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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 24, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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more than 27,000 combat wounded service members. match campaign going on right now of the $10 million raised between now and december 31st go to semper fi and help get that extra money. >> dagen: way to work the clock. >> dana: "fox & friends" tomorrow. >> greg: and on gutfeld tomorrow night. >> dagen: mike emanuel, go, my friend. >> mike: love that bear closing the door. that was a classic. >> look at that, might be. >> mike: thanks, dagen. >> mike: good evening, welcome to washington. i'm mike emanuel in for bret baier, breaking tonight, guilty verdicts in the trial of three white men charged with killing a black jogger in south georgia. the three defendants in the murder of you a ahmad arbery facing life in prison, the big question that remains isn't correspondent jeff paul brunswick, georgia tonight, good
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evening, jeff. >> 12 hours over a span of two days to make her decision, once the jury finished deliberating and the judge started listing the names of the defendants and going down all the counts. things got emotional right from the start. >> we the jury find the defendant travis mcmichael guilty. >> whoever just. >> hearing there inside the courtroom. the judge immediately ordered him to be removed. the judge then continued. where all three men were found guilty of multiple counts of murder. travis mcmichael, that's the man who shot ahmaud arbery three times found guilty on all nine counts. 8 of the 9 counts. the man who filmed a portion of the shooting william roddie bryant found guilty of the six of the nine counts including multiple counts of felony murder. and as soon as that verdict was announced in full, there was a huge celebration from outside the courtroom.
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[chanting] ahmaud arbery. say his name. >> spent days waiting for the trial to wrap up. folks feeling a multitude of emotion some happy, celebrated tore mood saying the jury got it right, others like the family of ahmaud arbery say they are relieved that the defendants are being held accountable and that justice was served. >> now, would you know him as ahmad i know him as qez he will now rest in peace. >> amen. >> now, the lawyer for william roddie brian says next week he is going to be filing a motion for a new trial. that was expected. meanwhile, the judge in this case says that sentencing could happen in the next couple weeks. and looking at the severity of all of these charges that these men face, they could spend the rest of their lives in prison. mike? >> mike: jeff paul live in brunswick, georgia, jeff, many thanks. let's get the biden
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administration reaction to the verdict. correspondent david spunt has that for us this evening. david? >> reaction came in swiftly from the president of the united states, he was out with a statement within an hour of the verdict writing in parted ahmaud arberys killing witnessed by the world on video is a devastating reminder of how far we have to go in the fight for racial justice in this country. mr. arbery should be here today celebrating the holidays. nothing can bring mr. arbery back to his family and to his community but the verdict ensures that those who committed this horrible crime will be punished. vice president kamala harris wrote in part: ahmaud arbery was a son. he was a brother. he was a friend. his life had meaning. we will not forget him. we honor him best by continuing to fight for justice. the department of justice is not commenting on this verdict when asked by fox news this afternoon. but the department has filed federal hate crime charges against all three defendants. this was back in april.
