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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 24, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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"your world" starts right now. >> i never saw this day back in 2020. i never thought this day would come. but god is good. >> the mother of ahmaud arbery reacting to today's verdict as three men, greg mcmichael, travis mcmichael and roddy bryan found guilty of murdering ahmaud arbery. all three are facing minimum
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sentences of life in prison. outside the courtroom, there were cheers. i'm charles payne in for neil cavuto. jeff paul is in brunswick with more. jeff? >> very emotional time here in brunswick, georgia on multiple levels. some people in celebratory mood saying the jury got it right. you have other folks that have been out here on days on end that have been exhausted by the case that have a sense of relief. they said looking back at past trials, they thought there was a chance that it wouldn't go in their favor and nobody would be held accountable. that's not the case. according to the jury's decision this afternoon, took them 12 hours to come to that decision over a span of two days. all three men found guilty on multiple charges. you have travis mcmichael, the man that physically shot ahmaud
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arbery, his father greg found guilty on eight of the nine counts and the man that filmed it, roddy bryan found guilty of six of nine counts. but we're learning his lawyer plans to file for a new trial next week. you look at the verdict and when it was read in full, lots of celebration outside the courthouse. cheers, hugging and for the family of ahmaud arbery and their attorney, justice. >> altogether, black, white, activists, lawyers, prosecutors, we did this together. we said america, we will make us better than what we saw in that video. >> now, the judge could set a day for sentencing over the next couple weeks. judgingpy the severity of the charges, it's likely all three men will spend the rest of their
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lives in prison. back to you. >> charles: thanks. ted williams has been following this trial. he joins me now. ted, lots of ups and downs and anxiety. just your thoughts now that the verdict is in. >> well, my thoughts are that justice prevailed. for many years in the south, black people have been murdered and killed and hung. as a result of a video tape and as a result of a predominantly white jury in this case, a case where race was front and center, we have seen that things have changed and transitioned there in the south where justice has
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prevailed in a case. >> we just heard one of the lawyers say just about the same thing. it's unfortunate that in this day and age, this is still the prevailing narrative. anything like this happens, that's the first thing that we look at rather than the case itself, the family itself, the individuals themselves. i mean, you've seen it all, been a police detective and also a lawyer. is this the beginning of something or is this part of something that's been ongoing perhaps? it's not worth -- it's not newsworthy because maybe it's not controversial? >> you know, i think we've always had fair-minded people in this country willing to do the right thing when they are on injuries. when you look at some of the things that the defense attorneys did in this case, i as a lawyer must tell you i was terribly embarrassed.
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i was embarrassed when a female defense attorney would stand up and talk about the long dirty toenails of a dead man, a man that was shot and killed. i was embarrassed when a defense attorney would stand up and ask a judge to, include black pastors from a courtroom. those things are just not part of american juris prudence. what we found here, what people of this community who are 11 whites, one black, they were able to look at the evidence in this case. the evidence was pure and simple. you had a black kid jogging through a neighborhood, minding his own business as he was jogging and you had a man to go over and get his son, his son
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comes outs, travis mcmichael with a shotgun. the father, grant mcmichael has his gun. they get in a vehicle and they chase this kid down. and then there was this confrontation that took place where this kid was shot and killed. then you had defense attorneys to try to use the race card. they used it by trying to make it seem that this black kid was a criminal, that he had committed criminal acts in the community before. that these individuals had a right to take the actions that they took because they were making a citizens arrest. that's the unfortunate thing of what we saw here in this case, was race rearing its ugly head.
