgiving meal. they go to no end to want to cover-up. how far can they go to make this seem like it's not a big deal? >> you are so right. it's like a giant gas lighting operation. it comes from the media and the white house and from joe biden himself. it's not working. you just look at the polls.
6:35 pm
you see that americans are worried about the economy. they are worried about inflation. they are worried approximate their pockets and gas prices and the direction the country is going in -- and they blame joe biden. they say he pretended he was going to heel -- heal the decisions in the country and he hasn't done. the polls are going down the tubes fast. joe biden doesn't seem to care. the optics are bad of him going off for 5 days for holiday in one of the most exclusive resort islands in the world at a $30 million compound. he doesn't care. this is a time when the economy is reeling from self-inflicted crises. allowed to go on holiday but this is who he is.
6:36 pm
he and his family this lived a life of luxury and privilege unimaginable to most americans. they are starting to realize this. if the democrats think they will run in 2022 on trump derangement synd -- syndrome they will get a shock. donald trump is already beating by almost 10 points. >> you create a buffer of interacting with real people. happy thanksgiving. breaking news here in new york city. two nypd officers shot. thankfully their injuries are nonlife threatening. we will bring you updates as
6:37 pm
soon as we receive them. we will talk to 2 attorney generals leading the charge against the border crisis. from texas and arizona. they are next. don't go away. cooer .
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>> ♪ ♪ >> welcome back. no insight for biden's self-inflicted border crisis. 1.7 million apprehensions in 2021 and counting. listen to what former president donald trump said is the border crisis on "hannity." >> we will pay a price for years to come. they are just coming in. no vetting. no anything. you talk about masks and
6:42 pm
vaccines. if you don't want to wear a mask or want a vaccine just walk in through the southern border. the other thing nobody talks about -- drugs. drugs are pouring in at a record rate. i had them at the lowest level in 17 years. they are pouring through our southern border at a level like we have never seen before. all he had to do was come in and do nothing. >> do you miss the common sense america first approach yet? starting in january all non-resident truckers who cross the border will be required to be fully vaccinated. the american trucking association is warning this it will put more tress on our already strained supply chain. this comes as biden's doj asked the federal court to uphold osha vaccine mandate.
6:43 pm
workers with companies over 100 employees need to be vaccinated or tested weekly and wear masks. joining me mark from arizona and ken paxton from texas. mark, let me start with you. it doesn't feel like hyperbole that it's governors and attorney generals with the last line of defense. what are you doing and what more can be done? >> well, pete, thanks for having me on. the reality is the biden administration is not only intent on destroying our economy, but they are doing things that are shredding the constitution in the process. with the supply chain chain issues they are creating more problems with truckers and our economy. we know as a result of the hypocrisy of the biden administration, people who enter illegally are not forced to get the vaccine but hard working
6:44 pm
taxpayers are put in this position. will we have vaccine stations instead of weigh stations? it's bad enough that truckers have to eat at truck stops. >> texas dps is filling the gap for the border patrol because they are not allowed to do their job. paint the picture of what they are up against and the hypocrisy on the covid front. >> it's hard to believe want not only is it our state police trying to stop this. i talked to border patrol. they would love to do their job. they are pushed towards processing people instead of stopping people from crossing the border and stopping drugs and human trafficking and illegal immigration. that's not the job of the border patrol. they are frustrated. they don't feel safe.
6:45 pm
let alone the people on the border they talked to that feel very afraid of what is going on. they have no idea who will cross their property. they are scared that some of these people are dangerous. >> mark, i try to ask the question why. it was announced that the city council in new york will allow non-citizens, 800,000 to vote in local elections. is that a dot connector? >> president biden was co opted by the far left. jamming critical race theory down our throats and nationalizing our election, there is an attempt to undermine our american values. this is the united states of
6:46 pm
america. the federal government with vaccine mandates. small business owners have suffered enough. the first responders either get the jab or lose their jobs. people are not stupid. when they see all of this hypocrisy where people enter the country illegally, it's undermining the rule of law and the foundation what have made this country great. >> then the government facilitates the last part of trafficking by flying them across america and putting them in school district and allowing them to vote. the osha mandate. the back door policy what is the likelihood the supreme court will hear it and it might be overturned? >> we have a chance to win this. my state got a stay. this is unconstitutional.
6:47 pm
the president can't order osha to force people to choose between their jobs or get a vaccine. osha doesn't have that authority. they have no authority to do this and we will win. >> ken and mark you, stepped up in the states of texas and arizona. happy thanksgiving. up next why the woke mob says your kids need to be fast eaters this thanksgiving. brian kilmeade will join us with reaction.
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welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." tomorrow is thanksgiving. that means the left wing media are hard at work trying to destroy another great american tradition with their wokeness. here's a few examples.
6:52 pm
the women's march had to apologize for announcing of donation $14.92. they apologized since that number reflects a year of colonization and genocide. experts said young kids should eat quickly because they are not fully vaccinated against covid. and "usa today" said thanksgiving is a day of mourning for indiginous people. here with reaction is brian kilmeade. the author of the new book the president and the freedom fighter. you can see him live in person on his book tour. in clearwater, florida on saturday and the mall in virginia on the 5th and fort
6:53 pm
worth on december 9th. how is that for an intro. the hardest working man in television. we have to give you love. >> i was talking about history. i loved the segment you asked me to do. we have to reexamine what columbus and the pilgrims did. if everyone under the theory that pilgrims didn't come over nobody in the western world would have come to north or central america. did they think the american-indians would be here by themselves. we send the pilgrims over here and have thanksgiving. it was done when lincoln said we have to bring this country back together. a pilgrim person with was there.
6:54 pm
they killed 4 in one day and served the company. many of the indians came among us. 90 men were there. that's called thanksgiving. that's our heritage. you may be upset by it at first. 50 years no problem. then there was a problem. now our problem is kids have to eat quickly. it's so expensive they are telling us to consider asking our guests to pay a cover charge. i am going to my brother's house and he will put a price on everything. i should not pay for things i don't want. turnips, not 2 scoops. i didn't bring enough cash. turn a profit on thanksgiving because of joe biden inflation. >> it will be fun at your
6:55 pm
household and you will time the kids to make sure they eat fast and are mourning. >> only after a rapid test in the shed and wait for 15 minutes any holding tank. they can come in for a short time and stay away from other people who are vaccinated. wait a minute a ; europe 76% vaccinated and having another wave again. >> see the man in person. shakes every hand and reminds me why america is special. happy thanksgiving. more of this special edition of "hannity" right after this. firefighter maggie gronewald knows how to handle dry weather... ...and dry, cracked skin. new gold bond advanced healing ointment. restore healthy skin,
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>> ♪ ♪ welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." i want to wish everyone a blessed thanksgiving.
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may we all be grateful to live in the greatest country on earth. the most free, the most just, the most diverse and tolerant and most powerful in human history. it's not perfect but it's the best. may we pray for the courage and wisdom to live with gratitude of generations before who gifted us precious freedom. god bless you and your family. happy thanksgiving. tammy bruce is covering for laura ingraham. >> i am grateful to be sitting here with this network in this country getting a hand off from you. it's an honor, sir. thank you very much. welcome aboard. it's thanksgiving eve. i am tammy bruce in for laura ingraham and this is a special edition of the "the ingraham angle" from new york city tonight. the left's ground rules for thanksgiving. rachel and sean duffy are here.
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