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knows charges include the attempted kidnapping of arbery. all three charged civil rights, federal authorities say he was targeted because of the color of his skin, attorney general merrick garland has opened several civil rights investigations since march on a myriad of topics, including taking a deep dive into the minneapolis police department after the killing of george floyd and the louisville police department after the killing of breonna taylor. the federal trial against all three defendants in the arbery case will begin in february. if convicted all three could face life in prison. august of those on top of these convictions today. mike? >> mike: david spunt in d.c. thanks a lot. bring in former u.s. district for the southern district of new york andrew mccarthy and ted williams. gentlemen, welcome. >> thanks, mike. >> mike: andy, 23 of 27 charges convicting these three men that's a whole lot of charges for a jury that doesn't do this
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for a living. how do the prosecutors stack those charges, arrange them in order to get those serious results? it's interesting, the last thing that the prosecutor said, and i think this turns out to have been a brilliant strategy on her part, was that the jury should work from the bottom. that is at the bottom of the indictment you had the felonies that were the predicates for the felony murder charges. there were four of those. so there were four underlying felonies. there were two aggravated assaults and two false imprisonment charges. from there you work -- if you convict on those, it's very seizey to convict on the felony murder. and then by the time you get to the big count, which was the malice murder, that they convicted the actual shooter, on travis mcmichael, number one, you already have convicted people of murder. and you have built momentum toward the end. and i think when you look at what the jury did hear, they really -- there really is a
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discriminating appraisal of the charges. >> they did a very good job of figuring out where the evidence was and where it was weaker. >> mike: a lot was made of the makeup of the jury. 11 white people, one african-american. when the community is 27% black. let's play this clip. the jury of 11 whites and one black in the deep south. stood up in the courtroom and said that black lives do matter. >> we said america, we will make us better than what we saw in that video. >> whether the verdict had been the way it went or had been the other way, not guilty, justice would have happened in this courtroom and it doesn't speak about the larger problem in america. >> ted, what about the make-up of the jury and the result? >> well, mike, i think the jury of the 11 whites and one black
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spoke loud and clear. and i think as i listen to the crowd there that was made up of predominantly black people, they were crying for the emit hills and all of the blacks who through the years have been murdered, lynched, and nothing has happened with jurors. if we remember the emit til case, the defendant in that case were found not guilty. so, what we saw here was justice on trial pursuant to race. and i got to tell you, the jury, i think, got it definitely right. i think that the pro--the defendants, their lawyers overplayed their hand. they have started off by putting travis mcmichaels on the stand. they tried to make him a
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military guy, upstanding citizen of the community. someone who was looking out for crime in the community. and tried to make this black guy ahmaud arbery the big boogie man, and this jury saw through that, mike. >> mike: andy, a powerful piece of this case was video. what was the impact of video on this jury? >> you know what we are seeing, mike? in these cases where video really does tell you what happened, we saw this in the rittenhouse case. we saw it in this case. what these trials end up coming down to turn out to be the operation of people's minds. in other words, in a lot of cases, you actually have to prove what happened. and that takes a lot of time and it's another level of things that you have to convince. what happened was not in serious dispute. and what this really came down was the operation of the minds of the accused. and that was also the case in the rittenhouse trial.
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>> mike: ted, already, defense attorneys are talking about appeal. do you see obvious avenues for appeal going forward? >> well, there may be some avenues for some appeals but when you look at the overall verdicts, it is highly unlikely that they all are going to be overturned. the one with a that was more surprising than any others was that of roddie bryant. i thought that he, if anybody, would have been found not guilty of more of the charges it would have been him. because of his role, his limited role in the filming, and at one stage of trying to block mr. ahmaud arbery's path. there is some things that are going to be appealed and successfully, perhaps, but the majority of these cases of guilties are going to stand. >> mike: andy, what do you expect on appeal? >> i think it's going -- the big
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issue, mike, is going to be did the judge give too narrow a legal instruction on the concept of citizen's arrest. what the defense tried to argue in the trial was that there was enough evidence, the totality of the evidence, not just what happened on february 23rd but surveillance and other stuff leading up to that point. that they had broad latitude to conduct an arrest based on everything that they knew. the judge made it a much narrower instruction where he almost essentially told the jury look, if they haven't seen a crime, then there is no basis to make a citizen's arrest. the citizen's arrest is the key that's key to the case. if they had grounds to make a citizen's arrest some of the stuff they did was arguably legal. if they didn't, then obviously they get convicted which is what happened. >> mike: gentlemen, we have to leave it there. thank you very much. >> happy thanksgiving.