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it should never have been. >> charles: also, and i find this often, we've seen very wealthy people of both races, all races seem to win when it comes to the legal system. more recently people point to bill cosby getting out of prison. do we often conflate classes for racism and is this a chance to say maybe a better educated jury -- i know when the judge was thanking the jurors, i thought it was important his instructions to them. department feel like he was talking to them. felt like he was talking to the public watching this about us as a society being more clear-minded and more understanding of our responsibilities in case we're ever on a jury like this. i do think it's important because i do think, you know, sometimes we confuse classes for racism. >> well, i think that that is unfortunately a reality of the
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american society and the american life, that we do have that kind of a conflation. but i think here we need to take a look at the jury system and the fairness of the jury system. these men and women came to this jury and even some of them had their own biases. they were able to put those biases aside. they were able to look at the evidence in this case. not the color so much of the person's skin. but the actual evidence in this case and coming to a decision of finding these three men guilty. >> charles: thanks so much. always appreciate your insight especially on a day like today. the verdict comes days after the not guilty verdict in the rittenhouse case. both defense teams argued self-defense. what was the difference here? i want to bring in a former doj
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prosecutor just trustee with me now. obviously everybody is making comparisons, jim. what should we know, what are the -- where do you think people are making the mistakes? >> well, i think there's a bottom line similarity in terms of the presence of video. that's the only thing that is perfectly consistent. that is an interesting phenomenon with the injuries now. they're not being called upon to weigh credibility of witnesses as much as to assess the legality of videos. when you look at the evidence, not the hyperbole in the rittenhouse cause, it was a young man running from the scene, being attacked by other people with weapons. it was an easier case in terms of the overall optics to conclude that it was a moment of self-defense. in this case, the optics were terrible. it was this father and son, you know, heavily armed with a want-to-be police officer for
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the neighborhood who was supposed to be retired from the department and the element of hunting in their pickup truck a young man that may or may not have been involved in criminalality. they didn't know. they knew he was a black guy running in your neighborhood. a starting point of what a jury consumes is radically different. i think both injuries as ted was just saying came to the right verdict. >> charles: with respect to the rittenhouse case, even the way you laid it out, seems like a no-brainer. yet it was a tense situation all the way through. it was sort of a toss-up in terms of where the verdict would come almost to the end. part of that though was the misinformation that was out there to the general public. when it comes to these videos, even people being challenged looks like the juries did not believe your own eyes or, you know, to have a reinterpretation of things that they're seeing. that seems to be adding a whole new element to how the cases are tried.
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>> yeah, i mean lawyers talk about the csi effect where jurors are accustomed to watching these crime scene shows and expecting like the satellite footage to solve the case for them. i'm wondering now in these -- what would be extremely thorny self-defense cases if they're not going to come to the expectation that we'll have video from 100 angles and slow motion break downs and reproductions. the bottom line here for both cases, we should be acknowledging or celebrating rationale juror behavior. that jurors are coming together, randomly picked people that have to serve, come together and look at the facts, don't listen to the pundits, don't listen to the hustlers that want to stoke out division. but actually look at the facts and make i think intelligent decisions. and this decision today showing lines of gradation between shooter, nonshooter and mr. bryan as well as a third party to it.
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they made distinctions. >> charles: that stands out tremendously. i agree with you 1000%. thanks, jim. >> thanks. >> charles: the criminal justice system many believe has been on trial the last couple weeks. we're going to dive into that next. take advantage of lowe's black friday deals early. full of savings to make the season twice as nice, and twice as merry. buy online and pick up in store today.
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>> charles: two very different verdicts days apart. that show that our justice works. here's jack brewer from the brewer foundation. jack, 48 hours ago, the pain stream media up in arms, a lot of people saying our justice system was broken, it was written for white people to allow them to commit crimes. you flash forward to moments earlier today, a verdict that everybody was agrees was a correct verdict. you understand this. you dealt with it so much. i what to talk to you about this. the criminal justice system has been on trial. how didt do? >> i think it does incredibly well. hopefully those on the left and right or those that stand up for law enforcement or criminal justice, hopefully we can have common ground. everyone can take a step back and take a deep breath and say
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this thing works. this ahmaud arbery cause was much different than with kyle and so many other things that we've seen in our nation right now that has divided us. this black boy got hunted down. injustice was served. i heard one of your guests talking about the acts of the defense and the defense attorney were disgusting. reminds us that, you know, racism does still exist in america. but we are in the greatest country on earth and our legal system today is working in so many ways. i think it's a time to celebrate, but also give credit where credit is due. we can't pretend the criminal justice system never works when it does. this is an example of that. >> charles: there's the criminal justice system itself and the media narrative that gets to portray it as something that i don't think it is. it's come a long way. you can see there's certain
1:18 pm
fixes that need to be involved. one of the reasons i want you on this, you're an advocate for folks that are locked up. i know you have a prison ministry. you do a lot of things. you're a straight shooter. the notion that the kyle rittenhouse case was about black americans, white supremacy, that blew my mind that that narrative was pushed forward. black kids are like this country hate me? what happened? a white kid defending himself about three other white people. they tried to push it as the facts came out against it. >> it's sad. like they take advantage of the emotions of african american people and the media does it, the left does it. other blacks do it. it's really sad to see because we do have a lot of things that trigger emotions. i have a kid in my program. she came in and said i'm black, i'm beautiful but i'm a victim
1:19 pm
and i'm oppressed. i had to have a long talk with her and conversation to describe to her why the country is so great. real oppression exists. here in america she has so many opportunities that many kids in africa, asia. we went through it line by line. she changed her perspective. if the media continues to be in the ear and the hearts and mind of kids, they won't appreciate the greatness of our country. i think it pours in to other places in our education system, obviously pours in to our politics. but more importantly, we got to start standing up for these change and speaking truth to them and highlights opportunities like this when the great american flag prevails. >> charles: seems like one of the outcomes of this is an effort to reduce bail.