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>> thank you. >> mike: thank you. as skyrocketing inflation grips the nation and a supply chain crisis threatens many holiday plans, president biden is spending his thanksgiving at the home of a billionaire a move not going over well with many americans. jacqui heinrich reports tonight from nantucket, massachusetts. good evening, jacqui. >> good evening to you, mike. president biden is not the first president to spend a holiday at a wealthy friend's house. forminger president bill clinton spent time with the democratic donor on martha's vineyard and former president trump often spent his holidays at his own luxury hotel it is the state of the economy that is firing up biden critics. >> it wouldn't matter if he were having dinner with a billionaire if things were humming. but never are not humming. >> critics say with the economy in a tough place, the president's thanksgiving stay at a billionaire friend's nantucket compound shows he is out of touch with the problems facing working class americans. hours after biden tapped the nation's emergency oil stockpile
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to mitigate soaring gas prices amid crippling inflation air force one jet the first family to $30 million ocean front compound owned by billionaire david rubien stein. framing the trip as an annual tradition biden expressed gratitude for quote farm workers and frontline workers many of whom are immigrants who make sure our food is harvested and shipped and keep our grocery stores stocked. those goods are costing americans more than ever before. the average cost for a 10-person thanksgiving meal up 14% from 2020. >> what i really feel for are people on fixed income. we can make light or joke of the white house can make joke turkey only $5 more. >> new white house talking points on the economy and inflation touted improvement in supply chain btlenecks and availability of good ahead of black friday. ominous language around the causes of inflation calling quote the ocean shipping cartel cause for price hikes and
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inflation. deeper cure for port will take years. white house touted other signs the economy is improving. jobless claims dropping to lowest level in 52 years last week. hitting lowest part since march 2020. continuing to make the case for the social spending plan as a long-term solution for economic trouble. >> also tonight federal reserve officials are concerned about inflation and willing to raise interest rates sooner than anticipated if it keeps getting worse. that's according to minutes released from their november meeting. a white house official tells fox president biden believed in the independence of the fed and has confidence in jerome powell's ability to maintain low inflation and stable rates. they claim that the u.s. economy's recovery has outstripped that of other global economies, other countries enduring the same problems. mike? >> mike: jacqui heinrich live in nantucket. thanks a lot. u.s. government placing a dozen chinchz companies on blacklist
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national security and foreign policy concerns. the commerce department says the new penalty also help prevent american technology from supporting development of chinese and russian military advancements. stocks were mixed the dow lost 9. the s&p 500 gained 11. the nasdaq was up 70. up next, we will have another segment in our continuing focus on next year's midterm elections. first, here is what some of our fox affiliates are covering tonight. fox 7 in austin, texas samsung announces plans to build a $17 billion chip making nearby taylor. did is expected to create more than 2,000 jobs and marks the company's largest ever investment in the u.s. the facility is set to break ground in early 2022. fox 4 in kansas city city as a local man released from prison after serving more than 40 years for three murders after a judge rules that he was wrongfully convicted. 62-year-old kevin strickland always maintained his innocence. he learned of the decision when
3:15 pm
the news scrolled across the television screen as he was watching a soap opera. and this is a live look at new york city from fox 5, one of the big stories there tonight, the world's largest menorah is being constructed near central park. in time for hanukkah celebrations organizers say this year's hanukkah message will focus on joy as the world he merges cuff times amid the coronavirus pandemic. that's a live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ ♪♪♪ ♪♪it's a most unusual day♪♪
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>> mike: fascinating midterm focus here is my colleague bret baier. ♪ ♪ >> bret: thanks, mike, it's time now for our segment midterm focus as we look ahead to next year. less than a year away from the midterm elections. and the power in washington hangs in the balance. let's look at the house.
3:20 pm
here's the breakdown. democrats 221 to 213. 218 is the magic number. so it only take as few seats to flip that most people will say republicans have an excellent chance of taking over control of the house. if you looked at a recent poll in quinnipiac, about preference if the election were held today. 46-41. choosing republicans. that's a big turn around from recent years. in the senate, it's tied 50-50. two independents caucus with the democrats, that makes the 50/50 tie. the vice president breaks that tie. the preference if the election were held today 46-42 republicans taking the lead in that quinnipiac poll. tonight, we want to talk to amy walter, publisher and editor and chief of the cook political reporter and former chief of staff reince priebus heads up the rnc. thanks, guys for being here. interesting to see the senate races and possible breakdowns. i ask you both to choose one potential makeup. potential contest.
3:21 pm
amy, let me start with you what you are looking at. >> well, i'm looking at georgia. georgia was the state, of course, that gave the defendant. which involved now senator raphael warnock with a special election. is he up for re-election, even though he has only been in the senate -- he will only have been in the senate for two years. republicans look to be coalescing around former football star herschel herschel walker, someone who former president trump has been very supportive of from the very beginning. what's what is interesting about walker is he is not a person who has been involved in politics oat least in elected politics. so this will be his first attempt, early on you had some members of the republican establishment worrying that, you know, maybe as a candidate he is not ready for prime time. those worries seem to have receded, at least for enough to. and the rallying around walker
3:22 pm
is happening. it is a good environment. what democrats are hoping is that the state of georgia is now not just a battleground but has ticked a little bit blue. thanks in part to have the suburban swing around atlanta. >> bret: we should point out there is a primary and six g.o.p. contenders here. herschel walker is leading that has the endorsement of the former president as well as mitch mcconnell the senate minority leader. >> exactly. you still have to make it through a primary there are candidates who look great on paper who turn out of to be not really great in person. there are some candidates who look great in person but then once they get out into the heat of it, maybe they don't turn out to be particularly good. then many who actually surprise us. so, this is definitely a very different kind of we are going to have to wait and see how he performings. >> bret: reince, you chose a state that you know very well.
3:23 pm
and a senate race that looks pretty interesting. >> yeah, it does. so i was looking at wisconsin, but on georgia, just, you know, i agree, generally, with amy, you know, if you look at georgia, the nice thing about walker is that he is already even or slightly ahead of warnock. in wisconsin, most republicans they are hoping that run johnson runs again. he shocked everyone in 2010. weighs was left for dead in 2016. and then, of course, he won, his charm in wisconsin works as far as that sort of original kind of personality. super hard worker doesn't vote to save his seat which creates controversy for a lot of people. but, in wisconsin, it works. and he is a guy who has had tremendous success but he is also the guy that sits in the cheap seats in and drinks the miller lite. the actual numbers in wisconsin.
3:24 pm
the democrat incumbent governor. he is at 40%. he is going to be a really drag on the ticket. and then the fundamentals just like we went through in georgia, are basically the same in wisconsin and there is the same everywhere it looks a lot like 2010 and the president's numbers being as bad as they are certainly are going to help ron johnson who, i hope and i -- you know, is he start toferg show aa little leg that he might be favorable doing it again. >> bret: that's a big question whether he runs or not. we will be doing this pretty much every week. it is a long way away. the caveat is a lot can happen in politics, amy, reince, thank you very much. mike? we will send it back to you. >> mike: bret, thanks a lot. up next a look at the holiday travel surge from one of the nation's busiest airports. we will go it live to dallas-fort worth when we come back. ♪ ♪ my livelihood.
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♪ ♪ >> mike: this will be a mournful thanksgiving people of wisconsin. six people dead and dozens more hurt when a driver plowed his suv into a crowd at a christmas parade sunday make very clear
3:29 pm
the tragedy at the christmas parade here was deliberate. the probable cause statements shows that two police officers stepped in the path of the vehicle and attempted to stop it. and the case of one detective names casey, the vehicle was going so slow he was able to pound on the hood. yell at the driver to stop. and identify brooks. however, as car got closer to the people, it accelerated and turned into the crowds of people on main street. on several occasions weigh told to stop by police officers. they risked their own safety to step in front of the car to stop him. everything was done to get him to stop and he just simply continued down the roadway causing death and destruction in his path. >> the charges against darrell brooks stand five counts' intentional homicide each a potential life sentence. six charges expected as
3:30 pm
8-year-old boy jackson sparks died of his injuries yesterday. the charges will not come today. and as we stand here at a memorial for the victims, i can tell you 62 people were injured. 18 kids were treated at children's hospital but one bright spot. three kids got the news today that they will be released from the hospital and spend thanksgiving at home. mike? >> mike: thank you for that good news. mike tobin, live in waukesha, mike, thanks a lot. attorney general merrick garland calling for. prioritize cases against people who break federal law by endangering the safety of passengers, flight crews and flight attendants. his memo also calls for information sharing between the federal aviation administration and the justice department. we are seeing a very different thanksgiving holiday than we did last year when the pandemic, limited travel. airports are full this week. senior correspondent casey stegall is at dallas fort worth
3:31 pm
international airport tonight, hi, casey, mike, good evening. 2.3 million passengers alone are expected to go through this airport alone over the next couple of days. some 20 million nationwide at the airports according to the tsa. you can see some of the people in line now at the security line, hopping hopping evening flights to their detar temperatures out of dfw. millions more will be driving to their destination, making for a busy few days. >> another year has ticked by and airports are now a bee hive of activity which can only mean one thing, yes, the holiday travel season is back. >> so far, so good. there is a little tricky finding parking, but it doesn't seem it too crazy busy just yet. >> airline passengers were thankful for no major disruptions on wednesday, traditionally known as the busiest day of the year. >> we are going to meet up with