1:20 pm
rasheeda talib wants to do away with prisons. then you have this guy in wisconsin walking on a $1,000 bail with a rap sheet longer than my arm. isn't that one of the dangers when you mischaracterize the justice system? >> yes, you slap those that rehabilitate and deserve a right to be on the street, you slap them in the face. that's not right. our criminal justice system should rehabilitate. we have great folks across the country trying to had he been rehabilitate. you can't let folks out because you're trying to gain votes. there's a place for criminal justice. smart criminal justice. that starts with rehabilitation. not just incarceration. >> charles: thanks, jack. we'll have more after this. fisher investments is his'd
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that keeps on... going? our very own energizer bunny! energizer ultimate lithium. [snowball splat and windshield wiper] the #1 longest-lasting aa battery. >> charles: president biden is in nantucket for the thanksgiving holiday. that's not stopping a key
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democrat senator for calling on the president to do something now on gas prices. to jacqui heinrich who is traveling with the president. jacqui? >> hi, charles. the moderate west virginia democrat whose senate vote the president needs to pass his social spending plan that he pitched as a long-term solution to bring down the cost for americans overall, that senator is pushing the president to take immediate action on gas prices and increase domestic production by restoring the keystone xl pipeline. manchin wrote, i call to call on biden to responsibly increase energy production at home and reverse course to allow the keystone xl pipeline to be built, that would have provided our country with 900,000 barrels of oil per day from canada, one of our closest allies, this is an american energy dependence. the lengthy statement came after
1:27 pm
president biden announced his administration was releasing 50 million barrel from the nation's emergency oil stockpile to curb the soiling prices. the world is coping opec to increase production abroad. critics say it sends the wrong message. >> you know, if i'm an oil producing country, a member of opec, i'm thinking to myself, see what the united states has done to their own production. now i see them dipping in preserves. i'm thinking we got them now. it's going to get worse. >> this is simple economics. it's simply and demand. right now this administration is choking off supply and asking opec to increase production. >> overall inflationary pressures are a big concern for the administration this thanksgiving, which biden is spending at the home of a billionaire friend here on nantucket.