3:32 pm
the rest of the families for the first time. a special moment. >> tsa officials say they have plenty of staff through the holiday weekend, which could reach pre-pandemic levels. the agency ads 39% of the total workforce now meets the federal covid vaccine mandates. >> we are working with the other employees to bring them into compliance. that's how we can say with confidence that we will be fully staffed to make operations go quickly. >> some carriers like southwest and american are offering employees special deals to pick up ships. american flight attendants, for example, can earn triple pay if they work the entire holiday and don't call out sick. >> it was really important to give an extra incentive for people to pick up the number of hours that they would traditionally. so that the airlines can meet all of the demand and make sure there is no schedule interruption. >> the vast majority of americans will hit the road instead of flying. aaa projects more than 48 million people will fill the
3:33 pm
nation's highways and byways despite the latest pain at the pump. >> gas prices are high but they're definitely not deterring travelers. once people decide they are going to go, they go. they figure out another way of budgeting in the costs. >> now, the latest information from flight aware tonight shows that since this morning, a little more than 1900 flights across the united states have been delayed today and nearly 100 have been canceled. for context, one severe weather event can trigger thousands of cancellation soles about 100 isn't too bad. mike? >> mike: if you are traveling, bring patience, casey stegall live at dfw. thanks a lot. the biden administration says 92% of federal workers covered by the president's vaccine mandate have received at least one shot. white house data indicates the agency for international development leads the way with 97.8% figure. the agriculture department is in last place at over 86%.
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♪ ♪ following up on a story we brought you last week a university professor in virginia intends to resign over threats made following a book that seeks to explain adult attraction to minors. professor allen walker destigmatizing that attraction would seek people help and ultimately prevent child abuse. old comin dominion professor faced backlash saying the book was defending pedophilia. walker says the research was mischaracterized by some in the media and online in part of because of walker's transgender
3:39 pm
identity. the national football league and the owner of the los angeles rams will pay $790 million to settle a lawsuit filed by st. louis interest over the team's relocation to l.a. it is not immediately clear how much would be paid by ram's owner stan and how much would be covered by owner of the league's 31 other teams the deal ends a 4 and a half year battle team's detar purr in 2016. nasa has begun what could be a historic mission sending a spacecraft dress rehearsal for armageddon. correspondent phil keating explains tonight from miami. >> lift off. >> and with this flawless nighttime loss from california's ventricle on its way. ultimately this mission could help save our planet and all of
3:40 pm
humanity but from annihilation. it's called the dart which stands for double asteroid redirection test. it's part of nasa's planetary defense asteroid deflection technology that. >> first test of planetary defense is intentional crash of a spacecraft into a rock and, of course, what we are trying to learn is how to deflect. >> a target asteroid is technically asteroid moonlit which orbits the at ter rode which is greek for twin. asteroid that one day could pose a maxics tension threat to earth like the one that caused the dinosaur's demise. >> it's humanity's first ever mission ever to try and deflect as it ter rode to help us prepare for potential danger in the future. >> very few of the billions of asteroids and comets orbiting
3:41 pm
our sun are potentially hazardous and scientists say won't be threat for us for at least a century. >> this is that burning meteor, a baby chunk of an asteroid which streamed into russia 8 years ago damaging more than 7,000 buildings. >> an asteroid the size of just a few hundred feet in diameter regions of the earth. over university miami, d.c. or new york, it could wipe everything out. now, the spacecraft is going to smash into the asteroid about 10 months from now. mike? >> fascinating. phil keating, thanks a lot. you were next the panel with the biden billionaire thanksgiving. first beyond our borders tonight. russia conducts military treats in the black sea south of ukraine as international concerns grow about the prospect of a russian invasion. russia says it needs the practice because of heightened nato activity near its borders. ukrainian forces are also
3:42 pm
holding exercises near the border with belarus. germany prepares to welcome a new chancellor for the first time in 16 years. 63-year-old olaf led his social democrat party to an election comeback it will form a coalition with the environmentalist greens and the pro-business free democrats. sholls replaces outgoing chancellor angela merkel. at least 31 people are dead after dingy capsized while crossing the english channel from france to britain. two people rescued and one is still missing. is the worst disaster on record involving migrants in the water separating those two countries, fishermen say more migrants than usual attempt the trip tote to take advantage of calm sea conditions just some of the stories beyond our borders we'll be right back.