1:28 pm
the american farm bureau federation said thanksgiving dinners reached a high of 14%. on inflation today, the white house touted improvement in supply chain bottle necks and goods at two big retailers ahead of black friday. there was some pretty ominous language around the deeper causes of inflation saying a deeper cure will take years. they called "the oceanshiping cartel" a cause for price hikes and inflation, charles. >> charles: thanks, jacqui. meantime, folks, this keystone xl pipeline cuts through kansas as part of the route. a key expansion was put on hold when president biden shut down the project. kansas senator jerry moran joins us. it's a head scratcher, senator. we're going to release 50
1:29 pm
million barrels out of the streak reserve. it does nothing. we're the greatest oil producing nation in the world and we could be greater with the xl pipeline. is there a chance if this administration changed their line that we could put it through? >> i sure home so. it's hard to believe that this administration would change course. once again, they're trying to avoid doing the things that need to be done, things that would make a difference by opening up the supply from the strategic petroleum reserve. that's a band aid. doesn't solve anything and doesn't make us more end. as your previous interview indicated, it sends a message that opec has us over the barrels, no pun intended. this needs to be a policy about energy independence. this is the topic of conversation, increasing costs. the supply chain problems and making sure people go back to
1:30 pm
work. so inflation is front and center with kansans and with americans, even my own life, i filled up my pickup truck. over $100 to fill up my truck. i never had that. we know that this inflation hurts the poorest among us. more than others. i hope this strange changes course and i appreciate the senator from west virginia taking the strong position with regard to energy end. this is a -- my view the president is using the strategic oil reserve for a political release, trying to make things better. that's what happens in washington. >> we just do things that make us look like we're doing something and doesn't solve the problem. the president did that with the reserve >> charles: it's interesting. his poll numbers fell after he tried to explain away afghanistan. that is something that we saw. this is something that we're
1:31 pm
feeling. this approach will hurt him badly. they're trying to try a short dip in prices. but it's the most insidious, most painful tax out there. this on the fact that inflation is destroying paychecks. even if would you got a raise this year, more than likely you have less purchasing power. you say you don't think they'll have an epiphany on this. i agree with you. how shocked are you that climate change and that green agenda supersedes the pain and suffering of the average american? >> i appreciate you asking that question that way. one of the things i discovered in my time in washington d.c., people that profess to care about the poorest among us are the ones that promote policies that are the most damaging to the poorest among us. i shake my head. there's lots of people that are hurting from this. no one is immune from it. i would expect something
1:32 pm
different from this administration except they have been on this issue of environmental change from the very beginning. and again, if other democrats in the senate would do what joe manchin has done, perhaps they would get the president's attention. time and time again, i've been to the senate floor in the last few weeks trying to convince the president on a number of things to do something that is like common sense and not harmful. you know, it has fallen on deaf ears. maybe he would listen to a democrat senator and not a republican senator. >> charles: that would be a step in the right direction. made a mid-term shellacking. senator, appreciate you being on the show. thanks. >> we have a lot to complain about but blessed to live in this country and the capabilities to solve the problem. we just need the leadership. >> charles: amen. 48 million people hitting the roads for thanksgiving. none of them giving thanks for what is happening at the pump.
1:33 pm
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♪♪ >> charles: millions of americans getting away as we speak by car, by plane. thanksgiving exodus in full swing and close to returning to prepandemic levels. we have fox team coverage with nicole valdez and grady trimble hitting the road in illinois. we begin with nicole. >> charles, we wanted to test the waters or skies, i should
1:38 pm
say, today. hop on a plane from america's busiest airports across the southeast to music city. you can see the crowd is not what you'd expect on this pre-thanksgiving day. a story at hartsfield-jackson, a different day. tsa is expecting 80,000 people to make their way to atlanta's airport today alone. it was the early morning hours where we saw the rush. clogged hallways at one point. travelers wrapped around the airport. tsa said that they got it down quickly with more than 30 lanes open at atlanta's main checkpoints and additional officers on duty. let's show you the skies across the country. fox weather is monitoring the commercial flights. 8,800 flying over your head right now. atlanta actually leading the charge with the most departures
1:39 pm
today. over 1,900 taking off from hartsfield-jackson. we're still seeing delays with close to 1,700 nationwide. so far 86 flights have been cancelled. thankfully weather not adding to the holiday travel stress here in the southeast. our live flight tracker showing you what is happening across america. tsa is estimating that they will screen 2.5 million travelers all across the nation today, different airports from chicago, new york, dallas, miami. every major airport that you can think of. so far smooth sailing here in the southeast with no major delays. keep your fox weather app handy. if you haven't traveled, you can keep track of the skies. charles? >> charles: thanks. have a great thanksgiving. now to the pain at the pump this thanksgiving. grady trimble is in illinois on
1:40 pm
how folks are dealing with this. grady? >> charles, people driving this week shouldn't expect any major relief at the pump. the national average for a gallon of regular right now, $3.40. that's one cent less than last week. that is $1.29 more than a year ago. gas prices across the country up 61% from last year. nonetheless, triple assess more than 48 million people will hit the roads this thanksgiving. that's an 8% increase from last year and not far off prepandemic levels. gas buddy on the other hand, they say fewer people will drive this holiday specifically because of higher gas prices. >> 32% of them said that they were traveling over an hour for thanksgiving this year. that's a decline from last year when 35% said that they were traveling and a decline from 65%
1:41 pm
just two years ago. stateses with the priceyest gas right now include california, hawaii and nevada. states with the cheapest gas right now, lucky ducks, oklahoma, $2.98. the only state under $3 a gallon right now. texas is right at $3. arkansas, $3.03. in the chicago area, $3.69 behind me. we're jealous. i'm sure you are, too, over in new york. >> charles: yeah, no doubt about it. always jealous with stuff like that. thanks, grady. see you soon. so think americans are not feeling this inflation pinch? think again. a new poll says 77% of you are personally impacted by these price spikes. yikes! i want the read from scott martin. scott, you know, it's earning season on wall street and every corporation says the same thing. supply chains, inflation and it's destroying a lot of the
1:42 pm
stocks. so this is something that we feel. it's permeating throughout the economy. >> yeah, doesn't sound too transitory. look at the supply chain issues. that's one of the things to blame. i look at the employment situation. you have 10 million jobs out there waiting to be filled and seven million workers to full them. it's supply labor that is holding this up. >> charles: glad you brought that up. we had the initial jobless claims and the last week, the fewest amount of people filed unemployment going back over 50 years. maybe the savings are running out. maybe people will take a job. that might slow washington d.c. all of that money, trillions and trillions of dollars playing a role in this inflation story, too. >> it is. d.c. has been crazy with the spending. if you draw a line next to to
1:43 pm
inflation, there's a line drawn. a lot of folks are not filing claims but a lot of folks are not looking for jobs and filling them. there's a dichotomy going on. >> charles: how long does this last? that's the big question everyone has. >> yeah, several months at least, maybe a few quarters. we need to get the gdp growth back. still under 3%. it's not very good. folks need to get their psychological optimism going to get a job and get back in the labor force and get rid of the delta variant. >> charles: yeah, at one point, 8 to 10% growth. we won't hit that for sure, a lot to be thankful for. talk to you soon, scott. >> charles: nasa says that they want to be prepared for armageddon. we'll explain next. >> small asteroid fragments this
1:44 pm
morning. how big were those? >> those were nothing. the size of basketballs. er bite? i could use some help showing the world how liberty mutual customizes their car insurance so they only pay for what they need. (gasps) ♪ did it work? only pay for what you need ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ spider-man no way home in theaters december 17th
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1:47 pm
>> what hit us? >> a small asteroid fragments. >> how big were those? >> those were nothing. the size of basketballs and volkswagens. >> this new one you're tracking,
1:48 pm
how big? >> it's the size of texas, mr. president. >> charles: okay. we don't need to call in bruce willis just yet but nasa's motion echos the 1998 film armageddon. the agency launched a space craft aimed at redirecting the asteroid testing a technique that could be used to defend earth in the future. phil keating has more. >> charles, now we wait to see what happens. the asteroid smashing space craft is far away and far down the road. this could save humanity from a mass extinction event like the one that took out the dinosaurs. people in lo angeles could see the launch. the spacex falcon 9 launched lit up the california sky.
1:49 pm
destination, a pair of asteroids. they've called it the dart, which starts for double asteroid redirection test. it's part of the planetary defense strategy testing one method of asteroid deflection technology. the plan is for the space craft to collide with an asteroid head on and deflect its path. nasa says the dart mission will help us prepare for an asteroid that one day could pose a threat to earth if one is discovered to be heading directly our way. >> that first test of planetary defense is on purpose.
1:50 pm
>> the billions of asteroids and comments that orbit our sun could hurt our planet. this right here she the burning meteor, a small chunk of asteroid that streamed into russia eight years ago damaging 7,000 buildings. gives you a context and perspective of what a large asteroid could do. a large asteroid a few hundred feet in diameter could cause delve administration on a regional level. if there was a direct hit over miami, new york, d.c., it could just take out the entirety of the population. this space craft should hit the asteroid in september, ten months from now. charles? >> charles: i'll grab my popcorn. officials are vowing to crack down on a smash and grabbings.