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♪ ♪ >> because low income families and middle class families and working class people are suffering the most, he wants to make sure he has a robust array of tools. >> what they read into him leaving now at this time of great personal financial hardship for so many to go to nantucket for the week? >> well, first i would say, peter, i hope you are spending time with your family. i'm spending time with my
3:47 pm
family. i hope everyone everybody in here is spending time with their families. >> this administration has become a joke. inflation isn't going away any tie time soon. estimates this thanksgiving 15 to 20% more expensive than before. it's demand driven inflation all they want to do is pump more money back into the system. >> so president biden's in nantucket at billionaire's home at a time when americans are getting hit in the wallet at thanksgiving time. if you are traveling this holiday season, you will notice that the gas pump and certainly for the food on your table harold ford jr. tennessee congressman and ceo of inclusion capital. jason riley manhattan institute and former white house press secretary ari fleischer. gentlemen, welcome. >> thank you. so, ari, as somebody who used to man that white house podium, is there an optics president with the president going to nantucket? >> well, let me just say right off the bat, i would have rather
3:48 pm
spent my time in nantucket than crawford. it's a little bit of a difference. but, look, i am not going to criticize any president of the united states for where they go on vacation. presidents earn their vacations and if they want to spend it at billionaire's place that's their right and i don't think it should be subject to political criticism. the job is hard enough. the problem joe biden has so much deeper than spending vacation, of the malaise, difficulties, the feelings in america that things just aren't working under his watch. so his problems are so much more fundamental than his vacation choice, i hope he gets rest and what he needs on vacation. we got a lot of problems that he is just not solving. >> as someone who spent a lot of time in crawford, texas, let the record reflect i enjoyed it very much. harold, your thoughts on inflation, thanksgiving and the president's travels? >> first, thanks for having me, happy thanksgiving to all. you know, on the eve of this thanksgiving, i'm thankful for a lot of things. i think the president and country should be as well. you think about where we were a
3:49 pm
year ago. a year later 190 million americans are fullly vaccinated. here we are a year later the economy is performing at far different rate, a far better rate, we saw initial job claims today be lower than they have been in 52 years, continuing claims at 2 million. and it's easy to forget a year ago today, there were 20 million, over 20 million continuing claims meaning unemployed people in the country. industrial a long, long ways to go. i do hope that president biden on this vacation think as lot about what senator manchin and some other saying in the senate. i think it's time to reverse the keystone pipeline decision. i think it's time to think even more seriously and more concretely about how we increase our energy supplies here as we transition to a green energy economy. you can't fly. you have can't heat your home and air condition your home largely on green energy splice. we will have to figure out ways to modernize our electrical grids. i hope that the administration thinks long and hard about that. on this thanksgiving eve auto we
3:50 pm
have a lot to be thankful for a lot to look forward. to say and a lot of work to be done by both parties. after this holiday season they roll their sleeves up and get to it. >> speaking of transition to green energy. let's play this clip. >> we have to make viewer our financial system can withstand climate change as prepared to transition to clean energy. our administration is deeply committed to tackling this existential threat. by transitioning to clean energy. >> we can take strong climate action to move our economy towards a clean energy future. >> we must, we have no choice but to move away from petroleum based energy system. this is a simple mics, supply and demand and right now this administration is choking off supply. >> jason, inel flarks thanksgiving, the president's travel, green energy. go with it. >> a bit of mixed messaging going on here. the president is out there
3:51 pm
trying to sell a big spending plan right now. in the midst of inflation. people think that spending more inflation to the extent that it's pumping more dollars into an economy that has a lot of money flowing around in it already. you also have the problem of the disincentive -- the work disensignives put in place. this is the mixed messaging theme. on the one hand they want to brag about how few unemployment claims there are. and how dramatically lower that number has dropped and they are right. part of their pitch for the big back better plan is that it will create more jobs there are literally millions of more jobs available than there are people looking for work right now. and the real question is whether their spending ambitions will put in place disincentives for
3:52 pm
people to join the workforce. a lot of these subsidies, this effort to expand the safety net will dip well into the middle class, people with 6 figure incomes. not just about who is on the sidelines now and reluctant to join the workforce. it's about people who are already working who may not continue to work. and that of course, will affect the countries all overall productivity going forward. so i really think they need more consistent message going forward. >> mike: news of the day and i want to go around the horn on this. let's go to the courtroom in georgia. let's play the clip from the judge. >> count 1, malice murder. we, the jury, find the defendant, travis mcmichael guilty. count 2, felony murder, we, the jury, find the defendant greg mcmichael guilty. count 3. felony murder. we, the jury, find the defendant william r. brian guilty. >> mike: harold, your thoughts
3:53 pm
on this high profile case? >> well, you know, i accept jury verdicts. we are a nation of laws and they have to be accepted. as someone who followed this a little bit and watched the video. the video steamed match the verdict. i was not in the courtroom. the jury heard the facts and they rendered a vempleted the matter is now in the past. i do hope that we are as a nation try to heal from this and understand as much as there were two decisions this week, they were both jury verdicts, they both listened to the facts and americans rendered verdicts. i think we should accept them. >> jason, your thoughts? >> yes. we have heard two jury verdicts in recent days both bo with defendants claims self-defense in one characterization the rittenhouse case. the jury found legitimate defense. and in this case they found it to be ridiculous bogus defense. i think the jury made the right call both case as harold said we
3:54 pm
should accept those results. what always bothers me about this, particularly with the -- with regard to the arbery case, however, mike, is to the extent to which we focus on when whites kill blacks. when that is a tiny minority of all black deaths in this country. why draw all the attention that it does small part of the problem. i would like to see this amount of tension given to when blacks take other black lives. yet, we don't seem to see that in our society and i think that's the problem. this is just another example of that. >> mike: ari, we are up against the clock. i want to give you a chance to weigh. >> in i was struck by arbery's father standing on the steps of the courthouse expressing his gratitude to our country. reminded me of some of the finest times in the civil rights movement when there was something wrong and justice done
3:55 pm
and people reaffirmed their belief constitutional system. our founding documents and country. i thought his remarks were stirring and we should all listen. >> mike: agreed. beautiful moment. gentlemen, when we come back, tomorrow's headlines. ♪ ♪
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>> mike: finally tonight, a look at tomorrow's headlines ari, lead us off. u.s. justice system works. if you look at what happened with kyle rittenhouse' not guilty verdict and the three guilty verdicts today, it just proves a jury of our peers knows more than all the media and all the politicians. that's where it should be in the hands of a jury. >> mike: jason, you are up next. >> tomorrow's headline high gas prices aren't going anywhere any time soon. so long as the administration continues to let the progressive left call the shots, the higher prices we are seeing at the pump this thanksgiving are likely to continue. the goal is to put the oil and gas industry out of business and
4:00 pm
higher energy prices are part of that strategy. >> mike: harold, bring us home. >> new york dad harold ford jr. make signature sweet potato pie for dinner, attending family can't wait. >> mike: that's beautiful. thanks for watching "special report." i'm mike emanuel in washington. a happy thanksgiving to you and yours. "fox news primetime" hosted by sean duffy begins right now. >> sean: good evening, mike. good evening i am sean duffy. as america prepares to celebrate thanksgiving tomorrow an alarming trend is emerging across the country it seems there is ongoing effort from the left to rewrite our nation's history. and no one has spent more time trashing america than the 1619 project. the project sponsored by the "new york times" seeks to reinvent the finding of america claiming that the moment in august 1619 when the first enslaved africans arrived in the english colonies could be considered the origins of the u.s. so forget the founding fathers,


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