1:51 pm
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looking to get back in your type 2 diabetes zone? ask your health care provider today about once-weekly ozempic®. oh, oh, oh, ozempic®! you may pay as little as $25 for a 3-month prescription. >> charles: you know it's not just supply-chain issues shaking up the holiday season. smash and grabs hearing retailers and rattling workers and officials are vying to crackdown. jonathan hunt has more. >> seemingly organized attacks are spreading from northern california all the way down here
1:55 pm
to l.a. where the high-end shopping mall is installed with the call custom fabricated barriers to prevent the kind of robbery they experienced monday night when around 20 people smashed a window at the nordstrom store and stole clothing. nordstrom was also the target of perhaps the largest of these recent organized robberies. walnut creek about 25 miles east of san francisco on saturday. 90 people drove up to the nordstrom store, running in and smashing display cases, grabbing goods and running out, taking off in their vehicles. a wild weekend starting in louis vuitton store in san francisco. police pulling some suspects from their cars of these -- as they tried to get away. nine suspects face criminal charges. >> we know it's here because of crimes that occurred in union square a couple days ago, crimes that are outrageous, offensive,
1:56 pm
and acceptable. >> we cannot, we will not, we do not tolerate that kind of behavior. >> some criminal justice experts have argued the robberies might be a result of the kind of perfect storm here in california, a recent move to a race to $950 the threshold to categorize theft as a felony combined with many stores fearing liability issues that hung their employees not to chase or even in some cases touch anyone stealing from those stores. charles. >> charles: jonathan, thank you very much. what is fueling all this and wants the political fallout? what impact is it having? >> there's two things, we often see a rise in retail crime around the holidays. this is very different for two reasons, one we are seeing a rise in violent crime when it comes to this and it seems to be playing into a larger narrative
1:57 pm
where people are starting to feel unsafe. the other thing, people have real concerns about supply chain. people are stockpiling things. there's a secondary market for a lot of these things that people are stealing. that's leading into more of what we are calling organized crime. both of these issues are political issues. people feeling the personal safety and people feeling a scarcity because of supply chain issues and what are the politicians going to do about it. it's bigger than just a shoplifting story. it's a very political story and one that politicians are going to need to address. >> charles: summer thing politicians in california helped bring this to light. first time i can remember listening to a conference call on earnings for a corporation may put theft is a major problem here that was the story. best buy, stock down 20%. nobody wants to work there. everybody's afraid. >> that certainly makes a challenging holiday season that much more difficult. according to the preliminary government numbers we have now,
1:58 pm
in 2020, murders were on the rise but other crimes were down. the thing about that spreadsheet as it's not very company if your family in san francisco or new york where you see some of these crimes on the rise. angrily to find out whether or not the specs in those areas are indicative of something going on across the country or it's just localized. but already right now, you see that politicians are paying close attention to this. just the other day, jen psaki went out of her way to say in the white house briefing room that the president opposes defunding the police. i imagine as we see more of these headline grabbing news stories that that's going to be the tactic when you take nationally. >> charles: it's one thing to oppose defunding the police. i know they learned that lesson from the midterms. proposition 47, ironically named the safe neighborhood and schools act in california, some say that's helped lead to this. you mentioned organized crime. incentive no bail or less bail, isn't it the rico act? some thing we should be looking
1:59 pm
at tougher laws even in liberal cities? >> i think absolutely. people are going to demand tougher laws. we have seen her eyes, even there's been -- there's a rise in people's concern about their personal individual safety. you look at how people are feeling, especially in cities. going to have a stronger message, need a stronger policy. we are seeing more and more republicans and conservatives, policies making people more safe. if you look at turning to the midterms, issues across the board, more more likely to be winning. >> charles: i have 20 seconds. if the messages is don't say looting because it's racist, which is so idiotic and stupid, been the left will never get their act together. >> it puts progressives in a
2:00 pm
tight spot. the lesson democrats could learn is one that eric adams capitalized on in new york city. we'll see if they do in 2020 -- 2022 pittsboro that will do it. catch me every day at 2:00 p.m. on the fox business network. tune in tomorrow, we have a special thanksgiving show for you. it's wonderful. now "the five." ♪ ♪ >> hello, everybody. i'm dagen mcdowell with jessica tarlov, joe jones, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." justice and injustice in america, two cases gripping the nation. the injustice in wisconsin, a new trial with the death of six innocent people in christmas parade over the weekend with everyone wondering why the suspect was allowed back


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